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RPM of Group System/Libraries

libdcerpc-atsvc0-4.1.11-3.26.1 DCE/RPC AT scheduler service library linux/i586New
libdcerpc-binding0-4.1.11-3.26.1 Some samba library linux/i586New
libdcerpc-samr0-4.1.11-3.26.1 Security Account Manager (SAM) Remote Protocol library linux/i586New
libdcerpc0-4.1.11-3.26.1 Distributed Computing Environment Remote Procedure Calls library linux/i586New
libgensec0-4.1.11-3.26.1 Samba generic security library linux/i586New
libldb1-1.1.17-3.4.1 An LDAP-like embedded database linux/i586New
libndr-krb5pac0-4.1.11-3.26.1 NDR marshallers for the KRB5 PAC formats linux/i586New
libndr-nbt0-4.1.11-3.26.1 NDR marshallers for NBT formats linux/i586New
libndr-standard0-4.1.11-3.26.1 NDR marshallers for the standard set of DCE/RPC interfaces linux/i586New
libndr0-4.1.11-3.26.1 Network Data Representation library linux/i586New
libnetapi0-4.1.11-3.26.1 Samba netapi Library linux/i586New
libpdb0-4.1.11-3.26.1 Samba3 password database library linux/i586New
libregistry0-4.1.11-3.26.1 Windows-style registry library linux/i586New
libsamba-credentials0-4.1.11-3.26.1 Samba credential management library linux/i586New
libsamba-hostconfig0-4.1.11-3.26.1 Host-wide Samba configuration library linux/i586New
libsamba-policy0-4.1.11-3.26.1 Active Directory Group Policy library linux/i586New
libsamba-util0-4.1.11-3.26.1 Samba utility function library linux/i586New
libsamdb0-4.1.11-3.26.1 Samba's SAM database library linux/i586New
libsmbclient-raw0-4.1.11-3.26.1 Samba4's raw SMB client library linux/i586New
libsmbclient0-4.1.11-3.26.1 Samba Client Library linux/i586New
libsmbconf0-4.1.11-3.26.1 Samba3 configuration library linux/i586New
libsmbldap0-4.1.11-3.26.1 Samba LDAP protocol helper function library linux/i586New
libsmbsharemodes0-4.1.11-3.26.1 Samba smbsharemodes Library linux/i586New
libtalloc2-2.1.1-7.4.1 Libraries and Header Files to Develop Programs with talloc2 Support linux/i586New
libtdb1-1.3.0-4.4.1 Libraries and Header Files to Develop Programs with tdb1 Support linux/i586New
libtevent-util0-4.1.11-3.26.1 tevent <-> system status code conversion utility library linux/i586New
libtevent0-0.9.21-4.4.1 Samba tevent Library linux/i586New
libwbclient0-4.1.11-3.26.1 Samba libwbclient Library linux/i586New

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