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Packages beginning with letter V

v4l-conf-3.103-7.1 Video4linux Configuration Tool linux/aarch64
v4l-tools-3.103-7.1 Video4linux terminal / command line utilities linux/aarch64
v4l-utils-1.6.2-1.1 Utilities for video4linux linux/aarch64
v4l-utils-devel-tools-1.6.2-1.1 Utilities for v4l2 / DVB driver development and debugging linux/aarch64
vaapi-dummy-driver-1.5.0-1.1 Video Acceleration (VA) API for Linux linux/aarch64New
vaapi-tools-1.5.0-1.1 Video Acceleration (VA) API for Linux linux/aarch64New
vaapi-wayland-tools-1.5.0-1.1 Video Acceleration (VA) API for Linux - Wayland support linux/aarch64New
vacation- A way to automatically reply to incoming e-mail linux/aarch64
vacuum-im-1.2.4+r2455-1.1 Crossplatform Jabber client written on Qt linux/aarch64
vacuum-im-devel-1.2.4+r2455-1.1 Development Files for Vacuum-IM linux/aarch64
vacuum-im-lang-1.2.4+r2455-1.1 Languages for package vacuum-im linux/noarch
vacuum-im-plugins-dbusnotifications-1.0.2-5.3 Vacuum-IM notification messages through system DBus linux/aarch64
vacuum-im-plugins-gmailnotify-1.0.2-6.3 GMailNotify plugin for Vacuum-IM linux/aarch64
vacuum-im-plugins-kinotifications-0.0.1-12.3 Vacuum-IM notification messages through Qt Kinetic linux/aarch64
vacuum-im-plugins-spellchecker-1.1.0-3.3 Vacuum-IM spellchecker plugin linux/aarch64
vacuum-im-plugins-usermood-0.0.1-5.3 Vacuum-IM spellchecker plugin linux/aarch64
vacuum-im-plugins-usertune-0.9.6-5.3 Vacuum-IM User Tune Handler plugin linux/aarch64
vala-0.26.2-1.1 Programming language for GNOME linux/aarch64
valgrind-3.10.0-3.2 Memory Management Debugger linux/aarch64New
valgrind-devel-3.10.0-3.2 Memory Management Debugger linux/aarch64New
vamp-plugin-sdk-2.2.1-11.3 An API for audio analysis and feature extraction plugins linux/aarch64
vamp-plugin-sdk-devel-2.2.1-11.3 Development files for vamp-plugin-sdk linux/aarch64
vcdimager-0.7.24cvs-14.2 Video CD (VCD) authoring software linux/aarch64New
vcdimager-devel-0.7.24cvs-14.2 Video CD (VCD) authoring software linux/aarch64New
vcron-2.3-281.1 TK-Interface for cron and at linux/noarch
vde2-2.3.2-6.3 Virtual Distributed Ethernet linux/aarch64
vde2-cryptcab-2.3.2-6.3 VDE ecryption module linux/aarch64
vde2-slirp-2.3.2-6.3 VDE ecryption module linux/aarch64
vdr-2.0.7-1.1 Video Disk Recorder linux/aarch64
vdr-devel-2.0.7-1.1 Video Disk Recorder linux/aarch64
vdr-lang-2.0.7-1.1 Languages for package vdr linux/noarch
vdr-plugin-epgsearch-1.0.1.beta5-4.1 VDR epgsearch plugin linux/aarch64
vdr-plugin-femon-2.0.4-1.1 DVB Frontend Status Monitor plugin for VDR linux/aarch64
vdr-plugin-remote-0.5.0-1.3 VDR remote plugin linux/aarch64
vdr-plugin-satip-1.0.2-1.1 SAT>IP Input Plugin for the Video Disc Recorder VDR linux/aarch64
vdr-plugin-streamdev-client-0.6.1-4.1 The streamdev plugin adds streaming capabilities to your VDR linux/aarch64
vdr-plugin-streamdev-server-0.6.1-4.1 The streamdev plugin adds streaming capabilities to your VDR linux/aarch64
vdr-plugin-xineliboutput-1.1.0-1.1 VDR xineliboutput plugin linux/aarch64
vdr-xineliboutput-client-1.1.0-1.1 Xinelib-based software output device for VDR - client linux/aarch64
vegastrike-data-0.5.1.r1-7.2 Data files for Vega Strike linux/noarch
vegastrike-extra-0.5.1.r1-5.1 Extra textures and content for Vega Strike linux/noarch
vegastrike-music-0.5.1.r1-5.1 Music for Vega Strike linux/noarch
vegastrike-speech-0.5.1.r1-5.1 Speech files for Vega Strike linux/noarch
velocity-1.7-1.1 Java-based template engine linux/noarch
velocity-demo-1.7-1.1 Demo for velocity linux/noarch
velocity-javadoc-1.7-1.1 Javadoc for velocity linux/noarch
velocity-manual-1.7-1.1 Manual for velocity linux/noarch
verilator-3.862-1.1 A fast simulator for synthesizable Verilog linux/aarch64
verilator-doc-3.862-1.1 Documentation for verilator in HTML format linux/noarch
verilator-doc-pdf-3.862-1.1 Documentation for verilator in PDF format linux/noarch
verilator-examples-3.862-1.1 Examples for verilator linux/noarch
vhba-kmp-default-20140928_k3.19.0_2-1.11 Virtual SCSI Host Bus adapter linux/aarch64New
vhostmd-0.4-22.1 Virtual Host Metrics Daemon (vhostmd) linux/aarch64
videoproto-devel-2.3.1-4.1 The X11 Protocol: X Video extension linux/aarch64
viewnior-1.4-1.2 Elegant Image Viewer linux/aarch64
viewnior-lang-1.4-1.2 Languages for package viewnior linux/noarch
viewres-1.0.4-4.1 Graphical class browser for Xt linux/aarch64
viewvc-1.1.22-1.1 Browse a Subversion Repository with a Web Browser linux/noarch
vigra-devel-1.10.0-3.2 Development files for VIGRA Library linux/aarch64
vim-7.4.640.hg.6629-1.1 Vi IMproved linux/aarch64New
vim-data-7.4.640.hg.6629-1.1 Vi IMproved linux/noarchNew
vim-plugin-NERDcommenter-2.3.0-30.1 A plugin that allows for easy commenting of code for many filetypes linux/noarch
vim-plugin-NERDtree-4.2.0-30.1 A tree explorer plugin for navigating the filesystem linux/noarch
vim-plugin-a-2.18-30.1 Alternate files quickly linux/noarch
vim-plugin-align-36.42-30.1 Plugin to produce aligned text, equations, declarations, etc linux/noarch
vim-plugin-bufexplorer-7.2.8-30.1 Buffer Explorer / Browser linux/noarch
vim-plugin-calendar-2.4-30.1 Calendar for vim linux/noarch
vim-plugin-colorschemes-1.0-30.1 Vim color schemes selection linux/noarch
vim-plugin-colorsel-20110107-30.1 A RGB/HSV color selector linux/noarch
vim-plugin-devhelp-3.14.0-1.1 Developer's Help Program for GNOME linux/aarch64
vim-plugin-diffchanges-0.6.346dae2-30.1 Show changes since the last save linux/noarch
vim-plugin-gitdiff-2-30.1 Show git diff in a split window linux/noarch
vim-plugin-gnupg-3026-30.1 Plugin for transparent editing of gpg encrypted files linux/noarch
vim-plugin-latex-20120125-30.1 A rich set of tools for editing LaTeX linux/noarch
vim-plugin-locateopen-1.3-30.1 Edit file without entering the whole path linux/noarch
vim-plugin-matrix-1.10-30.1 Matrix screensaver for vim linux/noarch
vim-plugin-minibufexpl-6.3.2-30.1 Elegant buffer explorer that takes very little screen space linux/noarch
vim-plugin-multiplesearch-1.3-30.1 Display multiple searches at the same time linux/noarch
vim-plugin-project-1.4.1-30.1 Organize/Navigate projects of files linux/noarch
vim-plugin-quilt-0.9.7-30.1 Quilt support for vim linux/noarch
vim-plugin-rails-4.4-30.1 Support for Ruby on Rails development linux/noarch
vim-plugin-searchcomplete-1.1-30.1 Tab completion of words inside of a search linux/noarch
vim-plugin-showmarks-2.2-30.1 Visually shows the location of marks linux/noarch
vim-plugin-snipmate-0.83-30.1 Implements some of TextMate's snippets features in Vim linux/noarch
vim-plugin-supertab-1.0-30.1 Visually shows the location of marks linux/noarch
vim-plugin-taglist-4.5-30.1 Source code browser with support for many languages linux/noarch
vim-plugin-tlib-0.42-30.1 Utility functions for vim linux/noarch
vim-plugin-tregisters-0.2-30.1 List, edit, and run/execute registers/clipboards linux/noarch
vim-plugin-tselectbuffer-0.7-30.1 A quick buffer selector/switcher linux/noarch
vim-plugin-tselectfiles-0.10-30.1 A quick file selector/browser/explorer linux/noarch
vim-plugin-utl-2.0-30.1 Universal text linking for vim linux/noarch
vim-plugin-vimwiki-2.1-30.1 Personal wiki for vim linux/noarch
vim-plugin-zoomwin-24-30.1 Zoom in/out of windows (toggle between one window and multi-window) linux/noarch
vinagre-3.14.3-1.1 VNC client for GNOME linux/aarch64
vinagre-lang-3.14.3-1.1 Languages for package vinagre linux/noarch
vino-3.14.2-1.1 GNOME VNC Server linux/aarch64New
vino-lang-3.14.2-1.1 Languages for package vino linux/noarchNew
vips-doc-7.42.3-1.1 Documentation for VIPS library linux/noarchNew
vips-tools-7.42.3-1.1 Command line tools for VIPS library linux/aarch64New
virt-install-1.1.0-4.1 Utilities for installing virtual machines linux/noarch
virt-manager-1.1.0-4.1 Virtual Machine Manager linux/noarch
virt-manager-common-1.1.0-4.1 Common files used by the different Virtual Machine Manager interfaces linux/noarch
virt-sandbox-0.5.1-10.1 Libvirt application sandbox framework linux/aarch64
virt-utils-1.1.9-10.1 Virtualization Utilities linux/aarch64
virt-what-1.14-1.1 Detect if running in a virtual machine linux/aarch64
virtaal-0.7.1-8.1 Localization and translation editor linux/noarch
virtaal-lang-0.7.1-8.1 Languages for package virtaal linux/noarch
virtuoso-drivers-6.1.6-8.3 Virtuoso ODBC Driver linux/aarch64
virtuoso-server-6.1.6-8.3 Virtuoso server linux/aarch64
vkeybd-0.1.18d-19.3 Vkeybd - Virtual Keyboard Instrument linux/aarch64
vlan-1.9-140.1 802.1q VLAN Implementation for Linux linux/aarch64
vlc-2.1.5-8.2 Video Lan Client multimedia player linux/aarch64New
vlc-devel-2.1.5-8.2 VLC Development system linux/aarch64New
vlc-gnome-2.1.5-8.2 VLC: VideoLAN Client - Gnome Access Modules linux/aarch64New
vlc-noX-2.1.5-8.2 VLC: VideoLAN Client - without X dependencies linux/aarch64New
vlc-noX-lang-2.1.5-8.2 Languages for package vlc linux/noarchNew
vlc-qt-2.1.5-8.2 VLC: VideoLAN Client - Qt interface linux/aarch64New
vlgothic-fonts-20140801-1.1 VL-Gothic TrueType font family linux/noarch
vlock-2.2.3-11.1 It allows you to lock your console display linux/aarch64
vm-dump-metrics-0.4-22.1 Virtual Host Metrics Daemon (vhostmd) linux/aarch64
vm-dump-metrics-devel-0.4-22.1 Virtual Host Metrics Daemon (vhostmd) linux/aarch64
vms-empire-1.13-1.1 Simulation of a full-scale war between two emperors linux/aarch64
vobject-0.8.1c-20.1 A python library to create and parse iCalendar and vCard objects linux/aarch64
vodovod-1.10_svn23-2.1 Cross-platform pipe connecting action puzzle game linux/aarch64
voikkospell-3.7.1-1.1 Spellchecker and Hyphenator for Finnish Language linux/aarch64
vollkorn-fonts-3.005-1.1 An serif font for everyday use linux/noarch
vorbis-tools-1.4.0-20.1 Ogg Vorbis Tools linux/aarch64
vorbis-tools-lang-1.4.0-20.1 Languages for package vorbis-tools linux/noarch
vorbisgain-0.34-21.3 Calculate the Replay Gain for Ogg Vorbis files linux/aarch64
votca-csg-1.2.4-2.2 VOTCA coarse-graining engine linux/aarch64
votca-csg-bash-1.2.4-2.2 Bash completion for votca linux/noarch
votca-csg-common-1.2.4-2.2 Architecture independent data files for VOTCA CSG linux/noarch
votca-csg-devel-1.2.4-2.2 Development headers and libraries for VOTCA Coarse Graining Engine linux/aarch64
votca-csg-tutorials-1.2.4-2.2 Tutorial documentation for VOTCA Coarse Graining Engine linux/noarch
votca-csgapps-1.2.4-1.2 VOTCA coarse-graining engine applications linux/aarch64
votca-tools-devel-1.2.4-1.2 Development headers and libraries for votca-tools linux/aarch64
vpcs-0.6-2.1 Virtual PC Simulator linux/aarch64
vpnc-0.5.3r550-1.1 A Client for Cisco VPN concentrator linux/aarch64
vpx-tools-1.3.0-1.3 VP8 codec library - Utilities linux/aarch64
vsd2epub-0.9.2-1.1 Converter from VSD to EPUB linux/aarch64
vsd2odg-0.9.2-1.1 Converter from VSD to ODG linux/aarch64
vsftpd-3.0.2-18.1 Very Secure FTP Daemon - Written from Scratch linux/aarch64
vsqlite++-devel-0.3.12-1.1 Development files for vsqlite++ linux/aarch64
vsqlite++-doc-0.3.12-1.1 Development documentation for vsqlite++ linux/noarch
vss2epub-0.9.2-1.1 Converter from VSS to EPUB linux/aarch64
vss2odg-0.9.2-1.1 Converter from VSS to ODG linux/aarch64
vtcl-1.6.1a1-196.1 Visual Tcl linux/noarch
vte-devel-0.38.3-1.1 Terminal Emulator Library -- Development Files linux/aarch64
vte-lang-0.38.3-1.1 Languages for package vte linux/noarch
vte-tools-0.38.3-1.1 Terminal Emulator Library -- Tools linux/aarch64
vte2-devel-0.28.2-17.4 Terminal Emulator Library -- Development Files linux/aarch64
vte2-lang-0.28.2-17.4 Languages for package vte2 linux/noarch
vte2-tools-0.28.2-17.4 Terminal Emulator Library -- Tools linux/aarch64
vtkdata-6.1.0-1.1 Kitware VTK Library Data linux/noarch
vusb-analyzer-1.1-14.1 A tool for viewing USB trace files from usbmon and other usb dump formats linux/noarch
vym-2.3.24-1.1 View Your Mind - generate and manipulate maps which show your thoughts linux/aarch64

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