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db1-devel-1.85-5 RPM for ppc

From Red Hat Linux 7.1 for pSeries

Name: db1-devel Distribution: Red Hat Linux
Version: 1.85 Vendor: Red Hat, Inc.
Release: 5 Build date: Fri Aug 2 00:55:17 2002
Group: Development/Libraries Build host:
Size: 1118928 Source RPM: db1-1.85-5.src.rpm
Packager: Red Hat, Inc. <>
Summary: Development libs/header files for Berkeley DB (version 1) library.
The Berkeley Database (Berkeley DB) is a programmatic toolkit that provides
embedded database support for both traditional and client/server applications.
Berkeley DB includes B tree, Hashing, Fixed and Variable-length
record access methods.

This package contains the header files, libraries, and documentation for
building programs which use Berkeley DB.






* Sat Oct 07 2000 Jeff Johnson <>
  - use <db1/db.h> if including <db1/ndbm.h> (#18292).
* Fri Aug 18 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - fix ia64 conflicts
* Fri Aug 18 2000 Jeff Johnson <>
  - summaries from specspo.
* Mon Aug 07 2000 Jeff Johnson <>
  - remove "strip -R comment" from spec file, rely on brp-* instead.
* Thu Jul 13 2000 Prospector <>
  - automatic rebuild
* Mon May 29 2000 Jeff Johnson <>
  - rename db_dump185 to db1_dump185 to avoid file conflict with db3.
* Fri Apr 21 2000 Jakub Jelinek <>
  - Include db_dump185 program from db2 here (as it is linked
    against this shared library).
* Thu Apr 20 2000 Jakub Jelinek <>
  - Create.



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