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OpenIPMI-devel-2.0.25-lp151.1.2 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.1 for ppc64le

Name: OpenIPMI-devel Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.1
Version: 2.0.25 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp151.1.2 Build date: Mon Dec 17 18:47:52 2018
Group: Development/Libraries/C and C++ Build host: obs-power8-07
Size: 690886 Source RPM: OpenIPMI-2.0.25-lp151.1.2.src.rpm
Summary: OpenIPMI - Development libraries
These libraries are needed to get full access to the OpenIPMI






* Tue Sep 11 2018 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Use noun phrase in summary. Ensure neutrality of description.
  - Update unspecific summaries of subpackages.
  - Drop --with-pic which is only relevant for static libs.
  - Speedier /usr/bin/find call.
* Fri Sep 07 2018
  - Update to latest version 2.0.25 plus latest fixes (fate#326195):
  - A    OpenIPMI-2.0.25..HEAD_git.diff
    Patch to latest git commit:
    commit 4ac55d7dc7016c9e5f0c474f69f4e64e7aacac42
    Date:   Wed Jul 18 13:59:29 2018 -0500
      unix: Add a way to clear fd handlers with no callbacks
    I had to manually edit git diff v2.0.25.. and remove .gitignore deletion
    to patch succesfully. Build service wants to have the original
    .tar.gz tarball from sourceforge.
    I also had to add the bootstrap file which seem to exist in git sources
    but not in the exported tarball, even it is not listed in .gitignore:
    A bootstrap
  - Adjusted patches:
    M    0003-Apply-OpenIPMI-2.0.21-nobundle.patch.patch
    M    fix-conversions.patch
    M    OpenIPMI-prefer_perl_vendor.patch
    M    openipmi-tinfo.patch
  - Fix build service error (use /usr/bin/python3 in shebang instead of env
    A    use_python3_shebang
  - Build documentation (IPMI.pdf) ourselves as IPMI.pdf vanished from sources
    For this quite some build requires had to be added as well
    A    fix_dia_version_detection.patch
* Wed Jul 25 2018
  - Replace usage of deprecated py_sitedir macro with
* Fri Jan 19 2018
  - * added a section defining IPMI_SI_MODULE_NAME to sysconfig.ipmi
    * added code to OpenIPMI.spec/%install to modify sysconfig.ipmi
      according to architecture
    * modified openipmi-helper to load "sysconfig.ipmi" AFTER setting
      default IPMI_SI_MODULE_NAME=ipmi_si
    [bsc#1059820, OpenIPMI.spec, openipmi-helper, sysconfig.ipmi]
* Thu Nov 23 2017
  - Replace references to /var/adm/fillup-templates with new
    %_fillupdir macro (boo#1069468)
* Mon Sep 25 2017
  - Upgrade to 2.0.24
    * Mainly code cleanup and small rewrites.
    * Variable renaming IPMI_... to OPENIPMI_...
    * Improved internal error handling
    * IPv6 support added/completed.
    [fate#322830, OpenIMPI-add-libncurses.patch,
* Tue Jun 27 2017
  - Version update to lates trelease 2.0.23:
    * There is no longer actively updated changelog
    * Various bugfixes since last git pull from 2016-02-26
  - Drop OpenIPMI-libtool.patch which was merged upstream
  - Drop OpenIPMI_2.0.21_to_HEAD.patch patch as it is no longer
  - Add patch openipmi-tinfo.patch to detect tinfo properly
  - Add patch to fix OpenIPMIpthread pc file (from Fedora)
  - Add patch to not bundle libedit (from Fedora)
* Wed Sep 14 2016
  - Update spec file to properly install sysconfig.ipmi (bsc#989985, bsc#988443)
* Tue Mar 08 2016
  - Remove one occurence of perl_requires: once is sufficient.
* Mon Mar 07 2016
  - Fix perl requires by using the pre-defined macro (bsc#969576)
* Fri Feb 26 2016
  - Update to latest git commit:
    Add: OpenIPMI_2.0.21_to_HEAD.patch
    Removed modifications for:
    - lanserv/ipmi_sim_chassiscontrol
    - lanserv/marvell-bmc/TODO
    due to git repo inconsistencies
  - Some spec file cleanups obs complained about
    - > also spec-cleaner run through
* Sat Feb 07 2015
  - Do not try to register/deregister in post/postun
    of the devel package: we do not install such a file.
* Sat Dec 27 2014 Led <>
  - fix bashisms in openipmi-helper script
* Wed Nov 19 2014
  - Replace systemd BuildRequires with pkgconfig(systemd): we do not
    require the full installation / dep chain of systemd.
* Sat Oct 25 2014
  - Use systemd instead of sysvinit
    + Add ipmi.service
    + Add openipmi-helper to keep capabilities of sysvinit script
    + Add systemd related macros
  - Remove obsolete/depreciated macros
* Thu Jul 10 2014
  - Split OpenIPMI into base package and OpenIPMI-python
    OpenIPMI-python gets OpenIPMI python library and openipmigui which is
    a python based gui.
    Like above the OpenIPMI base package does not need python-tk and tix
    packages any more.
* Thu Feb 13 2014
  - Update to 2.0.21
    Bugfix release
    - marvell: Add a command to directly set the duty cycle of the fans.
    - The IANA numbers are supposed to be in bytes 2-4 off responses to
      IANA commands, but they were not being put there.  Fix this in the
      main IANA handling to do this automatically, and modify the
      command handling to strip the IANA from the command and add it to
      a message field.  This makes handling of IANA commands more
      natural and allows standard message response generation to work.
    - Drop upstreamed patches:
      tcl-includes-moved.patch, new-names-for-new-variables,
      OpenIPMI-popt.patch, OpenIPMI-2.0.16-larger-ipmibuf.patch,
      do-fclose.patch, bug-854693_segv_sol.patch
* Thu Jan 09 2014
  - Cleanup patches:
    Drop: fix-devel-deps.patch
    Add changelog to most of the patches and submitted them mainline.
    Add: bug-854693_segv_sol.patch
* Fri Oct 04 2013
  - Fix SLE 11 build
* Thu Nov 15 2012
  - Update to 2.0.20-rc1
    * Rename lanserv_emu to ipmi_sim, and modify ipmi_sim to use
      the OS handler.
    * lanserv, man: Did a massive restructure of lanserv and the
      IPMI simulator for supporting a VM interface.
    * Many bugs fixed
  - Suffix all patches with .patch
* Wed Sep 12 2012
  - use %perl_requires
* Wed Sep 05 2012
  - fix bnc#714634
* Tue Nov 15 2011
  - add libtool as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency
* Sun Oct 23 2011
  - fix mtime on python .pyc files
  - remove python .pyo files (they're useless)
  - add reload to init script, which fails with exit code 3 as it is not
  - update to 2.0.19 (cumulated):
    * ipmi.init - Initscripts should be idempotent, meaning you can safely call
      "start" multiple times in a row and receive a success each time if the
      service is running. This requirement is mentioned in the LSB Spec, version
      3.1, section 20.2.
    * lib/sensor.c: Change the "share count" checking to check if share count is
      > 1, not > 0, because some silly machines set the value to one when they
      should set it to zero, and one is a silly setting
    * add a cache option
* Sun Jan 16 2011
  - Buildrequire python-xml instead of dropped pyxml.
* Thu Mar 11 2010
  - compile and dependency fixes
  - use a large buffer for SoL (bnc#587029)
* Sun Nov 22 2009
  - use py_sitedir macro in filelist
* Fri Nov 20 2009
  - update to version 2.0.16, per FATE#307244
* Sun Aug 09 2009
  - use new python macros
* Mon Mar 02 2009
  - save 3MB by removing static libraries and "la" files



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