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Packages beginning with letter P

pam_apparmor-2.8.4-4.17.1 PAM module for AppArmor change_hat linux/i586New
pam_apparmor-debuginfo-2.8.4-4.17.1 Debug information for package pam_apparmor linux/i586New
perl-PerlMagick- Perl interface for ImageMagick linux/i586New
perl-PerlMagick-debuginfo- Debug information for package perl-PerlMagick linux/i586New
perl-apparmor-2.8.4-4.17.1 Perl interface for libapparmor functions linux/i586New
perl-apparmor-debuginfo-2.8.4-4.17.1 Debug information for package perl-apparmor linux/i586New
pesign-0.109-3.8.1 Signing tool for PE-COFF binaries linux/i586
pesign-debuginfo-0.109-3.8.1 Debug information for package pesign linux/i586
pesign-debugsource-0.109-3.8.1 Debug sources for package pesign linux/i586
python-2.7.6-8.22.1 Python Interpreter linux/i586New
python-base-2.7.6-8.22.1 Python Interpreter base package linux/i586New
python-base-debuginfo-2.7.6-8.22.1 Debug information for package python-base linux/i586New
python-base-debugsource-2.7.6-8.22.1 Debug sources for package python-base linux/i586New
python-curses-2.7.6-8.22.1 Python Interface to the (N)Curses Library linux/i586New
python-curses-debuginfo-2.7.6-8.22.1 Debug information for package python-curses linux/i586New
python-debuginfo-2.7.6-8.22.1 Debug information for package python linux/i586New
python-debugsource-2.7.6-8.22.1 Debug sources for package python linux/i586New
python-demo-2.7.6-8.22.1 Python Demonstration Scripts linux/i586New
python-devel-2.7.6-8.22.1 Include Files and Libraries Mandatory for Building Python Modules linux/i586New
python-gdbm-2.7.6-8.22.1 Python Interface to the GDBM Library linux/i586New
python-gdbm-debuginfo-2.7.6-8.22.1 Debug information for package python-gdbm linux/i586New
python-idle-2.7.6-8.22.1 An Integrated Development Environment for Python linux/i586New
python-magic-5.15-4.24.1 Python module to use libmagic linux/i586New
python-tk-2.7.6-8.22.1 TkInter - Python Tk Interface linux/i586New
python-tk-debuginfo-2.7.6-8.22.1 Debug information for package python-tk linux/i586New
python-xml-2.7.6-8.22.1 A Python XML Interface linux/i586New
python-xml-debuginfo-2.7.6-8.22.1 Debug information for package python-xml linux/i586New
python3-apparmor-2.8.4-4.17.1 Python 3 interface for libapparmor functions linux/i586New
python3-apparmor-debuginfo-2.8.4-4.17.1 Debug information for package python3-apparmor linux/i586New

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