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libkcapi1-1.1.5-1.3 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE Tumbleweed for i586

Name: libkcapi1 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.1.5 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.3 Build date: Sat May 30 19:54:04 2020
Group: System/Libraries Build host: sheep88
Size: 69665 Source RPM: libkcapi-1.1.5-1.3.src.rpm
Summary: Linux Kernel Crypto API User Space Interface Library
libkcapi allows user-space to access the Linux kernel crypto API.






* Wed Jan 08 2020 Marcus Meissner <>
  - updated to 1.1.5:
    - Fix invocation of ansi_cprng in FIPS mode during testing
    - Fix testing on kernels >= 5.0
    - Add virtualization test for kernel 5.1
    - Fix the limit between vmsplice() and sendmsg() by Christophe Leroy
    - Fix remove code duplication by Ondrej Mosnáček
    - Fix potential memleak in speed-test
  - updated to 1.1.4:
    - Fix: use sendmsg when processing more than 1<<16 bytes input data which improves performance on some architectures
  - updated to 1.1.3:
    - Fix: default location of FIPS 140-2 HMAC control file is .<orig file>.hmac (was accidentally moved to <orig file>.hmac with 1.1.0)
  - updated to 1.1.2:
    - Fix: Bug fixes for GCC 8.1.0 regarding string length checks by Krzysztof Kozlowski
    - Enhancement: ensure that tests execute on architectures other than X86 by Ondrej Mosnáček
    - Fix: Bug fix to initialize FDs at the correct time in kcapi-kernel-if.c by Ondrej Mosnáček
    - Test fix: Support test execution outside build environment by Ondrej Mosnáček
  - updated to 1.1.1:
    - Fix: Bug fixes for kcapi_hasher by Ondrej Mosnáček
  - updated to 1.1.0:
    - API Enhancement: Addition of kcapi_handle_reinit
    - Fix: simplify code by removing the internal *_fd functions from kcapi-kernel-if.c
    - Test enhancement: add IIV speed testing
    - Fix: add a loop around the read system call to always obtain all generated data
    - Fix: use host compiler for compiling docproc (reported by Christophe LEROY, fixed by Björn Esser)
    - Fix: make error handling of hashing applications consistent with coreutils applications (reported by Christophe LEROY)
    - Fix: support for zero length files (patched by Ondrej Mosnáček)
    - Fix: support for zero message hashes on kernels <= 4.9 (patched by Ondrej Mosnáček)
    - Fix: Add Travis CI test system provided by Ondrej Mosnáček
    - Fix: Add several fixes to kcapi-hasher by Ondrej Mosnáček
    - Fix: Add additional tests for kcapi-hasher by Ondrej Mosnáček
    - Fix: Apply unpadding only to last block of data by Ondrej Mosnáček
    - Fix: Fix resource leaks in error code paths suggested by Ondrej Mosnáček
    - Enhancement: achieve hmaccalc CLI equivalence by Ondrej Mosnáček
  - updated to 1.0.3:
    - Fix: support STDIN and --tag of sha*sum applications
    - Enhancement: Add small enhancements to support integration with distros -- reported by Björn Esser
  - updated to 1.0.2:
    - Fix: on 32-bit systems
    - Fix: AIO return code handling on large number of requests -- reported by Jonathan Cameron
    - Enhancement: disable coredumps of library
    - Fix: remove unchecked -fstack-protector-strong from Makefile -- reported by Mathieu Malaterre
    - Fix: document that kcapi_cipher_stream_op must be called in a loop to collect all data in a multhreaded environment.
    - Test Fix: Update symmetric multithreaded stream test to invoke kcapi_cipher_stream_op in a loop to collect all data.
    - Fix: Initialize the cipher handle on stack with zeros as the library expects a zero-initialized cipher handle. This fixes a possible segfault where free() is called on a non-initialized memory location.
    - Fix: port algif_kpp and algif_akcipher to 4.15-rc3
  - updated to 1.0.1:
    - Fix: constify AEAD cipher input data
    - Fix: use GCC byte swapping acceleration if present
    - Fix: KDF counter handling on little endian systems when generating more than 255 blocks
    - Use LD_PRELOAD for execution of test cases to force using of the freshly compiled binaries
    - Fix: return code handling of _kcapi_common_vmsplice_chunk_fd as reported by Christophe Leroy
    - Fix: return code handling in _kcapi_md_update
    - Fix: kcapi-hasher now supports files larger than 2GB
    - Fix: kcapi-dgst now supports files larger than 2GB
    - Fix: use stack protector
    - Fix: rename header guards to remove leading underscore as pointed out by Markus Elfring
    - Test Fix: Allow compiing the test code without asymmetric and KPP support
  - updated to 1.0.0:
    - Fix: Small compile fixes for new checks of GCC 7
    - API Change: Rename all LOG_* enums to KCAPI_LOG_* to prevent namespace poisoning
    - Fix: soname and file name of library now compiles with conventions (thanks to Marcus Meissner)
    - Fix: kcapi-rng.c: unify FD/syscall read code and fix __NR_getrandom resolution
    - Enhancement: add kcapi-enc application to access symmetric encryption on command line
    - Fix: consolidate duplicate code in kcapi-hasher
    - Enhancement: add kcapi-dgst application to access hashes on command line
    - Enhancement: add kcapi-rng man page
    - Enhancement: add kcapi-rng --hex command line option
    - Fix: enable full symmetric AIO support
    - Fix: consolidate all test code into test/ and invoke all tests with
    - Fix: fix memleaks in error code paths as reported by clang
    - Fix: reduce memory footprint by rearranging data structures
    - Fix: kcapi-hasher is now fully FIPS 140-2 compliant as it now includes the integrity test for
    - Enhancement: Add speed tests for MV-CESA accelerated ciphers and hash algorithms (thanks to Bastian Stender)
    - Test Enhancement: add kcapi-enc-test-large.c test testing edge conditions of AF_ALG
    - Test Enhancement: add - use of test system based on eudyptula-boot to test on linux-4.3.6, linux-4.4.86, linux-4.5, linux-4.7, linux-4.10, linux-4.12
    - Test Enhancement: add to support fuzzing the AF_ALG interfaces
    - Enhancement: add RPM SPEC file (tested with Fedora 26)
    - API Change: replace --disable-lib-asym with --enable-lib-asym as the algif_akcipher.c kernel interface is not likely to be added to the kernel anytime soon
    - API Enhancement: add KPP API which is not compiled by default, use --enable-lib-kpp (the algif_kpp.c kernel interface is not likely to be added to the Linux kernel any time soon)
    - Test Enhancement: Add KPP tests
    - Enhancement: Re-enable AIO support for symmetric and AEAD ciphers down to Linux kernels 4.1 and 4.7, respectively. This is due to integrating a fix against a kernel crash when using AIO.
    - Fix: simply KDF code base
    - API Enhancement: add message digest convenience functions kcapi_md_*sha*
    - API Enhancement: add cipher convenience functions kcapi_cipher_*_aes_*
    - API Enhancement: add rng convenience function kcapi_rng_get_bytes
    - API Change: remove kcapi_aead_getdata, use kcapi_aead_getdata_input and kcapi_aead_getdata_output instead
    - API Change: remove kcapi_aead_outbuflen, use kcapi_aead_outbuflen_enc and kcapi_aead_outbuflen_dec instead
  - updated to 0.14.0:
    - AIO: fix tracking of completed IOCBs
    - speed-test: fix AEAD handling
    - speed-test: fix time calculation
    - compiler now warns a user of deprecated API calls
    - AIO: handle kernel errors for algif_skcipher gracefully
    - AIO: using multiple IOCB if algif_aead interface supports it
    - ASYM: add PKCS1 tests
    - AIO: add ASYM AIO support
    - AIO: fix AEAD AIO fallback
    - AIO: add AIO fallback testing
    - replace enforcement of symmetric cipher limits with a log message only (the underlying kernel implementations should catch any errors)
    - add fuzzing tests
    - use autotools build system as provided by Georges Savoundararadj with additional considerations from Marcin Nowakowski (thanks a lot)
    - ALG_MAX_PAGES restriction is gone with current AF_ALG interface
    - add HKDF (RFC5869)
    - add apps/kcapi-rng
    - add support for multiple accepts where the caller maintains the opfd
    - fix memleak in error case in PBKDF
    - add multithreaded symmetric cipher tests
    - enable full AIO support for kernels 4.13 and higher (fallback AIO implementation using synchronous support for earlier kernels) -- this is due to the broken AIO support for earlier kernels
    - Add tests for the AAD copy operation to be supported for kernel 4.13
  - dropped libkcapi-use-external-fipshmac.patch (done differently in upstream)
  - dropped reproduciblesort.patch (done differently upstream)
  - dropped reproducibledate.patch: merged upstream
  - libkcapi.keyring imported
* Thu Dec 05 2019 Martin Liška <>
  - Use %make_build and respect %optflags.
* Fri Sep 27 2019 Stefan Brüns <>
  - Remove docbook-utils BuildRequires, xmlto is sufficient
  - Spec file cleanup, use license macro, drop defattr, drop BuildRoot
* Wed Jul 12 2017
  - Change the signing to use openssl sha256/sha512 directly, to
    avoid fipscheck / hmaccalc.
* Sat Jul 08 2017
  - Add reproduciblesort.patch to always link .o files in the same order and
  - Add reproducibledate.patch to not add current time to man-pages to fix build-compare
* Thu Jun 29 2017
  - libkcapi-use-external-fipshmac.patch: use external fipshmac,
    our chroots / vm builds do not necessarily have the right kernel.
* Wed Jun 28 2017
  - Compact descriptions a bit
  - Remove libkcapi provide/requires
  - Use %_libdir throughout and avoid /lib
* Thu Dec 22 2016
  - Initial release 0.13.0.
    A library and tools to access the kernel crypto api.
    FATE#323554 bsc#1045948



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