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RPM of Group Applications/Databases

postgresql-6.5.3-6 PostgreSQL client programs and libraries. Linux/i386
postgresql-jdbc-6.5.3-6 Files needed for Java programs to access a PostgreSQL database. Linux/i386
postgresql-odbc-6.5.3-6 The ODBC driver needed for accessing a PostgreSQL DB using ODBC. Linux/i386
postgresql-perl-6.5.3-6 Development module needed for Perl code to access a PostgreSQL DB. Linux/i386
postgresql-python-6.5.3-6 Development module for Python code to access a PostgreSQL DB. Linux/i386
postgresql-server-6.5.3-6 The programs needed to create and run a PostgreSQL server. Linux/i386
postgresql-tcl-6.5.3-6 A Tcl-based GUI front end for psql and related PostgreSQL clients. Linux/i386
postgresql-test-6.5.3-6 The test suite distributed with PostgreSQL. Linux/i386

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