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mlterm-scim-3.2.2-2.4.1 RPM for ppc

From OpenSuSE 13.1 updates for ppc

Name: mlterm-scim Distribution: openSUSE 13.1
Version: 3.2.2 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.4.1 Build date: Tue Nov 12 17:14:05 2013
Group: System/X11/Terminals Build host: build62
Size: 88176 Source RPM: mlterm-3.2.2-2.4.1.src.rpm
Summary: SCIM plugin for mlterm
A plugin to use the SCIM input methods directly from mlterm.

    Araki Ken <>






* Wed Nov 06 2013
  - mlterm-fix-biwidth-font-search.diff:
    Fix missing biwidth characeters as default with X11 core fonts
  - Update font and aafont config files to use FreeMono and IPAGothic
    in etc.patch (bnc#849342)
* Mon Sep 09 2013
  - updated to 3.2.2:
    * Support SSH agent authentication and forwarding.
    * Support X11 forwarding (no xauth) on win32/libssh2 and java.
    * Add "X11 forwarding" checkbox to the connection dialog on win32.
    * Change "skip_dialog" option to "show_dialog" and reverse the default behavior.
    * Open a pty channel on the same ssh session as the active screen when OPEN_PTY
      or OPEN_SCREEN shortcut key is pressed.
    * Support software keyboard on framebuffer.
      (Double-click Button1 at the right bottom corner of the screen to show it.)
    * Support USB keyboard with iBus on NetBSD/OpenBSD framebuffer.
    * Support CSI ? 69 h, CSI ? 69 l (DECLRMM) and CSI pl;pr s (DECSLRM).
    * Support CSI 3 m and CSI 23 m which set/unset italic attribute.
    * Prefer JISX0208 to JISX0213 all the time in converting Unicode to other cs.
    * If DEFAULT=-foo-bar-medium-r-*--%d-*- is specified in ~/.mlterm/font,
    - foo-bar-bold-r-*--%d-*-, -foo-bar-medium-i-*--%d-*- or -foo-bar-bold-i-*--%d-*-
      are automatically searched for a bold, italic or bold italic font.
    * Support 1 bpp framebuffer.
    * Support sixel graphics and wall pictures on 1 and 8 bpp framebuffer.
    * etc. see doc/en/ReleaseNote
* Tue Mar 26 2013
  - updated to 3.1.9:
    * Remove --enable-sixel option from configure, and add --disable-image option.
      That is, support sixel graphics by default unless configure with
    - -disable-image option. (w3m-remoteimg (
      which doesn't depend on sixel graphics but on OSC 5379 show_picture also works
      on mlterm by default.)
    * Separate SSH client functions to a dynamically loaded module (libptyssh)
      in platforms except win32.
    * Treat key strings of "main" configuration file case-insensitively.
      (Both encoding=utf8 and ENCODING=utf8 are available.)
    * Assign -M and -P options as the short options of --im and --clip.
    * Add "allow_change_shortcut" (--shortcut) option which enables "set_shortcut"
      command of configuration protocol.
    * Bug fixes:
      Fix the conflict of DCS(0x90) and the first byte of SJIS, GBK and so on.
      Fix the bug which disabled input and output of pty when configuration program
      such as mlconfig is started.
      Encode input character masked with 0x80 to the character encoding of pty
      if the value of mod_meta_mode option is 8bit. (Thanks to Vladimir Elisseev)
      Fix the bug which disabled Alt+symbol and Control+@ in win32.
      Fix the bug which disabled some shortcut key settings.
    etc. see doc/en/ReleaseNote
* Tue Dec 18 2012
  - updated to 3.1.6:
    * Sixel graphic pictures are divided to the screen cells.
    * Cursor blinking is enabled not only by VTE_CURSOR_BLINK_ON
    * Color names defined in ~/.mlterm/color are not available for
    - fg, -bg, -sbfg and -sbbg options.
    * Unicode line drawing characters like U+2500 etc are converted to
      dec special ones if -Y option is specified.
    * Gzipped pcf fonts are available.
    * etc/font-fb: unifont.pcf is added.
    * etc. see doc/ReleaseNote
  - removed patches:
    * cast-from-pointer-to-integer-of-different-size.patch
    * mlconfig_fixdups.diff
    * mlterm-configure.patch
* Thu Jun 07 2012
  - remove "Provides: locale(scim:zh)" from sub-package mlterm-scim
* Tue Nov 01 2011
  - updated to version 3.0.8:
    * Change default value of "use_ind" option from true to false.
    * Merge SF Patches: #3412453 (Thanks to Ahmed El-Mahmoudy)
    * Fix wrong origin setting by CSI ? 6 l. (Thanks to Konosuke
      Watanabe san)
    * Fix a problem which causes segmentation fault if both -J
      and -bi options are specified.
    * etc, see en/ReleaseNote
* Tue May 31 2011
  - updated to version 3.0.3:
    * palette settings are reflected in vte_terminal_set_colors()
    * "--initstr" option is prohibited in "mlclient" configuration
    * x_color_cache_256_t.is_loaded is cleared
      in unloading 256 colors in x_color_cache_unload() instead of
    * etc. see ChangeLog
    * removed some patches with hope that they are not needed:
    - kiklib-configure.patch
    - po.patch
    - gettext-version.patch
    - norootforbuild.patch
    - pkconfig.patch
    - fribidi-link-fix.diff
* Thu Nov 11 2010
  - updated to version 3.0.1:
    * fixed infinite loop. when a sequence-like input was actually
      so looooong, mlterm should assume it was just not properly
      terminated (Thanks to shinichiro.h).
    * should not loop forever when window was too narrow.
    * Check if button is pressed before win->button_motion is called.
    * Changed font and color configuration protocol numbers(not
      compatible with cvs-2009/10/20 or before.)
    * Modifier keys with Del/Home/End are distinguished.
      The keypad middle key (XK_Begin, XK_KP_Begin) is mapped to
      ^[[E, ^[[1;5E etc.
    * The default value of button3_behavior option is changed
      from "menu1" to "xterm".
    * "ESC[9Nm" and "ESC[10Nm" sequences are supported.
  - removed unneeded
    * scim.patch
    * cross-compile-not-needed.patch
    * uim-build-fix.diff
* Thu Sep 09 2010
  - BuildRequire utempter-devel
* Fri Jan 08 2010
  - drop imlib-devel from buildrequires (unused)
* Fri Dec 11 2009
  - removed unused mlterm-lib64.patch
* Mon Nov 30 2009
  - fix build, patches with fuzz=0
* Wed Jul 08 2009
  - updated to version 2.9.4:
    minor cleanups after the last CVS
* Tue Jul 07 2009
  - fix build of im-uim plugin on FACTORY (missing BUFSIZ definition)
  - fix the link order to resolve symbols correctly



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