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Packages beginning with letter D

dev-2.5.4-1 /dev entries Linux/i386
dhcpcd-0.65-1 DHCPC Daemon Linux/i386
dhcpd-5.16-5 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Server Linux/i386
dialog-0.6-8 A program to build tty dialog boxes Linux/i386
diffstat-1.25-2 Provides diff file statistics Linux/i386
diffutils-2.7-8 GNU diff Utilities Linux/i386
dip-3.3.7o-10 dip modem dialer Linux/i386
doom-1.8-9 DOOM for Linux Consoles & X-Windows Linux/i386
dosemu-0.66.7-1 DOS emulator Linux/i386
dump-0.3-10 dump/restore backup system Linux/i386

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