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RPM of Group System/X11/Fonts

adinatha-fonts-1.0-3.1 Tamil-Brahmi font linux/noarch
adobe-sourcecodepro-fonts-1.017-9.1 A set of OpenType fonts designed for coding environments linux/noarch
adobe-sourcehansans-fonts-1.002-1.1 An OpenType/CFF Pan-CJK font family linux/noarch
adobe-sourcesanspro-fonts-2.010-3.1 A set of OpenType fonts designed for user interfaces linux/noarch
adobe-sourceserifpro-fonts-1.014-3.1 A set of OpenType fonts designed for user interfaces linux/noarch
aldusleaf-crimson-text-fonts-20111206-11.1 Crimson Text Serif Font linux/noarch
alee-fonts-13-5.1 Korean TrueType fonts linux/noarch
arabic-ae-fonts-2.0-15.1 Arabic Free and Open Source Fonts linux/noarch
arabic-amiri-fonts-0.107-15.1 Amiri Naksh Typeface linux/noarch
arabic-bitmap-fonts-1.0-15.1 Arabic Bitmap Font linux/noarch
arabic-fonts-0.20130624-15.1 A Collection of Free Arabic Fonts linux/noarch
arabic-kacst-fonts-2.01-15.1 Arabic Kacst Fonts linux/noarch
arabic-kacstone-fonts-5.0-15.1 Arabic Kacst One Fonts linux/noarch
arabic-naqsh-fonts-2.1-15.1 Arabic Naqsh Font linux/noarch
arphic-bkai00mp-fonts-20001125-777.1 AR PL KaitiM Big5 Chinese TrueType font by Arphic Technology linux/noarch
arphic-bsmi00lp-fonts-20001125-777.1 AR PL Mingti2L Big5 Chinese TrueType font by Arphic Technology linux/noarch
arphic-fonts-20001125-777.1 Chinese TrueType Fonts (Contains Only the License Text) linux/noarch
arphic-gbsn00lp-fonts-20001125-777.1 AR PL SungtiL GB Chinese TrueType font by Arphic Technology linux/noarch
arphic-gkai00mp-fonts-20001125-777.1 AR PL KaitiM GB Chinese TrueType font by Arphic Technology linux/noarch
arphic-ukai-fonts-0.2.20080216.1-99.1 CJK Unicode Font Kai Style linux/noarch
arphic-uming-fonts-0.2.20080216.1-99.1 CJK Unicode Font Ming Style linux/noarch
autonym-fonts-1.0-3.1 A font that can render all language autonyms linux/noarch
avesta-fonts-20121212-3.1 Avestan Unicode Fonts linux/noarch
babelstone-han-fonts-1.11-3.1 Font for Han Script linux/noarch
babelstone-marchen-fonts-1.01-3.1 Tibetan sMar-chen Font linux/noarch
babelstone-modern-fonts-6.002-3.1 Latin Modern Font linux/noarch
babelstone-ogham-fonts-20131112-3.1 Font for Ogham Script linux/noarch
babelstone-phags-pa-fonts-2.0-3.1 Font for Phags Pa Script linux/noarch
babelstone-runic-fonts-20131112-3.1 Font for Runic Script linux/noarch
baekmuk-bitmap-fonts-2.1-12.1 Baekmuk Fonts, Bitmap Version linux/noarch
baekmuk-ttf-fonts-2.1-12.1 Baekmuk Fonts, TrueType Version linux/noarch
bitstream-vera-fonts-1.10-315.1 Bitstream Vera(tm) Truetype fonts linux/noarch
cantarell-fonts-0.0.16-1.2 Contemporary Humanist Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
caslon-fonts-20031202-252.1 Caslon TrueType Fonts linux/noarch
cm-unicode-fonts-0.7.0-195.1 Unicode Version of the Computer Modern Fonts linux/noarch
cpmono_v07-fonts-1.0-11.1 Industrial Monotype Font linux/noarch
ctan-junicode-fonts-0.7.8-5.1 Unicode Fonts for Medievalists linux/noarch
ctan-latinmodern-fonts-2.004-11.1 Latin Modern Fonts from CTAN/GUST linux/noarch
culmus-ancient-semitic-fonts-0.06.1-3.1 Ancient Semitic Fonts linux/noarch
culmus-fonts-0.130-5.1 Free Hebrew Fonts linux/noarch
cyreal-alice-fonts-1.010-7.1 Alice Font linux/noarch
cyreal-junge-fonts-1.002-7.1 Junge Font linux/noarch
cyreal-lobster-cyrillic-fonts-1.4-7.1 Lobster Cyrillic Font linux/noarch
cyreal-lora-fonts-1.014-3.1 Lora Fonts linux/noarch
cyreal-marko-horobchyk-fonts-1.003-7.1 Marko Horobchyk Font linux/noarch
cyreal-marmelad-fonts-1.000-7.1 Marmelad Cyrillic Font linux/noarch
cyreal-wire-fonts-1.000-7.1 Wire Font linux/noarch
dai-banna-fonts-2.200-3.1 SIL New Tai Lue Font linux/noarch
dejavu-fonts-2.34-5.1 DejaVu Truetype Fonts linux/noarch
delaguardo-inconsolata_lgc-fonts-1.1.0-5.1 Inconsolata font with Cyrillic characters linux/noarch
eeyek-fonts-20091204-3.1 Meetei Mayek Unicode Font linux/noarch
efont-serif-fonts-20010312-678.1 Free and Open Scalable Electronic Font linux/noarch
efont-unicode-bitmap-fonts-0.4.2-226.1 Unicode Font by /efont/ linux/noarch
farsi-fonts-0.4-192.1 A Collection of Free Persian OpenType Fonts linux/noarch
fetchmsttfonts-11.4-20.1 Helper package to run the fetchmsttfonts script linux/noarch
fifth-leg-font-0.6-25.1 Font for the openSUSE Brand linux/noarch
fondu-1.0.060102-14.1 Converts between mac and unix fonts linux/aarch64
font-util-1.3.1-1.1 X.Org font package creation/installation utilities linux/aarch64
fonts-KanjiStrokeOrders-15.04.2-1.1 Font for learning Japanese Kanji linux/noarchNew
fonts-config-20150424-1.1 Configures Fonts for X Windows and other applications linux/noarch
free-ttf-fonts-1.0-366.1 Free TrueType Art Fonts linux/noarch
gdouros-aegean-fonts-7.12-3.1 Font with Support for Ancient Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean Scripts linux/noarch
gdouros-aegyptus-fonts-5.01-3.1 Fonts with Support for Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs linux/noarch
gdouros-akkadian-fonts-7.12-3.1 Font with Support for Ancient Akkadian Scripts linux/noarch
gdouros-alexander-fonts-3.01-3.1 Font Designed to be Used for Homer's Epics linux/noarch
gdouros-alfios-fonts-1.01-3.1 Fonts Based on the Work of Firmin Didot and Richard Porson linux/noarch
gdouros-anaktoria-fonts-1.01-3.1 Font Designed to Be Used for Imprimerie Nationale linux/noarch
gdouros-analecta-fonts-4.01-3.1 An Ecclesiastic Scripts Font linux/noarch
gdouros-anatolian-fonts-5.01-3.1 Anatolian Hieroglyphs linux/noarch
gdouros-aroania-fonts-1.01-3.1 New Hellenic-style Fonts linux/noarch
gdouros-asea-fonts-4.11-3.1 The font of Greek Typography linux/noarch
gdouros-atavyros-fonts-1.01-3.1 Parangonne Greque Typeface linux/noarch
gdouros-avdira-fonts-1.01-3.1 Fonts Based in the Typeface Used in Old Greek Publications linux/noarch
gdouros-musica-fonts-3.11-3.1 Font with Support for Unicode Musical Notation Symbols linux/noarch
gdouros-symbola-fonts-7.12-3.1 Font with Support for Symbol Blocks of the Unicode Standard linux/noarch
gnu-free-fonts-0.20120503-7.1 Free UCS Outline Fonts linux/noarch
gnu-unifont-bitmap-fonts-20080123-85.1 The GNU Unicode Bitmap Font linux/noarch
google-alegreya-fonts-1.003-11.1 Serif Font for Literature linux/noarch
google-allerta-fonts-1.0-11.1 Easily Readable Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
google-anonymouspro-fonts-1.002-11.1 A Free Monospace Font linux/noarch
google-arimo-fonts-1.23.0-7.1 Monospace Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
google-cabin-fonts-1.005-11.1 Humanist Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
google-caladea-fonts-1.002-3.1 Sans-serif Font Metrics-compatible with Cambria linux/noarch
google-cardo-fonts-1.04-7.1 Serif Font for Classicists, Biblical Scholars, Medievalists, and Linguists linux/noarch
google-carlito-fonts-1.1.03.beta1-3.1 Sans-serif Font Metrics-compatible with Calibri linux/noarch
google-cousine-fonts-1.23.0-7.1 Monospace Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
google-croscore-fonts-1.23.0-7.1 Croscore fonts linux/noarch
google-droid-fonts-20121204-5.1 Fonts With Extensive Style and Language Support Developed for Android linux/noarch
google-exo-fonts-0.9pre-12.1 Contemporary Geometric Sans Serif Typeface linux/noarch
google-inconsolata-fonts-1.014-7.1 Monospace Font Designed for Printed Code Listings linux/noarch
google-lato-fonts-1.102-11.1 Easily Readable Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
google-lekton-fonts-22-11.1 Monospaced Typewriter Font linux/noarch
google-merriweather-fonts-1.3-11.1 Readable Text Serif Font for Screen linux/noarch
google-nobile-fonts-1.0.38-11.1 Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
google-noto-fonts-20140716-3.1 Noto Font Families linux/noarchNew
google-opensans-fonts-1.0-11.1 Humanist Sans Serif Typeface linux/noarch
google-roboto-fonts-20130925-3.1 Mechanical yet friendly fonts originally designed for Android linux/noarch
google-symbolneu-fonts-1.23.0-7.1 Monospace Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
google-tinos-fonts-1.23.0-7.1 Monospace Sans Serif Font linux/noarch
hartke-aurulentsans-fonts-20070504-7.1 A Sans-Serif Font for Use as Primary Interface Font linux/noarch
indic-fonts-20140220-3.1 Professional Indian Language TrueType Fonts linux/noarch
intlfonts-1.2.1-14.1 Documentation for the International Fonts linux/noarch
intlfonts-arabic-bitmap-fonts-1.2.1-14.1 Arabic Fonts for the X Window System linux/noarch
intlfonts-asian-bitmap-fonts-1.2.1-14.1 Asian Fonts for the X Window System linux/noarch
intlfonts-bdf-fonts-1.2.1-14.1 Fonts from the GNU Intlfonts Package in BDF Format linux/noarch
intlfonts-chinese-big-bitmap-fonts-1.2.1-14.1 Big Chinese Fonts for the X Window System linux/noarch
intlfonts-chinese-bitmap-fonts-1.2.1-14.1 Chinese Fonts for the X Window System linux/noarch
intlfonts-ethiopic-bitmap-fonts-1.2.1-14.1 Ethiopic Fonts for the X Window System linux/noarch
intlfonts-euro-bitmap-fonts-1.2.1-14.1 European fonts for the X Window System linux/noarch
intlfonts-japanese-big-bitmap-fonts-1.2.1-14.1 Big Japanese Fonts for the X Window System linux/noarch
intlfonts-japanese-bitmap-fonts-1.2.1-14.1 Japanese Fonts for the X Window System linux/noarch
intlfonts-phonetic-bitmap-fonts-1.2.1-14.1 IPA font for the X Window System linux/noarch
intlfonts-ttf-fonts-1.2.1-14.1 TrueType Fonts from the GNU Intlfonts Package linux/noarch
intlfonts-type1-fonts-1.2.1-14.1 Type1 Fonts from the GNU Intlfonts Package linux/noarch
ipa-ex-gothic-fonts-002.01-5.1 Scalable "Gothic" Japanese TrueType Font Made by IPA linux/noarch
ipa-ex-mincho-fonts-002.01-5.1 Scalable "Mincho" Japanese TrueType Font Made by IPA linux/noarch
ipa-gothic-bold-fonts-003.02-13.1 Bold Variant of "Gothic" Japanese TrueType Font Made by IPA linux/noarch
ipa-gothic-bolditalic-fonts-003.02-13.1 Bold+Italic Variant of "Gothic" Japanese TrueType Font Made by IPA linux/noarch
ipa-gothic-fonts-003.03-7.1 "Gothic" Japanese TrueType Font Made by IPA linux/noarch
ipa-gothic-italic-fonts-003.02-13.1 Italic Variant of "Gothic" Japanese TrueType Font Made by IPA linux/noarch
ipa-mincho-fonts-003.03-7.1 "Mincho" Japanese TrueType Font Made by IPA linux/noarch
ipa-pgothic-bold-fonts-003.02-13.1 Bold Variant of "Proportional Gothic" Japanese TrueType Font Made by IPA linux/noarch
ipa-pgothic-bolditalic-fonts-003.02-13.1 Bold+Italic Variant of "Proportional Gothic" Japanese TrueType Font Made by IPA linux/noarch
ipa-pgothic-fonts-003.03-7.1 "Proportional Gothic" Japanese TrueType Font Made by IPA linux/noarch
ipa-pgothic-italic-fonts-003.02-13.1 Italic Variant of "Proportional Gothic" Japanese TrueType Font Made by IPA linux/noarch
ipa-pmincho-fonts-003.03-7.1 "Proportional Mincho" Japanese TrueType Font Made by IPA linux/noarch
ipa-uigothic-fonts-002.003-67.1 "UI Gothic" Japanese TrueType Font Made by IPA linux/noarch
jomolhari-fonts-alpha003-3.1 Tibetan Font linux/noarch
kde-oxygen-fonts-0.4.0-3.1 A desktop/gui font family for integrated use with the KDE desktop linux/noarch
khmeros-fonts-5.0-118.1 Fonts for the Khmer Language of Cambodia linux/noarch
lcdf-typetools-2.104-1.1 Programs to manipulate OpenType and multiple-master fonts linux/aarch64
liberation-fonts-1.07.4-1.1 Liberation Fonts linux/noarch
liberation2-fonts-2.00.1-7.1 Liberation Fonts linux/noarch
lilypond-century-schoolbook-l-fonts-2.18.2-5.1 Lilypond Century Schoolbook L fonts linux/noarch
lilypond-emmentaler-fonts-2.18.2-5.1 Lilypond emmentaler fonts linux/noarch
lilypond-fonts-common-2.18.2-5.1 Lilypond fonts common dir linux/noarch
linux-libertine-fonts-5.3.0-8.1 Free Serif Fonts linux/noarch
lklug-fonts-0.6-120.1 "Lanka Linux User Group" OpenType Font for Sinhala linux/noarch
lomt-blackout-fonts-0.20121218-7.2 League Of Movable Type's "Blackout" font family linux/noarch
lomt-chunk-fonts-0.20121218-7.2 League Of Movable Type's "Chunk" font linux/noarch
lomt-fanwood-fonts-0.20121218-7.2 League Of Movable Type's "Fanwood" font family linux/noarch
lomt-goudybookletter-fonts-0.20121218-7.2 League Of Movable Type's "Goudy Bookletter 1911" font linux/noarch
lomt-junction-fonts-0.20121218-7.2 League Of Movable Type's "Junction" font linux/noarch
lomt-knewave-fonts-0.20121218-7.2 League Of Movable Type's "Knewave" font family linux/noarch
lomt-leaguegothic-fonts-0.20121218-7.2 League Of Movable Type's "League Gothic" font family linux/noarch
lomt-lindenhill-fonts-0.20121218-7.2 League Of Movable Type's "Linden Hill" font family linux/noarch
lomt-orbitron-fonts-0.20121218-7.2 League Of Movable Type's "Orbitron" font family linux/noarch
lomt-ostrichsans-fonts-0.20121218-7.2 League Of Movable Type's "Ostrich Sans" font family linux/noarch
lomt-prociono-fonts-0.20121218-7.2 League Of Movable Type's "Prociono" font linux/noarch
lomt-script1-fonts-0.20121218-7.2 League Of Movable Type's "League Script Number One" font linux/noarch
lomt-sniglet-fonts-0.20121218-7.2 League Of Movable Type's "Sniglet" font linux/noarch
lomt-sortsmillgoudy-fonts-0.20121218-7.2 League Of Movable Type's "Sorts Mill Goudy" font family linux/noarch
mathgl-fonts-2.3.3-2.1 Fonts for MathGL library linux/noarchNew
maya-fonts-4.11-3.1 Font with Basic Maya Glyphs linux/noarch
meslo-lg-fonts-1.2.1-5.1 Meslo LG Font Family linux/noarch
mgopen-fonts-0.20050518-205.1 Free High-Quality Greek Fonts linux/noarch
miao-fonts-20131031-3.1 Miao Unicode Fonts linux/noarch
mingzat-fonts-0.100-3.1 Lepcha Font linux/noarch
monapo-fonts-20090423-11.1 Monapo Japanese Truetype font linux/noarch
mongolian-fonts-2011.11-3.1 Traditional Mongolian Fonts linux/noarch
motoya-lcedar-fonts-1.0.0-11.1 Japanese gothic-typeface fonts designed by Motoya linux/noarch
motoya-lmaru-fonts-1.0.0-11.1 Japanese Round-Gothic-Typeface Fonts Designed by Motoya linux/noarch
mplus-fonts-1.0.58-3.1 Free Fonts Set Incorporates All Kanji Until Level 2 and Latin Glyphs linux/noarch
namdhinggo-fonts-1.004-3.1 SIL Limbu Font linux/noarch
nanum-fonts-20110907-23.1 Nanum Korean TrueType Fonts linux/noarch
nanum-gothic-coding-fonts-2.0-23.1 Nanum Gothic Coding Korean TrueType Fonts linux/noarch
noto-kufiarabic-20140716-3.1 Noto Font linux/noarchNew
noto-naskharabic-20140716-3.1 Noto Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-20140716-3.1 Noto Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-armenian-20140716-3.1 Noto Armenian Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-avestan-20140716-3.1 Noto Avestan Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-balinese-20140716-3.1 Noto Balinese Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-bamum-20140716-3.1 Noto Bamum Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-batak-20140716-3.1 Noto Batak Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-bengali-20140716-3.1 Noto Bengali Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-brahmi-20140716-3.1 Noto Brahmi Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-buginese-20140716-3.1 Noto Buginese Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-buhid-20140716-3.1 Noto Buhid Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-canadianaboriginal-20140716-3.1 Noto Canadian Aboriginal Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-carian-20140716-3.1 Noto Carian Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-cham-20140716-3.1 Noto Cham Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-cherokee-20140716-3.1 Noto Cherokee Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-coptic-20140716-3.1 Noto Coptic Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-cypriot-20140716-3.1 Noto Cypriot Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-deseret-20140716-3.1 Noto Deseret Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-devanagari-20140716-3.1 Noto Devanagari Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-egyptianhieroglyphs-20140716-3.1 Noto Egyptian Hieroglyphs Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-ethiopic-20140716-3.1 Noto Ethiopic Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-georgian-20140716-3.1 Noto Georgian Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-glagolitic-20140716-3.1 Noto Glagolitic Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-gothic-20140716-3.1 Noto Gothic Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-gujarati-20140716-3.1 Noto Gujarati Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-gurmukhi-20140716-3.1 Noto Gurmukhi Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-hans-20140716-3.1 Noto Hans Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-hant-20140716-3.1 Noto Hant Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-hanunoo-20140716-3.1 Noto Hanunoo Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-hebrew-20140716-3.1 Noto Hebrew Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-imperialaramaic-20140716-3.1 Noto Imperial Aramaic Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-javanese-20140716-3.1 Noto Javanese Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-jp-20140716-3.1 Noto JP Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-kaithi-20140716-3.1 Noto Kaithi Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-kannada-20140716-3.1 Noto Kannada Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-kayahli-20140716-3.1 Noto Kayah Li Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-kharoshthi-20140716-3.1 Noto Kharoshthi Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-khmer-20140716-3.1 Noto Khmer Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-kr-20140716-3.1 Noto KR Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-lao-20140716-3.1 Noto Lao Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-lepcha-20140716-3.1 Noto Lepcha Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-limbu-20140716-3.1 Noto Limbu Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-linearb-20140716-3.1 Noto Linear B Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-lisu-20140716-3.1 Noto Lisu Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-lycian-20140716-3.1 Noto Lycian Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-lydian-20140716-3.1 Noto Lydian Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-malayalam-20140716-3.1 Noto Malayalam Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-mandaic-20140716-3.1 Noto Mandaic Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-meeteimayek-20140716-3.1 Noto Meetei Mayek Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-mongolian-20140716-3.1 Noto Mongolian Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-myanmar-20140716-3.1 Noto Myanmar Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-newtailue-20140716-3.1 Noto New TaiLue Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-nko-20140716-3.1 Noto NKo Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-ogham-20140716-3.1 Noto Ogham Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-olchiki-20140716-3.1 Noto Ol Chiki Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-olditalic-20140716-3.1 Noto Old Italic Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-oldpersian-20140716-3.1 Noto Old Persian Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-oldsoutharabian-20140716-3.1 Noto Old SouthArabian Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-oldturkic-20140716-3.1 Noto Old Turkic Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-osmanya-20140716-3.1 Noto Osmanya Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-pahlavi-20140716-3.1 Noto Pahlavi Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-parthian-20140716-3.1 Noto Parthian Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-phagspa-20140716-3.1 Noto Phags Pa Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-phoenician-20140716-3.1 Noto Phoenician Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-rejang-20140716-3.1 Noto Rejang Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-runic-20140716-3.1 Noto Runic Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-samaritan-20140716-3.1 Noto Samaritan Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-saurashtra-20140716-3.1 Noto Saurashtra Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-shavian-20140716-3.1 Noto Shavian Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-sinhala-20140716-3.1 Noto Sinhala Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-sumeroakkadiancuneiform-20140716-3.1 Noto Sumero AkkadianCuneiform Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-sundanese-20140716-3.1 Noto Sundanese Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-sylotinagri-20140716-3.1 Noto Syloti Nagri Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-symbols-20140716-3.1 Noto Symbols Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-syriaceastern-20140716-3.1 Noto Syriac Eastern Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-syriacestrangela-20140716-3.1 Noto Syriac Estrangela Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-syriacwestern-20140716-3.1 Noto Syriac Western Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-tagalog-20140716-3.1 Noto Tagalog Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-tagbanwa-20140716-3.1 Noto Tagbanwa Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-taile-20140716-3.1 Noto Tai Le Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-taitham-20140716-3.1 Noto Tai Tham Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-taiviet-20140716-3.1 Noto Tai Viet Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-tamil-20140716-3.1 Noto Tamil Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-telugu-20140716-3.1 Noto Telugu Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-thai-20140716-3.1 Noto Thai Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-tifinagh-20140716-3.1 Noto Tifinagh Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-ugaritic-20140716-3.1 Noto Ugaritic Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-vai-20140716-3.1 Noto Vai Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-yi-20140716-3.1 Noto Yi Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-serif-20140716-3.1 Noto Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-serif-armenian-20140716-3.1 Noto Armenian Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-serif-georgian-20140716-3.1 Noto Georgian Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-serif-khmer-20140716-3.1 Noto Khmer Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-serif-lao-20140716-3.1 Noto Lao Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-serif-thai-20140716-3.1 Noto Thai Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
nuosu-fonts-2.1.1-3.1 SIL Yi Font linux/noarch
opengost-otf-fonts-0.3-7.1 Open-source Russian GOST Fonts (OpenType Format) linux/noarch
opengost-ttf-fonts-0.3-7.1 Open-source Russian GOST Fonts (TrueType Format) linux/noarch
orkhon-fonts-20100509-3.1 Font for Old Turkic Script linux/noarch
paglinawan-quicksand-fonts-1.0.20120829-7.1 Geometric-style sans serif linux/noarch
pagul-fonts-1.0-3.1 Pagul Fonts linux/noarch
paratype-pt-mono-fonts-1.003OFL-3.1 Monospaced Fonts for Minority Languages of Russia linux/noarch
paratype-pt-sans-fonts-2.005OFL-3.1 Sans Fonts for Minority Languages of Russia linux/noarch
paratype-pt-serif-fonts-1.002OFL-3.1 Serif Fonts for Minority Languages of Russia linux/noarch
phetsarath-fonts-2.00-4.1 Lao Unicode Fonts linux/noarch
pothana2000-fonts-1.1-147.1 OpenType Font for Telugu linux/noarch
raleway-fonts-3.0-4.1 Elegant sans-serif Typeface Family linux/noarch
sazanami-fonts-20040629-212.1 Japanese "Sazanami" TrueType Fonts linux/noarch
sgi-bitmap-fonts-1.0-944.1 Very Nice Bitmapped Fonts from SGI linux/noarch
sil-abyssinica-fonts-1.0-167.1 Smart Unicode Font for the Ethiopic Script (Amharic) linux/noarch
sil-charis-fonts-5.000-1.1 Smart Unicode Font for Latin and Cyrillic Scripts linux/noarch
sil-doulos-fonts-5.000-1.1 Doulos SIL Fonts Similar to Times linux/noarch
sil-gentium-fonts-1.510-7.1 A International Typeface for Languages Using the Latin Script linux/noarch
sil-padauk-fonts-2.2-84.1 Smart Unicode Font for the Myanmar Script linux/noarch
stix-fonts-1.1.0-12.1 STIX scientific and engineering fonts linux/noarch
stix-integrals-fonts-1.1.0-12.1 STIX scientific and engineering fonts, additional integral glyphs linux/noarch
stix-pua-fonts-1.1.0-12.1 STIX scientific and engineering fonts, PUA glyphs linux/noarch
stix-sizes-fonts-1.1.0-12.1 STIX scientific and engineering fonts, additional glyph sizes linux/noarch
stix-variants-fonts-1.1.0-12.1 STIX scientific and engineering fonts, additional glyph variants linux/noarch
sundanese-unicode-fonts-1.0.5-3.1 Sundanese Unicode Font linux/noarch
tagbanwa-fonts-1.001-3.1 Tagbanwa Fonts linux/noarch
tai-heritage-pro-fonts-2.500-3.1 Tai Viet Font linux/noarch
terminus-bitmap-fonts-4.39-1.1 Readable Fixed Width Fonts for X11 and the Linux Console linux/noarch
termsyn-bitmap-fonts-1.8.7-1.1 Clean, monospaced bitmap font based on Terminus and Tamsyn linux/noarch
thai-fonts-0.6.1-1.1 A Collection of Thai TrueType Fonts linux/noarch
thessalonica-oldstandard-otf-fonts-2.2-11.1 Old Standard Font Family (OpenType Format) linux/noarch
thessalonica-oldstandard-ttf-fonts-2.2-11.1 Old Standard Font Family (TrueType Format) linux/noarch
thessalonica-tempora-lgc-otf-fonts-0.2.1-11.1 Tempora LGC Unicode Fonts (OpenType Format) linux/noarch
thessalonica-tempora-lgc-ttf-fonts-0.2.1-11.1 Tempora LGC Unicode Fonts (TrueType Format) linux/noarch
thessalonica-theano-otf-fonts-2.0-11.1 Theano Classical Fonts (OpenType Format) linux/noarch
thessalonica-theano-ttf-fonts-2.0-11.1 Theano Classical Fonts (TrueType Format) linux/noarch
thryomanes-fonts-1.2-179.1 Greek TrueType Fonts linux/noarch
tibetan-machine-uni-fonts-1.901-3.1 Font for Tibetan Script linux/noarch
tuladha-jejeg-fonts-2.01-3.1 Javanese Font linux/noarch
tv-fonts-1.1-448.1 Fonts for TV Applications linux/noarch
ubuntu-fonts-0.80-3.1 A unique, custom designed font that has a very distinctive look and feel linux/noarch
un-fonts-1.0.20080608-11.1 Korean TrueType fonts linux/noarch
unidings-fonts-7.12-3.1 Font with Basic Icon Glyphs linux/noarch
unifraktur-fonts-0.20140706-3.1 Fonts from the UniFraktur project linux/noarch
vlgothic-fonts-20140801-1.2 VL-Gothic TrueType font family linux/noarch
vollkorn-fonts-3.005-3.1 An serif font for everyday use linux/noarch
wang-fonts-1.3.0-1.1 Chinese (Unicode) TrueType fonts by Dr linux/noarch
wqy-bitmap-fonts-0.9.9_0-15.1 Wen Quan Yi Bitmap Song CJK Fonts linux/noarch
wqy-microhei-fonts-0.2.0+snapshot20141019-2.1 WenQuanYi Micro Hei CJK Font linux/noarch
wqy-zenhei-fonts-0.9.47+snapshot20141019-1.1 Open-source Chinese Font for Hei Ti linux/noarch
x11-japanese-bitmap-fonts-20020904-653.1 Japanese Fixed Fonts for the X Window System linux/noarch
xano-mincho-fonts-20040509-11.1 Japanese "XANO-Mincho-U32" TrueType font JIS X 0213:2004 linux/noarch
xorg-x11-fonts-7.6-31.1 X.Org fonts linux/noarch
xorg-x11-fonts-core-7.6-31.1 Core Fonts for X.Org linux/noarch

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