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poedit-1.5.2-7.4.1 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE 12.2 updates for i586

Name: poedit Distribution: openSUSE 12.2
Version: 1.5.2 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 7.4.1 Build date: Fri Sep 21 14:56:56 2012
Group: Development/Tools/Other Build host: build14
Size: 823877 Source RPM: poedit-1.5.2-7.4.1.src.rpm
Summary: Cross-platform Gettext Catalogs Editing Tool
poEdit is cross-platform gettext catalogs (.po files) editor.
It is built with wxWidgets toolkit and can run on any platform
supported by it. It aims to provide more convenient approach to
editing catalogs than launching vi and editing the file by hand.






* Fri Sep 14 2012
  - for maintenance note: this version fix bnc#779633
* Tue Aug 14 2012
  - update to Version 1.5.2
    * fixed crash when clearing the translation
    * removed no longer needed line numbers from the UI
    * OS X: improved attention bar looks
    * translations updates
* Wed Aug 01 2012
  - update to Version 1.5.1
    * Windows: fix missing libstdc++-6.dll
    * updated several translations
  - Version 1.5
    * show translation errors inline with the entries they relate to,
      instead of a confusing errors log when saving
    * implement full support for message contexts
    * replaced popups when Poedit is started for the first time with
      unobtrusive Firefox-style notifications
    * selecting suggested translation from right-click popup menu now
      correctly removes fuzzy flag from the translation
    * warn the user if Plural-Forms header is inconsistent with the
      number of plural translations in the catalog or if has syntax
    * correctly deduce catalog's language from filenames in the form
      of foo.LANG.po, as used by several large Open Source projects
    * Boost library is now required when compiling from sources
    * fixed the Find window so that it can be closed using the Esc
    * positions of translation fields are now remembered correctly
      when Poedit window is maximized
    * added Edit->Clear translation command (Marcin Floryan)
    * removed View->Fullscreen view, it doesn't make sense in this
      kind of app
    * better application and document icons
    * removed the "Shaded translations list" option, it's now always
    * misc minor UI improvements
    * fixed possible transaction memory database corruption
    * added instructions on how to install additional spellchecker
    * added sorting by different criteria
    * improved source files viewer
    * included outdated documentation was replaced with online wiki
    * more keyboard navigation shortcuts
    * saving PO files no longer reformats source code references;
      moreover, they are always formatted according to the default
      style used by GNU gettext tools
    * don't restore remembered window positions if they are outside
      currently available screens
    * changed Alt+ shortcuts to non-conflicting Ctrl+ ones: "Copy
      From Source Text" now uses Ctrl+B and "Translation Is Fuzzy"
    * various UI improvements
    * added more translations:
      Bosnian translation (Kenan Dervisevic)
      Tajik (Victor Ibragimov)
      Kurdish Sorani (Asos Ap)
* Sun Mar 11 2012
  - Use wxWidgets defines.
  - Split off language package.
  - Removed check for unsupported openSUSE versions.
  - Use full URL as a source.
  - Corrected Summary style.
  - Use fdupes to remove file duplicates.
  - Added icon_theme_cache_post/un macros.
  - Removed redundant "clean" section.
  - Removed zip from build dependencies.
* Wed Apr 06 2011
  - fixed BuildRequires related to wxWidgets
  - fixed incorrect RPM group to Development/Tools/Other
* Mon May 31 2010
  - updated to
  - added gettext-tools to Requires [bnc#595327]
* Thu Oct 01 2009
  - updated to 1.4.3
  - cleaned spec file
* Thu Mar 26 2009
  - update to version 1.4.2
    * Unix: fixed Ctrl+Up/Down/PgUp/PgDn shortcuts when NumLock is on (#2006843)
    * added Uyghur translation
* Tue Aug 19 2008
  - update to version 1.4.1
    * fixed HTML export to properly escape the text
    * remember last used search phrase in Find window
  - 1.4.0
    * wxWidgets >= 2.8 is now required when compiling from sources
    * don't show comments windows by default to avoid confusion
    * significantly faster updating of catalogs on multi-core
    machines (on Linux, some distributions included multi-threaded
    gettext, some don't)
    * fixed remaining problems with list selection
    * use more standard way of differentiating between different kinds
    of entries in the list (translated, fuzzy, new) by using font
    variants instead of different background colors (#1863332)
    * don't update PO-Revision-Date header if it's unused (#1900298)
    * added Belarusian latin translation (Alaksandar Navicki)
* Fri Dec 14 2007
  - update to version 1.3.9
    * OS X: fixed corruption of first entry when opening catalog
    from manager



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