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RPM of Group System/Kernel

compcache-0.6.2-22.1 Compressed RAM based swap device linux/noarch
evmctl-0.9-1.1 IMA/EVM control utility --IMA/EVM signing utility linux/aarch64
fxload-2008_10_13-28.1 Download Firmware into USB FX and FX2 Devices linux/aarch64New
hdjmod-kmp-default-1.28_k4.0.4_1-20.21 Support for Hercules DJ Devices linux/aarch64
install-initrd-openSUSE-14.177-26.4 Create initrd for openSUSE installation linux/aarch64New
ipset-kmp-default-6.24_k4.0.4_1-1.14 Netfilter ipset kernel modules linux/aarch64
kdump-0.8.15-12.5 Script for kdump linux/aarch64
kdumpid-1.0-1.1 Utility to extract information from vmcores linux/aarch64
kernel-default-4.0.4-2.1 The Standard Kernel linux/aarch64New
kernel-default-base-4.0.4-2.1 The Standard Kernel - base modules linux/aarch64New
kernel-firmware-20150209git-2.1 Linux kernel firmware files linux/noarch
kernel-vanilla-4.0.4-3.1 The Standard Kernel - without any SUSE patches linux/aarch64New
kexec-tools-2.0.9-2.1 Tools for fast kernel loading linux/aarch64
keyutils-1.5.9-5.1 Linux Key Management Utilities linux/aarch64
keyutils-devel-1.5.9-5.1 Development package for building linux key management utilities linux/aarch64
kmod-20-1.1 Utilities to load modules into the kernel linux/aarch64
kmod-compat-20-1.1 Compat symlinks for kernel module utilities linux/aarch64
libiec61883-1.2.0-7.1 Implementation of IEC 61883 linux/aarch64
libiec61883-devel-1.2.0-7.1 Implementation of IEC 61883 linux/aarch64
libkeyutils1-1.5.9-5.1 Key utilities library linux/aarch64
libraw1394-2.1.0-7.1 A Firewire Interface linux/aarch64
libraw1394-11-2.1.0-7.1 A Firewire Interface linux/aarch64
libusbg-tools-0.1.0.g122-1.1 Utilities to show and configure USB gadget devices linux/aarch64
lio-mibs-4.1-13.1 Target Userspace utils linux/aarch64
lio-utils-4.1-13.1 Target Userspace utils linux/aarch64
netconsole-tools-20030909-155.1 Configure netconsole Kernel Module linux/noarch
pcfclock-0.44-262.6 Pcfclock kernel driver linux/aarch64
pcfclock-kmp-default-0.44_k4.0.4_1-262.6 Pcfclock kernel driver linux/aarch64
ucode-amd-20150209git-2.1 Microcode updates for AMD CPUs linux/noarch
udev-219-5.1 A rule-based device node and kernel event manager linux/aarch64
vhba-kmp-default-20140928_k4.0.4_1-1.19 Virtual SCSI Host Bus adapter linux/aarch64
virt-utils-1.1.9-12.1 Virtualization Utilities linux/aarch64
xen-4.5.0_04-1.1 Xen Virtualization: Hypervisor (aka VMM aka Microkernel) linux/aarch64
xen-devel-4.5.0_04-1.1 Xen Virtualization: Headers and libraries for development linux/aarch64
xen-libs-4.5.0_04-1.1 Xen Virtualization: Libraries linux/aarch64
xen-tools-4.5.0_04-1.1 Xen Virtualization: Control tools for domain 0 linux/aarch64
xen-tools-domU-4.5.0_04-1.1 Xen Virtualization: Control tools for domain U linux/aarch64
xtables-addons-kmp-default-2.6_k4.0.4_1-1.19 IP Packet Filter Administration Extensions linux/aarch64

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