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gimp-plugins-python-2.8.18-2.3.1 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE 42.2 updates for aarch64

Name: gimp-plugins-python Distribution: openSUSE Leap 42.2
Version: 2.8.18 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.3.1 Build date: Wed Apr 5 12:04:57 2017
Group: Productivity/Graphics/Bitmap Editors Build host: obs-arm-1
Size: 827353 Source RPM: gimp-2.8.18-2.3.1.src.rpm
Summary: The GNU Image Manipulation Program - python-gtk based plugins
The GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a powerful image
composition and editing program, which can be extremely useful for
creating logos and other graphics for Web pages.  The GIMP offers many
of the tools and filters you would expect to find in similar commercial
offerings and contains some interesting extras as well. The GIMP
provides a large image manipulation toolbox, including channel
operations and layers, effects, subpixel imaging and antialiasing, and
conversions- all including multilevel undo. The GIMP offers a scripting
facility, but many of the included scripts rely on fonts that we cannot






* Mon Apr 03 2017
  - Add use-lcms2.diff to prefer lcms2 over lcms1 if both are available
    (lcms1 is pulled by libmng-devel) (bsc#1025717)
* Tue Feb 21 2017
  - Add gimp-bgo773233-CVE-2007-3126.patch: Gimp 2.3.14 allows
    context-dependent attackers to cause a denial of service (crash)
    via an ICO file with an InfoHeader containing a Height of zero
    (bgo#773233, CVE-2007-3126, bsc#1032241).
  - Add gimp-fix-PDF-Import-filter-crash.patch: Fix a crash in PDF
    Import filter when importing large image PDF or specifying high
    resolution (bgo#593576).
* Sun Jul 31 2016
  - update to 2.8.18
  - Drop gimp-Multiple-Use-After-Free.patch - upstreamed
    - Initialize fontconfig cache in separate thread to keep GUI
    responsive on first startup
    - Properly recognize layer masks as deactivated, e.g. for moving layers
    - Create $XDG_DATA_HOME if it doesn't exist
    - (CVE-2016-4994) Multiple Use-After-Free when parsing XCF channel
    and layer properties
    - Fix progress access to prevent crash on rapid sequence of commands
    - Fix crash in gimp-gradient-segment-range-move
    - Disable color picker buttons on OS X to prevent a GUI lockup
    - Disable "new-style" full-screen mode on OS X to prevent a crash
    - Pulsing progress bar in splash screen to indicate unknown durations
    - Fix gamut warning color for lcms display filter
    - Fix unbolding of bold font on edit
    - Prevent accidental renaming of wrong adjacent item
    - Change compression settings to decrease size by 20%
    - Add Catalan, Danish, French, Dutch
    - Fix crash on sRGB JPEG image drag & drop
    - Fix ambiguous octal-escaped output of c-source
    - Fix KISS CEL export
    - Fix progress bar for file-compressor
    - Make Script-Fu regex match return proper character indexes for
    Unicode characters
    - Fix Script-Fu modulo for large numbers
    - Documentation updates
    - Bug fixes
    - Translation updates
* Thu Jun 23 2016
  - Fix CVE-2016-4994 (boo#986021, bgo#767873):
    + Add gimp-Multiple-Use-After-Free.patch: Multiple Use-After-Free
      when parsing XCF channel and layer properties.
* Sat Dec 05 2015
  - Explcitly declare the libgimp version in Requires, so upgrades
    bring in the updated libraries as well. Makes the upgrade from
    2.8.x > 2.8.16 seamless and avoids an error on start.
* Sat Nov 28 2015
  - update to version 2.8.16
  - fix a couple of rpmlint warnings
    - Seek much less when writing XCF
    - Don't seek past the end of the file when writing XCF
    - Windows: call SetDLLDirectory() for less DLL hell
    - Fix velocity parameter on .GIH brushes
    - Fix brokenness while transforming certain sets of linked layers
    - Always show image tabs in single window mode
    - Fix switching of dock tabs by DND hovering
    - Don't make the scroll area for tags too small
    - Fixed a crash in the save dialog
    - Fix issue where ruler updates made things very slow on Windows
    - Fix several issues in the BMP plug-in
    - Make Gfig work with the new brush size behavior again
    - Fix font export in the PDF plug-in
    - Support layer groups in OpenRaster files
    - Fix loading of PSD files with layer groups
    + General:
    - OSX build system fixes
    - Bug fixes
    - Translation updates
* Wed Apr 08 2015
  - Replace liblcms-devel BuildRequires with pkgconfig(lcms2): gimp
    has been ported to lcms2 since version 2.8.8.
* Sat Sep 20 2014
  - update to version 2.8.14:
    + Fix libtool versioning (forgot to bump gimp_interface_age).
  - Changes from Version 2.8.12:
    + Core:
    - Fix brush sizes when used from plug-ins.
    - Make XCF loading more robust against broken files.
    + GUI:
    - Make sure the widget direction matches the GUI language.
    - Remove the option to disable the warning when closing a
      modified image.
    - Fix canvas overlay widgets (like the text options) for
    - Make DND work between images in one dockable.
    + Libgimp: Make gimp_image_get_name() return the string used for
      the image title.
    + Plug-ins:
    - Make script-fu-server more secure by listening to
      by default and add a warning about changing that IP. This
      breaks the procedure's API, but for security reasons.
    - Bring back proper script-fu translations.
    + General:
    - Add Jenkins tutorial.
    - Documentation updates.
    - Bug fixes.
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop gimp-use-recommended-freetype-include.patch: fixed upstream.
* Wed Dec 11 2013
  - Add gimp-use-recommended-freetype-include.patch:
    Freetype upstream recommends using their macros together with
    ft2build include. Positive sideeffect is that this patch makes
    it build with both freetype2 2.5.1, and older versions.
* Sun Dec 01 2013
  - Update to version 2.8.10:
    + Core:
    - Set manifest as Windows 8 compatible.
    + GUI:
    - Indicate if a file was exported in the Quit dialog.
    - Add shortcuts and hint labels to the close and quit dialogs
      that make closing and quitting easier and more consistent.
    - Rename the File->Export menu labels to match Save/Save as.
    - Fix keyboard shortcuts on OSX Mavericks.
    - Don't open lots of progress popups when opening many files.
    - Correctly restore the hidden state of docks in single window
    + Libgimp:
    - Fix exporting an image consisting of a single layer group.
    - Don't attempt to pick transparent colors.
    + Plug-ins: Fix crash in LCMS plugin if RGB profile was missing.
    + General:
    - Fix compile on NetBSD (missing -lexecinfo).
    - Bug fixes.
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Nov 26 2013
  - Update to version 2.8.8:
    + General:
    - Fix lots of places to use GIO to get proper file sizes and
      times on windows.
    - Add an AppData file for GIMP.
    - Backport lcms2 support from master, because lcms1 is not
      getting bug fixes any longer.
    - Lots of bug fixes.
    + Core:
    - Make sure indexed images always have a colormap.
    - Fix language selection via preferences on Windows.
    - Don't crash on setting a large text size.
    + GUI:
    - Keep the same image active when switching between MWM and
    - Make sure all dockables are properly resizable (particularly
    - Add links to jump directly to Save/Export from the
      Export/Save file extension warning dialogs.
    + Libgimp: Fix GimpPickButton on OSX.
    + Plug-ins:
    - Properly document plug-in-autocrop-layer's PDB interface.
    - Fix importing of indexed BMPs.
    + Updated translations.
  - Split out ASCII-Art plugin in subpackage gimp-plugin-aa. The
    package supplements gimp and libaa1, so any user having both
    installed will get the plugin as well (bnc#851509).
* Sat Sep 21 2013
  - Change RPM Group of shared library package to System/Libraries.
* Mon Aug 19 2013
  - Drop branding-upstream subpackage: starting with openSUSE 13.1,
    we will no longer replace the gimp splashcreen with a branded
    version. This in order to maintain the identity of gimp.
  - Remove gimp-branding Requires.
  - Obsolete gimp-branding.
* Sat Jun 22 2013
  - Update to version 2.8.6:
    + Core:
    - Fix saving to URIs, it was broken to only allow exporting,
      and fix save/export of compressed files.
    - Fix brush spacing for drawing in any direction.
    - Increase the maximum size of clipboard brushes and patterns
      to 1024x1024.
    - Make sure data objects are saved when only their name was
    + GUI:
    - Don't allow single-window docks to shrink smaller than their
    - Make sure a single-window's right docks keep their size
      across sessions.
    - Allow to change the spacing of non-generated brushes again.
    - In single-window mode, make Escape move the focus to the
      canvas, and beep if the focus is already there.
    - Be smarter about unavailable fonts, and don't crash.
    - Make clicking the single-window's close button quit GIMP.
    - Make view-close (Ctrl+W) only close image windows and tabs,
      not docks.
    + Libgimp: Add SIGNED_ROUND() which also rounds negative values
    + Plug-ins:
    - Make GIMP_PLUGIN_DEBUG work again after GLib changed logging.
    - Fix zealous crop for transparent borders.
    + Installer: Add Hungarian translation.
    + Data: Add a default "Color from Gradient" dynamics and tool
    + General: Lots of bug fixes.
    + Updated translations.
* Thu Mar 07 2013
  - Update to version 2.8.4:
    + Core:
    - Move the OSX gimpdir to "~/Library/Application Support".
    + GUI:
    - Better names for the default filters in save and export
    - Make tool drawing (esp. the brush outline) much more
    - Remember the "maximized" state across sessions
    - Simplify the splash image code a lot, makes it appear
      immediately again
    - Allow the text tool to start on an image without layers
    - Various fixes for text style attribute handling
    - Set unconfigured input devices to eraser if GTK+ says they
      are erasers
    - Make language selectable in Preferences on OSX
    + Libgimp:
    - Make libgimp drawable combo boxes aware of layer groups
    - Make sure plug-in windows appear on top on OSX
    - Fix item width in GimpPageSelector (used e.g. in PDF import)
    + Plug-ins:
    - Better default values in the Drop Shadow script
    - Fix a whole bunch of bugs in the BMP plug-in
    - On OSX, use the system's screenshot utility
    + Installer:
    - Add Brazilian-Portuguese translation to the Windows installer
    + Source and build system:
    - Many improvements to the OSX bundle build system
    - Support automake 1.13
    + General: Lots of bug fixes
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop gimp-CVE-2012-5576.patch: fixed upstream.
* Tue Nov 27 2012
  - Add gimp-CVE-2012-5576.patch: fix memory corruption vulnerability
    when reading XWD files (bnc#791372, bgo#687392, CVE-2012-5576).
* Wed Aug 29 2012
  - Update to version 2.8.2:
    + Core:
    - Make tag matching always case-insensitive
    - Let the tile-cache-size default to half the physical memory
    + GUI:
    - Mention that the image was exported in the close warning
    - Make sure popup windows appear on top on OSX
    - Allow file opening by dropping to the OSX dock
    - Fix the visibility logic of the export/overwrite menu items
    - Remove all "Use GEGL" menu items, they only add bugs and zero
    - Improve performance of display filters, especially color
    - Fix the image window title to comply with the save/export
      spec and use the same image name everywhere, not only in the
    - Fix positioning of pasted/dropped stuff to be more reasonable
    + Libgimp:
    - Move gimpdir and thumbnails to proper locations on OSX
    - Implement relocation on OSX
    - Allow to use $(gimp_installation_dir) in config files
    + Plug-ins:
    - Fix remembering of JPEG load/save defaults
    - Revive the page setup dialog on Windows
    + Source and build system:
    - Add Windows installer infrastructure
    - Add infrastructure to build on OSX
    + General:
    - Lots of bug fixes
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop gimp-CVE-2012-3236.patch: fixed upstream.
  - Clean spec-file using spec-cleaner.
* Mon Jun 25 2012
  - Add gimp-CVE-2012-3236.patch: fix crash in file handling for fit
    files. Fix CVE-2012-3236, bnc#768376.
* Mon May 14 2012
  - Correctly version librsvg-devel BuildRequires: 2.36.0 is needed.
    We don't version the BuildRequires on 12.1 and earlier to avoid
    useless unresolvables; it will just result in file-svg plugin not
    being built when librsvg is not recent enough there.
* Thu May 03 2012
  - Update to version 2.8.0:
    + Core: Add gimp's own GimpOperationBrightnessContrast because
      GEGL one is different
    + Plug-ins: Fix some GFig rendering issues
    + Source and build system: Depend on Babl 0.1.10, GEGL 0.2.0
      and some other new library versions.
* Sat Apr 07 2012
  - Update license from GPL-2.0+ to GPL-3.0+, following upstream
  - Completely drop HAL-related packaging since it is now gone
    + Remove build_hal macro
    + Remove optional hal-devel BuildRequires.
    + Remove optional gimp-module-hal subpackage.
    + Note that we already have a Obsoletes for gimp-module-hal.
  - Add pkgconfig(gudev-1.0) BuildRequires for the new gudev input
  - Add ghostscript-devel, ghostscript-library, libbz2-devel,
    libjasper-devel, pkgconfig(atk), pkgconfig(xcursor)
    BuildRequires: new dependencies upstream.
    + Note about ghostscript-library: ideally, we'd avoid listing it
      explicitly, but in OBS, ghostscript-mini is preferred by
      default, but it is not enough for gimp.
  - Add explicit pkgconfig(gdk-pixbuf-2.0) BuildRequires so it can be
  - Add explicit libjpeg-devel, xorg-x11-libXpm-devel, zlib-devel
    BuildRequires: they were missing before.
  - Add libxslt-tools BuildRequires (or libxslt-devel on versions of
    openSUSE <= 12.1) to have xsltproc installed.
  - Add fdupes BuildRequires and use %fdupes in %install to avoid
    duplicated files.
  - Change gimp-doc Obsoletes in devel subpackage from <= to < to
    avoid rpmlint warning about self-obsoletion.
* Fri Apr 06 2012
  - Update to 2.8.0-RC1:
    + User Interface:
    - Single-Window Mode
    - Multi-Column Dock Windows
    - More Screen Real Estate For Dockable Dialogs
    - Save And Export
    - Layer Groups
    - Tools Drawn With Cairo
    - On-Canvas Text Editing
    - Keyboard Shortcut Changes
    - Simple Math In Size Entries
    + Tools & Plug-ins:
    - Brush System Improvements
    - Tool Preset Improvements
    - Cage Transform Tool
    - File Plug-Ins
    - For Tablet Users
    - Resource Tagging
    + Miscellaneous:
    - Enhancements to scripting abilities
    - API changes
    + For detailed changes, see NEWS file and
* Wed Feb 01 2012
  - Update to version 2.6.12:
    + Bugs fixed: bgo#623045, bgo#627328, bgo#631728, bgo#631885,
      bgo#639203, bgo#640219, bgo#640612, bgo#641259, bgo#646947,
      bgo#652280, bgo#660305.
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop gimp-CVE-2010-4540-and-more.patch: fixed upstream.
  - Drop gimp-CVE-2010-4543.patch: fixed upstream.
  - Drop gimp-fix-linking.patch: fixed upstream.
  - Drop gimp-CVE-2011-2896.patch: fixed upstream.
  - Drop gimp-pyslice-cellspacing-fix.patch: fixed upstream.
  - Drop gimp-poppler-0.18.patch: fixed upstream.
  - Remove call to autoreconf and libtool BuildRequires: they were
    only needed for gimp-fix-linking.patch.
* Fri Oct 21 2011
  - Change gimp-2.0-scanner-plugin Recommends to a Suggests: this
    installs xsane by default, and really, xsane is so horribly
    broken UI-wise that we don't want that.
* Sat Oct 15 2011
  - add libtool as buildrequire to make the spec file more reliable
* Wed Oct 12 2011
  - Add a warning comment about changing the content of the branding
    package, to make our life easier in branding-openSUSE.
* Thu Oct 06 2011
  - Add iso-codes Recommends since the iso-codes data is used at
    runtime, but its presence is not mandatory.
  - Remove explicit gtk2 Requires: the library will get
    automatically added to the list of Requires.
* Tue Sep 20 2011
  - Update gimp-fix-linking.patch: add another missing -lm.
  - Add gimp-poppler-0.18.patch: fix build with poppler 0.17/0.18.
* Fri Sep 09 2011
  - Add gimp-fix-linking.patch: fix linking issue.
  - Add gimp-CVE-2011-2896.patch: Fix heap corruption and buffer
    overflow in LZW code. Fix bnc#711491, CVE-2011-2896.
  - Add gimp-pyslice-cellspacing-fix.patch: fix a crash in the
    pyslice plugin.
  - Add call to autoreconf, needed by gimp-fix-linking.patch.
* Wed Jul 06 2011
  - Change branding-upstream subpackage:
    + Add Requires for gimp since the branding package is useless
      without it.
    + Update summary and description.
    + Make noarch.
  - Change branding Requires in main subpackage to be "= %{version}",
    instead of ">= 2.4", which is wrong.
* Wed Jun 15 2011
  - Fix build on Factory, by not excluding the module from the file list of the
    main package when we build without hal. It was only excluded to
    be part of a hal subpackage when there is the hal dependency.
* Sat Jun 11 2011
  - On 12.1 and later, stop building the gimp-module-hal subpackage:
    + we don't want hal anymore on 12.1 and later (see bnc#697016).
      We use a build_hal define to control that behavior.
    + remove hal-devel BuildRequires
    + do not build a gimp-module-hal subpackage anymore
    + add gimp-module-hal Obsoletes for smooth upgrades
* Tue Feb 15 2011
  - Add gimp-CVE-2010-4540-and-more.patch and
    gimp-CVE-2010-4543.patch to fix buffer overflows: CVE-2010-4540,
    CVE-2010-4541, CVE-2010-4542, CVE-2010-4543. Fix bnc#662043.
* Sat Feb 12 2011
  - Call relevant macros in %post/%postun:
    + %desktop_database_post/postun because the package ships at
      least one desktop file.
    + %icon_theme_cache_post/postun because the package ships themed
  - Pass %{?no_lang_C} to %find_lang so that english documentation
    can be packaged with the program, and not in the lang subpackage.
* Fri Jan 07 2011
  - Move ownership from various directories from gimp to
    libgimp-2_0-0, to not force external gimp plug-ins/modules/etc.
    to have a gimp BuildRequires for directory ownership.
* Mon Dec 20 2010
  - Split gimp libraries in libgimp-2_0-0 and libgimpui-2_0-0
    subpackages, and add baselibs.conf for those. Fix bnc#660439.
  - Change accordingly the Requires of the devel package, and the
    scriptlets to run ldconfig.
  - Remove explicit glib2-devel and gtk2-devel Requires in devel
    package: they will automatically be added the pkgconfig() way.
  - Move the gimptool-2.0 man page to the devel subpackage, where the
    binary lives.
* Tue Nov 23 2010
  - Change lang package Requires to Recommends since it is not
    mandatory at runtime.
* Mon Oct 04 2010
  - Update to version 2.6.11:
    + bgo#631199: Printing and Print preview broken with cairo 1.10
    + Other bugs fixed: bgo#572865, bgo#628893, bgo#623850,
      bgo#624487, bgo#557380, bgo#627009, bgo#626020, bgo#624698,
    + Updated translations.
* Mon Aug 09 2010
  - Add alsa-devel BuildRequires to build the MIDI Input module.
* Tue Aug 03 2010
  - Update to version 2.6.10:
    + bgo#613328: TGA files saved with incorrect header yOrigin data
    + bgo#623290: Save As... does not save Windows Bitmap as default
      in dialog
    + bgo#621363: CMYK decompose broken
    + bgo#595170: brush - color from gradient works wrong in
    + bgo#613838: Error in gimp-hue-saturation PDB call
    + bgo#622608: GIMP crashes when clicking any scroll bar from
      combo boxes
    + bgo#565459: newly opened images are put into the background
  - Changes from version 2.6.9:
    + bgo#612618: Font selection remains visible
    + bgo#620604: Description of "histogram" procedure is slightly
    + bgo#541586: Tool options not saved/loaded correctly?
    + bgo#614153: Importing PDF files with long titles
    + bgo#599233: Dialog of "Save as BMP" ignores changes which are
      not made with a mouse
    + bgo#610478: Layer preview suddenly stops getting updated
    + bgo#609026: leaks shared memory
    + bgo#609056: Exporting to Alias PIX format fails
      are always in English
    + bgo#607242: GIMP 2.7.0 fails to build against libpng 1.4.0
    + bgo#606372: Saving to .ppm fails on indexed colorspace
    + bgo#604508: gimp-layer-new-from-visible should work from
      updated projection
    + Fix crashes: bgo#600112, bgo#565001, bgo#604820, bgo#603711
    + Other fixes: bgo#622234, bgo#622196, bgo#608188, bgo#605237
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop gimp-new-libpng.patch and gimp-fix-statusbar.patch, both
    came from upstream git and are now included.
* Mon Jun 14 2010
  - Ship the openSUSE palette so that it's available in GIMP.
* Sun May 23 2010
  - Add gimp-fix-statusbar.patch to fix missing widgets in status
    bar. Fix bnc#601712.
* Sun May 23 2010
  - Move the input device module to a specific package, to isolate
    the HAL dependency. Fix bnc#601947.
* Tue Apr 06 2010
  - Add gimp-new-libpng.patch to fix build with newer libpng.
* Fri Dec 11 2009
  - Update to version 2.6.8:
    + bgo#470698 - MapObject cannot modify highlight
    + bgo#593848 - FG color changed to black when FG-BG Editor tab
    + bgo#594651 - layer.scale() raises RuntimeError
    + bgo#594998 - Keyboard shortcuts does not work for first image
      when dock is focused
    + bgo#599765 - F1 key on gimp-tool-align in menu have wrong link
      and it open gimp-tool-move
    + bgo#600484 - Gimp BMP Integer Overflow Vulnerability
    + bgo#600741 - "read_channel_data()" Integer Overflow
    + bgo#601891 - gimp_image_get_selection returns None
    + bgo#602761 - plug-in-grid: Parameters Horizontal/Vertical
      Spacing and Horizontal/Vertical Offset are
    + bgo#603995 - PCX plugin doesn't sanitize input to avoid
      allocation overflows.
    + bgo#603998 - PCX: Calculating amount of memory to allocate may
    + bgo#604000 - SGI: sanitize input
    + bgo#604001 - SGI: Calculating amount of memory to allocate may
    + bgo#604002 - SGI: RLE encoded input data may write beyond
      allocated buffers
    + bgo#604004 - SGI: allocate memory consistently
    + bgo#604008 - GBR, PAT: sanitize input data
    + bgo#604078 - Crash when pressing Backspace with Free Select
    + Updated translations.
* Mon Oct 26 2009
  - Added support for translation-update-upstream (FATE#301344).
* Fri Sep 04 2009
  - Change Name in .desktop file to "GIMP", not "The GIMP". The
    project has stopped calling it the GIMP.
* Thu Aug 20 2009
  - add support for versioning external plugins, providing
    rpm macros gimp_abi_version and gimp_api_version
* Wed Aug 19 2009
  - Everyone calls it "GIMP" so let us follow that in the application
    start menu, fixes problem with launcher finding it (bnc#508279).
* Fri Aug 14 2009
  - Update to version 2.6.7:
    + bgo#591017 - Tablet pan is not working as fast as it should
    + bgo#577581 - Crashes when using any colors tool/function on
    + bgo#589667 - GIMP crashes when clicking GEGL Operation on
    + bgo#569833 - file-jpeg-save erroneous with small quality
    + bgo#590638 - Changing palettes from list to grid view loses
      "locked to dock" status
    + bgo#589674 - "Send by Email" does not update "Filename"
    + bgo#589674 - "Send by Email" does not update "Filename"
    + bgo#586851 - Transparent BMP files fail to load
    + bgo#589205 - help-browser uses deprecated (and sometimes
      broken) webkit call
    + bgo#582821 - 'Sphere Designer' does not reset correctly...
    + bgo#570353 - first time open of .svg file ignores the
      requested units
    + bgo#555777 - Export to MNG animation fails
    + bgo#577301 - Dithering with transparency is broken for
      "positioned" method
    + bgo#493778 - metadata plug-in crashes on some images
    + bgo#567466 - PNG comment not found if more than 1 tEXt chunks
    + bgo#585665 - Exporting to PSD with a blank text layer creates
      a corrupt file
    + bgo#586316 - Levels tool does not adjust output levels
      correctly if input levels are changed
    + bgo#569661 - Import from PDF throws errors when entering
      resolution in pixels per millimetre
    + bgo#567262 - Black pixels appear in "Spread" filter preview
    + bgo#554658 - Path Dialog: Path preview pics not to see
    + bgo#167604 - gimp_gradient_get_color_at() may return
      out-of-bounds values
    + bgo#567393 - Rectangle select tool size shrinks to 0 if size
      is larger than the image and the up or down arrow
      is pressed
    + bgo#587543 - crash when invoking certain actions by keyboard
    + bgo#563029 - Closing maximized image doesn't restore document
      window size
    + bgo#585488 - Perspective transformation on a layer with a mask
      causes crash
    + bgo#586008 - GIMP crashes when right-click canceling a drawing
      action initiated outside layer boundaries
    + bgo#584345 - when printing, the number of copies should be
      reset to 1
    + bgo#557061 - Alpha to Logo
    + bgo#472644 - Rotate with clipping crops the whole layer
    + bgo#577575 - transform tool fills underlying extracted area
    + bgo#555738 - Image display is wrong after undoing canvas size
    + bgo#577024 - help-browser plugin crashes when used with webkit
    + bgo#555025 - Action GEGL box widgets weirdness
  - Drop gimp-gegl-babl-versions-check.patch: fixed upstream.
* Thu Jul 30 2009
  - Add a Supplements between gimp and gimp-help to get the
    help-browser package automatically installed.
  - Update descriptions of packages.
* Fri Jul 24 2009
  - Split off gnome-help-browser sub-package to save 4MB libwebkit
    dependency on Live-CDs where gimp-help is not included.
  - Only include latest ChangeLog.
* Thu Jun 11 2009
  - Add gimp-gegl-babl-versions-check.patch to fix the code used to
    check the babl and gegl version. Taken from Fedora/upstream.
* Tue Mar 17 2009
  - Update to version 2.6.6:
    + bgo#571117 - lcms plug-in crashes on broken profile
    + bgo#575154 - changing the help browser preference may not work
    + bgo#573542 - blur plugin: bug in the first line
    + bgo#572403 - gimp-2.6 crashed with SIGSEGV in
    + bgo#573695 - 1-bit white background saved as PBM becomes all
    + bgo#573488 - Small bug in Filter>Distorts>Ripple
    + bgo#572156 - top left pixel position/coordinate is not 0,0 but
    + bgo#472644 - Rotate with clipping crops the whole layer
    + Translation updates
  - Remove glibc-devel from Requires in -devel package
  - Use py_requires.
  - Remove gimp-enable-gtk-deprecated.patch: unneeded now.



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