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RPM of Group System/X11/Terminals

fbiterm-0.5.20040304-294.2 Internationalized Terminal Emulator for Framebuffers linux/aarch64
gnome-shell-search-provider-gnome-terminal-3.16.2-1.2 GNOME Terminal -- Search Provider for GNOME Shell linux/aarch64
gnome-terminal-3.16.2-1.2 GNOME Terminal linux/aarch64
gtkiterm-0.5.20040304-294.2 Internationalized Terminal Emulator for GTK linux/aarch64
guake-0.5.2-1.2 A dropdown terminal for GNOME linux/aarch64
konsole-15.04.2-1.1 KDE Terminal linux/aarch64New
konsole4-part-4.14.3-4.1 KDE Terminal linux/aarch64New
kterm-6.2.0-1042.1 Kanji Terminal linux/aarch64
mlterm-3.4.5-1.1 Multilingual Terminal Emulator for X linux/aarch64
mlterm-m17n-3.4.5-1.1 A m17n plugin for mlterm linux/aarch64
mlterm-scim-3.4.5-1.1 SCIM plugin for mlterm linux/aarch64
mlterm-uim-3.4.5-1.1 An uim plugin for mlterm linux/aarch64
multitail-5.2.12-5.1 Tail Multiple Files linux/aarch64
qterm-0.5.12-14.1 QTerm is BBS client linux/aarch64
rxvt-unicode-9.20-4.1 Rxvt X Terminal with Unicode Support linux/aarch64
terminator-0.97-4.1 Store and run multiple GNOME terminals in one window linux/noarch
terminology-0.8.0-1.2 EFL based terminal emulator linux/aarch64
terminology-theme-dark-0.8.0-1.2 Default terminology theme(Dark) linux/aarch64
terminology-theme-misc-0.8.0-1.2 Miscellaneous terminology themes linux/aarch64
terminology-theme-openSUSE-20141011-2.1 openSUSE theme for Terminology linux/noarchNew
terminology-theme-upstream-0.8.0-1.2 Default Enlightenment theme linux/aarch64
tilda-0.9.6-10.1 A quake like terminal for GNOME linux/aarch64
x3270-3.3.15-2.1 A Family of IBM 3270 Terminal Emulators linux/aarch64
xfce4-terminal-0.6.3-3.2 Terminal Emulator for the Xfce Desktop Environment linux/aarch64
xiterm-0.5.20040304-294.2 Internationalized Terminal Emulator for X11 linux/aarch64
xtermset-0.5.2-281.1 A program to change the settings of an xterm linux/aarch64

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