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xterm-368-2.2 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Tumbleweed for x86_64

Name: xterm Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 368 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.2 Build date: Sat Sep 18 15:13:25 2021
Group: System/X11/Utilities Build host: lamb20
Size: 38946 Source RPM: xterm-368-2.2.src.rpm
Summary: The basic X terminal program
This package contains the basic X.Org terminal program desktop launcher.






* Tue Aug 17 2021 Ludwig Nussel <>
  - use TERM=xterm-256color by default (boo#1188864)
* Wed Jun 09 2021 Marcus Meissner <>
  - update to Patch #368 -  2021/06/07
    * add DefaultOff option to RenderFont resource, as part of the session-management feature.
    * add auto-scroll-lock feature (patch by add Stelios Bounanos).
    * update the window-size information returned via TIOCGWINSZ when rows/columns are unchanged but the font-size changes (report by Nick Black).
    * improve session-management feature by saving/restoring the font settings.
    * update config.guess, config.sub
* Wed Apr 07 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to Patch #367 - 2021/03/26
    * add  OSC 22 to allow programs to select different pointer cursor at
    * change  configuration for no-return functions to use _Noreturn when
      it  is  available, because clang --analyze does not properly handle
      the gcc noreturn attribute.
    * add  cursorTheme resource to provide a way to enable or disable the
      cursor theme feature.
    * modified  CopyWait  event retries to use shorter sleeps, to improve
      responsiveness (tmux #2556).
    * improve quoting/escaping in demo-scripts per shellcheck.
    * add  resizeByPixel  resource,  to  permit  disabling window manager
      resizing-hints (patch by Tim Oehl).
    * corrected  printOptsImmediate  handling of alternate-screen (report
      by Abhijit Dasgupta).
    * update sample terminfo to more closely match ncurses.
    * add/improve limit-checks for Xlib calls (report by Roman Fiedler).
    * fix a typo in the help-message (report by Tomas Korbar).
* Thu Feb 11 2021 Marcus Meissner <>
  - Updated to Patch#366 2021/02/10
    * correct   a  compiler-warning  fix  in  patch  #352  which  allowed
      sign-extension of coordinate values (report by "CismonX").
    * correct  upper-limit for selection buffer, accounting for combining
      characters (report/testcase by Tavis Ormandy).
      (CVE-2021-27135 bsc#1182091)
    * with alwaysHighlight true, xterm does not properly track focus. The
      screen->select   FOCUS  flag  remains  always  on,  which  prevents
      bellIsUrgent  from  working, as the urgent WM_HINT flag is only set
      in  setXUrgency()  when  the  window  is  not  focused. Fix this by
      updating screen->select in unselectwindow() regardless of the value
      of always_highlight (patch by Jiri Bohac).
    * improve  fix  for  interaction between SRM and ENQ (report by Grant
    * build-fix   for  --with-Xaw3dxft,  needed  when  --with-toolbar  is
      omitted (report by Jimmy Olgeni, Emanuel Haupt).
  - Updated to Patch #365 - 2021/02/03
    * amend fix for “word” selection in patch #364 to limit that to
      the insert-selectable action, which reads data from the screen. This
      restores the interactive behavior where double-clicking on a
      “word” would make subsequent selection extensions by words as
      well as suppressing some boundary-checks (report by David Wolfskill,
      FreeBSD #253225).
  - Updated to Patch #364 - 2021/02/02
    * add -fc option.
    * correct/improve limit-checks for SRM versus ENQ from patch #344 (report by Tom Szilagyi).
    * enable XftFont resource in Xaw3dxft configuration (patch by Tavis Ormandy).
    * improve quoting/escaping in build-scripts per shellcheck.
    * add libpcre2-posix to the packages tested for --with-pcre2 option, needed with Fedora (report by Tomas Korbar).
    * correct a typo in manual page, and note that KeepClipboard may not be compiled-in (report/patch by Sean C Farley).
    * corrected boundary-checks for “word” selection used in onNClicks resources (report by Tavis Ormandy).
    * update to autoconf-2.52-20210101, to improve shellcheck warnings.
    * improve configure check for desktop categories.
* Tue Jan 12 2021 Avindra Goolcharan <>
  - Update to Patch#363 - 2020/12/26
    * disable groff hyphenation in generated html when using man2html.
    * change SCS “&4” Cyrillic to non-NRCS, per VT520 manual.
    * amend fix for SCS in patch #198 to remove DEL rather than converting
      it to a space (report by Thomas Wolff).
    * modify state transitions for selecting character sets to eliminate
      an ambiguity between the “A” used in VT220 versus VT320.
      improve error recovery when selecting characters by resetting to US
      ASCII when no suitable encoding is found, e.g., attempting to use
      an NRCS sequence when NRCS is not enabled.
    * turn off hyphenation in “.txt” conversion, prompted by groff changes.
    * add VT5xx ISO Latin-2 (prompted by discussion with Thomas Wolff).
    * amend change from patch #361 to event-handling in CopyWait to handle
      active-icon as a special case (Debian #975687).
    * add call to loadColorTable to get the visual information needed to
      decode BE RGBA32 color format (patch by Leandro Lupori).
    * modify the resource-parsing for disallowedPasteControls and similar
      lists of names/numbers to recognize “~;” (tilde) for cancelling a given name/number.
    * add ENQ, EOT and NUL to default for disallowedPasteControls.
    * change default for disallowedPasteControls to omit the tab character
      (suggested by Harald Dunkel).
    * fix swapped height/width in regisScreenSize and maxGraphicSize resources
      using "auto" value, from patch #314 (report by Anton Lavrentiev)
    * revise patch #362 change for shift-modifier versus mouse protocol
      and select/paste by adding resource shiftEscape, which can be enabled
      via a control sequence (prompted by discussion with Matthijs van Duin).
    * simplify/improve ifdef in trace code for using a separate set of files
      for each run of xterm.
    * add options -r and -t to vttests/ to show the 6-digit
      RGB code and actual colors.
    * add nel to xterm-basic terminfo.
    * alter vttests/ to omit HTML reference links to the
      modified-keys table where no keycode was available.
  - includes Patch #361 - 2020/10/14
    * treat the return value of strerror as readonly (patch by Philipp
      Klaus Krause).
    * modify event-handling in CopyWait to work around hanging while writing
      large amounts of text to an active icon and at the same time iconifying/
      deiconifying (report by Dave Kemper).
    * initialize double-buffer for active-icon window.
    * improve manual page description of scrollbar resources (report by Brian Lindholm).
      correct ifdef for menu entry for active-icon, when initializing
      it with toolbar configuration.
    * add preprocessor option to makefile to set internal definition of
      pixmaps directory to match the install-configuration (FreeBSD #250036)
    * cleanup of calls to free, removing checks for null (Walter Harms)
    * add fallback actions pointer-button and pointer-motion which handle
      events for the mouse control-sequences protocol if the select-related
      translations are omitted with *omitTranslation:select (prompted by
      discussion with "Ergus")
    * amend rule for using shift-key to override mouse-protocol for select/
      paste to limit that feature to mouse-buttons which are actually
      bound to select/paste actions (prompted by discussion with "Ergus").
    * corrected mapping in special case for repainting wrap-marks when viewing
      the scrollback area.
    * use separate GCs for showWrapMarks feature, to work around cursor
      coloring change in patch #345 (report by Paulo Silva de Alíbano).
  - includes Patch #360 - 2020/09/20
    * mention decGraphicsID in (suggested by Thomas Wolff).
    * modify pixel-coordinate mouse reponse to use as origin the VT100-
      window rather than the underlying widget, which includes the scrollbar (report by Thomas Wolff).
    * add configure option --disable-print-graphics (Ross Combs).
    * add test_ptydata to “make check” rule.
    * minor fixes for (report by Jean-Marc Bourguet).
    * minor fixes for manpage style (report/patch by "a1346054").
    * correct cleanup from switch between italics/normal font in the show/
      hide cursor functions (report/testcase by Peter Fabinski)
    * integrated patch by Ross Combs:
      internal renaming of GraphicsID symbols, for readability.
      adjust logic for VT125, treating it as a ReGIS terminal.
    * update configure macros, for compiler-warning fixes.
    * integrated patch by Ross Combs:
      add control sequence modes for graphics printing.
      improve conversion to bitmaps for TrueType fonts in ReGIS
      add font7 resource, for an “enormous” bitmap font.
      do not reset graphics in a soft-reset.
      add pointerFont resource, and -pf command-line option.
    * improve typography of manual page (patch by Branden Robinson).
    * amend patch #359 change to to ignore a command-line
      assignment to DESTDIR if followed by an explicit --dir (report by Sven Joachim)
  - merged 2 patches to form xterm-suse.patch
  - remove xterm-settings.patch
  - remove xterm-better-fonts.patch
  - rebase xterm-sigwinch.patch
  - cleanup spec
* Tue Sep 15 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
  - update urls to use https (its 2020 after all)
  - Update to Patch#359 - 2020/08/17
    * add special case in WriteText to allow colors 8-15 to override colorBDMode
    * add utf8Weblike resource, to provide an alternate scheme for handling ill-formed UTF-8 sequences
    * improve computation for the number of lines needed to scroll-up a SIXEL graphic
    * correct manpage description for default value of disallowWindowOps from changes in xterm #331
    * correct a loop starting-point in refresh_graphics from optimization in patch #358 changes
    * add a new mouse mode 1016, which uses the same format as mode 1006, but sends the mouse's position in pixels
    * fix an issue from patch #338 changes where only the first selection buffer specified in the request would be updated using OSC 52
    * modify makefile/scripts to allow DESTDIR to prefix the target directory for desktop-file-install
    * enable SIXEL feature by default.
    * update config.guess, config.sub
    * correct logic for decodeTerminalID changes in patch #357
    * modify makefile to use when linking test-programs, to fix build when using pcre
    * build-fix for test_ptydata program
    * several minor optimizations for the ReGIS and SIXEL features, improving performance by 10%.
    * add resource decGraphicsID to allow displaying graphics when the emulation level would ordinarily disallow this
    * add control sequences for fast switching of color palettes: XTPUSHCOLORS, XTPOPCOLORS, XTREPORTCOLORS
    * amend change for soft-hyphen from patch #328 to avoid stripping replacement-characters which would be shown with malformed or overlong UTF-8 input.
    * corrected an error-handling case in decodeUtf8, matching a similar fix in patch #268
    * add a test-driver for ptydata.c
    * minor cleanup of macros
    * fix some errata in
    * allow immediate repaint-on-palette-changed if double-buffering is enabled.
    * deprecate codes 10/11 in sgr push controls, changing those to 30/31, to avoid confusion with sgr 10-19.
    * modify SGR parameter handling to stop if an unrecognized parameter is encountered, to guard against malformed or nonstandard sequences
    * modify DECERA color for consistency with other erasures/clearing
    * ECH should not be masked by DECSCA
    * extend DECFRA and REP to accept any “graphic” character rather than just Latin1, etc.
    * add -C option to and, to demonstrate mixed semicolon/colon separators which are implied by ECMA-48.
    * update sample terminfo to reflect the documentation improvements.
    * update description of 88/256/direct color in to point out that using semicolons is a deprecated legacy feature, and standard terminal applications should use colons
    * modify configure-check for tgetent to conditionally include termcap.h, enabling configuration using clang's pedantic-errors option
    * remove some unnecessary pointer checks
    * accept terminal-id and add DA response for VT131, VT132.
    * revise fix for Debian #954730, which interfered with wheel mouse events
    * revise fix for Debian #954730, which interfered with wheel mouse events
    * fix typos in documentation
    * add mapping for decTerminalID for “100” overlooked in patch #354.
    * update tables in wcwidth.c based on Unicode 13.0.0
    * build-fix for “make check” when building out-of-tree
    * work around performance problems of XDrawImageString and XDrawImageString16 functions
    * add a control sequence which reports xterm's version
    * temporarily set numeric locale category to "C" when parsing resources, so that scaleHeight and faceSize settings do not depend on locale
    * improve DA/DA2 response by ensuring that the decTerminalID maps to one of the known identifiers, as well as providing DA2 response for VT241 and VT382.
    * terminfo improvements:
    * add  comments from ncurses which explain the keypad layouts.
    * add vt52+keypad from ncurses
    * use improved xm example for xterm+x11mouse, xterm+sm+1006 from ncurses 6.2 terminfo.src
    * two fixes for left/right wheel mouse event reporting
    * filter identical button-events
    * correct order of button-range versus protocol type
    * change “make check” makefile-rule to use test-drivers for charclass and wcwidth data.
    * quiet “did not find a usable xxx TrueType font” warnings by making fontWarnings apply to these messages
    * improve reinitialization of parameter list
    * temporarily set numeric locale category to "C" when formatting SVG or XHTML screendumps, to make the radix separator used in RGB values consistent
    * add resource forceXftHeight to control whether workaround from Debian #880407 is used.
    * apply updated ascent/descent in workaround from Debian #880407 to fix a 1-pixel gap in built-in vertical lines
    * improve round-off of scaling for built-in line-drawing
    * adjust fonts in svg-icon files to accommodate reduced functionality of new pango
    * improve configure check for X Toolkit library.
    * correct Y-coordinate transformation in ClearCurBackground, overlooked in changes for patch #334
    * remove --vendor option from test-packages' install of desktop files; the feature is badly broken in gnome-shell.
    * modify uxterm to make it possible to select nonstandard locale C.UTF-8, e.g, if the user's locale is set to “C”
    * re-save/tweak “.svg” icon-files to work around breakage in toolset since the files were created in patch #283.
* Tue Jun 09 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Add Recommends: xorg-x11-fonts-legacy, since the default font
    is now available in that package. If the font is not available
    it will fall back to use a font installed in xorg-x11-fonts
    and it can also use truetype fonts, thus the Recommends instead
    of a Requires (related to boo#1169444)
* Fri Jun 05 2020 Callum Farmer <>
  - Fixes for %_libexecdir changing to /usr/libexec
* Thu Mar 26 2020 Marcus Meissner <>
  - Patch #353 - 2020/02/01
    - amend change in patch #352 for button-events to fix a case where some followup events were not processed soon enough (report/patch by Jimmy Aguilar Mena).
    - handle MappingNotify X event, to improve recovery when switching keyboard configurations using xkbcomp (prompted by discussion with Frank Mosch, Debian #661295). There is more work needed here, possibly in the X libraries.
    - improve discussion of mouse-mode in (suggested by Igor van den Hoven).
    - further improve checks for Xft max-advance-width to take into account fonts which use two cells for ambiguous width characters. Also improve the time used for these checks (reports by Yuri Pankov, Frank Mosch).
    - fix a few spelling errors reported by codespell (report by Jens Schleusener).
    - modify to prefer development version of ncurses since changes to terminfo file in patch #345 rely upon bug-fixes in ncurses (prompted by discussion with Will Senn).
  - Patch #352 - 2020/01/16
    - adjust fontsize data to handle a minor inconsistency from recent Xft versions (Debian #880407, adapted from patch by Vincent Lefevre).
    - add a table to the manual page description of forceBoxChars to alert the reader to the special characters aside from “line-drawing” which are drawn directly when this resource is set (Debian #931305).
    - improve checkXft logic which attempts to detect fonts whose max-advance-width is inconsistent with the actual glyph widths. For some fonts, it is necessary to check additional characters (report/analysis by Jan Engelhardt).
    - improve configure-checks for X headers and libraries on recent MacOS, which has moved those files under /usr/X11.
    - improve portability of iconify/deiconify feature by taking into account some window managers which manipulate the EWMH _NET_WM_STATE property, adding/removing _NET_WM_STATE_HIDDEN rather than actually minimizing the window (prompted by discussion with Jörg Breitbart).
    - improve workaround from patch #287 for the -iconic option when configured with toolbar by postponing the extra request for minimizing the window to the end of menu-initialization.
    - modify xevents special-case for mouse-events to include button-events so that the meta key by itself can generate button-events (report/analysis by Mattias Engdegård).
    - amend SGR-stack change from patch #348 to not associate bold attribute with background color (report by Nicholas Marriott).
    - fix copy/paste error in manual page (patch by Larry Hynes).
    - add definitions in xterm_io.h so that GNU/Hurd will use posix_openpty (patch by Samuel Thibault).
    - build-fix in debug-tracing, for esctest.
    - updated autoconf macros
    - update config.guess
  - Patch #351 - 2019/11/17
    - correct logic in property_to_string for deciding when to fallback from UTF-8 decoding to ISO-8859-1 decoding, broken in xterm #350 (FreeBSD #241961).
    - add -report-icons to help-message.
    - improved autoconf macros:
    - CF_ADD_LIBS: the change to filter out duplicates caused this to append rather than prepend. revise to fix that.
    - CF_GCC_VERSION and CF_GCC_WARNINGS: move checks to distinguish icc/clang from gcc from the macro which handles the --enable-warnings option, to make this work without-warnings for the inline-checks.
    - update config.guess, config.sub
    - correct status in XTGETXRES replies when the resource was not found.
    - fix some gcc, cppcheck, clang and coverity warnings.
    - guard call to RequestResize from the struct-notify event handler to prevent recursion in the Xft+buffered workaround in some cases when doing manual resizing rather than resizing via escape sequences (reports by Stefan Assman, Mike Thornburg).
    - amend the workaround for Xft+buffered blanking by moving the switch to bitmap-fonts to account for differences in font metrics between bitmap- and TrueType-fonts (report by Stefan Assmann).
    - improve the note on the xterm-rep terminfo entry (prompted by discussion with Sven Joachim).
  - Patch #350 - 2019/11/02
    - modify html/svg dump to not ignore zero'd/blank cells.
    - align terminfo file with ncurses, e.g., add xterm+osc104 block.
    - improve discussion of modifyOtherKeys in manual page and in
    - add vttests/ script to illustrate the modifyOtherKeys resource (prompted by discussion with Bram Moolenaar).
    - various improvements to, as part of autogenerating links for the website.
    - update manual page default for saveLines resource default value (Branden Robinson, Debian #913815).
    - add command-line option -report-xres to show the values of the VT100 widget X resources when initialization is complete.
    - add a control sequence which, like tcap-query, allows an application to inspect most X resource settings of the VT100 widget.
    - adjust some optional features to enable them in the imake configuration as they would be by default via the configure script.
    - add null-pointer checks to improve error recovery when bitmap fonts are missing or corrupt (report by Jonne Ransijn).
    - correct the condition for deleting the EWMH window-title property, i.e., if UTF-8 titles are disabled, rather than if an update to the EWHM property found no change (report by Sven Joachim).
    - build-fix for the case when configure --enable-trace is used without --enable-warnings (report by Sven Joachim).
    - fix a few minor bugs found with Coverity.
    - add a check in property_to_string to avoid translating UTF8_STRING or COMPOUND_TEXT into Latin-1 when UTF-8 encoding is active, e.g., when pushing onto the title-stack while switching to the alternate screen.
    - build-fix for the --disable-doublechars configure option (report by Brian Lindholm).
  - Patch #349 - 2019/09/22
    - add graphic context to support bold+italics (patch by Quinn Strahl).
    - document window properties in the manual page.
    - improve title-string feature:
    - if any of allowC1Printable, utf8Title or titleModes hint that an application might send a title-string encoded in UTF-8, check if that is the case, and if it is recodable into ISO-8859-1, use that for the ICCCM-style title.
    - check if the title given by a control sequence happens to be already encoded in UTF-8, to avoid double-encoding (FreeBSD #240393).
    - Make sameName resource work for the EWMH titles.
    - Modify menu-state of utf8Title to be consistent with the utf8 source, i.e., setting the EWMH properties automatically when UTF-8 is active.
    - reorganize text-drawing to make it possible to investigate using Xft to implement VT100-style double-sized characters. While doing this, made a workaround for apparent Xft bug which loses its drawable state when switching from 132 to 80 columns.
    - improve font-warning messages by showing which are derived rather than directly from resource settings (suggested by Tomas Korbar). Also filter repeated font-warning messages, to accommodate broken X configurations.
    - fix an inconsistency between failure to load derived wide font versus failure to load derived wide-bold font (Redhat #1679790). That relies upon the “:unscaled” property which is broken in some distributions (however, recent Debian and the BSDs such as MacOS work).
    - updated autoconf-252 to check X11R7 include/lib directories found on some older configurations.
    - set a graphic-context for border when double-buffering is active; to prevent the border color from changing when switching to reverse-video.
    - build-fix for --disable-ziconbeep, which conflicted with the new double-buffer configuration (report by Brian Lindholm).
    - fix loop-limit for lookup of fullscreen resource broken in xterm #347 (report by Scott Bertilson).
  - Patch #348 - 2019/07/22
    - update window-manager hints when exiting Tek4014 mode (Debian #932569, patch by Jonathan Irwin).
    - fix a misformatted printf in
    - add configure check for termios types, to improve compiler-warnings.
    - ensure that when resetting margins, to also reset DECLRMM. This affects DECCOLM, DECALN (although DEC STD 070 mentions only top/bottom margins), and DECSTR.
    - corrected order of reset/move when setting DECCOLM, and make it more consistent by always resetting margins, rather than only when the mode is changed (report by James Holderness).
    - compile-in double-buffer support by default, changing the configure option to set the default resource value for buffered to true or false.
    - take in account the reverse-video state when computing the filler-color used when clearing the screen in double-buffering configuration.
    - correct logic for filtering scrollbar-updates when buffered resource is compiled-in but not enabled (report by Paul Lampert).
    - improve state saved/restored for cursor-save and SGR stack features.
    - improve description of 1006 and 1005 mouse modes, to avoid implying that they use character-parameters (report by Bryan Christ).
    - explain in that some of the numeric keypad keys were xterm extensions rather than VT100/VT220 terminal features (prompted by discussion with Thomas Wolff).
    - explain in how the DEC windowing extension is supported by xterm.
    - add 28 rectangular editing to the primary response (suggested by Thomas Wolff).
    - fix a typo, improve wording in (Thomas Wolff).
    - fix internal column-parameter when SL or SR is used with left/right margins (patch by Thomas Wolff).
    - fix off-by-one in VT52 graphics character mapping (patch by Thomas Wolff).
    - use _X_UNUSED, etc., when available as a fallback for GCC_UNUSED, etc., to reduce compiler warnings when building with imake.
    - update config.sub
  - Patch #347 - 2019/06/30
    - fix a few minor bugs found with Coverity.
    - improve double-buffering for scrollbars combined with scrolled text; add bufferedFPS resource to control the maximum rate of screen updates (report by Mike Thornburg).
    - improve fixes for DECCRA handling of double-width characters (patch by Martin Hostettler).
    - improve discussion of ECMA-48's typographical error for SD in (prompted by report by Martin Hostettler).
    - correct off-by-one in parameter limit-check for DECCRA (report by Martin Hostettler).
    - modify saveCellData to handle case where double-width character is partially copied; that should be blanked (report/testcase by Thomas Wolff).
    - add resource buffered to allow enabling/disabling double-buffered mode.
    - two fixes for the double-buffer configuration, prompted by MacPorts' switch to double-buffering (patch by Mike Thornburg, MacPorts #58313):
    - ensure that the needSwap flag is set after drawing TrueType text
    - corrected the drawable-parameter used for the bar-cursor
    - modify ScrnRefresh to ignore a case where the left/right halves of a double-width character have been set to different video attributes. The attribute to use is in the left-half (report/testcase by Thomas Wolff).
    - correct a limit-check for DECCRA in case the target lies off-screen (report/testcase by Thomas Wolff).
    - documentation errata (report by Thomas Wolff).
    - reset flags including wraparound and reverse-wrap when switching to VT52 mode, while noting that DEC's standard documentation leaves that behavior undefined (report by Thomas Wolff).
    - ensure that italic font is turned off on hard/soft resets (report by Martin Hostettler).
    - improve responsiveness to X events while processing HTML or SVG dumps (report by Martin Hostettler).
    - replace logic in wcwidth.c for detecting double-width characters with binary-search table generated using updated uniset (report by Robert Ross).
    - add test-driver for wcwidth.c to simplify comparison with system's wcwidth.
    - ensure that window-manager name comparisons work when active-icon is enabled, since CSI13t uses the window-manager name (report by Glenn Golden, Arch #62818).
    - trim a stray “experimental” in one of the comments about the tcap-query feature, which has been a supported feature since 2008 (see patch #238).
  - Patch #346 - 2019/05/27
    - update description of the “default” setting for the renderFont resource to match the behavior in patch #261 (Debian #862042).
    - account for internalBorder in useBorderClipping (report by Robert Ross).
    - update table of unknown-width characters in wcwidth.c based on Unicode 12.1.0 (prompted by discussion with Robert Ross).
    - improve description of DECSCL versus S7C1T and S8C1T in
    - improve consistency between CSI3t and CSI13t, accounting for differences between some window managers' handling of EMWH extents (report by Bram Moolenaar).
    - fix a sign-extension when reporting offscreen window position (report by Bram Moolenaar).
* Tue Jul 23 2019 Marcus Meissner <>
  - split out vttest
  - enable LTO (was only a problem for vttest)
* Wed May 15 2019
  - Patch #345
    * modify treatment of reverseVideo for dynamic colors
    * correct a typo in setDirectFG
    * add resource useBorderClipping
    * fix a special case in XTPOPSGR to check direct colors
    * increase response-buffer size
    * reduce the number of buffer-flashes for tcap-query batches
* Wed Apr 24 2019 Martin Liška <>
  - Disable LTO (boo#1133295).
* Mon Feb 18 2019
  - Patch #344
    * add ASCII escape to default for disallowedPasteControls
    * fix typo in
    * implement DEC Cyrillic NRCS
    * correct control returning sixel geometry max vs. actual size
    * improve man page for resize
    * improve mem management for parser to handle response strings
    * disallow recursion which could happen in answerbackString
* Mon Jan 14 2019
  - Patch #343
    * modify to prefer ncurses6 over ncurses5
    * add COPYING file and dummy "check" makefile
    * update tables of combining and ambiguous-width chars in wcwidth.c
    * modify xtemr-new sample terminfo entry to correspond to ncurses 6.1
    * improve documentation for deleteIsDEL resource
    * modify logic for TrueType fallback fonts to match the sort-order
      used by fc-match
* Fri Jan 04 2019
  - Patch #342
    * limit mouse-button events to 11 buttons in the protocol
    * correct calculaton for buttons past 11 (15 in extended proto)
    * disable a supplementary check added in #341 that interferes with
      fontconfig to select different sized bitmap fonts
* Sat Dec 29 2018
  - Patch #341
    * Add options to mouse-codes script to demonstrate encoding works
    * Allow mouse button numbers up to 11 using an offset of 128 for 8-11
    * correct off-by-one right margin checks for double-width char adjustments
    * modify the initial pattern passed to fontconfig to disallow color bmps
    * improve error recovery for a case where fontconfig ignores the requested pattern
* Sun Sep 23 2018
  - Patch #337
    * regenerated configure script
    * revise/improve fix for scrolling in margins
    * amend change to default-translations "select" to ensure that specific key-press actions are listed first
* Sun Aug 26 2018
  - Patch #335 - 2018/08/14
    * add colorInnerBorder resource to make a change from patch
      [#334] configurable (reports by H Merijn Brand, Gabriele
  - Patch #334 - 2018/08/12
    * modify Imakefile to reflect the fact that NetBSD no longer
      has a working termcap emulation.
    * add resource-setting validShells which can be used to augment
      the system's /etc/shell (prompted by discussion with Paul
    * stifle some useless warnings from lintian in test-packages.
    * add the ncurses extension “RGB” to the responses for the
      termcap-query feature.
    * improved getopts-handling in sample scripts.
    * fix some warnings from gcc8 and clang --analyze.
    * update note about incorrect documentation for DECRQSS to
      include VT525 (report by Markus Schmidt).
    * correct check for default-values in rectangular parsing; a
      zero counts as a missing or default parameter
      (report/testcase by Markus Schmidt).
    * correct some ranges in the ambiguous[] table in wcwidth
      (adapted from patch by KUGA Tsutomu).
    * fix a special case with faint video attribute incorrectly
      combined with default color.
    * add private control XTREPORTSGR for reporting
      video-attributes and color on a rectangle, and script to demonstrate it.
    * modify some of the markup in to work around
      groff's reassignment of ASCII punctuation characters as
      documented in groff_char(7).
    * treat ECMA-48 SGR 6 the same as SGR 5.
    * add private controls XTPUSHSGR and XTPOPSGR for
      saving/restoring the current video-attributes on a stack
      (adapted from patch by Dan Thompson).
    * modify DECRPM response for logging enable to indicate its
      state even when enabling/disabling it is not allowed.
    * implement DECSNLS
    * implement DECRSPS
    * improve fill-color for double-buffer configuration, which was
      sharing a graphic context with the cursor.
    * fix a couple of cases where double-sized VT100 characters
      were not clipped, seen in Joe Smith's VT100 torture test.
    * color the inner border using the same borderColor as the
      outer border, rather than filling with the VT100's default
    * change encoding of “THANKS” to UTF-8.
    * modify handling of DECELR to recognize MotionNotify events
      again, amending a check for allowMouseOps which limited that
      to button-events in patch #328 (Olaf Rogalsky).
    * fix some screen-painting problems with left/right margins
      when using insert-line or delete-line (report/testcase by
      Martin Hostettler). also fix similar case with
    * several minor performance improvements using macros, e.g.,
      inline checks for character width.
    * implement DECSCPP.
    * implement DECCIR and DECTABSR presentation reports.
    * modify checksum computation for DECRQCRA to treat
      uninitialized cells as blanks rather than nulls.
    * drop custom-entity from HTML-dump, use UTF-8 for &nbsp;
      (Debian #902381).
    * modify display of non-BMP characters when using bitmap fonts
      to show a null/empty box rather than the replacement
      character which was used in cleanup changes for patch #233
      (report by Christian Weisgerber).
    * when setting up clipping rectangle for Xft, allow for the
      case where xterm is only displaying a combining character,
      where the base was already written (report by Joshua
    * allow reset Xft's state if switching font-sizes when
      double-buffering is used.
    * fix repainting, e.g., on resize, when double-buffering is
      used with Xft (patch by Daniel Colascione).
    * correct some interchanged pairs of symbols in
      unicode/ (Brad Town).
    * improve configure macros CF_GCC_WARNINGS, CF_GNU_SOURCE,
    * modify logFile resource to interpret “-” as the standard
      output (adapted patch by Colum Paget).
    * improve documentation of Tek4014 menu options; fix a case
      where the Tek4014 window was not displayed before switching
    * re-correct parameter for pid used for DECCKSR, DECRQCSR (see
      xterm #315).
    * hard/soft reset now resets the cursor-blinking state that may
      have been set via escape sequences; the cursor-blinking
      menu-entry feature is unmodified (report by Matthieu Herrb).
    * update config.guess, config.sub
  - Patch #333 - 2018/05/03
    * ensure that i18n is enabled if input-method is enabled.
    * modify logic for pre-edit to update spot-location while the
      cursor is invisible (Kakoune #1940).
    * change default icon to newer one, "mini.xterm".
    * install a complete set of icons, to simplify post-install
    * add resource disallowedPasteControls to extend filtering of
      control characters from pastes.
    * add print-on-error action-hook, and document action-hooks for
      dump-html, dump-svg.
    * provide action-hook for print-immediate, which was available
      only as a menu-item (report by Rastislav Barlik).
    * continue to improve notes in which mention where
      various controls originated.
    * add case to accept ECMA-48's bogus SD, but document the issue
    * add control sequence for loading XPM-icon file, using the
      analogous control sequence from shelltool/dtterm.
    * add -report-icons option, to report on XPM-icon and title-bar
    * correct a discrepancy between locator-reports for VT220 vs
    * add window-ops control sequences to complement existing ones
      for reporting window-position and text-area size with reports
      for text-area position and window-size.
    * display vt52 graphics mode characters.
    * correct case-statement for window-ops 10, overlooked since
      some window managers equate vertical-maximize and
      horizontal-maximize window hints with full-screen maximize.
* Wed Aug 15 2018
  - Copy updated config.sub config.guess files into vttest sources
* Tue Jul 10 2018
  - xterm-better-fonts.patch: Adjust the defaults fonts a bit so
    some chinese letters are displayed better (bsc#1089049)
* Mon Apr 23 2018
  - Patch #332
  - spec-cleaned
  - drop support for unsupported distros
    * add a GetChecksum item to disallowedWindowOps
    * improve notes in which mention where various controls originated.
    * add control sequences for querying the X display size and the character size,
      both in pixels to help eliminate some of the constants in esctest.
    * fixes prompted by review of George Nachman's esctest script:
    * add a null-pointer check and a limit-check in xtermCheckRect.
    * correct limit-check for right-margin when processing autowrapping if xterm
      is not built for wide-characters.
    * repair logic in RIS to reset 132-column mode when an escape sequence is
      used to enable 80/132-column switching.
    * correct array-limit for EWMH working state.
    * further improve limit-checks versus assert's.
    * correct order of check-margins and move-to-left margin for DL and IL.
    * modify reverse-wrap to pay attention to top/bottom margins as it has done
      for left/right margins since patch #279.
    * modify behavior of DECFI and DECBI to not index the screen at the left/right
      edge of the display unless those happen to be the left/right margins.
    * add case for VT320 DSR response for keyboard status.
    * improve check for valid shell path using getusershell and endusershell
      if available, in case /etc/shells does not exist/
    * modified configure checks for groff and man2html, to use the latter by default,
      but allowing mandoc as a partial replacement for former.
* Sat Feb 03 2018
  - Patch #331 - 2017/12/30
    * add workaround for improper grayscale adjustments made in
      FreeType library, exposed by changes to rounding in 2.8.1,
      which shows up as a gap in line-drawing characters
    * improve a special case where a non-Unicode font's line-drawing
      characters were not used, when specifying it via the utf8Fonts
    * replace constant 10msec delay for next X event with new resource
      nextEventDelay, and reduce that to 1msec to accommodate faster
      machines than used when -hold was implemented in 1999
    * add scroll-to action, which simplifies binding a key to scroll
      to the beginning or end of the saved-lines
    * add building blocks for alternate screen and/or title-stack
      features in the terminfo file.
    * improve calculations for cell-data size.
    * configure script: enable XHTML/SVG screen dumps by default.
    * configure script: enable 256-colors by default.
    * update config.guess, config.sub
    * configure script: option for --with-man2html to use improved
      script by default.
    * add case for private mode 1044 in DECRQM, to report the
      keepClipboard resource setting and corresponding menu entry.
    * fix an inconsistency between private mode 12 (the AT&T 610
      cursor blink) and DECSCUSR: the former relied on having the
      cursorBlink resource set initially to enable the escape sequence,
      while the latter does not.
    * add private modes 13 and 14, as well as resource cursorBlinkXOR
      to allow better control over the cursor-blinking state
    * modify the html and svg screen dumps to support direct color
    * modify media copy (screen-printing) to support the same SGR
      codes as DECRQSS, including 88/256 indexed color as well as
      direct color.
    * improve options-parsing for script.
    * modify parsing of SGR direct-color control making color space
      identitier optional. The corresponding DECRQSS reply always
      returns an empty (default) field for the identifier.
    * add wide-attributes to DECRQSS reply for SGR.
    * add private mode 1046 to help with scripting applications.
    * correct expression used for readline-flags in DECRQM; to test
      the current flag rather than information stacked within the
      same variable.
    * correct typo in reference to ISO-8613-6
    * fix lintian warning for test-package.
    * fix typo in DECRQSS for SGR 48, which printed the foreground
      value for colors past 15. Also use colon delimiter for codes
      38/48 in response
    * improve workaround for Debian #542434 by using the font's
      maximum width when no ISO-8859-1 glyphs are provided
    * work around a special case of Xft's mismanagement of its
      cached data by adding a check before the -report-fonts option
      to ensure that it does not use an XftPattern which may have been
      freed during a call to XftFontOpenPattern.
    * improve manual page description of regex option for onXClicks
    * add directColor resource.
    * additional manpage macro cleanup
    * add optional support for direct-colors
    * improve legacy/NRC character set mapping:
      + enable alternate NRC set designators for French and French
      Canadian, ‘9’ and ‘f’ respectively, as documented in ctlseqs.
      (‘9’ is documented for VT510, ‘f’ is a Kermit feature).
      + correct the Unicode value in the DEC Technical table to show
      capital delta.
      + referring to
      + add entries for the DEC Supplemental Graphics table to display
      0x28/0xa8 as ¤ and 0x5d/0xdd as Ÿ.
      referring to
    * alter the Unicode values used for 0x2b through 0x2c to use
      curly braces to work with the “middle” parts displayed with
    0x2f and 0x30.
      + modify the VT220 “Supplemental” table, giving a hint that it
      was probably meant to be “Supplemental Graphics” and is the
      same as VT320's table.
    * quiet a few font-warnings when a derived fontname cannot be
      opened, overlooked in refactoring of font resources in patch #328
    * correct error response for DECRQSS broken in cleanup of
      Coverity reports in patch #288
    * improve DECRPM responses by returning mode not recognized for
      modes which may not be settable due to the selected
      decTerminalID resource
    * correct logic for print-immediate action, and enable
      corresponding menu entry
    * add configure option --with-pcre2
    * fix a misspelled subsection title in and add a note
      regarding blink which was rendered as bold in X11R6. Blinking
      text was implemented in Patch #60.
    * fix typos in
    * fix typography in
    * fix typo in INSTALL
    * add xterm-direct terminal description based on changes
      introduced in patch #277, and relying upon ncurses RGB extension.
    * modify xterm-new terminal description to use ECMA-48 REP,
      reflecting its use in xterm since patch #32 (1996).
    * clarify comment in regarding blink: it has been
      part of xterm since patch #60 (1998).
    * update ftp URLs in documentation.



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