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cmu-snmp-utils-3.4-3 RPM for i386

From Red Hat Linux 5.0 for i386

Name: cmu-snmp-utils Distribution: Hurricane
Version: 3.4 Vendor: Red Hat Software
Release: 3 Build date: Wed Oct 29 22:09:45 1997
Group: Networking/Utilities Build host:
Size: 174275 Source RPM: cmu-snmp-3.4-3.src.rpm
Packager: Red Hat Software <>
Summary: CMU SNMP utilities
These are the various utilities for use with CMU SNMP.  Contains utils
such as snmpwalk, snmptest, and more.






* Wed Oct 29 1997 Michael Fulbright <>
  - made snmpd NOT start by default
  - fixed snmpd.conf to be mode 600
* Fri Oct 17 1997 Michael Fulbright <>
  - made to use chkconfig
  - added restart and status to init script
  - updated to version 3.4
* Thu Jul 10 1997 Erik Troan <>
  - built against glibc
* Wed Apr 16 1997 Erik Troan <>
  - fixed grammer in changelog entry from 3/21
  - turned off size, md5sum, and timestamp checking on /etc/snmpd.agentinfo
* Fri Mar 21 1997 Michael Fulbright <>
  - Bryan and I fixed up default snmpd.conf so everyone cant change your
    route tables.
  - Included authkey in file list.
* Wed Mar 19 1997 Michael Fulbright <>
  - Updated to version 3.3.
* Wed Mar 12 1997 Erik Troan <>
  - This shouldn't be run in runlevel 2 (which doesn't setup networking).
* Tue Mar 04 1997 Michael Fulbright <>
  - Added post-install script entry to check for presence of the file
    /etc/snmpd.agentinfo. If this file does not exist, we create it.
    It is empty, but is needed for snmpd to run properly.



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