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Packages beginning with letter L

libfreebl3-3.19.2-59.1 Freebl library for the Network Security Services linux/i586New
libfreebl3-debuginfo-3.19.2-59.1 Debug information for package libfreebl3 linux/i586New
libmysql56client18-5.6.25-7.4.1 Shared Libraries for MySQL Community Server linux/i586New
libmysql56client18-debuginfo-5.6.25-7.4.1 Debug information for package libmysql56client18 linux/i586New
libmysql56client_r18-5.6.25-7.4.1 Shared Libraries for MySQL Community Server linux/i586New
libmysqlclient-devel-5.5.44-4.1 MariaDB development header files and libraries linux/i586New
libmysqlclient18-5.5.44-4.1 Shared Libraries for MariaDB linux/i586New
libmysqlclient18-debuginfo-5.5.44-4.1 Debug information for package libmysqlclient18 linux/i586New
libmysqlclient_r18-5.5.44-4.1 Shared Libraries for MariaDB linux/i586New
libmysqld-devel-5.5.44-4.1 MariaDB embedded server development files linux/i586New
libmysqld18-5.5.44-4.1 MariaDB embedded server development files linux/i586New
libmysqld18-debuginfo-5.5.44-4.1 Debug information for package libmysqld18 linux/i586New
libsoftokn3-3.19.2-59.1 Network Security Services Softoken Module linux/i586New
libsoftokn3-debuginfo-3.19.2-59.1 Debug information for package libsoftokn3 linux/i586New
libsvnqt-devel-1.6.0-5.3.1 KDE Subversion Client linux/i586New
libsvnqt7-1.6.0-5.3.1 KDE Subversion Client linux/i586New
libsvnqt7-debuginfo-1.6.0-5.3.1 Debug information for package libsvnqt7 linux/i586New
libtiff-devel-4.0.4-8.10.1 Development Tools for Programs which will use the libtiff Library linux/i586New
libtiff5-4.0.4-8.10.1 The Tiff Library (with JPEG and compression support) linux/i586New
libtiff5-debuginfo-4.0.4-8.10.1 Debug information for package libtiff5 linux/i586New
libunwind-1.1-6.3.1 Unwind Library linux/i586New
libunwind-debuginfo-1.1-6.3.1 Debug information for package libunwind linux/i586New
libunwind-debugsource-1.1-6.3.1 Debug sources for package libunwind linux/i586New
libunwind-devel-1.1-6.3.1 Unwind library linux/i586New
libwmf-0_2-7- Library for reading Metafile Images linux/i586New
libwmf-0_2-7-debuginfo- Debug information for package libwmf-0_2-7 linux/i586New
libwmf-debugsource- Debug sources for package libwmf linux/i586New
libwmf-devel- Static libraries, header files and documentation for libwmf linux/i586New
libwmf-gnome- GNOME plugin for displaying and Converting Metafile Images linux/i586New
libwmf-gnome-debuginfo- Debug information for package libwmf-gnome linux/i586New
libwmf-tools- Utilities for Displaying and Converting Metafile Images linux/i586New
libwmf-tools-debuginfo- Debug information for package libwmf-tools linux/i586New

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