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XFree86-libs-4.2.0-72 RPM for i386

From Red Hat Linux 8.0 for i386

Name: XFree86-libs Distribution: Red Hat Linux
Version: 4.2.0 Vendor: Red Hat, Inc.
Release: 72 Build date: Fri Sep 6 05:32:35 2002
Group: System Environment/Libraries Build host:
Size: 5124106 Source RPM: XFree86-4.2.0-72.src.rpm
Packager: Red Hat, Inc. <>
Summary: Shared libraries needed by the X Window System version 11 release 6.4
XFree86-libs contains the shared libraries required for running X






* Fri Sep 06 2002 Owen Taylor <>
  - Fix zh_TW-xcinNEW patch which lost a couple of things in the merge 
    with the XLOCALEDIR patch
* Wed Sep 04 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-71
  - Added xlib-security-fix-XLOCALEDIR to fix a security vulnerability in
    Xlib i18n code new to 4.2.0.  4.1.0 and earlier is not susceptible.
  - has tagged a new release of XFree86 4.2.1 in CVS for this
    issue.  Red Hat current XFree86 4.2.0 is essentially 4.2.1 except for the
    cosmetic version number difference
  - Updated the zh_TW-xcin patch to zh_TW-xcinNEW which handles a code area
    that overlapped with the new security patch
  - Updated the _LP64 kludge patch on alpha/ia64 as it also overlapped the
    security patch
* Mon Sep 02 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-70
  - Updated custom startup log patch to fix a few glitches
  - Added -fPIC to x86_64 compiler flags until better solution is made in future
  - Added XFree86-4.2.0-libXrender-bugfix.patch to fix showstopper (#73243)
* Fri Aug 30 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-69.1
  - Added Obsoletes: XFree86-compat-libs to list of obsolete packages
* Fri Aug 30 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-69
  - Rebuild with a few patches disabled that errored out on me and will be
    fixed in future build
* Fri Aug 30 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-68
  - Pruned ia64 driver list based on unknown state of working order for these
    drivers on ia64 to minimalize support issues.  As hardware becomes available
    for testing, and drivers can be verified to be mostly sane/working, they
    can be re-enabled on a driver by driver basis.
  - Added XFree86-4.2.0-im-clientmessage-crash.patch to fix CJK application
    crashing showstopper bug (#72236)
* Tue Aug 27 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-67.6
  - Actually properly enable the maxxfbmem patch from 4.2.0-67.5 this time
  - Fix unresolved symbols in SiS driver reported by Alan Cox
* Mon Aug 26 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-67.5
  - Changed buildsys autodetect to use new beehive mechanism (#71055)
  - Added kernel version string to X server startup messages for easier debugging
  - Fixed SiS hardware cursor (hopefully) with XFree86-4.2.0-sis-cursor.patch
  - Fixed SiS maxxfbmem driver comparison inversions
* Fri Aug 23 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-67.1
  - Cleaned up 3.3.6 server Obsoletes lines et al. to be more compact
* Fri Aug 23 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-67
  - Integrated PPC specfile changes
  - Enable DRI on ppc, but not ppc64
  - PPC using gcc 2.96 autodetection and compiler flag tweaks, etc.
  - Added ppc64, s390x, x86_64 to conditionalized LP64 patch
  - PPC - build pcitweak, scanpci on ppc, ppc64 now
* Tue Aug 20 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-66
  - Added XFree86-4.2.0-elf-loader-empty-symbol-table.patch to fix gcc 3.2
    related issue in the X ELF loader (#70576)
  - Re-enabled the Radeon DDA removal patch now that Null beta is released
* Fri Aug 16 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-65
  - Due to a kernel bug breaking SuS compliance in the Alpha kernel, a change
    has been made to the install section so that fonts.dir, encodings.dir files
    are mode 644 before "touch" touches them.
  - Modified stripping policy at end of install section to strip all ELF
    executable files in the buildroot instead of just the ones found in 
    /usr/bin and /usr/X11R6/bin.
  - Modified shared library stripping policy for all libs found in /usr/X11R6/lib,
    /usr/lib, and now also /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/locale/common.  All .so.* libs are
    now stripped with "strip --strip-unneeded -R .comment" following the current
    RPM default for stripping shared libraries, and under the advice of Uli.
  - Note:  XFree86 server modules are not stripped at all currently for safety.
    Once I determine what can be safely stripped, I will add stripping of the
    modules also.
* Thu Aug 15 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-64
  - Removed XIE and PEX5 documentation from XFree86-doc subpackage because both
    of these extensions are obsolete and not included anymore.
  - Temporarily disabled XFree86-4.2.0-ati-radeon-dda-removal.patch as it is
    untested, and I dont want to destabilize.  Will re-enable for testing soon.
* Wed Aug 14 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-63.1
  - Added XFree86-4.2.0-ati-radeon-dda-removal.patch which removes the DDA
    code from the radeon driver which was leftovers from the r128 driver and
    aparently causes 1400x1050 and other modes to cause an FPE on some radeon
    boards in some refresh rates (#63593)
  - Explicitly delete unshipped files from RPM_BUILD_ROOT at end of install
    section in order to pass RPMs new unpackaged_files_terminate_build option
  - Moved around some file removals to the new DELETE section of specfile
* Tue Aug 13 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-63
  - Added XFree86-4.2.0-ati-mach64-dsp-rounding-error.patch to fix a rounding
    error in Mach64 DSP calculation
  - Added XFree86-4.2.0-ati-radeon-missing-commas.patch which fixes a missing
    comma issue in a struct in radeon_driver.c
  - Bumped spec file release from 60.4 to 63 due to someone elses package
    release number conflicting.
* Fri Aug 09 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-60.4
  - Fixed an xdm SEGV bug in verify.c which could be occasionally triggered,
    due to malloc() allocated memory not being zeroed out.  Also fixed a
    bad realloc() call that assumed the reallocated block of memory would be in
    the same location every time - fixes bug (#40729)
* Thu Aug 08 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-60.3
  - Added XFree86-4.2.0-sane-deadacc.patch to fix dead diareisis problem reported
    by aoliva in bug (#71014)
* Wed Aug 07 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-60.2
  - Disabled the ugly 1980 style ancient UNIX ugly ugly X server startup
    stipple pattern.
* Tue Aug 06 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-60.1
  - Added XFree86-4.2.0-locale-alias-utf8-euro.patch to workaround bug in
    fi_FI.UTF-8@euro and pt_PT.UTF-8@euro locales (#67914)
  - Added XFree86-4.2.0-i810-vtswitch-sync-fix.patch to fix i810 VTswitch
    lockup problem - BLOCKER bug (#66187,#53231)
* Tue Aug 06 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-60
  - Removed /usr/share/fonts/default/TrueType from default xfs config file in
    order to fix BLOCKER bug (#68126,#70178)
  - Made X resource extension off by default for official builds, due to
    irrational ABI compatibility concerns.  People wanting to use it can
    easily rebuild X from rpm after setting the define with_Xresource_extension
    to 1.
* Sun Aug 04 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-59.2
  - Added restest dumb sample client to use the new Xres extension
  - Conditionalized spec file inclusion of Xres and the sample client
* Sun Aug 04 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-59.1
  - Bugfix to dixsym.c for the Xres extension from yesterday.
* Sat Aug 03 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-59
  - Backported the new X-resource extension from XFree86 head CVS, which allows
    internal X server resource statistics, etc. to be queried by client
    applications.  This can aide in debugging client related pixmap leakage, and
    a variety of other various resource related problems/bugs in both client
    applications, as well as the X server itself.
* Thu Aug 01 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-58.1
  - Disabled ParallelBuild on s390 upon request of pknirsch
* Wed Jul 31 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-58
  - Added support to the Radeon driver CP engine to perform accelerated color
    expansion and image writes.  The CP engine is used when DRI is enabled.
* Sat Jul 27 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-57.1
  - Removed the following paths from the default xfs config file as we do not
    ship fonts in these directories by default or they dont belong in the default
    config: /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/CID, /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/local,
    /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/latin2/Type1, /usr/share/AbiSuite/fonts (#68126)
* Sat Jul 27 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-57
  - Added XFree86-4.2.0-ati-r128-vtswitch-fix-busmaster-enable.patch to fix
    the exact same bug in the r128 driver as was just fixed in the radeon
    driver in 4.2.0-56. (#62442,#65136)
* Sat Jul 27 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-56
  - Added XFree86-4.2.0-libICE-remove-stupid-delay.patch to remove stupid 5
    second delays from libICE (#66751)
  - Added XFree86-4.2.0-ati-radeon-vtswitch-fix-busmaster-enable.patch to fix
    lockups reported in XFree86 4.2.0 for a long time now by users of ATI Radeon
    cards with certain hardware combinations. (#62171,#65330)
* Thu Jul 25 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-55.2
  - Added -f flag to hostname command to attempt to fix Custom build
  - Added fix for SysRq / Print Screen:  XFree86-4.2.0-sysreq.patch (#69743)
* Wed Jul 24 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-55.1
  - Made all instances of "rm" in spec file "rm -f" in order to force removal
    of the file without prompting.  Reported by a few people that rebuilding X
    caused it to hang while compiling on an "rm" command.  (#69713)
  - Added XFree86-4.2.0-manpage-document-nomtrr-option.patch to document
    Option "NoMTRR" in the XF86Config manpage.
* Tue Jul 23 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-55
  - Added ati-rage-xl-pci-spec-cleanup patch to fix ATI Rage XL PCI spec
    violations (#69291)  Replaces previous patch for IBM/Dell/others from
    Feb 28, 2002 (#58188)
* Tue Jul 23 2002 Tim Powers <> 4.2.0-54
  - rebuild using gcc-3.2-0.1
* Sun Jul 21 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-53.1
  - Redirect stderr+stdout of hostname command in xon script to prevent stderr
    from being displayed ot user (#67323)
  - Corrected incorrect filepath in XftConfig-README-OBSOLETE file (#68632,#69104)
* Fri Jul 19 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-53
  - Previous ia64/alpha fix from Jul 08 removed the Xft1 patch,
    and made the ia64/alpha patch apply on all architectures.  Fixed.
  - Added XFree86-4.2.0-overlay-crash.patch to fix bug (#68516)
  - Added patch for module loader from Bill Nottingham for gcc 3.1 on ia64
  - Add patch to enable/disable DMA for Xv on r128 (#64503,#68058,#68668)
* Tue Jul 09 2002 Elliot Lee <> 4.2.0-52.01
  - Fix duplicate application of patch4201 on ia64/alpha
  - Remove ExcludeArch: alpha ia64
* Wed Jun 26 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-52
  - Reordered the spec install section so that Xft1 .so gets deleted after it
    the code which generates the .so devel symlinks
  - Fixed to point to instead of 1.1, and made sure
    the files are explicitly listed in the files section.
* Mon Jun 24 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-51
  - Added Obsoletes lines for remaining 3.3.6 servers that were not previously
    obsoleted from the olden days.
  - Really made Xft headers excluded this time
* Mon Jun 24 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-50.24
  - Assimilated mkxauth into the XFree86-xauth package, and added Obsoletes and
    Provides entries for it.
  - Removed Xft headers when new Xft1 is used, as Xft2 now provides the Xft
    headers instead.
* Sat Jun 22 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-50.23
  - Replaced libXft with the new Xft1 from XFree86 CVS which is completely
    compatible, however uses fontconfig instead of XftConfig.  This has been
    conditionalized so that it can be disabled for builds for RHL 7.3 et al.
    The new libXft is Xft 1.2 whereas the stock Xft is 1.1.  The new lib should
    be binary compatible and source compatible.
  - xftcache conditionalized as well - replaced with fc-cache in fontconfig
* Fri Jun 21 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-50.22
  - Backported the Trident driver from CVS, picking up many Trident fixes
    from Alan Hourihane
* Wed Jun 19 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-50.21
  - Backported i810/i830 driver from CVS, adding 2D only i845 support
  - Removed i830m workaround for Dell c400 laptop as it did not work
  - Backported siliconmotion driver from CVS, picking up a few bugfixes
  - Conditionalized spec file using backup prefixes on patches
* Tue Jun 18 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-50.20
  - Backported i740 driver from CVS - i740-driver-update-cvs-20020617
  - Renamed the radeon-mobility-LX patch to radeon-mobility-FireGL-7800 after
    determining the two are one and the same card.
  - Added mkfontscale from XFree86 CVS so we can begin moving away from ttmkfdir
    and towards mkfontscale which is going to be better in the long run.
  - Conditionalized inclusion of XftConfig file and Xft/Xrender libraries,
    so they can be disabled for builds using fontconfig (which replaces them).
  - Added new /etc/X11/XftConfig-README-OBSOLETE file to explain wht it is no
    longer there.
* Tue Jun 18 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-50.19
  - Reorganized patch section, moved all video driver patches into an
    alphabetically sorted driver patch section, and renumbered all patches
    to meet the new patch numbering scheme.
  - Backported cirrus driver from XFree86 CVS (
* Sat Jun 15 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-50.18
  - Created XFree86-4.2.0-xman-manconf.patch to fix the xman man config
    file path for once and for all.  Sent upstream so hopefully this will
    get merged into XFree86 4.3.0.
  - Conditionalized building xf86cfg, and disabled it by default, as we are
    moving to our new redhat-config-xfree86 tool for X configuration.
  - Backported apm driver from XFree86 CVS (, DPMS support
    enhancements, and a few accel fixes.  apm-driver-update-cvs-20020617
  - Backported ark driver from XFree86 CVS ( ark-driver-update-cvs-20020617
  - Backported chips driver from XFree86 CVS (, with hardware mouse
    cursor and 2D accleration fixes.
* Thu Jun 13 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-50.17
  - Added workaround for buggy laptop BIOSs (in particular the Dell
    Latitude C400) which use the Intel i830/i830m chipset, and limit the
    video memory to 1Mb of stolen system memory without making it
    configureable. This workaround addresses bugzilla bug (#65661)
    (Update: subsequently removed as it did not solve the problem.)
  - Removed currently unused Glide3Libver macro.
* Wed Jun 12 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-50.16
  - Fixed a bug in the VESA driver, where the X server would crash with
    an FPE due to a division by zero in miscreeninit() when the DisplaySize
    option was used in the config file.  Inside xf86SetDpi(), pScrn->virtualX
    and pScrn->virtualY are used only when DisplaySize is given in the config
    file, however these struct members were not initialized properly in the
    vesa driver prior to xf86SetDpi() being called.  Fixes bug (#66009)
  - Removed specfile BuildXwrapper conditional as XFree86 4.x does not need or
    use Xwrapper - it only existed for XFree86 3.3.6 in the past.
  - Removed specfile Build7x conditional as it was both poorly named, and the
    functionality it provided is no longer needed.
* Tue Jun 11 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-50.15
  - Added alpha-ia64-_LP64-fix to workaround issue in xc/lib/X11/XlcDL.c
    preventing X from building on alpha/ia64 with gcc 3.1.
  - Added 4 patches from Hewlett Packard for ia64 (XFree86-4.2.0-int10-hplso.diff,
    XFree86-4.2.0-pci-hplso.diff, XFree86-4.2.0-primpci-hplso.diff,
* Thu Jun 06 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-50.14
  - Added explicit Requires: /usr/X11R6/bin/xauth to XFree86 main package now
    that xauth is split out.
* Tue Jun 04 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-50.13
  - Update BuildPreReq: freetype-devel >= 2.0.6-3
* Fri May 31 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-50.12
  - Disable debug mode in cirrus alpine driver - filling logfile (#65704)
* Thu May 30 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-50.11
  - Split out xauth into a separate subpackage so things like ssh do not
    require the entire dependancy chain of XFree86 be installed merely
    to use ssh or similar (#38409,62426)
  - Added neomagic-Xv-support (#63609)
  - Added fix for deadkey-quotedbl in ISO8859-15 (#50282)
* Thu May 30 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-50.10
  - Updated parallelmake-libfont Imake patch for more parallelism
  - Fixed nasty problem in post script for libGLU, and added postun scripts
    that call ldconfig for the 2 Mesa subpackages
  - Added remove-bitmap-scaler patch disabled by default pending testing,
    compatibility, etc.
* Wed May 29 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-50.9
  - Added rpm post scripts for XFree86-Mesa-libGL, XFree86-Mesa-libGLU that
    call ldconfig properly
* Wed May 29 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-50.8
  - Fixed defattr for new XFree86-Mesa-libGL* packages
  - Removed Requires: XFree86 dep from Mesa-libGL subpackage
* Tue May 28 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-50.6
  - Updated parallel make patch from H.J. Lu!!!
  - Split out* and* into new subpackages XFree86-Mesa-libGL
    and XFree86-Mesa-libGLU as suggested by H.J. Lu (#65152) and other vendors
  - Moved _x11dir et al defines to top of spec file to ensure their definition
    precedes their usage.
  - Completely removed XFree86.spec support for building using an external
    Mesa instead of the one included with XFree86.
* Sat May 25 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-50.1
  - Changed stripping policy and fixed a redundancy in the spec stripping
* Sat May 25 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-50
  - Bumped release number to -50 and rebuilt in new build environment
* Sat May 18 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-9.13
  - Changed Xnest, Xvfb to be in group "User Interface/X" (#62820)
  - Added fix for glint driver for bug (#60895)
* Sat May 18 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-9.12
  - Fix for i810 Xv maximum video size (#53329)
  - Changed += to =+ on various entries in our default XftConfig as per (#64970)
* Thu May 16 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-9.11
  - Changed all chkfontpath calls in specfile post scripts to use :unscaled
    for all bitmap fonts, otherwise scaled bitmap fonts get used, and that
    really really sucks.  Makes Windows users run fast back to Billy.
  - Disabled Radeon PCI DRI code, as it has been reported as not working by
    a user despite claims before by others that it works.
  - Fixed euro support for pl keymaps as per bug (#64559)
  - Added Requires: /lib/cpp to XFree86 package as xrdb requires /lib/cpp at
    runtime and will fail with an error if it is not present.
  - Added fix for Rage 128 DRI related bug ati-r128-indirectBuffer from Michal
* Wed May 08 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-9.10
  - Removed s390 patch 3000, and fixed up file lists for s390/s390x
* Sun May 05 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-9.8
  - Replaced /usr/lib throughout specfile with _libdir for compat with
    architectures which have /usr/lib and /usr/lib64.
  - Replaced /usr/X11R6 throughout specfile with _x11dir - part of a
    gradual move to implement RPMified variable ProjectRoot support for
    developmental parallel installation.
  - Added the following patches backported from XFree86 CVS for AMD x86_64
    AMD-x86_64-elfloader, AMD-x86_64-imake, AMD-x86_64-compiler_h,
    AMD-x86_64-int10, AMD-x86_64-misc-small-fixes, AMD-x86_64-os-support
* Sun Apr 28 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-9.0
  - Added AMD x86-64 architecture (Hammer/Opteron) support to the Imake config
* Thu Apr 25 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-8.1.beta
  - Changed BuildRequires to pam-devel instead of pam header file.
  - Reworked BuildXF86DRI portion of host.def to exclude DRI on PPC for now
  - Reworked Glide3 BuildRequires so that the CURRENT Glide3 packages are
    required instead of the mess of conditional code that was there.  People
    who rebuild now require the rawhide Glide3.  Hopefully they read my
    changelog messages.
  - Changed xfs postinstall script to conditionalize the login shell at runtime
    instead of at build time to help ensure that packages _built_ on a newer
    release will work on an older release.  Also, /bin/nologin which was added
    in January - does not exist, it is /sbin/nologin.  Fixed, and tested.
  - Added utempter to BuildRequires and Requires
  - BuildXterm3d macro causes a buildrequires loop, and needs to be set to
    "0" if bootstrapping XFree86 on a new architecture.  Comment added.
* Fri Apr 19 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-8
  - Fixed bug in XFree86 post install script, renaming XF86Config-4 config file
    to .rpmsave, and preserving permissions of the file. (#63822)
  - Corrected perms on /dev/dri
* Sun Apr 14 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-7
  - Updated mitshm patch
* Fri Apr 12 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-6.666
  - Added code to XFree86 post install script to remove xie and pex5 module
    load lines from XF86Config-4 upon upgrade/install since XIE and PEX are
    no longer provided nor supported, and X will not start if those lines
    exist in the config file. (#63119)
  - Added fix for sessreg being broken with high UIDs due to open() being used
    to open a file larger than 32bit offsets can handle. (#42850,#63116)
  - Fixed startx ugliness issue with hostname command (#61278,63117)
  - Removed double ghost flag in truetype-fonts package
  - Removed config(noreplace) from Speedo fonts.dir (#63357,63735)
  - I went outside today, and the snow is almost completely gone!
* Thu Apr 11 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-6.62
  - Made specfile remove fonts.dir files generated by XFree86 build, and
    "touch" them instead so they satisfy the ghost flag.  Also for the fonts.alias
    for the TTF directory.
  - Removed CID directory from list of dirs to run mkfontdir in and add to
    fontpath, because our XFree86 build is not including fonts in there anymore,
    so it should not add the dir to the fontpath, nor run mkfontdir in it.
  - Fixed bug in truetype-fonts subpackage which was adding cyrillic to fontpath
    instead of the TTF directory due to cut and paste error.
  - Audited all font subpackage file lists for accuracy, correcting various
    ghost/config/verify flags, adding missing ghosted fonts.alias, etc. files to
    the lists also, so the files are owned by the package if a user creates them.
  - Added ISO8859-15 locale aliases to locale.alias for en_US and en_GB (#62844)
* Wed Apr 10 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-6.61
  - Added patch to fix various ATI Radeon issues. Will fill in the
    details of what specifically is fixed after testing the fixes.
    VTswitch is one... <more later>
* Tue Apr 09 2002 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Changed xf86cfg dep on Xconfigurator to /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/Cards
* Sat Apr 06 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-6.60
  - Added fix for Trident 9397 bug (#62119)
* Tue Apr 02 2002 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Updated ttmkfdir-freetype2-port-plus-cjk-chocolaty-goodness.patch to
    build properly with gcc 3.x (Bero,Yu Shao)
* Thu Mar 28 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-6.52
  - Fixed Matrox G550 cursor on second head mga-g550-cursor patch
  - Created new support for Euro currency symbol for gb, hu, hu_US, pl, pl2, tr,
    us_intl keymaps based on,
    also closing bugs (#56818, and a few others I need to track down in bugzilla)
  - Put fonts.alias back in misc fonts directory, it slipped out somehow.
* Thu Mar 28 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-6.51
  - Flagged encodings.dir, fonts.dir, fonts.scale files properly for the
    misc, Type1, and Speedo directories in base-fonts, and changed the file
    globs to match just the font files in order to fix bug (#59619)
  - Fixed similar issues to above in bug (#61940)
  - Added XFree86-4.2.0-sparc_pci_domains.patch for sparc support (#62037)
  - Fixed duplicate Slovak entries - MF bug (#61709)
  - Confirmed ulT1mo fonts work and closed - MF bug (#61694) and (#62036)
* Wed Mar 27 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-6.50
  - Added ko, zh_CN, zh_TW entries to XftConfig for bug (#61282)
  - Changed antialiasing on small fonts from "any size < 14" to "any size < 11"
  - Added gb18030-enc patch from Yu Shao
  - ttmkfdir ported to freetype2, plus misc enhancements for CJK
* Sun Mar 17 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-6.48
  - Moved GL include files into /usr/include/GL for compliance with defacto
    and possibly official standards due to user complaints.
  - Changed host.def to not symlink GL include dir into /usr/include
* Thu Mar 14 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-6.47
  - Updated package descriptions to not suck quite so bad, and not be
    so meaninglessly verbose as they have been for a while.  We do not want
    to scare away Harry Homeowner.
* Tue Mar 12 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-6.46
  - Cleaned up xfs initscript to use simpler syntax, and fix a few issues
* Sun Mar 10 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-6.45
  - Added the /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/TTF dir to XftConfig (#60901)
  - Updated bugfix for (#60906) from Keith Packard
  - Built on all arches
* Sun Mar 10 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-6.44
  - Fixed up tdfx DRI disable patch for hires on voodoo3/banshee
  - Updated Glide3 dependancy, to pick up new Glide3 package with libs directly
    in /usr/lib, instead of in /usr/lib/glide3
* Thu Mar 07 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-6.42
  - Added XFree86-4.2.0-mitshm.patch to fix security issue
  - Added fix for time wraparound bug (#60906)
* Wed Mar 06 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-6.41
  - Resolved some Brazillian and Icelandic keyboard issues (hopefully).
* Mon Mar 04 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-6.40
  - Added XFree86-4.2.0-xkb-is.patch to fix bug (#60594)
  - Moved all xkb symbol patches to section 800 - 819
  - disabled tdfx font corruption patch
* Thu Feb 28 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-6.39
  - Added XFree86-4.2.0-ati-mach64-rage-XL.patch to fix problems reported
    on many Dell, IBM servers (#58188)
  - Fixed memleak in Xlib with XFree86-4.2.0-xlib-memleak.patch
* Wed Feb 27 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-6.38
  - Reorganized various fonts.dir, fonts.alias, encodings.dir files to try and
    fix some of the reported problems that have come up after various
    installations.  All files are believed to be properly flaged with ghost,
    verify and config attributes now.
* Tue Feb 26 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-6.37
  - Fixed xfs initscript to use "reload" instead of "restart" for the
    condrestart option.
* Sun Feb 24 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-6.36
  - Fixed ghost/config flags on various fonts.dir, fonts.alias, encodings.dir
    files in file list section.
  - Fixed bug in truetype-fonts scripts which contained %_ttmkfdir instead
    of just plain old ttmkfdir
* Sat Feb 23 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-6.35
  - Added specfile URL to
  - Rebuilt with new built toolchain in new environment
* Mon Feb 11 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-6.34
  - Enabled Radeon PCI pcigart support in radeon_dri.c and radeon_cp.c
  - Disabled the ugly black and white pattern that X starts up with by default
    with XFree86-4.2.0-die-ugly-pattern-die-die-die.patch - blue or something
    else will replace it in the future likely.
* Mon Feb 11 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-6.33
  - Ghosted encodings.dir files in 100dpi and 75dpi font subpackages
  - Modified XftConfig with some suggested changes from Keith Packard for better
    AA font support, by moving stuff around (#59192)
  - Added Luxi font aliases, etc. to XftConfig for bug (#59708)
* Sat Feb 09 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-6.32
  - Created support for ATI Radeon Mobility M7 (LX) and also updated the
    pcitable, and Cards databases, in the hwdata package also.
  - Removed the conditional BuildPrereq for pam-devel et al. and replaced it
    with /usr/include/security/pam_modules.h which will automatically do the
    right thing regardless of what distro release is being built for.
* Fri Feb 08 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-6.31
  - Drop XFree86-4.0.2-neomagic_swcursor.patch previously included for sony
    laptops using Neomagic 256XL+ (NM2380), and set the option to default to
    on in the Cards database instead.
  - Created sis-swcursor option patch
  - Created xkb-us_intl-missing-commas to fix bug (#59529)
* Thu Feb 07 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-6.30
  - Experimental patch to disable DRI on tdfx when an incompatible hires
    video mode is selected that is known to cause unstable behaviour.
  - Removed -e arguments from calls to mkfontdir in spec file as they appear
    to be unnecessary now.
  - Added XFree86-4.2.0-zh_TW-xcin.patch to fix xcin (Owen Taylor, Leon Ho)
* Wed Feb 06 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-6.24
  - First merge with upstream stable branch xf-4_2-branch-patch-2002-02-06
  - Misc fixes:  Fix startx script for ksh, temporary workaround for IA-64,
    fix SIGSEGV when printing modes that have no flags, fix an unresolved
    symbol in with gcc 3, revert the composite sync default to off
    in the ati driver.
* Tue Feb 05 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-6.23
  - Updated XFree86-4.2.0-gb18030-20020207.patch from Yu Shao <>
  - Added i810-dont-force-XvMC-on-DRI-users patch to fix bug in where i810
    users must enable XvMC in addition to DRI in order for DRI to work. (#59318)
  - Added patch XFree86-4.2.0-FIRSTINDEX-breaks-ttmkfdir to remove FIRSTINDEX
    entries from large font encoding files as it makes ttmkfdir deep six.
* Tue Feb 05 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-6.21
  - Added XFree86-4.2.0-i810-dont-use-empty-for-loops-for-delays.patch which
    removes null for loops from the i810 driver and i810 and i830 kernel DRM
    drivers for Linux and BSD.  The for loops were used as a timing delay, and
    are now replaced with "usleep(1);" instead.
  - Added ttmkfdir-CJK-bug-54087-fix and bugzilla-54087-fix-gbk-encoding
    patches to fix bug (#54087)
  - Fixed libGLU symlink screwup by changing from absolute to relative symlinks
* Sun Feb 03 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-6.20
  - NEW XFree86-truetype-fonts subpackage which includes the new Luxi
    fonts (formerly Lucidux) by Bigelow and Holmes.
  - Added /usr/lib/* and /usr/lib/ symlinks to the libGLU
    libraries included in XFree86 in the /usr/X11R6 directories for OpenGL
    standards compliance, and disabled the non-working Imake patch I made
    earlier to do the same.  This is fairly CRITICAL as any OpenGL software
    which uses GLU, will fail to compile without the proper links.
  - Removed a bunch of leftover Glide3 specfile mess.
  - Removed ancient no longer necessary hardlink between xterm and nxterm
* Sun Feb 03 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-6.15
  - Created support for interlaced video modes on 3dfx Voodoo 3/4/5, with
    the enable-interlaced-modes patch.
  - Created tdfx-fix-vtswitch-font-corruption patch to try to fix the VGA
    font corruption that occurs on VT switch on Voodoo 3 and other 3dfx cards.
* Sun Feb 03 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-6.14
  - Added XFree86-4.2.0-tdfx-should-be-2048-not-2046.patch to fix a typo
    I found in the tdfx driver.
  - Fixed bug in ttmkfdir Makefile.  In RHL 7.1 & 7.2 freetype 1 headers
    were in /usr/include/freetype however in RHL 7.2 for some god known
    reason they moved to /usr/include/freetype1/freetype.  No problem in
    RHL 7.2 as ttmkfdir used the freetype headers as part of the freetype
    build process rather than the system headers.
* Sun Feb 03 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-6
  - Fixed base-fonts and font-utils conflicts lines
  - Bumped release to 4.2.0-6, and rebuilt
  - RHL 7.2 build release tag 4.2.0-0.6.13
* Sat Feb 02 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-5.2
  - NEW XFree86-font-utils subpackage created for mkfontdir and ttmkfdir
    to reside in.  This will allow these utils to be available without
    requiring other XFree86 libs or packages being installed.
  - Added patch to fix Matrox driver when VT switching to non-standard text
    modes (#59119)
  - Created new Red Hat custom modelines patch, merged previous patches into
    it, and added new modelines from bug (#53364)
  - RHL 7.2 build release tag 4.2.0-0.6.11
* Fri Feb 01 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-5.1
  - Created XFree86-4.2.0-xfs-syslog.patch to make syslog log to LOG_DAEMON
    instead of LOG_LOCAL0 - which is supposed to be reserved for local
    system usage only.  Fixes bug (#24873)
  - RHL 7.2 build release tag 4.2.0-0.6.10
* Thu Jan 31 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-5
  - Enabled the now compiling gb18030 support patch
  - RHL 7.2 build release tag 4.2.0-0.6.9
* Thu Jan 31 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-4.1
  - Added gb18030 support patch to 4.2.0 <>, but disabled it
    as it does not properly compile yet.
  - enabled patch to force xfs to chdir to / before fork()
  - RHL 7.2 build release tag 4.2.0-0.6.8
* Wed Jan 30 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-4.0
  - Added XFree86-4.2.0-xkb-ar.patch for Arabic support (#56897)
  - Also built 4.2.0-0.6.7 for RHL 7.2
* Tue Jan 29 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-3.6
  - Added missing defattr to files list for XFree86-base-fonts (#59014,59020)
  - Moved all /usr/X11R6/lib/modules files/dirs into same section of specfile
    and added dir flags for dirs that were not owned by the package.
  - Enhanced the xfs initscript so "restart" shuts down xfs and starts it back
    up again, using the stop/start functions.  "reload" is now what reload and
    restart used to be - "kill -USR1" of xfs.
  - Added zh_CN-i18n patch to fix an i18n problem with
    Chinese locales
* Mon Jan 28 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-3.4
  - Added chmod kludge to bottom of install section to force locale/common
    *.so.* libraries to have execute perms.
  - Also built 4.2.0-0.6.5 for RHL 7.2
  - Removed the version from the Glide/Glide-devel build dependancies, so
    X will build if any version of Glide3 is present.
* Sun Jan 27 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-3.2
  - Added link-glu-to-usrinclude patch for LSB conformance.
  - Made xfs post script use /bin/false in 7.x builds and /bin/nologin in
    rawhide builds.  (#53088)
* Sat Jan 26 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-3.1
  - NEW XFree86-base-fonts subpackage created to hold all of the base fonts
    that were previously contained in the main XFree86 package.  The new
    package contains Conflicts lines to minimize upgrading difficulties.
  - Added Prereq: /sbin/chkconfig for XFree86-xfs
  - Removed XFree86-4.1.0-ati-r128-PR-fix.patch as it was no longer needed,
    although not harmful in either case.
  - Removed various other spurious patches that were no longer being applied,
    but were left in the specfile.
  - Removed conditional support for building XIE and PEX as they have been
    deprecated by for quite some time now and are now obsolete
* Fri Jan 25 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-3.0
  - Toggled BuildGlide3 flag so that Glide3 does not get built inside XFree86
    specfile by default.  Glide3 has been separated back out to a separate
    RPM package to simplify the XFree86 spec file, and ease maintenance.
* Thu Jan 24 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-2.5
  - Fixed bug in xfs initscript fixing a problem with xfs having a CWD under
    /usr, which when located on an NFS mount, causes problems. (#57110)
  - Enabled libGLw in build (#41791,#41974)
  - Built also 4.2.0-0.6.1 for RHL 7.2
* Wed Jan 23 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-2.4
  - Updated Wacom USB tablet driver Wacom-USB-driver-a25-update (#52947)
  - Added xkb-french-canadian keyboard to xkb list (#52309)
  - Fixed Xterm resource bugs (#48783,#49315,#58031,#58713)
* Sun Jan 20 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-2.2
  - Disabled the old DisableModuleStringMerging hack in specfile as 4.2.0
    detects wether or not this option is required or not now via Imake tests.
  - Conditionalized pam and automake buildprereqs
* Sun Jan 20 2002 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer <> 4.2.0-2.1
  - Fix build in current tree (Glide is a mess)
* Sat Jan 19 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-2.0
  - Bumped release number to -2.0 with no changes from -0.3 package, for
    building into rawhide.  All packages built for RHL 7.x should use release
    numbers less than -2, and preferably less than -1, ie: -0.x.y, so that
    upgrades stand a better chance of working in the future.
* Sat Jan 19 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-0.3
  - Updated the "Requires: kernel-drm = 4.2.0" to ensure the user has the
    proper DRM version installed.  Newer rawhide kernels will now provide both
    kernel-drm = 4.2.0, as well as kernel-drm = 4.1.0 since the new DRM is
    supposed to be backward compatible.
* Sat Jan 19 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-0.2
  - Added missing defattr(-,root,root) to xtrap-clients subpackage
* Sat Jan 19 2002 Mike A. Harris <> 4.2.0-0.1
  - XFree86 4.2.0 released - first build
* Fri Jan 18 2002 Mike A. Harris <>
  - CVS trunk update to
  - dropped patches that have been merged upstream
* Sun Jan 06 2002 Mike A. Harris <>
  - CVS trunk update
* Wed Dec 26 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - CVS trunk update
* Thu Dec 06 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Integrated PPC arch changes from
  - Integrated the Chinese gb18030 support patches received from
  - Added SiS DRM patch (doesnt affect build as our DRM is in kernel rpm)
* Tue Dec 04 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Removed eurofonts-X11.tar.bz2, and ulT1mo-beta-1.0.tar.gz from XFree86
    package, moving them to their own separate packages that do not conflict
    with XFree86 namespaces.  (Removed the ISO8859-2-Type1-fonts package)
  - Added new shared libs libXTrap, to file lists
  - Added new applications to filelist: xrandr, xedit, luit, and various
    others, and their documentation.
  - Added new subpackage XFree86-xtrap-clients to hold the new xtrap client
* Sun Dec 02 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Made XFree86 server binary SUID root when not supporting Xwrapper (#56986)
* Wed Nov 28 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Conditionalized out Xwrapper as its functionality is built directly into
    the X server now.  To build it set BuildXwrapper to 1 in specfile.
* Mon Nov 19 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Fixed that annoying Radeon hardware mouse cursor bug, where any mouse
    pointer that has a hotspot *NOT* on the left side of the pointer, caused
    the mouse to freeze up and jump around on left side of screen.
* Mon Nov 12 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Updated xman patch, to use FreeBSD style man.config (why? I dunno.)
* Tue Nov 06 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Added new entries to XftConfig for "console" and "fixed" to not antialias,
    which solves problems reported in konsole and other Qt applications.
  - Updated CVS source to current.
  - Removed patches that are now integrated into new upstream source base:
* Fri Nov 02 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Fixed problems with WithExternalMesa disabled, in the file lists, etc.
  - Made new section for internationalizaton patches (30-39), and moved all
    locale.alias patches to that section.
  - Created some new aliases for en_AU, and en_CA and sent patches upstream.
* Thu Nov 01 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Initial fork from 4.1.0 codebase to separate branch for CVS
  - Set Build_7x to 0, which now means XIE, PEX and external Mesa are gone,
    and the doctor says I can stop taking my medication now.
  - Added preliminary support for building CVS snapshots, which will
    eventually result in nightly builds from CVS or somesuch.
  - Removed patches that are integrated into new upstream source base:
    ati-r128-SM, cirrus-foobaroo-fix, allow-module-flags, Xrender-required-libs,
    libXfont-put-eof, twm-coredumpfix, compose-iso8859-2, crash-message-fixup,
  - Updated locale-nn_NO locale-en_BG patch, and sent upstream _again_.
  - Updated mkfontdir-perms
  - Added patch to remove SuperProbe leftovers.
* Tue Oct 30 2001 Than Ngo <>
  - Added XFree86-4.1.0-cpp-s390x.patch which fixes a man-pages of size 0
    bug on s390 (#54927,#54932)
* Sun Oct 28 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-5
  - Disabled VT switch patch from -4 release after feedback of regression
  - Updated the Savage driver with Tim Roberts 1.1.20t driver, this should
    fix the reported bugs with Staroffice locking up X, and also video
    memory detection problems: (#31879)
  - Added XFree86-4.1.0-keycodes-abnt2.patch to fix abnt2 support bug(#55128)
* Mon Oct 08 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-4
  - Added patch to fix VT switch hangs that are hardware independant.  This
    should fix numerous reported VT switch bug reports.
  - Fixed up host.def parallel make stuff.. HasParallelMake define is broken,
    and unneeded for now.
* Sun Oct 07 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Removed __rmfontpath macro, and its usage, as well as the rpm 4.0.3 dep,
    because a lot of people were getting snagged on it, and it is questionable
    of the benefit of removing the fontpaths anyways, since it does not harm
    anything by leaving the font paths in config files really.
  - Changed /lib/libpam reqs to pam-devel instead
  - Commented the DisableModuleStringMerging specfile define, and moved to top
    of specfile where it is much more visible, as a lot of people have been
    getting snagged on this.
* Thu Oct 04 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-3.9
  - Modified and unified the "make World" buildlines by removing all the
    buildflags, etc. from them, and moving them into proper Imake configuration
  - Added "-pipe" to default C compiler flags, as it should work on all
    architectures now.
  - Various other specfile cleanups.
  - Created support for ATI Rage 128 PP (1002:5050) XFree86-4.1.0-ati-r128-PP.patch
* Tue Sep 25 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-3.8
  - Silenced some Glide3 compiler warnings with Glide3-redhat-cleanup-1.patch.
* Mon Sep 24 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-3.5
  - Primary integration of changes in specfile to allow simple conditional
    build of fully debuggable modularized XFree86 packages.  This is done by
    enabling DebuggableBuild RPM macro at top of specfile, adding "dbg" to
    Release tag, and rebuilding.  The resulting RPM packages total in at 127Mb
    of data, as opposed to 55Mb or so regularly.  In order to debug this
    debuggable XFree86, a special patched version of gdb 5.0 is required, which
    is currently a work in progress based on a much older patch for gdb 4.18.
* Tue Sep 18 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Changed xfs initscript to use find -cnewer instead of -newer to fix
    bug (#53737)
* Thu Sep 06 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-3 
  - Reordered font paths in xfs catalogue to put 75dpi first, etc..
  - fixed couple critical specfile bugs that have slipped through til now
* Wed Sep 05 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Fixed fs/config bug (MF#53103) as well as doing the same for XftConfig
* Sat Sep 01 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-2
  - Fixed a couple SHOULD-FIX bugs - fontpath order (SF#52413),
    metaSendsEscape bug (SF#49315)
* Thu Aug 30 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-1.1
  - Added "Requires: kernel-drm = 4.1.0" so that a matching kernel RPM package
    is installed and DRI works properly.  (Brought up by mkj/arjan, and agreed
    upon by me)
* Wed Aug 29 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-1
  - Added dont-build-pex-docs patch from Branden Robinson to disable building
    PEX documentation (deprecated and obsolete)
  - Fix permissions on XftConfig, and other source files. (MF#52735)
  - Bravely bumping version to 4.1.0-1
  - Added xinerama-extmod patch for bug (#52842)
* Tue Aug 28 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-0.99.2
  - Added Obsoletes: XFree86-ISO8859-2-Type1-fonts < 4.1.0, and provides
    ISO8859-2-Type1-fonts, to fix upgrade from 7.1, and prepare for future
  - Removed (noreplace) from fs/config, I *want* it to replace.
* Mon Aug 27 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-0.99.1
  - Completed font related fixups (hopefully)
  - Added specfile buildroot install time removal of fonts.dir files as they
    should never ever be included in the RPM packaging, but generated at
    runtime instead.
* Sat Aug 25 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-0.20.5
  - Added XFree86-4.1.0-ati-pciids-cleanup.patch, which includes misc
    cleanups to the PCI tables for ATI hardware.
  - Added ati-radeon-dri-buildfix from which hopefully
    fixes bug (#51884)
* Wed Aug 22 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Completed font screwup overhaul take1.
* Tue Aug 21 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-0.20.1
  - Added XFree86-4.1.0-s3virge-mx.patch to fix some corruption issues on
    S3 Virge MX hardware.
  - BuildPreReq: rpm >= 4.0.3  (parameterized macro fix)
* Sun Aug 19 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Exclude XFree86 doc dir from, and add xdm pixmaps to s390 arch.
* Thu Aug 16 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-0.20.0
  - Added xman-soelim-fix to fix bug (#51037).
  - Modified cirrus-foobaroo patch to disable debug messages (#51179)
  - Backed out an xfs change that breaks serving 3.3.6 servers.  Attempted
    workaround for (#)
  - Disable ATI update patch to see if it fixes Radeon DRI bugs.
* Tue Aug 14 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-0.9.13
  - Added XFree86-4.1.0-radeon-slowdownthere.patch to fix bug where ATI
    Radeon hangs on faster computers when VT switching.
  - Created fix for mkfontdir to force permissions on newly created fonts.dir
    and encodings.dir files to be mode 644, fixes bug (#51636)
  - Added fix for iso8859-2 compose file (affects Mozilla)
  - Added patch to prevent X error messages from referencing log file if
    it has not yet been opened.
  - Created support for ATI Rage 128 SM (Xpert2000), and added rage128-SM patch
    to fix (#34732,#51230,#50231) <>
  - Created XFree86-4.1.0-locale-alias-en_GB.patch to fix (#47247,51169)
  - Moved video hardware documentation in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/doc to main
    XFree86 package as that is where the drivers are (#50828)
  - Updated XFree86 dependancy on Mesa to -> 3:3.4.2-5
* Fri Aug 10 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-0.9.12
  - Synced with XFree86 stable branch to pick up upstream bugfixes
  - Added support for Japanese 109 key USB keyboard
* Thu Aug 09 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - merged new changes into specfile
  - added nn_NO, en_GB locale.alias support
  - Added support to xfs.init for .ttc font files, and to use case
    insensitive regex when grepping for truetype fonts.  (#41169)
* Sun Aug 05 2001 Bill Nottingham <> 4.1.0-0.9.11
  - port & apply necessary DRI fixes that fell out
* Fri Aug 03 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-0.9.10
  - Added custom Red Hat XftConfig to fix AA font problems (#49937)
  - Added RPM_BUILD_ROOT to ia64 libxrx removal.. ;o(
* Wed Aug 01 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-0.9.9
  - Enabled "HasLinuxInput YES" to force wacom driver to get built with USB
    support with 2.4 kernel.  Fixes bug (#50453).
* Tue Jul 31 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Attempted fix for (#50043) -frame option ignored when -id option used
    on xwd  (XFree86-4.1.0-xwd-frame-option.patch)
  - Made XF86Config-4 outside ifnarch s390 as Bero claims s390 uses it.
* Fri Jul 27 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-0.9.8
  - Added improved X startup messages for debugging purposes
  - Updated patch148 from ATI plus 2 minor buildfixes
* Thu Jul 26 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-0.9.7
  - Added XFree86-4.1.0-libXfont-put-eof.patch to fix bug (#48830) where
    the 100dpi/75dpi helvBO12.pcf.gz fonts were getting munged.
  - Added XFree86-4.1.0-twm-coredumpfix.patch to fix (#49674)
  - Added XFree86-4.1.0-cirrus-foobaroo-fix.patch from Egbert Eich to attempt
    to fix the Cirrus Logic problems.
  - Fix libxrx problem on ia64 (#49990) by removing libxrx from non-x86/alpha
* Wed Jul 25 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-0.9.4
  - Added XF86Config and XF86Config-4 as owned config files (latter ghosted)
  - Fixed s390 Buildprereq on gcc by unnegating macro test
  - Apply patch 3003 (64bit.patch) to all 64bit arch's.
* Wed Jul 25 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-0.9.3
  - Worked around rpm parameterized macro processing bug that caused a problem
    with postun scripts - discovered by rpmlint.
  - Reformatted all pre/post/postun/etc. scripts to be more readable and
  - Added patch8 to xterm resources to provide RFE (#48783)
* Tue Jul 24 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-0.9.2
  - Added bison, zlib-devel as Buildprereqs - discovered on s390 by
  - Added ati-radeon-ve patch from ATI (patch148)
  - Made Prereq's on /usr/sbin/chkfontpath instead of on chkfontpath
* Mon Jul 23 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - ifnarchd patch1013 for s390
* Thu Jul 19 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-0.9.1
  - Created new macro __rmfontpath to be called from font package postun
    scripts to fix bug (#49243)
* Tue Jul 17 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Added /usr/X11R6/man/man6, and other non existing manX dirs to XFree86-libs
    package so anything using them ends up having the dir owned by something.
  - Removed unneeded shared lib stuff (Xv/Xxf86dga)
* Mon Jul 16 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-0.9.0
  - Added BuildPrereq: gcc >= 2.96-93 to guarantee compiler used supports
    the -fno-merge-constants option
  - Made External Mesa usage conditionalized via WithExternalMesa so that it is
    easy to rebuild XFree86 with/without using external Mesa, which will be the 
    default at some point in the future.
* Thu Jul 12 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Explicitly state mkfontdir path in __mkfontdir macro (#48829)
* Wed Jul 11 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Removed SharedLibXdmGreet from host.def, it is the same as default anyway
  - Removed tcl and tk as buildprereq's, Bero says they're not needed anymore
* Wed Jul 11 2001 Tim Powers <> 4.1.0-0.8.6
  - don't require XFree86-compat-libs in XFree86-libs
* Wed Jul 11 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-0.8.5
  - Fixed missing requiredlibs on shared libXrender so that prelinking works.
  - Built 4.1.0-0.8.4
  - Woops, I left shared libXv and libXxf86dga on again by accident.
  - Built 4.1.0-0.8.5
* Tue Jul 10 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-0.8.1
  - Fixed up xdm pre script
  - Fixed up missing Latin2 Type1 fonts, they are now in the fonts/Type1 dir
  - Removed shared and at request of XFree86 team,
    and in conjunction with discussion with Debian X maintainer.
* Tue Jul 10 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-0.7.51
  - Fixed ia64 Glide3 build failure.
* Mon Jul 09 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-0.7.50
  - Merged with xf-4_1-branch to pick up stable bugfixes, and removed
    XFree86-4.1.0-redhat-glint-missing-symbols.patch, also Banshee
    ramtiming fix picked up from the update.
* Sat Jul 07 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-0.7.12
  - Really disabled string merging this time
  - Added verify flag to /etc/X11/fs/config
  - Disabled shared libraries Xv/xf86dga for standards compliance.  These
    libraries do not have a stable API and should not be shared.  It was
    a Bad Idea(tm) to ship these.
* Thu Jul 05 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-0.7.8
  - Disabled string merging in modules using ModuleLdFlags in host.def
  - Added WORLDOPTS= to make World to get rid of the "-k" passed to make so
    that failed X builds will fail immediately instead of continuing on.
* Tue Jul 03 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-0.7.6
  - Phase 1 - Amalgamated all my local font related changes to get fonts
    working better in the new 4.1.0 release. Straightened out 75dpi/100dpi
    brokenness and split up packages.
  - mkfontdir is now called in post(un)install scripts, and fonts.dir files are
    not installed as part of packages anymore because it was a bad broken idea
    to do so because these files should be generated, not provided.
  - Added missing \ in main package post script
* Fri Jun 22 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-0.7.5
  - Added customer requested custom 1152x864x85Hz modeline
* Mon Jun 18 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Reworked all ISO8859-* font subpackages for 4.1.0.  fonts.dir is not
    included in the packages, rather it is generated at post install time.
  - Refixed (#31618)
* Sun Jun 17 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-0.6.1
  - More s390 cleanups
* Sat Jun 16 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-0.6.0
  - Integrated s390 patches sent by Than from Oliver Paukstadt
* Sun Jun 10 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-0.5.6
  - Cleaned up unneeded Freetype2 stuff in host.def
* Sat Jun 09 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-0.5.6
  - Take-1 at cleaning up some of the font related 'issues' due to the different
    way fonts are generated in 4.1.0.  Still many issues remaining.
* Thu Jun 07 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Folding the external Mesa into XFree86 created as many problems as it
    solved.  The DRI CVS trunk has a more permanent solution worth checking out.
  - Since the V4L drivers have aparently been included in the main XFree86
    package all this time, I've removed the separate package.
* Tue Jun 05 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-0.1.5
  - First stab at assimilating Mesa 3.4.2 package into XFree86 package
  - Added missing symbols to glint driver (#42751)
* Tue Jun 05 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-0.0.2
  - Rebuilt against Mesa 3.4.2 in new environment
* Sun Jun 03 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.1.0-0.0.1
  - XFree86 4.1.0 released - built 4.1.0-0.0.1
* Fri Jun 01 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Remove GLw manpages since we don't ship libGLw (#41791)
  - I finally got XIE and PEX disabled completely for sure this time absolutely
    no question.  No really...  It's gone.
* Thu May 31 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Updated to, removed unneeded patches
  - Removed Glide3 Provides/Obsoletes from devel package, and removed the
    Glide3 devel stuff from that package also - only X needs it during build
  - Removed BuildGlide3 conditional - Glide3 will always be built from now on
  - Added conditionals BuildPEX & BuildXIE.  These have officially been obsoleted
    by XFree86, and are no longer actively supported or used by anything.
* Tue May 29 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Added "Options" database file, and also the following apps and their
    manpages:  dpsexec, dpsinfo, texteroids, xftcache
  - Removed hardcopy doc creation code (groff) from specfile.  The XFree86
    makefiles have been fixed now to do this themselves properly.
  - Removed Glide3 headers from XFree86-devel.  Only needed during build, no
    apps should be linking to Glide3.
  - Simplified filelist for libs subpackage by using globs instead of hard
    coded library version numbers.
  - Removed use-cpp patch, done with imake now.
* Mon May 28 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Merged bero's changes to my local sources, and changed libXmuu inclusion
    from libXmuu.* to libXmuu.1.0, so that the *.so doesn't get picked up also,
    as it should be in the devel package.
* Tue May 22 2001 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer <>
  - Add missing libXmuu.* files
* Mon May 21 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Many fixes from H. J. Lu <> including enhanced parallel make,
    xterm-xaw3d, pex patches, specfile updates, build enhancements and a
    partridge in a pear tree.  ;o)
  - Fixed insane off-the-screen indenting levels in xfs.init
* Sun May 20 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Updated to
  - Updated with the latest parallelmake patch from H. J. Lu <>
  - Added new specfile option ParallelBuild, so that any parallel build
    stuff can be conditionally defined in the specfile in case the parallel
    make patch breaks in the future.
* Sat May 12 2001 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer <>
  - Fix build
* Thu May 10 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Updated 4.0.99.x package to release, forward ported all
    relevant changes that have occured in 4.0.3 packaging since March 27th
    until now, and brought the 4.0.3 specfile changelogs into the
    spec changelog.  The two releases should be syncronized now.
* Tue May 08 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.0.3-14
  - Syncronize XFree86 with Mesa 3.4.1-1
  - Disable alpha-hack from May 3rd and add new patch from Compaq to replace it
* Sat May 05 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.0.3-13
  - Updated patch0 to latest XFree86 stable branch for 4.0.3.  Fixes many
    3dfx bugs in tdfx driver.
  - Moved locale data from /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/locale in main package to
    XFree86-libs package where it belongs. (#38408)
  - Corrected dumb reversal in XFree86CustomVersion Imake define in specfile
* Fri May 04 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.0.3-12
  - Reverted ia64-int10 patch from Alpha.
  - Added XFree86-4.0.3-alpha-hack-bypass-int10bug.patch from
    Jay Estabrook for Alpha.
* Thu May 03 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.0.3-11
  - Removed RPM_BUILD_ROOT from glide section (#38031)
  - Enabled XFree86-4.0.2-ia64-int10.patch on alpha as well for testing.
* Thu Apr 26 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Added XFree86-4.0.3-compose-kill-ctrl-shift-t.patch to fix (#23473)
* Tue Apr 24 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Added rhl-startupmessages patch to aide debugging and troubleshooting
    bug reports.  This should increase the usefulness of user submitted
    XFree86 log files and decrease the turnaround time on requesting info
    and waiting for someone to provide that info.  Patch doesn't do much yet,
    but will be enhanced later.
  - Added xset manpage enhancement
* Sun Apr 22 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.0.3-10
  - ifarch'd XFree86-4.0.2-agpgart-load.patch to only apply on non-alpha
* Sun Apr 15 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.0.3-9
  - Removed dependancy of main XFree86 package on xfs by moving the XFree86
    server modules "/usr/X11R6/lib/modules/{codeconv,fonts}/*" from the xfs
    subpackage to the main XFree86 package as they never belonged in the xfs
    package in the first place.  This is an ancient packaging error.
  - Added patch from Tim Waugh to fix Xaw password entry in vnc.  (#19231)
* Fri Apr 13 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Killed ancient non-FHS compliant symlink to /usr/man/X11
  - Disabled XFree86-4.0.3-savage-glitch.patch to fix (#34376)
* Tue Apr 10 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Made glidelink get called before ldconfig in %post libs
* Tue Apr 10 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.0.3-8
  - Simplified the main package %pre script symlink munge code
  - Fixed bug in %post xfs section - inadvertently added in 4.0.3-6 release
  - Disable patch #220 as it is unnecessary - taken care of via Imake ages ago.
* Mon Apr 09 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.0.3-7
  - Fixed (#32574) by adding a preinstall script on xdm which moves the dir
    /etc/X11/xdm/authdir to /var/lib/xdm/authdir if it exists, and symlinking
    /etc/X11/xdm/authdir to it.  Corrected the filelist for xdm to include
    these changes.
  - Fixed alpha build failure with tga driver patch, ifdef with no macro.
* Sat Apr 07 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.0.3-6
  - Force enabled BuildXinerama and BuildXineramaLibrary in hosts.def
  - FHS compliant manpage sections (4x/7x)
* Fri Apr 06 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Added new patches submitted by Compaq for various drivers, etc.
    XFree86-4.0.3-compaq-alpha.patch, XFree86-4.0.3-compaq-glint.patch
    XFree86-4.0.3-compaq-radeon.patch, XFree86-4.0.3-compaq-r128.patch
    XFree86-4.0.3-compaq-mga.patch, XFree86-4.0.3-compaq-tga.patch
    (courtesy of Jay Estabrook)
* Fri Mar 30 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.0.3-5
  - XFree86 4.0.3 defaults to building libfreetype if Xft is being built,
    so freetype is now disabled with Imake defines.
  - Removed shared libsXxf86dga and libXv hack I added on Mar 9 and
    did it properly with Imake defines.  Also fixes (#31232)
* Thu Mar 29 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.0.3-4
  - Added patch XFree86-4.0.3-glide3-libdir.patch so tdfx driver
    can find the Glide3 libs included with X package.
  - Minor xfs.init fix
  - Added XFree86-4.0.3-mga-hwcursor-fix.patch
* Wed Mar 28 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Updated g450 port from 4.0.3 to XFree86-
  - Updated Savage driver dropin to version 1.15
  - Added patches 405 - 408 from 4.0.3-4 build
* Mon Mar 26 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Initial specfile fork of from 4.0.3-3
  - Removed unneeded patches:  XFree86-4.0.1-dri-sym.patch,
    XFree86-4.0.2-mga-busmstr.patch, XFree86-4.0.2-r128-busmstr2.patch,
    XFree86-4.0.2-r128-mobility.patch, XFree86-4.0.2-agpgart-load.patch,
  - Updated patches: XFree86-,
    XFree86-, XFree86-
* Fri Mar 23 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.0.3-3
  - Drumroll...... Final (or is it?) working G450 dualhead update.  ;o)
* Thu Mar 22 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Added pam patch for xdm from Nalin <> Patch404
* Wed Mar 21 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Fixed uninitialized memory reference in xlib (Patch401)  (#32222)
  - Make libs subpackage depend on kudzu-devel, pciutils-devel for 
    Glide3 (#32534)
  - Matrox G450 updates
* Mon Mar 19 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.0.3-2
  - Fixed glitch in %post xfs section of spec (#32281)
  - Set "umask 133" in xfs initscript so that fonts.dir/fonts.alias files 
    created during script execution work also for non-root users that may
    have changed root's umask.
  - Updated Mesa dependancy in specfile to 3.4-13
* Sun Mar 18 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Removed XFree86-4.0.1-xterm-appdefaults.patch as it was redundant
* Sat Mar 17 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.0.3-1
  - New XFree86 4.0.3 released and integrated.
  - Updated patches for 4.0.3, removed unneeded patches.
  - Built 4.0.3-1
* Fri Mar 16 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Reverted G450 driver back to dwmw2's driver.
  - Built 4.0.2a-2
* Thu Mar 15 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.0.2a-1
  - Added XFree86-4.0.2-locale.patch from Phil Knirsch <>
    which should fix all problems with euro locales, and other locale issues
    including bug id's (26300,21882,28447, others)
  - xfs crash errors should all be fixed now by the XFree86 stable branch
    patch.  Bugzilla (#22538)
* Wed Mar 14 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.0.2a-1
  - New patch XFree86-4.0.2a-mga-g450-dual_6.patch - G450 driver update 
    from Luugi Marsan <>
  - Added new euro locale stuff from Phil Knirsch <>
  - Added XFree86-4.0.2-r128-drm-do-wait-for-fifo.patch from Gareth Hughes
    which should fix the r128 errors in (#26999)
* Tue Mar 13 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Added provides entries for Glide3 in libs and devel subpackages
  - Take 2 of XFree86-4.0.2a-im-being-included-and-i-cant-get-up2.patch
  - Moved XftConfig file to /etc/X11 and made compatibility symlink.
* Fri Mar 09 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Updated main tarball to 4.0.2a (even though it's the same code we had before
    with 4.0.2 + stable branch patch).
  - Updated stable branch patch to bring 4.0.2a up to date with xf-4_0_2a-branch
  - Nvidia nv driver updated with MANY fixes from XFree86 stable branch
  - Added shared libraries:,
  - Re-enabled Sparc build.  That machine is slow, someone
    needs to put a spark under it to get it going.  ;o)
  - Fixed (#13882) with XFree86-4.0.2-winkey-alt-meta.patch
  - Fixed (#19308) added X11R6-contrib obsolesence
* Fri Mar 09 2001 Bill Nottingham <> 4.0.2-12.1
  - fix glide dependencies
* Thu Mar 08 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.0.2-12
  - Fixed alpha/ia64 build problems
  - Built 4.0.2-12
* Tue Mar 06 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Created XFree86-4.0.2-r128-mobility.patch to enable external display
    on Rage Mobility laptops, etc.
  - Added XFree86-4.0.2-xft-match.patch (from Bero) (#30836)
* Mon Mar 05 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Added XFree86-4.0.2-alpha-pci-resource.patch (#30417)
* Sat Mar 03 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Glide3 is back (was previously removed on Feb 22)
  - Removed loaderProcs.h hack, and replaced with a patch.
  - Tidied up a tonne of XFree build warnings
  - Added XFree86-4.0.2-im-being-included-and-i-cant-get-up.patch stop
    loaderProcs.h from being wrongly included in building Xnest due to
    a compiler bug.
* Fri Mar 02 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Added mga and r128 busmaster patches that Todd Nix <>
    sent me from Kevin E Martin <>.
* Wed Feb 28 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 
  - Updated xf-4_0_2-branch patch to todays latest stable code
  - Removed unneeded patches after update: XFree86-4.0.2-time.patch,
  - Added XFree86-4.0.2-agpgart-load.patch from Bill Nottingham to force
    load AGPgart kernel module when a DRI module is loaded.
  - Fixed "chmod" in xfs.init (#18573)
  - Added BuildPreReq ncurses-devel
  - Repaired ia64 int10 patch
  - Tidied up specfile, particularly the host.def generation section, and 
    incorporated xfree86.def mess into host.def section where it belongs.
* Tue Feb 27 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.0.2-11
  - Added updated driver for Savage chipset.  Should fix all known issues
    with Savage cards that I'm aware of.
  - Removed Prereq of chkfontpath on xfs subpackage and modified xfs initscript
    to only call chkfontpath if it is installed.
* Mon Feb 26 2001 Mike A. Harris <> 4.0.2-10
  - Added specfile %pre fix for (#26857) - problem upgrading to
    Wolverine from Red Hat 5.2 due to directory/symlink fu glitch.
  - Enabled Utempter for xterm with "UseUtempter" in specfile
  - Added neomagic softcursor patch for (Helge Deller <>)
  - Built 4.0.2-10
  - Created patch XFree86-4.0.2-sis-unresolved-memcpy.patch to fix
    bugs (#19530,24670)
* Fri Feb 23 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Added spec hack to fix bad include of loaderProcs.h in miinitext.c
    I believe this fixes some of the r128 DRI problems.  I can't get
    r128 DRI to crash anymore now anyways.  It isn't mind blowingly 
    fast though.  May have fixed other problems as well.  X seems much
    smoother now, and VT switching is much faster also.
* Thu Feb 22 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Added ExcludeArch tag to quell failed sparc builds (unsupported)
  - Re-enabled DRI for mga/r128, but they still do not work
* Sat Feb 17 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Updated fix for xfs death bug with truetype fonts.
  - Added chkfontpath require to xfs subpackage (#19603)
  - Added XFree86-4.0.2-banshee-ramtiming.patch to fix (#26351,#18810)
  - Added ia64-int10 patch. (Bill Nottingham)
* Thu Feb 15 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Fixed xfs.config
* Tue Feb 13 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Disabled DRI drivers r128 and mga because they are broken.
  - Built XFree-4.0.2-8
  - Fixed bad noarch thing
  - Built XFree-4.0.2-9
* Mon Feb 12 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Merged in separate XFree86-ISO8859-2 font package
* Sun Feb 11 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Added 1400x1050 modeline patch for newer laptops
  - Misc fixups
  - Disabled DRM kernel module building as we don't use these modules
  - Updated 4.0.2-branch patch
  - Updated XFree86-4.0.2-xfree86.lst.patch
* Thu Feb 08 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Internationalized xfs and xdm initscripts
* Wed Feb 07 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - New fix for Cirrus 5480 (H.J. Lu)
  - Matrox g450 patch that _hopefully_ works this time (from dwmw2)
* Tue Feb 06 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - (#25890,#26131) tdfx dri driver not included.. specfile mixup, fixed.
  - (#23896) Added option for building with Glide2 (default=off).  Dunno if
    it works or not as I'm not testing it.  If someone wants to further the
    enhancement at all, I'll accept specfile patches to add any missing bits. ;o)
  - (#25131) Fixed xfs.config file glitch (Truetypex typos), and a similar
    bug in specfile hack.
  - Updated to recent XFree86 stable bug fixes (Patch #1)
  - Fix temp files vulnerabilites in xman on systems with mkstemp()
  - Fix temp vulnerabilities in Xaw/MultiSrc.c
  - Fix temp file vulnerability in gccmakedep based on report from Alan Cox.
  - Fix temp file vulnerability in Imake.rules
  - Fix temp file vulnerability in InstallManPageAliases
  - Fix Neomagic 2200 screen corruption
  - Add an imake control for determining when xload should be installed set-gid
* Thu Jan 25 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Added g450 patch from Matrox.  Lets see some dualhead action baby!
  - Filtered out M$ Windows CR's from the Matrox patch, hope I got them
    all.  Windows bad, Linux good.  ;o)
  - Removed all prior g450 patches as the new one repaces them all
  - Many spec file simplifications, and general tidy up job.
* Wed Jan 24 2001 Bill Nottingham <>
  - fix perms on xload
* Wed Jan 24 2001 Matt Wilson <>
  - chmod 644 XftConfig before piping to it
* Wed Jan 24 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Disable Cirrus 5480 patch as it wont apply cleanly to 4.0.2.
  - Removed v4l patch - its in 4.0.2 already
  - (#23701) devel dependant on libs instead of main package.
  - Added TrueType font dirs to config files for the ttfonts package
  - Numerous other tweaks
  - XFree86-4.0.2-4 built
* Tue Jan 23 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Fixed xfs initscript to only start at boot time if X is installed.
  - Put eurofonts package back and fixed it up with suggestions from
    H. J. Lu - as 2 font files are still needed.
  - Changed xload %install time chmod to %attr instead
  - Tidied up %install section, removing redundancies.
  - Added Cirrus Logic 5480 patch from from Egbert Eich (#24177)
* Mon Jan 22 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Removed manpage "hack" section from specfile
  - Removed eurofont tarball entirely.  It's included in X already under
    different names now.
  - Removed mga, ATI, mesa patches from yesterday as they fail the
    build requiring many other missing items.
* Sun Jan 21 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Added ATI driver patch from XFree CVS - lots of new fixes
  - Added mga driver patch from XFree CVS (mainly for G450)
  - Added mesa patch from XFree CVS
  - Added BuildPrereq: pam-devel  (Bill Crawford <>)
  - Commented out BuildPrereq: pam-devel as it failed me
  - Remove eurofont .bdf files after pcf's are created to quell duplicate
    font errors.
* Sat Jan 20 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Added Xft update from XFree CVS
  - Updated %clean section
  - Changed specfile bunzip references to bzcat
  - Fixed all specfile references of "tar x" to "tar xf -"
  - Added romanian-keyboard-fix from Cristian Gafton <>
* Thu Jan 18 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - ATI r128 update from ATI.
* Wed Jan 17 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Disabled tdfx builds as they die with missing glide3 libs
    (at least in RHL 7.0 it does)
* Tue Jan 16 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Added BuildPrereq: flex >= 2.5.4a
  - Added BuildPrereq: freetype-devel >= 2.0.1
  - Added BuildPrereq: Glide3-devel >= 20001220 for tdfx
* Mon Jan 15 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Updated fhs patch for 4.0.2
  - Updated portuguese patch for 4.0.2
* Thu Jan 11 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Integrated Matrox G450 driver for testing from Matrox
* Mon Jan 08 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Added xfree86.lst patches from Brent Fox and also (#5977)
* Sat Jan 06 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Misc spec file fixups
* Fri Jan 05 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Integrated ATI driver from Michael Smith <>
* Wed Jan 03 2001 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Built 4.0.2 release 1
* Thu Dec 28 2000 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer <>
  - Add a couple of missing man pages, noted by Thayne Harbaugh <>
  - Use system freetype, now that we've updated
  - Add missing XftConfig file
* Thu Dec 28 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - don't list the driver modules explicitly; ship them all
* Thu Dec 21 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - integrate tdfx_dri into main XFree86 package
* Tue Dec 19 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - fix typos in xkb symlink/dir munging
* Tue Dec 19 2000 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer <>
  - Add missing Xft (Xrender) includes in -devel
  - Move xkb files back to their old locations, we can't replace directories
    with symlinks
  - Add /etc/X11/xkb -> /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xkb symlink for compatibility
  - 4.0.2
  - Get rid of twfix patch (it's in 4.0.2)
  - Patch 302 must be applied with -p0, not -p1
  - Add a %clean section
  - Get rid of /etc/X11/xdm/xdm-config in XFree86-xdm. Since kdm uses it, as well,
    it should be in xinitrc
* Thu Dec 14 2000 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Added XFree86-4.0.1-twfix.patch from to fix
    zh_TW locale.
  - Added locale.alias patch from Jakub Jelinek.
  - Removed unneeded patches, and tidied spec file a bit (yeah right). ;o)
* Wed Dec 13 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - tweak the -pic patch so it works with the ELF loader (in theory)
  - don't try and build the kernel modules
* Sun Dec 10 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - reapply the parallelmake patch
  - hm, libX11 and libXmu are now .6.2
* Sat Dec 09 2000 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Updated to CVS version xf-4.0.1Z
* Sat Dec 09 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - add back in some patches (FHS, Xwrapper)
  - make it build on ia64 (hopefully)
* Fri Dec 08 2000 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Added patch XFree86-4.0.1h-xf86Wacom.c-kernelheaderclash.patch to
    fix 4.0.1h build failure.
* Wed Dec 06 2000 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Fixed bug (#21303) changed 2 uses of arch "i386" to "i386 i486 i586 i686 athlon"
  - Remove dependancy on tar 1.13.18 by calling bunzip2 and piping to tar
  - Removed I810Drm.tar.gz entirely as it smashes other dri code (mga,etc)
    and is ancient
* Wed Dec 06 2000 Mike A. Harris <>
  - Updated to CVS version xf-4.0.1h which includes many updates and
    integrates many Red Hat patches directly into XFree86 CVS.
* Fri Nov 10 2000 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer <>
  - Update to current. This should fix, among other things, DRI/DRM stuff on
    Matrox cards and i18n.
  - Fix build with tar 1.13.18
  - Add XKB patch for Romanian keyboards from Christian Gafton <>
  - Fix up Euro sign support
* Thu Oct 26 2000 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer <>
  - Don't apply the PIC patch on non-ia64 platforms, it breaks X startup on x86.
* Tue Sep 26 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - minor tweaks for ia64/glibc-2.2 build
* Fri Aug 25 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - never mind, it doesn't. Wheee.
* Thu Aug 24 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - oops, the r128 mobility patch breaks regular r128 cards
* Wed Aug 23 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - fix DGA for real
  - add support for the r128 Mobility chips
* Wed Aug 16 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - fix xterm app-defaults file (#13584)
  - don't build a shared xdm greeter lib
* Tue Aug 15 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - fixes for MGA dri (text corruption)
  - spell Portuguese correctly in keymap list (#12343)
  - fix some absolute symlinks (#16133)
  - fix xman's man config path (#15974)
  - fix broken xdm pam code (#15952)
  - fix bug in ATI driver (#14344)
* Sat Aug 12 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - revert some of the i810 code; it breaks VC switching
* Mon Aug 07 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - fix DGA so that 4.x-compiled DGA1 apps can run against 3.3.x servers
  - fix tempfile handling in makedepend
  - use cpp, not gcc -E
* Sat Aug 05 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - more CVS updates (Neomagic fixes, some i810)
  - fix sparc build
* Fri Aug 04 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - do *not* do xfs stop/start in condrestat
* Thu Aug 03 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - update CVS (i810 fixes, others)
  - move some more files out of -xdm, into xinitrc package
  - remove /usr/share/fonts/default/TrueType from default xfs config (#14683)
  - fix weirdness in the i810 driver update
* Thu Aug 03 2000 Matt Wilson <>
  - hack to work around gcc bug triggered by xwd (patch207)
  - modified xfs post script to add in no-listen = tcp per Bill's request
* Wed Jul 26 2000 Elliot Lee <>
  - Some i810/i815 stuff (new I810Drm.tar.gz, updated to xf4.0.1-I810copy.patch only to find out
  that it is already included in this source tree).
* Tue Jul 25 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - add patch for xf86 vidmode extension
  - add icelandic keymap to list of keymaps
* Sun Jul 23 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - hey, we recognize the geforce2 now. Wonder if it works. :)
* Thu Jul 20 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - oops, I broke the sparc Mach64 patch on sparc
* Wed Jul 19 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - move initscript back
  - update CVS
  - remove Mesa (use its own separate package for easier updating)
  - kill the GL wrapper
  - fix linking of dri modules so that symbol resolution with Mesa works right
  - add sparc Mach64 patch from DaveM
  - fix sparc Mach64 patch so it builds
  - add ffb patch from Jakub
  - fix xfs user creation
* Sat Jul 15 2000 Elliot Lee <>
  - Fix Mesa library version info
  - Set Mesa package version to reflect Mesa version (not the XFree86
    version), and set release to something that will facilitate upgrades
    from older Mesa pkgs while still being informative.
  - Only pass -j to toplevel make, which takes care of passing it on down.
* Fri Jul 14 2000 Preston Brown <>
  - fixed xfs condrestart to do a real stop/start.
  - fonts.* files in font directories are config(noreplace)
* Fri Jul 14 2000 Elliot Lee <>
  - Update Mesa to 3.2 release.
  - Use mmx/sse/x86 stuff for Mesa on 386 and up, not just if building for 686 (since MMX is
  available on 586 many times, and since the functionality is runtime-configured).
  - Try to integrate newer i810/i815 driver (unfinished)
* Tue Jul 11 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - update CVS while I'm here
  - don't use ix86 PCI code on ia64
  - fix some int/long bogosity in some of the drivers
* Sun Jul 09 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - update CVS
  - build with new compiler to fix Xserver problems on i386
  - add parallel make patch from H. J. Lu
* Wed Jul 05 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - oops, open the right software Mesa lib
  - build DRI everywhere
* Tue Jul 04 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - fix Mesa install
  - add Romanian keymap so keymaps get installed
* Mon Jul 03 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - add console.apps file for xserver (#13325)
  - prereq chkfontpath for font packages
  - update CVS
  - bump version to 4.0.1
  - add lemming patch
* Sat Jul 01 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - update CVS, sparc patches now included
  - ship pam files
  - point X symlink to Xwrapper, not XFree86
* Fri Jun 30 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - fix pamsession, xfsredhat patches
  - turn off joystick, it relies on magic symbols defined *nowhere*
* Thu Jun 29 2000 Preston Brown <>
  - merged in a bunch of patches from 3.3.6 that somehow got dropped including:
  - xkb changes
  - some xfs changes
  - xterm app-defaults
  - pam session fix for xdm
  - define some paths in host.def instead of a wild mess of patches
  - kill compat links from /etc/X11/<dirname> to /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/<dirname>
* Thu Jun 29 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - add Mesa wrapper
  - put Mesa libs in /usr/lib
  - return of Xwrapper
  - take setuid off XFree86
* Thu Jun 29 2000 Jakub Jelinek <>
  - remove 3 obsolete SPARC patches
  - add 2 new ones
* Wed Jun 28 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - put setuid on XFree86 (temporary)
  - yank setuid off xload 
  - put the xfs %pre back in
  - xfs initscript munging
  - fix ia64 patches
* Wed Jun 28 2000 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer <>
  - Update to current CVS
* Fri Jun 23 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - return of the font %post/%postuns
  - move some of the xdm stuff to xinitrc
  - put libglut in with Mesa
* Mon Jun 19 2000 Matt Wilson <>
  - build glint module on alpha
* Fri Jun 16 2000 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer <>
  - Fix up Xaw (Bugs #11404 and #11426)
  - more FHS fixes (fix bug #11358 and some related unreported bugs)
* Thu Jun 15 2000 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer <>
  - split off Mesa and Mesa-devel
  - FHSify
  - fix build on alpha and ia64
* Thu Jun 08 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - merge in ia64 fixes
* Sat Jun 03 2000 Nalin Dahyabhai <>
  - change PAM configuration to use system-auth
  - build fix for Sparc
* Wed May 24 2000 Jakub Jelinek <>
  - don't define GlxStubLib if DllModules is not defined -
    otherwise things don't compile on i386
* Tue May 23 2000 Jakub Jelinek <>
  - support ffb, leo and cg6 on sparc
  - only switch to dlopen() loader on selected architectures
* Fri May 12 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - switch to dlopen() loader
* Thu May 11 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - add man pages to -devel
* Mon May 08 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - more directory shuffles
* Sat May 06 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - more random fixes
* Thu May 04 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - various fixes
  - fix specfile for ia64
  - merge drivers back into XFree86 package
* Mon Apr 24 2000 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer <>
  - update xf86cfg
  - fix up the xf86cfg patch
  - various fixes
* Fri Apr 21 2000 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer <>
  - Fix up x11perfcomp and move it to -tools
  - Fix up xfs (missing init script...)
  - chkconfig'ize xfs
  - move pswrap to -devel
* Sun Apr 09 2000 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer <>
  - Add xf86cfg (successor to XF86Setup, taken from the XFree86 4.0a tree
    with permission from the patch author)
  - Move the directory fixup stuff from %pre to %triggerpostun -- XFree86 < 3.9
    We don't want to fix things twice...
* Thu Apr 06 2000 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer <>
  - Fix post script breakage
  - Disable build root strip policy (drivers can't be stripped)
  - strip the stuff we can safely strip manually
  - add /usr/include stuff
  - add some stuff from Mesa - we don't really want to obsolete Mesa
    without providing GLU and glut.
  - move some man pages from XFree86 to XFree86-tools, where they belong.
  - move some files to subpackages:
    beforelight, xclipboard, xclock, xfd, xieperf, xmag, xwininfo are now
    in XFree86-tools (rather than XFree86)
    makeg is now in XFree86-devel (rather than XFree86)
  - obsolete Mesa, glxMesa* and xpm in -libs
  - hope it still compiles
* Wed Apr 05 2000 Jakub Jelinek <>
  - Even move sparc tweaks
* Sun Apr 02 2000 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer <>
  - Make it compile on sparc (Patch from Jakub Jelinek <>,
    some additional fixes from me)
  - Autodetect the right version of Tcl/Tk
  - remove xinitrc, we get it from the xinitrc package
* Sat Mar 18 2000 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer <>
  - More fixes
  - Fix compilation on alpha
  - TODO: Port our 3.3.6 patches
* Wed Mar 15 2000 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer <>
  - Add the man pages ;)
  - Merge some patches from the RPMs at
  - Various fixes
* Mon Mar 13 2000 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer <>
  - Initial RPM



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