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Packages beginning with letter L

libipset3-6.21.1-2.23.1 Userspace library for the in-kernel Netfilter ipset interface linux/i586
libipset3-debuginfo-6.21.1-2.23.1 Debug information for package libipset3 linux/i586
lsof-4.84-19.3.1 A Program That Lists Information about Files Opened by Processes linux/i586New
lsof-debuginfo-4.84-19.3.1 Debug information for package lsof linux/i586New
lsof-debugsource-4.84-19.3.1 Debug sources for package lsof linux/i586New
lvm2-2.02.98- Logical Volume Manager Tools linux/i586New
lvm2-clvm-2.02.98-28.37.1 Clustered LVM2 linux/i586New
lvm2-clvm-debuginfo-2.02.98-28.37.1 Debug information for package lvm2-clvm linux/i586New
lvm2-cmirrord-2.02.98-28.37.1 Clustered RAID 1 support using device-mapper and corosync linux/i586New
lvm2-cmirrord-debuginfo-2.02.98-28.37.1 Debug information for package lvm2-cmirrord linux/i586New
lvm2-debuginfo-2.02.98- Debug information for package lvm2 linux/i586New
lvm2-debugsource-2.02.98- Debug sources for package lvm2 linux/i586New

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