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openssh-askpass-gnome-6.2p2-3.4.1 RPM for ppc

From OpenSuSE 13.1 updates for ppc

Name: openssh-askpass-gnome Distribution: openSUSE 13.1
Version: 6.2p2 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 3.4.1 Build date: Fri Nov 8 20:19:43 2013
Group: Productivity/Networking/SSH Build host: build67
Size: 13932 Source RPM: openssh-askpass-gnome-6.2p2-3.4.1.src.rpm
Summary: A GNOME-Based Passphrase Dialog for OpenSSH
SSH (Secure Shell) is a program for logging into a remote machine and
for executing commands on a remote machine. This package contains a
GNOME-based passphrase dialog for OpenSSH.






* Sat Aug 03 2013
  - Update for 6.2p2
* Tue Nov 13 2012
  - Updated to 6.1p1, a bugfix release
    * sshd(8): This release turns on pre-auth sandboxing sshd by default for
    new installs, by setting UsePrivilegeSeparation=sandbox in sshd_config.
    * ssh-keygen(1): Add options to specify starting line number and number of
    lines to process when screening moduli candidates, allowing processing
    of different parts of a candidate moduli file in parallel
    * sshd(8): The Match directive now supports matching on the local (listen)
    address and port upon which the incoming connection was received via
    LocalAddress and LocalPort clauses.
    * sshd(8): Extend sshd_config Match directive to allow setting AcceptEnv
    and {Allow,Deny}{Users,Groups}
    * Add support for RFC6594 SSHFP DNS records for ECDSA key types. bz#1978
    * ssh-keygen(1): Allow conversion of RSA1 keys to public PEM and PKCS8
    * sshd(8): Allow the sshd_config PermitOpen directive to accept "none" as
    an argument to refuse all port-forwarding requests.
    * sshd(8): Support "none" as an argument for AuthorizedPrincipalsFile
    * ssh-keyscan(1): Look for ECDSA keys by default. bz#1971
    * sshd(8): Add "VersionAddendum" to sshd_config to allow server operators
    to append some arbitrary text to the server SSH protocol banner.
    * ssh(1)/sshd(8): Don't spin in accept() in situations of file
    descriptor exhaustion. Instead back off for a while.
    * ssh(1)/sshd(8): Remove hmac-sha2-256-96 and hmac-sha2-512-96 MACs as
    they were removed from the specification. bz#2023,
    * sshd(8): Handle long comments in config files better. bz#2025
    * ssh(1): Delay setting tty_flag so RequestTTY options are correctly
    picked up. bz#1995
    * sshd(8): Fix handling of /etc/nologin incorrectly being applied to root
    on platforms that use login_cap.
    Portable OpenSSH:
    * sshd(8): Allow sshd pre-auth sandboxing to fall-back to the rlimit
    sandbox from the Linux SECCOMP filter sandbox when the latter is
    not available in the kernel.
    * ssh(1): Fix NULL dereference when built with LDNS and using DNSSEC to
    retrieve a CNAME SSHFP record.
    * Fix cross-compilation problems related to pkg-config. bz#1996
* Wed Jun 27 2012
  - the gnome askpass does not require the x11 askpass - especially not
    in the version of openssh (it's at 1.X)
* Tue May 29 2012
  - use correct tarball url
  - update to 6.0p1.
* Wed Mar 28 2012
  - Add build require on autoconf and automake.
* Wed Dec 21 2011
  - remove call to suse_update_config (very old work around)
* Wed Oct 19 2011
  - Update to 5.9p1
* Fri Feb 04 2011
  - Update to 5.8p1
* Mon Jan 24 2011
  - Update to 5.7p1
* Wed Jan 12 2011
  - Removed relics of no more implemented opensc support.
* Tue Aug 24 2010
  - update to 5.6p1
* Fri Mar 26 2010
  - update to 5.4p1
  - remove -pam-fix4.diff (in upstream now)



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