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LibVNCServer-devel-0.9.10-lp151.6.1 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.1 for aarch64

Name: LibVNCServer-devel Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.1
Version: 0.9.10 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp151.6.1 Build date: Sun Mar 31 15:29:19 2019
Group: Development/Libraries/X11 Build host: obs-arm-4
Size: 605820 Source RPM: LibVNCServer-0.9.10-lp151.6.1.src.rpm
Summary: VNC Development Library
VNC is a set of programs using the RFB (Remote Frame Buffer) protocol.
They are designed to "export" a frame buffer via the network. It is
already in wide use for administration, but it is not that easy to
program a server yourself. This has been changed by LibVNCServer. already has a virtual Xvnc server which you can start as an own
screen (e.g. :1) and connect to with a VNC client (e.g. vncviewer from

The LibVNCServer-devel package contains the static libraries and header
files for LibVNCServer.






* Wed Feb 20 2019 Felix Zhang <>
  - Add BuildRequire libgnutls-devel: Remmina needs it for VNC
    connections (boo#1123805)
* Tue Feb 05 2019 Petr Gajdos <>
  - security update
    * CVE-2018-20749 [bsc#1123828]
      + LibVNCServer-CVE-2018-20749.patch
    * CVE-2018-20750 [bsc#1123832]
      + LibVNCServer-CVE-2018-20750.patch
    * CVE-2018-20748 [bsc#1123823]
      + LibVNCServer-CVE-2018-20748.patch
* Thu Jan 03 2019 Petr Gajdos <>
  - security update
    * CVE-2018-15126 [bsc#1120114]
      + LibVNCServer-CVE-2018-15126.patch
    * CVE-2018-6307 [bsc#1120115]
      + LibVNCServer-CVE-2018-6307.patch
    * CVE-2018-20020 [bsc#1120116]
      + LibVNCServer-CVE-2018-20020.patch
    * CVE-2018-15127 [bsc#1120117]
      + LibVNCServer-CVE-2018-15127.patch
    * CVE-2018-20019 [bsc#1120118]
      + LibVNCServer-CVE-2018-20019.patch
    * CVE-2018-20023 [bsc#1120119]
      + LibVNCServer-CVE-2018-20023.patch
    * CVE-2018-20022 [bsc#1120120]
      + LibVNCServer-CVE-2018-20022.patch
    * CVE-2018-20024 [bsc#1120121]
      + LibVNCServer-CVE-2018-20024.patch
    * CVE-2018-20021 [bsc#1120122]
      + LibVNCServer-CVE-2018-20021.patch
* Tue Mar 20 2018
  - security update
    * CVE-2018-7225 [bsc#1081493]
      + LibVNCServer-CVE-2018-7225.patch
* Tue May 24 2016
  - Fix build errors of applications using stl_algobase.h and
    libvncserver's rfbproto.h, e.g. krfb (issue #102)
    * Add libvncserver-0.9.10-use-namespaced-rfbMax-macro.patch
* Sun Feb 08 2015
  - Remove xorg-x11-devel from buildRequires, X libraries
    are not directly used/linked
* Sun Feb 08 2015
  - libvncserver-0.9.10-ossl.patch: Update, do not
    RAND_load_file("/dev/urandom", 1024) if the the PRNG is already
    seeded. (It always is on linux)
* Sat Dec 13 2014
  - Update to version 0.9.10
    + Moved the whole project from sourceforge to
    + Cleaned out the autotools build system which now uses autoreconf.
    + Updated noVNC HTML5 client to latest version.
    + Split out x11vnc sources into separate repository at
    + Split out vncterm sources into separate repository at
    + Split out VisualNaCro sources into separate repository at
    + Merged Debian patches.
    + Fixed some security-related buffer overflow cases.
    + Added compatibility headers to make LibVNCServer/LibVNCClient
      build on native Windows 8.
    + Update LZO to version 2.07, fixing CVE-2014-4607.
    + Merged patches from KDE/krfb.
    + Can now do IPv6 without IPv4.
    + Fixed a use-after-free issue in scale.c.
  - Update Url and download source to new project home
  - Remove LibVNCServer-0.9.9-no_x11vnc.patch; upstream splited it
    out of main tarball
  - Rebase libvncserver-ossl.patch to upstream changes
    > libvncserver-0.9.10-ossl.patch
  - Remove linuxvnc subpackage; like x11vnc, it has been splited out
    but is depreciated and unmaintained.
* Fri Oct 03 2014
  - Obsolete old LibVNCServer.rpm in libvncclient0 package. The old
    version included binaries, devel and runtime libs. But nothing
    removes the old package, which leads to file conflicts during
    upgrade if linuxvnc.rpm is not on the install media (bnc#893343)
* Tue Jul 01 2014
  - remove old .bz2 file



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