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apache2-2.4.6-6.27.1 The Apache Web Server Version 2.2 linux/i586New
apache2-debuginfo-2.4.6-6.27.1 Debug information for package apache2 linux/i586New
apache2-debugsource-2.4.6-6.27.1 Debug sources for package apache2 linux/i586New
apache2-devel-2.4.6-6.27.1 Apache 2.2 Header and Include Files linux/i586New
apache2-event-2.4.6-6.27.1 Apache 2 event MPM (Multi-Processing Module) linux/i586New
apache2-event-debuginfo-2.4.6-6.27.1 Debug information for package apache2-event linux/i586New
apache2-example-pages-2.4.6-6.27.1 Example Pages for the Apache 2 Web Server linux/i586New
apache2-mod_security2-2.8.0-4.4.1 ModSecurity Open Source Web Application Firewall linux/i586New
apache2-mod_security2-debuginfo-2.8.0-4.4.1 Debug information for package apache2-mod_security2 linux/i586New
apache2-mod_security2-debugsource-2.8.0-4.4.1 Debug sources for package apache2-mod_security2 linux/i586New
apache2-prefork-2.4.6-6.27.1 Apache 2 "prefork" MPM (Multi-Processing Module) linux/i586New
apache2-prefork-debuginfo-2.4.6-6.27.1 Debug information for package apache2-prefork linux/i586New
apache2-utils-2.4.6-6.27.1 Apache 2 utilities linux/i586New
apache2-utils-debuginfo-2.4.6-6.27.1 Debug information for package apache2-utils linux/i586New
apache2-worker-2.4.6-6.27.1 Apache 2 worker MPM (Multi-Processing Module) linux/i586New
apache2-worker-debuginfo-2.4.6-6.27.1 Debug information for package apache2-worker linux/i586New

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