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RPM of Group System/GUI/Other

QtDMM-0.9.0-3.2 DMM Readout Software Including a Configurable Recorder linux/x86_64
WindowMaker-0.95.6-2.1 A Colorful and Flexible Window Manager linux/x86_64
WindowMaker-applets-1.0.1-27.1 Window Maker Applets linux/x86_64
atril-1.8.1-1.2 MATE Desktop document viewer linux/x86_64
atril-caja-1.8.1-1.2 MATE Desktop document viewer file manager extension linux/x86_64
awesome-3.4.15-7.2 Highly configurable tiling and floating Window Manager linux/x86_64
caja-1.8.2-1.2 File manager for the MATE desktop linux/x86_64
caja-engrampa-1.8.1-1.2 MATE Desktop engrampa plugin for caja linux/x86_64
caja-image-converter-1.8.0-3.3 MATE Desktop file manager image converter linux/x86_64
caja-open-terminal-1.8.0-3.3 Mate file manager Terminal plugin linux/x86_64
caja-sendto-1.8.0-3.3 A collection of 'sendto' plugins for MATE file manager linux/x86_64
caja-sendto-pidgin-1.8.0-3.3 Pidgin integration for the MATE Desktop file manager linux/x86_64
caja-sendto-upnp-1.8.0-3.3 UPnP integration for the MATE Desktop file manager linux/x86_64
caja-share-1.8.0-3.3 Share directory from caja via samba linux/x86_64
compiz-0.8.8-15.2 OpenGL window and compositing manager linux/x86_64
compiz-branding-openSUSE-0.8.8-15.2 OpenGL window and compositing manager linux/x86_64
compiz-branding-upstream-0.8.8-15.2 OpenGL window and compositing manager linux/x86_64
compiz-devel-0.8.8-15.2 OpenGL window and compositing manager linux/x86_64
dmenu-4.5-9.2 A generic and efficient menu for X linux/x86_64
dzen2-1332069163-9.2 A general purpose messaging and notification program linux/x86_64
e16-1.0.14-4.2 A Good-Looking Window Manager for the X Window System linux/x86_64
e17-branding-openSUSE-0.1-11.1 E17 openSUSE branding linux/x86_64
e17-branding-upstream-0.17.6-4.3 E17 files for upstream branding linux/x86_64
e17-theme-default-0.17.6-4.3 Default E17 theme linux/x86_64
eekboard-1.0.8-8.2 An easy to use virtual keyboard toolkit linux/x86_64
engrampa-1.8.1-1.2 MATE Desktop archive manager linux/x86_64
enlightenment-branding-openSUSE-0.1-4.1 Enlightenment openSUSE branding linux/x86_64
enlightenment-branding-upstream-0.19.4-1.1 Enlightenment files for upstream branding linux/x86_64
enlightenment-theme-dark-1.13.2-15.1 Default Enlightenment theme(Dark) linux/x86_64New
enlightenment-theme-upstream-0.18.0-15.1 Default Enlightenment theme linux/x86_64New
eom-1.8.1-1.2 MATE Desktop graphics viewer linux/x86_64
epplet-base-0.10-76.2 Applets for the Enlightenment DR16 Window Manager linux/x86_64
fvwm2-2.6.5-7.2 Improved Version of FVWM Window Manager linux/x86_64
gkrellm-cpufreq-0.6.4-3.2 Gkrellm plugin - CPU Frequency linux/x86_64
gnome-main-menu-1.8.0-6.1 The GNOME Desktop Menu linux/x86_64
gtk2-engine-oxygen-1.4.6-2.2 Oxygen GTK 2.x Theme Engine linux/x86_64
gtk2-engine-oxygen-32bit-1.4.6-2.2 Oxygen GTK 2.x Theme Engine linux/x86_64
gtk2-theme-oxygen-1.4.6-2.2 Oxygen GTK 2.x Theme linux/x86_64
gtk3-engine-oxygen-1.4.1-1.2 Oxygen GTK 3.x Theme Engine linux/x86_64
gtk3-engine-oxygen-32bit-1.4.1-1.2 Oxygen GTK 3.x Theme Engine linux/x86_64
gtk3-theme-oxygen-1.4.1-1.2 Oxygen GTK 3.x Theme linux/x86_64
i3-4.9.1-1.1 Tilling window manager linux/x86_64
i3lock-2.6-1.1 Screen Locker for the i3 Window Manager linux/x86_64
i3lock-xlock-compat-2.6-1.1 xlock-compatibility script which calls i3lock linux/x86_64
icewm-1.3.8-6.2 Window Manager with a Taskbar linux/x86_64
icewm-default-1.3.8-6.2 Window Manager with a Taskbar--Default Version linux/x86_64
icewm-lite-1.3.8-6.2 Window Manager with a Taskbar -- lite version linux/x86_64
input-pad- On-screen Input Pad to Send Characters with Mouse linux/x86_64
krb5-ticket-watcher-1.0.3-25.1 A Tray Applet for Watching, Renewing, and Reinitializing Kerberos Tickets linux/x86_64
libmarco-private0-1.8.2-2.2 MATE window manager shared libraries linux/x86_64
marco-1.8.2-2.2 MATE window manager linux/x86_64
mate-applets-1.8.1-1.2 A set of applets for the MATE Desktop linux/x86_64
mate-calc-1.8.0-3.2 MATE Desktop calculator application linux/x86_64
mate-control-center-1.8.3-1.3 MATE Desktop control center linux/x86_64
mate-desktop-1.8.1-3.2 Library with common API for various MATE modules linux/x86_64
mate-dialogs-1.8.0-3.1 Display graphical dialog boxes from shell scripts linux/x86_64
mate-dictionary-1.8.1-1.2 Mate dictionary linux/x86_64
mate-disk-usage-analyzer-1.8.1-1.2 Mate disk usage analyser linux/x86_64
mate-indicator-applet-1.8.0-3.1 Display information from applications consistently in the panel linux/x86_64
mate-media-1.8.0-3.2 MATE Desktop multimedia stack linux/x86_64
mate-menus-1.8.0-3.2 MATE Desktop Menu linux/x86_64
mate-netbook-1.8.1-1.1 MATE Desktop window management tool linux/x86_64
mate-netspeed-1.8.0-3.1 MATE Desktop window management tool linux/x86_64
mate-notification-daemon-1.8.1-1.2 Notification daemon for MATE linux/x86_64
mate-panel-1.8.1-1.3 MATE Desktop Panel linux/x86_64
mate-polkit-1.8.0-3.2 MATE authentification agent for PolicyKit-1 linux/x86_64
mate-power-manager-1.8.1-1.2 MATE Desktop UPower policy management linux/x86_64
mate-screensaver-1.8.1-1.2 MATE Desktop screensaver linux/x86_64
mate-screenshot-1.8.1-1.2 Mate screenshot maker linux/x86_64
mate-search-tool-1.8.1-1.2 Mate Search Tool linux/x86_64
mate-sensors-applet-1.8.0-3.2 MATE Desktop panel applet to display sensor readings linux/x86_64
mate-session-manager-1.8.1-4.2 MATE Session Manager linux/x86_64
mate-settings-daemon-1.8.2-1.2 MATE session settings daemon linux/x86_64
mate-system-log-1.8.1-1.2 Mate system log viewer linux/x86_64
mate-system-monitor-1.8.0-3.2 MATE Desktop system monitor linux/x86_64
mate-terminal-1.8.1-1.2 MATE Desktop system tools linux/x86_64
mate-user-share-1.8.0-3.3 MATE Desktop file sharing for the masses linux/x86_64
matekbd-common-1.8.0-3.2 MATE Desktop keyboard configuration common files linux/x86_64
notify-osd-config-0.3~bzr20140426-1.1 Configuration utility for notify-osd linux/x86_64
obconf-2.0.4-8.1 Openbox Configuration Tool linux/x86_64
openbox-3.5.2-9.2 ICCCM and EWMH Compliant Window Manager with Very Few Dependencies linux/x86_64
openbox-gnome-3.5.2-9.2 Openbox GNOME integration linux/x86_64
openbox-kde-3.5.2-9.2 Openbox KDE integration linux/x86_64
oyranos-ui-fltk-0.9.5-3.2 Example Configuration Panel linux/x86_64
peksystray-0.4.0-21.2 A system tray "notification area" dockapp linux/x86_64
pluma-1.8.1-4.2 Text editor for the MATE desktop linux/x86_64
pumpa-0.9-3.2 A simple client written in C++/Qt linux/x86_64
python-caja-1.8.1-2.2 Python bindings for Caja linux/x86_64
python-mate-menus-1.8.0-3.2 Python Bindings for MATE Desktop Menu linux/x86_64
python-mateweather-1.8.0-3.2 Python bindings for MATE Weater linux/x86_64
sawfish-1.11-1.1 A highly configurable window manager for X11 linux/x86_64
typelib-1_0-AtrilDocument-1_5_0-1.8.1-1.2 MATE Desktop bindings for AtrilDocument linux/x86_64
typelib-1_0-AtrilView-1_5_0-1.8.1-1.2 MATE Desktop bindings for AtrilView linux/x86_64
typelib-1_0-Caja-2_0-1.8.2-1.2 MATE file manager typelib linux/x86_64
typelib-1_0-MateMenu-2_0-1.8.0-3.2 MATE Desktop menu bindings linux/x86_64
typelib-1_0-MatePanelApplet-4_0-1.8.1-1.3 MATE Panel Applet Library typelib linux/x86_64
typelib-1_0-PolkitGtkMate-1.0-1.8.0-3.2 The MATE library typelib linux/x86_64
unetbootin-0.0.608-2.1 Universal Netboot Installer linux/x86_64
wmakerconf-2.12-20.2 Configuration tool for Window Maker linux/x86_64
xdg-user-dirs-0.15-5.1 Utilities to handle user data directories linux/x86_64
yaics-0.5-1.1 A simple GNU social client written in C++/Qt linux/x86_64

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