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gnupg-1.0.1-1 RPM for i386

From Red Hat Linux 6.2 for i386

Name: gnupg Distribution: BlueSky
Version: 1.0.1 Vendor: Red Hat, Inc.
Release: 1 Build date: Sat Feb 19 00:56:19 2000
Group: Applications/Cryptography Build host:
Size: 1343034 Source RPM: gnupg-1.0.1-1.src.rpm
Packager: Red Hat, Inc. <>
Summary: A GNU utility for secure communication and data storage.
GnuPG (GNU Privacy Guard) is a GNU utility for encrypting data and
creating digital signatures. GnuPG has advanced key management
capabilities and is compliant with the proposed OpenPGP Internet
standard described in RFC2440. Since GnuPG doesn't use any patented
algorithm, it is not compatible with any version of PGP2 (PGP2.x uses
only IDEA, patented worldwide, and RSA, which is patented in the US
until 9/20/00).






* Fri Feb 18 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
  - build of 1.0.1
* Sat Sep 11 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - version 1.0.0 build for 6.1us



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