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RPM of Group System/Boot

abootimg-0.6-5.3 Android boot image manipulator linux/aarch64
bootsplash-branding-KDE-3.3-10.1 KDE Bootsplash Theme linux/noarch
bootsplash-branding-upstream-3.3-10.1 Unbranded Bootsplash Theme linux/noarch
dtb-apm-mustang-3.15.rc5-3.1 APM X-Gene Mustang board linux/aarch64
dtb-foundation-v8-3.15.rc5-3.1 Foundation-V8A (compatible with Vexpress64) linux/aarch64
dtb-rtsm_ve-aemv8a-3.15.rc5-3.1 RTSM VE AEMv8A board (compatible with Vexpress64) linux/aarch64
genromfs-0.5.2-94.3 Utility for Creating romfs File Systems linux/aarch64
linuxrc-5.0.5-1.1 SUSE Installation Program linux/aarch64New
network-autoconfig-1.0-1.1 Find a connected eth interface and create an ifcfg for it linux/noarch
os-prober-1.61-11.1 Probes disks on the system for installed operating systems linux/aarch64
perl-Bootloader-0.818-1.2 Library for Configuring Boot Loaders linux/aarch64New
perl-Bootloader-YAML-0.818-1.2 YAML interface for perl-Bootloader linux/aarch64New
splashy-0.3.13-45.6 A complete user-space boot splash system linux/aarch64
splashy-branding-openSUSE-0.3.13-45.6 Splashy branding for openSUSE linux/aarch64
splashy-mkinitrd-0.3.13-45.6 Setup script for mkinitrd linux/aarch64
splashy-themes-0.3.13-45.6 Additional themes for splashy linux/aarch64
u-boot-tools-2014.04-2.1 Tools for the u-boot Firmware linux/aarch64
u-boot-vexpressaemv8a-2014.04-2.1 The u-boot firmware for the vexpressaemv8a arm platform linux/aarch64

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