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apcupsd-3.14.10-6.8.1 APC UPS Daemon (Powerful Daemon for APC UPSs) linux/x86_64New
apcupsd-cgi-3.14.10-6.8.1 Web interface for apcupsd linux/x86_64New
apcupsd-debuginfo-3.14.10-6.8.1 Debug information for package apcupsd linux/x86_64New
apcupsd-debugsource-3.14.10-6.8.1 Debug sources for package apcupsd linux/x86_64New
apcupsd-gui-3.14.10-6.8.1 APC UPS Monitor GUI (for APC UPSs) linux/x86_64New
apcupsd-gui-debuginfo-3.14.10-6.8.1 Debug information for package apcupsd-gui linux/x86_64New
gpsd-3.5-7.8.1 Service daemon for mediating access to a GPS linux/x86_64New
gpsd-clients-3.5-7.8.1 Clients for gpsd with an X interface linux/x86_64New
gpsd-clients-debuginfo-3.5-7.8.1 Debug information for package gpsd-clients linux/x86_64New
gpsd-debuginfo-3.5-7.8.1 Debug information for package gpsd linux/x86_64New
gpsd-debugsource-3.5-7.8.1 Debug sources for package gpsd linux/x86_64New
gpsd-devel-3.5-7.8.1 Client libraries in C and Python for talking to a running gpsd or GPS linux/x86_64New
gpsd-devel-debuginfo-3.5-7.8.1 Debug information for package gpsd-devel linux/x86_64New
libQgpsmm20-3.5-7.8.1 Shared Qt library for GPS applications linux/x86_64New
libQgpsmm20-debuginfo-3.5-7.8.1 Debug information for package libQgpsmm20 linux/x86_64New
libgps20-3.5-7.8.1 Shared library for GPS applications linux/x86_64New
libgps20-debuginfo-3.5-7.8.1 Debug information for package libgps20 linux/x86_64New
libldap-2_4-2-2.4.33-8.3.1 OpenLDAP Client Libraries linux/x86_64New
libldap-2_4-2-32bit-2.4.33-8.3.1 OpenLDAP Client Libraries linux/x86_64New
libldap-2_4-2-debuginfo-2.4.33-8.3.1 Debug information for package libldap-2_4-2 linux/x86_64New
libldap-2_4-2-debuginfo-32bit-2.4.33-8.3.1 Debug information for package libldap-2_4-2 linux/x86_64New
lxc-0.9.0-3.8.1 Linux containers implementation linux/x86_64New
lxc-debuginfo-0.9.0-3.8.1 Debug information for package lxc linux/x86_64New
lxc-debugsource-0.9.0-3.8.1 Debug sources for package lxc linux/x86_64New
lxc-devel-0.9.0-3.8.1 Development library for lxc linux/x86_64New
openldap2-2.4.33-8.3.1 The OpenLDAP Server linux/x86_64New
openldap2-back-meta-2.4.33-8.3.1 OpenLDAP Meta Back-End linux/x86_64New
openldap2-back-meta-debuginfo-2.4.33-8.3.1 Debug information for package openldap2-back-meta linux/x86_64New
openldap2-back-perl-2.4.33-8.3.1 OpenLDAP Perl Back-End linux/x86_64New
openldap2-back-perl-debuginfo-2.4.33-8.3.1 Debug information for package openldap2-back-perl linux/x86_64New
openldap2-back-sql-2.4.33-8.3.1 OpenLDAP SQL Back-End linux/x86_64New
openldap2-back-sql-debuginfo-2.4.33-8.3.1 Debug information for package openldap2-back-sql linux/x86_64New
openldap2-client-2.4.33-8.3.1 The OpenLDAP commandline client tools linux/x86_64New
openldap2-client-debuginfo-2.4.33-8.3.1 Debug information for package openldap2-client linux/x86_64New
openldap2-client-debugsource-2.4.33-8.3.1 Debug sources for package openldap2-client linux/x86_64New
openldap2-debuginfo-2.4.33-8.3.1 Debug information for package openldap2 linux/x86_64New
openldap2-debugsource-2.4.33-8.3.1 Debug sources for package openldap2 linux/x86_64New
openldap2-devel-2.4.33-8.3.1 Libraries, Header Files and Documentation for OpenLDAP linux/x86_64New
openldap2-devel-32bit-2.4.33-8.3.1 Libraries, Header Files and Documentation for OpenLDAP linux/x86_64New
openldap2-devel-static-2.4.33-8.3.1 Static libraries for the OpenLDAP libraries linux/x86_64New
python-gpsd-3.5-7.8.1 Client libraries in C and Python for talking to a running gpsd or GPS linux/x86_64New
python-gpsd-debuginfo-3.5-7.8.1 Debug information for package python-gpsd linux/x86_64New
sbl- SUSE blinux linux/x86_64New
sbl-debuginfo- Debug information for package sbl linux/x86_64New
sbl-debugsource- Debug sources for package sbl linux/x86_64New
sbl-orca- brld-orca brlapi linux/x86_64New

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