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claws-mail-3.12.0-7.1 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE leap updates for 42.1 / oss / x86_64

Name: claws-mail Distribution: openSUSE Leap 42.1
Version: 3.12.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 7.1 Build date: Sun Feb 7 17:14:57 2016
Group: Productivity/Networking/Email/Clients Build host: build84
Size: 12248881 Source RPM: claws-mail-3.12.0-7.1.src.rpm
Summary: A lightweight and highly configurable email client
Claws Mail (previously known as Sylpheed-Claws) is a lightweight and
highly configurable email client and news reader based on the GTK+ GUI
toolkit, it runs on the X Window System.

Claws Mail is free software distributed under the GNU GPL.

To run Claws Mail use 'claws-mail' on the command line.

When claws-mail is executed for the first time a configuration 'Wizard'
will appear prompting you for the minimum information necessary to
create a new account.






* Wed Feb 03 2016
  - Update claws-mail-dont-overshoot-output-buffer.patch with patch
    from upstream (rebased for current version) to finally fix
    buffer overrun issues (boo#959993, CVE-2015-8614, claws#3557).
* Thu Dec 24 2015
  - Add claws-mail-dont-overshoot-output-buffer.patch to prevent
    buffer overrun issues (boo#959993, CVE-2015-8614, claws#3557).
* Thu Jul 23 2015
  - Update to version 3.12.0:
    + New plugin: ManageSieve. Manage sieve filters on a server using
      the ManageSieve protocol.
    + Filtering/Processing:
    - Increase range for age matcher condition.
    - 'mark_as_spam' now only marks as spam, it does not do an
      additional move.
    + Compose window:
    - From line gets its own label with mnemonic.
    - More intuitive right-click behaviour in attachments list.
    + QuickSearch: 'Cc' added to the mixed search:
    + Folder list: Added 'Mark all read recursively' to context menu.
    + Support for Mac-cyrillic encoding.
    + IMAP: Support for SCRAM-SHA-1 authentication mechanism.
    + PGP plugins: Display validity of signatures.
    + Bogofilter plugin: 3rd spam handling option, 'Only mark as
    + RSSyl plugin: Per-feed support for HTTP basic auth.
    + Several layout improvements to preferences pages.
    + Updated user manual.
    + Updated man page.
    + Bugs fixed: claws#1769, claws#1901, claws#2435, claws#2577,
      claws#2601, claws#2965, claws#2981, claws#3211, claws#3321,
      claws#3345, claws#3349, claws#3351, claws#3354, claws#3364,
      claws#3365, claws#3380, claws#3389, claws#3407, claws#3419,
      claws#3421, claws#3432, claws#3438, claws#3466, deb#771360,
      deb#771737, deb#779824.
    + CVE fixed: CVE 2010-5109.
    + Misc bugs fixed:
    - Fix LDAP access using TLS protocol.
    - claws-mail.desktop installation.
    - Compose window Subject mnemonic.
    - Archiver plguin: compatibility with libarchive 2.8.x.
    - Remove draft when cancelling a message written with an
      external editor.
    - Remove superfluous dynamic link against libarchive.
    - Fix labels referring to 'SSL' instead of 'TLS'.
    - Allow single-click to select mailboxes in the mailbox order
    - set encoding to UTF-8.
    + Updated translations.
  - Dropped fix_categories_and_recover_keywords_in_desktop_file.patch
    as fixed in upstream
  - Dropped recover_desktop_file_installation.patch: fixed upstream.
  - Dropped recover_desktop_file_installation_part2.patch: fixed
  - Set pkgconfig(libgdata) BuildRequires: conditionally for 1330 and
    newer as the needed version is an unstable branch. Due to this,
    conditionally pass --enable-gdata-plugin to configure. As a
    result, libgdata is not beeing built for any current version of
* Sat Nov 01 2014
  - Update to version 3.11.1:
    + Use 'gnutls_priority' hidden account preference for POP3 and
      STARTTLS connections, in addition to SMTP.
    + RSSyl plugin: Enable use of .netrc to store network
    + Remove dependency on intltool.
    + Remove appdata.
    + Updated translations: Norwegian Bokmål.
    + Bug fixed: claws#3306, claws#3308
  - Removed intltool BuildRequires: no longer needed.
  - Removed --enable-appdata from %configure (dropped in upstream).
  - Add fix_categories_and_recover_keywords_in_desktop_file.patch
    from upstream git to fix categories and recover keywords in
    desktop file.
  - Add recover_desktop_file_installation.patch from bugzilla
    (claws#3320) and recover_desktop_file_installation_part2.patch
    from upstream git to recover desktop file installation.
* Wed Oct 29 2014
  - Add libexpat-devel BuildRequires: new dependency for the RSSyl
    plugin, which was completely rewritten in 3.11.0.
* Wed Oct 22 2014
  - Pass --enable-appdata to %configure.
* Wed Oct 22 2014
  - New build requirement: intltool.
* Wed Oct 22 2014
  - Update to version 3.11.0 (boo#903276):
    + SSLv3 server connections are now disabled by default, in
      response to the POODLE vulnerability (CVE-2014-3566).
    + Several PGP/Core plugin improvements:
    - Indicate when a key has been revoked or has expired when
      displaying signature status.
    - When displaying the full information, show the Validity, and
      the Owner Trust level. Also indicate expired and revoked
      keys, and revoked UIDs.
    - The "Content-Disposition: attachment" flag in PGP/MIME signed
      messages has been removed. It was confusing for cetain MUAs.
    + A new version of the RSSyl plugin, completely redesigned and
    + The results of TAB address completion in the Compose window
      have improved ordering.
    + Due to popular demand, use of the Up key in the message body in
      the Compose window stops at the top of the message body and
      does not continue up to the header fields. This reverts the
      behaviour introduced in version 3.10.0.
    + In the Compose window, when navigating with the arrow keys,
      selecting, and thus modifying, the Account selector is now
    + In the Compose window, a mnemonic (s) has been added to the
      Subject line.
    + The Queue folder is highlighted if there are messages in its
      sub-folders and the tree is collapsed.
    + When sorting messages by 'thread date', clicking the 'Date'
      column header will now toggle between ascending/descending and
      will not switch to 'date' sorting.
    + A new QuickSearch filter has been added that searches a
      header's content only.
    + A Reply-To field has been added to the main Template
    + The menubar can now be hidden, default hotkey: F12.
    + Fancy plugin: A user-controlled stylesheet can now be used.
    + Python plugin: Add flag attributes to MessageInfo object.
    + Python plugin: Make 'account' property of ComposeWindow
    + Libravatar plugin: a network timeout option has been added.
    + The script, for converting a Thunderbird mailbox
      to a Claws Mail mailbox, now handles sub-directory recursion.
    + Bugs fixed: claws#3173, claws#3211, claws#3212, claws#3221,
      claws#3235, claws#3236, claws#3246, claws#3265, claws#3300.
    + Updated translations:.
* Mon Aug 04 2014
  - Update to version 3.10.1:
    + Add an account preference to allow automatically accepting
      unknown and changed SSL certificates, if they're valid (that
      is, if the root CA is trusted by the distro).
    + RFE 3196, 'When changing quicksearch Search Type, set focus to
      search input box'.
    + PGP/Core plugin: Generate 2048 bit RSA keys.
    + Major code cleanup.
    + Extended claws-mail.desktop with Compose and Receive actions.
    + Fix GConf use with newer Glib.
    + Fix the race fix, now preventing the compose window to be
    + Fix "File (null) doesn't exist" error dialog, when attaching a
      non-existing file via --attach
    + Fix spacing in Folderview if the font is far from the system
    + RSSyl:
    - When parsing RSS 2.0, ignore  tags with a namespace prefix.
    - Check for existence of xmlNode namespace, to prevent NULL
      pointer crashes.
    + Bugs fixed: claws#2728, claws#2981, claws#3170, claws#3179,
      claws#3201, deb#730050.
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop claws-mail-3.10.0_uninitialized_variable_git51af19b.patch as
    fixed upstream.
* Mon May 26 2014
  - fix tarball url:
    - not all occurences of the version were using the macro
    - wrong SF project name
* Mon May 26 2014
  - added claws-mail-3.10.0_uninitialized_variable_git51af19b.patch:
    Patch taken from upstream. Fixes an uninitialized variable use.
* Mon May 26 2014
  - update to 3.10.0
    - Complete SSL certificate chains are now saved, and if built with
      Libetpan 1.4.1, the IMAP SSL connection's certificate chain is made
      available. Both of these allow correct certificate verification
      instead of a bogus 'No certificate issuer found' status.
    - Auto-configuration of account email servers, based on SRV records,
      is now possible. (GLib >= 2.22 is required.)
    - Added a preference to avoid automatically drafting emails that are
      to be sent encrypted, (Configuration/Preferences/Compose/Writing).
    - Messages saved as Drafts are now saved as New, highlighting the
      Drafts folder, in order to draw the attention to unfinished mails
    - It is now possible to add a 'Replace signature' button to the
      Compose window toolbar.
    - Quotation wrapping and undo/redo in the Compose window has been
    - 'Reply to all' now excludes your own address.
    - The 'Generate X-Mailer header' option has been renamed 'Add user
      agent header' and applies to both X-Mailer and X-Newsreader headers.
    - Added hidden preferences, 'address_search_wildcard' and
      'folder_search_wildcard', to choose between matching from start of
      the folder name/address or any part of the name. (Activating these
      options restores the previous behaviour.)
    - Added hidden preference 'enable_avatars' to control the internal
      capture/render process, and which allows disabling it by external
      plugins for example.
    - 'Check for new folders' now only updates the folder list, not
      updating the contents of folders. If needed, it can be followed by
      'Check for new messages'
    - When using Redirect, the redirecting account's address is used in
      the SMTP MAIL FROM instead of the original sender's address.
    - NEW: Libravatar plugin, which displays avatars from
    - Added support for an arbitrary number and sources of 'avatars' and
      images for email senders, and migrated Face and X-Face headers.
    - Avatars are now included when printing mails.
    - The GPG keyring can now be used as the source for address auto-
    - The vCalendar and RSSyl plugins now have an option to disable SSL
      certificate verification (and check them by default).
    - The ClamAV plugin now pops up an error message only once instead of
    - Updated the man page and the manual.
    - Updated Brazilian Portuguese, British English, Czech, Dutch,
      Finnish, French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Lithuanian, Slovak,
      Spanish, and Swedish translations.
    - Added Esperanto translation.
    - Bug fixes:
      claws#1644, claws#2119, claws#2145, claws#2179, claws#2238,
      claws#2389, claws#2398, claws#2447, claws#2643, claws#2875,
      claws#2991, claws#3020, claws#3055, claws#3038, claws#3039,
      claws#3040, claws#3050, claws#3094, claws#3100, claws#3105,
      claws#3106, claws#3107, claws#3116, claws#3117, claws#3120,
      claws#3131, claws#3138, claws#3139, claws#3145, claws#3146,
      claws#3147, claws#3148, claws#3150, claws#3155, claws#3169,
  - package the provided appdate xml file
  - enabled more features in the notification plugin:
    new buildRequires:  pkgconfig(libnotify) libcanberra-devel >= 0.6
* Mon Dec 16 2013
  - Update to version 3.9.3:
    + The TAB address completion in the Compose window now matches
      any part of the address and not just the beginning.
    + When copying or moving a message, the type-ahead search now
      matches any part of a folder name and not just the beginning.
    + It is now possible to replace the current signature in the
      Compose window by using the '/Message/Replace signature' menu
    + It is now possible to disable the 'Subject is empty' warning
      dialogue. See the option 'Warn when Subject is empty' option on
      the '/Configuration/Preferences/Mail handling/Sending' page.
    + When sending messages, if the hostname cannot be determined,
      fallback to 'localhost' rather than 'unknown', as the latter is
      rejected by some servers.
    + Added better handling of messages from broken mailers, such as
      yahoo groups.
    + PDF plugin: the minimum required version of poppler is 0.12.0.
    + PGP/* plugin: long key IDs are now displayed in the dialogues
      instead of short IDs.
    + PGP/* plugin: The automatic signature check is now
    + Python plugin: can now access accounts, mailboxes, folder
    + vCalendar plugin: webcals:// URLs are now treated as https://
    + Support for Maemo has been removed.
    + Bugs fixed: claws#2132, claws#2210, claws#2794, claws#2923,
      claws#2940, claws#2954, claws#2957, claws#2960, claws#2961,
      claws#2964, claws#2979, claws#2982, claws#2986, claws#2989,
      claws#2994, claws#2995, claws#3002, claws#3004, claws#3009,
      claws#3011, claws#3021, deb#711864.
    + Quote all specials in name as defined on RFC, see
    + Fix sensitivity and state of 'hide read threads'.
    + Fancy plugin: disable DNS Prefetching when 'Enable loading of
      remote content' is switched off.
    + Bogofilter plugin: insert X-Bogosity header like the option
      says, not X-Claws-Bogosity header.
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop claws-mail-missing-include.patch, fixed upstream.
* Sun Nov 10 2013
  - Drop claws-mail-fix-address-quotes.patch: This patch on its own
    has negative side-effects.
* Wed Nov 06 2013
  - Add claws-mail-fix-address-quotes.patch: Fix quotes all
    addresses which need quoting just before writting the
    message to the queue folder, claws#2210.
* Thu Sep 05 2013
  - Add libperl_requires, as we link against libperl and thus
    need a specific version of perl.
* Thu Jun 20 2013
  - Update to version 3.9.2:
    + New big icon for compose windows.
    + Never decode multipart/ or message/ parts, as RFC states.
    + Add missing check for libperl.
    + Fix check for libsoup - it is not obligatory.
    + Do not try to destroy a NULL session after an unsuccesful NNTP
      connect attempt.
    + The extraheaderrc format doesn't allow data after the header
      colon. Other OSes may insert extra characters other than \n,
      so, remove them all.
    + Fix undoing file insertion.
    + Fix check for python.
    + Fix detection of account in --compose and --compose-from-file
      where the From value contains a name + email.
    + Bugs fixed: claws#2923, claws#2927.
* Wed May 15 2013
  - Also obsolete claws-mail-extra-plugins-devel, as the plugins
    package was merged upstream.
* Tue May 07 2013
  - Update to version 3.9.1:
    + All plugins previously packaged as 'Extra Plugins' are now
      contained within the Claws Mail package. In addition to that,
      the following plugins have been dropped: TrayIcon, Dillo
      Viewer, and Gtkhtml2 Viewer.
    + 3 command-line switches have been added:
    - -cancel-receiving which cancels the currently running message
      retrieval operation.
    - -cancel-sending which cancels the currently running message
      sending operation.
    - -debug which toggles debug output.
    + '/Message/Cancel sending' has been added to the main menu.
    + In the filtering and processing condition configuration for
      Age, it is now possible to match based on number of hours.
    + The GnuPG signature timestamp is now displayed in the full
      signature information.
    + Support for GnuTLS priority string has been added.
    + Keep-alive pings are now performed on IMAP and NNTP
    + In the Compose window, the focus is now moved to the message
      body when focus is in the Subject entry and the Enter key is
    + The Delete key can now be used to remove Colour Label hotkeys.
    + PDF Viewer: The printed PDF quality has been improved.
    + Fancy HTML viewer: The options dialogue has been completely
      reworked, and disabling remote content is now totally strict.
    + Python plugin: Added Cc field to messageinfo objects.
    + Python plugin: Added examples.
    + Python plugin: Added a function to get an arbitrary header from
      a MessageInfo object.
    + Perl plugin: The documentation for has been
    + Basic handling of vcard 3.0 has been added to
    + The man page has been updated.
    + Bugs fixed: claws#1137, claws#1684, claws#1963, claws#2340,
      claws#2617, claws#2624, claws#2702, claws#2774, claws#2785,
      claws#2801, claws#2826, claws#2828, claws#2832, claws#2835,
      claws#2859, claws#2862, claws#2863, claws#2878, claws#2879,
      claws#2882, claws#2885, claws#2890, claws#2893, claws#2903,
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop upstream fixed patches:
    + claws-mail-3.9.0_205b490083a141586c390bd985a3e22e99ea137d.patch
    + claws-mail-3.9.0_06e09c818f9455537e82e8395d658e0be336f873.patch
    + claws-mail-python.diff.
  - Add claws-mail-missing-include.patch: Fix brp check failure due
    to some missing include headers.
  - Explicitly pass all --enable-*-plugins to configure, to ensure
    we will not lose any at any time.
  - Add BuildRequires to build all the plugins:
    + libarchive-devel
    + libcurl-devel
    + libpoppler-glib-devel
    + libwebkit-devel
    + python-gtk-devel
    + pkgconfig(libgdata)
    + pkgconfig(libsoup-2.4)
  - Drop --enable-openssl configure parameter: no longer supported.
  - Provide and obsolete claws-mail-extra-plugins and
    claws-mail-extra-plugins-lang: the plugins are no longer shipped
    as separate tarballs.
* Wed Apr 24 2013
  - pulled 2 patches from upstream to fix crash with unknown
    encodings: (bnc#816881)
* Wed Nov 21 2012
  - Update to version 3.9.0:
    + Added IMAP server side search
    + Added the file .claws-mail/extraheaderrc which holds editable
    + Added 'Select html part of multipart messages' to the Folder
    + GnuPG: Consider marginal signature validity as untrusted
    + The mimeview shortcuts are now user configurable
    + Spell checker: Always show 'change dictionary' menu
    + Filtering dialogue: TreeView type-ahead is now case
    + Separated 'Mark all read' from 'Mark as read' and
      'Ignore thread'
    + Made 'Mark all read' confirmation button more clear
    + Made the clickable area of the expander arrows in the folder
      list larger
    + Made SSL client certificate error messages more meaningful
    + The type of units required in the Extended Search information
      dialogue are now indicated
    + Several speed-ups and optimisations
    + Updated manual
    + Updated translations
    + Bug fixes:
    - bug 1137: 'loading plugins with same profile on different
    - bug 1961: 'patches for a couple of clang warnings'
    - bug 1975: 'preference mutt key bindings do not take effect'
    - bug 2096: 'MEMORY-ERROR w/ Claws-Mail/IMAP and Lotus
    - bug 2203: 'Problems in forwarding multipart/alternative
      messages with HTML part'
    - bug 2390: 'Non-fully-trusted-key-warning appears based on
      primary UID rather than recipient e-mail'
    - bug 2579: 'Installed headers redefine autotools-specific
    - bug 2596: 'Spell checker does not work properly'
    - bug 2638: 'Respect $LEX environment variable in'
    - bug 2639: 'The MSGBUFSIZE definition collides with a
      definition of OpenBSD'
    - bug 2650: 'segfault in pgp when gpgme_strerror() returns
      a non utf-8 string'
    - bug 2689: 'segfault when trying to view info about
      pgp/smime sign'
    - bug 2697: 'segfault in parse_parameters()'
    - bug 2718: 'Failure to check peer hostname when checking
    - bug 2723: 'Missing encoding in generated html manual'
    - bug 2743: 'null pointer crash in procmime strchr'
    - bug 2744: 'Quick search throws bad command argument error
      since recent change'
    - bug 2751: 'g_mutex_new/g_mutex_free removed from GLib 2.32'
    - bug 2760: 'display correct libc version in crash dialog
      when uclibc is used'
    - bug 2761: 'Desktop file does not pass validation'
    - bug 2776: 'Make all menu shortcuts work properly in the
      message window'
    - bug 2777: 'Installing latest cvs116 package 14 Windows
      version results in wrong paths in clawsrc'
    - Fix some modal windows
    - Only show HTML parts by default (if the pref is set so) if
      the part disposition-type is inline or unknown, but not
    - IMAP: Always clear the tags list when fetching a folder, or
      Claws will never untag an untagged email.
    - Fix double mainwindow presentation that confuses GNOME3
      when some plugins fail to load (subsequent Claws windows
      got no focus in that case)
    - Fix build on Fink/OS X
    - Fix build with gnutls 3.1.3
    - Fix Windows build
    - Fix Windows runtime crash
    - Fix socket communication
  - Removed patches taken from upstream:
    + claws-mail-bnc770014.patch
    + claws-mail-verify-hostname.patch
    + claws-mail-3.8.1-procmime-vuln.patch
* Fri Oct 12 2012
  - Add claws-mail-3.8.1-procmime-vuln.patch: Fixes NULL pointer
    derefence while processing email content. (bnc#784463),
* Thu Aug 09 2012
  - Add claws-mail-verify-hostname.patch: fix SSL negotiation and
    hostname verification.
  - Drop claws-mail-certbundle-path.patch: integrated in the upstram
* Sun Aug 05 2012
  - Updated to version 3.8.1:
    + Replied and Forwarded message status flags are now non-
      exclusive. Introduced a new message state (and relevant icon
      in message list) where both the Replied and Forwarded flags
      are set.
    + 'Send to...' has been added to the context menu of a message's
      parts. This causes a new Compose window to open with the
      selected mime part attached.
    + 'Hide' and 'View Log' buttons have been added to the Send and
      Receive dialogues. The former will hide the dialogue, the
      latter will open the Network Log dialogue.
    + A short symbol has been added the QuickSearch Extended mode:
      'ha', an abbreviated form of 'has_attachment'.
    + Basic session statistics are now available, from the
      Statistics tab in About dialog and the command-line.
    + The display of attached patches, (text/x-patch or text/x-diff)
      is now colourised. The colours are controlled by 3 new hidden
      preferences: diff_added_color, diff_deleted_color, and
    + Updated translations.
    + Bug fixes:
    - Bug 1090, 'Standard-folders appear again after rescanning
    - Bug 1924, 'Messages marked move to Trash appear identical to
      messages marked move to $FOLDER'.
    - Bug 2598, 'Actions can move locked messages'.
    - Bug 2501, 'opened message blanks when moved to other
    - Bug 2574, 'Statement might be overflowing a buffer in
    - Bug 2577, 'Focus rectangle on folder list and message list
      headings doesn't get properly cleared when switching heading
      and horizontally scrolling list (underlines and vertical
      lines remain on screen)'.
    - Bug 2582, 'Expanded mimeview drag n drop no longer works'.
    - Bug 2595, 'Change expand behavior for message list / message
    - Bug 2620, 'shift+tab from subject field not working'.
    - Bug 2624, 'dialog "Action Configuration" cannot be closed'.
    - Bug 2646, 'Compile fails with gnutls-3.0.18'.
    - Bug 2659, 'E-mail attachments are handled inconsistently'.
    - Bug 2662, '"ag" quicksearch adds "1" to value'.
    - Fix bug in search criteria when doing a complete directory
      search using '*'.
    - Fix sensitivity of toolbar's get_btn (retrieve mail from
      current account) and of mainwindows's relevant entry when
      current account is not able to retrieve (SMTP-only).
    - Don't do TLS if not requested by user. fixes connecting to
      servers which, for example, want SSL 3 only.
  - Drop claws-mail-fix-bufferoverflowstrncat.patch as this has been
  - Drop claws-mail-gnutls318.patch as this has been upstreamed.
* Sat Jul 21 2012
  - Do not install ca-certificates.crt (bnc#761503).
  - Add claws-mail-certbundle-path.patch: Add path to our
    ca-bundle.pem, so the file can be found by claws mail. This is
    an intermediate solution. Preferably we should be switching to
    the directory based storing of CA certificates.
* Thu Jul 05 2012
  - Add claws-mail-bnc770014.patch: Fix crash when trying to view
    info about pgp/smime sign.
* Wed Jun 06 2012
  - Add claws-mail-gnutls318.patch: Fix build with gnutls 3.18+.
* Mon May 21 2012
  - Use pkgconfig(gnutls) BuildRequires instead of gnutls-devel. This
    is more correct and helps avoid the issue with gnutls-devel
    having been removed from Factory.
* Sat Mar 03 2012
  - Change libSM-devel BuildRequires to pkgconfig(sm), to make it
    build on 12.1 and older releases in GNOME:Apps.
* Mon Feb 20 2012
  - Add explicit libSM-devel BuildRequires, to avoid issues after the
    big xorg-x11 packaging change.
  - Also add explicit pkgconfig(dbus-1) and pkgconfig(dbus-glib-1)
* Tue Jan 17 2012
  - Work on a GTK+ 3 build:
    + Use favor_gtk2 to switch between gtk2 and gtk3 builds.
    + For gtk3 build, use gtk3-devel BuildRequires instead of
      gtk2-devel and pass --enable-gtk3 to configure.
    + Forcefully disable the gtk3 build with a gtk3_ready macro,
      since the gtk3 support is not ready yet.
  - Stop adding a GenericName to claws-mail.desktop as there's
    already one.
* Mon Jan 02 2012
  - Update to version 3.8.0:
    + GnuTLS 2.2 is now a minimum requirement if encrypted
      connections to servers are required.
    + The list displays have been updated to use newer GTK+
      functions, this means that the expanders look different and
      the optional dotted lines have been dropped.
    + A hidden option, 'summary_from_show', which controls the
      display in the From column of the Message List: 0 (default):
      show name, 1: show address, 2: show name + address.
    + The image viewer now uses the EXIF Orientation.
    + 'Generate X-Mailer header' has been added as an Account
    + /View/Message scroll has been added, allowing keyboard
      shortcuts to be added and used for message scrolling.
    + Home and End keys now function in the Message View.
    + /Message/Print has been added to the Compose window.
    + Several bug fixes, including a fix for focus problem on Gnome
      shell (see NEWS for details).
    + Updated manuals.
    + Update man page.
    + Bug fixes:
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop claws-mail-new-gnutls.patch: fixed upstream.
  - Drop claws-mail-glib-2.31.patch: fixed upstream.
  - Update spec file License field from GPLv3+ and GPLv2+ to
    GPL-3.0+ and GPL-2.0+ respectivley, to conform with
  - Add claws-mail-fix-bufferoverflowstrncat.patch: Fix statement
    might be overflowing a buffer in strncat.
* Mon Nov 28 2011
  - Add claws-mail-glib-2.31.patch: Fix build with glib 2.31.
* Wed Sep 28 2011
  - Add claws-mail-new-gnutls.patch: fix build with gnutls 3.0.3.
* Sat Sep 17 2011
  - Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile
  - Use %_smp_mflags for parallel build
* Mon Sep 05 2011
  - Update to version 3.7.10:
    + The name of the account is now included within the Network Log
    + Right-clicking a message in the Message List no longer opens
      the message.
    + Several bug fixes (see NEWS for details).
    + Updated manuals.
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop claws-mail-gdk.patch: fixed upstream.
* Sat Aug 27 2011
  - Add missing BuildRequires libgcrypt-devel
* Mon May 16 2011
  - Add claws-mail-gdk.patch: fix crash in libnotify, caused by the
    usage of deprecated GDK symbols, bnc#693197. Patch from upstream.
* Tue Apr 26 2011
  - Update to version 3.7.9:
    + Added a hidden option, 'show_inline_attachments'
    + Added a hidden option, 'msgview_date_format'
    + Several GUI improvements
    + Support for NetworkManager 0.9
    + Bugs fixed:
    - Fix several crashes.
    - SMTP authentication
    - Clawsmail sends return receipt every seconds
    - Attachment content-transfer-encoding incorrectly set when
      signing emails
    - Date not localized in the message view
    - Problems in forwarding multipart/alternative messages with
      HTML part
    - User action makes Claws unresponsive
    - Incorrect handling of quoted printable coma in headers
    - GPG Full info: showing subkey ID instead of primary key
    - Messages remains in folder cache after moving from MH to IMAP
    - Base64 is broken in 3.7.7 and 3.7.8
    - Register x-handler-scheme in .desktop file
    - Make displaying localized date/time in message view optional
    - valgrind.h should NOT be part of claws-mail
    - folderitemrc not updated when account name is changed
    - Fix matcher body parsing
    - Fix sa-learn when offline
    - TrayIcon plugin: fix logic bug which caused icon to be
      always set no-mail status on plugin load
    - TrayIcon plugin: force icon hide on plugin_done(), without
      it an empty space is left in tray under KDE3 and KDE4
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop claws-mail-desktop.diff: fixed upstream.
* Sat Feb 12 2011
  - Stop removing themed icons: we want them!
  - Add missing relevant macros in %post/%postun:
    + %icon_theme_cache_post/postun because the package ships themed
  - Pass %{?no_lang_C} to %find_lang so that english documentation
    can be packaged with the program, and not in the lang subpackage.
  - Change Requires of lang subpackage to Recommends, since the
    english documentation is not there anymore.
* Wed Jan 26 2011
  - Update claws-mail-desktop.diff so Claws can be used as the
    default mailto uri handler (by declaring it handles
  - Call %desktop_database_post/%desktop_database_postun in
* Wed Dec 29 2010
  - added /etc/skel/.claws-mail/clawsrc:
    In a good default config we want to enable pgp/smime support by
    default. Claws-mail will pick up that file when creating a new
    ~/.claws-mail directory, so this even works for existing users,
    who want to try out claws-mail.
* Wed Dec 08 2010
  - Update to version 3.7.8:
    + Bug fixes:
    - Shortcuts should not be modifiable by default
    - CLI quicksearch sometimes returns the same messages twice
    - Action results in "Bad file descriptor"
    - NNTP: fix replying (broken in corner case)
    - Please re-introduce quick shortcut for marking as spam
    + Build fixes.
* Wed Dec 08 2010
  - Add docbook-utils BuildRequires to build the manuals.
* Sat Nov 20 2010
  - Update to version 3.7.7:
    + Enable building with GTK+ 2.22.
    + A QuickSearch can now be run from the command line using the
    - -search command. See `claws-mail --help` for more information.
    + Added a hidden option to set a margin in the text area of the
      Compose window. 'show_compose_margin', defaults to FALSE.
    + QuickSearch: Do not add rules with bad syntax to history
    + Hide progressbar on statusbar when not needed
    + Fix multiple @ in generated message-ids, prohibited in RFC
    + UMPCs: Fix truncated text in progressbar and statusbar
    + Bug fixes:
    - Cannot send mail when SSL certificate is expired but
      certificate check is skipped
    - Changing NNTP account's SSL setting requires restart
    - disable double-click quote collapsing
    - SSL is not working with POP3
    - PGPInline: segfault on malformed mails
    - LDAP encrypted passwords produce invalid XML
    - in some cases, button to clean quick search has no icon
    - freeze when using quick search
    - Empty trash on exit fails on scripted exit
    - base64 decoding fails with line breaks
    - nntp reply-to-all broken?
    - Colors not index correctly
    - Segfault when loading inbox for the first time
    - filtering: simplify expression
    - addrindex.c: address index conversion always fails
    + Build fixes.
    + Updated manual and man page.
    + Updated translations.
  - Version Provides/Obsoletes of sylpheed-claws (to avoid
  - Use Development/Libraries/Other group for devel subpackage
    instead of Productivity/Networking/Email/Clients.
  - Add fdupes BuildRequires, and use fdupes.
  - Update claws-mail-desktop.diff to remove Info field, and to not
    remove the GTK category.
* Mon Jun 21 2010
  - Update to version 3.7.6:
    + Require GTK+ 2.10 or newer
    + Enable building with GTK+ 2.19 or newer
    + Enable building with libetpan 1.0
    + Encrypt saved LDAP passwords
    + Filtering/Processing: Added 'List-Id' to the pre-defined
    + Added 'Reply to this address' to popup menu in the Message View
    + Added separate search phrase completion for normal/extended
    + Several interface improvements
    + Use in-reply-to info that is passed in mailto: links
    + Added the GB18030 Chinese charset, which is a superset of
      GB2312 and (X-)GBK.
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Feb 10 2010
  - Update to version 3.7.5:
    + gpgme >= 1.1.8 not compatible with S/MIME encryption
    + having worked 2 times properly CLAWS ceased to decrypt incoming
      PGP mails, displas base64 instead.
    + claws-mails crashes frequently with pgpcore
    + Address book: fix button sensitivity in compose mode.
* Mon Jan 11 2010
  - Update to version 3.7.4:
    + Spell checker: Highlight misspelled words when applying
      template and 'check while typing' option is on
    + Spell checker: Highlight misspelled words in text inserted from
      file(s) or pasted to message body when 'check while typing'
      option is on
    + Improve parsing of List-Post header
    + Add new drag type "claws-mail/msg-path-list" for drag'n'drop of
      a message selection from the message list into other
      applications. This enables other applications to back-link to
      Claws Mail via a "claws-mail --select" call after they received
      a drop.
    + Place the cursor in the compose window according to provided
      input. If To: is present place cursor in Subject: field and if
      both To: and Subject: are present place cursor in body. If
      body: is present insert a new line after text and place cursor
    + QuickSearch: Use all of the available space to view expressions
* Mon Nov 30 2009
  - Update to version 3.7.3:
    + Bug 1994 - Changing colors required restart
    + Bug 2003 - Address gathering dialog minor bugs/annoyances
    + enable Page Size and Orientation in the print dialog
    + Bug 2008 - Claws-Mail doesn't refresh after deletion
    + Bug 2009 - Incorrect pointer representation with GTK+2.18
    + Bug 2007 - Small memory leaks
    + Bug 2006 - Non-utf8 strftime(3) date strings shows garbled
    + Bug 1997 - Add 'has_attachment' and 'signed' matcher expression
    + Bug 1999 - Add "Re :" prefix from french Yahoo mail
    + rh#512024 - folder.c:3543  Condition msglist != NULL failed
    + Bug 1986 - New feature: warn user when inserting a large file
      in the message body
    + Bug 1984 - Add Ref. : reply prefix
    + Bug 1969 - Bad guess for outgoing encoding
    + Bug 1950 - Program freeze up during folder selection
    + Bug 1957 - LDAP errs out after searching too many search bases
    + Bug 1966 - "Collapse all threads" slower than "Expand all
    + Bug 1967 - Claws gets stuck after accepting a certificate
      warning dialog
    + Bug 1954 - Segfault on reading wrong STATUS
* Wed Aug 05 2009
  - Update to version 3.7.2:
    + Too many changes to be listed since version 3.5.0.
      For more details, please see NEWS.
  - Add --disable-static to configure, thus no need to delete *.a.
  - Removed obsoleted configure parameters --enable-aspell,
    - -enable-clamav-plugin and --disable-mathml-viewer-plugin
  - Drop claws-mail-compilefixes.diff, as it's been upstreamed,
    remove suse_update_config and autoreconf call.
  - Remove all if's for obsoleted {open}SUSE versions.
  - Remove make check. Does no longer exist.
  - Remove BuildRequires: curl-devel (not needed), libbz2-devel (not
    needed), pcre-devel (not needed), libgnomeprint{ui}-devel
  - Replace aspell-devel with enchant-devel.
  - Due to licensing issues, openssl support was replaced by gnutls
    support (replace openssl-devel by gnutls-devel BuildRequires).
  - Split lang package.
  - Add missing Provides for sylpheed-claws (earlier name of the
  - Fix Requires of devel package.
  - Remove custom LDFLAGS and CFLAGS.
* Fri Jul 17 2009
  - compile with LFS to fix build
* Sun Jun 21 2009
  - Update claws-mail-compilefixes.diff to fix build with automake



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