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perl-XML-Twig-3.39-5.5.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE 12.3 updates for armv7hl

Name: perl-XML-Twig Distribution: openSUSE 12.3
Version: 3.39 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 5.5.1 Build date: Thu Nov 14 10:55:51 2013
Group: Development/Libraries/Perl Build host: armbuild11
Size: 636648 Source RPM: perl-XML-Twig-3.39-5.5.1.src.rpm
Summary: Tree interface to XML documents
XML::Twig is (yet another!) XML transformation module.

Its strong points: can be used to process huge documents while still
being in tree mode; not bound by DOM or SAX, so it is very perlish and
offers a very comprehensive set of methods; simple to use; DWIMs as
much as possible

What it doesn't offer: full SAX support (it can export SAX, but only
reads XML), full XPath support (unless you use XML::Twig::XPath), nor
DOM support.

Other drawbacks: it is a big module, and with over 500 methods
available it can be a bit overwhelming. A good starting point is the
tutorial at In fact the
whole XML::Twig page at has plenty of
information to get you started with XML::Twig




GPL-1.0+ or Artistic-1.0


* Thu Oct 03 2013
  - fix for bnc#789917
    * fixed 3 tests
      used $[ instead of $] in 3 tests,
      see RT#72765
    * added Twig_pm.slow.patch
* Fri Sep 23 2011
  - update to 3.39
    - no upstream changelog,
      for individual commits
  - licence correction
* Sun Feb 27 2011
  - update to 3.38:
    * fixed: RT#65865: _ should be allowed at the start on an XML name
    * removed: making att and class lvalues created problems: in certain context
      they made regular calls to the method create empty        attributes. I
      could find no satisfactory fix,they were either incompletes, or to complex
      for often used methods. So att and class are back to being regular, non
      l-value methods.  latt and lclass are the l-value versions.
    * added: documented the -html option for xml_grep, that allows processing
      HTML input
    * added: the -Tidy option to xml_grep, that uses HTML::Tidy to convert HTML
      to XML
* Thu Dec 16 2010
  - update to 3.37
    * fixed: more tests fixed for HTML::TreeBuilder, hopefully
    will pass now
* Wed Dec 01 2010
  - switch to perl_requires macro
* Mon Nov 29 2010
  - remove /var/adm/perl-modules
* Thu Oct 07 2010
  - update to 3.36
    * bugfixes
* Fri Jul 16 2010
  - update to 3.35
    * bugfixes
* Mon Jan 25 2010
  - update to 3.34
    * bugfixes, test suite fixes
* Wed Nov 21 2007
  - update to 3.32
    * bugfixes, test fixes
    * fixed a couple of bugs in namespace handling
    * added the XML::Twig::Elt fields method which returns a list of
    * added the normalize method in XML::Twig and XML::Twig::Elt
    * added the indented_a / cvs format for pretty_print,
    * Added the XML::Twig method finish_now that terminates parsing
    immediately, without checking the rest of the XML.
    * HTML parsing improved: XML::Twig now tries to find the proper
    encoding for the document



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