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java-1_7_0-icedtea-devel- RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE 12.3 updates for armv7hl

Name: java-1_7_0-icedtea-devel Distribution: openSUSE 12.3
Version: Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 8.28.3 Build date: Mon Nov 25 17:58:45 2013
Group: Development/Languages/Java Build host: armbuild10
Size: 18262724 Source RPM: java-1_7_0-icedtea-
Summary: Java SDK based on OpenJDK 7 and IcedTea 7
This Java 7 compatible Java SDK is based on OpenJDK 6 and IcedTea 6.

The Java 7 SDK is a development environment for building applications,
applets, and components using the Java programming language.

The Java 7 SDK includes tools useful for developing and testing
programs written in the Java programming language and running on the
Java platform. These tools are designed to be used from the command
line. Except for the appletviewer, these tools do not provide a
graphical user interface.






* Mon Nov 18 2013
  - disable bootstrap build, among others fixes bnc#850880
  - disable download of tarballs
  - remove cacerts file if it has wrong mime-type (bnc#847952)
* Tue Oct 29 2013
  - refresh zero-powerpc patches
    * java-1.7.0-openjdk-ppc-zero-hotspot.patch
    * java-1.7.0-openjdk-ppc-zero-jdk.patch
  - re-add _constraints
* Tue Oct 22 2013
  - Update to icedtea 2.4.3 (bnc#846999)
    synchronized OpenJDK 7 support with the upstream u45 b31 tag
    * Security fixes
    - S8006900, CVE-2013-3829: Add new date/time capability
    - S8008589: Better MBean permission validation
    - S8011071, CVE-2013-5780: Better crypto provider handling
    - S8011081, CVE-2013-5772: Improve jhat
    - S8011157, CVE-2013-5814: Improve CORBA portablility
    - S8012071, CVE-2013-5790: Better Building of Beans
    - S8012147: Improve tool support
    - S8012277: CVE-2013-5849: Improve AWT DataFlavor
    - S8012425, CVE-2013-5802: Transform TransformerFactory
    - S8013503, CVE-2013-5851: Improve stream factories
    - S8013506: Better Pack200 data handling
    - S8013510, CVE-2013-5809: Augment image writing code
    - S8013514: Improve stability of cmap class
    - S8013739, CVE-2013-5817: Better LDAP resource management
    - S8013744, CVE-2013-5783: Better tabling for AWT
    - S8014085: Better serialization support in JMX classes
    - S8014093, CVE-2013-5782: Improve parsing of images
    - S8014098: Better profile validation
    - S8014102, CVE-2013-5778: Improve image conversion
    - S8014341, CVE-2013-5803: Better service from Kerberos servers
    - S8014349, CVE-2013-5840: (cl) Class.getDeclaredClass problematic in some class loader configurations
    - S8014530, CVE-2013-5825: Better digital signature processing
    - S8014534: Better profiling support
    - S8014987, CVE-2013-5842: Augment serialization handling
    - S8015614: Update build settings
    - S8015731: Subject to improvements
    - S8015743, CVE-2013-5774: Address internet addresses
    - S8016256: Make finalization final
    - S8016653, CVE-2013-5804: javadoc should ignore ignoreable characters in names
    - S8016675, CVE-2013-5797: Make Javadoc pages more robust
    - S8017196, CVE-2013-5850: Ensure Proxies are handled appropriately
    - S8017287, CVE-2013-5829: Better resource disposal
    - S8017291, CVE-2013-5830: Cast Proxies Aside
    - S8017298, CVE-2013-4002: Better XML support
    - S8017300, CVE-2013-5784: Improve Interface Implementation
    - S8017505, CVE-2013-5820: Better Client Service
    - S8019292: Better Attribute Value Exceptions
    - S8019617: Better view of objects
    - S8020293: JVM crash
    - S8021275, CVE-2013-5805: Better screening for ScreenMenu
    - S8021282, CVE-2013-5806: Better recycling of object instances
    - S8021286: Improve MacOS resourcing
    - S8021290, CVE-2013-5823: Better signature validation
    - S8022931, CVE-2013-5800: Enhance Kerberos exceptions
    - S8022940: Enhance CORBA translations
    - S8023683: Enhance class file parsing
    * Backports
    - S6614237: missing codepage Cp290 at java runtime
    - S8005932: Java 7 on mac os x only provides text clipboard formats
    - S8014046: (process) Runtime.exec(String) fails if command contains spaces [win]
    - S8015144: Performance regression in ICU OpenType Layout library
    - S8015965: (process) Typo in name of property to allow ambiguous commands
    - S8015978: Incorrect transformation of XPath expression "string(-0)"
    - S8016357: Update hotspot diagnostic class
    - S8019584: javax/management/remote/mandatory/loading/ failed in nightly against jdk7u45: Invalid notification: null
    - S8019969: nioNetworkChannelInet6/SetOptionGetOptionTestInet6 test case crashes
    - S8020032: 7u fastdebug doesn't generate fastdebuginfo file
    - S8020085: Linux ARM build failure for 7u45
    - S8020088: Increment minor version of HSx for 7u45 and initialize the build number
    - S8020551: increment hsx build to b03 for 7u45-b03
    - S8020943: Memory leak when GCNotifier uses create_from_platform_dependent_str()
    - S8021287: Improve MacOS resourcing
    - S8021355: REGRESSION: Five closed/java/awt/SplashScreen tests fail since 7u45 b01 on Linux, Solaris
    - S8021360: object not exported" on start of JMXConnectorServer for RMI-IIOP protocol with security manager
    - S8021366: java_util/Properties/PropertiesWithOtherEncodings fails during 7u45 nightly testing
    - S8021577: JCK test api/javax_management/jmx_serial/modelmbean/ModelMBeanNotificationInfo/serial/index.html#Input has failed since jdk 7u45 b01
    - S8021899: Re-adjust fix of # 8020498 in 7u45 after mergeing 7u40
    - S8021901: Increment hsx build to b05 for 7u45-b05
    - S8021933: Add extra check for fix # JDK-8014530
    - S8021969: The index_AccessAllowed jnlp can not load successfully with exception thrown in the log.
    - S8022066: Evaluation of method reference to signature polymorphic method crashes VM
    - S8022086: Fixing licence of newly added files
    - S8022254: Remove incorrect jdk7u45-b05 tag from jdk7u-cpu forest
    - S8022661: InetAddress.writeObject() performs flush() on object output stream
    - S8022682: Supporting XOM
    - S8022808: Kitchensink hangs on macos
    - S8022856: 7u45 l10n resource file translation update
    - S8023323: Increment hsx build to b06 for 7u45-b08
    - S8023457: Event based tracing framework needs a mutex for thread groups
    - S8023478: Test fails with HS crash in GCNotifier.
    - S8023741: Increment hsx 24.45 build to b07 for 7u45-b09
    - S8023771: when USER_RELEASE_SUFFIX is set in order to add a string to java -version, build number in the bundles names should not be changed to b00
    - S8023888: Increment hsx 24.45 build to b08 for 7u45-b10
    - S8023964: java/io/IOException/ should be @ignore-d
    - S8024369: Increment build # of hs24.0 to b57 for 7u40-b61 psu
    - S8024668: api/java_nio/charset/Charset/index.html#Methods JCK-runtime test fails with 7u45 b11
    - S8024697: Fix for 8020983 causes Xcheck:jni warnings
    - S8024863: X11: Support GNOME Shell as mutter
    - S8024883: (se) SelectableChannel.register throws NPE if fd >= 64k (lnx)
    - S8025128: File.createTempFile fails if prefix is absolute path
    - S8025170: jdk7u51 7u-1-prebuild is failing since 9/19
    * Bug fixes
    - PR1400: Menu of maximized AWT window not working in Mate
* Wed Sep 25 2013
  - Update to icedtea 2.4.2
    * System LCMS 2 support again enabled by default, requiring 2.5 or above.
    * OpenJDK
    - S7122222: GC log is limited to 2G for 32-bit
    - S7162400: Intermittent Bad file number during HotSpotVirtualMachine.executeCommand
    - S7165807: Non optimized initialization of NSS crypto library leads to scalability issues
    - S7199324: IPv6: JMXConnectorServer.getConnectionIDs() return IDs contradicting to address grammar
    - S8001345: VM crashes with assert(n->outcnt() != 0 || C->top() == n || n->is_Proj()) failed: No dead instructions after post-alloc
    - S8001424: G1: Rename certain G1-specific flags
    - S8001425: G1: Change the default values for certain G1 specific flags
    - S8004859: Graphics.getClipBounds/getClip return difference nonequivalent bounds, depending from transform
    - S8005019: JTable passes row index instead of length when inserts selection interval
    - S8005194: [parfait] #353 sun/awt/image/jpeg/imageioJPEG.c Memory leak of pointer 'scale' allocated with calloc()
    - S8006941: [macosx] Deadlock in drag and drop
    - S8007898: Incorrect optimization of Memory Barriers in Matcher::post_store_load_barrier()
    - S8009168: syntax issue
    - S8009985: [parfait] Uninitialised variable at jdk/src/solaris/native/com/sun/management/UnixOperatingSystem_md.c
    - S8011064: Some tests have failed with SIGSEGV on arm-hflt on build b82
    - S8011569: ARM -- avoid native stack walking
    - S8011760: assert(delta != 0) failed: dup pointer in MemBaseline::malloc_sort_by_addr
    - S8012144: multiple SIGSEGVs fails on staxf
    - S8012156: tools/javac/file/zip/ fails for win32/64
    - S8012241: NMT huge memory footprint, it usually leads to OOME
    - S8012366: Fix for 8007815 breaks down when only building OpenJDK (without deploy and install forests)
    - S8013546: compiler/8011901/ fails with CompilationError: Compilation failed
    - S8013719: Increment build # of hs23.21 to b02
    - S8013791: G1: G1CollectorPolicy::initialize_flags() may set min_alignment > max_alignment
    - S8014264: The applet pathguy_TimeDead throws java.lang.NullPointerException in java console once click drop-down check box.
    - S8014312: Fork hs23.25 hsx from hs23.21 for jdk7u25 and reinitialize build number
    - S8014805: NPE is thrown during certpath validation if certificate does not have AuthorityKeyIdentifier extension
    - S8014850: Third Party License Readme updates for 7u40
    - S8014925: Disable sun.reflect.Reflection.getCallerClass(int) with a temporary switch to re-enable it
    - S8015237: Parallelize string table scanning during strong root processing
    - S8015411: Bump the hsx build number for 7u21-b50 for customer
    - S8015441: runThese crashed with assert(opcode == Op_ConP || opcode == Op_ThreadLocal || opcode == Op_CastX2P ..) failed: sanity
    - S8015576: CMS: svc agent throws java.lang.RuntimeException: No type named "FreeList" in database
    - S8015668: overload resolution: performance regression in JDK 7
    - S8015884: runThese crashed with SIGSEGV, hs_err has an error instead of stacktrace
    - S8016074: NMT: assertion failed: assert(thread->thread_state() == from) failed: coming from wrong thread state
    - S8016102: Increment build # of hs23.25 to b02 for 7u25-b31 psu
    - S8016131: nsk/sysdict/vm/stress/chain tests crash the VM in 'entry_frame_is_first()'
    - S8016133: Regression: diff. behavior with user-defined SAXParser
    - S8016157: During CTW: C2: assert(!def_outside->member(r)) failed: Use of external LRG overlaps the same LRG defined in this block
    - S8016331: Minor issues in event tracing metadata
    - S8016648: FEATURE_SECURE_PROCESSING set to true or false causes SAXParseException to be thrown
    - S8016734: Remove extra code due to duplicated push
    - S8016737: After clicking on "Print UNCOLLATED" button, the print out come in order 'Page 1', 'Page 2', 'Page 1'
    - S8016740: assert in GC_locker from PSOldGen::expand with -XX:+PrintGCDetails and Verbose
    - S8016767: Provide man pages generated from DARB for OpenJDK
    - S8017070: G1: assert(_card_counts[card_num] <= G1ConcRSHotCardLimit) failed
    - S8017159: Unexclude sun/tools/JMAP/ test
    - S8017173: XMLCipher with RSA_OAEP Key Transport algorithm can't be instantiated
    - S8017174: NPE when using Logger.getAnonymousLogger or LogManager.getLogManager().getLogger
    - S8017189: [macosx] AWT program menu disabled on Mac
    - S8017252: new hotspot build - hs24-b51
    - S8017478: Kitchensink crashed with SIGSEGV in BaselineReporter::diff_callsites
    - S8017483: G1 tests fail with native OOME on Solaris x86 after HeapBaseMinAddress has been increased
    - S8017510: Add a regression test for 8005956
    - S8017566: Backout 8000450 - Cannot access to
    - S8017588: SA: jstack -l throws UnalignedAddressException while attaching to core file for java that was started with CMS GC
    - S8019155: Update makefiles with correct jfr packages
    - S8019201: Regression: java.awt.image.ConvolveOp throws java.awt.image.ImagingOpException
    - S8019236: [macosx] Add javadoc to the handleWindowFocusEvent in CEmbeddedFrame
    - S8019265: [macosx] apple.laf.useScreenMenuBar regression comparing with jdk6
    - S8019298: new hotspot build - hs24-b52
    - S8019381: HashMap.isEmpty is non-final, potential issues for get/remove
    - S8019541: 7u40 l10n resource file translation update
    - S8019587: [macosx] Possibility to set the same frame for the different screens
    - S8019625: Test compiler/8005956/ timeouts on Solaris SPARCs
    - S8019628: [macosx] closed/java/awt/Modal/BlockedMouseInputTest/BlockedMouseInputTest.html failed since 7u40b30 on MacOS
    - S8019826: Test com/sun/management/HotSpotDiagnosticMXBean/ fails with NPE
    - S8019933: new hotspot build - hs24-b53
    - S8019979: Replace CheckPackageAccess test with better one from closed repo
    - S8020038: [macosx] Incorrect usage of invokeLater() and likes in callbacks called via JNI from AppKit thread
    - S8020054: (tz) Support tzdata2013d
    - S8020155: PSR:PERF G1 not collecting old regions when humongous allocations interfer
    - S8020215: Different execution plan when using JIT vs interpreter
    - S8020228: Restore the translated version of
    - S8020298: [macosx] Incorrect merge in the lwawt code
    - S8020319: Update Japanese man pages for 7u40
    - S8020371: [macosx] applets with Drag and Drop fail with IllegalArgumentException
    - S8020381: new hotspot build - hs24-b54
    - S8020425: Product options incorrectly removed in minor version
    - S8020430: NullPointerException in xml sqe nightly result on 2013-07-12
    - S8020433: Crash when using -XX:+RestoreMXCSROnJNICalls
    - S8020498: Crash when both and are loaded
    - S8020525: Increment build # of hs23.25 to b03 for 7u25-b34 psu
    - S8020547: Event based tracing needs a UNICODE string type
    - S8020625: [TESTBUG] java/util/HashMap/ doesn't compile for jdk7u
    - S8020701: Avoid crashes in WatcherThread
    - S8020796: new hotspot build - hs24-b55
    - S8020811: [macosx] Merge fault 7u25-7u40: Missed focus fix JDK-8012330
    - S8020940: Valid OCSP responses are rejected for backdated enquiries
    - S8020983: OutOfMemoryError caused by non garbage collected JPEGImageWriter Instances
    - S8021008: Provide java and jcmd man pages for Mac (OpenJDK)
    - S8021148: Regression in SAXParserImpl in 7u40 b34 (NPE)
    - S8021353: Event based tracing is missing thread exit
    - S8021381: JavaFX scene included in Swing JDialog not starting from Web Start
    - S8021565: new hotspot build - hs24-b56
    - S8021771: warning stat64 is deprecated - when building on OSX 10.7.5
    - S8021946: Disabling sun.reflect.Reflection.getCallerCaller(int) by default breaks several frameworks and libraries
    - S8022548: SPECJVM2008 has errors introduced in 7u40-b34
    - S8023751: Need to backout 8020943, was pushed to hs24 without approval
    - S8024914: Swapped usage of idx_t and bm_word_t types in bitMap.inline.hpp
    * New features
    - RH991170: java does not use correct kerberos credential cache
    - PR1536: Allow use of system Kerberos to obtain cache location
    - PR1551: Add build support for Zero AArch64
    - PR1552: Add -D_LITTLE_ENDIAN for ARM architectures.
    - PR1553: Add Debian AArch64 support
    - PR1554: Fix build on Mac OS X
    * Bug fixes
    - RH661505: JPEGs with sRGB IEC61966-2.1 color profiles have wrong colors
    - RH995488: Java thinks that the default timezone is Busingen instead of Zurich
    - Cleanup file resources properly in TimeZone_md.
    - PR1410: Icedtea 2.3.9 fails to build using icedtea 1.12.4
    - G477456: emerge fails on pax system: java attempts RWX map, paxctl -m missing
    - G478484: patches/boot/ecj-diamond.patch FAILED
    - Fix Zero following changes to entry_frame_call_wrapper in 8016131
    - Set ZERO_BUILD in flags.make so it is set on rebuilds
    - Cast should use same type as GCDrainStackTargetSize (uintx).
    - Add casts to fix build on S390
    * JamVM
    - JSR292: Invoke Dynamic
    - sun.misc.Unsafe: additional methods get/putAddress: allows JamVM with OpenJDK 7/8 to run recent versions of JEdit.
    - FreeClassData: adjust method count for Miranda methods
    * Patches changes (mostly sync with Fedora)
    * removed java-1.7.0-openjdk-arm-fixes.patch, fixed upstream
    * removed java-1.7.0-openjdk-fork.patch, fixed upstream
    * renamed java-1.7.0-openjdk-bitmap.patch to zero-s8024914.patch
    * renamed java-1.7.0-openjdk-size_t.patch to zero-size_t.patch
    * added PStack-808293.patch
    * added RH661505-toBeReverted.patch
    * added abrt_friendly_hs_log_jdk7.patch
    * added gstackbounds.patch
    * added java-1.7.0-openjdk-freetype-check-fix.patch
    * added pulse-soundproperties.patch
    * added rhino.patch
    * added zero-entry_frame_call_wrapper.patch
    * added zero-gcdrainstacktargetsize.patch
    * added zero-zero_build.patch
* Mon Aug 26 2013
  - add mozilla-nss to Requires, otherwise NSS can't be initialized
* Wed Aug 21 2013
  - remove jpackage-utils from Requires to BuildRequires
    * they were obsoleted by javapackages-tools, which require python,
      lua et all
* Tue Aug 20 2013
  - add _constraints to not schedule build on some build machines
    * workaround for similar issue as bnc#832762
    * classes.jsa are not created on i586
* Mon Aug 12 2013
  - drop rhino from dependencies, openjdk does have own copy
    * reduces build cycle
* Thu Aug 01 2013
  - Fix a filelist to build with rpm-4.11
* Sat Jul 27 2013
  - java-1.7.0-openjdk-makefiles-zero.patch: Fix missing definitions for
    zero VM
  - java-1.7.0-openjdk-fork.patch: Apply unconditionally
* Wed Jul 10 2013
  - fix gpg_verify argument (-n)
  - limit classes.jsa to openjdk builds only, zero and jamvm does not support
    such feature
* Tue Jul 09 2013
  - update to icedtea-2.4.1 (bnc#828665)
    * Security fixes
    - S6741606, CVE-2013-2407: Integrate Apache Santuario
    - S7158805, CVE-2013-2445: Better rewriting of nested subroutine calls
    - S7170730, CVE-2013-2451: Improve Windows network stack support.
    - S8000638, CVE-2013-2450: Improve deserialization
    - S8000642, CVE-2013-2446: Better handling of objects for transportation
    - S8001032: Restrict object access
    - S8001033, CVE-2013-2452: Refactor network address handling in virtual machine identifiers
    - S8001034, CVE-2013-1500: Memory management improvements
    - S8001038, CVE-2013-2444: Resourcefully handle resources
    - S8001043: Clarify definition restrictions
    - S8001308: Update display of applet windows
    - S8001309: Better handling of annotation interfaces
    - S8001318, CVE-2013-2447: Socket.getLocalAddress not consistent with InetAddress.getLocalHost
    - S8001330, CVE-2013-2443: Improve on checking order (non-Zero builds only)
    - S8003703, CVE-2013-2412: Update RMI connection dialog box
    - S8004288, CVE-2013-2449: (fs) Files.probeContentType problems
    - S8004584: Augment applet contextualization
    - S8005007: Better glyph processing
    - S8006328, CVE-2013-2448: Improve robustness of sound classes
    - S8006611: Improve scripting
    - S8007467: Improve robustness of JMX internal APIs
    - S8007471: Improve MBean notifications
    - S8007812, CVE-2013-2455: (reflect) Class.getEnclosingMethod problematic for some classes
    - S8007925: Improve cmsStageAllocLabV2ToV4curves
    - S8007926: Improve cmsPipelineDup
    - S8007927: Improve cmsAllocProfileSequenceDescription
    - S8007929: Improve CurvesAlloc
    - S8008120, CVE-2013-2457: Improve JMX class checking
    - S8008124, CVE-2013-2453: Better compliance testing
    - S8008128: Better API coherence for JMX
    - S8008132, CVE-2013-2456: Better serialization support
    - S8008585: Better JMX data handling
    - S8008593: Better URLClassLoader resource management
    - S8008603: Improve provision of JMX providers
    - S8008607: Better input checking in JMX
    - S8008611: Better handling of annotations in JMX
    - S8008615: Improve robustness of JMX internal APIs
    - S8008623: Better handling of MBeanServers
    - S8008744, CVE-2013-2407: Rework part of fix for JDK-6741606
    - S8008982: Adjust JMX for underlying interface changes
    - S8009004: Better implementation of RMI connections
    - S8009008: Better manage management-api
    - S8009013: Better handling of T2K glyphs
    - S8009034: Improve resulting notifications in JMX
    - S8009038: Improve JMX notification support
    - S8009057, CVE-2013-2448: Improve MIDI event handling
    - S8009067: Improve storing keys in KeyStore
    - S8009071, CVE-2013-2459: Improve shape handling
    - S8009235: Improve handling of TSA data
    - S8009424, CVE-2013-2458: Adapt Nashorn to JSR-292 implementation change
    - S8009554, CVE-2013-2454: Improve SerialJavaObject.getFields
    - S8009654: Improve stability of cmsnamed
    - S8010209, CVE-2013-2460: Better provision of factories
    - S8011243, CVE-2013-2470: Improve ImagingLib
    - S8011248, CVE-2013-2471: Better Component Rasters
    - S8011253, CVE-2013-2472: Better Short Component Rasters
    - S8011257, CVE-2013-2473: Better Byte Component Rasters
    - S8012375, CVE-2013-1571: Improve Javadoc framing
    - S8012421: Better positioning of PairPositioning
    - S8012438, CVE-2013-2463: Better image validation
    - S8012597, CVE-2013-2465: Better image channel verification
    - S8012601, CVE-2013-2469: Better validation of image layouts
    - S8014281, CVE-2013-2461: Better checking of XML signature
    - S8015997: Additional improvement in Javadoc framing
    * OpenJDK
    - list to long, please consult NEWS file
* Mon Jul 08 2013
  - java-1.7.0-openjdk-zero-arch.patch: fix detection of zero arch
* Mon Jul 08 2013
  - ignore rhino dependencies during a build to prevent a build cycle
* Tue Jun 18 2013
  - update to icedtea-2.4.0 (based on oracle jdk7u40)
    * OpenJDK (see NEWS for full listing)
    - PR1209, S7170638: Use DTRACE_PROBE[N] in JNI Set and SetStatic Field.
    - PR1206, S7201205: Add Makefile configuration option to build with unlimited crypto in OpenJDK
    * Backports
    - PR1197, S8003120, RH868136: ResourceManager.getApplicationResources() does not close InputStreams
    - S8014618, RH962568: Need to strip leading zeros in TlsPremasterSecret of DHKeyAgreement
    * Bug fixes
    - PR1212: IcedTea7 fails to build because Resources.getText() is no longer available for code to use
    - Add NSS (commented out) to other platforms.
    - Allow multiple PKCS11 library initialisation to be a non-critical error.
    - Complete switch from local zlib patch to upstream version.
    - Include defs.make in buildtree.make so ZERO_BUILD is recognised and JVM_VARIANT_ZERO set.
    - Provide support for using PKCS11 provider with NSS
    - Remove file apparently removed as part of upstreaming of Zero.
    - Revert 7060849
    - Set UNLIMITED_CRYPTO=true to ensure we use the unlimited policy.
    - PR473: Set handleStartupErrors to ignoreMultipleInitialisation in nss.cfg
    - PR716: IcedTea7 should bootstrap with IcedTea6
    - Expand* imports to avoid conflict when building with OpenJDK 6.
    - Fix indentation on Makefile block not executed when STRIP_POLICY=no_strip is set
    - Fix invalid XSL stylesheets and DTD introduced as part of JEP 167.
    - Include defs.make in buildtree.make so ZERO_BUILD is recognised and JVM_VARIANT_ZERO set.
    - Make sure libffi cflags and libs are used.
    - PR1378: Add AArch64 support to Zero
    - PR1170: Ensure unlimited crypto policy is in place.
    - RH513605, PR1280: Updating/Installing OpenJDK should recreate the shared class-data archive
    - PR1358: Make XRender mandatory
    - PR1360: Check for /usr/lib64 JVMs and generic JPackage alternative
    - PR1435, D657854: OpenJDK 7 returns incorrect TrueType font metrics
    - PR728: GTKLookAndFeel does not honor gtk-alternative-button-order
    * JamVM
    - JSR 335: (lambda expressions) initial hack
    - JEP 171: Implement fence methods in sun.misc.Unsafe
    - Fix invokesuper check in invokespecial opcode
    - Fix non-direct interpreter invokespecial super-class check
    - When GC'ing a native method don't try to free code
    - Do not free unprepared Miranda method code data
    - Set anonymous class protection domain
    - JVM_IsVMGeneratedMethodIx stub
    - Dummy implementation of sun.misc.Perf natives
  - separate vm for zero is no longer needed
  - drop java-1.7.0-openjdk-aarch64.patch (upstream: PR1378)
* Wed Jun 05 2013
  - fix bnc#781690c#11 - setup JAVA_HOME in posttrans, so certificates
    will be created by this JVM
  - fix the postrans conditions (add missing prefiX)
  - relax build requires, so every java-devel >= 1.7.0 can match
* Thu Apr 25 2013
  - drop icedtea-2.3.8-zero-patches.patch, it does not apply and is
    not needed because of PR1401 already fixed
* Wed Apr 24 2013
  - apply aarch64 patches on openSUSE 12.3+, EM_AARCH64 is not defined
    in earlier releases
* Tue Apr 23 2013
  - update to icedtea-2.3.9 (bnc#816720)
    * Security fixes
    - S6657673, CVE-2013-1518: Issues with JAXP
    - S7200507: Refactor Introspector internals
    - S8000724, CVE-2013-2417: Improve networking serialization
    - S8001031, CVE-2013-2419: Better font processing
    - S8001040, CVE-2013-1537: Rework RMI model
    - S8001322: Refactor deserialization
    - S8001329, CVE-2013-1557: Augment RMI logging
    - S8003335: Better handling of Finalizer thread
    - S8003445: Adjust JAX-WS to focus on API
    - S8003543, CVE-2013-2415: Improve processing of MTOM attachments
    - S8004261: Improve input validation
    - S8004336, CVE-2013-2431: Better handling of method handle intrinsic frames
    - S8004986, CVE-2013-2383: Better handling of glyph table
    - S8004987, CVE-2013-2384: Improve font layout
    - S8004994, CVE-2013-1569: Improve checking of glyph table
    - S8005432: Update access to JAX-WS
    - S8005943: (process) Improved Runtime.exec
    - S8006309: More reliable control panel operation
    - S8006435, CVE-2013-2424: Improvements in JMX
    - S8006790: Improve checking for windows
    - S8006795: Improve font warning messages
    - S8007406: Improve accessibility of AccessBridge
    - S8007617, CVE-2013-2420: Better validation of images
    - S8007667, CVE-2013-2430: Better image reading
    - S8007918, CVE-2013-2429: Better image writing
    - S8008140: Better method handle resolution
    - S8009049, CVE-2013-2436: Better method handle binding
    - S8009063, CVE-2013-2426: Improve reliability of ConcurrentHashMap
    - S8009305, CVE-2013-0401: Improve AWT data transfer
    - S8009677, CVE-2013-2423: Better setting of setters
    - S8009699, CVE-2013-2421: Methodhandle lookup
    - S8009814, CVE-2013-1488: Better driver management
    - S8009857, CVE-2013-2422: Problem with plugin
    * Backports
    - S7130662, RH928500: GTK file dialog crashes with a NPE
    * Bug fixes
    - PR1363: Fedora 19 / rawhide FTBFS SIGILL
    - PR1401: Fix Zero build on 2.3.8
    - Fix offset problem in ICU LETableReference.
    - Change -Werror fix to preserve OpenJDK default.
    - PR1303: Correct #ifdef to #if
    - PR1404: Failure to bootstrap with ecj 4.2
* Thu Mar 28 2013
  - Added url as source.
    Please see
* Thu Mar 21 2013
  - icedtea-2.3.8-zero-patches.patch: remove patch not applicable to zero
    compatible hotspot
  - java-1.7.0-openjdk-fork.patch: Add support for architectures without
    fork syscall
  - java-1.7.0-openjdk-aarch64.patch: Add support for aarch64
* Thu Mar 14 2013
  - update to icedtea-2.3.7 (bnc#809386)
    * Security fixes
    - S8007014, CVE-2013-0809: Improve image handling
    - S8007675, CVE-2013-1493: Improve color conversion
    * Backports
    - S8002344: Krb5LoginModule config class does not return proper KDC list from DNS
    - S8004344: Fix a crash in ToolkitErrorHandler() in XlibWrapper.c
    - S8006179: JSR292 MethodHandles lookup with interface using findVirtual()
    - S8006882: Proxy generated classes in sun.proxy package breaks JMockit
    * Bug fixes
    - PR1303: Correct #ifdef to #if
    - PR1340: Simplify the rhino class rewriter to avoid use of concurrency
    - Revert 7017193 and add the missing free call, until a better fix is ready.
    * made awt crasher patch deprecated
* Fri Mar 01 2013
  - Define bits to %__isa_bits if defined
* Thu Feb 21 2013
  - update to icedtea-2.3.7 (bnc#803379)
    - S8004937, CVE-2013-1484: Improve proxy construction
    - S8006439, CVE-2013-1485: Improve MethodHandles coverage
    - S8006446, CVE-2013-1486: Restrict MBeanServer access
    - S8006777, CVE-2013-0169: Improve TLS handling of invalid messages
    - S8007688: Blacklist known bad certificate
    * Backports
    - S8007393: Possible race condition after JDK-6664509
    - S8007611: logging behavior in applet changed
    * Bug fixes
    - PR1303: Support building with giflib 5
* Wed Feb 13 2013
  - update to icedtea-2.3.6 (bnc#803379)
    * Security fixes
    - S6563318, CVE-2013-0424: RMI data sanitization
    - S6664509, CVE-2013-0425: Add logging context
    - S6664528, CVE-2013-0426: Find log level matching its name or value given at construction time
    - S6776941: CVE-2013-0427: Improve thread pool shutdown
    - S7141694, CVE-2013-0429: Improving CORBA internals
    - S7173145: Improve in-memory representation of splashscreens
    - S7186945: Unpack200 improvement
    - S7186946: Refine unpacker resource usage
    - S7186948: Improve Swing data validation
    - S7186952, CVE-2013-0432: Improve clipboard access
    - S7186954: Improve connection performance
    - S7186957: Improve Pack200 data validation
    - S7192392, CVE-2013-0443: Better validation of client keys
    - S7192393, CVE-2013-0440: Better Checking of order of TLS Messages
    - S7192977, CVE-2013-0442: Issue in toolkit thread
    - S7197546, CVE-2013-0428: (proxy) Reflect about creating reflective proxies
    - S7200491: Tighten up JTable layout code
    - S7200493, CVE-2013-0444: Improve cache handling
    - S7200499: Better data validation for options
    - S7200500: Launcher better input validation
    - S7201064: Better dialogue checking
    - S7201066, CVE-2013-0441: Change modifiers on unused fields
    - S7201068, CVE-2013-0435: Better handling of UI elements
    - S7201070: Serialization to conform to protocol
    - S7201071, CVE-2013-0433: InetSocketAddress serialization issue
    - S8000210: Improve JarFile code quality
    - S8000537, CVE-2013-0450: Contextualize RequiredModelMBean class
    - S8000539, CVE-2013-0431: Introspect JMX data handling
    - S8000540, CVE-2013-1475: Improve IIOP type reuse management
    - S8000631, CVE-2013-1476: Restrict access to class constructor
    - S8001235, CVE-2013-0434: Improve JAXP HTTP handling
    - S8001242: Improve RMI HTTP conformance
    - S8001307: Modify ACC_SUPER behavior
    - S8001972, CVE-2013-1478: Improve image processing
    - S8002325, CVE-2013-1480: Improve management of images
    * Backports
    - S7057320: test/java/util/concurrent/Executors/ failing intermittently
    - S7083664: TEST_BUG: test hard code of using c:/temp but this dir might not exist
    - S7107613: scalability blocker in javax.crypto.CryptoPermissions
    - S7107616: scalability blocker in javax.crypto.JceSecurityManager
    - S7146424: Wildcard expansion for single entry classpath
    - S7160609: [macosx] JDK crash in libjvm.dylib ( C [GeForceGLDriver+0x675a] gldAttachDrawable+0x941)
    - S7160951: [macosx] ActionListener called twice for JMenuItem using ScreenMenuBar
    - S7162488: VM not printing unknown -XX options
    - S7169395: Exception throws due to the changes in JDK 7 object tranversal and break backward compatibility
    - S7175616: Port fix for TimeZone from JDK 8 to JDK 7
    - S7176485: (bf) Allow temporary buffer cache to grow to IOV_MAX
    - S7179908: Fork hs23.3 hsx from hs22.2 for jdk7u7 and reinitialize build number
    - S7184326: TEST_BUG: java/awt/Frame/7024749/ has a typo
    - S7185245: Licensee source bundle tries to compile JFR
    - S7185471: Avoid key expansion when AES cipher is re-init w/ the same key
    - S7186371: [macosx] Main menu shortcuts not displayed (7u6 regression)
    - S7187834: [macosx] Usage of private API in macosx 2d implementation causes Apple Store rejection
    - S7188114: (launcher) need an alternate command line parser for Windows
    - S7189136: Fork hs23.5 hsx from hs23.4 for jdk7u9 and reinitialize build number
    - S7189350: Fix failed for CR 7162144
    - S7190550: REGRESSION: Some closed/com/oracle/jfr/api tests fail to compile becuse of fix 7185245
    - S7193219: JComboBox serialization fails in JDK 1.7
    - S7193977: REGRESSION:Java 7's JavaBeans persistence ignoring the "transient" flag on properties
    - S7195106: REGRESSION : There is no way to get Icon inf, once Softreference is released
    - S7195301: XML Signature DOM implementation should not use instanceof to determine type of Node
    - S7195931: UnsatisfiedLinkError on PKCS11.C_GetOperationState while using NSS from jre7u6+
    - S7197071: Makefiles for various security providers aren't including the default manifest.
    - S7197652: Impossible to run any signed JNLP applications or applets, OCSP off by default
    - S7198146: Another new regression test does not compile on windows-amd64
    - S7198570: (tz) Support tzdata2012f
    - S7198640: new hotspot build - hs23.6-b04
    - S7199488: [TEST] runtime/7158800/ failed due to false-positive on PID match.
    - S7199645: Increment build # of hs23.5 to b02
    - S7199669: Update tags in .hgtags file for CPU release rename
    - S7200720: crash in net.dll during NTLM authentication
    - S7200742: (se) does not block when starting Coherence (sol11u1)
    - S7200762: [macosx] Stuck in sun.java2d.opengl.CGLGraphicsConfig.getMaxTextureSize(Native Method)
    - S8000285: Deadlock between PostEventQueue.noEvents, EventQueue.isDispatchThread and SwingUtilities.invokeLater
    - S8000286: [macosx] Views keep scrolling back to the drag position after DnD
    - S8000297: REGRESSION: closed/java/awt/EventQueue/ fails
    - S8000307: Jre7cert: focusgained does not get called for all focus req when do alt + tab
    - S8000822: Fork hs23.7 hsx from hs23.6 for jdk7u11 and reinitialize build number
    - S8001124: jdk7u ProblemList.txt updates (10/2012)
    - S8001242: Improve RMI HTTP conformance
    - S8001808: Create a test for 8000327
    - S8001876: Create regtest for 8000283
    - S8002068: Build broken: corba code changes unable to use new JDK 7 classes
    - S8002091: tools/launcher/ test started to fail since 7u11 b01 on Windows
    - S8002114: fix failed for JDK-7160951: [macosx] ActionListener called twice for JMenuItem using ScreenMenuBar
    - S8002225: (tz) Support tzdata2012i
    - S8003402: (dc) test/java/nio/channels/DatagramChannel/ failing after 7u11 cleanup issues
    - S8003403: Test ShortRSAKeyWithinTLS and ClientJSSEServerJSSE failing after 7u11 cleanup
    - S8003948: NTLM/Negotiate authentication problem
    - S8004175: Restricted packages added in are missing in{macosx, solaris, windows}
    - S8004302: javax/xml/soap/ fails since jdk6u39b01
    - S8004341: Two JCK tests fails with 7u11 b06
    - S8005615: Java Logger fails to load tomcat logger implementation (JULI)
    * Bug fixes
    - Fix build using Zero's HotSpot so all patches apply again.
    - PR1295: jamvm parallel unpack failure
    * removed icedtea-2.3.2-fix-extract-jamvm-dependency.patch
    - removed icedtea-2.3.3-refresh-6924259-string_offset.patch
* Mon Jan 21 2013
  - few missing /openjdk/%{origin}/ changes
* Wed Jan 16 2013
  - update to icedtea-2.3.4 (bnc#798324, bnc#798521)
    * Security fixes
    - S8004933, CVE-2012-3174: Improve MethodHandle interaction with libraries
    - S8006017, CVE-2013-0422: Improve lookup resolutions
    - S8006125: Update MethodHandles library interactions
    * Bug fixes
    - S7197906: BlockOffsetArray::power_to_cards_back() needs to handle > 32 bit shifts
    - G422525: Fix building with PaX enabled kernels.
  - use gpg-offline to check the validity of icedtea tarball
* Tue Dec 18 2012
  - use jamvm on %arm
  - use icedtea package name instead of protected openjdk for jamvm builds
  - fix armv5 build
* Tue Dec 18 2012
  - update to java access bridge 1.26.2
    * bugfix release, mainly 64bit JNI and JVM support
* Mon Dec 17 2012
  - fix a segfault in AWT code - (bnc#792951)
    * add openjdk-7-src-b147-awt-crasher.patch
  - turn pulseaudio off on pre 11.4 distros
* Fri Oct 19 2012
  - update to icedtea-2.3.3 (bnc#785814)
    * Security fixes
    - S6631398, CVE-2012-3216: FilePermission improved path checking
    - S7093490: adjust package access in rmiregistry
    - S7143535, CVE-2012-5068: ScriptEngine corrected permissions
    - S7158796, CVE-2012-5070: Tighten properties checking in EnvHelp
    - S7158807: Revise stack management with volatile call sites
    - S7163198, CVE-2012-5076: Tightened package accessibility
    - S7167656, CVE-2012-5077: Multiple Seeders are being created
    - S7169884, CVE-2012-5073: LogManager checks do not work correctly for sub-types
    - S7169887, CVE-2012-5074: Tightened package accessibility
    - S7169888, CVE-2012-5075: Narrowing resource definitions in JMX RMI connector
    - S7172522, CVE-2012-5072: Improve DomainCombiner checking
    - S7186286, CVE-2012-5081: TLS implementation to better adhere to RFC
    - S7189103, CVE-2012-5069: Executors needs to maintain state
    - S7189490: More improvements to DomainCombiner checking
    - S7189567, CVE-2012-5085: java net obselete protocol
    - S7192975, CVE-2012-5071: Issue with JMX reflection
    - S7195194, CVE-2012-5084: Better data validation for Swing
    - S7195549, CVE-2012-5087: Better bean object persistence
    - S7195917, CVE-2012-5086: XMLDecoder parsing at close-time should be improved
    - S7195919, CVE-2012-5079: (sl) ServiceLoader can throw CCE without needing to create instance
    - S7196190, CVE-2012-5088: Improve method of handling MethodHandles
    - S7198296, CVE-2012-5089: Refactor classloader usage
    - S7158800: Improve storage of symbol tables
    - S7158801: Improve VM CompileOnly option
    - S7158804: Improve config file parsing
    - S7198606, CVE-2012-4416: Improve VM optimization
    * Bug fixes
    - Remove merge artefact.
    - Remove the Xp header and library checks.
    * JamVM
    - PR1155: Do not put version number in SONAME
  - refresh java-1.7.0-openjdk-java-access-bridge-security.patch as new glassfish
    classes were added
  - add icedtea-2.3.3-refresh-6924259-string_offset.patch
* Mon Oct 08 2012
  - %posttrans java-cacerts and cacerts are now recreated if missing, are not
    properly linked and does not contain/point to file with correct mime-type
    * fixes bnc#781690: NoSuchAlgorithmException: SunJSSE
    * fixes bnc#727223 - Exceptions during certificate import
* Tue Sep 18 2012
  - add the optional jamvm support
    * running build --with jamvm enables it
  - add an initial support for build of older releases
    * make some buildrequires dependant on suse_version
    * workaround older zlib w/o pkgconfig
    * fix cacerts installation on pre-11.3
* Tue Sep 11 2012
  - fix two further "uninitialized return" warnings for zero builds
* Thu Sep 06 2012
  - update directory ownership for i586
* Tue Sep 04 2012
  - add Sources as full links, so that they can be verified
  - replace no-return-on-nonvoid patch with a more robust version
    that annotates the nonreturning functions to avoid spurious
    warnings that fail the build
  - fix build on ARM and i586
  - remove files that are no longer used
* Tue Sep 04 2012
  - zero build can be enabled using rpmbuild (osc build) --with zero
  - add hotspot 2.1 needed for zero
  - fix filelist on %{ix86}
* Mon Sep 03 2012
  - update to icedtea-2.3.2 / OpenJDK7 u6 (bnc#777499)
    * Security fixes
    - S7162476, CVE-2012-1682: XMLDecoder security issue via ClassFinder
    - S7194567, CVE-2012-3136: Improve long term persistence of java.beans objects
    - S7163201, CVE-2012-0547: Simplify toolkit internals references
    - RH852051, CVE-2012-4681, S7162473: Reintroduce PackageAccessible checks
      removed in  6788531.
    * OpenJDK
    - Fix Zero FTBFS issues with 2.3
    - S7180036: Build failure in Mac platform caused by fix # 7163201
    - S7182135: Impossible to use some editors directly
    - S7183701: [TEST] closed/java/beans/security/ â compilation failed
    - S7185678: java/awt/Menu/NullMenuLabelTest/ failed with NPE
    * Bug fixes
    - PR1149: Zero-specific patch files not being packaged
  - use icedtea tarball for build again, this led into following dropped files
    because the are already in the tarball and simplified %prep and %build
    - drop class-rewriter.tar.gz
    - drop systemtap-tapset.tar.gz
    - drop desktop-files.tar.gz
    - drop nss.cfg
    - drop pulseaudio.tar.gz
    - drop
    - add archives from icedtea7-forest-2.3 for openjdk, corba, jaxp, jaxws,
      jdk, langtools and hotspot
    - drop rhino.patch, pulse-soundproperties and systemtap patch
  - move gnome bridge patches before make as it's irritating to have the
    patch fail after openjdk is built
  - use explicit file attributes in %files sections to prevent the file
    permissions problems in a future (like bnc#770040)
  - changed version scheme, so it now matches Oracle Java == Java7 u 6
* Thu Aug 30 2012
  - update to icedtea-2.3.1 / OpenJDK7 u6 (bnc#777499)
    * Security fixes
    - RH852051, CVE-2012-4681: Reintroduce PackageAccessible checks
      removed in  6788531.
    * Bug fixes
    - PR902: PulseAudioClip getMicrosecondsLength() returns length in
      milliseconds, not microseconds
    - PR986: IcedTea7 fails to build with IcedTea6 CACAO due to low max heap
    - PR1050: Stream objects not garbage collected
    - PR1119: Only add classes to rt-source-files.txt if the class (or one or
      more of its methods/fields) are actually missing from the boot JDK
    - PR1137: Allow JARs to be optionally compressed by setting COMPRESS_JARS
    * OpenJDK
    - Make dynamic support for GConf work again.
    - PR1095: Add configure option for -Werror
    - PR1101: Undefined symbols on GNU/Linux SPARC
    - PR1140: Unnecessary diz files should not be installed
    - S7192804, PR1138: Build should not install jvisualvm man page for OpenJDK
    * JamVM
    - ARMv6 armhf: Changes for Raspbian (Raspberry Pi)
    - PPC: Don't use lwsync if it isn't supported
    - X86: Generate machine-dependent stubs for i386
    - When suspending, ignore detached threads that have died, this prevents
      a user caused deadlock when an external thread has been attached to the
      VM via JNI and it has exited without detaching
    - Add missing REF_TO_OBJs for references passed from JNI, this enable
      JamVM to run Qt-Jambi
  - there are number of fixes in 2.3, see NEWS
* Thu Jul 12 2012
  - icedtea 2.2.1 does not support zerovm, limit the build to i586 and x86_64
* Mon Jul 02 2012
  - fix bnc#769543: triplicate menu entries
    * store jconsole and policytool in jvmdir and maintain symlink via
      update-alternatives only
  - use Settings;DesktopSettings;Security; for policytool
  - remove uneeded code generates fielists in install section
* Thu Jun 21 2012
  - update to icedtea-2.2.1
    * Security fixes
    - S7079902, CVE-2012-1711: Refine CORBA data models
    - S7110720: Issue with vm config file loadingIssue with vm config file loading
    - S7143606, CVE-2012-1717: File.createTempFile should be improved for temporary files created by the platform.
    - S7143614, CVE-2012-1716: SynthLookAndFeel stability improvement
    - S7143617, CVE-2012-1713: Improve fontmanager layout lookup operations
    - S7143851, CVE-2012-1719: Improve IIOP stub and tie generation in RMIC
    - S7143872, CVE-2012-1718: Improve certificate extension processing
    - S7145239: Finetune package definition restriction
    - S7152811, CVE-2012-1723: Issues in client compiler
    - S7157609, CVE-2012-1724: Issues with loop
    - S7160677: missing else in fix for 7152811
    - S7160757, CVE-2012-1725: Problem with hotspot/runtime_classfile
    - S7165628, CVE-2012-1726: Issues with java.lang.invoke.MethodHandles.Lookup
  - reduce number of file-listed-more-than-one for jre
  - remove hardcoded amd64 from systemtap path
  - use java-1_7_0-openjdk for build
* Thu Jun 14 2012
  - fix build on non-jit arches
* Thu May 10 2012
  - update to icedtea-2.1, openjdk b147
    * Security fixes
    - 7082299, CVE-2011-3571: Fix in AtomicReferenceArray
    - S7088367, CVE-2011-3563: Fix issues in java sound
    - S7110683, CVE-2012-0502: Issues with some KeyboardFocusManager method
    - S7110687, CVE-2012-0503: Issues with TimeZone class
    - S7110700, CVE-2012-0505: Enhance exception throwing mechanism in ObjectStreamClass
    - S7110704, CVE-2012-0506: Issues with some method in corba
    - S7112642, CVE-2012-0497: Incorrect checking for graphics rendering object
    - S7118283, CVE-2012-0501: Better input parameter checking in zip file processing
    - S7126960, CVE-2011-5035: Add property to limit number of request headers to the HTTP Server
    * Bug fixes
    - S7140882: Donât return booleans from methods returning pointers
    - S7091528: javadoc attempts to parse .class files
    - S7103610: _NET_WM_PID and WM_CLIENT_MACHINE are not set
    - S7049339: AnyBlit is broken with non-rectangular clips.
    - and many others
    * SUSE changes:
    - increase the priority to 17147 to be the default java (thanks Robert
    - openjdk-7-src-b147-no-return-in-nonvoid.patch and
      openjdk-7-src-b147-stringcompare.patch fixes issues found by post-build-check
    - buildrequire at least openjdk6 and let prjconf to handle the prefferences
* Tue Mar 06 2012
  - license update: GPL-2.0-with-classpath-exception
    Use SPDX syntax
* Wed Nov 02 2011
  - Initial SUSE packaging of icedtea-2.0/openjdk b146



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