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RPM of Group System/Fhs

aaa_base-13.2+git20150211.c745414-1.1 openSUSE Base Package linux/aarch64
aaa_base-extras-13.2+git20150211.c745414-1.1 SUSE Linux Base Package (recommended part) linux/aarch64
aaa_base-malloccheck-13.2+git20150211.c745414-1.1 SUSE Linux Base Package (malloc checking) linux/aarch64
branding-openSUSE-13.2-11.1 openSUSE Brand File linux/noarch
branding-upstream-12.3-4.2 SUSE Brand File Supplementing Upstream Look and Feel linux/noarch
filesystem-13.2-7.1 Basic Directory Layout linux/aarch64
grub2-branding-openSUSE-13.2-11.1 openSUSE branding for GRUB2's graphical console linux/noarch
grub2-branding-upstream-2.02~beta2-33.1 Upstream branding for GRUB2's graphical console linux/aarch64
grub2-snapper-plugin-2.02~beta2-33.1 Grub2's snapper plugin linux/noarch
kde4-filesystem-4.14-1.1 KDE4 Directory Layout linux/aarch64
kf5-filesystem-5.6.0-1.1 KF5 Directory Layout linux/aarch64
ksplash-qml-branding-openSUSE-13.2-11.1 openSUSE branding for KDE splash QML linux/noarch
ksplashx-branding-openSUSE-13.2-11.1 openSUSE branding for KDE splash linux/noarch
lsb-4.0-27.1 Linux Standard Base Core linux/aarch64
lsb-release-2.0-25.1 Linux Standard Base Release Tools linux/noarch
makedev-2.6-561.1 Script for Creating Device Files in /dev linux/noarch
openSUSE-release-Factory-1.20 openSUSE Tumbleweed linux/aarch64
openSUSE-release-ftp-Factory-1.20 openSUSE Tumbleweed linux/aarch64
opt_gnome-compat-0.1-151.1 Directory Layout for /opt/gnome Compatibility linux/aarch64
plymouth-branding-openSUSE-13.2-11.1 openSUSE branding for Plymouth bootsplash linux/noarch
susegreeter-branding-openSUSE-13.2-11.1 openSUSE branding for the KDE greeter linux/noarch
wallpaper-branding-openSUSE-13.2-11.1 openSUSE default wallpapers linux/noarch
xfce4-splash-branding-openSUSE-13.2-11.1 openSUSE branding for XFCE splash linux/noarch
yast2-qt-branding-openSUSE-13.2-11.1 openSUSE branding for yast2-qt linux/noarch

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