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Packages beginning with letter K

kakasi-2.3.2-4 A Japanese character set conversion filter.
kappa20-0.3-7 Kappa 20dot Font
kbdconfig-1.9.14-1 A text-based interface for setting and loading a keyboard map.
kcc-2.3-10 Kanji Code Converter
kdbg-1.2.1-6 A GUI for gdb, the GNU debugger, and KDE.
kde-i18n-2.2.2-3 Internationalization support for KDE
kdeaddons-2.2.2-1 K Desktop Environment - Plugins
kdeadmin-2.2.2-4 Administrative tools for KDE.
kdeartwork-2.2.2-1 Additional artwork (themes, sound themes, etc.) for KDE.
kdebase-2.2.2-3 Basic files needed for KDE.
kdegraphics-2.2.2-1 K Desktop Environment - Graphics Applications
kdelibs-2.2.2-2 Various libraries for KDE.
kdemultimedia-2.2.2-3.p Multimedia applications for the K Desktop Environment (KDE).
kdenetwork-2.2.2-1 Networking applications for KDE.
kdepim-2.2.2-3 Personal information management tools for KDE.
kdesdk-2.2.2-1 The KDE Software Development Kit (SDK).
kdeutils-2.2.2-1 KDE utilities.
kdevelop-2.0.2-3 Integrated Development Environment for C++/C
kdoc-2.2.2-1 Documentation for the K Desktop Environment (KDE).
kernel-2.4.18-e.12 The Linux kernel (the core of the Linux operating system)
kernel-utils-2.4-6ia64 Kernel and Hardware related utilities
kinput2-v3-14 kinput2 - kanji input server for X11
knm_new-1.1-5 Kaname-cho font, revised version
koffice-1.1.1-2 A set of office applications for KDE.
kpppload-1.04-30 A PPP connection load monitor for KDE.
krb5-1.2.2-14 The Kerberos network authentication system.
krbafs-1.0.9-2 A Kerberos to AFS bridging library, built against Kerberos 5.
ksconfig-1.9.8-4 A graphical interface for making kickstart files.
ksymoops-2.4.1-2 The kernel oops and error message decoder.
kterm-6.2.0-22 A Kanji (Japanese character set) terminal emulator for X.
kudzu- The Red Hat Linux hardware probing tool.

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