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RPM of Group Amusements/Toys/Other

amor-4.14.1-1.1 On-Screen Creature linux/ppc64Newlinux/ppcNewlinux/ppc64leNew
amor-4.14.1-1.1 On-Screen Creature linux/ppc64leNew
amor-4.14.1-1.1 On-Screen Creature linux/ppcNewlinux/ppc64leNew
cowsay-3.03-1.1 Configurable talking cow (and some other creatures) linux/noarch
echievements-3-3.3 E17 Echievements module linux/ppc64linux/ppc
echievements-3-3.8 E17 Echievements module linux/ppc64le
echievements-3-3.3 E17 Echievements module linux/ppc
fortune-1.99.1-7.3 Random Saying linux/ppc64linux/ppc
fortune-1.99.1-7.20 Random Saying linux/ppc64le
fortune-1.99.1-7.3 Random Saying linux/ppc
gromit-20041213-7.3 Tool to make annotations on the screen linux/ppc64linux/ppc
gromit-20041213-7.8 Tool to make annotations on the screen linux/ppc64le
gromit-20041213-7.3 Tool to make annotations on the screen linux/ppc
kfourinline-4.14.1-1.1 Four Wins game linux/ppc64Newlinux/ppcNewlinux/ppc64leNew
kfourinline-4.14.1-1.1 Four Wins game linux/ppc64leNew
kfourinline-4.14.1-1.1 Four Wins game linux/ppcNewlinux/ppc64leNew
kteatime-4.14.1-1.1 Tea Cooker linux/ppc64Newlinux/ppcNewlinux/ppc64leNew
kteatime-4.14.1-1.1 Tea Cooker linux/ppc64leNew
kteatime-4.14.1-1.1 Tea Cooker linux/ppcNewlinux/ppc64leNew
ktuberling-4.14.1-1.1 Potato drawing editor linux/ppc64Newlinux/ppcNewlinux/ppc64leNew
ktuberling-4.14.1-1.1 Potato drawing editor linux/ppc64leNew
ktuberling-4.14.1-1.1 Potato drawing editor linux/ppcNewlinux/ppc64leNew
ponysay-3.0.2-1.1 Cowsay reimplemention for ponies linux/noarchNew

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