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MozillaFirefox-devel-78.0.1-1.1 RPM for ppc64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for ppc64

Name: MozillaFirefox-devel Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 78.0.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Mon Jul 6 16:31:32 2020
Group: Development/Tools/Other Build host: obs-power8-01
Size: 1784 Source RPM: MozillaFirefox-78.0.1-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Devel package for Firefox
Development files for Firefox to make packaging of addons easier.






* Wed Jul 01 2020 Wolfgang Rosenauer <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 78.0.1
    * Fixed an issue which could cause installed search engines to not
      be visible when upgrading from a previous release.
  - enable MOZ_USE_XINPUT2 for TW (boo#1173320)
* Sun Jun 28 2020 Wolfgang Rosenauer <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 78.0
    * startup notifications now using Gtk instead of libnotify
    * PDF downloads now show an option to open the PDF directly in Firefox
    * Protections Dashboard (about:protections)
    * WebRTC not interrupted by screensaver anymore
    * disabled TLS 1.0 and 1.1 by default
    MFSA 2020-24 (bsc#1173576)
    * CVE-2020-12415 (bmo#1586630)
      AppCache manifest poisoning due to url encoded character processing
    * CVE-2020-12416 (bmo#1639734)
      Use-after-free in WebRTC VideoBroadcaster
    * CVE-2020-12417 (bmo#1640737)
      Memory corruption due to missing sign-extension for ValueTags
      on ARM64
    * CVE-2020-12418 (bmo#1641303)
      Information disclosure due to manipulated URL object
    * CVE-2020-12419 (bmo#1643874)
      Use-after-free in nsGlobalWindowInner
    * CVE-2020-12420 (bmo#1643437)
      Use-After-Free when trying to connect to a STUN server
    * CVE-2020-12402 (bmo#1631597)
      RSA Key Generation vulnerable to side-channel attack
    * CVE-2020-12421 (bmo#1308251)
      Add-On updates did not respect the same certificate trust
      rules as software updates
    * CVE-2020-12422 (bmo#1450353)
      Integer overflow in nsJPEGEncoder::emptyOutputBuffer
    * CVE-2020-12423 (bmo#1642400)
      DLL Hijacking due to searching %PATH% for a library
    * CVE-2020-12424 (bmo#1562600)
      WebRTC permission prompt could have been bypassed by a
      compromised content process
    * CVE-2020-12425 (bmo#1634738)
      Out of bound read in Date.parse()
    * CVE-2020-12426 (bmo#1608068, bmo#1609951, bmo#1631187, bmo#1637682)
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 78
  - requires
    * NSS >= 3.53.1
    * nodejs >= 10.21
    * Gtk+3 >= 3.14
  - removed obsolete patches
    * mozilla-s390-bigendian.patch
    * mozilla-bmo1634646.patch
  - Add mozilla-pipewire-0-3.patch for openSUSE >= 15.2 to build
    WebRTC with pipewire support to enable screen sharing under
    Wayland; also add BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libpipewire-0.3)
    appropriately (boo#1172903).
  - adding SLE12 compatibility in spec file
  - add patches for s390x
    * mozilla-bmo1602730.patch (bmo#1602730)
    * mozilla-bmo1626236.patch (bmo#1626236)
    * mozilla-bmo998749.patch (bmo#998749)
    * mozilla-s390x-skia-gradient.patch
  - update
  - Use same _constraints for ppc64 (BE) as ppc64le to avoid oom build failure
* Wed Jun 10 2020 Guillaume GARDET <>
  - Exclude armv6, since it is unbuildable since about 3 years
* Wed Jun 03 2020 Andreas Stieger <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 77.0.1
    * Disable automatic selection of DNS over HTTPS providers during
      a test to enable wider deployment in a more controlled way
* Fri May 29 2020 Wolfgang Rosenauer <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 77.0
    * view and manage web certificates more easily on the new
      about:certificate page
    * improvements in accessibility
    * significant improvements to JavaScript debugging
    MFSA 2020-20 (bsc#1172402)
    * CVE-2020-12399 (bmo#1631576)
      Timing attack on DSA signatures in NSS library
      (fixed with external NSS >= 3.52.1)
    * CVE-2020-12405 (bmo#1631618)
      Use-after-free in SharedWorkerService
    * CVE-2020-12406 (bmo#1639590)
      JavaScript type confusion with NativeTypes
    * CVE-2020-12407 (bmo#1637112)
      WebRender leaking GPU memory when using border-image CSS
    * CVE-2020-12408 (bmo#1623888)
      URL spoofing when using IP addresses
    * CVE-2020-12409 (bmo#1619305, bmo#1632717)
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 77 and Firefox ESR 68.9
    * CVE-2020-12411 (bmo#1620972, bmo#1625333)
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 77
  - requires
    * NSS >= 3.52.1
    * rust-cbindgen >= 1.14.1
    * clang >= 5
  - added mozilla-bmo1634646.patch as part of fixing PGO build
    (still not working)
* Wed May 13 2020 Michel Normand <>
  - change again _constraints for ppc64le use <physicalmemory>
    and increase limit_build in spec file to reduce max_jobs.
* Sat May 09 2020 Wolfgang Rosenauer <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 76.0.1
    * Fixed a bug causing some add-ons such as Amazon Assistant to see
      multiple onConnect events, impairing functionality (bmo#1635637)
* Fri May 01 2020 Wolfgang Rosenauer <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 76.0
    * Lockwise improvements
    * Improvements in Picture-in-Picture feature
    * Support Audio Worklets
    MFSA-2020-16 (bsc#1171186)
    * CVE-2020-12387 (bmo#1545345)
      Use-after-free during worker shutdown
    * CVE-2020-12388 (bmo#1618911)
      Sandbox escape with improperly guarded Access Tokens
    * CVE-2020-12389 (bmo#1554110)
      Sandbox escape with improperly separated process types
    * CVE-2020-6831 (bmo#1632241)
      Buffer overflow in SCTP chunk input validation
    * CVE-2020-12390 (bmo#1141959)
      Incorrect serialization of nsIPrincipal.origin for IPv6 addresses
    * CVE-2020-12391 (bmo#1457100)
      Content-Security-Policy bypass using object elements
    * CVE-2020-12392 (bmo#1614468)
      Arbitrary local file access with 'Copy as cURL'
    * CVE-2020-12393 (bmo#1615471)
      Devtools' 'Copy as cURL' feature did not fully escape
      website-controlled data, potentially leading to command injection
    * CVE-2020-12394 (bmo#1628288)
      URL spoofing in location bar when unfocussed
    * CVE-2020-12395 (bmo#1595886, bmo#1611482, bmo#1614704, bmo#1624098,
      bmo#1625749, bmo#1626382, bmo#1628076, bmo#1631508)
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 76 and Firefox ESR 68.8
    * CVE-2020-12396 (bmo#1339601, bmo#1611938, bmo#1620488,
      bmo#1622291, bmo#1627644)
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 76
  - requires
    * NSS >= 3.51.1
    * nasm >= 2.14
  - removed obsolete patch mozilla-bmo1622013.patch
  - fix URI creation for KDE file selector integration (boo#1160331)
* Tue Apr 07 2020 Wolfgang Rosenauer <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 75.0
    MFSA 2020-12 (bsc#1168874)
    * CVE-2020-6821 (bmo#1625404)
      Uninitialized memory could be read when using the WebGL
      copyTexSubImage method
    * CVE-2020-6822 (bmo#1544181)
      Out of bounds write in GMPDecodeData when processing large images
    * CVE-2020-6823 (bmo#1614919)
      Malicious Extension could obtain auth codes from OAuth login flows
    * CVE-2020-6824 (bmo#1621853)
      Generated passwords may be identical on the same site between
      separate private browsing sessions
    * CVE-2020-6825 (bmo#1572541,bmo#1620193,bmo#1620203)
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 75 and Firefox ESR 68.7
    * CVE-2020-6826 (bmo#1613009,bmo#1613195,bmo#1616734,bmo#1617488,
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 75
  - removed obsolete patch
  - requires
    * rust >= 1.41
    * rust-cbindgen >= 0.13.1
    * mozilla-nss >= 3.51
    * nodejs10 >= 10.19
  - fix build issue in libvpx for i586 via mozilla-bmo1622013.patch
* Mon Apr 06 2020 Michel Normand <>
  - increase _constraints memory for ppc64le
* Fri Apr 03 2020 Wolfgang Rosenauer <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 74.0.1
    MFSA 2020-11 (boo#1168630)
    * CVE-2020-6819 (bmo#1620818)
      Use-after-free while running the nsDocShell destructor
    * CVE-2020-6820 (bmo#1626728)
      Use-after-free when handling a ReadableStream
* Wed Mar 25 2020 Marcus Meissner <>
  - mozilla-sandbox-fips.patch: allow /proc/sys/crypto/fips_enabled
    to be read, as openssl 1.1.1 FIPS aborts if it cannot access it
* Sat Mar 07 2020 Wolfgang Rosenauer <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 74.0
    MFSA 2020-08 (bsc#1166238)
    * CVE-2020-6805 (bmo#1610880)
      Use-after-free when removing data about origins
    * CVE-2020-6806 (bmo#1612308)
      BodyStream::OnInputStreamReady was missing protections against
      state confusion
    * CVE-2020-6807 (bmo#1614971)
      Use-after-free in cubeb during stream destruction
    * CVE-2020-6808 (bmo#1247968)
      URL Spoofing via javascript: URL
    * CVE-2020-6809 (bmo#1420296)
      Web Extensions with the all-urls permission could access local
    * CVE-2020-6810 (bmo#1432856)
      Focusing a popup while in fullscreen could have obscured the
      fullscreen notification
    * CVE-2020-6811 (bmo#1607742)
      Devtools' 'Copy as cURL' feature did not fully escape
      website-controlled data, potentially leading to command injection
    * CVE-2019-20503 (bmo#1613765)
      Out of bounds reads in sctp_load_addresses_from_init
    * CVE-2020-6812 (bmo#1616661)
      The names of AirPods with personally identifiable information
      were exposed to websites with camera or microphone permission
    * CVE-2020-6813 (bmo#1605814)
      @import statements in CSS could bypass the Content Security
      Policy nonce feature
    * CVE-2020-6814 (bmo#1592078,bmo#1604847,bmo#1608256,bmo#1612636,
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 74 and Firefox ESR 68.6
    * CVE-2020-6815 (bmo#1181957,bmo#1557732,bmo#1557739,bmo#1611457,
      Memory and script safety bugs fixed in Firefox 74
  - requires
    * NSPR 4.25
    * NSS 3.50
    * rust-cbindgen 0.13.0
  - removed obsolete patches
  - add mozilla-bmo1609538.patch to fix wayland issues with mutter 3.36
    (bmo#1609538, boo#1166471)
* Wed Feb 26 2020 Wolfgang Rosenauer <>
  - big endian fixes
* Tue Feb 25 2020 Guillaume GARDET <>
  - Fix build on aarch64/armv7 with:
    * mozilla-bmo1610814.patch (boo#1164845, bmo#1610814)
* Thu Feb 20 2020 Wolfgang Rosenauer <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 73.0.1
    * Resolved problems connecting to the RBC Royal Bank website
    * Fixed Firefox unexpectedly exiting when leaving Print Preview mode
    * Fixed crashes when playing encrypted content on some Linux systems
      (bmo#1614535, boo#1164646)
  - start in wayland mode when running under wayland session
* Sun Feb 09 2020 Wolfgang Rosenauer <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 73.0
    * Added support for setting a default zoom level applicable for all
      web content
    * High-contrast mode has been updated to allow background images
    * Improved audio quality when playing back audio at a faster or
      slower speed
    * Added NextDNS as alternative option for DNS over HTTPS
    MFSA 2020-05 (bsc#1163368)
    * CVE-2020-6796 (bmo#1610426)
      Missing bounds check on shared memory read in the parent process
    * CVE-2020-6797 (bmo#1596668) (MacOS X only)
      Extensions granted permission could open arbitrary
      applications on Mac OSX
    * CVE-2020-6798 (bmo#1602944)
      Incorrect parsing of template tag could result in JavaScript injection
    * CVE-2020-6799 (bmo#1606596) (Windows only)
      Arbitrary code execution when opening pdf links from other
      applications, when Firefox is configured as default pdf reader
    * CVE-2020-6800 (bmo#1595786,bmo#1596706,bmo#1598543,bmo#1604851,
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 73 and Firefox ESR 68.5
    * CVE-2020-6801 (bmo#1601024,bmo#1601712,bmo#1604836,bmo#1606492)
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 73
  - updated requirements
    * rust >= 1.39
    * NSS >= 3.49.2
    * rust-cbindgen >= 0.12.0
  - rebased patches
  - removed obsolete patch
    * mozilla-bmo1601707.patch
  - switched to cairo-gtk3-wayland build
    (to fully enable wayland MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1 needs to be set)
  - disabled elfhack due to failing packager
  - disabled PGO due to build failure
* Tue Jan 28 2020 Stasiek Michalski <>
  - Use a symbolic icon from branding internals
  - Pixmaps no longer required for the desktops
* Wed Jan 22 2020 Wolfgang Rosenauer <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 72.0.2
    * Various stability fixes
    * Fixed issues opening files with spaces in their path (bmo#1601905)
    * Fixed a hang opening about:logins when a master password is set
    * Fixed a web compatibility issue with CSS Shadow Parts which
      shipped in Firefox 72 (bmo#1604989)
    * Fixed inconsistent playback performance for fullscreen 1080p
      videos on some systems (bmo#1608485)
* Tue Jan 21 2020 Guillaume GARDET <>
  - Fix build for aarch64/ppc64le (do not update config.sub file
    for libbacktrace)
* Wed Jan 08 2020 Wolfgang Rosenauer <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 72.0.1
    MFSA 2020-03 (bsc#1160498)
    * CVE-2019-17026 (bmo#1607443)
      IonMonkey type confusion with StoreElementHole and FallibleStoreElement
  - Mozilla Firefox 72.0
    * block fingerprinting scripts by default
    * new notification pop-ups
    * Picture-in-picture video
    MFSA 2020-01 (bsc#1160305)
    * CVE-2019-17016 (bmo#1599181)
      Bypass of @namespace CSS sanitization during pasting
    * CVE-2019-17017 (bmo#1603055)
      Type Confusion in XPCVariant.cpp
    * CVE-2019-17020 (bmo#1597645)
      Content Security Policy not applied to XSL stylesheets applied
      to XML documents
    * CVE-2019-17022 (bmo#1602843)
      CSS sanitization does not escape HTML tags
    * CVE-2019-17023 (bmo#1590001) (fixed in NSS FIXME)
      NSS may negotiate TLS 1.2 or below after a TLS 1.3
      HelloRetryRequest had been sent
    * CVE-2019-17024 (bmo#1507180,bmo#1595470,bmo#1598605,bmo#1601826)
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 72 and Firefox ESR 68.4
    * CVE-2019-17025 (bmo#1328295,bmo#1328300,bmo#1590447,bmo#1590965
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 72
  - update to skip compare-locales
  - requires NSPR 4.24 and NSS 3.48
  - removed usage of browser-plugins convention for NPAPI plugins
    from start wrapper and changed the RPM macro to the
    /usr/$LIB/mozilla/plugins location (boo#1160302)
* Mon Dec 02 2019 Wolfgang Rosenauer <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 71.0
    * Improvements to Lockwise, our integrated password manager
    * More information about Enhanced Tracking Protection in action
    * Native MP3 decoding on Windows, Linux, and macOS
    * Configuration page (about:config) reimplemented in HTML
    * New kiosk mode functionality, which allows maximum screen space
      for customer-facing displays
    MFSA 2019-36
    * CVE-2019-11756 (bmo#1508776)
      Use-after-free of SFTKSession object
    * CVE-2019-17008 (bmo#1546331)
      Use-after-free in worker destruction
    * CVE-2019-13722 (bmo#1580156) (Windows only)
      Stack corruption due to incorrect number of arguments in WebRTC code
    * CVE-2019-17014 (bmo#1322864)
      Dragging and dropping a cross-origin resource, incorrectly loaded
      as an image, could result in information disclosure
    * CVE-2019-17010 (bmo#1581084)
      Use-after-free when performing device orientation checks
    * CVE-2019-17005 (bmo#1584170)
      Buffer overflow in plain text serializer
    * CVE-2019-17011 (bmo#1591334)
      Use-after-free when retrieving a document in antitracking
    * CVE-2019-17012 (bmo#1449736, bmo#1533957, bmo#1560667, bmo#1567209
      bmo#1580288, bmo#1585760, bmo#1592502)
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 71 and Firefox ESR 68.3
    * CVE-2019-17013 (bmo#1298509, bmo#1472328, bmo#1577439, bmo#1577937
      bmo#1580320, bmo#1584195, bmo#1585106, bmo#1586293, bmo#1593865
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 71
  - requires
    NSPR >= 4.23
    NSS >= 3.47.1
    rust/cargo >= 1.37
  - reactivate webrtc for platforms where it was disabled
  - updated to cover buildid and origin repo information
    - > removed obsolete source-stamp.txt
  - removed obsolete patches
  - changed locale building procedure
    * removed obsolete compare-locales.tar.xz
  - added mozilla-bmo1601707.patch to fix gcc/LTO builds
    (bmo#1601707, boo#1158466)
  - added mozilla-bmo849632.patch to fix big endian issues in skia
    used for WebGL
* Fri Nov 01 2019 Wolfgang Rosenauer <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 70.0.1
    * Fix for an issue that caused some websites or page elements using
      dynamic JavaScript to fail to load. (bmo#1592136)
    * Title bar no longer shows in full screen view (bmo#1588747)
  - added mozilla-bmo1504834-part4.patch to fix some visual issues on
    big endian platforms
* Sun Oct 20 2019 Wolfgang Rosenauer <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 70.0
    * more privacy protections from Enhanced Tracking Protection
    * Firefox Lockwise passwordmanager
    * Improvements to core engine components, for better browsing on more sites
    * Improved privacy and security indicators
    MFSA 2019-34
    * CVE-2018-6156 (bmo#1480088)
      Heap buffer overflow in FEC processing in WebRTC
    * CVE-2019-15903 (bmo#1584907)
      Heap overflow in expat library in XML_GetCurrentLineNumber
    * CVE-2019-11757 (bmo#1577107)
      Use-after-free when creating index updates in IndexedDB
    * CVE-2019-11759 (bmo#1577953)
      Stack buffer overflow in HKDF output
    * CVE-2019-11760 (bmo#1577719)
      Stack buffer overflow in WebRTC networking
    * CVE-2019-11761 (bmo#1561502)
      Unintended access to a privileged JSONView object
    * CVE-2019-11762 (bmo#1582857)
      document.domain-based origin isolation has same-origin-property violation
    * CVE-2019-11763 (bmo#1584216)
      Incorrect HTML parsing results in XSS bypass technique
    * CVE-2019-11765 (bmo#1562582)
      Incorrect permissions could be granted to a website
    * CVE-2019-17000 (bmo#1441468)
      CSP bypass using object tag with data: URI
    * CVE-2019-17001 (bmo#1587976)
      CSP bypass using object tag when script-src 'none' is specified
    * CVE-2019-17002 (bmo#1561056)
      upgrade-insecure-requests was not being honored for links dragged and dropped
    * CVE-2019-11764 (bmo#1558522, bmo#1577061, bmo#1548044, bmo#1571223,
      bmo#1573048, bmo#1578933, bmo#1575217, bmo#1583684, bmo#1586845, bmo#1581950,
      bmo#1583463, bmo#1586599)
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 70 and Firefox ESR 68.2
  - requires
      rust/cargo >= 1.36
      NSPR >= 4.22
      NSS >= 3.46.1
      rust-cbindgen >= 0.9.1
  - removed obsolete patches
* Sun Oct 13 2019 Wolfgang Rosenauer <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 69.0.3
    * Fixed Yahoo mail users being prompted to download files when
      clicking on emails (bmo#1582848)
  - devel package build can easily be disabled now
* Thu Oct 03 2019 Wolfgang Rosenauer <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 69.0.2
    * Fixed a crash when editing files on Office 365 websites (bmo#1579858)
    * Fixed a Linux-only crash when changing the playback speed while
      watching YouTube videos (bmo#1582222)
  - updated supported locale list
  - Allow to build without profile guided optimizations (boo#1040589)
    (contributed by Bernhard Wiedemann)
  - Make build verbose (contributed by Martin Liška)
  - remove obsolete kde.js setting (boo#1151186) and related patch
  - update to latest revision and adjusted tar_stamps
  - add mozilla-fix-top-level-asm.patch to fix LTO build (w/o PGO)
  - extension preferences moved from branding package to core package
    (packaging but not branding specific)
* Thu Sep 19 2019 Wolfgang Rosenauer <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 69.0.1
    * Fixed external programs launching in the background when clicking
      a link from inside Firefox to launch them (bmo#1570845)
    * Usability improvements to the Add-ons Manager for users with
      screen readers (bmo#1567600)
    * Fixed the Captive Portal notification bar not being dismissable
      in some situations after login is complete (bmo#1578633)
    * Fixed the maximum size of fonts in Reader Mode when zoomed (bmo#1578454)
    * Fixed missing stacks in the Developer Tools Performance section
    MFSA 2019-31
    * CVE-2019-11754 (bmo#1580506)
      Pointer Lock is enabled with no user notification
  - disable DOH by default
* Thu Sep 05 2019 Wolfgang Rosenauer <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 69.0
    * Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) for stronger privacy protections
    * Block Autoplay feature is enhanced to give users the option to block
      any video
    * Users in the US or using the en-US browser, can get a new “New Tab”
      page experience connecting to the best of Pocket's content.
    * Support for the Web Authentication HmacSecret extension via
      Windows Hello introduced.
    * Support for receiving multiple video codecs with this release makes
      it easier for WebRTC conferencing services to mix video from
      different clients.
    MFSA 2019-25 (boo#1149324)
    * CVE-2019-11741 (bmo#1539595)
      Isolate and
    * CVE-2019-5849 (bmo#1555838)
      Out-of-bounds read in Skia
    * CVE-2019-11737 (bmo#1388015)
      Content security policy directives ignore port and path if host is a wildcard
    * CVE-2019-11734 (bmo#1352875,bmo#1536227,bmo#1557208,bmo#1560641)
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 69
    * CVE-2019-11735 (bmo#1561404,bmo#1561484,bmo#1568047,bmo#1561912,
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 69 and Firefox ESR 68.1
    * CVE-2019-11740 (bmo#1563133,bmo#1573160)
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 69, Firefox ESR 68.1, and Firefox ESR 60.9
  - requires
    * rust/cargo >= 1.35
    * rust-cbindgen >= 0.9.0
    * mozilla-nss >= 3.45
  - rebased patches
* Wed Sep 04 2019 Wolfgang Rosenauer <>
  - added a bunch of patches mainly for big endian platforms
    * mozilla-bmo1504834-part1.patch
    * mozilla-bmo1504834-part2.patch
    * mozilla-bmo1504834-part3.patch
    * mozilla-bmo1511604.patch
    * mozilla-bmo1554971.patch
    * mozilla-bmo1573381.patch
    * mozilla-nestegg-big-endian.patch
    * mozilla-bmo1512162.patch
* Fri Aug 30 2019 Wolfgang Rosenauer <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 68.1.0
    MFSA 2019-26
    * CVE-2019-11751 (bmo#1572838; Windows only)
      Malicious code execution through command line parameters
    * CVE-2019-11746 (bmo#1564449)
      Use-after-free while manipulating video
    * CVE-2019-11744 (bmo#1562033)
      XSS by breaking out of title and textarea elements using innerHTML
    * CVE-2019-11742 (bmo#1559715)
      Same-origin policy violation with SVG filters and canvas to steal
      cross-origin images
    * CVE-2019-11736 (bmo#1551913, bmo#1552206; Windows only))
      File manipulation and privilege escalation in Mozilla Maintenance Service
    * CVE-2019-11753 (bmo#1574980; Windows only)
      Privilege escalation with Mozilla Maintenance Service in custom
      Firefox installation location
    * CVE-2019-11752 (bmo#1501152)
      Use-after-free while extracting a key value in IndexedDB
    * CVE-2019-9812 (bmo#1538008, bmo#1538015)
      Sandbox escape through Firefox Sync
    * CVE-2019-11743 (bmo#1560495)
      Cross-origin access to unload event attributes
    * CVE-2019-11748 (bmo#1564588)
      Persistence of WebRTC permissions in a third party context
    * CVE-2019-11749 (bmo#1565374)
      Camera information available without prompting using getUserMedia
    * CVE-2019-11750 (bmo#1568397)
      Type confusion in Spidermonkey
    * CVE-2019-11738 (bmo#1452037)
      Content security policy bypass through hash-based sources in directives
    * CVE-2019-11747 (bmo#1564481)
      'Forget about this site' removes sites from pre-loaded HSTS list
    * CVE-2019-11735i (bmo#1561404,bmo#1561484,bmo#1568047,bmo#1561912,
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 69 and Firefox ESR 68.1
    * CVE-2019-11740 (bmo#1563133,bmo#1573160)
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 69, Firefox ESR 68.1, and Firefox ESR 60.9
  - switched package to ESR branch
  - added mozilla-bmo1568145.patch to make builds reproducible
  - removed upstreamed patch mozilla-gcc-internal-compiler-error.patch
* Sun Aug 18 2019 Andreas Stieger <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 68.0.2:
    * Fixed a bug causing some special characters to be cut off from
      the end of the search terms when searching from the URL bar
    * Allow fonts to be loaded via file:// URLs when opening a page
      locally (bmo#1565942)
    * Printing emails from the Outlook web app no longer prints only
      the header and footer (bmo#1567105)
    * Fixed a bug causing some images not to be displayed on reload,
      including on Google Maps (bmo# 1565542)
    * Fixed an error when starting external applications configured
      as URI handlers (bmo#1567614)
    MFSA 2019-24 (boo#1145665)
    * CVE-2019-11733: Stored passwords in 'Saved Logins' can be
      copied without master password entry (bmo#1565780)
  - drop fix-build-after-y2038-changes-in-glibc.patch, upstream
* Fri Aug 16 2019 Jonathan Brielmaier <>
  - Fix crash when typing in the URL bar on ppc64le (bmo#1512162).
    The upstream patch doesn't resolve the issue on TW, but compiling
    with -O1 does. Do this until we have a proper fix.
* Thu Aug 01 2019 Guillaume GARDET <>
  - Update build constraints to fix arm builds
* Fri Jul 19 2019 Wolfgang Rosenauer <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 68.0.1
    * Fixed missing Full Screen button when watching videos in full
      screen mode on HBO GO (bmo#1562837)
    * Fixed a bug causing incorrect messages to appear for some
      locales when sites try to request the use of the Storage
      Access API (bmo#1558503)
    * Users in Russian regions may have their default search engine
      changed (bmo#1565315)
    * Built-in search engines in some locales do not function
      correctly (bmo#1565779)
    * SupportMenu policy doesn't always work (bmo#1553290)
    * Allow the privacy.file_unique_origin pref to be controlled by
      policy (bmo#1563759)
* Thu Jul 11 2019 Jiri Slaby <>
  - add fix-build-after-y2038-changes-in-glibc.patch
* Wed Jul 10 2019 Bernhard Wiedemann <>
  - Generate langpacks sequentially to avoid file corruption
    from racy file writes (boo#1137970)
* Mon Jul 08 2019 Wolfgang Rosenauer <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 68.0
    * Dark mode in reader view
    * Improved extension security and discovery
    * Cryptomining and fingerprinting protections are added to strict
      content blocking settings in Privacy & Security preferences
    * Camera and microphone access now require an HTTPS connection
    MFSA 2019-21 (bsc#1140868)
    * CVE-2019-9811 (bmo#1538007, bmo#1539598, bmo#1563327)
      Sandbox escape via installation of malicious languagepack
    * CVE-2019-11711 (bmo#1552541)
      Script injection within domain through inner window reuse
    * CVE-2019-11712 (bmo#1543804)
      Cross-origin POST requests can be made with NPAPI plugins by
      following 308 redirects
    * CVE-2019-11713 (bmo#1528481)
      Use-after-free with HTTP/2 cached stream
    * CVE-2019-11714 (bmo#1542593)
      NeckoChild can trigger crash when accessed off of main thread
    * CVE-2019-11729 (bmo#1515342)
      Empty or malformed p256-ECDH public keys may trigger a segmentation fault
    * CVE-2019-11715 (bmo#1555523)
      HTML parsing error can contribute to content XSS
    * CVE-2019-11716 (bmo#1552632)
      globalThis not enumerable until accessed
    * CVE-2019-11717 (bmo#1548306)
      Caret character improperly escaped in origins
    * CVE-2019-11718 (bmo#1408349)
      Activity Stream writes unsanitized content to innerHTML
    * CVE-2019-11719 (bmo#1540541)
      Out-of-bounds read when importing curve25519 private key
    * CVE-2019-11720 (bmo#1556230)
      Character encoding XSS vulnerability
    * CVE-2019-11721 (bmo#1256009)
      Domain spoofing through unicode latin 'kra' character
    * CVE-2019-11730 (bmo#1558299)
      Same-origin policy treats all files in a directory as having the
    * CVE-2019-11723 (bmo#1528335)
      Cookie leakage during add-on fetching across private browsing boundaries
    * CVE-2019-11724 (bmo#1512511)
      Retired site has remote troubleshooting permissions
    * CVE-2019-11725 (bmo#1483510)
      Websocket resources bypass safebrowsing protections
    * CVE-2019-11727 (bmo#1552208)
      PKCS#1 v1.5 signatures can be used for TLS 1.3
    * CVE-2019-11728 (bmo#1552993)
      Port scanning through Alt-Svc header
    * CVE-2019-11710 (bmo#1549768, bmo#1548611, bmo#1533842, bmo#1537692,
      bmo#1540590, bmo#1551907, bmo#1510345, bmo#1535482, bmo#1535848,
      bmo#1547472, bmo#1547760, bmo#1507696, bmo#1544180)
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 68
    * CVE-2019-11709 (bmo#1547266, bmo#1540759, bmo#1548822, bmo#1550498
      bmo#1515052, bmo#1539219, bmo#1547757, bmo#1550498, bmo#1533522)
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 68 and Firefox ESR 60.8
  - requires
    * NSS 3.44.1
    * rust/cargo 1.34
    * rust-cbindgen 0.8.7
  - rebased patches
    * mozilla-aarch64-startup-crash.patch
    * mozilla-kde.patch
    * mozilla-nongnome-proxies.patch
    * firefox-kde.patch
  - use new and add tar_stamps for package definitions
  - added patches imported from SLE flavour
    * mozilla-gcc-internal-compiler-error.patch
    * mozilla-bmo1005535.patch
    * mozilla-ppc-altivec_static_inline.patch
    * mozilla-reduce-rust-debuginfo.patch
    * mozilla-s390-bigendian.patch
    * mozilla-s390-context.patch
* Tue Jul 02 2019 Martin Liška <>
  - Enable PGO for x86_64.
    * added firefox-add-kde.js-in-order-to-survive-PGO-build.patch
* Thu Jun 20 2019 Wolfgang Rosenauer <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 67.0.4
    MFSA 2019-19 (boo#1138872)
    * CVE-2019-11708 (bmo#1559858)
      sandbox escape using Prompt:Open
* Tue Jun 18 2019 Wolfgang Rosenauer <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 67.0.3
    MFSA 2019-18 (boo#1138614)
    * CVE-2019-11707 (bmo#1544386)
      Type confusion in Array.pop
* Wed Jun 12 2019 Manfred Hollstein <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 67.0.2
    * Fixed: Fix JavaScript error ("TypeError: data is null in
      PrivacyFilter.jsm") in console which may significantly degrade
      sessionstore reliability and performance (bmo#1553413)
    * Fixed: Proxy authentication dialog box repeatedly pops up
      asking to authenticate after upgrading to Firefox 67 (bmo#1548804)
    * Fixed: Pearson MyCloud breaks if FIDO U2F is not Chrome's
      implementation (bmo#1551282)
    * Fixed: Starting in safe mode on Linux or macOS causes Firefox
      to think on the subsequent launch that the profile is too
      recent to be used with this version of Firefox (bmo#1556612)
    * Fixed: Linux distribution users can't easily install/use
      additional/different languages using the built-in preferences
      UI (bmo#1554744)
    * Fixed: Developer tools users can't copy the href/src content
      from various HTML tags via the context menu in the Inspector
      markup view (bmo#1552275)
    * Fixed: Custom home page is broken with clearing data on shutdown
      settings applied (bmo#1554167)
    * Fixed: Performance-regression for eclipse RAP based applications
    * Fixed: macOS 10.15 crash fix (bmo#1556076)
    * Fixed: Can't start two downloads in parallel via <a download>
      anymore (bmo#1542912)
* Thu Jun 06 2019 Manfred Hollstein <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 67.0.1
    * enable enhanced tracking protection by default for new users
    * upgrade of Facebook container to version 2.0
    * new version of Firefox Lockwise (password management)
    * new version of Firefox Monitor
    * Firefox Send improvements
* Sun May 19 2019 Wolfgang Rosenauer <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 67.0
    * Firefox 67 will be able to run different Firefox installs side by side
    * Tabs can now be pinned from the Page Actions menu in the address bar
    * Users can block known cryptominers and fingerprinters in the
      Custom settings or their Content Blocking preferences
    * The Import Data from Another Browser feature is now also available
      from the File menu
    * Firefox will now protect you against running older versions which
      can lead to data corruption and stability issues
    * Easier access to your list of saved logins from the main menu and
      login autocomplete
    * We’ve added a toolbar menu for your Firefox Account to provide more
      transparency for when you are synced, sharing data across devices
      and with Firefox. Personalize the appearance of the menu with your
      own avatar
    * Enable FIDO U2F API, and permit registrations for Google Accounts
    * Enabled AV1 support on Linux
    MFSA 2019-13 (boo#1135824)
    * CVE-2019-9815 (bmo#1546544)
      Disable hyperthreading on content JavaScript threads on macOS
    * CVE-2019-9816 (bmo#1536768)
      Type confusion with object groups and UnboxedObjects
    * CVE-2019-9817 (bmo#1540221)
      Stealing of cross-domain images using canvas
    * CVE-2019-9818 (bmo#1542581) (Windows only)
      Use-after-free in crash generation server
    * CVE-2019-9819 (bmo#1532553)
      Compartment mismatch with fetch API
    * CVE-2019-9820 (bmo#1536405)
      Use-after-free of ChromeEventHandler by DocShell
    * CVE-2019-9821 (bmo#1539125)
      Use-after-free in AssertWorkerThread
    * CVE-2019-11691 (bmo#1542465)
      Use-after-free in XMLHttpRequest
    * CVE-2019-11692 (bmo#1544670)
      Use-after-free removing listeners in the event listener manager
    * CVE-2019-11693 (bmo#1532525)
      Buffer overflow in WebGL bufferdata on Linux
    * CVE-2019-7317 (bmo#1542829)
      Use-after-free in png_image_free of libpng library
    * CVE-2019-11694 (bmo#1534196) (Windows only)
      Uninitialized memory memory leakage in Windows sandbox
    * CVE-2019-11695 (bmo#1445844)
      Custom cursor can render over user interface outside of web content
    * CVE-2019-11696 (bmo#1392955)
      Java web start .JNLP files are not recognized as executable files
      for download prompts
    * CVE-2019-11697 (bmo#1440079)
      Pressing key combinations can bypass installation prompt delays and
      install extensions
    * CVE-2019-11698 (bmo#1543191)
      Theft of user history data through drag and drop of hyperlinks
      to and from bookmarks
    * CVE-2019-11700 (bmo#1549833) (Windows only)
      res: protocol can be used to open known local files
    * CVE-2019-11699 (bmo#1528939)
      Incorrect domain name highlighting during page navigation
    * CVE-2019-11701 (bmo#1518627)
      webcal: protocol default handler loads vulnerable web page
    * CVE-2019-9814 (bmo#1527592, bmo#1534536, bmo#1520132, bmo#1543159,
      bmo#1539393, bmo#1459932, bmo#1459182, bmo#1516425)
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 67
    * CVE-2019-9800 (bmo#1540166, bmo#1534593, bmo#1546327, bmo#1540136,
      bmo#1538736, bmo#1538042, bmo#1535612, bmo#1499719, bmo#1499108,
      bmo#1538619, bmo#1535194, bmo#1516325, bmo#1542324, bmo#1542097,
      bmo#1532465, bmo#1533554, bmo#1541580)
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 67 and Firefox ESR 60.7
  - requires
    * rust/cargo >= 1.32
    * mozilla-nspr >= 4.21
    * mozilla-nss >= 3.43
    * rust-cbindgen >= 0.8.2
  - rebased patches
  - KDE integration for default browser detection is broken in this revision
* Fri May 17 2019 Guillaume GARDET <>
  - Fix armv7 build with:
    * mozilla-disable-wasm-emulate-arm-unaligned-fp-access.patch
* Fri May 10 2019 Manfred Hollstein <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 66.0.5
    * Fixed: Further improvements to re-enable web extensions which
      had been disabled for users with a master password set (bmo#1549249)
* Sun May 05 2019 Wolfgang Rosenauer <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 66.0.4 (boo#1134126)
    * fix extension certificate chain
* Thu Apr 11 2019 Manfred Hollstein <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 66.0.3
    * Fixed: Address bar on tablets running Windows 10 now behaves
      correctly (bmo#1498973)
    * Fixed: Performance issues with some HTML5 games (bmo#1537609)
    * Fixed a bug with keypress events in IBM cloud applications
    * Fix for keypress events in some Microsoft cloud applications
    * Changed: Updated Baidu search plugin
* Thu Mar 28 2019 Manfred Hollstein <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 66.0.2
    * Fixed Web compatibility issues with Office 365, iCloud and
      IBM WebMail caused by recent changes to the handling of
      keyboard events (bmo#1538966)
    * Crash fixes (bmo#1521370, bmo#1539118)
* Thu Mar 28 2019 Guillaume GARDET <>
  - Add patch to fix aarch64 build:
    * mozilla-fix-aarch64-libopus.patch (bmo#1539737)
* Fri Mar 22 2019 Wolfgang Rosenauer <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 66.0.1
    MFSA 2019-09 (bsc#1130262)
    * CVE-2019-9810 (bmo#1537924)
      IonMonkey MArraySlice has incorrect alias information
    * CVE-2019-9813 (bmo#1538006)
      Ionmonkey type confusion with __proto__ mutations
* Sun Mar 17 2019 Wolfgang Rosenauer <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 66.0
    * Increased content processes to 8
    * Added capability to search through open tabs from the tab overflow menu
    * New backend for the storage.local WebExtensions API, providing
      I/O performance improvements when the extension updates a small
      subset of the stored data
    * WebExtension keyboard shortcuts can now be managed or overridden
      from about:addons
    * Improved scrolling behavior: Firefox will now attempt to keep content
      from jumping around while a page is loading by supporting scroll
    * New about:privatebrowsing with search
    * A certificate error page now notifies the user of the name of the
      certificate issuer that breaks HTTPs connections on intercepted
      connections to help troubleshooting possible anti-virus software
    * Fixed an performance issue some Linux users experienced with the
      Downloads panel (bmo#1517101)
    * Firefox now blocks all autoplay media with sound by default. Users
      can add individual sites to an exceptions list or turn the blocking
    * System title bar is hidden by default to match Gnome guideline
    MFSA 2019-07 (bsc#1129821)
    * CVE-2019-9790 (bmo#1525145)
      Use-after-free when removing in-use DOM elements
    * CVE-2019-9791 (bmo#1530958)
      Type inference is incorrect for constructors entered through on-stack
      replacement with IonMonkey
    * CVE-2019-9792 (bmo#1532599)
      IonMonkey leaks JS_OPTIMIZED_OUT magic value to script
    * CVE-2019-9793 (bmo#1528829)
      Improper bounds checks when Spectre mitigations are disabled
    * CVE-2019-9794 (bmo#1530103) (Windows only)
      Command line arguments not discarded during execution
    * CVE-2019-9795 (bmo#1514682)
      Type-confusion in IonMonkey JIT compiler
    * CVE-2019-9796 (bmo#1531277)
      Use-after-free with SMIL animation controller
    * CVE-2019-9797 (bmo#1528909)
      Cross-origin theft of images with createImageBitmap
    * CVE-2019-9798 (bmo#1527534) (Android only)
      Library is loaded from world writable APITRACE_LIB location
    * CVE-2019-9799 (bmo#1505678)
      Information disclosure via IPC channel messages
    * CVE-2019-9801 (bmo#1527717) (Windows only)
      Windows programs that are not 'URL Handlers' are exposed to web content
    * CVE-2019-9802 (bmo#1415508)
      Chrome process information leak
    * CVE-2019-9803 (bmo#1515863, bmo#1437009)
      Upgrade-Insecure-Requests incorrectly enforced for same-origin navigation
    * CVE-2019-9804 (bmo#1518026) (MacOS only)
      Code execution through 'Copy as cURL' in Firefox Developer Tools on macOS
    * CVE-2019-9805 (bmo#1521360)
      Potential use of uninitialized memory in Prio
    * CVE-2019-9806 (bmo#1525267)
      Denial of service through successive FTP authorization prompts
    * CVE-2019-9807 (bmo#1362050)
      Text sent through FTP connection can be incorporated into alert messages
    * CVE-2019-9809 (bmo#1282430, bmo#1523249)
      Denial of service through FTP modal alert error messages
    * CVE-2019-9808 (bmo#1434634)
      WebRTC permissions can display incorrect origin with data: and blob: URLs
    * CVE-2019-9789 bmo#1520483, bmo#1522987, bmo#1528199, bmo#1519337,
      bmo#1525549, bmo#1516179, bmo#1518524, bmo#1518331, bmo#1526579,
      bmo#1512567, bmo#1524335, bmo#1448505, bmo#1518821
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 66
    * CVE-2019-9788 bmo#1518001, bmo#1521304, bmo#1521214, bmo#1506665,
      bmo#1516834, bmo#1518774, bmo#1524755, bmo#1523362, bmo#1524214, bmo#1529203
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 66 and Firefox ESR 60.6
  - updated build/runtime requirements
    * mozilla-nss >= 3.42.1
    * cargo/rust >= 1.31
    * rust-cbindgen >= 0.6.8
    * nasm >= 2.13 (new)
  - removed obsolete patch
    * mozilla-bmo256180.patch
* Tue Mar 05 2019 Stephan Kulow <>
  - Do not hardcode nodejs8 but leave the prefer to the distribution
    (Tumbleweed staging wants to switch to nodejs10)
* Fri Feb 15 2019 Guillaume GARDET <>
  - Update _constraints to avoid 'no space left' error seen on aarch64
* Wed Feb 13 2019 Wolfgang Rosenauer <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 65.0.1
    * Fixed accidental requests to when an addon
      recommendation doorhanger is shown (bmo#1526387)
    * Improved playback of interactive Netflix videos (bmo#1524500)
    * Fixed incorrect sizing of the "Clear Recent History" window in
      some situations (bmo#1523696)
    * Fixed audio & video delays while making WebRTC calls
      (bmo#1521577, bmo#1523817)
    * Fixed video sizing problems during some WebRTC calls (bmo#1520200)
    * Fixed looping CONNECT requests when using WebSockets over HTTP/2
      from behind a proxy server (bmo#1523427)
    * Fixed the "Enter" key not working on password entry fields for
      certain Linux distributions (bmo#1523635)
    MFSA 2019-04 (bsc#1125330)
    * CVE-2018-18356 bmo#1525817
      Use-after-free in Skia
    * CVE-2019-5785 bmo#1525433
      Integer overflow in Skia
    * CVE-2018-18511 bmo#1526218
      Cross-origin theft of images with ImageBitmapRenderingContext
* Wed Feb 13 2019 Martin Liška <>
  - Enable LTO only for latest new toolchain (boo#1125038) for x86_64
    (with increased memory constraints)
* Sat Jan 26 2019 Wolfgang Rosenauer <>
  - Mozilla Firefox 65.0
    * Enhanced tracking protection
    * allow switching of UI locales within preferences
    * support for the WebP image format
    * "top"-like about:performance
    MFSA 2019-01 (bsc#1122983)
    * CVE-2018-18500 bmo#1510114
      Use-after-free parsing HTML5 stream
    * CVE-2018-18503 bmo#1509442
      Memory corruption with Audio Buffer
    * CVE-2018-18504 bmo#1496413
      Memory corruption and out-of-bounds read of texture client
    * CVE-2018-18505 bmo#1497749
      Privilege escalation through IPC channel messages
    * CVE-2018-18506 bmo#1503393
      Proxy Auto-Configuration file can define localhost access to be proxied
    * CVE-2018-18502 bmo#1499426 bmo#1480090 bmo#1472990 bmo#1514762
      bmo#1501482 bmo#1505887 bmo#1508102 bmo#1508618 bmo#1511580
      bmo#1493497 bmo#1510145 bmo#1516289 bmo#1506798 bmo#1512758
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 65
    * CVE-2018-18501 bmo#1512450 bmo#1517542 bmo#1513201 bmo#1460619
      bmo#1502871 bmo#1516738 bmo#1516514
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 65 and Firefox ESR 60.5
  - requires
    NSS 3.41
    rust/carge 1.30
    rust-cbindgen 0.6.7
  - rebased patches
  - remove workaround for build memory consumption on i586; other
    mitigations meanwhile introduced (mainly parallelity) will be
* Tue Jan 15 2019 Martin Liška <>
  - Increase disk constraint.
* Mon Jan 14 2019 Martin Liška <>
  - Remove -v from mach build in order to work-around bmo#1500436.
* Fri Jan 11 2019 Martin Liška <>
  - Set %clang_build to false on all architectures
  - Do not use -fno-delete-null-pointer-checks and -fno-strict-aliasing:
    it should not be needed anymore
  - Do not overwrite enable-optimize and when possible
    enable --enable-debug-symbols.
  - Add -v to mach in order to make build verbose.
* Wed Jan 09 2019
  - Mozilla Firefox 64.0.2:
    * Update the Japanese translation for missing strings (bmo#1513259)
    * Properly restore column sizes in developer tools inspector (bmo#1503175)
    * Fixed video stuttering on Youtube (bmo#1513511)
    * Fix updates for some lightweight themes (bmo#1508777)
* Tue Dec 18 2018 Guillaume GARDET <>
  - Enable build_hardened for all architectures
  - Switch back aarch64 to clang as '-fPIC' fixes bmo#1513605
  - Remove obolete '--enable-pie' as -pie is always enabled for
    gcc and clang
* Wed Dec 12 2018 Guillaume GARDET <>
  - Switch aarch64 builds back to gcc, not clang (bmo#1513605)
  - Switch %arm builds back to gcc, not clang to avoid OOM
  - Fix build flags when clang is not used
  - Fix flags for clang ppc64 builds
* Tue Dec 11 2018 Wolfgang Rosenauer <>
  - update to Firefox 64.0
    * Better recommendations: You may see suggestions in regular browsing
      mode for new and relevant Firefox features, services, and extensions
      based on how you use the web (for US users only)
    * Enhanced tab management: You can now select multiple tabs from the
      tab bar and close, move, bookmark, or pin them quickly and easily
    * Easier performance management: The new Task Manager page found at
      about:performance lets you see how much energy each open tab consumes
      and provides access to close tabs to conserve power
    * Improved performance for Mac and Linux users, by enabling link time
      optimization (Clang LTO).
    * Added option to remove add-ons using the context menu on their
      toolbar buttons
    * RSS feed preview and live bookmarks are available only via add-ons
    * TLS certificates issued by Symantec are no longer trusted by Firefox.
      Website operators are strongly encouraged to replace any remaining
      Symantec TLS certificates as soon as possible
    MFSA 2018-29 (bsc#1119105)
    * CVE-2018-12407 bmo#1505973
      Buffer overflow with ANGLE library when using VertexBuffer11 module
    * CVE-2018-17466 bmo#1488295
      Buffer overflow and out-of-bounds read in ANGLE library with
    * CVE-2018-18492 bmo#1499861
      Use-after-free with select element
    * CVE-2018-18493 bmo#1504452
      Buffer overflow in accelerated 2D canvas with Skia
    * CVE-2018-18494 bmo#1487964
      Same-origin policy violation using location attribute and
      performance.getEntries to steal cross-origin URLs
    * CVE-2018-18495 bmo#1427585
      WebExtension content scripts can be loaded in about: pages
    * CVE-2018-18496 bmo#1422231 (Windows only)
      Embedded feed preview page can be abused for clickjacking
    * CVE-2018-18497 bmo#1488180
      WebExtensions can load arbitrary URLs through pipe separators
    * CVE-2018-18498 bmo#1500011
      Integer overflow when calculating buffer sizes for images
    * CVE-2018-12406 bmo#1456947 bmo#1475669 bmo#1504816 bmo#1502886
      bmo#1500064 bmo#1500310 bmo#1500696 bmo#1498765 bmo#1499198 bmo#1434490
      bmo#1481745 bmo#1458129
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 64
    * CVE-2018-12405 bmo#1494752 bmo#1503326 bmo#1505181 bmo#1500759
      bmo#1504365 bmo#1506640 bmo#1503082 bmo#1502013 bmo#1510471
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 64 and Firefox ESR 60.4
  - requires
    * rust/cargo >= 1.29
    * mozilla-nss >= 3.40.1
    * rust-cbindgen >= 0.6.4
  - rebased patches
  - removed obsolete patch
    * mozilla-bmo1491289.patch
  - now uses clang primarily for compilation
* Wed Nov 28 2018 Guillaume GARDET <>
  - Remove --disable-elf-hack when not available: on aarch64 and ppc64*
* Mon Nov 26 2018 Guillaume GARDET <>
  - Clean-up %arm build
* Sun Nov 18 2018
  - update to Firefox 63.0.3
    * Games using WebGL (created in Unity) get stuck after very short
      time of gameplay (bmo#1502748)
    * Slow page loading for some users with specific proxy configurations
    * Disable HTTP response throttling by default for causing bugs with
      videos in background tabs (bmo#1503354)
    * Opening magnet links no longer works (bmo#1498934)
    * Crash fixes (bmo#1498510, bmo#1503424)
  - removed mozilla-newer-cbindgen.patch; no longer needed
* Thu Nov 08 2018
  - update to Firefox 63.0.1
    * Snippets are not loaded due to missing element (bmo#1503047)
    * Print preview always shows 30& scale when it is actually
      Shrink To Fit (bmo#1501952)
    * Dialog displayed when closing multiple windows shows unreplaced
      %1$S placeholder in Japanese and potentially other locales
* Mon Oct 29 2018
  - update to Firefox 63.0
    * WebExtensions now run in their own process on Linux
    * The Ctrl+Tab shortcut now displays thumbnail previews of your
      tabs and cycles through tabs in recently used order. This new
      default behavior is activated only in new profiles and can be
      changed in preferences.
    * Added support for Web Components custom elements and shadow DOM
    MFSA 2018-26 (bsc#1112852)
    * CVE-2018-12391 (bmo#1478843) (Android-only)
      HTTP Live Stream audio data is accessible cross-origin
    * CVE-2018-12392 (bmo#1492823)
      Crash with nested event loops
    * CVE-2018-12393 (bmo#1495011) (only affects non-64-bit archs)
      Integer overflow during Unicode conversion while loading JavaScript
    * CVE-2018-12395 (bmo#1467523)
      WebExtension bypass of domain restrictions through header rewriting
    * CVE-2018-12396 (bmo#1483602)
      WebExtension content scripts can execute in disallowed contexts
    * CVE-2018-12397 (bmo#1487478)
      Missing warning prompt when WebExtension requests local file access
    * CVE-2018-12398 (bmo#1460538, bmo#1488061)
      CSP bypass through stylesheet injection in resource URIs
    * CVE-2018-12399 (bmo#1490276)
      Spoofing of protocol registration notification bar
    * CVE-2018-12400 (bmo#1448305) (Android only)
      Favicons are cached in private browsing mode on Firefox for Android
    * CVE-2018-12401 (bmo#1422456)
      DOS attack through special resource URI parsing
    * CVE-2018-12402 (bmo#1469916)
      SameSite cookies leak when pages are explicitly saved
    * CVE-2018-12403 (bmo#1484753)
      Mixed content warning is not displayed when HTTPS page loads a favicon over HTTP
    * CVE-2018-12388 (bmo#1472639, bmo#1485698, bmo#1301547, bmo#1471427,
      bmo#1379411, bmo#1482122, bmo#1486314, bmo#1487167)
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 63
    * CVE-2018-12390 (bmo#1487098, bmo#1487660, bmo#1490234, bmo#1496159,
      bmo#1443748, bmo#1496340, bmo#1483905, bmo#1493347, bmo#1488803,
      bmo#1498701, bmo#1498482, bmo#1442010, bmo#1495245, bmo#1483699,
      bmo#1469486, bmo#1484905, bmo#1490561, bmo#1492524, bmo#1481844)
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 63 and Firefox ESR 60.3
  - requires NSPR 4.20, NSS 3.39 and Rust 1.28
  - latest rust does not provide rust-std so stop requiring it
  - requires rust-cbindgen >= 0.6.2 to build
  - requires nodejs >= 8.11 to build
  - added mozilla-bmo1491289.patch to fix system NSS build (bmo#1491289)
  - added mozilla-cubeb-noreturn.patch to fix non-return function
  - added mozilla-newer-cbindgen.patch to fix build with cbindgen 0.6.7
  - disable elfhack for TW and newer due to build errors
  - removed obsolete patches
    * mozilla-no-return.patch
    * mozilla-no-stdcxx-check.patch
* Thu Oct 25 2018
  - Update _constraints for armv6/7
* Thu Oct 25 2018
  - Add patch to fix build on armv7:
    * mozilla-bmo1463035.patch
* Tue Oct 02 2018
  - Mozilla Firefox 62.0.3:
    MFSA 2018-24
    * CVE-2018-12386 (bsc#1110506, bmo#1493900)
      Type confusion in JavaScript allowed remote code execution
    * CVE-2018-12387 (bsc#1110507, bmo#1493903)
      Array.prototype.push stack pointer vulnerability may enable
      exploits in the sandboxed content process
* Sat Sep 22 2018
  - Mozilla Firefox 62.0.2:
    MFSA 2018-22
    * CVE-2018-12385 (boo#1109363, bmo#1490585)
      Crash in TransportSecurityInfo due to cached data
    * Unvisited bookmarks can once again be autofilled in the address
    * Fix WebGL rendering issues
    * Fix fallback on startup when a language pack is missing
    * Avoid crash when sharing a profile with newer (as yet
      unreleased) versions of Firefox
    * Do not undo removal of search engines when using a language
    * Fixed rendering of some web sites
    * Restored compatibility with some sites using deprecated TLS
  - disable rust debug symbols to fix build on %ix86
* Mon Sep 03 2018
  - update to Firefox 62.0
    * Firefox Home (the default New Tab) now allows users to display
      up to 4 rows of top sites, Pocket stories, and highlights
    * "Reopen in Container" tab menu option appears for users with
      Containers that lets them choose to reopen a tab in a different
    * In advance of removing all trust for Symantec-issued certificates
      in Firefox 63, a preference was added that allows users to distrust
      certificates issued by Symantec. To use this preference, go to
      about:config in the address bar and set the preference
      "security.pki.distrust_ca_policy" to 2.
    * Support for CSS Shapes, allowing for richer web page layouts.
      This goes hand in hand with a brand new Shape Path Editor in the
      CSS inspector.
    * CSS Variable Fonts (OpenType Font Variations) support, which makes
      it possible to create beautiful typography with a single font file
    * Added Canadian English (en-CA) locale
    MFSA 2018-20 (bsc#1107343)
    * CVE-2018-12377 (bmo#1470260)
      Use-after-free in refresh driver timers
    * CVE-2018-12378 (bmo#1459383)
      Use-after-free in IndexedDB
    * CVE-2018-12379 (bmo#1473113) (updater is disabled for us)
      Out-of-bounds write with malicious MAR file
    * CVE-2017-16541 (bmo#1412081)
      Proxy bypass using automount and autofs
    * CVE-2018-12381 (bmo#1435319)
      Dragging and dropping Outlook email message results in page navigation
    * CVE-2018-12382 (bmo#1479311) (Android only)
      Addressbar spoofing with javascript URI on Firefox for Android
    * CVE-2018-12383 (bmo#1475775)
      Setting a master password post-Firefox 58 does not delete
      unencrypted previously stored passwords
    * CVE-2018-12375
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 62
    * CVE-2018-12376
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 62 and Firefox ESR 60.2
  - requires NSS >= 3.38
  - removed obsolete patch
* Thu Aug 09 2018
  - update to Firefox 61.0.2
    * Improved website rendering with the Retained Display List feature
      enabled (bmo#1474402)
    * Fixed broken DevTools panels with certain extensions installed
    * Fixed a crash for users with some accessibility tools enabled
* Mon Jul 09 2018
  - Mozilla Firefox 61.0.1:
    * Fix missing content on the New Tab Page and the Home section of
      the Preferences page (bmo#1471375)
    * Fixed loss of bookmarks under rare circumstances when upgrading
      from Firefox 60 (bmo#1472127)
    * Improved playback of Twitch 1080p video streams (bmo#1469257)
    * Web pages no longer lose focus when a browser popup window is
      opened (bmo#1471415)
    * Re-allowed downloading files from FTP sites via the "Save Link
      As" option when linked from HTTP pages (bmo#1470295)
    * Fixed extensions being unable to override the default homepage
      in certain situations (bmo#1466846)
* Sat Jun 23 2018
  - update to Firefox 61.0
    * Performance enhancements
    * Various improvements for dark theme support will provide a more
      consistent experience across the entire Firefox UI
    * OpenSearch plugins offered by web pages can now be added from the
      page action menu for easier installation
    * Improved support for allowing WebExtensions to manage and hide tabs
    MFSA 2018-15 (bsc#1098998)
    * CVE-2018-12359 (bmo#1459162)
      Buffer overflow using computed size of canvas element
    * CVE-2018-12360 (bmo#1459693)
      Use-after-free when using focus()
    * CVE-2018-12361 (bmo#1463244)
      Integer overflow in SwizzleData
    * CVE-2018-12358 (bmo#1467852)
      Same-origin bypass using service worker and redirection
    * CVE-2018-12362 (bmo#1452375)
      Integer overflow in SSSE3 scaler
    * CVE-2018-5156 (bmo#1453127)
      Media recorder segmentation fault when track type is changed during capture
    * CVE-2018-12363 (bmo#1464784)
      Use-after-free when appending DOM nodes
    * CVE-2018-12364 (bmo#1436241)
      CSRF attacks through 307 redirects and NPAPI plugins
    * CVE-2018-12365 (bmo#1459206)
      Compromised IPC child process can list local filenames
    * CVE-2018-12371 (bmo#1465686)
      Integer overflow in Skia library during edge builder allocation
    * CVE-2018-12366 (bmo#1464039)
      Invalid data handling during QCMS transformations
    * CVE-2018-12367 (bmo#1462891)
      Timing attack mitigation of PerformanceNavigationTiming
    * CVE-2018-12369 (bmo#1454909)
      WebExtension security permission checks bypassed by embedded experiments
    * CVE-2018-12370 (bmo#1456652)
      SameSite cookie protections bypassed when exiting Reader View
    * CVE-2018-5186 (bmo#1464872,bmo#1463329,bmo#1419373,bmo#1412882,
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 61
    * CVE-2018-5187 (bmo#1461324,bmo#1414829,bmo#1395246,bmo#1467938,
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 60 and Firefox ESR 60.1
    * CVE-2018-5188 (bmo#1456189,bmo#1456975,bmo#1465898,bmo#1392739,
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 60, Firefox ESR 60.1, and Firefox ESR 52.9
  - requires NSS 3.37.3
  - requires python >= 3.5 to build
  - removed obsolete patches
  - patch for new no-return warnings (mozilla-no-return.patch)
  - do not disable system installed locales (mozilla-bmo1464766.patch)
* Fri Jun 08 2018
  - Add conditional for pkgconfig(gconf-2.0) BuildRequires, and pass
    conditional --disable-gconf to configure: no longer pull in
    obsolete gconf2 for Tumbleweed.
* Thu Jun 07 2018
  - update to Firefox 60.0.2
    * requires NSS 3.36.4
    MFSA 2018-14 (bsc#1096449)
    * CVE-2018-6126 (bmo#1462682)
      Heap buffer overflow rasterizing paths in SVG with Skia
* Wed Jun 06 2018
  - Add upstream patch to fix boo#1093059 instead of '-ffixed-x28'
    * mozilla-bmo1375074.patch
* Sat May 26 2018
  - fixed "open with" option under KDE (boo#1094747)
  - workaround crash on startup on aarch64 (boo#1093059)
    (contributed by
* Wed May 23 2018
  - Disable webrtc for aarch64 due to bmo#1434589
  - Add patch to fix skia build on AArch64:
    * mozilla-fix-skia-aarch64.patch
* Thu May 17 2018
  - update to Firefox 60.0.1
    * Avoid overly long cycle collector pauses with some add-ons installed
    * After unckecking the "Sponsored Stories" option, the New Tab page
      now immediately stops displaying "Sponsored content" cards (bmo#1458906)
    * On touchscreen devices, fixed momentum scrolling on non-zoomable pages
    * Use the right default background when opening tabs or windows in
      high contrast mode (bmo#1458956)
    * Restored translations of the Preferences panels when using a
      language pack (bmo#1461590)
* Mon May 14 2018
  - parellelise locales building
* Mon May 07 2018
  - update to Firefox 60.0
    * Added a policy engine that allows customized Firefox deployments
      in enterprise environments, using Windows Group Policy or a
      cross-platform JSON file
    * Applied Quantum CSS to render browser UI
    * Added support for Web Authentication, allowing the use of USB
      tokens for authentication to web sites
    * Locale added: Occitan (oc)
    MFSA 2018-11 (bsc#1092548)
    * CVE-2018-5154 (bmo#1443092)
      Use-after-free with SVG animations and clip paths
    * CVE-2018-5155 (bmo#1448774)
      Use-after-free with SVG animations and text paths
    * CVE-2018-5157 (bmo#1449898)
      Same-origin bypass of PDF Viewer to view protected PDF files
    * CVE-2018-5158 (bmo#1452075)
      Malicious PDF can inject JavaScript into PDF Viewer
    * CVE-2018-5159 (bmo#1441941)
      Integer overflow and out-of-bounds write in Skia
    * CVE-2018-5160 (bmo#1436117)
      Uninitialized memory use by WebRTC encoder
    * CVE-2018-5152 (bmo#1415644, bmo#1427289)
      WebExtensions information leak through webRequest API
    * CVE-2018-5153 (bmo#1436809)
      Out-of-bounds read in mixed content websocket messages
    * CVE-2018-5163 (bmo#1426353)
      Replacing cached data in JavaScript Start-up Bytecode Cache
    * CVE-2018-5164 (bmo#1416045)
      CSP not applied to all multipart content sent with
    * CVE-2018-5166 (bmo#1437325)
      WebExtension host permission bypass through filterReponseData
    * CVE-2018-5167 (bmo#1447969)
      Improper linkification of chrome: and javascript: content in
      web console and JavaScript debugger
    * CVE-2018-5168 (bmo#1449548)
      Lightweight themes can be installed without user interaction
    * CVE-2018-5169 (bmo#1319157)
      Dragging and dropping link text onto home button can set home page
      to include chrome pages
    * CVE-2018-5172 (bmo#1436482)
      Pasted script from clipboard can run in the Live Bookmarks page
      or PDF viewer
    * CVE-2018-5173 (bmo#1438025)
      File name spoofing of Downloads panel with Unicode characters
    * CVE-2018-5174 (bmo#1447080) (Windows-only)
      Windows Defender SmartScreen UI runs with less secure behavior
      for downloaded files in Windows 10 April 2018 Update
    * CVE-2018-5175 (bmo#1432358)
      Universal CSP bypass on sites using strict-dynamic in their policies
    * CVE-2018-5176 (bmo#1442840)
      JSON Viewer script injection
    * CVE-2018-5177 (bmo#1451908)
      Buffer overflow in XSLT during number formatting
    * CVE-2018-5165 (bmo#1451452)
      Checkbox for enabling Flash protected mode is inverted in 32-bit
    * CVE-2018-5180 (bmo#1444086)
      heap-use-after-free in mozilla::WebGLContext::DrawElementsInstanced
    * CVE-2018-5181 (bmo#1424107)
      Local file can be displayed in noopener tab through drag and
      drop of hyperlink
    * CVE-2018-5182 (bmo#1435908)
      Local file can be displayed from hyperlink dragged and dropped
      on addressbar
    * CVE-2018-5151
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 60
    * CVE-2018-5150
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 60 and Firefox ESR 52.8
  - removed obsolete patches
  - requires NSPR 4.19 and NSS 3.36.1
  - requires rust 1.24 or higher
  - use upstream source archive and detached signature for
    source verification
* Thu May 03 2018
  - Fix armv7 build by:
    * adding RUSTFLAGS="-Cdebuginfo=0"
    * updating _constraints for %arm
* Wed May 02 2018
  - do not try CSD on kwin (boo#1091592)
  - fix build in openSUSE:Leap:42.3:Update, use gcc7
* Tue May 01 2018
  - Mozilla Firefox 59.0.3:
    * fixes for platforms other than GNU/Linux
* Fri Apr 20 2018
  - Add 0001-Bug-1435695-WebRTC-fails-to-build-with-GCC-8-r-dmino.patch
    in order to fix boo#1090362.
* Mon Apr 02 2018
  - Add back mozilla-enable-csd.patch: New rebased version from
    Fedora for version 59.0.x.
* Tue Mar 27 2018
  - Reduce constraints on aarch64
* Tue Mar 27 2018
  - update to Firefox 59.0.2
    * Invalid page rendering with hardware acceleration enabled (bmo#1435472)
    * Browser keyboard shortcuts (eg copy Ctrl+C) don't work on sites
      that use those keys with resistFingerprinting enabled (bmo#1433592)
    * High CPU / memory churn caused by third-party software on some
      computers (bmo#1446280)
    * Users who have configured an "automatic proxy configuration URL"
      and want to reload their proxy settings from the URL will find
      the Reload button disabled in the Connection Settings dialog when
      they select Preferences/Options>Network Proxy>Settings... (bmo#1445991)
    * URL Fragment Identifiers Break Service Worker Responses (bmo#1443850)
    * User's trying to cancel a print around the time it completes will
      continue to get intermittent crashes (bmo#1441598)
    MFSA 2018-10 (bsc#1087059)
    * CVE-2018-5148 (bmo#1440717)
      Use-after-free in compositor
  - removed obsolete patch mozilla-bmo1446062.patch
* Wed Mar 21 2018
  - Added patches:
    * mozilla-i586-DecoderDoctorLogger.patch - bmo#1447070
      fixes non-unified build error
    * mozilla-i586-domPrefs.patch - DOMPrefs.h
      fixes 32bit build error
* Fri Mar 16 2018
  - update to Firefox 59.0.1 (bsc#1085671)
    MFSA 2018-08
    * CVE-2018-5146 (bmo#1446062)
      Vorbis audio processing out of bounds write
    * CVE-2018-5147 (bmo#1446365)
      Out of bounds memory write in libtremor
* Wed Mar 14 2018
  - Added patch:
    * mozilla-bmo1005535.patch:
      Enable skia_gpu on big endian platforms.
* Sun Mar 11 2018
  - update to Firefox 59.0
    * Performance enhancements
    * Drag-and-drop to rearrange Top Sites on the Firefox Home page
    * added features for Firefox Screenshots
    * Enhanced WebExtensions API
    * Improved RTC capabilities
    MFSA 2018-06 (bsc#1085130)
    * CVE-2018-5127 (bmo#1430557)
      Buffer overflow manipulating SVG animatedPathSegList
    * CVE-2018-5128 (bmo#1431336)
      Use-after-free manipulating editor selection ranges
    * CVE-2018-5129 (bmo#1428947)
      Out-of-bounds write with malformed IPC messages
    * CVE-2018-5130 (bmo#1433005)
      Mismatched RTP payload type can trigger memory corruption
    * CVE-2018-5131 (bmo#1440775)
      Fetch API improperly returns cached copies of no-store/no-cache resources
    * CVE-2018-5132 (bmo#1408194)
      WebExtension Find API can search privileged pages
    * CVE-2018-5133 (bmo#1430511, bmo#1430974)
      Value of the preference is not properly sanitized
    * CVE-2018-5134 (bmo#1429379)
      WebExtensions may use view-source: URLs to bypass content restrictions
    * CVE-2018-5135 (bmo#1431371)
      WebExtension browserAction can inject scripts into unintended contexts
    * CVE-2018-5136 (bmo#1419166)
      Same-origin policy violation with data: URL shared workers
    * CVE-2018-5137 (bmo#1432870)
      Script content can access legacy extension non-contentaccessible resources
    * CVE-2018-5138 (bmo#1432624) (Android only)
      Android Custom Tab address spoofing through long domain names
    * CVE-2018-5140 (bmo#1424261)
      Moz-icon images accessible to web content through moz-icon: protocol
    * CVE-2018-5141 (bmo#1429093)
      DOS attack through notifications Push API
    * CVE-2018-5142 (bmo#1366357)
      Media Capture and Streams API permissions display incorrect origin
      with data: and blob: URLs
    * CVE-2018-5143 (bmo#1422643)
      Self-XSS pasting javascript: URL with embedded tab into addressbar
    * CVE-2018-5126
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 59
    * CVE-2018-5125
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 59 and Firefox ESR 52.7
  - requires NSPR 4.18 and NSS 3.35
  - requires rust >= 1.22.1
  - removed obsolete patches:
  - removed l10n_changesets.txt since same information is now in
    Firefox source tree (updated now requires jq)
* Fri Feb 09 2018
  - Mozilla Firefox 58.0.2:
    * Blocklisted graphics drivers related to off main thread painting
    * Fix tab crash during printing
    * Fix clicking links and scrolling emails on Microsoft Hotmail
      and Outlook (OWA) webmail
* Fri Feb 09 2018
  - correct requires and provides handling (boo#1076907)
* Tue Feb 06 2018
  - Added patch:
    * mozilla-alsa-sandbox.patch: Fix bmo#1430274, ALSA sound (still
      or again?) not working in Firefox 58 due to sandboxing.
* Mon Jan 29 2018
  - update to Firefox 58.0.1
    MFSA 2018-05
    * Arbitrary code execution through unsanitized browser UI (bmo#1432966)
  - use correct language packs
  - readd mozilla-enable-csd.patch as it only lands for FF59 upstream
  - allow larger number of nested elements (mozilla-bmo256180.patch)
* Tue Jan 23 2018
  - update to Firefox 58.0 (bsc#1077291)
    * Added Nepali (ne-NP) locale
    * Added support for form autofill for credit card
    * Optimize page load by caching JavaScript internal representation
    MFSA 2018-02
    * CVE-2018-5091 (bmo#1423086)
      Use-after-free with DTMF timers
    * CVE-2018-5092 (bmo#1418074)
      Use-after-free in Web Workers
    * CVE-2018-5093 (bmo#1415291)
      Buffer overflow in WebAssembly during Memory/Table resizing
    * CVE-2018-5094 (bmo#1415883)
      Buffer overflow in WebAssembly with garbage collection on
      uninitialized memory
    * CVE-2018-5095 (bmo#1418447)
      Integer overflow in Skia library during edge builder allocation
    * CVE-2018-5097 (bmo#1387427)
      Use-after-free when source document is manipulated during XSLT
    * CVE-2018-5098 (bmo#1399400)
      Use-after-free while manipulating form input elements
    * CVE-2018-5099 (bmo#1416878)
      Use-after-free with widget listener
    * CVE-2018-5100 (bmo#1417405)
      Use-after-free when IsPotentiallyScrollable arguments are freed
      from memory
    * CVE-2018-5101 (bmo#1417661)
      Use-after-free with floating first-letter style elements
    * CVE-2018-5102 (bmo#1419363)
      Use-after-free in HTML media elements
    * CVE-2018-5103 (bmo#1423159)
      Use-after-free during mouse event handling
    * CVE-2018-5104 (bmo#1425000)
      Use-after-free during font face manipulation
    * CVE-2018-5105 (bmo#1390882)
      WebExtensions can save and execute files on local file system
      without user prompts
    * CVE-2018-5106 (bmo#1408708)
      Developer Tools can expose style editor information cross-origin
      through service worker
    * CVE-2018-5107 (bmo#1379276)
      Printing process will follow symlinks for local file access
    * CVE-2018-5108 (bmo#1421099)
      Manually entered blob URL can be accessed by subsequent private browsing tabs
    * CVE-2018-5109 (bmo#1405599)
      Audio capture prompts and starts with incorrect origin attribution
    * CVE-2018-5110 (bmo#1423275) (affects only OS X)
      Cursor can be made invisible on OS X
    * CVE-2018-5111 (bmo#1321619)
      URL spoofing in addressbar through drag and drop
    * CVE-2018-5112 (bmo#1425224)
      Extension development tools panel can open a non-relative URL in the panel
    * CVE-2018-5113 (bmo#1425267)
      WebExtensions can load non-HTTPS pages with browser.identity.launchWebAuthFlow
    * CVE-2018-5114 (bmo#1421324)
      The old value of a cookie changed to HttpOnly remains accessible to scripts
    * CVE-2018-5115 (bmo#1409449)
      Background network requests can open HTTP authentication in unrelated foreground tabs
    * CVE-2018-5116 (bmo#1396399)
      WebExtension ActiveTab permission allows cross-origin frame content access
    * CVE-2018-5117 (bmo#1395508)
      URL spoofing with right-to-left text aligned left-to-right
    * CVE-2018-5118 (bmo#1420049)
      Activity Stream images can attempt to load local content through file:
    * CVE-2018-5119 (bmo#1420507)
      Reader view will load cross-origin content in violation of CORS headers
    * CVE-2018-5121 (bmo#1402368) (affects only OS X)
      OS X Tibetan characters render incompletely in the addressbar
    * CVE-2018-5122 (bmo#1413841)
      Potential integer overflow in DoCrypt
    * CVE-2018-5090
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 58
    * CVE-2018-5089
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 58 and Firefox ESR 52.6
  - requires NSS 3.34.1
  - requires rust 1.21
  - removed obsolete patches:
  - rebased patches
  - updated man-page
* Tue Jan 09 2018
  - fixed build with latest rust (mozilla-rust-1.23.patch)
* Thu Jan 04 2018
  - update to Firefox 57.0.4
    MFSA 2018-1: Speculative execution side-channel attack ("Spectre")
* Wed Jan 03 2018
  - fixed regression introduced Oct 10th which made Firefox crash
    when cancelling the KDE file dialog (boo#1069962)
* Fri Dec 29 2017
  - Mozilla Firefox 57.0.3:
    * Fix a crash reporting issue that inadvertently sends background
      tab crash reports to Mozilla without user opt-in (bmo#1427111,
  - Includes changes from 57.0.2:
    * fixes for platforms other than GNU/Linux
* Fri Dec 08 2017
  - Explicitly buildrequires python2-xml: The build system relies on
    it. We wrongly relied on other packages pulling it in for us.
* Thu Dec 07 2017
  - Escape the usage of %{VERSION} when calling out to rpm.
    RPM 4.14 has %{VERSION} defined as 'the main packages version'.
* Wed Nov 29 2017
  - update to Firefox 57.0.1
    * CVE-2017-7843: Web worker in Private Browsing mode can write
      IndexedDB data (bsc#1072034, bmo#1410106)
    * CVE-2017-7844: Visited history information leak through SVG
      image (bsc#1072036, bmo#1420001)
    * Fix a video color distortion issue on YouTube and other video
      sites with some AMD devices (bmo#1417442)
    * Fix an issue with prefs.js when the profile path has non-ascii
      characters (bmo#1420427)
* Tue Nov 21 2017
  - Add mozilla-bmo1360278.patch
    Starting with Firefox 57, the context menu appears on key press.
    This patch creates a config entry to restore the
    old behaviour. Without the patch, the mouse gesture extensions
    require 2 clicks to work (bmo#1360278).
    The new config entry is named ui.context_menus.after_mouseup
    (default : false).
* Sat Nov 18 2017
  - Allow experimental CSD for Gtk3 (bmo#1399611) if available and enabled
* Wed Nov 15 2017
  - update to Firefox 57.0 (boo#1068101)
    * Firefox Quantum
    * Photon UI
    * Unified address and search bar
    * AMD VP9 hardware video decoder support
    * Added support for Date/Time input
    * stricter security sandbox blocking filesystem reading and
      writing on Linux systems
    * middle mouse paste in the content area no longer navigates to
      URLs by default on Unix systems
    MFSA 2017-24
    * CVE-2017-7828 (bmo#1406750. bmo#1412252)
      Use-after-free of PressShell while restyling layout
    * CVE-2017-7830 (bmo#1408990)
      Cross-origin URL information leak through Resource Timing API
    * CVE-2017-7831 (bmo#1392026)
      Information disclosure of exposed properties on JavaScript proxy
    * CVE-2017-7832 (bmo#1408782)
      Domain spoofing through use of dotless 'i' character followed
      by accent markers
    * CVE-2017-7833 (bmo#1370497)
      Domain spoofing with Arabic and Indic vowel marker characters
    * CVE-2017-7834 (bmo#1358009)
      data: URLs opened in new tabs bypass CSP protections
    * CVE-2017-7835 (bmo#1402363)
      Mixed content blocking incorrectly applies with redirects
    * CVE-2017-7836 (bmo#1401339)
      Pingsender dynamically loads libcurl on Linux and OS X
    * CVE-2017-7837 (bmo#1325923)
      SVG loaded as <img> can use meta tags to set cookies
    * CVE-2017-7838 (bmo#1399540)
      Failure of individual decoding of labels in international domain
      names triggers punycode display of entire IDN
    * CVE-2017-7839 (bmo#1402896)
      Control characters before javascript: URLs defeats self-XSS
      prevention mechanism
    * CVE-2017-7840 (bmo#1366420)
      Exported bookmarks do not strip script elements from user-supplied
    * CVE-2017-7842 (bmo#1397064)
      Referrer Policy is not always respected for <link> elements
    * CVE-2017-7827
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 57
    * CVE-2017-7826
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 57 and Firefox ESR 52.5
  - requires NSPR 4.17, NSS 3.33 and rustc 1.19
  - rebased patches
  - added mozilla-bindgen-systemlibs.patch to allow stylo build
    with system libs (bmo#1341234)
  - removed mozilla-language.patch since the whole locale code
    changed in Firefox and is relying on ICU now
  - removed obsolete mozilla-ucontext.patch
* Sat Oct 28 2017
  - update to Firefox 56.0.2
    * Disable Form Autofill completely on user request (bmo#1404531)
    * Fix for video-related crashes on Windows 7 (bmo#1409141)
    * Correct detection for 64-bit GSSAPI authentication (bmo#1409275)
    * Fix for shutdown crash (bmo#1404105)
* Tue Oct 10 2017
  - update to Firefox 56.0.1
    * Block D3D11 when using Intel drivers on Windows 7 systems with
      partial AVX support (bmo#1403353)
    - > just to sync the version number
  - enable stylo for TW (requires LLVM >= 3.9)
  - queue KDE filepicker requests to avoid non-opening file dialogs
    happening in certain situations (contributed by Ignaz Forster)
  - the placeholder dot in KDE file dialog in case of empty filenames
    was removed, apparently not required (anymore)
    (contributed by Ignaz Forster)
* Sun Oct 01 2017
  - Correct plugin directory for aarch64 (boo#1061207). The wrapper
    script was not detecting aarch64 as a 64 bit architecture, thus
    used /usr/lib/browser-plugins/.
* Sat Sep 30 2017
  - Drop libgnomeui-devel, and replace it with pkgconfig(gconf-2.0),
    pkgconfig(gtk+-2.0), pkgconfig(gtk+-unix-print-2.0),
    pkgconfig(glib-2.0), pkgconfig(gobject-2.0) and
    pkgconfig(gdk-x11-2.0) BuildRequires, align with what configure
    looks for.
* Thu Sep 28 2017
  - update to Firefox 56.0 (boo#1060445)
    * Firefox Screenshots
    * Find Options/Preferences more quickly with new search function
    * Media is no longer auto-played when opened in a background tab
    * Enable CSS Grid Layout View
    MFSA 2017-21
    * CVE-2017-7793 (bmo#1371889)
      Use-after-free with Fetch API
    * CVE-2017-7817 (bmo#1356596) (Android-only)
      Firefox for Android address bar spoofing through fullscreen mode
    * CVE-2017-7818 (bmo#1363723)
      Use-after-free during ARIA array manipulation
    * CVE-2017-7819 (bmo#1380292)
      Use-after-free while resizing images in design mode
    * CVE-2017-7824 (bmo#1398381)
      Buffer overflow when drawing and validating elements with ANGLE
    * CVE-2017-7805 (bmo#1377618) (fixed via NSS requirement)
      Use-after-free in TLS 1.2 generating handshake hashes
    * CVE-2017-7812 (bmo#1379842)
      Drag and drop of malicious page content to the tab bar can open locally stored files
    * CVE-2017-7814 (bmo#1376036)
      Blob and data URLs bypass phishing and malware protection warnings
    * CVE-2017-7813 (bmo#1383951)
      Integer truncation in the JavaScript parser
    * CVE-2017-7825 (bmo#1393624, bmo#1390980) (OSX-only)
      OS X fonts render some Tibetan and Arabic unicode characters as spaces
    * CVE-2017-7815 (bmo#1368981)
      Spoofing attack with modal dialogs on non-e10s installations
    * CVE-2017-7816 (bmo#1380597)
      WebExtensions can load about: URLs in extension UI
    * CVE-2017-7821 (bmo#1346515)
      WebExtensions can download and open non-executable files without user interaction
    * CVE-2017-7823 (bmo#1396320)
      CSP sandbox directive did not create a unique origin
    * CVE-2017-7822 (bmo#1368859)
      WebCrypto allows AES-GCM with 0-length IV
    * CVE-2017-7820 (bmo#1378207)
      Xray wrapper bypass with new tab and web console
    * CVE-2017-7811
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 56
    * CVE-2017-7810
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 56 and Firefox ESR 52.4
  - requires NSPR 4.16 and NSS 3.32.1
  - rebased patches
* Thu Sep 28 2017
  - Add alsa-devel BuildRequires: we care for ALSA support to be
    built and thus need to ensure we get the dependencies in place.
    In the past, alsa-devel was pulled in by accident: we
    buildrequire libgnome-devel. This required esound-devel and that
    in turn pulled in alsa-devel for us. libgnome is being fixed to
    no longer require esound-devel.
* Mon Sep 04 2017
  - update to Firefox 55.0.3
    * Fix an issue with addons when using a path containing non-ascii
      characters (bmo#1389160)
    * Fix file uploads to some websites, including YouTube (bmo#1383518)
  - fix Google API key build integration
  - add mozilla-ucontext.patch to fix Tumbleweed build
  - do not enable XINPUT2 for now (boo#1053959)
* Fri Aug 11 2017
  - update to Firefox 55.0.1
    * Fix a regression the tab restoration process (bmo#1388160)
    * Fix a problem causing What's new pages not to be displayed (bmo#1386224)
    * Fix a rendering issue with some PKCS#11 libraries (bmo#1388370)
    * Disable the predictor prefetch (bmo#1388160)
* Sat Aug 05 2017
  - update to Firefox 55.0 (boo#1052829)
    * Browsing sessions with a high number of tabs are now restored
      in an instant
    * Sidebar (bookmarks, history, synced tabs) can now be moved to
      the right edge of the window
    * Fine-tune your browser performance from the Preferences/Options page.
    * Make screenshots of webpages, and save them locally or upload
      them to the cloud. This feature will undergo A/B testing and
      will not be visible for some users.
    * Added Belarusian (be) locale
    * Simplify print jobs from within print preview
    * Use virtual reality devices with the web with the introduction
      of WebVR
    * Search suggestions are now enabled by default for users who
      haven't explicitly opted-out
    * Search with any installed search engine directly from the
      location bar
    * IMPORTANT: Breaking profile changes - do not downgrade Firefox
      and use a profile that has been opened with Firefox 55+.
    * The Adobe Flash plugin is now click-to-activate by default and
      only allowed on http:// and https:// URL schemes. This change
      will be rolled out progressively and so will not be visible to
      all users immediately. For more information see the Firefox
      plugin roadmap
    * Modernized application update UI to be less intrusive and more
      aligned with the rest of the browser. Only users who have not
      restarted their browser 8 days after downloading an update or
      users who opted out of automatic updates will see this change.
    * Insecure sites can no longer access the Geolocation APIs to get
      access to your physical location
    * requires NSPR 4.15 and NSS 3.31
    MFSA 2017-18
    * CVE-2017-7798 (bmo#1371586, bmo#1372112)
      XUL injection in the style editor in devtools
    * CVE-2017-7800 (bmo#1374047)
      Use-after-free in WebSockets during disconnection
    * CVE-2017-7801 (bmo#1371259)
      Use-after-free with marquee during window resizing
    * CVE-2017-7809 (bmo#1380284)
      Use-after-free while deleting attached editor DOM node
    * CVE-2017-7784 (bmo#1376087)
      Use-after-free with image observers
    * CVE-2017-7802 (bmo#1378147)
      Use-after-free resizing image elements
    * CVE-2017-7785 (bmo#1356985)
      Buffer overflow manipulating ARIA attributes in DOM
    * CVE-2017-7786 (bmo#1365189)
      Buffer overflow while painting non-displayable SVG
    * CVE-2017-7806 (bmo#1378113)
      Use-after-free in layer manager with SVG
    * CVE-2017-7753 (bmo#1353312)
      Out-of-bounds read with cached style data and pseudo-elements#
    * CVE-2017-7787 (bmo#1322896)
      Same-origin policy bypass with iframes through page reloads
    * CVE-2017-7807 (bmo#1376459)
      Domain hijacking through AppCache fallback
    * CVE-2017-7792 (bmo#1368652)
      Buffer overflow viewing certificates with an extremely long OID
    * CVE-2017-7804 (bmo#1372849)
      Memory protection bypass through WindowsDllDetourPatcher
    * CVE-2017-7791 (bmo#1365875)
      Spoofing following page navigation with data: protocol and modal alerts
    * CVE-2017-7808 (bmo#1367531)
      CSP information leak with frame-ancestors containing paths
    * CVE-2017-7782 (bmo#1344034)
      WindowsDllDetourPatcher allocates memory without DEP protections
    * CVE-2017-7781 (bmo#1352039)
      Elliptic curve point addition error when using mixed Jacobian-affine coordinates
    * CVE-2017-7794 (bmo#1374281)
      Linux file truncation via sandbox broker
    * CVE-2017-7803 (bmo#1377426)
      CSP containing 'sandbox' improperly applied
    * CVE-2017-7799 (bmo#1372509)
      Self-XSS XUL injection in about:webrtc
    * CVE-2017-7783 (bmo#1360842)
      DOS attack through long username in URL
    * CVE-2017-7788 (bmo#1073952)
      Sandboxed about:srcdoc iframes do not inherit CSP directives
    * CVE-2017-7789 (bmo#1074642)
      Failure to enable HSTS when two STS headers are sent for a connection
    * CVE-2017-7790 (bmo#1350460) (Windows-only)
      Windows crash reporter reads extra memory for some non-null-terminated registry values
    * CVE-2017-7796 (bmo#1234401) (Windows-only)
      Windows updater can delete any file named update.log
    * CVE-2017-7797 (bmo#1334776)
      Response header name interning leaks across origins
    * CVE-2017-7780
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 55
    * CVE-2017-7779
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 55 and Firefox ESR 52.3
  - updated mozilla-kde.patch:
    * removed "downloadfinished" alert as Firefox reimplemented the
      whole thing (TODO: check if there is another function we should
      hook in)
* Tue Jul 04 2017
  - update to Firefox 54.0.1
    * Fix a display issue of tab title (bmo#1357656)
    * Fix a display issue of opening new tab (bmo#1371995)
    * Fix a display issue when opening multiple tabs (bmo#1371962)
    * Fix a tab display issue when downloading files (bmo#1373109)
    * Fix a PDF printing issue (bmo#1366744)
    * Fix a Netflix issue on Linux (bmo#1375708)
* Thu Jun 15 2017
  - update to Firefox 54.0
    * Clearer and more detailed information for download items in the
      download panel
    * Added Burmese (my) locale
    * Bookmarks created on mobile devices are now shown in
      "Mobile Bookmarks” folder in the drop down list from the toolbar
      and Bookmarks option in the menu bar in Desktop Firefox
    * added support for multiple content processes (e10s-multi)
  - requires NSPR 4.14 and NSS 3.30.2
  - requires rust 1.15.1
  - removed mozilla-shared-nss-db.patch as it seems to be a rather
    unused feature
* Thu Jun 01 2017
  - remove -fno-inline-small-functions and explicitely optimize with
    - O2 for openSUSE > 13.2/Leap 42 to work with gcc7 (boo#1040105)
* Wed Apr 26 2017
  - switch to Mozilla's geolocation service (boo#1026989)
  - removed mozilla-preferences.patch obsoleted by overriding via
  - fixed KDE integration to avoid crash caused by filepicker
* Mon Apr 17 2017
  - update to Firefox 53.0
    * requires NSS 3.29.5
    * Lightweight themes are now applied in private browsing windows
    * Reader Mode now displays estimated reading time for the page
    * Two new 'compact' themes available in Firefox, dark and light,
      based on the Firefox Developer Edition theme
    * Ended Firefox Linux support for processors older than Pentium 4
      and AMD Opteron
    * Refresh of the media controls user interface
    * Shortened titles on tabs are faded out instead of using ellipsis
      for improved readability
    * Media playback on new tabs is blocked until the tab is visible
    * Permission notifications have a cleaner design and cannot be
      easily missed
    MFSA 2017-10
    * CVE-2017-5456 (bmo#1344415)
      Sandbox escape allowing local file system access
    * CVE-2017-5442 (bmo#1347979)
      Use-after-free during style changes
    * CVE-2017-5443 (bmo#1342661)
      Out-of-bounds write during BinHex decoding
    * CVE-2017-5429 (bmo#1341096, bmo#1342823, bmo#1343261, bmo#1348894,
      bmo#1348941, bmo#1349340, bmo#1350844, bmo#1352926, bmo#1353088)
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 53, Firefox ESR 45.9, and
      Firefox ESR 52.1
    * CVE-2017-5464 (bmo#1347075)
      Memory corruption with accessibility and DOM manipulation
    * CVE-2017-5465 (bmo#1347617)
      Out-of-bounds read in ConvolvePixel
    * CVE-2017-5466 (bmo#1353975)
      Origin confusion when reloading isolated data:text/html URL
    * CVE-2017-5467 (bmo#1347262)
      Memory corruption when drawing Skia content
    * CVE-2017-5460 (bmo#1343642)
      Use-after-free in frame selection
    * CVE-2017-5461 (bmo#1344380)
      Out-of-bounds write in Base64 encoding in NSS
    * CVE-2017-5448 (bmo#1346648)
      Out-of-bounds write in ClearKeyDecryptor
    * CVE-2017-5449 (bmo#1340127)
      Crash during bidirectional unicode manipulation with animation
    * CVE-2017-5446 (bmo#1343505)
      Out-of-bounds read when HTTP/2 DATA frames are sent with incorrect data
    * CVE-2017-5447 (bmo#1343552)
      Out-of-bounds read during glyph processing
    * CVE-2017-5444 (bmo#1344461)
      Buffer overflow while parsing application/http-index-format content
    * CVE-2017-5445 (bmo#1344467)
      Uninitialized values used while parsing application/http-index-format
    * CVE-2017-5468 (bmo#1329521)
      Incorrect ownership model for Private Browsing information
    * CVE-2017-5469 (bmo#1292534)
      Potential Buffer overflow in flex-generated code
    * CVE-2017-5440 (bmo#1336832)
      Use-after-free in txExecutionState destructor during XSLT processing
    * CVE-2017-5441 (bmo#1343795)
      Use-after-free with selection during scroll events
    * CVE-2017-5439 (bmo#1336830)
      Use-after-free in nsTArray Length() during XSLT processing
    * CVE-2017-5438 (bmo#1336828)
      Use-after-free in nsAutoPtr during XSLT processing
    * CVE-2017-5437 (bmo#1343453)
      Vulnerabilities in Libevent library
    * CVE-2017-5436 (bmo#1345461)
      Out-of-bounds write with malicious font in Graphite 2
    * CVE-2017-5435 (bmo#1350683)
      Use-after-free during transaction processing in the editor
    * CVE-2017-5434 (bmo#1349946)
      Use-after-free during focus handling
    * CVE-2017-5433 (bmo#1347168)
      Use-after-free in SMIL animation functions
    * CVE-2017-5432 (bmo#1346654)
      Use-after-free in text input selection
    * CVE-2017-5430 (bmo#1329796, bmo#1337418, bmo#1339722, bmo#1340482,
      bmo#1342101, bmo#1344081, bmo#1344305, bmo#1344686,
      bmo#1346140, bmo#1346419, bmo#1348143, bmo#1349621,
      bmo#1349719, bmo#1353476)
      Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 53 and Firefox ESR 52.1
    * CVE-2017-5459 (bmo#1333858)
      Buffer overflow in WebGL
    * CVE-2017-5458 (bmo#1229426)
      Drag and drop of javascript: URLs can allow for self-XSS
    * CVE-2017-5455 (bmo#1341191)
      Sandbox escape through internal feed reader APIs
    * CVE-2017-5454 (bmo#1349276)
      Sandbox escape allowing file system read access through file picker
    * CVE-2017-5451 (bmo#1273537)
      Addressbar spoofing with onblur event
    * CVE-2017-5453 (bmo#1321247)
      HTML injection into RSS Reader feed preview page through
      TITLE element
    * CVE-2017-5462 (bmo#1345089)
      DRBG flaw in NSS
  - removed browser(npapi) provides as these plugins are deprecated
  - switch used compiler to gcc5 (FF requires gcc >= 4.9 now) for
    Leap 42
  - Gtk2 is not longer an option; switched to Gtk3
  - apply MOZ_USE_XINPUT2=1 for better touchpad and touchscreen support
* Mon Apr 03 2017
  - update to Firefox 52.0.2
    * Use Nirmala UI as fallback font for additional Indic languages (bmo#1342787)
    * Fix loading tab icons on session restore (bmo#1338009)
    * Fix a crash on startup on Linux (bmo#1345413)
    * Fix new installs erroneously not prompting to change the default
      browser setting (bmo#1343938)
* Mon Mar 20 2017
  - disable rust usage for everything but x86(-64)
  - explicitely add libffi build requirement
* Fri Mar 17 2017
  - update to Firefox 52.0.1 (boo#1029822)
    MFSA 2017-08
    CVE-2017-5428: integer overflow in createImageBitmap() (bmo#1348168)
* Thu Mar 09 2017
  - reenable ALSA support which was removed by default upstream
* Sat Mar 04 2017
  - update to Firefox 52.0 (boo#1028391)
    * requires NSS >= 3.28.3
    * Pages containing insecure password fields now display a warning
      directly within username and password fields.
    * Send and open a tab from one device to another with Sync
    * Removed NPAPI support for plugins other than Flash. Silverlight,
      Java, Acrobat and the like are no longer supported.
    * Removed Battery Status API to reduce fingerprinting of users by
    * MFSA 2017-05
      CVE-2017-5400: asm.js JIT-spray bypass of ASLR and DEP
      CVE-2017-5401: Memory Corruption when handling ErrorResult
      CVE-2017-5402: Use-after-free working with events in FontFace
      objects (bmo#1334876)
      CVE-2017-5403: Use-after-free using addRange to add range to an
      incorrect root object (bmo#1340186)
      CVE-2017-5404: Use-after-free working with ranges in selections
      CVE-2017-5406: Segmentation fault in Skia with canvas operations
      CVE-2017-5407: Pixel and history stealing via floating-point
      timing side channel with SVG filters (bmo#1336622)
      CVE-2017-5410: Memory corruption during JavaScript garbage
      collection incremental sweeping (bmo#1330687)
      CVE-2017-5408: Cross-origin reading of video captions in violation
      of CORS (bmo#1313711)
      CVE-2017-5412: Buffer overflow read in SVG filters (bmo#1328323)
      CVE-2017-5413: Segmentation fault during bidirectional operations
      CVE-2017-5414: File picker can choose incorrect default directory
      CVE-2017-5415: Addressbar spoofing through blob URL (bmo#1321719)
      CVE-2017-5416: Null dereference crash in HttpChannel (bmo#1328121)
      CVE-2017-5417: Addressbar spoofing by draging and dropping URLs
      CVE-2017-5426: Gecko Media Plugin sandbox is not started if
      seccomp-bpf filter is running (bmo#1257361)
      CVE-2017-5427: Non-existent chrome.manifest file loaded during
      startup (bmo#1295542)
      CVE-2017-5418: Out of bounds read when parsing HTTP digest
      authorization responses (bmo#1338876)
      CVE-2017-5419: Repeated authentication prompts lead to DOS
      attack (bmo#1312243)
      CVE-2017-5420: Javascript: URLs can obfuscate addressbar
      location (bmo#1284395)
      CVE-2017-5405: FTP response codes can cause use of
      uninitialized values for ports (bmo#1336699)
      CVE-2017-5421: Print preview spoofing (bmo#1301876)
      CVE-2017-5422: DOS attack by using view-source: protocol
      repeatedly in one hyperlink (bmo#1295002)
      CVE-2017-5399: Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 52
      CVE-2017-5398: Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 52 and
      Firefox ESR 45.8
  - removed obsolete patches
    * mozilla-binutils-visibility.patch
    * mozilla-check_return.patch
    * mozilla-disable-skia-be.patch
    * mozilla-skia-overflow.patch
    * mozilla-skia-ppc-endianess.patch
  - rebased patches
  - enable rust usage for Tumbleweed
* Fri Jan 27 2017
  - Mozilla Firefox 51.0.1:
    - Multiprocess incompatibility did not correctly register with
      some add-ons (bmo#1333423)
* Fri Jan 20 2017
  - update to Firefox 51.0
    * requires NSPR >= 4.13.1, NSS >= 3.28.1
    * Added support for FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) playback
    * Added support for WebGL 2
    * Added Georgian (ka) and Kabyle (kab) locales
    * Support saving passwords for forms without 'submit' events
    * Improved video performance for users without GPU acceleration
    * Zoom indicator is shown in the URL bar if the zoom level is not
      at default level
    * View passwords from the prompt before saving them
    * Remove Belarusian (be) locale
    * Use Skia for content rendering (Linux)
    * MFSA 2017-01
      CVE-2017-5375: Excessive JIT code allocation allows bypass of
      ASLR and DEP (bmo#1325200, boo#1021814)
      CVE-2017-5376: Use-after-free in XSL (bmo#1311687, boo#1021817)
      CVE-2017-5377: Memory corruption with transforms to create
      gradients in Skia (bmo#1306883, boo#1021826)
      CVE-2017-5378: Pointer and frame data leakage of Javascript objects
      (bmo#1312001, bmo#1330769, boo#1021818)
      CVE-2017-5379: Use-after-free in Web Animations
      CVE-2017-5380: Potential use-after-free during DOM manipulations
      (bmo#1322107, boo#1021819)
      CVE-2017-5390: Insecure communication methods in Developer Tools
      JSON viewer (bmo#1297361, boo#1021820)
      CVE-2017-5389: WebExtensions can install additional add-ons via
      modified host requests (bmo#1308688, boo#1021828)
      CVE-2017-5396: Use-after-free with Media Decoder
      (bmo#1329403, boo#1021821)
      CVE-2017-5381: Certificate Viewer exporting can be used to navigate
      and save to arbitrary filesystem locations
    (bmo#1017616, boo#1021830)
      CVE-2017-5382: Feed preview can expose privileged content errors
      and exceptions (bmo#1295322, boo#1021831)
      CVE-2017-5383: Location bar spoofing with unicode characters
      (bmo#1323338, bmo#1324716, boo#1021822)
      CVE-2017-5384: Information disclosure via Proxy Auto-Config (PAC)
      (bmo#1255474, boo#1021832)
      CVE-2017-5385: Data sent in multipart channels ignores referrer-policy
      response headers (bmo#1295945, boo#1021833)
      CVE-2017-5386: WebExtensions can use data: protocol to affect other
      extensions (bmo#1319070, boo#1021823)
      CVE-2017-5394: Android location bar spoofing using fullscreen and
      JavaScript events (bmo#1222798)
      CVE-2017-5391: Content about: pages can load privileged about: pages
      (bmo#1309310, boo#1021835)
      CVE-2017-5392: Weak references using multiple threads on weak proxy
      objects lead to unsafe memory usage (bmo#1293709)
    (Android only)
      CVE-2017-5393: Remove CDN from whitelist for
      mozAddonManager (bmo#1309282, boo#1021837)
      CVE-2017-5395: Android location bar spoofing during scrolling
      (bmo#1293463) (Android only)
      CVE-2017-5387: Disclosure of local file existence through TRACK
      tag error messages (bmo#1295023, boo#1021839)
      CVE-2017-5388: WebRTC can be used to generate a large amount of
      UDP traffic for DDOS attacks
    (bmo#1281482, boo#1021840)
      CVE-2017-5374: Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 51 (boo#1021841)
      CVE-2017-5373: Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 51 and
      Firefox ESR 45.7 (boo#1021824)
  - switch Firefox to Gtk3 for Tumbleweed
  - removed obsolete patches
    * mozilla-flex_buffer_overrun.patch
  - updated RPM locale support tag
  - improve recognition of LANGUAGE env variable (boo#1017174)
  - add upstream patch to fix PPC64LE (bmo#1319389)
  - fix build without skia (big endian archs) (bmo#1319374)
* Mon Dec 12 2016
  - update to Firefox 50.1.0 (boo#1015422)
    * MFSA 2016-94
      CVE-2016-9894: Buffer overflow in SkiaGL (bmo#1306628)
      CVE-2016-9899: Use-after-free while manipulating DOM events and
      audio elements (bmo#1317409)
      CVE-2016-9895: CSP bypass using marquee tag (bmo#1312272)
      CVE-2016-9896: Use-after-free with WebVR (bmo#1315543)
      CVE-2016-9897: Memory corruption in libGLES (bmo#1301381)
      CVE-2016-9898: Use-after-free in Editor while manipulating
      DOM subtrees (bmo#1314442)
      CVE-2016-9900: Restricted external resources can be loaded by
      SVG images through data URLs (bmo#1319122)
      CVE-2016-9904: Cross-origin information leak in shared atoms
      CVE-2016-9901: Data from Pocket server improperly sanitized
      before execution (bmo#1320057)
      CVE-2016-9902: Pocket extension does not validate the origin
      of events (bmo#1320039)
      CVE-2016-9903: XSS injection vulnerability in add-ons SDK
      CVE-2016-9080: Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 50.1
      CVE-2016-9893: Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 50.1 and
      Firefox ESR 45.6
* Fri Dec 09 2016
  - added patch mozilla-aarch64-startup-crash.patch (bsc#1011922)
* Thu Dec 01 2016
  - update to Firefox 50.0.2
    * Firefox crashes with 3rd party Chinese IME when using IME text
    security fixes (in 50.0.1): (boo#1012807)
    * MFSA 2016-91
      CVE-2016-9078: data: URL can inherit wrong origin after an
      HTTP redirect (bmo#1317641)
    security fixes (in 50.0.2) (boo#1012964)
    * MFSA 2016-92
      CVE-2016-9079: Use-after-free in SVG Animation (bmo#1321066)
* Mon Nov 14 2016
  - update to Firefox 50.0 (boo#1009026)
    * requires NSS 3.26.2
    new features
    * Updates to keyboard shortcuts
      Set a preference to have Ctrl+Tab cycle through tabs in recently
      used order
      View a page in Reader Mode by using Ctrl+Alt+R
    * Added option to Find in page that allows users to limit search to
      whole words only
    * Added download protection for a large number of executable file
      types on Windows, Mac and Linux
    * Fixed rendering of dashed and dotted borders with rounded corners
    * Added a built-in Emoji set for operating systems without native
      Emoji fonts (Windows 8.0 and lower and Linux)
    * Blocked versions of libavcodec older than 54.35.1
    * additional locale
    security fixes:
    * MFSA 2016-89
      CVE-2016-5296: Heap-buffer-overflow WRITE in rasterize_edges_1
      CVE-2016-5292: URL parsing causes crash (bmo#1288482)
      CVE-2016-5293: Write to arbitrary file with updater and moz
      maintenance service using updater.log hardlink
    (Windows only) (bmo#1246945)
      CVE-2016-5294: Arbitrary target directory for result files of
      update process (Windows only) (bmo#1246972)
      CVE-2016-5297: Incorrect argument length checking in Javascript
      CVE-2016-9064: Addons update must verify IDs match between
      current and new versions (bmo#1303418)
      CVE-2016-9065: Firefox for Android location bar spoofing usingfullscreen
      (Android only) (bmo#1306696)
      CVE-2016-9066: Integer overflow leading to a buffer overflow in
      nsScriptLoadHandler (bmo#1299686)
      CVE-2016-9067: heap-use-after-free in nsINode::ReplaceOrInsertBefore
      (bmo#1301777, bmo#1308922 (CVE-2016-9069))
      CVE-2016-9068: heap-use-after-free in nsRefreshDriver (bmo#1302973)
      CVE-2016-9072: 64-bit NPAPI sandbox isn't enabled on fresh profile
      (bmo#1300083) (Windows only)
      CVE-2016-9075: WebExtensions can access the mozAddonManager API
      and use it to gain elevated privileges (bmo#1295324)
      CVE-2016-9077: Canvas filters allow feDisplacementMaps to be applied
      to cross-origin images, allowing timing attacks on them
      CVE-2016-5291: Same-origin policy violation using local HTML file
      and saved shortcut file (bmo#1292159)
      CVE-2016-5295: Mozilla Maintenance Service: Ability to read
      arbitrary files as SYSTEM (Windows only) (bmo#1247239)
      CVE-2016-5298: SSL indicator can mislead the user about the real
      URL visited (bmo#1227538) (Android only)
      CVE-2016-5299: Firefox AuthToken in broadcast protected with
      signature-level permission can be accessed by an
    application installed beforehand that defines the
    same permissions (bmo#1245791) (Android only)
      CVE-2016-9061: API Key (glocation) in broadcast protected with
      signature-level permission can be accessed by an
    application installed beforehand that defines the
    same permissions (Android only) (bmo#1245795)
      CVE-2016-9062: Private browsing browser traces (android) in
      browser.db and wal file (Android only) (bmo#1294438)
      CVE-2016-9070: Sidebar bookmark can have reference to chrome window
      CVE-2016-9073: windows.create schema doesn't specify "format": "relativeUrl"
      CVE-2016-9074: Insufficient timing side-channel resistance in
      divSpoiler (bmo#1293334) (fixed via NSS 3.26.1)
      CVE-2016-9076: select dropdown menu can be used for URL bar
      spoofing on e10s (bmo#1276976)
      CVE-2016-9063: Possible integer overflow to fix inside XML_Parse
      in expat (bmo#1274777)
      CVE-2016-9071: Probe browser history via HSTS/301 redirect + CSP
      CVE-2016-5289: Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 50
      CVE-2016-5290: Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 50 and Firefox ESR 45.5
  - make aarch64 build more similar to x86_64 build (remove conditionals
    that don't seem to be necessary anymore)
* Mon Oct 24 2016
  - Mozilla Firefox 49.0.2:
    * CVE-2016-5287: Crash in nsTArray_base (bsc#1006475)
    * CVE-2016-5288: Web content can read cache entries (bsc#1006476)
    * Asynchronous rendering of the Flash plugins is now enabled by
    * Change D3D9 default fallback preference to prevent graphical
    * Network issue prevents some users from seeing the Firefox UI on
    * Web compatibility issue with file uploads
    * Web compatibility issue with Array.prototype.values
    * Diagnostic information on timing for tab switching
    * Fix a Canvas filters graphics issue affecting HTML5 apps
* Wed Oct 12 2016
  - Drop mozilla-gtk3_20.patch; obsoleted by Firefox version 49.0
    and fixes have been incorporated by upstream.
* Fri Sep 23 2016
  - Mozilla Firefox 49.0.1:
    * Mitigate a startup crash issue caused by Websense - bmo#1304783
* Tue Sep 20 2016
  - update to Firefox 49.0 (boo#999701)
    new features
    * Updated Firefox Login Manager to allow HTTPS pages to use saved
      HTTP logins.
    * Added features to Reader Mode that make it easier on the eyes and
      the ears
    * Improved video performance for users on systems that support
      SSE3 without hardware acceleration
    * Added context menu controls to HTML5 audio and video that let users
      loops files or play files at 1.25x speed
    * Improvements in about:memory reports for tracking font memory usage
    security related
    * MFSA 2016-85
      CVE-2016-2827 (bmo#1289085) - Out-of-bounds read in
      CVE-2016-5270 (bmo#1291016) - Heap-buffer-overflow in
      CVE-2016-5271 (bmo#1288946) - Out-of-bounds read in
      CVE-2016-5272 (bmo#1297934) - Bad cast in nsImageGeometryMixin
      CVE-2016-5273 (bmo#1280387) - crash in
      CVE-2016-5276 (bmo#1287721) - Heap-use-after-free in
      CVE-2016-5274 (bmo#1282076) - use-after-free in
      CVE-2016-5277 (bmo#1291665) - Heap-use-after-free in nsRefreshDriver::Tick
      CVE-2016-5275 (bmo#1287316) - global-buffer-overflow in
      CVE-2016-5278 (bmo#1294677) - Heap-buffer-overflow in
      CVE-2016-5279 (bmo#1249522) - Full local path of files is available
      to web pages after drag and drop
      CVE-2016-5280 (bmo#1289970) - Use-after-free in
      CVE-2016-5281 (bmo#1284690) - use-after-free in DOMSVGLength
      CVE-2016-5282 (bmo#932335) - Don't allow content to request favicons
      from non-whitelisted schemes
      CVE-2016-5283 (bmo#928187) - <iframe src> fragment timing attack can
      reveal cross-origin data
      CVE-2016-5284 (bmo#1303127) - Add-on update site certificate pin expiration
      CVE-2016-5256 - Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 49
      CVE-2016-5257 - Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 49 and Firefox ESR 45.4
  - removed obsolete patches:
    * mozilla-aarch64-48bit-va.patch
    * mozilla-exclude-nametablecpp.patch
    * mozilla-old_configure-bmo1282843.patch
  - added patch mozilla-skia-overflow.patch (bmo#1304114)
  - requires NSS 3.25
* Tue Aug 30 2016
  - Mozilla Firefox 48.0.2:
    * Mitigate a startup crash issue caused on Windows (bmo#1291738)
* Sat Aug 20 2016
  - Mozilla Firefox 48.0.1:
    * Fix an audio regression impacting some major websites
    * Fix a top crash in the JavaScript engine (bmo#1290469)
    * Fix a startup crash issue caused by Websense (bmo#1291738)
    * Fix a different behavior with e10s / non-e10s on <select> and
      mouse events (bmo#1291078)
    * Fix a top crash caused by plugin issues (bmo#1264530)
    * Fix a shutdown issue (bmo#1276920)
    * Fix a crash in WebRTC
* Mon Aug 15 2016
  - added upstream patch so system plugins/extensions are correctly
    loaded again on x86-64 (bmo#1282843)
* Fri Aug 05 2016
  - Fix for possible buffer overrun (bsc#990856)
    CVE-2016-6354 (bmo#1292534)
* Wed Aug 03 2016
  - Update mozilla-gtk3_20.patch to latest version from Fedora.
* Mon Aug 01 2016
  - update to Firefox 48.0 (boo#991809)
    * requires NSS 3.24
    * Process separation (e10s) is enabled for some of you
    * Add-ons that have not been verified and signed by Mozilla will not load
    * WebRTC embetterments
    * The media parser has been redeveloped using the Rust programming
    * better Canvas performance with speedy Skia support
    security fixes:
    * MFSA 2016-62/CVE-2016-2835/CVE-2016-2836
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2016-63/CVE-2016-2830 (bmo#1255270)
      Favicon network connection can persist when page is closed
    * MFSA 2016-64/CVE-2016-2838 (bmo#1279814)
      Buffer overflow rendering SVG with bidirectional content
    * MFSA 2016-65/CVE-2016-2839 (bmo#1275339)
      Cairo rendering crash due to memory allocation issue with FFmpeg 0.10
    * MFSA 2016-66/CVE-2016-5251 (bmo#1255570)
      Location bar spoofing via data URLs with malformed/invalid mediatypes
    * MFSA 2016-67/CVE-2016-5252 (bmo#1268854)
      Stack underflow during 2D graphics rendering
    * MFSA 2016-68/CVE-2016-0718 (bmo#1236923)
      Out-of-bounds read during XML parsing in Expat library
    * MFSA 2016-69/CVE-2016-5253 (bmo#1246944)
      Arbitrary file manipulation by local user through Mozilla updater
      and callback application path parameter (Windows-only)
    * MFSA 2016-70/CVE-2016-5254 (bmo#1266963)
      Use-after-free when using alt key and toplevel menus
    * MFSA 2016-71/CVE-2016-5255 (bmo#1212356)
      Crash in incremental garbage collection in JavaScript
    * MFSA 2016-72/CVE-2016-5258 (bmo#1279146)
      Use-after-free in DTLS during WebRTC session shutdown
    * MFSA 2016-73/CVE-2016-5259 (bmo#1282992)
      Use-after-free in service workers with nested sync events
    * MFSA 2016-74/CVE-2016-5260 (bmo#1280294)
      Form input type change from password to text can store plain
      text password in session restore file
    * MFSA 2016-75/CVE-2016-5261 (bmo#1287266)
      Integer overflow in WebSockets during data buffering
    * MFSA 2016-76/CVE-2016-5262 (bmo#1277475)
      Scripts on marquee tag can execute in sandboxed iframes
    * MFSA 2016-77/CVE-2016-2837 (bmo#1274637)
      Buffer overflow in ClearKey Content Decryption Module (CDM)
      during video playback
    * MFSA 2016-78/CVE-2016-5263 (bmo#1276897)
      Type confusion in display transformation
    * MFSA 2016-79/CVE-2016-5264 (bmo#1286183)
      Use-after-free when applying SVG effects
    * MFSA 2016-80/CVE-2016-5265 (bmo#1278013)
      Same-origin policy violation using local HTML file and saved shortcut file
    * MFSA 2016-81/CVE-2016-5266 (bmo#1226977)
      Information disclosure and local file manipulation through drag and drop
    * MFSA 2016-82/CVE-2016-5267 (bmo#1284372)
      Addressbar spoofing with right-to-left characters on Firefox for Android
      (Android only)
    * MFSA 2016-83/CVE-2016-5268 (bmo#1253673)
      Spoofing attack through text injection into internal error pages
    * MFSA 2016-84/CVE-2016-5250 (bmo#1254688)
      Information disclosure through Resource Timing API during page navigation
  - removed obsolete mozilla-gcc6.patch
* Fri Jul 29 2016
  - Update description and screenshots in appdata.xml file.
* Sat Jul 23 2016
  - Fix Firefox crash on startup on i586 (boo#986541):
    * Add -fno-delete-null-pointer-checks and
    - fno-inline-small-functions to CFLAGS
* Tue Jul 19 2016
  - Update the appdata.xml file (replace Windows XP screenshot)
* Wed Jun 29 2016
  - Mozilla Firefox 47.0.1:
    * Selenium WebDriver may cause Firefox to crash at startup
* Wed Jun 15 2016
  - mozilla-binutils-visibility.patch to fix build issues with
    gcc/binutils combination used in Leap 42.2 (boo#984637)
* Tue Jun 14 2016
  - Update mozilla-gtk3_20.patch to latest version from Fedora.
* Mon Jun 13 2016
  - Fix running on 48bit va aarch64 (bsc#984126)
    * add patch mozilla-aarch64-48bit-va.patch
* Mon Jun 13 2016
  - fix XUL dialog button order under KDE session (boo#984403)
* Tue Jun 07 2016
  - update to Firefox 47.0 (boo#983549)
    * Enable VP9 video codec for users with fast machines
    * Embedded YouTube videos now play with HTML5 video if Flash is
      not installed
    * View and search open tabs from your smartphone or another
      computer in a sidebar
    * Allow no-cache on back/forward navigations for https resources
    security fixes:
    * MFSA 2016-49/CVE-2016-2815/CVE-2016-2818
      (bmo#1241896, bmo#1242798, bmo#1243466, bmo#1245743,
      bmo#1264300, bmo#1271037, bmo#1234147, bmo#1256493,
      bmo#1256739, bmo#1256968, bmo#1261230, bmo#1261752,
      bmo#1263384, bmo#1264575, bmo#1265577, bmo#1267130,
      bmo#1269729, bmo#1273202, bmo#1273701)
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards (rv:47.0 / rv:45.2)
    * MFSA 2016-50/CVE-2016-2819 (boo#983655) (bmo#1270381)
      Buffer overflow parsing HTML5 fragments
    * MFSA 2016-51/CVE-2016-2821 (bsc#983653) (bmo#1271460)
      Use-after-free deleting tables from a contenteditable document
    * MFSA 2016-52/CVE-2016-2822 (boo#983652) (bmo#1273129)
      Addressbar spoofing though the SELECT element
    * MFSA 2016-53/CVE-2016-2824 (boo#983651) (bmo#1248580)
      Out-of-bounds write with WebGL shader
    * MFSA 2016-54/CVE-2016-2825 (boo#983649) (bmo#1193093)
      Partial same-origin-policy through setting
      through data URI
    * MFSA 2016-56/CVE-2016-2828 (boo#983646) (bmo#1223810)
      Use-after-free when textures are used in WebGL operations
      after recycle pool destruction
    * MFSA 2016-57/CVE-2016-2829 (boo#983644) (bmo#1248329)
      Incorrect icon displayed on permissions notifications
    * MFSA 2016-58/CVE-2016-2831 (boo#983643) (bmo#1261933)
      Entering fullscreen and persistent pointerlock without user
    * MFSA 2016-59/CVE-2016-2832 (boo#983632) (bmo#1025267)
      Information disclosure of disabled plugins through CSS
    * MFSA 2016-60/CVE-2016-2833 (boo#983640) (bmo#908933)
      Java applets bypass CSP protections
    * MFSA 2016-62/CVE-2016-2834 (boo#983639) (bmo#1206283,
      bmo#1221620, bmo#1241034, bmo#1241037)
      Network Security Services (NSS) vulnerabilities
      fixed by requiring NSS 3.23
    packaging changes:
    * cleanup configure options (boo#981695):
    - notably remove GStreamer support which is gone from FF
    * remove obsolete patches
    - mozilla-libproxy.patch
    - mozilla-repo.patch
* Wed May 25 2016
  - The conditional testing for gcc was failing for different
    openSUSE versions, drop it and apply patches unconditionally.
* Mon May 23 2016
  - Add patches to fix building with gcc6:
    + mozilla-gcc6.patch: fix building with gcc >= 6.1; patch
      taken from upstream:
    + mozilla-exclude-nametablecpp.patch: Exclude NameTable.cpp
      from unified compilation because #include <cmath> in other
      source files causes gcc6 compilation failure; patch taken from
* Thu May 12 2016
  - enable build with PIE and full relro on x86_64 (boo#980384)
* Wed May 04 2016
  - update to Firefox 46.0.1
    * Search plugin issue for various locales
    * Add-on signing certificate expiration
    * Service worker update issue
    * Build issue when jit is disabled
    * Limit Sync registration updates
  - removed now obsolete mozilla-jit_branch64.patch
* Tue May 03 2016
  - add mozilla-jit_branch64.patch to avoid PowerPC build failure
    (from bmo#1266366)
* Wed Apr 27 2016
  - Update mozilla-gtk3_20.patch for Firefox 46.0 (sync to latest
    version from Fedora).
* Wed Apr 27 2016
  - update to Firefox 46.0 (boo#977333)
    * Improved security of the JavaScript Just In Time (JIT) Compiler
    * WebRTC fixes to improve performance and stability
    * Added support for document.elementsFromPoint
    * Added HKDF support for Web Crypto API
    * requires NSPR 4.12 and NSS 3.22.3
    * added patch to fix unchecked return value
    * Gtk3 builds not supported at the moment
    security fixes:
    * MFSA 2016-39/CVE-2016-2804/CVE-2016-2806/CVE-2016-2807
      (boo#977373, boo#977375, boo#977376)
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2016-40/CVE-2016-2809 (bmo#1212939, boo#977377)
      Privilege escalation through file deletion by Maintenance Service updater
      (Windows only)
    * MFSA 2016-41/CVE-2016-2810 (bmo#1229681, boo#977378)
      Content provider permission bypass allows malicious application
      to access data (Android only)
    * MFSA 2016-42/CVE-2016-2811/CVE-2016-2812
      (bmo#1252330, bmo#1261776, boo#977379)
      Use-after-free and buffer overflow in Service Workers
    * MFSA 2016-43/CVE-2016-2813 (bmo#1197901, bmo#2714650, boo#977380)
      Disclosure of user actions through JavaScript with motion and
      orientation sensors (only affects mobile variants)
    * MFSA 2016-44/CVE-2016-2814 (bmo#1254721, boo#977381)
      Buffer overflow in libstagefright with CENC offsets
    * MFSA 2016-45/CVE-2016-2816 (bmo#1223743, boo#977382)
      CSP not applied to pages sent with multipart/x-mixed-replace
    * MFSA 2016-46/CVE-2016-2817 (bmo#1227462, boo#977384)
      Elevation of privilege with chrome.tabs.update API in web extensions
    * MFSA 2016-47/CVE-2016-2808 (bmo#1246061, boo#977386)
      Write to invalid HashMap entry through
    * MFSA 2016-48/CVE-2016-2820 (bmo#870870, boo#977388)
      Firefox Health Reports could accept events from untrusted domains
* Thu Apr 21 2016
  - Update mozilla-gtk3_20.patch to fix scrollbar appearance under
    gtk >= 3.20 (patch synced to Fedora's version).
* Tue Apr 12 2016
  - Compile against gtk3 depending on whether the macro
    %firefox_use_gtk3 is defined or not (e.g., at the prjconf
    level); macro is undefined by default and so gtk2 is used as the
    default toolkit.
  - Add BuildRequires for additional packages needed when building
    against gtk3: pkgconfig(glib-2.0), pkgconfig(gobject-2.0),
    pkgconfig(gtk+-3.0) >= 3.4.0, pkgconfig(gtk+-unix-print-3.0).
  - Add firefox-gtk3_20.patch to fix appearance with gtk3 >= 3.20;
    patch taken from Fedora (bmo#1230955).
* Mon Apr 11 2016
  - Mozilla Firefox 45.0.2:
    * Fix an issue impacting the cookie header when third-party
      cookies are blocked (bmo#1257861)
    * Fix a web compatibility regression impacting the srcset
      attribute of the image tag (bmo#1259482)
    * Fix a crash impacting the video playback with Media Source
      Extension (bmo#1258562)
    * Fix a regression impacting some specific uploads (bmo#1255735)
    * Fix a regression with the copy and paste with some old versions
      of some Gecko applications like Thunderbird (bmo#1254980)
* Fri Mar 18 2016
  - Mozilla Firefox 45.0.1:
    * Fix a regression causing search engine settings to be lost in
      some context (bmo#1254694)
    * Bring back non-standard jar: URIs to fix a regression in IBM
      iNotes (bmo#1255139)
    * XSLTProcessor.importStylesheet was failing when <import> was
      used (bmo#1249572)
    * Fix an issue which could cause the list of search provider to
      be empty (bmo#1255605)
    * Fix a regression when using the location bar (bmo#1254503)
    * Fix some loading issues when Accept third-party cookies: was
      set to Never (bmo#1254856)
    * Disabled Graphite font shaping library
* Sun Mar 06 2016
  - update to Firefox 45.0 (boo#969894)
    * requires NSPR 4.12 / NSS 3.21.1
    * Instant browser tab sharing through Hello
    * Synced Tabs button in button bar
    * Tabs synced via Firefox Accounts from other devices are now shown
      in dropdown area of Awesome Bar when searching
    * Introduce a new preference (network.dns.blockDotOnion) to allow
      blocking .onion at the DNS level
    * Tab Groups (Panorama) feature removed
    * MFSA 2016-16/CVE-2016-1952/CVE-2016-1953
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2016-17/CVE-2016-1954 (bmo#1243178)
      Local file overwriting and potential privilege escalation through
      CSP reports
    * MFSA 2016-18/CVE-2016-1955 (bmo#1208946)
      CSP reports fail to strip location information for embedded iframe pages
    * MFSA 2016-19/CVE-2016-1956 (bmo#1199923)
      Linux video memory DOS with Intel drivers
    * MFSA 2016-20/CVE-2016-1957 (bmo#1227052)
      Memory leak in libstagefright when deleting an array during MP4
    * MFSA 2016-21/CVE-2016-1958 (bmo#1228754)
      Displayed page address can be overridden
    * MFSA 2016-22/CVE-2016-1959 (bmo#1234949)
      Service Worker Manager out-of-bounds read in Service Worker Manager
    * MFSA 2016-23/CVE-2016-1960/ZDI-CAN-3545 (bmo#1246014)
      Use-after-free in HTML5 string parser
    * MFSA 2016-24/CVE-2016-1961/ZDI-CAN-3574 (bmo#1249377)
      Use-after-free in SetBody
    * MFSA 2016-25/CVE-2016-1962 (bmo#1240760)
      Use-after-free when using multiple WebRTC data channels
    * MFSA 2016-26/CVE-2016-1963 (bmo#1238440)
      Memory corruption when modifying a file being read by FileReader
    * MFSA 2016-27/CVE-2016-1964 (bmo#1243335)
      Use-after-free during XML transformations
    * MFSA 2016-28/CVE-2016-1965 (bmo#1245264)
      Addressbar spoofing though history navigation and Location protocol
    * MFSA 2016-29/CVE-2016-1967 (bmo#1246956)
      Same-origin policy violation using perfomance.getEntries and
      history navigation with session restore
    * MFSA 2016-30/CVE-2016-1968 (bmo#1246742)
      Buffer overflow in Brotli decompression
    * MFSA 2016-31/CVE-2016-1966 (bmo#1246054)
      Memory corruption with malicious NPAPI plugin
    * MFSA 2016-32/CVE-2016-1970/CVE-2016-1971/CVE-2016-1975/
      WebRTC and LibVPX vulnerabilities found through code inspection
    * MFSA 2016-33/CVE-2016-1973 (bmo#1219339)
      Use-after-free in GetStaticInstance in WebRTC
    * MFSA 2016-34/CVE-2016-1974 (bmo#1228103)
      Out-of-bounds read in HTML parser following a failed allocation
    * MFSA 2016-35/CVE-2016-1950 (bmo#1245528)
      Buffer overflow during ASN.1 decoding in NSS
      (fixed by requiring 3.21.1)
    * MFSA 2016-36/CVE-2016-1979 (bmo#1185033)
      Use-after-free during processing of DER encoded keys in NSS
      (fixed by requiring 3.21.1)
    * MFSA 2016-37/CVE-2016-1977/CVE-2016-2790/CVE-2016-2791/
      Font vulnerabilities in the Graphite 2 library
* Sat Mar 05 2016
  - Remove B_CNT from filename to reduce build-compare noise
* Fri Feb 26 2016
  - fix build problems on i586, caused by too large unified compile
    units - adding mozilla-reduce-files-per-UnifiedBindings.patch
* Thu Feb 11 2016
  - update to Firefox 44.0.2
    * MFSA 2016-13/CVE-2016-1949 (bmo#1245724, boo#966438)
      Same-origin-policy violation using Service Workers with plugins
    * Fix issue which could lead to the removal of stored passwords
      under certain circumstances (bmo#1242176)
    * Allows spaces in cookie names (bmo#1244505)
    * Disable opus/vorbis audio with H.264 (bmo#1245696)
    * Fix for graphics startup crash (GNU/Linux) (bmo#1222171)
    * Fix a crash in cache networking (bmo#1244076)
    * Fix using WebSockets in service worker controlled pages (bmo#1243942)
* Sat Jan 30 2016
  - build fixes for arm/aarch64:
    * disable webrtc for arm/aarch64
    * switch away from openGL-ES backend to default for arm/aarch64
    since it almost never builds
    * reenable neon
  - reenable webrtc for powerpc as it seems to build
* Sun Jan 24 2016
  - update to Firefox 44.0
    * MFSA 2016-01/CVE-2016-1930/CVE-2016-1931 boo#963633
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2016-02/CVE-2016-1933 (bmo#1231761) boo#963634
      Out of Memory crash when parsing GIF format images
    * MFSA 2016-03/CVE-2016-1935 (bmo#1220450) boo#963635
      Buffer overflow in WebGL after out of memory allocation
    * MFSA 2016-04/CVE-2015-7208/CVE-2016-1939 (bmo#1191423, bmo#1233784) boo#963637
      Firefox allows for control characters to be set in cookie names
    * MFSA 2016-06/CVE-2016-1937 (bmo#724353) boo#963641
      Missing delay following user click events in protocol handler dialog
    * MFSA 2016-07/CVE-2016-1938 (bmo#1190248) boo#963731
      Errors in mp_div and mp_exptmod cryptographic functions in NSS
      (fixed by requiring NSS 3.21)
    * MFSA 2016-09/CVE-2016-1942/CVE-2016-1943 (bmo#1189082, bmo#1228590)
      Addressbar spoofing attacks boo#963643
    * MFSA 2016-10/CVE-2016-1944/CVE-2016-1945/CVE-2016-1946
      (bmo#1186621, bmo#1214782, bmo#1232096) boo#963644
      Unsafe memory manipulation found through code inspection
    * MFSA 2016-11/CVE-2016-1947 (bmo#1237103) boo#963645
      Application Reputation service disabled in Firefox 43
    * requires NSPR 4.11
    * requires NSS 3.21
  - prepare mozilla-kde.patch for Gtk3 builds
  - rebased patches
* Mon Jan 11 2016
  - Mozilla Firefox 43.0.4:
    * Re-enable SHA-1 certificates to prevent outdated
      man-in-the-middle security devices from interfering with
      properly secured SSL/TLS connections (bmo#1236975)
    * Fix for startup crash for users of a third party antivirus tool
  - The following change was previously in the package as a patch:
    * Multi-user GNU/Linux download folders can be created
    (bmo#1233434), removed mozilla-bmo1233434.patch
* Tue Dec 29 2015
  - update to Firefox 43.0.3
    * requires NSS 3.20.2 to fix
      MFSA 2015-150/CVE-2015-7575 (bmo#1158489)
      MD5 signatures accepted within TLS 1.2 ServerKeyExchange in
      server signature
    * various changes to support Windows update (SHA-1 vs. SHA-2)
    * workaround Youtube user agent detection issue (bmo#1233970)
  - fix file download regression for multi user systems
    (bmo#1233434) (mozilla-bmo1233434.patch)
  - explicitely requires libXcomposite-devel
* Sun Dec 13 2015
  - update to Firefox 43.0 (bnc#959277)
    * Improved API support for m4v video playback
    * Users can opt-in to receive search suggestions from the Awesome Bar
    * WebRTC streaming on multiple monitors
    * User selectable second block list for Private Browsing's Tracking
    security fixes:
    * MFSA 2015-134/CVE-2015-7201/CVE-2015-7202
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2015-135/CVE-2015-7204 (bmo#1216130)
      Crash with JavaScript variable assignment with unboxed objects
    * MFSA 2015-136/CVE-2015-7207 (bmo#1185256)
      Same-origin policy violation using perfomance.getEntries and
      history navigation
    * MFSA 2015-137/CVE-2015-7208 (bmo#1191423)
      Firefox allows for control characters to be set in cookies
    * MFSA 2015-138/CVE-2015-7210 (bmo#1218326)
      Use-after-free in WebRTC when datachannel is used after being
    * MFSA 2015-139/CVE-2015-7212 (bmo#1222809)
      Integer overflow allocating extremely large textures
    * MFSA 2015-140/CVE-2015-7215 (bmo#1160890)
      Cross-origin information leak through web workers error events
    * MFSA 2015-141/CVE-2015-7211 (bmo#1221444)
      Hash in data URI is incorrectly parsed
    * MFSA 2015-142/CVE-2015-7218/CVE-2015-7219 (bmo#1194818, bmo#1194820)
      DOS due to malformed frames in HTTP/2
    * MFSA 2015-143/CVE-2015-7216/CVE-2015-7217 (bmo#1197059, bmo#1203078)
      Linux file chooser crashes on malformed images due to flaws in
      Jasper library
    * MFSA 2015-144/CVE-2015-7203/CVE-2015-7220/CVE-2015-7221
      (bmo#1201183, bmo#1178033, bmo#1199400)
      Buffer overflows found through code inspection
    * MFSA 2015-145/CVE-2015-7205 (bmo#1220493)
      Underflow through code inspection
    * MFSA 2015-146/CVE-2015-7213 (bmo#1206211)
      Integer overflow in MP4 playback in 64-bit versions
    * MFSA 2015-147/CVE-2015-7222 (bmo#1216748)
      Integer underflow and buffer overflow processing MP4 metadata in
    * MFSA 2015-148/CVE-2015-7223 (bmo#1226423)
      Privilege escalation vulnerabilities in WebExtension APIs
    * MFSA 2015-149/CVE-2015-7214 (bmo#1228950)
      Cross-site reading attack through data and view-source URIs
  - rebased patches
* Sun Nov 15 2015
  - Add desktop menu action for private browsing window to desktop
    file (boo#954747)
  - remove obsolete patch mozilla-bmo1005535.patch completely from
    source package to avoid automatic check failures
* Sat Oct 31 2015
  - update to Firefox 42.0 (bnc#952810)
    * Private Browsing with Tracking Protection blocks certain Web
      elements that could be used to record your behavior across sites
    * Control Center that contains site security and privacy controls
    * Login Manager improvements
    * WebRTC improvements
    * Indicator added to tabs that play audio with one-click muting
    * Media Source Extension for HTML5 video available for all sites
    security fixes:
    * MFSA 2015-116/CVE-2015-4513/CVE-2015-4514
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2015-117/CVE-2015-4515 (bmo#1046421)
      Information disclosure through NTLM authentication
    * MFSA 2015-118/CVE-2015-4518 (bmo#1182778, bmo#1136692)
      CSP bypass due to permissive Reader mode whitelist
    * MFSA 2015-119/CVE-2015-7185 (bmo#1149000) (Android only)
      Firefox for Android addressbar can be removed after fullscreen mode
    * MFSA 2015-120/CVE-2015-7186 (bmo#1193027) (Android only)
      Reading sensitive profile files through local HTML file on Android
    * MFSA 2015-121/CVE-2015-7187 (bmo#1195735)
      disabling scripts in Add-on SDK panels has no effect
    * MFSA 2015-122/CVE-2015-7188 (bmo#1199430)
      Trailing whitespace in IP address hostnames can bypass same-origin policy
    * MFSA 2015-123/CVE-2015-7189 (bmo#1205900)
      Buffer overflow during image interactions in canvas
    * MFSA 2015-124/CVE-2015-7190 (bmo#1208520) (Android only)
      Android intents can be used on Firefox for Android to open privileged files
    * MFSA 2015-125/CVE-2015-7191 (bmo#1208956) (Android only)
      XSS attack through intents on Firefox for Android
    * MFSA 2015-126/CVE-2015-7192 (bmo#1210023) (OS X only)
      Crash when accessing HTML tables with accessibility tools on OS X
    * MFSA 2015-127/CVE-2015-7193 (bmo#1210302)
      CORS preflight is bypassed when non-standard Content-Type headers
      are received
    * MFSA 2015-128/CVE-2015-7194 (bmo#1211262)
      Memory corruption in libjar through zip files
    * MFSA 2015-129/CVE-2015-7195 (bmo#1211871)
      Certain escaped characters in host of Location-header are being
      treated as non-escaped
    * MFSA 2015-130/CVE-2015-7196 (bmo#1140616)
      JavaScript garbage collection crash with Java applet
    * MFSA 2015-131/CVE-2015-7198/CVE-2015-7199/CVE-2015-7200
      (bmo#1188010, bmo#1204061, bmo#1204155)
      Vulnerabilities found through code inspection
    * MFSA 2015-132/CVE-2015-7197 (bmo#1204269)
      Mixed content WebSocket policy bypass through workers
    * MFSA 2015-133/CVE-2015-7181/CVE-2015-7182/CVE-2015-7183
      (bmo#1202868, bmo#1205157)
      NSS and NSPR memory corruption issues
      (fixed in mozilla-nspr and mozilla-nss packages)
  - requires NSPR >= 4.10.10 and NSS >= 3.19.4
  - removed obsolete patches
    * mozilla-arm-disable-edsp.patch
    * mozilla-icu-strncat.patch
    * mozilla-skia-be-le.patch
    * toolkit-download-folder.patch
  - fixed build with enable-libproxy (bmo#1220399)
    * mozilla-libproxy.patch
* Thu Oct 15 2015
  - update to Firefox 41.0.2 (bnc#950686)
    * MFSA 2015-115/CVE-2015-7184 (bmo#1208339, bmo#1212669)
      Cross-origin restriction bypass using Fetch
  - added explicit appdata provides (bnc#949983)
* Sun Oct 04 2015
  - do not build with --enable-stdcxx-compat
    (this starts to fail build on various toolchain combinations
    and is not required for openSUSE builds in general
* Thu Oct 01 2015
  - update to Firefox 41.0.1
    * Fix a startup crash related to Yandex toolbar and Adblock Plus
    * Fix potential hangs with Flash plugins (bmo#1185639)
    * Fix a regression in the bookmark creation (bmo#1206376)
    * Fix a startup crash with some Intel Media Accelerator 3150
      graphic cards (bmo#1207665)
    * Fix a graphic crash, occurring occasionally on Facebook (bmo#1178601)
* Sat Sep 19 2015
  - update to Firefox 41.0 (bnc#947003)
    * MFSA 2015-96/CVE-2015-4500/CVE-2015-4501
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2015-97/CVE-2015-4503 (bmo#994337)
      Memory leak in mozTCPSocket to servers
    * MFSA 2015-98/CVE-2015-4504 (bmo#1132467)
      Out of bounds read in QCMS library with ICC V4 profile attributes
    * MFSA 2015-99/CVE-2015-4476 (bmo#1162372) (Android only)
      Site attribute spoofing on Android by pasting URL with unknown scheme
    * MFSA 2015-100/CVE-2015-4505 (bmo#1177861) (Windows only)
      Arbitrary file manipulation by local user through Mozilla updater
    * MFSA 2015-101/CVE-2015-4506 (bmo#1192226)
      Buffer overflow in libvpx while parsing vp9 format video
    * MFSA 2015-102/CVE-2015-4507 (bmo#1192401)
      Crash when using debugger with SavedStacks in JavaScript
    * MFSA 2015-103/CVE-2015-4508 (bmo#1195976)
      URL spoofing in reader mode
    * MFSA 2015-104/CVE-2015-4510 (bmo#1200004)
      Use-after-free with shared workers and IndexedDB
    * MFSA 2015-105/CVE-2015-4511 (bmo#1200148)
      Buffer overflow while decoding WebM video
    * MFSA 2015-106/CVE-2015-4509 (bmo#1198435)
      Use-after-free while manipulating HTML media content
    * MFSA 2015-107/CVE-2015-4512 (bmo#1170390)
      Out-of-bounds read during 2D canvas display on Linux 16-bit
      color depth systems
    * MFSA 2015-108/CVE-2015-4502 (bmo#1105045)
      Scripted proxies can access inner window
    * MFSA 2015-109/CVE-2015-4516 (bmo#904886)
      JavaScript immutable property enforcement can be bypassed
    * MFSA 2015-110/CVE-2015-4519 (bmo#1189814)
      Dragging and dropping images exposes final URL after redirects
    * MFSA 2015-111/CVE-2015-4520 (bmo#1200856, bmo#1200869)
      Errors in the handling of CORS preflight request headers
    * MFSA 2015-112/CVE-2015-4517/CVE-2015-4521/CVE-2015-4522/
      Vulnerabilities found through code inspection
    * MFSA 2015-113/CVE-2015-7178/CVE-2015-7179 (bmo#1189860,
      bmo#1190526) (Windows only)
      Memory safety errors in libGLES in the ANGLE graphics library
    * MFSA 2015-114 (bmo#1167498, bmo#1153672) (Windows only)
      Information disclosure via the High Resolution Time API
  - rebased patches
  - removed obsolete patches
    * mozilla-arm64-libjpeg-turbo.patch
* Thu Aug 27 2015
  - update to Firefox 40.0.3 (bnc#943550)
    * Disable the asynchronous plugin initialization (bmo#1198590)
    * Fix a segmentation fault in the GStreamer support (bmo#1145230)
    * Fix a regression with some Japanese fonts used in the <input>
      field (bmo#1194055)
    * On some sites, the selection in a select combox box using the
      mouse could be broken (bmo#1194733)
    security fixes
    * MFSA 2015-94/CVE-2015-4497 (bmo#1164766, bmo#1175278)
      Use-after-free when resizing canvas element during restyling
    * MFSA 2015-95/CVE-2015-4498 (bmo#1042699)
      Add-on notification bypass through data URLs
* Fri Aug 07 2015
  - update to Firefox 40.0 (bnc#940806)
    * Added protection against unwanted software downloads
    * Suggested Tiles show sites of interest, based on categories
      from your recent browsing history
    * Hello allows adding a link to conversations to provide context
      on what the conversation will be about
    * New style for add-on manager based on the in-content
      preferences style
    * Improved scrolling, graphics, and video playback performance
      with off main thread compositing (GNU/Linux only)
    * Graphic blocklist mechanism improved: Firefox version ranges
      can be specified, limiting the number of devices blocked
    security fixes:
    * MFSA 2015-79/CVE-2015-4473/CVE-2015-4474
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2015-80/CVE-2015-4475 (bmo#1175396)
      Out-of-bounds read with malformed MP3 file
    * MFSA 2015-81/CVE-2015-4477 (bmo#1179484)
      Use-after-free in MediaStream playback
    * MFSA 2015-82/CVE-2015-4478 (bmo#1105914)
      Redefinition of non-configurable JavaScript object properties
    * MFSA 2015-83/CVE-2015-4479/CVE-2015-4480/CVE-2015-4493
      Overflow issues in libstagefright
    * MFSA 2015-84/CVE-2015-4481 (bmo1171518)
      Arbitrary file overwriting through Mozilla Maintenance Service
      with hard links (only affected Windows)
    * MFSA 2015-85/CVE-2015-4482 (bmo#1184500)
      Out-of-bounds write with Updater and malicious MAR file
      (does not affect openSUSE RPM packages which do not ship the
    * MFSA 2015-86/CVE-2015-4483 (bmo#1148732)
      Feed protocol with POST bypasses mixed content protections
    * MFSA 2015-87/CVE-2015-4484 (bmo#1171540)
      Crash when using shared memory in JavaScript
    * MFSA 2015-88/CVE-2015-4491 (bmo#1184009)
      Heap overflow in gdk-pixbuf when scaling bitmap images
    * MFSA 2015-89/CVE-2015-4485/CVE-2015-4486 (bmo#1177948, bmo#1178148)
      Buffer overflows on Libvpx when decoding WebM video
    * MFSA 2015-90/CVE-2015-4487/CVE-2015-4488/CVE-2015-4489
      Vulnerabilities found through code inspection
    * MFSA 2015-91/CVE-2015-4490 (bmo#1086999)
      Mozilla Content Security Policy allows for asterisk wildcards
      in violation of CSP specification
    * MFSA 2015-92/CVE-2015-4492 (bmo#1185820)
      Use-after-free in XMLHttpRequest with shared workers
  - added mozilla-no-stdcxx-check.patch
  - removed obsolete patches
    * mozilla-add-glibcxx_use_cxx11_abi.patch
    * firefox-multilocale-chrome.patch
  - rebased patches
  - requires version 40 of the branding package
  - removed browser/searchplugins/ location as it's not valid anymore
* Fri Aug 07 2015
  - security update to Firefox 39.0.3 (bnc#940918)
    * MFSA 2015-78/CVE-2015-4495 (bmo#1179262, bmo#1178058)
      Same origin violation and local file stealing via PDF reader
* Wed Jul 01 2015
  - update to Firefox 39.0 (bnc#935979)
    * Share Hello URLs with social networks
    * Support for 'switch' role in ARIA 1.1 (web accessibility)
    * SafeBrowsing malware detection lookups enabled for downloads
      (Mac OS X and Linux)
    * Support for new Unicode 8.0 skin tone emoji
    * Removed support for insecure SSLv3 for network communications
    * Disable use of RC4 except for temporarily whitelisted hosts
    * NPAPI Plug-in performance improved via asynchronous initialization
    security fixes:
    * MFSA 2015-59/CVE-2015-2724/CVE-2015-2725/CVE-2015-2726
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2015-60/CVE-2015-2727 (bmo#1163422)
      Local files or privileged URLs in pages can be opened into new tabs
    * MFSA 2015-61/CVE-2015-2728 (bmo#1142210)
      Type confusion in Indexed Database Manager
    * MFSA 2015-62/CVE-2015-2729 (bmo#1122218)
      Out-of-bound read while computing an oscillator rendering range in Web Audio
    * MFSA 2015-63/CVE-2015-2731 (bmo#1149891)
      Use-after-free in Content Policy due to microtask execution error
    * MFSA 2015-64/CVE-2015-2730 (bmo#1125025)
      ECDSA signature validation fails to handle some signatures correctly
      (this fix is shipped by NSS 3.19.1 externally)
    * MFSA 2015-65/CVE-2015-2722/CVE-2015-2733 (bmo#1166924, bmo#1169867)
      Use-after-free in workers while using XMLHttpRequest
    * MFSA 2015-66/CVE-2015-2734/CVE-2015-2735/CVE-2015-2736/CVE-2015-2737
      Vulnerabilities found through code inspection
    * MFSA 2015-67/CVE-2015-2741 (bmo#1147497)
      Key pinning is ignored when overridable errors are encountered
    * MFSA 2015-68/CVE-2015-2742 (bmo#1138669)
      OS X crash reports may contain entered key press information
      (not relevant under Linux)
    * MFSA 2015-69/CVE-2015-2743 (bmo#1163109)
      Privilege escalation in PDF.js
    * MFSA 2015-70/CVE-2015-4000 (bmo#1138554)
      NSS accepts export-length DHE keys with regular DHE cipher suites
      (this fix is shipped by NSS 3.19.1 externally)
    * MFSA 2015-71/CVE-2015-2721 (bmo#1086145)
      NSS incorrectly permits skipping of ServerKeyExchange
      (this fix is shipped by NSS 3.19.1 externally)
  - dropped mozilla-prefer_plugin_pref.patch as this feature is
    likely not worth maintaining further
  - rebased patches
  - require NSS 3.19.2
* Thu Jun 18 2015
  - mozilla-arm64-libjpeg-turbo.patch: fix libjpeg-turbo configuration
* Sun Jun 07 2015
  - update to Firefox 38.0.6
    * fixes bmo#1171730 which is not really relevant to oS builds
  - fix KDE regression from 38.0.5 builds (bsc#933439)
* Sat May 23 2015
  - update to Firefox 38.0.5
    * Keep track of articles and videos with Pocket
    * Clean formatting for articles and blog posts with Reader View
    * Share the active tab or window in a Hello conversation
  - add changes file as source for SRPM (bsc#932142)
* Fri May 15 2015
  - add mozilla-add-glibcxx_use_cxx11_abi.patch grabbed from
* Fri May 15 2015
  - update to Firefox 38.0.1
    stability and regression fixes
    * Systems with first generation NVidia Optimus graphics cards
      may crash on start-up
    * Users who import cookies from Google Chrome can end up with
      broken websites
    * Large animated images may fail to play and may stop other
      images from loading
* Sun May 10 2015
  - update to Firefox 38.0 (bnc#930622)
    * New tab-based preferences
    * Ruby annotation support
    * more info:
    security fixes:
    * MFSA 2015-46/CVE-2015-2708/CVE-2015-2709
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2015-47/VE-2015-0797 (bmo#1080995)
      Buffer overflow parsing H.264 video with Linux Gstreamer
    * MFSA 2015-48/CVE-2015-2710 (bmo#1149542)
      Buffer overflow with SVG content and CSS
    * MFSA 2015-49/CVE-2015-2711 (bmo#1113431)
      Referrer policy ignored when links opened by middle-click and
      context menu
    * MFSA 2015-50/CVE-2015-2712 (bmo#1152280)
      Out-of-bounds read and write in asm.js validation
    * MFSA 2015-51/CVE-2015-2713 (bmo#1153478)
      Use-after-free during text processing with vertical text enabled
    * MFSA 2015-53/CVE-2015-2715 (bmo#988698)
      Use-after-free due to Media Decoder Thread creation during shutdown
    * MFSA 2015-54/CVE-2015-2716 (bmo#1140537)
      Buffer overflow when parsing compressed XML
    * MFSA 2015-55/CVE-2015-2717 (bmo#1154683)
      Buffer overflow and out-of-bounds read while parsing MP4 video
    * MFSA 2015-56/CVE-2015-2718 (bmo#1146724)
      Untrusted site hosting trusted page can intercept webchannel
    * MFSA 2015-57/CVE-2011-3079 (bmo#1087565)
      Privilege escalation through IPC channel messages
  - requires NSS 3.18.1
  - removed obsolete patches:
    * mozilla-skia-bmo1136958.patch
  - remove gnomevfs build options as it is removed from sources
  - rebased patches
* Fri Apr 17 2015
  - update to Firefox 37.0.2 (bnc#928116)
    * MFSA 2015-45/CVE-2015-2706 (bmo#1141081)
      Memory corruption during failed plugin initialization
* Fri Apr 03 2015
  - update to Firefox 37.0.1 (bnc#926166)
    * MFSA 2015-43/CVE-2015-0798 (bmo#1147597) (Android only)
      Loading privileged content through Reader mode
    * MFSA 2015-44/CVE-2015-0799 (bmo#1148328)
      Certificate verification bypass through the HTTP/2 Alt-Svc header
* Sat Mar 28 2015
  - update to Firefox 37.0 (bnc#925368)
    * Heartbeat user rating system
    * Yandex set as default search provider for the Turkish locale
    * Bing search now uses HTTPS for secure searching
    * Improved protection against site impersonation via OneCRL
      centralized certificate revocation
    * Opportunistically encrypt HTTP traffic where the server supports
      HTTP/2 AltSvc
    * some more behaviour changes for TLS
    security fixes:
    * MFSA 2015-30/CVE-2015-0814/CVE-2015-0815
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2015-31/CVE-2015-0813 (bmo#1106596))
      Use-after-free when using the Fluendo MP3 GStreamer plugin
    * MFSA 2015-32/CVE-2015-0812 (bmo#1128126)
      Add-on lightweight theme installation approval bypassed through
      MITM attack
    * MFSA 2015-33/CVE-2015-0816 (bmo#1144991)
      resource:// documents can load privileged pages
    * MFSA-2015-34/CVE-2015-0811 (bmo#1132468)
      Out of bounds read in QCMS library
    * MFSA-2015-35/CVE-2015-0810 (bmo#1125013)
      Cursor clickjacking with flash and images (OS X only)
    * MFSA-2015-36/CVE-2015-0808 (bmo#1109552)
      Incorrect memory management for simple-type arrays in WebRTC
    * MFSA-2015-37/CVE-2015-0807 (bmo#1111834)
      CORS requests should not follow 30x redirections after preflight
    * MFSA-2015-38/CVE-2015-0805/CVE-2015-0806 (bmo#1135511, bmo#1099437)
      Memory corruption crashes in Off Main Thread Compositing
    * MFSA-2015-39/CVE-2015-0803/CVE-2015-0804 (bmo#1134560)
      Use-after-free due to type confusion flaws
    * MFSA-2015-40/CVE-2015-0801 (bmo#1146339)
      Same-origin bypass through anchor navigation
    * MFSA-2015-41/CVE-2015-0800/CVE-2012-2808
      PRNG weakness allows for DNS poisoning on Android (only)
    * MFSA-2015-42/CVE-2015-0802 (bmo#1124898)
      Windows can retain access to privileged content on navigation
      to unprivileged pages
  - removed obsolete patches
    * mozilla-bmo1088588.patch
    * mozilla-bmo1108834.patch
  - requires NSPR 4.10.8
* Tue Mar 24 2015
  - Fix builds with skia on Power
    mozilla-skia-be-le.patch (patch from #bmo1136958)
* Sat Mar 21 2015
  - update to Firefox 36.0.4 (bnc#923534)
    * MFSA 2015-28/CVE-2015-0818 (bmo#1144988)
      Privilege escalation through SVG navigation
    * MFSA 2015-29/CVE-2015-0817 (bmo#1145255)
      Code execution through incorrect JavaScript bounds checking
* Fri Mar 20 2015
  - Copy the icons to /usr/share/icons instead of symlinking them:
    in preparation for containerized apps (e.g. xdg-app) as well as
    AppStream metadata extraction, there are a couple locations that
    need to be real files for system integration (.desktop files,
    icons, mime-type info).
* Sat Mar 07 2015
  - update to Firefox 36.0.1
    * Disable the usage of the ANY DNS query type (bmo#1093983)
    * Hello may become inactive until restart (bmo#1137469)
    * Print preferences may not be preserved (bmo#1136855)
    * Hello contact tabs may not be visible (bmo#1137141)
    * Accept hostnames that include an underscore character ("_")
    * WebGL may use significant memory with Canvas2d (bmo#1137251)
    * Option -remote has been restored (bmo#1080319)
  - added mozilla-skia-bmo1136958.patch to fix build issues for
    ARM and PPC
* Fri Feb 20 2015
  - update to Firefox 36.0 (bnc#917597)
    * mozilla-xremote-client was removed
    * added media plugin
    * Pinned tiles on the new tab page can be synced
    * Support for the full HTTP/2 protocol. HTTP/2 enables a faster,
      more scalable, and more responsive web.
    * Locale added: Uzbek (uz)
    security fixes:
    * MFSA 2015-11/CVE-2015-0835/CVE-2015-0836
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2015-12/CVE-2015-0833 (bmo#945192)
      Invoking Mozilla updater will load locally stored DLL files
      (Windows only)
    * MFSA 2015-13/CVE-2015-0832 (bmo#1065909)
      Appended period to hostnames can bypass HPKP and HSTS protections
    * MFSA 2015-14/CVE-2015-0830 (bmo#1110488)
      Malicious WebGL content crash when writing strings
    * MFSA 2015-15/CVE-2015-0834 (bmo#1098314)
      TLS TURN and STUN connections silently fail to simple TCP connections
    * MFSA 2015-16/CVE-2015-0831 (bmo#1130514)
      Use-after-free in IndexedDB
    * MFSA 2015-17/CVE-2015-0829 (bmo#1128939)
      Buffer overflow in libstagefright during MP4 video playback
    * MFSA 2015-18/CVE-2015-0828 (bmo#1030667, bmo#988675)
      Double-free when using non-default memory allocators with a
      zero-length XHR
    * MFSA 2015-19/CVE-2015-0827 (bmo#1117304)
      Out-of-bounds read and write while rendering SVG content
    * MFSA 2015-20/CVE-2015-0826 (bmo#1092363)
      Buffer overflow during CSS restyling
    * MFSA 2015-21/CVE-2015-0825 (bmo#1092370)
      Buffer underflow during MP3 playback
    * MFSA 2015-22/CVE-2015-0824 (bmo#1095925)
      Crash using DrawTarget in Cairo graphics library
    * MFSA 2015-23/CVE-2015-0823 (bmo#1098497)
      Use-after-free in Developer Console date with OpenType Sanitiser
    * MFSA 2015-24/CVE-2015-0822 (bmo#1110557)
      Reading of local files through manipulation of form autocomplete
    * MFSA 2015-25/CVE-2015-0821 (bmo#1111960)
      Local files or privileged URLs in pages can be opened into new tabs
    * MFSA 2015-26/CVE-2015-0819 (bmo#1079554)
      UI Tour whitelisted sites in background tab can spoof foreground
    * MFSA 2015-27CVE-2015-0820 (bmo#1125398)
      Caja Compiler JavaScript sandbox bypass
  - rebased patches
  - requires NSS 3.17.4
* Sat Jan 31 2015
  - update to Firefox 35.0.1
    * With the Enhanced Steam extension, Firefox could crash (bmo#1123732)
    * Kerberos authentication did not work with alias (bmo#1108971)
    * SVG / CSS animation had a regression causing rendering issues on
      websites like (bmo#1083079)
    * On Godaddy webmail, Firefox could crash (bmo#1113121)
    * document.baseURI did not get updated to document.location after
      base tag was removed from DOM for site with a CSP (bmo#1121857)
    * With a Right-to-left (RTL) version of Firefox, the text selection
      could be broken (bmo#1104036)
    * CSP had a change in behavior with regard to case sensitivity
      resources loading (bmo#1122445)
* Sat Jan 10 2015
  - update to Firefox 35.0 (bnc#910669)
    notable features:
    * Firefox Hello with new rooms-based conversations model
    * Implemented HTTP Public Key Pinning Extension (for enhanced
      authentication of encrypted connections)
    security fixes:
    * MFSA 2015-01/CVE-2014-8634/CVE-2014-8635
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2015-02/CVE-2014-8637 (bmo#1094536)
      Uninitialized memory use during bitmap rendering
    * MFSA 2015-03/CVE-2014-8638 (bmo#1080987)
      sendBeacon requests lack an Origin header
    * MFSA 2015-04/CVE-2014-8639 (bmo#1095859)
      Cookie injection through Proxy Authenticate responses
    * MFSA 2015-05/CVE-2014-8640 (bmo#1100409)
      Read of uninitialized memory in Web Audio
    * MFSA 2015-06/CVE-2014-8641 (bmo#1108455)
      Read-after-free in WebRTC
    * MFSA 2015-07/CVE-2014-8643 (bmo#1114170) (Windows-only)
      Gecko Media Plugin sandbox escape
    * MFSA 2015-08/CVE-2014-8642 (bmo#1079658)
      Delegated OCSP responder certificates failure with
      id-pkix-ocsp-nocheck extension
    * MFSA 2015-09/CVE-2014-8636 (bmo#987794)
      XrayWrapper bypass through DOM objects
  - rebased patches
  - dropped explicit support for everything older than 12.3
    (including SLES11)
    * merge firefox-kde.patch and firefox-kde-114.patch
    * dropped mozilla-sle11.patch
  - reworked specfile to build conditionally based on release channel
    either Firefox or Firefox Developer Edition
  - added mozilla-openaes-decl.patch to fix implicit declarations
  - obsolete tracker-miner-firefox < 0.15 because it leads to startup
    crashes (bnc#908892)
* Sat Dec 13 2014 Led <>
  - fix bashism in script
* Sat Nov 29 2014
  - update to Firefox 34.0.5 (bnc#908009)
    * Default search engine changed to Yahoo! for North America
    * Default search engine changed to Yandex for Belarusian, Kazakh,
      and Russian locales
    * Improved search bar (en-US only)
    * Firefox Hello real-time communication client
    * Easily switch themes/personas directly in the Customizing mode
    * Implementation of HTTP/2 (draft14) and ALPN
    * Disabled SSLv3
    * MFSA 2014-83/CVE-2014-1587/CVE-2014-1588
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2014-84/CVE-2014-1589 (bmo#1043787)
      XBL bindings accessible via improper CSS declarations
    * MFSA 2014-85/CVE-2014-1590 (bmo#1087633)
      XMLHttpRequest crashes with some input streams
    * MFSA 2014-86/CVE-2014-1591 (bmo#1069762)
      CSP leaks redirect data via violation reports
    * MFSA 2014-87/CVE-2014-1592 (bmo#1088635)
      Use-after-free during HTML5 parsing
    * MFSA 2014-88/CVE-2014-1593 (bmo#1085175)
      Buffer overflow while parsing media content
    * MFSA 2014-89/CVE-2014-1594 (bmo#1074280)
      Bad casting from the BasicThebesLayer to BasicContainerLayer
  - rebased patches
  - limit linker memory usage for %ix86
  - rebased patches
* Fri Nov 07 2014
  - update to Firefox 33.1
    * Adding DuckDuckGo as a search option (upstream)
    * Forget Button added
    * Enhanced Tiles
    * Privacy tour introduced
  - fix typo in GStreamer Recommends
* Tue Nov 04 2014
  - Disable elf-hack for aarch64
  - Enable EGL for aarch64
  - Limit RAM usage during link for %arm
  - Fix _constraints for ARM
* Mon Nov 03 2014
  - use proper macros for ARM
* Mon Nov 03 2014
  - use '--disable-optimize' not only on 32-bit x86, but on 32-bit arm too
    to fix compiling.
  - pass '-Wl,--no-keep-memory' to linker to reduce required memory during
    linking on arm.
* Thu Oct 30 2014
  - update to Firefox 33.0.2
    * Fix a startup crash with some combination of hardware and drivers
    * Firefox displays a black screen at start-up with certain
      graphics drivers
  - adjusted _constraints for ARM
* Tue Oct 28 2014
  - added mozilla-bmo1088588.patch to fix build with EGL (bmo#1088588)
* Sat Oct 25 2014
  - define /usr/share/myspell as additional dictionary location
    and remove finally (bnc#900639)
* Sun Oct 19 2014
  - use Firefox default optimization flags instead of -Os
  - specfile cleanup
* Wed Oct 15 2014
  - fix build for all ppc by not enabling elf-hack
* Sat Oct 11 2014
  - update to Firefox 33.0 (bnc#900941)
    New features:
    * OpenH264 support (sandboxed)
    * Enhanced Tiles
    * Improved search experience through the location bar
    * Slimmer and faster JavaScript strings
    * New CSP (Content Security Policy) backend
    * Support for connecting to HTTP proxy over HTTPS
    * Improved reliability of the session restoration
    * Proprietary window.crypto properties/functions removed
    * MFSA 2014-74/CVE-2014-1574/CVE-2014-1575
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2014-75/CVE-2014-1576 (bmo#1041512)
      Buffer overflow during CSS manipulation
    * MFSA 2014-76/CVE-2014-1577 (bmo#1012609)
      Web Audio memory corruption issues with custom waveforms
    * MFSA 2014-77/CVE-2014-1578 (bmo#1063327)
      Out-of-bounds write with WebM video
    * MFSA 2014-78/CVE-2014-1580 (bmo#1063733)
      Further uninitialized memory use during GIF rendering
    * MFSA 2014-79/CVE-2014-1581 (bmo#1068218)
      Use-after-free interacting with text directionality
    * MFSA 2014-80/CVE-2014-1582/CVE-2014-1584 (bmo#1049095, bmo#1066190)
      Key pinning bypasses
    * MFSA 2014-81/CVE-2014-1585/CVE-2014-1586 (bmo#1062876, bmo#1062981)
      Inconsistent video sharing within iframe
    * MFSA 2014-82/CVE-2014-1583 (bmo#1015540)
      Accessing cross-origin objects via the Alarms API
      (only relevant for installed web apps)
  - requires NSPR 4.10.7
  - requires NSS 3.17.1
  - removed obsolete patches:
    * mozilla-ppc.patch
    * mozilla-libproxy-compat.patch
  - added basic appdata information
* Sat Sep 20 2014
  - update to Firefox 32.0.2
    * just a version bump for our builds
    * fixed the in application update process for certain environments
      (in application update is not enabled in openSUSE and Linux
      is unaffected in any case)
  - build with --disable-optimize for 13.1 and above for i586 to
    workaround miscompilations (bnc#896624)
  - use some more build flags to align with upstream
* Sat Sep 13 2014
  - update to Firefox 32.0.1
    * fixed stability issues for computers with multiple graphics cards
    * mixed content icon may be incorrectly displayed instead of lock
      icon for SSL sites in 32.0 (
    * WebRTC: setRemoteDescription() silently fails if no success
      callback is specified (bmo#1063971)
* Sun Aug 31 2014
  - update to Firefox 32.0 (bnc#894370)
    * MFSA 2014-67/CVE-2014-1553/CVE-2014-1554/CVE-2014-1562
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2014-68/CVE-2014-1563 (bmo#1018524)
      Use-after-free during DOM interactions with SVG
    * MFSA 2014-69/CVE-2014-1564 (bmo#1045977)
      Uninitialized memory use during GIF rendering
    * MFSA 2014-70/CVE-2014-1565 (bmo#1047831)
      Out-of-bounds read in Web Audio audio timeline
    * MFSA 2014-72/CVE-2014-1567 (bmo#1037641)
      Use-after-free setting text directionality
  - rebased patches
  - requires NSS 3.16.4
  - removed upstreamed patch
    * mozilla-aarch64-bmo-810631.patch
* Wed Aug 20 2014
  - adapted _constraints, used more than 3900MB on s390x during
    last build
* Sun Jul 20 2014
  - update to Firefox 31.0 (bnc#887746)
    * MFSA 2014-56/CVE-2014-1547/CVE-2014-1548
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2014-57/CVE-2014-1549 (bmo#1020205)
      Buffer overflow during Web Audio buffering for playback
    * MFSA 2014-58/CVE-2014-1550 (bmo#1020411)
      Use-after-free in Web Audio due to incorrect control message ordering
    * MFSA 2014-60/CVE-2014-1561 (bmo#1000514, bmo#910375)
      Toolbar dialog customization event spoofing
    * MFSA 2014-61/CVE-2014-1555 (bmo#1023121)
      Use-after-free with FireOnStateChange event
    * MFSA 2014-62/CVE-2014-1556 (bmo#1028891)
      Exploitable WebGL crash with Cesium JavaScript library
    * MFSA 2014-63/CVE-2014-1544 (bmo#963150)
      Use-after-free while when manipulating certificates in the trusted cache
      (solved with NSS 3.16.2 requirement)
    * MFSA 2014-64/CVE-2014-1557 (bmo#913805)
      Crash in Skia library when scaling high quality images
    * MFSA 2014-65/CVE-2014-1558/CVE-2014-1559/CVE-2014-1560
      (bmo#1015973, bmo#1026022, bmo#997795)
      Certificate parsing broken by non-standard character encoding
    * MFSA 2014-66/CVE-2014-1552 (bmo#985135)
      IFRAME sandbox same-origin access through redirect
  - use EGL on ARM
  - rebased patches
  - requires NSS 3.16.2
  - requires python-devel (not only python)
* Mon Jun 09 2014
  - update to Firefox 30.0 (bnc#881874)
    * MFSA 2014-48/CVE-2014-1533/CVE-2014-1534
      (bmo#921622, bmo#967354, bmo#969517, bmo#969549, bmo#973874,
      bmo#978652, bmo#978811, bmo#988719, bmo#990868, bmo#991981,
      bmo#992274, bmo#994907, bmo#995679, bmo#995816, bmo#995817,
      bmo#996536, bmo#996715, bmo#999651, bmo#1000598,
      bmo#1000960, bmo#1002340, bmo#1005578, bmo#1007223,
      bmo#1009952, bmo#1011007)
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards (rv:30.0)
    * MFSA 2014-49/CVE-2014-1536/CVE-2014-1537/CVE-2014-1538
      (bmo#989994, bmo#999274, bmo#1005584)
      Use-after-free and out of bounds issues found using Address
    * MFSA 2014-50/CVE-2014-1539 (bmo#995603)
      Clickjacking through cursor invisability after Flash interaction
    * MFSA 2014-51/CVE-2014-1540 (bmo#978862)
      Use-after-free in Event Listener Manager
    * MFSA 2014-52/CVE-2014-1541 (bmo#1000185)
      Use-after-free with SMIL Animation Controller
    * MFSA 2014-53/CVE-2014-1542 (bmo#991533)
      Buffer overflow in Web Audio Speex resampler
    * MFSA 2014-54/CVE-2014-1543 (bmo#1011859)
      Buffer overflow in Gamepad API
    * MFSA 2014-55/CVE-2014-1545 (bmo#1018783)
      Out of bounds write in NSPR
  - rebased patches
  - removed obsolete patches
    * firefox-browser-css.patch
    * mozilla-aarch64-bmo-962488.patch
    * mozilla-aarch64-bmo-963023.patch
    * mozilla-aarch64-bmo-963024.patch
    * mozilla-aarch64-bmo-963027.patch
    * mozilla-ppc64-xpcom.patch
    * mozilla-ppc64le-javascript.patch
    * mozilla-ppc64le-libffi.patch
    * mozilla-ppc64le-mfbt.patch
    * mozilla-ppc64le-webrtc.patch
    * mozilla-ppc64le-xpcom.patch
    * mozilla-ppc64le-build.patch
  - requires NSPR 4.10.6
  - enabled GStreamer 1.0 usage for 13.2 and above
* Sat May 10 2014
  - update to Firefox 29.0.1
    * Seer disabled by default (bmo#1005958)
    * Session Restore failed with a corrupted sessionstore.js file
    * pdf.js printing white page (bmo#1003707, bnc#876833)
  - general.useragent.locale gets overwritten with en-US while it
    should be using the active langpack's setting
* Sat Apr 26 2014
  - update to Firefox 29.0 (bnc#875378)
    * MFSA 2014-34/CVE-2014-1518/CVE-2014-1519
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2014-36/CVE-2014-1522 (bmo#995289)
      Web Audio memory corruption issues
    * MFSA 2014-37/CVE-2014-1523 (bmo#969226)
      Out of bounds read while decoding JPG images
    * MFSA 2014-38/CVE-2014-1524 (bmo#989183)
      Buffer overflow when using non-XBL object as XBL
    * MFSA 2014-39/CVE-2014-1525 (bmo#989210)
      Use-after-free in the Text Track Manager for HTML video
    * MFSA 2014-41/CVE-2014-1528 (bmo#963962)
      Out-of-bounds write in Cairo
    * MFSA 2014-42/CVE-2014-1529 (bmo#987003)
      Privilege escalation through Web Notification API
    * MFSA 2014-43/CVE-2014-1530 (bmo#895557)
      Cross-site scripting (XSS) using history navigations
    * MFSA 2014-44/CVE-2014-1531 (bmo#987140)
      Use-after-free in imgLoader while resizing images
    * MFSA 2014-45/CVE-2014-1492 (bmo#903885)
      Incorrect IDNA domain name matching for wildcard certificates
      (fixed by NSS 3.16)
    * MFSA 2014-46/CVE-2014-1532 (bmo#966006)
      Use-after-free in nsHostResolver
    * MFSA 2014-47/CVE-2014-1526 (bmo#988106)
      Debugger can bypass XrayWrappers with JavaScript
  - rebased patches
  - removed obsolete patches
    * firefox-browser-css.patch
    * mozilla-aarch64-599882cfb998.diff
    * mozilla-aarch64-bmo-963028.patch
    * mozilla-aarch64-bmo-963029.patch
    * mozilla-aarch64-bmo-963030.patch
    * mozilla-aarch64-bmo-963031.patch
  - requires NSS 3.16
  - added mozilla-icu-strncat.patch to fix post build checks
* Mon Apr 07 2014
  - add mozilla-aarch64-599882cfb998.patch,
      mozilla-aarch64-bmo-963031.patch: AArch64 porting
* Mon Mar 24 2014
  - Add patch for bmo#973977
    * mozilla-ppc64-xpcom.patch
* Mon Mar 24 2014
  - Refresh mozilla-ppc64le-xpcom.patch patch
* Fri Mar 21 2014
  - Adapt mozilla-ppc64le-xpcom.patch to Mozilla > 24.0 build system
* Sun Mar 16 2014
  - update to Firefox 28.0 (bnc#868603)
    * MFSA 2014-15/CVE-2014-1493/CVE-2014-1494
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2014-17/CVE-2014-1497 (bmo#966311)
      Out of bounds read during WAV file decoding
    * MFSA 2014-18/CVE-2014-1498 (bmo#935618)
      crypto.generateCRMFRequest does not validate type of key
    * MFSA 2014-19/CVE-2014-1499 (bmo#961512)
      Spoofing attack on WebRTC permission prompt
    * MFSA 2014-20/CVE-2014-1500 (bmo#956524)
      onbeforeunload and Javascript navigation DOS
    * MFSA 2014-22/CVE-2014-1502 (bmo#972622)
      WebGL content injection from one domain to rendering in another
    * MFSA 2014-23/CVE-2014-1504 (bmo#911547)
      Content Security Policy for data: documents not preserved by
      session restore
    * MFSA 2014-26/CVE-2014-1508 (bmo#963198)
      Information disclosure through polygon rendering in MathML
    * MFSA 2014-27/CVE-2014-1509 (bmo#966021)
      Memory corruption in Cairo during PDF font rendering
    * MFSA 2014-28/CVE-2014-1505 (bmo#941887)
      SVG filters information disclosure through feDisplacementMap
    * MFSA 2014-29/CVE-2014-1510/CVE-2014-1511 (bmo#982906, bmo#982909)
      Privilege escalation using WebIDL-implemented APIs
    * MFSA 2014-30/CVE-2014-1512 (bmo#982957)
      Use-after-free in TypeObject
    * MFSA 2014-31/CVE-2014-1513 (bmo#982974)
      Out-of-bounds read/write through neutering ArrayBuffer objects
    * MFSA 2014-32/CVE-2014-1514 (bmo#983344)
      Out-of-bounds write through TypedArrayObject after neutering
  - requires NSPR 4.10.3 and NSS 3.15.5
  - new build dependency (and recommends):
    * libpulse
  - update of PowerPC 64 patches (bmo#976648) (
  - rebased patches
* Mon Feb 17 2014
  - update to Firefox 27.0.1
    * Fixed stability issues with Greasemonkey and other JS that used
    * JS math correctness issue (bmo#941381)
  - incorporate Google API key for geolocation (bnc#864170)
  - updated list of "other" locales in RPM requirements
* Tue Jan 28 2014
  - update to Firefox 27.0 (bnc#861847)
    * MFSA 2014-01/CVE-2014-1477/CVE-2014-1478
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards (rv:27.0 / rv:24.3)
    * MFSA 2014-02/CVE-2014-1479 (bmo#911864)
      Clone protected content with XBL scopes
    * MFSA 2014-03/CVE-2014-1480 (bmo#916726)
      UI selection timeout missing on download prompts
    * MFSA 2014-04/CVE-2014-1482 (bmo#943803)
      Incorrect use of discarded images by RasterImage
    * MFSA 2014-05/CVE-2014-1483 (bmo#950427)
      Information disclosure with *FromPoint on iframes
    * MFSA 2014-06/CVE-2014-1484 (bmo#953993)
      Profile path leaks to Android system log
    * MFSA 2014-07/CVE-2014-1485 (bmo#910139)
      XSLT stylesheets treated as styles in Content Security Policy
    * MFSA 2014-08/CVE-2014-1486 (bmo#942164)
      Use-after-free with imgRequestProxy and image proccessing
    * MFSA 2014-09/CVE-2014-1487 (bmo#947592)
      Cross-origin information leak through web workers
    * MFSA 2014-10/CVE-2014-1489 (bmo#959531)
      Firefox default start page UI content invokable by script
    * MFSA 2014-11/CVE-2014-1488 (bmo#950604)
      Crash when using web workers with asm.js
    * MFSA 2014-12/CVE-2014-1490/CVE-2014-1491
      (bmo#934545, bmo#930874, bmo#930857)
      NSS ticket handling issues
    * MFSA 2014-13/CVE-2014-1481(bmo#936056)
      Inconsistent JavaScript handling of access to Window objects
  - requires NSS 3.15.4 or higher
  - rebased/reworked patches
  - removed obsolete mozilla-bug929439.patch
* Thu Dec 12 2013
  - Add support for powerpc64le-linux.
    * mozilla-ppc64le.patch: general support
    * mozilla-libffi-ppc64le.patch: libffi backport
    * mozilla-xpcom-ppc64le.patch: port xpcom
  - Add build fix from mainline.
    * mozilla-bug929439.patch
* Sun Dec 08 2013
  - update to Firefox 26.0 (bnc#854367, bnc#854370)
    * rebased patches
    * requires NSPR 4.10.2 and NSS
    * MFSA 2013-104/CVE-2013-5609/CVE-2013-5610
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2013-105/CVE-2013-5611 (bmo#771294)
      Application Installation doorhanger persists on navigation
    * MFSA 2013-106/CVE-2013-5612 (bmo#871161)
      Character encoding cross-origin XSS attack
    * MFSA 2013-107/CVE-2013-5614 (bmo#886262)
      Sandbox restrictions not applied to nested object elements
    * MFSA 2013-108/CVE-2013-5616 (bmo#938341)
      Use-after-free in event listeners
    * MFSA 2013-109/CVE-2013-5618 (bmo#926361)
      Use-after-free during Table Editing
    * MFSA 2013-110/CVE-2013-5619 (bmo#917841)
      Potential overflow in JavaScript binary search algorithms
    * MFSA 2013-111/CVE-2013-6671 (bmo#930281)
      Segmentation violation when replacing ordered list elements
    * MFSA 2013-112/CVE-2013-6672 (bmo#894736)
      Linux clipboard information disclosure though selection paste
    * MFSA 2013-113/CVE-2013-6673 (bmo#970380)
      Trust settings for built-in roots ignored during EV certificate
    * MFSA 2013-114/CVE-2013-5613 (bmo#930381, bmo#932449)
      Use-after-free in synthetic mouse movement
    * MFSA 2013-115/CVE-2013-5615 (bmo#929261)
      GetElementIC typed array stubs can be generated outside observed
    * MFSA 2013-116/CVE-2013-6629/CVE-2013-6630 (bmo#891693)
      JPEG information leak
    * MFSA 2013-117 (bmo#946351)
      Mis-issued ANSSI/DCSSI certificate
      (fixed via NSS
  - removed gecko.js preference file as GStreamer is enabled by
    default now
* Thu Oct 24 2013
  - update to Firefox 25.0 (bnc#847708)
    * rebased patches
    * requires NSS 3.15.2 or above
    * MFSA 2013-93/CVE-2013-5590/CVE-2013-5591/CVE-2013-5592
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2013-94/CVE-2013-5593 (bmo#868327)
      Spoofing addressbar through SELECT element
    * MFSA 2013-95/CVE-2013-5604 (bmo#914017)
      Access violation with XSLT and uninitialized data
    * MFSA 2013-96/CVE-2013-5595 (bmo#916580)
      Improperly initialized memory and overflows in some JavaScript
    * MFSA 2013-97/CVE-2013-5596 (bmo#910881)
      Writing to cycle collected object during image decoding
    * MFSA 2013-98/CVE-2013-5597 (bmo#918864)
      Use-after-free when updating offline cache
    * MFSA 2013-99/CVE-2013-5598 (bmo#920515)
      Security bypass of PDF.js checks using iframes
    * MFSA 2013-100/CVE-2013-5599/CVE-2013-5600/CVE-2013-5601
      (bmo#915210, bmo#915576, bmo#916685)
      Miscellaneous use-after-free issues found through ASAN fuzzing
    * MFSA 2013-101/CVE-2013-5602 (bmo#897678)
      Memory corruption in workers
    * MFSA 2013-102/CVE-2013-5603 (bmo#916404)
      Use-after-free in HTML document templates
* Tue Sep 24 2013
  - as GStreamer is not automatically required anymore but loaded
    dynamically if available, require it explicitely
  - recommend optional GStreamer plugins for comprehensive media
* Mon Sep 16 2013
  - move greek to the translations-common package (bnc#840551)
* Sat Sep 14 2013
  - update to Firefox 24.0 (bnc#840485)
    * MFSA 2013-76/CVE-2013-1718/CVE-2013-1719
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2013-77/CVE-2013-1720 (bmo#888820)
      Improper state in HTML5 Tree Builder with templates
    * MFSA 2013-78/CVE-2013-1721 (bmo#890277)
      Integer overflow in ANGLE library
    * MFSA 2013-79/CVE-2013-1722 (bmo#893308)
      Use-after-free in Animation Manager during stylesheet cloning
    * MFSA 2013-80/CVE-2013-1723 (bmo#891292)
      NativeKey continues handling key messages after widget is destroyed
    * MFSA 2013-81/CVE-2013-1724 (bmo#894137)
      Use-after-free with select element
    * MFSA 2013-82/CVE-2013-1725 (bmo#876762)
      Calling scope for new Javascript objects can lead to memory corruption
    * MFSA 2013-85/CVE-2013-1728 (bmo#883686)
      Uninitialized data in IonMonkey
    * MFSA 2013-88/CVE-2013-1730 (bmo#851353)
      Compartment mismatch re-attaching XBL-backed nodes
    * MFSA 2013-89/CVE-2013-1732 (bmo#883514)
      Buffer overflow with multi-column, lists, and floats
    * MFSA 2013-90/CVE-2013-1735/CVE-2013-1736 (bmo#898871, bmo#906301)
      Memory corruption involving scrolling
    * MFSA 2013-91/CVE-2013-1737 (bmo#907727)
      User-defined properties on DOM proxies get the wrong "this" object
    * MFSA 2013-92/CVE-2013-1738 (bmo#887334, bmo#882897)
      GC hazard with default compartments and frame chain restoration
  - enable gstreamer explicitely via pref (gecko.js)
  - require NSS 3.15.1
* Mon Aug 26 2013
  - update to Firefox 23.0.1
    * Audio static/"burble"/breakup in Firefox to Firefox WebRTC calls
* Sun Aug 04 2013
  - update to Firefox 23.0 (bnc#833389)
    * MFSA 2013-63/CVE-2013-1701/CVE-2013-1702
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2013-64/CVE-2013-1704 (bmo#883313)
      Use after free mutating DOM during SetBody
    * MFSA 2013-65/CVE-2013-1705 (bmo#882865)
      Buffer underflow when generating CRMF requests
    * MFSA 2013-67/CVE-2013-1708 (bmo#879924)
      Crash during WAV audio file decoding
    * MFSA 2013-68/CVE-2013-1709 (bmo#838253)
      Document URI misrepresentation and masquerading
    * MFSA 2013-69/CVE-2013-1710 (bmo#871368)
      CRMF requests allow for code execution and XSS attacks
    * MFSA 2013-70/CVE-2013-1711 (bmo#843829)
      Bypass of XrayWrappers using XBL Scopes
    * MFSA 2013-72/CVE-2013-1713 (bmo#887098)
      Wrong principal used for validating URI for some Javascript
    * MFSA 2013-73/CVE-2013-1714 (bmo#879787)
      Same-origin bypass with web workers and XMLHttpRequest
    * MFSA 2013-75/CVE-2013-1717 (bmo#406541, bmo#738397)
      Local Java applets may read contents of local file system
  - requires NSPR 4.10 and NSS 3.15
* Wed Jul 03 2013
  - fix build on ARM (/-g/ matches /-grecord-switches/)
* Sat Jun 22 2013
  - update to Firefox 22.0 (bnc#825935)
    * removed obsolete patches
      + mozilla-qcms-ppc.patch
      + mozilla-gstreamer-760140.patch
    * GStreamer support does not build on 12.1 anymore (build only
      on 12.2 and later)
    * MFSA 2013-49/CVE-2013-1682/CVE-2013-1683
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2013-50/CVE-2013-1684/CVE-2013-1685/CVE-2013-1686
      Memory corruption found using Address Sanitizer
    * MFSA 2013-51/CVE-2013-1687 (bmo#863933, bmo#866823)
      Privileged content access and execution via XBL
    * MFSA 2013-52/CVE-2013-1688 (bmo#873966)
      Arbitrary code execution within Profiler
    * MFSA 2013-53/CVE-2013-1690 (bmo#857883)
      Execution of unmapped memory through onreadystatechange event
    * MFSA 2013-54/CVE-2013-1692 (bmo#866915)
      Data in the body of XHR HEAD requests leads to CSRF attacks
    * MFSA 2013-55/CVE-2013-1693 (bmo#711043)
      SVG filters can lead to information disclosure
    * MFSA 2013-56/CVE-2013-1694 (bmo#848535)
      PreserveWrapper has inconsistent behavior
    * MFSA 2013-57/CVE-2013-1695 (bmo#849791)
      Sandbox restrictions not applied to nested frame elements
    * MFSA 2013-58/CVE-2013-1696 (bmo#761667)
      X-Frame-Options ignored when using server push with multi-part
    * MFSA 2013-59/CVE-2013-1697 (bmo#858101)
      XrayWrappers can be bypassed to run user defined methods in a
      privileged context
    * MFSA 2013-60/CVE-2013-1698 (bmo#876044)
      getUserMedia permission dialog incorrectly displays location
    * MFSA 2013-61/CVE-2013-1699 (bmo#840882)
      Homograph domain spoofing in .com, .net and .name
* Tue Jun 11 2013
  - Fix qcms altivec include (mozilla-qcms-ppc.patch)
* Fri May 10 2013
  - update to Firefox 21.0 (bnc#819204)
    * removed upstreamed patch firefox-712763.patch
    * removed disabled mozilla-disable-neon-option.patch
    * MFSA 2013-41/CVE-2013-0801/CVE-2013-1669
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2013-42/CVE-2013-1670 (bmo#853709)
      Privileged access for content level constructor
    * MFSA 2013-43/CVE-2013-1671 (bmo#842255)
      File input control has access to full path
    * MFSA 2013-46/CVE-2013-1674 (bmo#860971)
      Use-after-free with video and onresize event
    * MFSA 2013-47/CVE-2013-1675 (bmo#866825)
      Uninitialized functions in DOMSVGZoomEvent
    * MFSA 2013-48/CVE-2013-1676/CVE-2013-1677/CVE-2013-1678/
      Memory corruption found using Address Sanitizer
* Tue Apr 09 2013
  - revert to use GStreamer 0.10 on 12.3 (bnc#814101)
    (remove mozilla-gstreamer-1.patch)
* Fri Apr 05 2013
  - Explicitly disable WebRTC support on non-x86, the configure script
    disables it only half-heartedly
* Fri Mar 29 2013
  - update to Firefox 20.0 (bnc#813026)
    * requires NSPR 4.9.5 and NSS 3.14.3
    * mozilla-webrtc-ppc.patch included upstream
    * MFSA 2013-30/CVE-2013-0788/CVE-2013-0789
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2013-31/CVE-2013-0800 (bmo#825721)
      Out-of-bounds write in Cairo library
    * MFSA 2013-35/CVE-2013-0796 (bmo#827106)
      WebGL crash with Mesa graphics driver on Linux
    * MFSA 2013-36/CVE-2013-0795 (bmo#825697)
      Bypass of SOW protections allows cloning of protected nodes
    * MFSA 2013-37/CVE-2013-0794 (bmo#626775)
      Bypass of tab-modal dialog origin disclosure
    * MFSA 2013-38/CVE-2013-0793 (bmo#803870)
      Cross-site scripting (XSS) using timed history navigations
    * MFSA 2013-39/CVE-2013-0792 (bmo#722831)
      Memory corruption while rendering grayscale PNG images
  - use GStreamer 1.0 starting with 12.3 (mozilla-gstreamer-1.patch)
* Tue Mar 12 2013
  - build fixes for armv7hl:
    * disable debug build as armv7hl does not have enough memory
    * disable webrtc on armv7hl as it is non-compiling
* Thu Mar 07 2013
  - update to Firefox 19.0.2 (bnc#808243)
    * MFSA 2013-29/CVE-2013-0787 (bmo#848644)
      Use-after-free in HTML Editor
* Thu Feb 28 2013
  - update to Firefox 19.0.1
    * blocklist updates
* Sat Feb 16 2013
  - update to Firefox 19.0 (bnc#804248)
    * MFSA 2013-21/CVE-2013-0783/2013-0784
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2013-22/CVE-2013-0772 (bmo#801366)
      Out-of-bounds read in image rendering
    * MFSA 2013-23/CVE-2013-0765 (bmo#830614)
      Wrapped WebIDL objects can be wrapped again
    * MFSA 2013-24/CVE-2013-0773 (bmo#809652)
      Web content bypass of COW and SOW security wrappers
    * MFSA 2013-25/CVE-2013-0774 (bmo#827193)
      Privacy leak in JavaScript Workers
    * MFSA 2013-26/CVE-2013-0775 (bmo#831095)
      Use-after-free in nsImageLoadingContent
    * MFSA 2013-27/CVE-2013-0776 (bmo#796475)
      Phishing on HTTPS connection through malicious proxy
    * MFSA 2013-28/CVE-2013-0780/CVE-2013-0782/CVE-2013-0777/
      Use-after-free, out of bounds read, and buffer overflow issues
      found using Address Sanitizer
  - removed obsolete patches
    * mozilla-webrtc.patch
    * mozilla-gstreamer-803287.patch
  - added patch to fix session restore window order (bmo#712763)
* Sat Feb 02 2013
  - update to Firefox 18.0.2
    * blocklist and CTP updates
    * fixes in JS engine
* Wed Jan 16 2013
  - update to Firefox 18.0.1
    * blocklist updates
    * backed out bmo#677092 (removed patch)
    * fixed problems involving HTTP proxy transactions
* Sat Jan 12 2013
  - Fix WebRTC to build on powerpc
* Sun Jan 06 2013
  - update to Firefox 18.0 (bnc#796895)
    * MFSA 2013-01/CVE-2013-0749/CVE-2013-0769/CVE-2013-0770
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2013-02/CVE-2013-0760/CVE-2013-0762/CVE-2013-0766/CVE-2013-0767
      Use-after-free and buffer overflow issues found using Address Sanitizer
    * MFSA 2013-03/CVE-2013-0768 (bmo#815795)
      Buffer Overflow in Canvas
    * MFSA 2013-04/CVE-2012-0759 (bmo#802026)
      URL spoofing in addressbar during page loads
    * MFSA 2013-05/CVE-2013-0744 (bmo#814713)
      Use-after-free when displaying table with many columns and column groups
    * MFSA 2013-06/CVE-2013-0751 (bmo#790454)
      Touch events are shared across iframes
    * MFSA 2013-07/CVE-2013-0764 (bmo#804237)
      Crash due to handling of SSL on threads
    * MFSA 2013-08/CVE-2013-0745 (bmo#794158)
      AutoWrapperChanger fails to keep objects alive during garbage collection
    * MFSA 2013-09/CVE-2013-0746 (bmo#816842)
      Compartment mismatch with quickstubs returned values
    * MFSA 2013-10/CVE-2013-0747 (bmo#733305)
      Event manipulation in plugin handler to bypass same-origin policy
    * MFSA 2013-11/CVE-2013-0748 (bmo#806031)
      Address space layout leaked in XBL objects
    * MFSA 2013-12/CVE-2013-0750 (bmo#805121)
      Buffer overflow in Javascript string concatenation
    * MFSA 2013-13/CVE-2013-0752 (bmo#805024)
      Memory corruption in XBL with XML bindings containing SVG
    * MFSA 2013-14/CVE-2013-0757 (bmo#813901)
      Chrome Object Wrapper (COW) bypass through changing prototype
    * MFSA 2013-15/CVE-2013-0758 (bmo#813906)
      Privilege escalation through plugin objects
    * MFSA 2013-16/CVE-2013-0753 (bmo#814001)
      Use-after-free in serializeToStream
    * MFSA 2013-17/CVE-2013-0754 (bmo#814026)
      Use-after-free in ListenerManager
    * MFSA 2013-18/CVE-2013-0755 (bmo#814027)
      Use-after-free in Vibrate
    * MFSA 2013-19/CVE-2013-0756 (bmo#814029)
      Use-after-free in Javascript Proxy objects
  - requires NSS 3.14.1 (MFSA 2013-20, CVE-2013-0743)
  - removed obsolete SLE11 patches (mozilla-gcc43*)
  - reenable WebRTC
  - added mozilla-libproxy-compat.patch for libproxy API compat
    on openSUSE 11.2 and earlier
  - backed out restartless language packs as it broke multi-locale
    setup (bmo#677092, bmo#818468)
* Thu Nov 29 2012
  - update to Firefox 17.0.1
    * revert some useragent changes introduced in 17.0
    * leaving private browsing with social enabled doesn't reset all
      social components (bmo#815042)
  - fix KDE integration for file dialogs
* Tue Nov 20 2012
  - update to Firefox 17.0 (bnc#790140)
    * MFSA 2012-91/CVE-2012-5842/CVE-2012-5843
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2012-92/CVE-2012-4202 (bmo#758200)
      Buffer overflow while rendering GIF images
    * MFSA 2012-93/CVE-2012-4201 (bmo#747607)
      evalInSanbox location context incorrectly applied
    * MFSA 2012-94/CVE-2012-5836 (bmo#792857)
      Crash when combining SVG text on path with CSS
    * MFSA 2012-95/CVE-2012-4203 (bmo#765628)
      Javascript: URLs run in privileged context on New Tab page
    * MFSA 2012-96/CVE-2012-4204 (bmo#778603)
      Memory corruption in str_unescape
    * MFSA 2012-97/CVE-2012-4205 (bmo#779821)
      XMLHttpRequest inherits incorrect principal within sandbox
    * MFSA 2012-99/CVE-2012-4208 (bmo#798264)
      XrayWrappers exposes chrome-only properties when not in chrome
    * MFSA 2012-100/CVE-2012-5841 (bmo#805807)
      Improper security filtering for cross-origin wrappers
    * MFSA 2012-101/CVE-2012-4207 (bmo#801681)
      Improper character decoding in HZ-GB-2312 charset
    * MFSA 2012-102/CVE-2012-5837 (bmo#800363)
      Script entered into Developer Toolbar runs with chrome privileges
    * MFSA 2012-103/CVE-2012-4209 (bmo#792405)
      Frames can shadow top.location
    * MFSA 2012-104/CVE-2012-4210 (bmo#796866)
      CSS and HTML injection through Style Inspector
    * MFSA 2012-105/CVE-2012-4214/CVE-2012-4215/CVE-2012-4216/
      Use-after-free and buffer overflow issues found using Address
    * MFSA 2012-106/CVE-2012-5830/CVE-2012-5833/CVE-2012-5835/CVE-2012-5838
      Use-after-free, buffer overflow, and memory corruption issues
      found using Address Sanitizer
  - rebased patches
  - disabled WebRTC since build is broken (bmo#776877)
* Tue Nov 20 2012
  - build on SLE11
    * mozilla-gcc43-enums.patch
    * mozilla-gcc43-template_hacks.patch
    * mozilla-gcc43-templates_instantiation.patch
* Wed Oct 24 2012
  - update to Firefox 16.0.2 (bnc#786522)
    * MFSA 2012-90/CVE-2012-4194/CVE-2012-4195/CVE-2012-4196
      (bmo#800666, bmo#793121, bmo#802557)
      Fixes for Location object issues
  - bring back Obsoletes for libproxy's mozjs plugin for distributions
    before 12.2 to avoid crashes
* Thu Oct 11 2012
  - update to Firefox 16.0.1 (bnc#783533)
    * MFSA 2012-88/CVE-2012-4191 (bmo#798045)
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2012-89/CVE-2012-4192/CVE-2012-4193 (bmo#799952, bmo#720619)
      defaultValue security checks not applied
* Sun Oct 07 2012
  - update to Firefox 16.0 (bnc#783533)
    * MFSA 2012-74/CVE-2012-3982/CVE-2012-3983
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2012-75/CVE-2012-3984 (bmo#575294)
      select element persistance allows for attacks
    * MFSA 2012-76/CVE-2012-3985 (bmo#655649)
      Continued access to initial origin after setting document.domain
    * MFSA 2012-77/CVE-2012-3986 (bmo#775868)
      Some DOMWindowUtils methods bypass security checks
    * MFSA 2012-79/CVE-2012-3988 (bmo#725770)
      DOS and crash with full screen and history navigation
    * MFSA 2012-80/CVE-2012-3989 (bmo#783867)
      Crash with invalid cast when using instanceof operator
    * MFSA 2012-81/CVE-2012-3991 (bmo#783260)
      GetProperty function can bypass security checks
    * MFSA 2012-82/CVE-2012-3994 (bmo#765527)
      top object and location property accessible by plugins
    * MFSA 2012-83/CVE-2012-3993/CVE-2012-4184 (bmo#768101, bmo#780370)
      Chrome Object Wrapper (COW) does not disallow acces to privileged
      functions or properties
    * MFSA 2012-84/CVE-2012-3992 (bmo#775009)
      Spoofing and script injection through location.hash
    * MFSA 2012-85/CVE-2012-3995/CVE-2012-4179/CVE-2012-4180/
      Use-after-free, buffer overflow, and out of bounds read issues
      found using Address Sanitizer
    * MFSA 2012-86/CVE-2012-4185/CVE-2012-4186/CVE-2012-4187/
      Heap memory corruption issues found using Address Sanitizer
    * MFSA 2012-87/CVE-2012-3990 (bmo#787704)
      Use-after-free in the IME State Manager
  - requires NSPR 4.9.2
  - improve GStreamer integration (bmo#760140)
  - removed upstreamed mozilla-crashreporter-restart-args.patch
  - webapprt now included
  - use kmozillahelper's new REVEAL command (bnc#777415)
    (requires mozilla-kde4-integration >= 0.6.4)
  - updated translations-other with new languages
* Mon Sep 10 2012
  - update to Firefox 15.0.1 (bnc#779936)
    * Sites visited while in Private Browsing mode could be found
      through manual browser cache inspection (bmo#787743)
* Sun Aug 26 2012
  - update to Firefox 15.0 (bnc#777588)
    * MFSA 2012-57/CVE-2012-1970
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2012-58/CVE-2012-1972/CVE-2012-1973/CVE-2012-1974/CVE-2012-1975
      Use-after-free issues found using Address Sanitizer
    * MFSA 2012-59/CVE-2012-1956 (bmo#756719)
      Location object can be shadowed using Object.defineProperty
    * MFSA 2012-60/CVE-2012-3965 (bmo#769108)
      Escalation of privilege through about:newtab
    * MFSA 2012-61/CVE-2012-3966 (bmo#775794, bmo#775793)
      Memory corruption with bitmap format images with negative height
    * MFSA 2012-62/CVE-2012-3967/CVE-2012-3968
      WebGL use-after-free and memory corruption
    * MFSA 2012-63/CVE-2012-3969/CVE-2012-3970
      SVG buffer overflow and use-after-free issues
    * MFSA 2012-64/CVE-2012-3971
      Graphite 2 memory corruption
    * MFSA 2012-65/CVE-2012-3972 (bmo#746855)
      Out-of-bounds read in format-number in XSLT
    * MFSA 2012-66/CVE-2012-3973 (bmo#757128)
      HTTPMonitor extension allows for remote debugging without explicit
    * MFSA 2012-68/CVE-2012-3975 (bmo#770684)
      DOMParser loads linked resources in extensions when parsing
    * MFSA 2012-69/CVE-2012-3976 (bmo#768568)
      Incorrect site SSL certificate data display
    * MFSA 2012-70/CVE-2012-3978 (bmo#770429)
      Location object security checks bypassed by chrome code
    * MFSA 2012-72/CVE-2012-3980 (bmo#771859)
      Web console eval capable of executing chrome-privileged code
  - fix HTML5 video crash with GStreamer enabled (bmo#761030)
  - GStreamer is only used for MP4 (no WebM, OGG)
  - updated filelist
  - moved browser specific preferences to correct location
* Sun Jul 29 2012
  - Fix mozilla-kde.patch to include sys/resource.h for getrlimit etc (glibc 2.16)
* Sat Jul 14 2012
  - update to 14.0.1 (bnc#771583)
    * MFSA 2012-42/CVE-2012-1949/CVE-2012-1948
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2012-43/CVE-2012-1950
      Incorrect URL displayed in addressbar through drag and drop
    * MFSA 2012-44/CVE-2012-1951/CVE-2012-1954/CVE-2012-1953/CVE-2012-1952
      Gecko memory corruption
    * MFSA 2012-45/CVE-2012-1955 (bmo#757376)
      Spoofing issue with location
    * MFSA 2012-46/CVE-2012-1966 (bmo#734076)
      XSS through data: URLs
    * MFSA 2012-47/CVE-2012-1957 (bmo#750096)
      Improper filtering of javascript in HTML feed-view
    * MFSA 2012-48/CVE-2012-1958 (bmo#750820)
      use-after-free in nsGlobalWindow::PageHidden
    * MFSA 2012-49/CVE-2012-1959 (bmo#754044, bmo#737559)
      Same-compartment Security Wrappers can be bypassed
    * MFSA 2012-50/CVE-2012-1960 (bmo#761014)
      Out of bounds read in QCMS
    * MFSA 2012-51/CVE-2012-1961 (bmo#761655)
      X-Frame-Options header ignored when duplicated
    * MFSA 2012-52/CVE-2012-1962 (bmo#764296)
      JSDependentString::undepend string conversion results in memory
    * MFSA 2012-53/CVE-2012-1963 (bmo#767778)
      Content Security Policy 1.0 implementation errors cause data
    * MFSA 2012-55/CVE-2012-1965 (bmo#758990)
      feed: URLs with an innerURI inherit security context of page
    * MFSA 2012-56/CVE-2012-1967 (bmo#758344)
      Code execution through javascript: URLs
  - license change from tri license to MPL-2.0
  - fix crashreporter restart option (bmo#762780)
  - require NSS 3.13.5
  - remove mozjs pacrunner obsoletes again for now
  - adopted mozilla-prefer_plugin_pref.patch
  - PPC fixes:
    * reenabled mozilla-yarr-pcre.patch to fix build for PPC
    * add patches for bmo#750620 and bmo#746112
    * fix xpcshell segfault on ppc
* Fri Jun 15 2012
  - update to Firefox 13.0.1
    * bugfix release
  - obsolete libproxy's mozjs pacrunner (bnc#759123)
* Sat Jun 02 2012
  - update to Firefox 13.0 (bnc#765204)
    * MFSA 2012-34/CVE-2012-1938/CVE-2012-1937/CVE-2011-3101
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2012-36/CVE-2012-1944 (bmo#751422)
      Content Security Policy inline-script bypass
    * MFSA 2012-37/CVE-2012-1945 (bmo#670514)
      Information disclosure though Windows file shares and shortcut
    * MFSA 2012-38/CVE-2012-1946 (bmo#750109)
      Use-after-free while replacing/inserting a node in a document
    * MFSA 2012-40/CVE-2012-1947/CVE-2012-1940/CVE-2012-1941
      Buffer overflow and use-after-free issues found using Address
  - require NSS 3.13.4
    * MFSA 2012-39/CVE-2012-0441 (bmo#715073)
  - fix sound notifications when filename/path contains a whitespace
* Wed May 23 2012
  - fix build on arm
* Wed May 16 2012
  - reenabled crashreporter for Factory/12.2
    (fix in mozilla-gcc47.patch)
* Sat Apr 21 2012
  - update to Firefox 12.0 (bnc#758408)
    * rebased patches
    * MFSA 2012-20/CVE-2012-0467/CVE-2012-0468
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2012-22/CVE-2012-0469 (bmo#738985)
      use-after-free in IDBKeyRange
    * MFSA 2012-23/CVE-2012-0470 (bmo#734288)
      Invalid frees causes heap corruption in gfxImageSurface
    * MFSA 2012-24/CVE-2012-0471 (bmo#715319)
      Potential XSS via multibyte content processing errors
    * MFSA 2012-25/CVE-2012-0472 (bmo#744480)
      Potential memory corruption during font rendering using cairo-dwrite
    * MFSA 2012-26/CVE-2012-0473 (bmo#743475)
      WebGL.drawElements may read illegal video memory due to
      FindMaxUshortElement error
    * MFSA 2012-27/CVE-2012-0474 (bmo#687745, bmo#737307)
      Page load short-circuit can lead to XSS
    * MFSA 2012-28/CVE-2012-0475 (bmo#694576)
      Ambiguous IPv6 in Origin headers may bypass webserver access
    * MFSA 2012-29/CVE-2012-0477 (bmo#718573)
      Potential XSS through ISO-2022-KR/ISO-2022-CN decoding issues
    * MFSA 2012-30/CVE-2012-0478 (bmo#727547)
      Crash with WebGL content using textImage2D
    * MFSA 2012-31/CVE-2011-3062 (bmo#739925)
      Off-by-one error in OpenType Sanitizer
    * MFSA 2012-32/CVE-2011-1187 (bmo#624621)
      HTTP Redirections and remote content can be read by javascript errors
    * MFSA 2012-33/CVE-2012-0479 (bmo#714631)
      Potential site identity spoofing when loading RSS and Atom feeds
  - added mozilla-libnotify.patch to allow fallback from libnotify
    to xul based events if no notification-daemon is running
  - gcc 4.7 fixes
    * mozilla-gcc47.patch
    * disabled crashreporter temporarily for Factory
  - recommend libcanberra0 for proper sound notifications
* Fri Mar 09 2012
  - update to Firefox 11.0 (bnc#750044)
    * MFSA 2012-13/CVE-2012-0455 (bmo#704354)
      XSS with Drag and Drop and Javascript: URL
    * MFSA 2012-14/CVE-2012-0456/CVE-2012-0457 (bmo#711653, #720103)
      SVG issues found with Address Sanitizer
    * MFSA 2012-15/CVE-2012-0451 (bmo#717511)
      XSS with multiple Content Security Policy headers
    * MFSA 2012-16/CVE-2012-0458
      Escalation of privilege with Javascript: URL as home page
    * MFSA 2012-17/CVE-2012-0459 (bmo#723446)
      Crash when accessing keyframe cssText after dynamic modification
    * MFSA 2012-18/CVE-2012-0460 (bmo#727303)
      window.fullScreen writeable by untrusted content
    * MFSA 2012-19/CVE-2012-0461/CVE-2012-0462/CVE-2012-0464/
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
  - ported and reenabled KDE integration (bnc#746591)
  - explicitely build-require X libs
* Mon Mar 05 2012
  - add Provides: browser(npapi) FATE#313084
* Fri Feb 17 2012
  - better plugin directory resolution (bnc#747320)
* Thu Feb 16 2012
  - update to Firefox 10.0.2 (bnc#747328)
    * CVE-2011-3026 (bmo#727401)
      libpng: integer overflow leading to heap-buffer overflow
* Thu Feb 09 2012
  - update to Firefox 10.0.1 (bnc#746616)
    * MFSA 2012-10/CVE-2012-0452 (bmo#724284)
      use after free in nsXBLDocumentInfo::ReadPrototypeBindings
* Tue Feb 07 2012
  - Use YARR interpreter instead of PCRE on platforms where YARR JIT
    is not supported, since PCRE doesnt build (bmo#691898)
  - fix ppc64 build (bmo#703534)
* Mon Jan 30 2012
  - update to Firefox 10.0 (bnc#744275)
    * MFSA 2012-01/CVE-2012-0442/CVE-2012-0443
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2012-03/CVE-2012-0445 (bmo#701071)
      <iframe> element exposed across domains via name attribute
    * MFSA 2012-04/CVE-2011-3659 (bmo#708198)
      Child nodes from nsDOMAttribute still accessible after removal
      of nodes
    * MFSA 2012-05/CVE-2012-0446 (bmo#705651)
      Frame scripts calling into untrusted objects bypass security
    * MFSA 2012-06/CVE-2012-0447 (bmo#710079)
      Uninitialized memory appended when encoding icon images may
      cause information disclosure
    * MFSA 2012-07/CVE-2012-0444 (bmo#719612)
      Potential Memory Corruption When Decoding Ogg Vorbis files
    * MFSA 2012-08/CVE-2012-0449 (bmo#701806, bmo#702466)
      Crash with malformed embedded XSLT stylesheets
  - KDE integration has been disabled since it needs refactoring
  - removed obsolete ppc64 patch
* Sun Jan 22 2012
  - Disable neon for arm as it doesn't build correctly
* Fri Dec 23 2011
  - update to Firefox 9.0.1
    * (strongparent) parentNode of element gets lost (bmo#335998)
* Sun Dec 18 2011
  - fix arm build, don't package crashreporter there
* Sun Dec 18 2011
  - update to Firefox 9 (bnc#737533)
    * MFSA 2011-53/CVE-2011-3660
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards (rv:9.0)
    * MFSA 2011-54/CVE-2011-3661 (bmo#691299)
      Potentially exploitable crash in the YARR regular expression
    * MFSA 2011-55/CVE-2011-3658 (bmo#708186)
      nsSVGValue out-of-bounds access
    * MFSA 2011-56/CVE-2011-3663 (bmo#704482)
      Key detection without JavaScript via SVG animation
    * MFSA 2011-58/VE-2011-3665 (bmo#701259)
      Crash scaling <video> to extreme sizes
* Sun Nov 27 2011
  - Fix accessibility under GNOME 3 (bnc#732898)
* Sat Nov 12 2011
  - fix ppc64 build
* Sun Nov 06 2011
  - update to Firefox 8 (bnc#728520)
    * MFSA 2011-47/CVE-2011-3648 (bmo#690225)
      Potential XSS against sites using Shift-JIS
    * MFSA 2011-48/CVE-2011-3651/CVE-2011-3652/CVE-2011-3654
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2011-49/CVE-2011-3650 (bmo#674776)
      Memory corruption while profiling using Firebug
    * MFSA 2011-52/CVE-2011-3655 (bmo#672182)
      Code execution via NoWaiverWrapper
  - rebased patches
* Thu Oct 20 2011
  - enable telemetry prompt
* Fri Sep 30 2011
  - update to minor release 7.0.1
    * fixed staged addon updates
  - set intl.locale.matchOS=true in the base package as it causes
    too much confusion when it's only available with branding-openSUSE
* Fri Sep 23 2011
  - update to Firefox 7 (bnc#720264)
    * Improve Responsiveness with Memory Reductions
    * Instant Sync
    * WebSocket protocol 8
    * MFSA 2011-36/CVE-2011-2995/CVE-2011-2996/CVE-2011-2997
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2011-39/CVE-2011-3000 (bmo#655389)
      Defense against multiple Location headers due to CRLF Injection
    * MFSA 2011-40/CVE-2011-2372/CVE-2011-3001
      Code installation through holding down Enter
    * MFSA 2011-41/CVE-2011-3002/CVE-2011-3003 (bmo#680840, bmo#682335)
      Potentially exploitable WebGL crashes
    * MFSA 2011-42/CVE-2011-3232 (bmo#653672)
      Potentially exploitable crash in the YARR regular expression
    * MFSA 2011-43/CVE-2011-3004 (bmo#653926)
      loadSubScript unwraps XPCNativeWrapper scope parameter
    * MFSA 2011-44/CVE-2011-3005 (bmo#675747)
      Use after free reading OGG headers
    * MFSA 2011-45
      Inferring keystrokes from motion data
  - removed obsolete mozilla-cairo-lcd.patch
  - rebased patches
  - removed XLIB_SKIP_ARGB_VISUALS=1 from environment in (bnc#680758)
* Fri Sep 16 2011
  - fixed loading of kde.js under KDE (bnc#718311)
* Wed Sep 14 2011
  - add dbus-1-glib-devel to BuildRequires (not pulled in
    automatically anymore on 12.1)
  - increase minversions for NSPR and NSS
* Fri Sep 09 2011
  - recreated source archive to get correct source-stamp.txt
* Wed Sep 07 2011
  - security update to 6.0.2 (bnc#714931)
    * Complete blocking of certificates issued by DigiNotar
* Fri Sep 02 2011
  - security update to 6.0.1 (bnc#714931)
    * MFSA 2011-34
      Protection against fraudulent DigiNotar certificates
* Fri Aug 12 2011
  - update to 6.0 (bnc#712224)
    included security fixes MFSA 2011-29
    * CVE-2011-2989/CVE-2011-2991/CVE-2011-2992/CVE-2011-2985
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * CVE-2011-2993 (bmo#657267)
      Unsigned scripts can call script inside signed JAR
    * CVE-2011-2988 (bmo#665934)
      Heap overflow in ANGLE library
    * CVE-2011-0084 (bmo#648094)
      Crash in SVGTextElement.getCharNumAtPosition()
    * CVE-2011-2990
      Credential leakage using Content Security Policy reports
    * CVE-2011-2986 (bmo#655836)
      Cross-origin data theft using canvas and Windows D2D
  - removed obsolete curl header dependency (mozilla-curl.patch)
* Fri Jul 22 2011
  - update to 6.0b3
    * removed obsolete patches
    - firefox-shellservice.patch
    - mozilla-gio.patch
    - mozilla-ppc-ipc.patch
    - firefox-linkorder.patch
    - firefox-no-sync-l10n.patch
  - recognize linux3 as platform for
* Fri Jul 01 2011
  - Add x-scheme-handler/ftp to the MimeType key in the .desktop, to
    let desktops know that Firefox can deal with ftp: URIs.
* Fri Jul 01 2011
  - create upstream branding package again (supposedly empty)
  - fix build on SLE11 (changes do not affect/are not applied for
    later versions)
* Wed Jun 22 2011
  - enable startup notification (bnc#701465)
* Mon Jun 20 2011
  - update to 5.0 final
  - included fixes for security issues: (bnc#701296, bnc#700578)
    * MFSA 2011-19/CVE-2011-2374 CVE-2011-2375
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2011-20/CVE-2011-2373 (bmo#617247)
      Use-after-free vulnerability when viewing XUL document with
      script disabled
    * MFSA 2011-21/CVE-2011-2377 (bmo#638018, bmo#639303)
      Memory corruption due to multipart/x-mixed-replace images
    * MFSA 2011-22/CVE-2011-2371 (bmo#664009)
      Integer overflow and arbitrary code execution in
    * MFSA 2011-25/CVE-2011-2366
      Stealing of cross-domain images using WebGL textures
    * MFSA 2011-26/CVE-2011-2367 CVE-2011-2368
      Multiple WebGL crashes
    * MFSA 2011-27/CVE-2011-2369 (bmo#650001)
      XSS encoding hazard with inline SVG
    * MFSA 2011-28/CVE-2011-2370 (bmo#645699)
      Non-whitelisted site can trigger xpinstall
* Mon Jun 20 2011
  - update to 5.0b7
    * updated supported locales
  - do not build dump_syms static (not needed for us)
    - > fix build for openSUSE 12.1 and above
* Wed Jun 15 2011
  - update to 5.0b6
  - include proper revision information into the build
  - speedier
* Tue May 31 2011
  - update to 5.0b3
  - transformed to standalone Firefox (not xulrunner based)
    (with new Firefox rapid release cycle it makes no sense anymore)
    * imported all relevant xulrunner patches
  - do not compile in build timestamp
* Fri Apr 15 2011
  - security update to 4.0.1 (bnc#689281)
    * MFSA 2011-12/ CVE-2011-0069 CVE-2011-0070 CVE-2011-0079
      CVE-2011-0080 CVE-2011-0081
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2011-17/CVE-2011-0068 (bmo#623791)
      WebGLES vulnerabilities
    * MFSA 2011-18/CVE-2011-1202 (bmo#640339)
      XSLT generate-id() function heap address leak
* Wed Mar 30 2011
  - add all available icon sizes
* Tue Mar 29 2011
  - license update: MPLv1.1 or GPLv2+ or LGPLv2+
    Sync licenses with Fedora. MPL does not state ^or later^
* Fri Mar 18 2011
  - update to version 4.0rc2
  - fixed rpm macros delivered with devel package (bnc#679950)
* Wed Feb 23 2011
  - update to version 4.0b12
  - rebased patches
* Fri Feb 04 2011
  - update to version 4.0b11
    * loads of bugfixes compared to last beta
    * added "Do Not Track" option
  - rebased patches
  - disable testpilot
* Fri Jan 28 2011
  - set correct desktop file name within KDE for 11.4 and up
  - add devel package with macros for extensions (from
* Sat Jan 22 2011
  - update to version 4.0b10
  - removed obsolete firefox-shell-bmo624267.patch
  - testpilot moved to distribution/extensions
  - updated locale provides and removed bn-IN from locales
* Tue Jan 11 2011
  - update to version 4.0b9
  - added x-scheme-handler for http and https to desktop file for
    newer Gnome environments
  - fixed default browser check/set for GIO (bmo#611953)
  - removed obsolete firefox-appname.patch (integrated into
    shellservice patch)
  - renamed desktop file to firefox.desktop for 11.4 and newer
  - removed support for 10.3 and older from the spec file
  - removed obsolete "Ximian" categories from desktop file
* Mon Jan 03 2011
  - Mirror ac_add_options --disable-ipc from xulrunner for PowerPC.
* Wed Dec 15 2010
  - update to version 4.0beta8
* Tue Nov 30 2010
  - major update to version 4.0beta7
    * based on mozilla-xulrunner20
    * far too many internal changes to list
* Wed Oct 27 2010
  - security update to 3.6.12 (bnc#649492)
    * MFSA 2010-73/CVE-2010-3765 (bmo#607222)
      Heap buffer overflow mixing document.write and DOM insertion
* Wed Oct 06 2010
  - security update to 3.6.11 (bnc#645315)
    * MFSA 2010-64/CVE-2010-3174/CVE-2010-3175/CVE-2010-3176
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2010-65/CVE-2010-3179 (bmo#583077)
      Buffer overflow and memory corruption using document.write
    * MFSA 2010-66/CVE-2010-3180 (bmo#588929)
      Use-after-free error in nsBarProp
    * MFSA 2010-67/CVE-2010-3183 (bmo#598669)
      Dangling pointer vulnerability in LookupGetterOrSetter
    * MFSA 2010-68/CVE-2010-3177 (bmo#556734)
      XSS in gopher parser when parsing hrefs
    * MFSA 2010-69/CVE-2010-3178 (bmo#576616)
      Cross-site information disclosure via modal calls
    * MFSA 2010-70/CVE-2010-3170 (bmo#578697)
      SSL wildcard certificate matching IP addresses
    * MFSA 2010-71/CVE-2010-3182 (bmo#590753)
      Unsafe library loading vulnerabilities
    * MFSA 2010-72/CVE-2010-3173
      Insecure Diffie-Hellman key exchange
* Wed Sep 15 2010
  - update to 3.6.10
    * fixing startup topcrash (bmo#594699)
* Thu Aug 26 2010
  - security update to 3.6.9 (bnc#637303)
    * MFSA 2010-49/CVE-2010-3169
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2010-50/CVE-2010-2765 (bmo#576447)
      Frameset integer overflow vulnerability
    * MFSA 2010-51/CVE-2010-2767 (bmo#584512)
      Dangling pointer vulnerability using DOM plugin array
    * MFSA 2010-53/CVE-2010-3166 (bmo#579655)
      Heap buffer overflow in nsTextFrameUtils::TransformText
    * MFSA 2010-54/CVE-2010-2760 (bmo#585815)
      Dangling pointer vulnerability in nsTreeSelection
    * MFSA 2010-55/CVE-2010-3168 (bmo#576075)
      XUL tree removal crash and remote code execution
    * MFSA 2010-56/CVE-2010-3167 (bmo#576070)
      Dangling pointer vulnerability in nsTreeContentView
    * MFSA 2010-57/CVE-2010-2766 (bmo#580445)
      Crash and remote code execution in normalizeDocument
    * MFSA 2010-59/CVE-2010-2762 (bmo#584180)
      SJOW creates scope chains ending in outer object
    * MFSA 2010-61/CVE-2010-2768 (bmo#579744)
      UTF-7 XSS by overriding document charset using <object> type
    * MFSA 2010-62/CVE-2010-2769 (bmo#520189)
      Copy-and-paste or drag-and-drop into designMode document allows
    * MFSA 2010-63/CVE-2010-2764 (bmo#552090)
      Information leak via XMLHttpRequest statusText
* Wed Jul 28 2010
  - disable crash reporter for non x86/x86_64 to make it build.
* Sat Jul 24 2010
  - security update to 3.6.8 (bnc#622506)
    * MFSA 2010-48/CVE-2010-2755 (bmo#575836)
      Dangling pointer crash regression from plugin parameter array
* Fri Jul 16 2010
  - security update to 3.6.7 (bnc#622506)
    * MFSA 2010-34/CVE-2010-1211/CVE-2010-1212
      Miscellaneous memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2010-35/CVE-2010-1208 (bmo#572986)
      DOM attribute cloning remote code execution vulnerability
    * MFSA 2010-36/CVE-2010-1209 (bmo#552110)
      Use-after-free error in NodeIterator
    * MFSA 2010-37/CVE-2010-1214 (bmo#572985)
      Plugin parameter EnsureCachedAttrParamArrays remote code
      execution vulnerability
    * MFSA 2010-38/CVE-2010-1215 (bmo#567069)
      Arbitrary code execution using SJOW and fast native function
    * MFSA 2010-39/CVE-2010-2752 (bmo#574059)
      nsCSSValue::Array index integer overflow
    * MFSA 2010-40/CVE-2010-2753 (bmo#571106)
      nsTreeSelection dangling pointer remote code execution
    * MFSA 2010-41/CVE-2010-1205 (bmo#570451)
      Remote code execution using malformed PNG image
    * MFSA 2010-42/CVE-2010-1213 (bmo#568148)
      Cross-origin data disclosure via Web Workers and importScripts
    * MFSA 2010-43/CVE-2010-1207 (bmo#571287)
      Same-origin bypass using canvas context
    * MFSA 2010-44/CVE-2010-1210 (bmo#564679)
      Characters mapped to U+FFFD in 8 bit encodings cause subsequent
      character to vanish
    * MFSA 2010-45/CVE-2010-1206/CVE-2010-2751 (bmo#536466,556957)
      Multiple location bar spoofing vulnerabilities
    * MFSA 2010-46/CVE-2010-0654 (bmo#524223)
      Cross-domain data theft using CSS
    * MFSA 2010-47/CVE-2010-2754 (bmo#568564)
      Cross-origin data leakage from script filename in error messages
* Sun Jun 27 2010
  - update to 3.6.6 release
    * modifies the crash protection feature to increase the amount
      of time that plugins are allowed to be non-responsive before
      being terminated.
* Wed Jun 23 2010
  - update to final 3.6.4 release (bnc#603356)
    * MFSA 2010-26/CVE-2010-1200/CVE-2010-1201/CVE-2010-1202/
      Crashes with evidence of memory corruption (rv:
    * MFSA 2010-28/CVE-2010-1198 (bmo#532246)
      Freed object reuse across plugin instances
    * MFSA 2010-29/CVE-2010-1196 (bmo#534666)
      Heap buffer overflow in nsGenericDOMDataNode::SetTextInternal
    * MFSA 2010-30/CVE-2010-1199 (bmo#554255)
      Integer Overflow in XSLT Node Sorting
    * MFSA 2010-31/CVE-2010-1125 (bmo#552255)
      focus() behavior can be used to inject or steal keystrokes
    * MFSA 2010-32/CVE-2010-1197 (bmo#537120)
      Content-Disposition: attachment ignored if
      Content-Type: multipart also present
    * MFSA 2010-33/CVE-2008-5913 (bmo#475585)
      User tracking across sites using Math.random()
* Mon Jun 07 2010
  - update to 3.6.4(build6)
* Sun Apr 18 2010
  - security update to 3.6.4 (Lorentz)
    * enable crashreporter also for x86-64
    * Flash runs in a separate process to avoid crashing Firefox
      (ix86 only; x86-64 still uses nspluginwrapper)
* Thu Apr 01 2010
  - security update to 3.6.3
    * MFSA 2010-25/CVE-2010-1121 (bmo#555109)
      Re-use of freed object due to scope confusion
* Thu Mar 18 2010
  - security update to version 3.6.2 (bnc#586567)
    * MFSA 2010-08/CVE-2010-1028
      WOFF heap corruption due to integer overflow
    * MFSA 2010-09/CVE-2010-0164 (bmo#547143)
      Deleted frame reuse in multipart/x-mixed-replace image
    * MFSA 2010-10/CVE-2010-0170 (bmo#541530)
      XSS via plugins and unprotected Location object
    * MFSA 2010-11/CVE-2010-0165/CVE-2010-0166/CVE-2010-0167
      Crashes with evidence of memory corruption
    * MFSA 2010-12/CVE-2010-0171 (bmo#531364)
      XSS using addEventListener and setTimeout on a wrapped object
    * MFSA 2010-13/CVE-2010-0168 (bmo#540642)
      Content policy bypass with image preloading
    * MFSA 2010-14/CVE-2010-0169 (bmo#535806)
      Browser chrome defacement via cached XUL stylesheets
    * MFSA 2010-15/CVE-2010-0172 (bmo#537862)
      Asynchronous Auth Prompt attaches to wrong window
    * MFSA 2010-16/CVE-2010-0173/CVE-2010-0174
      Crashes with evidence of memory corruption
    * MFSA 2010-18/CVE-2010-0176 (bmo#538308)
      Dangling pointer vulnerability in nsTreeContentView
    * MFSA 2010-19/CVE-2010-0177 (bmo#538310)
      Dangling pointer vulnerability in nsPluginArray
    * MFSA 2010-20/CVE-2010-0178 (bmo#546909)
      Chrome privilege escalation via forced URL drag and drop
    * MFSA 2010-22/CVE-2009-3555 (bmo#545755)
      Update NSS to support TLS renegotiation indication
    * MFSA 2010-23/CVE-2010-0181 (bmo#452093)
      Image src redirect to mailto: URL opens email editor
    * MFSA 2010-24/CVE-2010-0182 (bmo#490790)
      XMLDocument::load() doesn't check nsIContentPolicy
* Mon Jan 18 2010
  - update to 3.6rc2 (already named 3.6.0)
  - removed obsolete orbit-devel build requirement
* Wed Jan 06 2010
  - major update to 3.6rc1
* Fri Dec 25 2009
  - update to version 3.5.7 (bnc#568011)
    * DNS resolution in MakeSN of nsAuthSSPI causing issues for
      proxy servers that support NTLM auth (bmo#535193)
  - added missing lockdown preferences (bnc#567131)
* Thu Dec 17 2009
  - readded firefox-ui-lockdown.patch (bnc#546158)
* Thu Dec 03 2009
  - security update to version 3.5.6 (bnc#559807)
    * MFSA 2009-65/CVE-2009-3979/CVE-2009-3980/CVE-2009-3982
      Crashes with evidence of memory corruption (rv:
    * MFSA 2009-66/CVE-2009-3388 (bmo#504843,bmo#523816)
      Memory safety fixes in liboggplay media library
    * MFSA 2009-67/CVE-2009-3389 (bmo#515882,bmo#504613)
      Integer overflow, crash in libtheora video library
    * MFSA 2009-68/CVE-2009-3983 (bmo#487872)
      NTLM reflection vulnerability
    * MFSA 2009-69/CVE-2009-3984/CVE-2009-3985 (bmo#521461,bmo#514232)
      Location bar spoofing vulnerabilities
    * MFSA 2009-70/VE-2009-3986 (bmo#522430)
      Privilege escalation via chrome window.opener
  - fixed firefox-browser-css.patch (bnc#561027)
* Mon Nov 23 2009
  - rebased patches for fuzz=0
* Thu Nov 05 2009
  - update to version 3.5.5 (bnc#553172)
* Sat Oct 17 2009
  - security update to version 3.5.4 (bnc#545277)
    * MFSA 2009-52/CVE-2009-3370 (bmo#511615)
      Form history vulnerable to stealing
    * MFSA 2009-53/CVE-2009-3274 (bmo#514823)
      Local downloaded file tampering
    * MFSA 2009-54/CVE-2009-3371 (bmo#514554)
      Crash with recursive web-worker calls
    * MFSA 2009-55/CVE-2009-3372 (bmo#500644)
      Crash in proxy auto-configuration regexp parsing
    * MFSA 2009-56/CVE-2009-3373 (bmo#511689)
      Heap buffer overflow in GIF color map parser
    * MFSA 2009-57/CVE-2009-3374 (bmo#505988)
      Chrome privilege escalation in XPCVariant::VariantDataToJS()
    * MFSA 2009-59/CVE-2009-1563 (bmo#516396, bmo#516862)
      Heap buffer overflow in string to number conversion
    * MFSA 2009-61/CVE-2009-3375 (bmo#503226)
      Cross-origin data theft through document.getSelection()
    * MFSA 2009-62/CVE-2009-3376 (bmo#511521)
      Download filename spoofing with RTL override
    * MFSA 2009-63/CVE-2009-3377/CVE-2009-3379/CVE-2009-3378
      Upgrade media libraries to fix memory safety bugs
    * MFSA 2009-64/CVE-2009-3380/CVE-2009-3381/CVE-2009-3383
      Crashes with evidence of memory corruption
  - removed upstreamed patch
    * firefox-bug506901.patch
* Wed Oct 07 2009
  - fix KDE button order in one more place (bnc#170055)
* Fri Oct 02 2009
  - improve UI colors to be usable with dark themes at all
    (firefox-browser-css.patch) (bnc#503351)
  - extend list of supported architectures as ABI identifier
    (mozilla-abi.patch) (bnc#543460)
* Sun Sep 13 2009
  - added KDE integration patch from
    * support for knotify, making -kde4-addon obsolete
    * KDE-specific support functional (bnc#170055)
  - do not build libnkgnomevfs (bmo#512671) (firefox-no-gnomevfs)
* Thu Sep 10 2009
  - security update to version 3.5.3 (bnc#534458)
    * MFSA 2009-47/CVE-2009-3069/CVE-2009-3070/CVE-2009-3071/
      Crashes with evidence of memory corruption
    * MFSA 2009-49/CVE-2009-3077 (bmo#506871)
      TreeColumns dangling pointer vulnerability
    * MFSA 2009-50/CVE-2009-3078 (bmo#453827)
      Location bar spoofing via tall line-height Unicode characters
    * MFSA 2009-51/CVE-2009-3079 (bmo#454363)
      Chrome privilege escalation with FeedWriter
* Wed Aug 19 2009
  - renamed patch firefox-contextmenu-gnome to firefox-cross-desktop
    as it contains more tweaks to handle non-Gnome environments and
    especially KDE integration:
    * added the ability to set the KDE default browser
      (still part of bnc#170055)
* Fri Aug 07 2009
  - split -translations package into -common and -other
  - remove "set as background" from context menu if not running in
    Gnome (part of bnc#170055)
* Fri Jul 31 2009
  - security update to version 3.5.2
    * MFSA 2009-38/CVE-2009-2470 (bmo#459524)
      Data corruption with SOCKS5 reply containing DNS name longer
      than 15 characters
    * MFSA 2009-44/CVE-2009-2654 (bmo#451898)
      Location bar and SSL indicator spoofing via on
      invalid URL
    * MFSA 2009-45
      Crashes with evidence of memory corruption
    * MFSA 2009-46 (bmo#498897)
      Chrome privilege escalation due to incorrectly cached wrapper
    * various other stability fixes
  - export MOZ_APP_LAUNCHER in the startscript (bmo#453689)
* Tue Jul 28 2009
  - fixed %exclude usage
  - fixed preferences' advanced pane for fresh profiles (bmo#506901)
* Wed Jul 15 2009
  - security update to version 3.5.1
    * MFSA 2009-41
      Corrupt JIT state after deep return from native function
* Mon Jul 06 2009
  - added mozilla-linkorder.patch to fix build with --as-needed
* Tue Jun 30 2009
  - update to final version 3.5 (20090623)
* Tue Jun 23 2009
  - fixed build by linking to a real file
* Thu Jun 18 2009
  - update to version 3.5rc2 (20090617)
  - BuildRequire mozilla-xulrunner191 =
* Sat Jun 06 2009
  - update to version 3.5b99 (20090604)
  - BuildRequire mozilla-xulrunner191 = 1.9.1b99
* Wed May 27 2009
  - fixed typos in improved xulrunner dependencies
* Mon May 11 2009
  - use non-localized Downloads folder (bnc#501724)
* Mon May 04 2009
  - update to new major version 3.5b4
    * based on Gecko 1.9.1 (mozilla-xulrunner191)
    * Private Browsing Mode
    * TraceMonkey JavaScript engine
    * Geolocation support
    * native JSON and web worker threads support
    * speculative parsing for faster content rendering
    * Some HTML5 support
  - updated firefox.schemas
  - improved firefox-no-update.patch
* Tue Apr 28 2009
  - security update to 3.0.10
    * MFSA 2009-23/CVE-2009-1313 (bmo#489647)
      Crash in nsTextFrame::ClearTextRun()
* Thu Apr 16 2009
  - security update to 3.0.9 (bnc#495473)
    * MFSA 2009-14/CVE-2009-1302/CVE-2009-1303/CVE-2009-1304/CVE-2009-1305
      Crashes with evidence of memory corruption (rv:
    * MFSA 2009-15/CVE-2009-0652 (bmo#479336)
      URL spoofing with box drawing character
    * MFSA 2009-16/CVE-2009-1306 (bmo#474536)
      jar: scheme ignores the content-disposition: header on the
      inner URI
    * MFSA 2009-17/CVE-2009-1307 (bmo#481342)
      Same-origin violations when Adobe Flash loaded via
      view-source: scheme
    * MFSA 2009-18/CVE-2009-1308 (bmo#481558)
      XSS hazard using third-party stylesheets and XBL bindings
    * MFSA 2009-19/CVE-2009-1309 (bmo#482206,478433)
      Same-origin violations in XMLHttpRequest and
    * MFSA 2009-20/CVE-2009-1310 (bmo#483086)
      Malicious search plugins can inject code into arbitrary sites
    * MFSA 2009-21/CVE-2009-1311 (bmo#471962)
      POST data sent to wrong site when saving web page with
      embedded frame
    * MFSA 2009-22/CVE-2009-1312 (bmo#475636)
      Firefox allows Refresh header to redirect to javascript: URIs
* Fri Mar 27 2009
  - security update to (bnc#488955,489411)
    * MFSA 2009-12/CVE-2009-1169 (bmo#460090,485217)
      Crash and remote code execution in XSL transformation
    * MFSA 2009-13/CVE-2009-1044 (bmo#484320)
      Arbitrary code execution via XUL tree moveToEdgeShift
  - allow RPM provides for stuff besides shared libraries
    (e.g. mime-types)
* Sun Mar 01 2009
  - security update to 3.0.7 (bnc#478625)
    * MFSA 2009-07 - Crashes with evidence of memory corruption
      CVE-2009-0771 - Layout Engine Crashes
      CVE-2009-0772 - Layout Engine Crashes
      CVE-2009-0773 - crashes in the JavaScript engine
      CVE-2009-0774 - Layout Engine Crashes
    * MFSA 2009-08/CVE-2009-0775 - (bmo#474456)
      Mozilla Firefox XUL Linked Clones Double Free Vulnerability
    * MFSA 2009-09/CVE-2009-0776 (bmo#414540)
      XML data theft via RDFXMLDataSource and cross-domain redirect
    * MFSA 2009-10/CVE-2009-0040 (bmo#478901)
      Upgrade PNG library to fix memory safety hazards
    * MFSA 2009-11/CVE-2009-0777 (bmo#452979)
      URL spoofing with invisible control characters
* Wed Feb 04 2009
  - Review and approve changes.
* Wed Jan 28 2009
  - security update to 3.0.6 (bnc#470074)
    * MFSA 2009-06/CVE-2009-0358: Directives to not cache pages ignored
    * MFSA 2009-05/CVE-2009-0357: XMLHttpRequest allows reading
      HTTPOnly cookies (bmo#380418)
    * MFSA 2009-04/CVE-2009-0356: Chrome privilege escalation via
      local .desktop files (bmo#460425)
    * MFSA 2009-03/CVE-2009-0355: Local file stealing with SessionStore
    * MFSA 2009-02/CVE-2009-0354: XSS using a chrome XBL method
      and window.eval (bmo#468581)
    * MFSA 2009-01/CVE-2009-0352 - CVE-2009-0353: Crashes with
      evidence of memory corruption (rv: (bmo#452913,
      bmo#449006, bmo#331088, bmo#401042, bmo#416461, bmo#422283,
      bmo#422301, bmo#431705, bmo#437142, bmo#421839, bmo#420697,
    * (non security) added lv locale
* Thu Jan 22 2009
  - Fix the wrapper script for PowerPC 64-bits (bnc#464753)
* Wed Dec 17 2008
  - Review and approve changes.
* Mon Dec 15 2008
  - security update to (bnc#455804)
    for details
    * removed aboutRights workaround again
    * added et locale
* Tue Nov 25 2008
  - Review and approve changes.
* Sat Nov 22 2008
  - replace license agreement with about:rights toolbar
    (backported from upcoming FF 3.0.5) (bnc#436054, bmo#456439)
    (it's always displayed in en-US)
* Fri Nov 21 2008
  - Update firefox-lockdown-ui.patch
    * Print Setup is now properly locked down. bnc#431028
    * Bookmark editing it now properly locked down. bnc#439335
    * Bookmars are properly hidden.
    * History is properly locked down. bnc#439343
    * Make sure the search bar is not put back when resetting the
      toolbar. bnc#439358
* Fri Nov 21 2008
  - Review and approve changes.
* Thu Nov 13 2008
  - lockdown cleanup
    * removed gecko-lockdown.patch from Firefox (it's in xulrunner)
    * stripped out some toolkit stuff from firefox-ui-lockdown
    * added extra default preferences for lockdown
* Wed Nov 12 2008
  - Review and approve changes.
* Tue Nov 11 2008
  - update to security/maintenance release 3.0.4 (bnc#439841)
    * support additional locales (bg, cy, eo, oc)
  - removed obsolete configure option (enable-gconf)
* Fri Nov 07 2008
  - Review and approve changes.
* Tue Nov 04 2008
  - moved gconf schema into branding packages (bnc#441646)
* Tue Oct 28 2008
  - Fix missing %endif (for fix for bnc#434283)
* Mon Oct 27 2008
  - Add disable_show_passwords to firefox.schemas. (FATE #301534)
* Mon Oct 27 2008
  - make biarch dependencies work correctly (bnc#434283)
* Thu Oct 23 2008
  - Added firefox-ui-lockdown.patch and gecko-lockdown.patch
    * Lockdown: FATE#302023, FATE#302024
* Mon Oct 06 2008
  - Conflict with other branding providers (FATE#304881).
* Mon Sep 29 2008
  - Review and approve changes.
* Mon Sep 29 2008
  - Remove a reference to a stale patch.
* Sun Sep 28 2008
  - update to regression fix release 3.0.3
    * Fixed a problem where users were unable to retrieve saved
      passwords or save new passwords (bmo#454708, bnc#429179#c20,
      CVE-2008-4063, CVE-2008-4064, CVE-2008-3836, andCVE-2008-4070)
* Thu Sep 25 2008
  - Review and approve changes.
* Mon Sep 15 2008
  - update to security/maintenance release 3.0.2 (bnc#429179)
  - removed unused files from sources
  - fix more rpmlint complaints and provide a config file to filter
    false positives
  - disable Gnome crashreporter as it has no value
  - brought man-page up to date for the firefox stub
    (removing firefox-bin reference)
  - en-US locale not longer packaged in translations subpackage
* Fri Aug 15 2008
  - Review and approve changes.
* Mon Aug 04 2008
  - Tweak branding split
* Tue Jul 29 2008
  - Create branding package (bnc#390752):
    + search-addons.tar.bz2, bookmarks.html.suse and
      firefox-suse-default-prefs.js will be moved to
    + create a MozillaFirefox-branding-upstream package
* Mon Jul 28 2008
  - Update to stability/security release 3.0.1 (bnc#407573)
    (thanks, Wolfgang)
    + MFSA 2008-36  Crash with malformed GIF file on Mac OS X
    + MFSA 2008-35 Command-line URLs launch multiple tabs when
      Firefox not running
    + MFSA 2008-34 Remote code execution by overflowing CSS reference counter
  - Set to true (bnc#404119)
* Tue Jun 17 2008
  - Merge changes from the build service (thanks, Wolfgang)
    (bnc#400001 and SWAMP#18164).
* Tue Jun 17 2008
  - update to version 3.0
  - fixed double entry in bookmarks for (bnc#396980
* Thu May 15 2008
  - Add Planet SUSE, forums.o.o and How to participate to default
* Fri May 02 2008
  -* prefs are no longer supported;
    remove references to them from firefox-suse-default-prefs.js
* Wed Apr 02 2008
  - Update to Firefox 3.0b5 (2.9.95) (thanks, Wolfgang).
* Wed Mar 26 2008
  - Merge changes from the build service (thanks, Wolfgang)
  - Update to the fourth Firefox 3.0 Beta (2.9.94):
    + Based upon the Gecko 1.9 Web rendering platform, which improves
      performance, stability, and rendering correctness; it also
      boasts a considerable simplification in its code
    + Security improvements:
    * One-click site info
    * Malware Protection
    * New Web Forgery Protection page
    * New SSL error pages
    * Add-ons and Plugin version check
    * Secure add-on updates
    * Effective top-level domain (eTLD) service to better restrict
      cookies and other restricted content to a single domain
    * Better protection against cross-site JSON data leaks
    + Usability improvements:
    * Easier password management
    * Simplified add-on installation
    * New Download Manager
    * Resumable downloading
    * Full page zoom
    * Podcasts and Videocasts can be associated with your media
      playback tools
    * Tab scrolling and quickmenu
    * Save what you were doing: Firefox will prompt users to save
      tabs on exit
    * Optimized Open in Tabs behavior
    * Location and Search bar size can now be customized with a
      simple resizer item
    * Text selection improvements
    * Find toolbar
    * Improved integration with Linux: Firefox's default icons,
      buttons, and menu styles now use the native GTK theme
    + Personalization improvements:
    * Star button: quickly add bookmarks from the location bar
      with a single click; a second click lets you file and tag them
    * Tags: associate keywords with your bookmarks to sort them
      by topic
    * Location bar & auto-complete
    * Smart Bookmarks Folder
    * Places Organizer: view, organize and search through all
      of your bookmarks, tags, and browsing history with multiple
      views and smart folders to store your frequent searches
    * Web-based protocol handlers
    * Download & Install Add-ons
    * Easy to use Download Actions
    + Improved platform for web developers:
    * New graphics and font handling: new graphics and text
      rendering architectures in Gecko 1.9 provides rendering
      improvements in CSS, SVG as well as improved display of
      fonts with ligatures and complex scripts
    * Color management: (set gfx.color_management.enabled on
      in about:config and restart the browser to enable.);
      Firefox can now adjust images with embedded color profiles
    * Offline support: enables web applications to provide
      offline functionality (website authors must add support
      for offline browsing to their site for this feature
      to be available to users)
    + Improved performance:
    * Speed: improvements to the JavaScript engine as well as
      profile guided optimizations have resulted in significant
      improvements in performance; compared to Firefox 2,
      web applications like Google Mail and Zoho Office run
      twice as fast in Firefox 3 Beta 4, and the popular
      SunSpider test from Apple shows improvements over
      previous releases
    * Memory usage: Several new technologies work together to
      reduce the amount of memory used by Firefox 3 Beta 4
      over a web browsing session;  memory cycles are broken
      and collected by an automated cycle collector, a new
      memory allocator reduces fragmentation, hundreds of leaks
      have been fixed, and caching strategies have been tuned
    * Reliability: A user's bookmarks, history, cookies, and
      preferences are now stored in a transactionally secure
      database format which will prevent data loss even if their
      system crashes
  - This version depends upon the mozilla-xulrunner190 package
  - Drop various stale packages, respin several that have been
    kept around, and add a few new ones.
* Mon Feb 11 2008
  - Security update to version (bnc#354469):
    + MFSA 2008-11/CVE-2008-0594 Web forgery overwrite with div
    + MFSA 2008-10/CVE-2008-0593 URL token stealing via stylesheet
    + MFSA 2008-09/CVE-2008-0592 Mishandling of locally-saved plain
      text files
    + MFSA 2008-08/CVE-2008-0591 File action dialog tampering
    + MFSA 2008-06/CVE-2008-0419 Web browsing history and forward
      navigation stealing
    + MFSA 2008-05/CVE-2008-0418 Directory traversal via chrome: URI
    + MFSA 2008-04/CVE-2008-0417 Stored password corruption
    + MFSA 2008-03/CVE-2008-0415 Privilege escalation, XSS, Remote
      Code Execution
    + MFSA 2008-02/CVE-2008-0414 Multiple file input focus stealing
    + MFSA 2008-01/CVE-2008-0412 Crashes with evidence of memory
      corruption (rv:
  - Reference in start script (bnc#117079)
  - Remove mozilla-canvas-, as it has been upstreamed
  - Update firefox-ui-lockdown.patch (FATE#301534, FATE#302023, and
  - Add application/x-xpinstall mime type to MozillaFirefox.desktop
  - Add MozillaFirefox.xml to bind .xpi to application/x-xpinstall
    in desktop.
* Thu Jan 17 2008
  - Add mozilla-maxpathlen.patch (#354150 and bmo #412610).
* Fri Dec 21 2007
  - Add firefox-348446-empty-lists.patch (bnc#348446).
* Wed Dec 05 2007
  - Respin proxy-dev.patch (bnc#340678) -- thanks, Anders!
* Tue Nov 27 2007
  - Security update to version (#341905, #341591):
    + MFSA 2007-39  Referer-spoofing via window.location race condition
    + MFSA 2007-38 Memory corruption vulnerabilities (rv:
    + MFSA 2007-37 jar: URI scheme XSS hazard
    + Fixes for regressions introduced in
    + Updated dbus.patch, startup.patch, misc.dif, and configure.patch
  - Add mozilla-gcc4.3-fixes.patch
  - Add mozilla-canvas- (#341591#c10).
* Mon Nov 26 2007
  - Build with -ftree-vrp -fwrapv, per advice in #342603#c17.
* Tue Nov 13 2007
  - Add firefox-gcc4.3-fixes.patch.
* Fri Oct 19 2007
  - Security update to version (#332512) (thanks, Wolfgang)
    * MFSA 2007-29 Crashes with evidence of memory corruption
    * MFSA 2007-30 onUnload Tailgating
    * MFSA 2007-31 Digest authentication request splitting
    * MFSA 2007-32 File input focus stealing vulnerability
    * MFSA 2007-33 XUL pages can hide the window titlebar
    * MFSA 2007-34 Possible file stealing through sftp protocol
    * MFSA 2007-35 XPCNativeWraper pollution using Script object
    complete advisories on
* Sun Sep 23 2007
  - Don't explicitly require (#326751).
* Fri Sep 14 2007
  - Update the Novell Support search plugin in search-addons.tar.bz2
  - Set the browser.tabs.loadFolderAndReplace preference to false
    by default (#230759).
* Wed Sep 12 2007
  - fix hardlinks accross partitions
* Thu Sep 06 2007
  - Add
    to the default bookmarks (#308223).
* Mon Sep 03 2007
  - move last change a bit further in specfile
* Fri Aug 31 2007
  - Mark a .png file as nonexecutable.
* Tue Aug 28 2007
  - Minor .spec update (#305193)
    + Remove two obsolete patches
    + Correct releasedate
    + Include only the officially supported locales.
* Wed Aug 22 2007
  - Merge changes from the build service (thanks, Wolfgang):
    + Provide locale dependency information (#302288)
    + Add x11-session.patch, supporting X11 session management
    + Update to version
    * MFSA 2007-26  Privilege escalation through chrome-loaded
      about:blank windows
    * MFSA 2007-27  Unescaped URIs passed to external programs
      (only relevant on Windows)
  - Use %fdupes.
* Tue Aug 21 2007
  - Adjust bookmarks: Add, use new software.o.o
* Thu Aug 16 2007 
  - Revert previous change.
* Tue Aug 14 2007
  - Added support for ymp in the mimetypes.rdf
  - Added OneClickInstallUrlHandler for handing the actual call from firefox.
  - Fixes bnc #295677
* Mon Jul 23 2007
  - Security update to version (#288115) which has fixes for:
    MFSA 2007-18
      CVE-2007-3734 - Browser flaws
      CVE-2007-3735 - Javascript flaws
    MFSA 2007-19
    MFSA 2007-20
    MFSA 2007-21
    MFSA 2007-22
    MFSA 2007-23
    MFSA 2007-24
    MFSA 2007-25
* Thu Jun 21 2007
  - fix changelog entry order
* Mon Jun 18 2007
  - Use from the build service (#230681).
* Tue Jun 05 2007
  - Removed invalid desktop category "Application" (#254654).
* Tue Jun 05 2007
  - Security update to version
  - Refresh configure.patch, startup.patch, and visibility.patch
  - Now use l10n-%{version}.tar.bz2 instead of l10n.tar.bz2.
* Mon Apr 30 2007
  - added unzip to BuildRequires
* Wed Apr 18 2007
  - add Japanese to the languages which get PANGO enabled in the
    start script to support the Japanese combining characters
    U+3099 U+309A (see bugzilla #262718 comment #29).
* Mon Mar 12 2007
  - Package gconf stuff.
* Wed Feb 21 2007
  - Security update to (#244923), which covers:
    + mfsa2007-01
    * CVE-2007-0775 - layout engine crashes
    * CVE-2007-0776 - SVG
    * CVE-2007-0777 - javascript engine corruption
    + mfsa2007-02
    * CVE-2007-0995 - Invalid trailing characters in HTML tag attributes
    * CVE-2007-0996 - Child frame character set inheritance
    * CVE-2006-6077 - Injected password forms
    + mfsa2007-02
    + mfsa2007-03
    * CVE-2007-0078
    + mfsa2007-04
    * CVE-2007-0079
    + mfsa2007-05
    * CVE-2007-0780
    * CVE-2007-0800
    + mfsa2007-06
    * CVE-2007-0008 - client flaw
    * CVE-2007-0009 - server flaw
    + mfsa2007-07
    * CVE-2007-0981
  - Updates (#230681)
  - Fixes #232209
  - Updates the man page (#243037)
  - Properly propagates exit codes (#241492)
  - Adds em-356370.patch (#217374)
* Thu Jan 25 2007
  - Fixup the Gnome paths, keeping in closer sync with the
* Thu Jan 18 2007
  - Gnome is now in /usr, so remove references to /opt/gnome
  - Install firefox.png with the executable bit not set.
* Wed Jan 10 2007
  - readd MozillaFirebird provides (was incorrect in removing it).
* Mon Jan 08 2007
  - Do not provide MozillaFirebird, just obsolete it.
* Fri Dec 01 2006
  - Update gecko-lockdown.patch (#220616).
* Thu Nov 30 2006
  - Update firefox-suse-default-prefs.js, adding
    'pref("browser.backspace_action", 2);' (#217374)
* Thu Nov 30 2006
  - Fix last change (#224431).
* Wed Nov 29 2006
  - Change download bookmark (#224431).
  - Rename bookmark folder to openSUSE.
* Tue Nov 28 2006
  - Sync from Buildservice with following critical fixes (thanks
    Wolfgang Rosenauer!):
    * fixed system-proxies.patch to actually work (#223881).
    * Rearrange Bookmarks to pass trademark review.
* Mon Nov 27 2006
  - Fix tango theme (#223796).
* Mon Nov 27 2006
  - Use as home page.
* Sun Nov 12 2006
  - Set as home page.
  - Update from BuildService (thanks Wolfgang!):
    - fixed crash in htmlparser (#217257, bmo #358797)
    - added gconf2 as PreReq (#212505)
    - added 32bit as requirement (#216266)
    - Removed SUSE searchplugin (Portal not available anymore)
    - Removed obsolete xul-picker.patch and system-nspr.patch
    - Fixed building on 10.1 and 10.0 (dbus)
    - Removed obsolete throbber preference
* Thu Nov 09 2006
  - updated tango theme
* Sun Oct 29 2006
  - Another fix for 214125, patch by Wolfgang Rosenauer.
* Thu Oct 26 2006
  - Fix gcc warnings about undefined operations, patch by
    Robert O'Callahan.
  - Update system-proxies.patch to fix error box (214125), patch by
    Robert O'Callahan.
* Mon Oct 23 2006
  - Update to current CVS version of 2.0.
  - Use as default home page for now (#203547).
* Sat Oct 21 2006
  - Disable non-working plasticfox and tango themes.
* Fri Oct 20 2006
  - Fix building of locales.
* Fri Oct 20 2006
  - update to version 2.0rc3:
    * New features: Visual Refresh, Built-in phishing protection,
      Enhanced search capabilities, Improved tabbed browsing,
      Resuming your browsing session, Previewing and subscribing
      to Web feeds, Inline spell checking, Live Titles,
      Improved Add-ons manager, JavaScript 1.7, Extended search
      plugin format, Updates to the extension system,
      Client-side session and persistent storage, SVG text
* Tue Oct 17 2006
  - disabled debugging.
* Tue Sep 12 2006
  - security update to version
* Mon Aug 21 2006
  - added greasemonkey helper change (#199920)
  - fixed for new make version
* Fri Aug 11 2006
  - fixed crash in dbus component (patch by thoenig #197928)
  - use external adresses for PAC configuration (#196506)
* Mon Aug 07 2006
  - added symlink for Firefox 1.0.x compatibility
* Sat Jul 29 2006
  - update to regression release (#195043)
* Thu Jul 27 2006
  - security update to version (#195043)
    * observer-lock.patch integrated now
  - fixed leak in JS' liveconnect (#186066)
  - fixed desktop file for old distributions
* Thu Jun 29 2006
  - fixed printing crash if the last used printer is not available
    anymore (#187013)
* Fri Jun 16 2006
  - added 48x48 icon (#185777)
* Mon Jun 12 2006
  - fix overwrite confirmation for GTK filesaver (#179531)
  - get network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris and
    network.negotiate-auth.delegation-uris from gconf if
    system-settings are enabled (#184489)
* Thu Jun 01 2006
  - update to security/stability release (#179011)
  - moved locale-global prefs to (#177881)
* Tue May 23 2006
  - complete implementation of startup-notification (#115417)
    (including autoconf and remote support)
  - different home-pages for SLE10 and SL (#177881)
* Tue May 16 2006
  - fixed potential deadlock in nsObserverList::RemoveObserver
    (#173986, bmo #338069)
  - base startup notification on libstartup-notification (#115417)
* Thu May 11 2006
  - save printer settings properly (#174082, bmo #324072)
  - added startup notification support for showing load activity
    in Gnome and to avoid focus stealing prevention (#115417)
  - added StartupNotify=true to desktop file (#115417)
  - provide legacy symlink for NLD9 update compatibility (#173138)
  - fixed system-proxies patch to avoid unwanted wpad requests
    (#171743, #167613)
* Mon May 08 2006
  - preconfigure the theme according to the used desktop (#151163)
* Thu Apr 27 2006
  - last minute change for
* Wed Apr 26 2006
  - security update to
  - fix for typo in postscript.patch
* Tue Apr 25 2006
  - fixed iframe crash (#169039, bmo #334515)
  - fixed img tag misuse (#168710, bmo #334341)
* Mon Apr 24 2006
  - improved postscript output (bmo #334485)
  - changed defaults for printer properties (#6534)
  - overwrite gnome-vfs' file protocol by providing "desktop-launch"
  - get available paper sizes from CUPS (#65482)
  - replaced/removed complicated gconfd reload in %post (#167989)
  - fixed memory leak in clipboard caching (bmo #289897)
* Tue Apr 11 2006
  - added (optional) plastikfox theme (#151163)
  - get some more security related patches (#148876)
  - finally fixed the default proxy configuration by adding a new
    UI option (#132398)
* Mon Apr 03 2006
  - fixed keyword fixup patch (#162532)
* Tue Mar 28 2006
  - don't use keyword fixup for pasted text (#160034, bmo #331522)
* Mon Mar 20 2006
  - added Tango theme
  - fixed reading proxies from gconf (#132398)
* Sun Mar 12 2006
  - tweaked bookmarks (fixed URLs)
  - added Khmer (km-*) to pango locales (#157397)
* Sat Mar 04 2006
  - fixed crash with multipart JPEGs (bmo #328684) (#140416)
  - got latest security fixes from upstream (#148876)
* Wed Feb 22 2006
  - fixed plugin loading when launched from Thunderbird (#151614)
  - merged dbus reconnection patch (#150042)
  - default to autodetect proxy (network.proxy.type=4) (#151811)
  - added GTK category to desktop file
* Tue Feb 14 2006
  - modified lockdown patches (#67281, #67282)
  - applied set of security patches (#148876)
    bmo bugs: 282105, 307989, 315625, 320459, 323634, 325403, 325947
* Tue Feb 07 2006
  - fixed disabling of Pango (#148788)
* Thu Feb 02 2006
  - define gssapi lib explicitely (#147670)
  - use only official Firefox-Icon
  - changed home-download patch
* Sun Jan 29 2006
  - throbber URL is default again
  - removed firefox-showpass patch
  - removed additional CA certs from builtin NSS
* Fri Jan 27 2006
  - got some l10n changes from 1.8.0 branch
* Fri Jan 27 2006
  - final version
  - make it possible to choose $HOME as download directory
    (#144894, bmo #300856)
* Wed Jan 25 2006
  - converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires
* Sun Jan 22 2006
  - disable Pango if MOZ_ENABLE_PANGO is not set
    and no typical language which needs Pango is used (#143428)
* Wed Jan 18 2006
  - fixed DumpStackToFile() for glibc 2.4
  - added default (font) settings
* Thu Jan 12 2006
  - update to (20060111)
  - updated man-page
  - fixed hovered tab close button
  - only Requires mozilla-nspr instead of PreReq since
    there is no postinstall registration necessary anymore
  - use system NSS from CODE10 on
  - use -fstack-protector where available
  - changed unixproxy component to work on older distributions
* Mon Jan 02 2006
  - added unixproxy component written by Robert O'Callahan (#132398)
    (bmo #66057)
  - added official translations
  - preload libaoss for plugin sound (#117079)
* Wed Dec 28 2005
  - get some patches from 1.8.0 branch
  - readded modification to gconf-backend (bmo #321315)
  - readded lockdown stuff
  - enable additional extension install directory (#120329)
  - added patch to make the XUL filechooser optional
* Wed Dec 14 2005
  - fixed patch for parsing -remote parameter
  - removed default-plugin patch (not needed anymore)
* Fri Dec 09 2005
  - fix to ignore X composite extension (#135373)
  - fixed parsing of -remote parameters (#134396)
  - activated locales as released
* Tue Nov 29 2005
  - update to 1.5 (20051128)
  - don't override startup URL when changing Gecko versions (#135314)
  - added patch for GTK2 handling (#134831)
  - readded add-plugins stuff for compatibility
* Fri Nov 18 2005
  - update to 1.5rc3 (20051117)
* Mon Oct 31 2005
  - updated l10n archive (20051030)
  - fixed postinstall script to copy plugin links instead of files
* Fri Oct 28 2005
  - update to 1.5rc1 (20051027)
  - fixed profile locking on FAT partitions (bmo #313360)
  - introduced an rpath again
* Wed Oct 19 2005
  - update to snapshot 1.5 (20051019)
  - moved installation to /usr/%{_lib}/firefox
  - added dbus component to be able to get network status from
    NetworkManager (bmo #312793)
  - remove all update UI for application
  - removed diable-gconf (no registration at build time anymore)
  - removed (no system registration anymore)
  - open links in new windows (#128087)
* Thu Oct 06 2005
  - update to Firefox 1.5b2 (20051005)
  - added supported translations
* Sat Oct 01 2005
  - update to Firefox 1.5b1 (20050930) RPM version 1.4.1
  - removed calls
  - removed calls and corresponding triggers
  - enabled SVG and Canvas support
  - fixed gconf urlhandler registration
* Tue Sep 20 2005
  - security update to 1.0.7 (#117619)
    * MFSA 2005-57: IDN heap overrun using soft-hyphens (bmo #307259)
      (enabled IDN pref again)
    * MFSA 2005-58:
      CAN-2005-2701 Heap overrun in XBM image processing
      CAN-2005-2702 Crash on "zero-width non-joiner" sequence
      CAN-2005-2703 XMLHttpRequest header spoofing
      CAN-2005-2704 Object spoofing using XBL <implements>
      CAN-2005-2705 JavaScript integer overflow
      CAN-2005-2706 Privilege escalation using about: scheme
      CAN-2005-2707 Chrome window spoofing
      Regression fixes
  - register beagle extension if it gets installed (#116787)
* Tue Sep 13 2005
  - Change SUSE bookmarks.
* Sun Sep 11 2005
  - disable IDN per default (#116070)
  - unlocalize bookmarks (#114279)
* Thu Sep 08 2005
  - fixed some filemodes (#114849)
* Sat Sep 03 2005
  - fixed gconf-backend patch to be able to use
    system prefs (#114054)
* Thu Sep 01 2005
  - changed default font to sans-serif (#114464)
  - removed de-de parts of the bookmark-links (#114279)
* Mon Aug 22 2005
  - install gconf schema for lockdown also on non-NLD
  - added backports (firefox-backports.patch)
    * gtk_im_context_set_cursor_location() is not used (bmo #281339)
    * fixed crash in imgCacheValidator::OnStartRequest()
      (bmo #293307)
  - workaround for linking with pangoxft and pangox
    (broken by gtk 2.8 update) (#105764)
  - remove extensions on deinstallation
  - include dragonegg (kparts) plugin (#105468)
* Thu Aug 18 2005
  - fixed regression in profile locking change (bmo #303633)
  - added rtsp handler to global config (#104434)
  - don't blacklist help: protocol (bmo #304833)
  - fixed Gdk-WARNING at startup (gtk.patch)
  - fixed crash with gtk 2.7 (bmo #300226, bnc #104586)
  - fixed installation of the beagle plugin
  - update industrial theme to 1.0.11 (#104564)
  - included lockdownV2 (removed obsolete gconf.diff)
  - linked firefox-bin with rpath to progdir
* Fri Aug 05 2005
  - fixed profile locking (bmo #151188)
  - install beagle extension globally
* Fri Jul 29 2005
  - don't require and provide NSS libs (#98002)
  - fixed printing error 'You cannot print while in print preview'
    (#96991, bmo #302445)
* Wed Jul 27 2005
  - fixed Firefox on ppc (stack-direction.patch) (#97359)
  - removed open-pref from startscript as it is done
    automatically now (#73042)
  - updated Novell searchplugins
* Mon Jul 25 2005
  - GTK filechooser is now modal (#8533)
  - backed out patch to add tooltips to print-preview
    because it breaks localization
* Fri Jul 22 2005
  - fixed another problem in printing patch
* Tue Jul 19 2005
  - fixed error in ft-xft-ps2.patch
  - disabled stripping in spec instead of patch
  - added NSPR to PreReq
* Mon Jul 18 2005
  - fixed some more regressions with final 1.0.6
  - fixed width calculation in Postscript module (bmo #290292)
  - fixed plugin event starvation (bnc #94749, #94751, bmo #301161)
* Fri Jul 15 2005
  - searchplugins can now be installed per profile (#8176)
* Fri Jul 15 2005
  - update to 1.0.6 which restores API compatibility
* Tue Jul 12 2005
  - update to 1.0.5 final (#88509)
  - don't strip explicitely
  - don't ship beagle.xpi
* Wed Jul 06 2005
  - update to 1.0.5-pre (20050705)
  - use RPM_OPT_FLAGS for NSS component
  - fixed implicit declarations and uninitialized used variables
  - added patch for bmo #87969
* Tue Jul 05 2005
  - fixed regression from security update (#95069, bmo #298478)
* Mon Jun 27 2005
  - don't use system-prefs by default on NLD
  - removed basic lockdown stuff for SUSE Linux
    (it's not needed and caused problems: bnc #75418)
  - fixed NLD lockdown patch (bnc #75418)
  - don't write prefs back to gconf for now
* Wed Jun 22 2005
  - new NLD lockdown patch which is syncing user prefs to gconf
  - update to 1.0.5pre security-release
* Thu Jun 09 2005
  - new revision of NLD lockdown patch
  - fixed remote usage behaviour in start script (bnc #41903)
  - got more bugfixes from the branch
* Thu Jun 02 2005
  - fixed neededforbuild
* Wed Jun 01 2005
  - fixed IDN for 64bit platforms (bmo #236425, bnc #46268)
* Fri May 20 2005
  - fixed keybinding for KP separator (bnc #84147)
  - pulled security related patch from upstream branch
  - update plastikfox theme to version 1.6
* Thu May 12 2005
  - update to final 1.0.4 release
* Tue May 10 2005
  - update to 1.0.4 security release
  - removed s390(x) patches (upstream)
  - made two more files %verify (81692)
  - updated NLD lockdown patch (81304)
* Thu Apr 28 2005
  - use static NSPR libs from new location
* Sat Apr 23 2005
  - activate usage of system NSPR for distributions after 9.3
  - add patch to be able to use systen NSPR at all
* Fri Apr 22 2005
  - use mozilla-gcc4.patch
* Thu Apr 21 2005
  - don't execute gconf magic within build environment
* Sat Apr 16 2005
  - update to final 1.0.3 release
* Thu Apr 14 2005
  - fix problem in postinstall script
* Thu Apr 14 2005
  - included fixed lockdown patch for NLD
  - linked proxies within Firefox with gnome settings (NLD)
  - added gconfd restart procedure to install script
    (only needed if gconf changes are done) (#76852)
* Sat Apr 02 2005
  - update to security pre-release 1.0.3 (#75692)
    * Manual plug-in install, javascript vulnerability (bmo #288556)
    * Access memory vulnerability (bmo #288688)
* Fri Apr 01 2005
  - added advanced lockdown features for ZLM integration (NLD-only)
* Tue Mar 22 2005
  - update to final 1.0.2
  - use new theme handling on NLD
  - added default-plugin-less-annoying from mozilla
  - use GTK2 for Flash
  - use system NSPR on SUSE releases after 9.3
  - made startscript PIS aware
  - set g-application-name correctly (bmo #281979)
  - added man-page
  - use GTK system colors
  - modify useragent string and add vendor id
  - activate smooth-scrolling by default (#74310)
* Tue Mar 22 2005
  - don't register beagle automatically (#74062)
  - added default bookmarks for SUSE LINUX
* Mon Mar 21 2005
  - Fixed a typo in the shell code that handles inclusion of the
    Acrobat Reader plugin (#70861).
* Thu Mar 17 2005
  - updates from upcoming 1.0.2
  - added again logic to use Adobe Reader 7 (#70861)
  - fixed crash in ICO decoding (#67142, bmo #245631)
  - preinstall beagle extension (#72920)
  - bugfixes in trigger scripts
  - fixed industrial theming for Gnome (#72918)
* Sat Mar 12 2005
  - fixed more security related bugs
    (bmo #284551, #284627, #285595)
* Wed Mar 09 2005
  - update also GNOME desktop file (#71810)
  - added firefox-gnome.png to filelist
  - use correct Firefox icon
* Mon Mar 07 2005
  - disable inclusion of acrobat plugin again (#70861)
  - don't use gconfd in registration phase (#66381)
* Mon Mar 07 2005
  - use standard icon again for the default desktop file and
    add a Gnome-only desktop file for the Gnome icon
  - add plastikfox chrome theme to fix button order within KDE
  - add patch for automatic theme selection for KDE and Gnome
  - do register extensions in instead of %install,
    to fix needed timestamps
* Fri Mar 04 2005
  - extend add-plugins to recognize Java 1.5 (#66909)
  - changed comment in desktop-file (#66867)
* Tue Feb 22 2005
  - make --display parameter working in all cases (bnc #66043)
  - revised postscript patch
  - final 1.0.1 codebase
* Mon Feb 21 2005
  - added patch to create Postscript level 2 (instead of 3)
    (special thanks to Jungshik Shin)
  - disabled freetype explicitly to be able to use the above patch
    (freetype wasn't used anymore since some time anyway)
* Fri Feb 18 2005
  - got more patches from branch to get another IDN fix and to
    fix bug #51019
  - enabled IDN again
* Wed Feb 16 2005
  - bumped version number to 1.0.1
* Tue Feb 15 2005
  - got updates from 1.0.1 branch
* Thu Feb 10 2005
  - additional fireflashing fix (#50635, bmo #280664)
  - some more security related fixes
    (bmo #268483, #273498, #277322)
  - fire up GTK2 filepicker if GNOME is running
* Tue Feb 08 2005
  - some prefs are ignored (bmo #261934)
  - disabled default IDN (#50566)
  - fixed some more bugs:
    [#276482], #280056, #280603
* Sun Feb 06 2005
  - use same desktop categories for Professional and NLD
  - added some lockdown stuff for printing and page saving
    (bmo #280488)
* Wed Feb 02 2005
  - modified gconf.diff to honor ignore_hosts (bmo #280742)
  - added a JS crasher fix (bmo #268535)
  - added more fixes (bmo #255441, #273024, #275405, #275634)
* Fri Jan 28 2005
  - added gplflash inclusion
  - improved JRE inclusion
  - reactivated usage of Acrobat Reader plugin
    (ready for acroread 7)
* Sat Jan 22 2005
  - added some backported bugfixes
* Sat Dec 18 2004
  - updated industrial theme to 1.0.9
  - use slightly changed icon for menu-entry (bnc #275)
  - use original desktop file for NLD again
* Thu Dec 16 2004
  - newer patch for GNOME associations (bnc #362)
  - fix overwriting of files with GTK picker (Ximian #65068)
  - readded the industrial default theme patch for NLD
* Wed Dec 15 2004
  - activate GTK filepicker for NLD again
  - fix for GNOME helper applications with parameters
  - make GNOME associations the default on NLD
* Sat Dec 04 2004
  - fixed build on s390/s390x
  - added patch to be able to install-global without running X
    (bmo #265859)
* Thu Nov 18 2004
  - update industrial theme to 1.0.8 (still not activated)
  - added patch to make home-directory the default download dir
    (on NLD is still used Desktop)
* Thu Nov 11 2004
  - made initial window height smaller again
* Tue Nov 09 2004
  - update to final 1.0 release (20041109)
* Thu Nov 04 2004
  - update to 1.0rc2
* Sat Oct 30 2004
  - added missing s390(x) patch
* Wed Oct 27 2004
  - update to 1.0rc1 codebase
  - printing via XFT/fontconfig
  - freetype changes to avoid API conflicts with newer freetype2
  - fixed build for s390/s390x
  - removed AMD64 patch (included upstream)
  - added translations sub-package
  - removed "Show folder" patch for NLD (resolved upstream)
  - don't use gnome-filepicker patch for NLD for now
  - removed hppa buildfix (included upstream)
  - removed untitled.patch (bmo #24068) resolved by (bmo #262478)
  - use make -C browser/installer now to prepare installation
  - don't check for default browser at startup (#47587)
  - updated industrial.jar (0.99.13) (disabled)
* Fri Oct 15 2004
  - inherit locale from system
  - fixed chrome registration
* Wed Oct 06 2004
  - disable gconf settings as default (Ximian #67718)
* Wed Oct 06 2004
  - fixed inclusion of RealPlayer plugin again
* Tue Oct 05 2004
  - small important fix in firefox-download.patch (Ximian #65472)
* Sat Oct 02 2004
  - added security-fix from 0.10.1 ( #259708) (#46687)
* Fri Oct 01 2004
  - final fix for downloading to Desktop folder (Ximian #65756)
  - remove Postscript from printer names (Ximian #65560)
* Thu Sep 30 2004
  - Modified the MozillaFirefox.desktop file.
    Changed the name 'Firefox' to 'Firefox Web Browser'.
    Also changed it for all languages.
* Wed Sep 29 2004
  - fix inclusion of RealPlayer plugin (Ximian #65711)
* Mon Sep 27 2004
  - Update the industrial default patch, for some reason it didn't
    take before.
* Fri Sep 24 2004
  - fix for Ximian #65176 ( #240068)
  - revised patch for update function (Ximian #65615)
* Thu Sep 23 2004
  - Uncomment the patch which tells the UI that industrial is the
* Thu Sep 23 2004
  - open Nautilus on NLD for 'Show folder' in download settings
    (Ximian #65472) by
  - save to Desktop folder if selected (Ximian #65756)
* Wed Sep 22 2004
  - synced NLD package with 9.2 version
  - GTK2 filepicker does now ask for confirmation when overwriting
    files (Ximian #65068) by
  - no direct update function (Ximian #65615) by
  - throbber linked to Novell (Ximian #66283) by
  - make industrial the default theme for NLD
    (Ximian #65542) by
* Mon Sep 20 2004
  - Add default bookmarks.  Ximian #65546.
  - Add the industrial theme, but it's not the default yet.
  - Remove acroread from add-plugins because it's badly behaved.
    Ximian #65499.
* Mon Sep 20 2004
  - Added MozillaFirefox-toplevel-window-height.diff for
* Sun Sep 19 2004
  - use GNOME system prefs only for NLD by default
    (fixes bug #45575)
* Fri Sep 17 2004
  - Update GConf patch so that proxy settings work
    correctly (Ximian #64461)
  - don't search Java on every path (Ximian #65383)
  - added some missing fixes for official release
  - added new java package name for triggers (#45257)
* Sat Sep 11 2004
  - update to official 1.0PR (0.10)
  - adopted gnome-filepicker patch
  - removed obsolete CUPS hack from start-script
    (Ximian #65635, #65560)
* Thu Sep 09 2004
  - fixed endianess on AMD64 in JS component (#34743)
* Mon Sep 06 2004
  - fixed filelist
* Mon Sep 06 2004
  - update to 1.0PR (aka 0.10)
* Fri Sep 03 2004
  - added ppc64 patch
* Thu Sep 02 2004
  - Fixed up the .desktop installation on nld
* Wed Sep 01 2004
  - Doesn't ask to set Firefox as default web-browser.
* Tue Aug 31 2004
  - next new version for filepicker stuff
  - deactivated native filepicker for NLD
  - update to snapshot (20040831)
* Tue Aug 24 2004
  - new version of gnome-filepicker patch
  - added patch for config
* Fri Aug 20 2004
  - update to snapshot (20040820)
* Thu Aug 19 2004
  - added workaround for mozilla bug #246313
    (Firefox does not start: getting "cannot open display" error)
* Wed Aug 18 2004
  - added some patches from Ximian
    - use GNOME filepicker
    - use more gconf settings
    - set startup homepage to Novell
* Tue Aug 17 2004
  - update to pre-1.0.0 (20040817)
* Thu Aug 05 2004
  - security update to 0.9.3
    (including #43312 and others)
  - handle RealPlayer 9 plugin
* Mon Aug 02 2004
  - recode desktop file to utf-8
* Wed Jul 28 2004
  - added fix against certificate spoofing (#43312)
* Fri Jul 23 2004
  - update to 0.9.2
  - added workaround for extension registry
  - removed old (incompatible) mozex extension
* Tue Jun 29 2004
  - update to 0.9.1
  - added hint to run as root first
* Tue Jun 15 2004
  - update to 0.9
  - added patch for newer freetype
* Fri Apr 02 2004
  - removing relocation of TEMP directory (#34391)
* Mon Mar 29 2004
  - update to 0.8.0+ (20040503)
  - removed firefox logos and activate official branding for
    milestone builds
  - changed profile-dir to .firefox
  - added some needed files
  - enabled gnomevfs extension
* Fri Mar 26 2004
  - fixed hang during build on s390* (bug #35440)
* Wed Mar 03 2004
  - removed unused patches for GTK2 build
  - more fixes for (#35179)
* Mon Mar 01 2004
  - improved start-script to interact with thunderbird (#35179)
* Thu Feb 26 2004
  - use official releasedate
  - added official (trademarked) artwork
  - added firefox icon to /usr/share/pixmaps
  - cleaned up spec-file (there will be no GTK1 version)
* Tue Feb 24 2004
  - fixed optimization for non-x86 archs
* Tue Feb 24 2004
  - adopted file-list and build options to original distribution
  - added prdtoa fix (#32963)
  - added hook for static firefox build to
  - added compiler flags for security/ (nss-opt.patch)
  - included mozex (
  - added -Os as optimization flag
* Mon Feb 09 2004
  - renamed to MozillaFirefox
  - update to final version 0.8
* Fri Feb 06 2004
  - update to Firebird 0.8 (20040205)
  - added mips build fix
  - set PS printer list in
  - use lib64 again for biarch platforms
* Sat Jan 10 2004
  - build as user
* Fri Aug 22 2003
  - upstream sync for 0.6.1post
* Sun Aug 10 2003
  - removed dmoz from searchplugins-filelist
* Fri Aug 08 2003
  - update to 0.6.1post (TRUNK)
  - use -fno-strict-aliasing
* Thu Jul 31 2003
  - update to 0.6.1 (MOZILLA_1_4_BRANCH)
  - synchronized with mozilla-source
  - created file-list
* Thu Jul 10 2003
  - update to snapshot 20030709
  - fixed generation of symlink MozillaFirebird-xremote-client
* Fri Jun 20 2003
  - update to snapshot 20030622 (0.7pre)
* Mon May 19 2003
  - update to snapshot 20030518 (0.6)
* Wed May 07 2003
  - update to snapshot 20030507
* Wed Apr 30 2003
  - initial SuSE package



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