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libsnappy1-1.1.7-1.9 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE Tumbleweed for i586

Name: libsnappy1 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.1.7 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.9 Build date: Sat May 30 20:21:05 2020
Group: System/Libraries Build host: lamb14
Size: 40937 Source RPM: snappy-1.1.7-1.9.src.rpm
Summary: Shared library from snappy
Snappy is a compression/decompression library. It does not aim for maximum
compression, or compatibility with any other compression library; instead, it
aims for high speeds and reasonable compression. For instance, compared to
the fastest mode of zlib, Snappy is an order of magnitude faster for most
inputs, but the resulting compressed files are anywhere from 20% to 100%
bigger. On a single core of a 1st-generation Core i7 processor in 64-bit
mode, Snappy compresses at about 250 MB/sec or more and decompresses at about
500 MB/sec or more.

This package holds the shared library of snappy.






* Thu Feb 08 2018
  - Better neutrality of from description. Quantify "Core i7".
    Trim description of SRPM and -devel as the user already has an
    idea what to look for.
  - Fix RPM groups.
* Thu Feb 08 2018
  - Version update to 1.1.7:
    * Aarch64 fixes
    * ppc speedups
    * PIE improvements
    * Switch to cmake build system
  - Add patch snappy-pcfile.patch:
    * Pull 55 on upstream github, was dropped when moving to cmake
      of course we still need it
  - Fix license install wrt bsc#1080040
* Sat Apr 15 2017
  - Version bump to 1.1.4
    * Fix a 1% performance regression when snappy is used in PIE executables.
    * Improve compression performance by 5%.
    * Improve decompression performance by 20%.
  - Use better download url.
* Wed Jul 29 2015
  - Version bump to 1.1.3:
    * See the NEWS file for full details
  - Switch to distribution from github
  - Remove upstreamed patch:
    * snappy-1.1.1-random-return.patch
* Wed Jul 29 2015
  - Add baselibs.conf: build snappy1-32bit, as needed by
* Thu Sep 11 2014
  - Update to version 1.1.2
    - This is a maintenance release with no changes to the actual
      library source code.
    * Stop distributing benchmark data files that have unclear
      or unsuitable licensing.
    * Add support for padding chunks in the framing format.
* Wed Nov 13 2013
  - Update to version 1.1.1
    * Add support for uncompressing to iovecs (scatter I/O).
    * Speed up decompression by ~2%; much more so (~13-20%) on
      a few benchmarks on given compilers and CPUs.
    * Fix a few issues with MSVC compilation.
    * Support truncated test data in the benchmark.
  - Adapt patch to upstream changes
    * snappy-random-return.patch > snappy-1.1.1-random-return.patch
* Thu Aug 22 2013
  - license update: BSD-3-Clause
    correct license is BSD-3-Clause.
* Thu Aug 15 2013
  - Update to 1.1.0 (FATE#315420)
    * Snappy now uses 64 kB block size instead of 32 kB. On average,
      this means it compresses about 3% denser (more so for some
      inputs), at the same or better speeds.
    * libsnappy no longer depends on iostream.
    * Some small performance improvements in compression on x86
    * Various portability fixes for ARM-based platforms, for MSVC,
      and for GNU/Hurd.
  - refresh and rename random-return.patch
    * snappy-random-return.patch
  - reformat spec file
  - build with NDEBUG to speedup a library
  - install COPYING alongside so file
* Fri Nov 23 2012
  - update to 1.0.5
    * More speed improvements. Exactly how big will depend on
      the architecture:
    - 3–10% faster decompression for the base case (x86-64).
    - ARMv7 and higher can now use unaligned accesses,
      and will see about 30% faster decompression and
      20–40% faster compression.
    - 32-bit platforms (ARM and 32-bit x86) will see 2–5%
      faster compression.
      These are all cumulative (e.g., ARM gets all three speedups).
    * Fixed an issue where the unit test would crash on system
      with less than 256 MB address space available,
      e.g. some embedded platforms.
    * Added a framing format description, for use over e.g. HTTP,
      or for a command-line compressor. We do not have any
      implementations of this at the current point, but there seems
      to be enough of a general interest in the topic.
      Also make the format description slightly clearer.
    * Remove some compile-time warnings in -Wall
      (mostly signed/unsigned comparisons), for easier embedding
      into projects that use -Wall -Werror.
* Wed Feb 08 2012
  - initial package (v1.0.4)



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