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Packages beginning with letter S

subversion-1.8.14-2.39.1 Subversion version control system linux/i586New
subversion-debuginfo-1.8.14-2.39.1 Debug information for package subversion linux/i586New
subversion-debugsource-1.8.14-2.39.1 Debug sources for package subversion linux/i586New
subversion-devel-1.8.14-2.39.1 Development package for Subversion developers linux/i586New
subversion-perl-1.8.14-2.39.1 Allows Perl scripts to directly use Subversion repositories linux/i586New
subversion-perl-debuginfo-1.8.14-2.39.1 Debug information for package subversion-perl linux/i586New
subversion-python-1.8.14-2.39.1 Allows Python scripts to directly use Subversion repositories linux/i586New
subversion-python-debuginfo-1.8.14-2.39.1 Debug information for package subversion-python linux/i586New
subversion-ruby-1.8.14-2.39.1 Allows Ruby scripts to directly use Subversion repositories linux/i586New
subversion-ruby-debuginfo-1.8.14-2.39.1 Debug information for package subversion-ruby linux/i586New
subversion-server-1.8.14-2.39.1 Apache server module for Subversion server linux/i586New
subversion-server-debuginfo-1.8.14-2.39.1 Debug information for package subversion-server linux/i586New
subversion-tools-1.8.14-2.39.1 Tools for Subversion linux/i586New
subversion-tools-debuginfo-1.8.14-2.39.1 Debug information for package subversion-tools linux/i586New

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