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osc-0.168.2-1.1 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for noarch

Name: osc Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 0.168.2 Vendor: obs://
Release: 1.1 Build date: Fri Mar 13 21:58:20 2020
Group: Development/Tools/Other Build host: s390p25
Size: 1888739 Source RPM: osc-0.168.2-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Open Build Service Commander
Commandline client for the Open Build Service.

See , as well as for a general






* Fri Mar 13 2020 Marco Strigl <>
  - 0.168.2
    * use helper method _html_escape to enable python3.8 and python2.*
      compatibility (boo#1166537)
* Wed Mar 11 2020 Ondřej Súkup <>
  - Fix support for python38, osc#763
* Mon Mar 09 2020 Tomáš Chvátal <>
  - Spec: temporary disable tests as they explode under python 3.8
    * Needs to compare xml using testtools.matchers.MatchesStructure
* Thu Mar 05 2020 Marco Strigl <>
  - Spec:
    * fix destination of fish completion file to /usr/share/fish/vendor_completions.d
* Wed Mar 04 2020 Marco Strigl <>
  - 0.168.0
    * MR creation honors orev now (bsc#1160446)
    * allow "osc r --vertical" for projects
    * several typo fixes
    * cleanup old functions and remove python2.6 compat code
    * support zstd arch linux files in local build
    * fix deleterequest for repositories
    * append --norootforbuild as default to build command
    * fix decoding in interactive request mode
    * use signdummy for product builds
    * print release project when creating MR
    * improve SSLError message for TLSv1 validation
    * osc maintained --version prints the version of each maintained package
    * print web url links after creating requests (New general bool option 'print_web_links' must be set in oscrc)
    * fix checkout_no_colon on project level
    * handle empty release number of rpm packages in
    * handle bytes vs. str error when parsing meta
    * custom exception if importing m2crypto fails
    * fix missing oscerr import in util.helper
    * several fixes for keyring handling
    * fix arch zst magic in util.packagequery
* Fri Feb 28 2020 Frederic Crozat <>
  - Ship fish completion file.
* Tue Feb 11 2020 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Spec:
    * Recommend python3-keyring when using python3
* Tue Jan 07 2020 Marco Strigl <>
  - 0.167.2
    * fix regression in osc chroot
    * fix broken importsrcpkg
* Tue Dec 10 2019 Marco Strigl <>
  - 0.167.1
    - fix cpio fetch error handling
    - support local build using RedHat rpm-md modules
    - fix local build outside of the working copy of a package.
      (fixes boo#1136584)
    - Use the distro module for linux platform detection for
      python3.8 compatibility
* Thu Dec 05 2019 Marco Strigl <>
  - 0.167.0
    * Added --lastsucceeded option for logfile display (requires OBS 2.11)
    * osc shell/chroot/wipe is now handled via build script (working for chroot and KVM only atm)
    * osc build/shell features:
    - --vm-type=qemu support for cross architecture builds
    - additional debug packages are read from build config now
      (extra-pkgs definition is therefore by default empty now)
    - --vm-disk-size=  switch supported (has only an effect on clean builds)
    - repository, architecture and vm_type from last build is automatically
      reused if not specified otherwise.
    - support building for kiwi products using obsrepositories:/
    - support local building using RedHat rpm-md modules
    * fix decoding for osc aggregatepac
  - added Conflicts: build < 20191205. The new osc shell/chroot features might
    not work with older build scripts
  - removed version dpendency for Recommends: build. Does not work anyway.
  - added 0%{?centos_version} >= 800 to some %if statemets to enable build of
    python3 version on CentOS 8 and higer
* Wed Nov 13 2019 Marco Strigl <>
  - 0.166.2
    * Don't enforce password reuse (boo#1156501)
    * Config option check_for_requests_on_action is now
      activated by default.
      Use check_for_request_on_action = 0 in oscrc to
      disable it
    * osc vc --file=foo bar.changes now writes the content
      from foo into bar.changes instead of creating a new file
    * fix output for missing pubkey when using http_debug=1 on
      osc build
    * fix crash of osc linkpac when there is already a _link
* Tue Oct 29 2019 Marco Strigl <>
  - 0.166.1
    * emergency fix for credentials handling:
    - in case of an old passx entry in oscrc
      osc did not work at all. Now we check in
      the compat code if we have an passx entry.
* Thu Oct 24 2019 Marco Strigl <>
  - 0.166.0 (boo#1154972)
    * New password handling backend. Supported password stores:
    - Plaintext password
    - Obfuscated password
    - python-keyring (kwallet, secret store)
    - gnome-keyring
    - no store at all (ask for the password every time
    * Refactor initial setup of osc (to select password store)
    * fix decoding on osc lbl (boo#1137477)
    * fix breakage of submitting complete branches back as an
      submit request that contain packages without a change.
    * fix error with plugins and osc -h
    * various decoding improvements
    * Transfer the name of the input file to vc instead of the content
      (obs-build/vc will do the rest and open the file).
    * support appimage builds
    * new command browse. (opens a browser opening the project or package)
    * new option --incoming for osc rq and osc review to only show only
      incoming reqeusts for a project.
  - new Recommends for xdg-utils. osc-browse uses xdg-open to open
    the url to the project/package in an internet browser
* Mon Aug 05 2019 Marco Strigl <>
  - 0.165.4 (boo#1144211)
    * allow optional fork when creating a maintenance request
    * fix RPMError fallback
    * fix local caching for all package formats
    * fix appname for trusted cert store
    * osc -h does not break anymore when using plugins
* Wed Jul 24 2019 Marco Strigl <>
  - 0.165.3 (boo#1142662)
    * switch to difflib.diff_bytes and sys.stdout.buffer.write for diffing.
      This will fix all decoding issues with osc diff, osc ci and osc rq -d
    * fix osc ls -lb handling empty size and mtime
    * removed decoding on osc api command.
    * fixed broken TLS certificate handling (boo#1142518, CVE-2019-3685)
* Mon Jul 08 2019 Marco Strigl <>
  - 0.165.2 (boo#1140697)
    * support different token operations (runservice, release and rebuild) (requires OBS 2.10)
    * fix osc token decode error
    * offline build mode is now really offline and does not try to download the buildconfig
    * osc build -define now works with python3
    * some spelling fixes
    * properly parse the error message on osc meta -e
    * osc maintainer -s now works with python3
    * simplified and fixed osc meta -e (boo#1138977)
    * osc lbl now works with non utf8 encoding (boo#1129889)
    * add simpleimage as local build type
* Tue May 21 2019 Marco Strigl <>
  - Spec:
    * add Provides: %{use_python}-osc so that other packages
      can require the correct version (either python2-osc or
* Mon May 20 2019 Marco Strigl <>
  - 0.165.1 (boo#1138165)
    * fix oscssl "urldefrag is not defined error"
    * osc release command now python3 compatible
    * add more decode logic in get_commitlog
    * osc add <dir> in compressed mode now works with python3
    * osc getbinaries now prints the output instead of
      using the quiet mode as a default
* Wed Apr 24 2019 Marco Strigl <>
  - osc-0.165.0.tar.gz now contains the correct version (tag 0.165.0)
* Wed Apr 24 2019 Marco Strigl <>
  - simplify "BuildArch:" decission if statements. (Avoid double
    BuildArch lines)
  - Fedora29: m2crypto for python3 is named python3-m2crypto now
* Thu Apr 18 2019 Marco Strigl <>
  - 0.165.0
    * full python3 compatibility (bsc#1125243)
      fixes bsc#1131512, bsc#1129889, bsc#1129757
    * removed following patches (now upstream):
  - spec file modifications:
    * noarch only on non-SUSE distros and newer SUSE Versions > 11
    * disable testsuite on older SUSE Versions (unittest module too old)
* Tue Apr 09 2019 Marco Strigl <>
  - moved Recommends for diffstat to suse specific section.
* Tue Apr 09 2019 Marco Strigl <>
  - added Buildrequires and Requires for python-chardet
    * needed for determining the encoding of objects (Requires)
    * needed also for testing in %check section (BuildRequires)
* Sun Apr 07 2019 Marco Strigl <>
  - activate tests for osc
  - add Buildrequires and Recommends for diffstat
      osc prdiff --diffstat needs it
      The testsuite needs it (Therefore the BuildRequires
* Tue Mar 05 2019
  - modified patch 008_commandline.patch
    * fix broken sorted call on osc my sr when sorting
      the submit requests by reqid. (gh#519)
  - modified patch 007_core.patch
    * fix slowdown of rbl with readline(bufsize) function.
* Wed Feb 20 2019
  - fix for bsc#1126055 (osc build -p <dir> fails with TypeError):
    * add 011_repodata.patch
    * add 012_packagequery.patch
    * modified 006_build.patch, 010_fix-decoding_in_canonname.patch
  - fix for bsc#1126058 (osc buildinfo -p <dir> fails with TypeError):
    * modified 008_commandline.patch
* Thu Feb 14 2019
  - add 010_fix-decoding_in_canonname.patch
    RpmQuery.canonname returns broken filename due to missing
* Wed Feb 13 2019
  - osc is now noarch for all
  - fixed %license
* Tue Feb 12 2019
  - use %bcond_with(out) python3 to simplify spec file
  - add and apply patches only in python3 case
  - replace shebang in depending on python version
* Tue Feb 12 2019
  - rewrite 009_fetch.patch
      some versions of python do not support rb'some_text'
  - overwrite python_sitelib on Tumbleweed and SLE >= 15
  - swich to python3-rpm on Tumbleweed and SLE >= 15. Otherwise
    python2 will be installed
* Tue Feb 12 2019
  - use python3 on Tumbleweed and SLE >= 15
* Tue Feb 12 2019
  - cpio download of needed packages during build is not
    possible, because has now a bytes only api and
    the decoding needs to be done in the fetch module instead.
      added: 009_fetch.patch
* Tue Feb 12 2019
  - added patches to support python3 until the PR are merged
    upstream (bsc#1125243):
    - 001_helper.patch
    - 002_man_page_building.patch
    - 003_setup.patch
    - 004_babysitter.patch
    - 005_oscssl.patch
    - 006_build.patch
    - 007_core.patch
    - 008_commandline.patch
* Tue Feb 12 2019
  - 0.164.2
    - deleterequest for entire projects needs the --all option as additional protection
    - rewrite packagequery to support python3
    - rewrite oscerr module to support python3
    - rewrite archqeury and debquery to support python3
    - Export vc env vars when running a source service
* Wed Jan 16 2019
  - 0.164.1
    - rewrite cpio handling to support python3
    - rewrite ar module to support python3
    - enable fetch module to support python3
    - rework progressbar hanlding (if module is not present)
    - improve os_path_samefile in
* Wed Jan 09 2019
  - 0.164.0
    - add support for approved requests (requires OBS 2.10)
    - fix various multibuild problems
    - improved and fixed various help texts
    - check constraints without local checkout
    - check out deleted sources (osc co -D)
    - replace urlgrabber module with own module
    - use progressbar module instead of urlgrabber to draw
      progress bars
    - show buildinfo for alternative projects (--alternative-project)
    - run release job immediately (osc release --no-delay)
    - build results on project level can now be watched (osc prjresults --watch)
  - removed python-urlgrabber requieres. (Not used with 0.164.0)
  - added recommends for python[2]-progressbar
* Mon Aug 20 2018 Adrian Schröter <>
  - 0.163.0
    * add sendsysrq command (requires OBS 2.10)
    * add addcontainers command (requires OBS 2.10)
    * enable statistics for local builds
    * add new options to diff command:
    - -unexpand for local diffs only (bsc#1089025)
    - -meta for diffing meta files
    * add support for podman/buildag engine (docker variation)
    * support realname in .changes files
    * fix DISTURL checkout for package containers using a multibuild flavor
    * Disable ssl session resumption
* Fri Jun 29 2018
  - add Requires: python2 for Tumbleweed.
    Otherwise just python-base is installed which does not contain
  - removed duplicate entry in appimage.yml to prevent double builds



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