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RPM of Group Applications/File

bzip2-1.0.1-4 A file compression utility. linux/ia64
file-3.35-2 A utility for determining file types. linux/ia64
fileutils-4.1-4 The GNU versions of common file management utilities. linux/ia64
findutils-4.1.7-1 The GNU versions of find utilities (find and xargs). linux/ia64
gzip-1.3-15 The GNU data compression program. linux/ia64
ncompress-4.2.4-24 Fast compression and decompression utilities. linux/ia64
perl-Digest-MD5-2.13-1 A perl interface to the MD5 digest algorithm. linux/ia64
perl-File-MMagic-1.06-3 A Perl5 module that guesses file types based on their contents. linux/ia64
slocate-2.6-1 Finds files on a system via a central database. linux/ia64
stat-2.5-3 A tool for finding out information about a specified file. linux/ia64
tree-1.2-13 A utility which displays a tree view of the contents of directories. linux/ia64

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