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RPM of Group X11/Applications/Graphics

ImageMagick-3.9.1-1 image display, conversion, and manipulation under X Linux/alpha
gimp-0.99.12-3 The GNU Image Manipulation Program Linux/alpha
gimp-devel-0.99.12-3 GIMP plugin and extension development kit Linux/alpha
gimp-libgimp-0.99.12-3 GIMP libraries Linux/alpha
gv-3.5.8-2 Enhanced frontend for ghostscript Linux/alpha
mxp-1.0-7 X11 Mandelbrot set generator and explorer Linux/alpha
transfig-3.2-3 Converts .fig files (such as those from xfig) to other formats Linux/alpha
xanim-27064-3 Viewer for various animated graphic formats Linux/alpha
xloadimage-4.1-8 X based image viewer Linux/alpha
xmorph-1996.07.12-3 morphing program with an X interface Linux/alpha
xpaint-2.4.9-1 paint program for X Linux/alpha
xv-3.10a-9 X based image viewer for darned near all images Linux/alpha

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