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Packages beginning with letter K

kaddressbook-4.11.5-464.1 Address Manager linux/i586New
kaddressbook-debuginfo-4.11.5-464.1 Debug information for package kaddressbook linux/i586New
kalarm-4.11.5-464.1 Personal Alarm Scheduler linux/i586New
kalarm-debuginfo-4.11.5-464.1 Debug information for package kalarm linux/i586New
kdepim4-4.11.5-464.1 Base package of kdepim linux/i586New
kdepim4-debuginfo-4.11.5-464.1 Debug information for package kdepim4 linux/i586New
kdepim4-debugsource-4.11.5-464.1 Debug sources for package kdepim4 linux/i586New
kiwi-5.05.59-16.1 openSUSE - KIWI Image System linux/i586New
kiwi-debugsource-5.05.59-16.1 Debug sources for package kiwi linux/i586New
kiwi-desc-isoboot-requires-5.05.59-16.1 openSUSE - KIWI Image System ISO boot required packages linux/i586New
kiwi-desc-netboot-requires-5.05.59-16.1 openSUSE - KIWI Image System NET boot required packages linux/i586New
kiwi-desc-oemboot-requires-5.05.59-16.1 openSUSE - KIWI Image System oem boot required packages linux/i586New
kiwi-desc-vmxboot-requires-5.05.59-16.1 openSUSE - KIWI Image System VMX boot required packages linux/i586New
kiwi-tools-5.05.59-16.1 openSUSE - KIWI tools collection linux/i586New
kiwi-tools-debuginfo-5.05.59-16.1 Debug information for package kiwi-tools linux/i586New
kjots-4.11.5-464.1 Note Taker linux/i586New
kjots-debuginfo-4.11.5-464.1 Debug information for package kjots linux/i586New
kmail-4.11.5-464.1 Mail Client linux/i586New
kmail-debuginfo-4.11.5-464.1 Debug information for package kmail linux/i586New
knode-4.11.5-464.1 News Reader linux/i586New
knode-debuginfo-4.11.5-464.1 Debug information for package knode linux/i586New
knotes-4.11.5-464.1 Popup Notes linux/i586New
knotes-debuginfo-4.11.5-464.1 Debug information for package knotes linux/i586New
kontact-4.11.5-464.1 Personal Information Manager linux/i586New
kontact-debuginfo-4.11.5-464.1 Debug information for package kontact linux/i586New
korganizer-4.11.5-464.1 Personal Organizer linux/i586New
korganizer-debuginfo-4.11.5-464.1 Debug information for package korganizer linux/i586New
ktimetracker-4.11.5-464.1 Personal Time Tracker linux/i586New
ktimetracker-debuginfo-4.11.5-464.1 Debug information for package ktimetracker linux/i586New
ktnef-4.11.5-464.1 Viewer for email attachments in TNEF format linux/i586New
ktnef-debuginfo-4.11.5-464.1 Debug information for package ktnef linux/i586New

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