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Packages beginning with letter P

p2c-1.20-9 shared library for programs build with p2c Pascal to C convertor Linux/alpha
p2c-devel-1.20-9 programs and header for Pascal to C translator Linux/alpha
pam-0.64-2 Pluggable Authentication Modules: modular, incremental authentication Linux/alpha
pamconfig-0.51-5 The obsolete configuration file and editor for pam Linux/noarch
paradise-2.3p19-9 Enhanced Netrek client with sound and color Linux/alpha
passwd-0.50-11 Set or update a password using PAM Linux/alpha
patch-2.5-2 GNU patch Utilities Linux/alpha
perl-5.004-6 Practical Extraction and Report Language Linux/alpha
perl-MD5-1.7-2 Perl MD5 module Linux/alpha
pidentd-2.7-2 Internet Daemon: Authorization, User Identification Linux/alpha
pine-3.96-8 MIME compliant mail reader w/ news support as well Linux/alpha
pinfocom-3.0-7 interpreter for Infocom compatible text adventure games Linux/alpha
playmidi-2.3-11 Play midi files on FM, GUS and MIDI devices Linux/alpha
popt-1.1.1-2 C library for parsing command line parameters Linux/alpha
portmap-4.0-11 RPC port mapper Linux/alpha
postgresql-6.3.2-4 PostgreSQL Data Base Management System Linux/alpha
postgresql-clients-6.3.2-4 clients needed to access a PostgreSQL server Linux/alpha
postgresql-data-6.3.2-4 PostgreSQL initial database structure Linux/alpha
postgresql-devel-6.3.2-4 PostgreSQL development header files and libraries Linux/alpha
ppp-2.3.3-4 ppp daemon package for linux 1.3.xx and greater Linux/alpha
printtool-3.28-1 Printer Configuration Tool Linux/noarch
procinfo-13-1 proc filesystem information Linux/alpha
procmail-3.10-12 procmail mail delivery agent Linux/alpha
procps-1.2.7-5 Process monitoring utilities Linux/alpha
procps-X11-1.2.7-5 X-based process monitoring utilities Linux/alpha
psacct-6.3-4 Process accounting tools Linux/alpha
psmisc-17-3 More ps type tools for /proc filesystem Linux/alpha
pwdb-0.54-8 Password Database Library Linux/alpha
python-1.5.1-4 Very high level scripting language with X interface Linux/alpha
python-devel-1.5.1-4 Libraries and header files for building python code Linux/alpha
python-docs-1.5.1-4 Documentation on Python Linux/alpha
pythonlib-1.22-1 library of python code used by various Red Hat programs Linux/noarch

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