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Packages beginning with letter Q

qalculate-0.9.7-18.1 Powerful Calulator application linux/aarch64New
qbittorrent-3.1.12-1.1 A BitTorrent client in Qt linux/aarch64
qbittorrent-nox-3.1.12-1.1 A BitTorrent client in Qt, CLI version linux/aarch64
qca-1.0-252.1 Qt Cryptographic Architecture linux/aarch64New
qca-devel-1.0-252.1 Qt Cryptographic Architecture linux/aarch64New
qca-sasl-1.0-243.1 Qt Cryptographic Architecture SASL Plug-In linux/aarch64New
qconf-20150319.c8e969fef8ce-1.1 Configuration tool for qmake linux/aarch64New
qd-devel-2.3.15-1.1 Development files for qd linux/aarch64
qdox-1.12.1-11.2 Extract class/interface/method definitions from sources linux/noarchNew
qdox-javadoc-1.12.1-11.2 Extract class/interface/method definitions from sources linux/noarchNew
qdox-repolib-1.12.1-11.2 Artifacts to be uploaded to a repository library linux/noarchNew
qelectrotech-0.4-1.1 Application to design electric diagrams linux/aarch64
qemacs-0.3.1-402.1 Quick Emacs is a very small but powerful editor linux/aarch64New
qemu-2.2.0-18.3 Universal CPU emulator linux/aarch64New
qemu-arm-2.2.0-18.3 Universal CPU emulator -- ARM linux/aarch64New
qemu-block-curl-2.2.0-18.3 Universal CPU emulator -- cURL block support linux/aarch64New
qemu-extra-2.2.0-18.3 Universal CPU emulator -- extra architectures linux/aarch64New
qemu-guest-agent-2.2.0-18.3 Universal CPU emulator -- Guest agent linux/aarch64New
qemu-ksm-2.2.0-18.3 Kernel Samepage Merging services linux/aarch64New
qemu-lang-2.2.0-18.3 Universal CPU emulator -- Translations linux/aarch64New
qemu-linux-user-2.2.0-18.1 Universal CPU emulator linux/aarch64
qemu-linux-user-arm-2.1.0-1.1 Universal CPU emulator linux/aarch64
qemu-ppc-2.2.0-18.3 Universal CPU emulator -- Power Architecture linux/aarch64New
qemu-s390-2.2.0-18.3 Universal CPU emulator -- S/390 linux/aarch64New
qemu-tools-2.2.0-18.3 Universal CPU emulator -- Tools linux/aarch64New
qemu-x86-2.2.0-18.3 Universal CPU emulator -- x86 linux/aarch64New
qgit-2.5-5.1 Graphical Git Repository Viewer linux/aarch64New
qgle-4.2.4c-1.1 User interface for gle-graphics linux/aarch64
qgo-2.0.0-1.1 A Go Board and SGF Editor linux/aarch64
qhull-2012.1.2-11.2 Computing convex hulls, Delaunay triangulations and Voronoi diagrams linux/aarch64New
qhull-devel-2012.1.2-11.2 Development and documentation files for qhull linux/aarch64New
qiv-2.3.1-1.1 Probably the fastest and simplest image viewer on the planet linux/aarch64
qjackctl-0.3.12-1.1 Graphical User Interface to Control JACK Servers linux/aarch64
qjackctl-lang-0.3.12-1.1 Languages for package qjackctl linux/noarch
qm-2.3-219.1 QMTest--General Purpose Testing Solution linux/aarch64New
qmmp-0.8.3-1.4 XMMS-like audio player linux/aarch64
qoauth-devel-1.0.1-22.1 Development files for QOAuth linux/aarch64New
qore-0.8.11-4.1 Multithreaded Programming Language linux/aarch64New
qore-devel-0.8.11-4.1 The header files needed to compile programs using the qore library linux/aarch64New
qore-devel-doc-0.8.11-4.1 C++ API documentation for the qore library linux/aarch64New
qore-doc-0.8.11-4.1 API documentation, programming language reference, and Qore example programs linux/aarch64New
qos-1.0.1-5.1 Simple traffic shaping utility for fighting bufferbloat linux/noarchNew
qpdf-5.1.2-3.1 Command-line tools and library for transforming PDF files linux/aarch64New
qpdf-devel-5.1.2-3.1 Development files for qpdf PDF manipulation library linux/aarch64New
qpdfview-0.4.14-1.1 Tabbed document viewer in Qt linux/aarch64
qpdfview-lang-0.4.14-1.1 Languages for package qpdfview linux/noarch
qpid-cpp-client-0.32-1.1 Libraries for Qpid C++ client applications linux/aarch64New
qpid-cpp-client-devel-0.32-1.1 Header files, documentation and testing tools for developing Qpid C++ clients linux/aarch64New
qpid-cpp-client-devel-docs-0.32-1.1 AMQP client development documentation linux/noarchNew
qpid-cpp-server-0.32-1.1 An AMQP message broker daemon linux/aarch64New
qpid-cpp-server-ha-0.32-1.1 Extensions to the AMQP message broker to provide high availability linux/aarch64New
qpid-cpp-server-store-0.32-1.1 Red Hat persistence extension to the Qpid messaging system linux/aarch64New
qpid-proton-0.9-1.1 A high performance, lightweight messaging library linux/aarch64New
qpid-proton-devel-0.9-1.1 Development libraries for writing messaging apps with Qpid Proton linux/aarch64New
qpid-proton-devel-doc-0.9-1.1 Documentation for the C development libraries for Qpid Proton linux/noarchNew
qpid-qmf-0.32-1.1 The QPID Management Framework linux/aarch64New
qpid-qmf-devel-0.32-1.1 Header files and tools for developing QMF extensions linux/aarch64New
qpid-tools-0.32-1.1 Management and diagostic tools for Apache Qpid linux/aarch64New
qpress-1.1-6.1 File archiver designed for speed linux/aarch64
qprint-1.1-1.1 Command line utility which encodes and decodes files in this format linux/aarch64
qps-1.10.16-11.3 Visual Process Manager linux/aarch64
qqwing-1.2.0-3.1 Sudoku solver and generator linux/aarch64New
qqwing-devel-1.2.0-3.1 Sudoku solver and generator linux/aarch64New
qrencode-3.4.3-4.2 C library for encoding data in a QR Code symbol linux/aarch64New
qrencode-devel-3.4.3-4.2 C library for encoding data in a QR Code symbol - Development files linux/aarch64New
qrupdate-1.1.2-3.1 Fortran library for fast updates of QR and Cholesky decompositions linux/aarch64New
qrupdate-devel-1.1.2-3.1 Development files for qrupdate library linux/aarch64New
qrupdate-static-1.1.2-3.1 Static version of qrupdate library linux/aarch64New
qsapecng-2.0.0-1.1 Qt-based program for symbolic analysis of linear analog circuits linux/aarch64
qsynergy-1.6.2-1.1 Qt GUI for easily configuring Synergy2 linux/aarch64
qt-creator-3.2.2-1.1 Lightweight IDE linux/aarch64
qt3-3.3.8c-137.1 A library for developing applications with graphical user interfaces linux/aarch64
qt3-devel-3.3.8c-137.1 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/aarch64
qt3-devel-doc-3.3.8c-137.1 Documentation for the Qt 3 Development Kit linux/noarch
qt3-devel-examples-3.3.8c-137.1 Programming Examples for Qt 3 linux/aarch64
qt3-devel-tools-3.3.8c-137.1 User Interface Builder and other tools (designer, assistant, linguist) linux/aarch64
qt3-extensions-3.3.8c-137.1 Qt3 Extensions linux/aarch64
qt3-man-3.3.8c-137.1 Qt 3 Man Pages linux/aarch64
qt3-mysql-3.3.8c-137.1 MySQL Plug-In for Qt linux/aarch64
qt3-postgresql-3.3.8c-137.1 A PostgreSQL Plug-In for Qt linux/aarch64
qt3-sqlite-3.3.8c-137.1 SQLite Database Plug-In for Qt linux/aarch64
qt3-unixODBC-3.3.8c-137.1 A UnixODBC Plug-In for Qt linux/aarch64
qt4-assistant-adp-4.6.3-16.1 C++ Program Library, Core Components linux/aarch64New
qt4-assistant-adp-devel-4.6.3-16.1 Qt Development Kit linux/aarch64New
qt4-qtscript-0.2.0-11.1 Qt bindings generator for Qt Script linux/aarch64New
qt4-qtscript-doc-0.2.0-11.1 Qt bindings generator for Qt Script linux/aarch64New
qt4-x11-tools-4.8.6-11.1 C++ Program Library, Core Components linux/aarch64
qtc-0.7a-241.1 C Bindings for Qt linux/aarch64New
qtcurve-gtk2-1.8.19~git20150303-1.1 QtCurve style for GTK+ 2 linux/aarch64
qtcurve-kde4-1.8.19~git20150303-1.1 QtCurve style for KDE 4 linux/aarch64
qtcurve-qt5-1.8.19~git20150303-1.1 QtCurve style for Qt 5 linux/aarch64
qterm-0.5.12-14.1 QTerm is BBS client linux/aarch64New
qtermwidget-qt4-data-0.4.0+git.37-1.2 QTermWidget â data package linux/noarchNew
qtermwidget-qt4-devel-0.4.0+git.37-1.2 QTermWidget â devel package linux/aarch64New
qtkeychain-devel-0.4-1.1 Platform-independent Qt API for storing passwords securely linux/aarch64
qtkeychain-lang-0.4-1.1 Platform-independent Qt API for storing passwords securely linux/aarch64
qtkeychain-qt5-devel-0.4.0-1.1 A cross platform password store library linux/aarch64
qtodotxt-1.4.0-1.1 Cross-platform UI client for todo.txt files linux/noarch
qtractor-0.5.7-3.1 An Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer linux/aarch64
quadrapassel-3.16.0-1.1 Tetris Game for GNOME linux/aarch64
quadrapassel-lang-3.16.0-1.1 Languages for package quadrapassel linux/noarch
quagga- Free Routing Software (for BGP, OSPF and RIP, for example) linux/aarch64
quagga-devel- Free Routing Software (for BGP, OSPF and RIP, for example) linux/aarch64
quantum-espresso-5.1.2-1.1 A suite for electronic-structure calculations and materials modeling linux/aarch64
quantum-espresso-doc-5.1.2-1.1 Documentation files for Quantum Espresso linux/aarch64
quantum-espresso-openmpi-5.1.2-1.1 A suite for electronic-structure calculations and materials modeling linux/aarch64
quassel-base-0.12~rc1-1.1 Modern, cross-platform, distributed IRC client linux/aarch64
quassel-client-0.12~rc1-1.1 Modern, cross-platform, distributed IRC client linux/aarch64
quassel-core-0.12~rc1-1.1 Modern, cross-platform, distributed IRC client linux/aarch64
quassel-mono-0.12~rc1-1.1 Modern, cross-platform, distributed IRC client linux/aarch64
quazip-devel-0.7.1-1.1 Development files for quazip linux/aarch64
quazip-doc-0.7.1-1.1 C++ wrapper for ZIP/UNZIP linux/aarch64
qucs-0.0.18-1.1 Circuit Simulator with Graphical User Interface (Qt) linux/aarch64
qucs-devel-0.0.18-1.1 Development files fir QUCS library linux/aarch64
quickbook-1.56.0-4.1 Documentation tool geared towards C++ linux/aarch64
quilt-0.64-1.1 A Tool for Working with Many Patches linux/noarch
quota-4.02-1.1 Disk Quota System linux/aarch64
quota-nfs-4.02-1.1 Disk Quota System on NFS linux/aarch64
qupzilla-1.8.6-2.1 A very fast open source browser based on WebKit core linux/aarch64
qupzilla-gnome-keyring-1.8.6-2.1 Gnome keyring plugin for qupzilla linux/aarch64
qupzilla-kwallet-1.8.6-2.1 Kwallet plugin for qupzilla linux/aarch64
qupzilla-qt5-1.8.6-2.1 A very fast open source browser based on WebKit core linux/aarch64
qupzilla-qt5-gnome-keyring-1.8.6-2.1 Gnome keyring plugin for qupzilla linux/aarch64
qupzilla-qt5-kwallet-1.8.6-2.1 Kwallet plugin for qupzilla linux/aarch64
qutim-0.3.2-3.1 QutIM instant messenger linux/aarch64
qutim-devel-0.3.2-3.1 Development files for QutIM linux/aarch64
qutim-plugin-aspeller-0.3.2-3.1 Aspeller plugin for QutIM linux/aarch64
qutim-plugin-hunspeller-0.3.2-3.1 Hunspeller plugin for QutIM linux/aarch64
qutim-plugin-kdeintegration-0.3.2-3.1 KDE integration plugin for QutIM linux/aarch64
qutim-plugin-sdlsound-0.3.2-3.1 SDL sound plugin for QutIM linux/aarch64
quvi-0.9.5-3.1 Command line tool for parsing flash media stream URLs linux/aarch64New
qv4l2-1.6.2-2.1 Video4linux test control and streaming test application linux/aarch64
qwebyast-0.0.14-5.1 WebYaST Desktop Applet linux/aarch64New
qwt-designer-5.2.3-3.1 Plugin for the Qt Interface designer linux/aarch64New
qwt-devel-5.2.3-3.1 Include headers and Qt Designer plugin for Qwt linux/aarch64New
qwt-devel-doc-5.2.3-3.1 Development documentation for Qwt linux/aarch64New
qwt-examples-5.2.3-3.1 Example programs using Qwt linux/aarch64New
qwt6-6.1.2-1.1 Qt Widgets for Technical Applications linux/aarch64
qwt6-designer-6.1.2-1.1 Plugin for the Qt Interface designer linux/aarch64
qwt6-devel-6.1.2-1.1 Include headers and Qt Designer plugin for Qwt linux/aarch64
qwt6-devel-doc-6.1.2-1.1 Development documentation for Qwt linux/aarch64
qwt6-examples-6.1.2-1.1 Example programs using Qwt linux/aarch64

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