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wesnoth-1.12.6-lp151.2.3 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.1 for aarch64

Name: wesnoth Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.1
Version: 1.12.6 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp151.2.3 Build date: Mon Apr 22 08:54:51 2019
Group: Amusements/Games/Strategy/Turn Based Build host: obs-arm-3
Size: 20287158 Source RPM: wesnoth-1.12.6-lp151.2.3.src.rpm
Summary: Fantasy Turn-Based Strategy Game
Battle for Wesnoth is a fantasy turn-based strategy game. Battle for
control of villages, using variety of units which have advantages and
disadvantages in different types of terrains and against different
types of attacks. Units gain experience and advance levels, and are
carried over from one scenario to the next campaign.




GPL-2.0+ and EPL-1.0


* Tue Aug 08 2017
  - Add patch link-boost.patch that adds missing boost-system linkage.
  - Use cmake macro
  - Removed duplicated filesystem structure from fs subpackage.
  - spec file cleanup.
* Thu Feb 02 2017
  - use individual libboost-*-devel packages instead of boost-devel
* Thu Apr 16 2015
  Upgraded to 1.12.2:
    * Security fixes:
    * Fixed arbitrary file read by WML/Lua API (CVE-2015-0844, bug #23440).
    * Campaigns:
    * Use the new bigmaps for A Tale of Two Brothers, Delfadors Memoirs, The
      Hammer of Thursagan, Northern Rebirth and the epilogue of Legend of
    * Language and i18n:
    * Updated translations: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional),
      Galician, German, Polish, Scottish Gaelic, Spanish.
    * Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
    * Fix OOS when undoing after deactivating delayed shroud updates.
    * Eliminate local carryover info retained by clients when transitioning in MP
      campaigns, which seems to cause OOS and wrong carryover gold (bug #22936).
* Tue Jan 27 2015
  - Upgraded to 1.12.1:
    * Campaigns:
    * Heir to the Throne:
    * Tweaked and expanded music playlists for all scenarios.
    * Hide unit variations that should not be listed in the help browser.
    * Liberty:
    * Fixed possibility of no viable routes around guards in 'Hide and Seek'.
    * The Rise of Wesnoth:
    * Hide unit variations that should not be listed in the help browser.
    * Under the Burning Suns:
    * Hide unit variations that should not be listed in the help browser.
    * Help browser:
    * Unit types that do not include any visible (hide_help=no) variations no
      longer generate topic sections.
    * Language and i18n:
    * Updated translations: French, Portuguese, Russian, Scottish Gaelic, Slovak,
    * Multiplayer:
    * Fixed the Set Password option during game creation not having an effect
      due to a misplaced WML attribute in the client's command for the server
      (bug #23015).
    * Units:
    * Assigned capitalized translatable names to Walking Corpse and Soulless
      variations (bug #22902).
    * Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
    * Fixed hotkeys for changing tips in titlescreen.
    * Disallowed toggling Delayed Shroud Updates when not the player's turn as
      it causes OOS.
* Wed Jan 07 2015
  - Update to version 1.12
  - Fixe compile/linking error with boost libraries
* Sun Nov 24 2013
  - Fix segfault during start
  - Update to version 1.10.7:
    * Add-ons server:
    * Restricted names (not titles) for newly uploaded add-ons to ASCII hyphens,
      underlines, and alphanumerical characters. Previously uploaded add-ons
      are exempt from this change.
    * Graphics:
    * New portraits for HttT
    * Language and i18n:
    * Updated translations: Chinese (Traditional), French, Galician, Indonesian,
      Japanese, Old English, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian,
      Scottish Gaelic, Vietnamese
    * Networking:
    * Handle an exception in the SDL_net-based network code (bug #20205)
    * User interface:
    * Fixed (bug #17220): Cursor in gui2 text box now behaves appropriately after
      text box overflow occurs.
    * Fix viewport centering issues with actions such as the Next Unit command,
      and the [scroll_to], [scroll_to_unit], and [message] WML actions (bug #18793).
    * WML engine:
    * Fixed invalid memory access issues caused by subnamespaced persistent WML
      variables (bug #20385).
    * Fixed incorrect image path function name in error messages generated by
      using ~CROP() with negative coordinates.
    * Miscellaneous and bug fixes
    * Improved: Autorevision based revision numbers in CMake.
    * Fixed the recall list sometimes getting confused when dismissing a recall.
    * Prevent unchecked memory access in cut_surface()
    * Fixed bug #20853 ("WML child missing yet untested for" when loading some
    * Backported several bugfixes for wmllint (Windows-unfriendliness on the
      command line, unusual crashers, underscores stripped from keys).
    Version 1.10.6:
    * Campaigns:
    * The Rise of Wesnoth:
    * Fix bug #16772: AI won't attack
    * Son of the Black Eye:
    * Prevent infinite loop if fewer than two transport ships (bug #20389)
    * Language and i18n:
    * Updated translations: British English, Chinese (Simplified),
      Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, Estonian, French, Galician, German,
      Hungarian, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil),
      Scottish Gaelic, Serbian, Slovak, Vietnamese
    * Multiplayer:
    * Moved new lobby option in Preferences -> Multiplayer to Advanced
      Preferences and clarified description
    * User interface:
    * Scale down unit baseframes larger than 72x72 in the Recruit and Recall
      dialogs to prevent all list entries from being enlarged to fit
    * WML engine:
    * Fixed [disallow_end_turn] losing effect on save/reload (bug #20350)
    * Fixed [disallow_end_turn] persisting when advancing to the next scenario
      (bug #20351)
    * Fixed bug #20401: [remove_unit_overlay] did not work when the image used an
      image path function that took multiple parameters.
    * Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
    * Fixed a rare case where a player could exercise (very) limited control of
      another (human) player's units in a hotseat game.
    * Made wmllint recognize victory_string, defeat_string, gold_carryover_string,
      and notes_string (all from the [objectives] tag) as attributes that need
      to be made translatable
    * Fixed wmllint complaining about id= attributes in [time_area]s
    * Make drakes fly on volcano tiles (bug #20485).
    * Fixed bug #20290: No longer terminate due to a corrupt savegame.
    * Fixed bug #19970: No longer terminate due to corrupt preferences.
    * Fixed a display artifact (halos not cleared) when WML moves a unit.
    * Use bilinear interpolation for scaling images down.
    * Fixed wmllint, wmlscope and wmlindent not working correctly on Windows if a
      command line argument ends with a backslash
* Tue Jan 08 2013
  - Update to version 1.10.5:
    * Campaigns:
    * Under the Burning Suns: Keep a spawned unit from
      disappearing on reload in scenario 6b
    * Graphics:
    * Fixed glitches caused by larger-than-hex standing units with
      certain frame image effects when image= is not explicitly
      specified (bug #20099)
    * Language and i18n:
    * New translation: Scottish Gaelic
    * Updated translations: Chinese (Traditional), Croatian,
      French, Galician, German, Hungarian, Italian, Latin, Polish,
      Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Ukrainian
    * Whiteboard
    * Don't end turn if executing all actions in another way than
      using the "end turn" button/hotkey (bug #19901)
    * Fixed crash when an ally executes a planned move of an unit
      with 2 planned moves (bug #19826)
    * WML engine:
    * Image path functions again evaluated left-to-right. Fixes
      bug #20196
    * Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
    * Fix OOS when dismissing a recall in a multiplayer campaign
      (bug #19924)
    * Fixed: Compilation with Boost 1.51.0 (Gentoo bug #440742)
  - Changes from previous versions 1.10.4 and 1.10.3:
    * See changelog file in /usr/share/doc/packages/wesnoth/.
* Mon Apr 30 2012
  - Use source Url in stead of only the tarball name
* Thu Apr 26 2012
  - Build version 1.10.2
    * Campaigns:
    * Legend of Wesmere:
    * Fix bug #19577: some terrain was not snow covered
    * Liberty:
    * Fixed unknown unit type errors in 04_Unlawful_Orders
    * Tutorial:
    * Fixed bug #19367: Make a message gender specific
    * Under the Burning Suns:
    * Fixed bug #19519: UtBS doubled Black Hand dialog
    * Fixed appearance of flood on wooden boards
    * Language and i18n:
    * Fixed two untranslatable strings in the "new" MP lobby
    * Fixed an untranslatable string in the Multiplayer Commands help topic
    * Updated translations: British English, Chinese (Simplified), Estonian,
      Finnish, French, Galician, German, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Latin,
      Old English, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Serbian, Slovak,
    * Multiplayer:
    * Ignore Pango markup in map descriptions (bug #19210)
    * Changes to the time of day schedules of Fallenstar Lake and Silverhead
    * User interface:
    * Fixed provided saved game filenames being ignored when requesting to
      save a MP game due to a network or OOS error (bug #19562)
    * Whiteboard:
    * Fixed bug #19581: Leader can still move after a planned recall
    * Shortened all context menu items
    * WML engine:
    * Fixed bug #19498: [modify_unit] duplicating units if x,y changed
    * Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
    * Made the Wolf raise its head if and only if it is submerged
    * Fixed bug #19505: broken stone bridge transitions
    * Backported: The Pandora scaling speedup patches
* Sun Mar 25 2012
  - Fix export of CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS
  - Stop using _service... duplicates the download.



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