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honggfuzz-2.1-2.1 RPM for ppc64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for ppc64

Name: honggfuzz Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 2.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.1 Build date: Thu Mar 19 19:57:50 2020
Group: Development/Tools/Other Build host: obs-power8-02
Size: 10301060 Source RPM: honggfuzz-2.1-2.1.src.rpm
Summary: Security-oriented fuzzer with various analysis options
Security-oriented fuzzer with powerful analysis options. Supports
evolutionary, feedback-driven fuzzing based on code coverage
(software and hardware).






* Wed Mar 18 2020 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
  - Add upstream patch to fix the i586 build:
    * 0001-fix-some-m32-compilation-issues-type-casting.patch
* Tue Mar 17 2020 Martin Pluskal <>
  - Update to version 2.1:
    * string/int comparison enabled for targets built with *SAN, but
      w/o hfuzz-cc
    * Parallel work made faster by using faster ATOMIC constructs
      (check first, then update)
    * Implement --experimental_const_feedback - const string/integer
      feedback (used as an additional dictionary)
    * Sanitizer report files are "better"-deleted (i.e. based on PID
      and not TID)
    * New patches for fuzzing added (e.g. for bind-9.16.0/9.15.7)
    * Buffered output enabled in display.c
    * Some functions moved from per-arch arch.c to common subproc.c
    * Added suport for bfd/binutils-2.33
    - And more from previous releases - see provided CHANGELOG
* Thu Mar 08 2018
  - Clean up spec file using spec-cleaner
  - Update project url
* Fri Feb 23 2018
  - Update to version 1.5:
    * Persistent fuzzing now works with MacOS-X
    * Fixed some examples/ to make it work with MacOS-X
    * Should compile cleanly with newer MacOS-X versions
  - Changes from version 1.4:
    * Socketfuzzer by @dobin
    * TCP fuzzer (HonggFuzzer NetDriver) in libhfnetdriver
    * Display: changed layout a bit
    * Better examples/ dir: Apache HTTP, ISC Bind
    * Added persistent and netdriver signatures
    * Added missing symbols for newer -fsanitize-coverage (const)
    * Changed internal structures (global vs run)
  - Remove honggfuzz-binutils_2.29.patch: contained in release
* Mon Oct 02 2017
  - Update to version 1.1:
    * Simplified and improved hfuzz_cc compiler
    * More string instrumentation in libhfuzz
    * Android: works with Android-NDK 15 and newer only
    * Dockerfile
    * Refreshed docs
    * Linux: Faster BTS/PT due to less PMU state resets
    * Linux: tests and by-pass for the Linux' fork-when-multithreaded
    * libFuzzer/AFL style dictionaries
    * Runnable under docker/oss-fuzz
  - Changes for version 1.0:
    * Multiple stability improvements for most of the supported
    * More examples in examples/ (e.g. Linux kernel IP for BTS/PT)
    * Documentation updates
    * Added honggfuzz compiler wrapper in hfuzz_cc/
    * Reworked buffer mangling logic
  - Drope reproducible.patch and gcc7.patch
  - Add honggfuzz-binutils_2.29.patch to fix building with latest
* Mon May 29 2017
  - Add reproducible.patch to sort input files to make build reproducible
  - Add gcc7.patch to make it build on GCC7 in Factory
* Sat Apr 29 2017
  - Update to version 0.9:
    * Smaller and bigger reworks:
      + Android Makefile
      + New sanitizers.c
      + Display console with scrolling logs
      + Improved libhfuzz - esp. the trace_cmp handling
      + Improved mangle.c
    * Multiple examples of persistent fuzzing: libpng, jpeg, libxml,
      apache, openssl
* Sun Feb 05 2017
  - Update description
* Sat Jan 28 2017
  - Initial package for version 0.8



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