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RPM of Group Productivity/Multimedia/Sound/Players

alsa-utils- Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Utilities linux/ppc
amarok-2.8.0-4.4.2 Media Player for KDE linux/ppc
banshee-2.6.1-2.4.1 A media playback and management application linux/ppc
banshee-backend-engine-gstreamer-2.6.1-2.4.1 GStreamer engine support for Banshee linux/ppc
banshee-backend-io-gio-2.6.1-2.4.1 GIO backend for non-local files for Banshee linux/ppc
banshee-backend-platform-gnome-2.6.1-2.4.1 GNOME platform support for Banshee linux/ppc
banshee-backend-platform-unix-2.6.1-2.4.1 UNIX platform support for Banshee linux/ppc
banshee-core-2.6.1-2.4.1 Core Banshee platform libraries, services, and resources linux/ppc
banshee-dmp-2.6.1-2.4.1 Digital Media Player support for Banshee linux/ppc
banshee-dmp-apple-devices-2.6.1-2.4.1 Apple(R) iPod(R) Digital Media Player support for Banshee linux/ppc
banshee-dmp-mtp-2.6.1-2.4.1 MTP/PlaysForSure Digital Media Player support for Banshee linux/ppc
banshee-extensions-boo-2.6.1-2.4.1 Boo scripting support for Banshee linux/ppc
banshee-extensions-default-2.6.1-2.4.1 Extra features extending the Banshee Media Player linux/ppc
gnome-music-3.10.4-6.3 Music Player for GNOME linux/ppc
juk-4.11.4-186.1 Jukebox linux/ppc
juk-4.11.3-18.1 Jukebox linux/ppc
juk-4.11.5-196.1 Jukebox linux/ppc
libmtp9-1.1.6-2.5.1 Library for accessing MTP Players linux/ppc
mtp-tools-1.1.6-2.5.1 Commandline utilities for access to MTP Players linux/ppc
muinshee-2.6.1-2.4.1 Banshee client modeled after the Muine music player interface linux/ppc

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