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RPM of Group Productivity/Scientific/Electronics

adms-2.3.4-1.1 An automatic device model synthesizer linux/aarch64
asco-0.4.9-1.1 A SPICE Circuit Optimizer linux/aarch64
fritzing-0.9.0b-3.2 Intuitive EDA platform featuring from prototype to product linux/aarch64
geda-gaf-1.8.2-5.2 Electronic Design Automation Toolsuite linux/aarch64
geda-gattrib-1.8.2-5.2 Symbol and Schematic Attribute Editor of the gEDA Suite linux/aarch64
geda-gnetlist-1.8.2-5.2 Schematic Netlist Generator Program of the gEDA Suite linux/aarch64
geda-gschem-1.8.2-5.2 Schematic Capture Program of the gEDA Suite linux/aarch64
geda-gsymcheck-1.8.2-5.2 Schematic Symbol Checker Program of the gEDA Suite linux/aarch64
geda-symbols-1.8.2-5.2 Schematic Symbols for the gEDA Suite linux/noarch
geda-utils-1.8.2-5.2 Various Utilities and Scripts for the gEDA Suite linux/aarch64
geda-xgsch2pcb-0.1.3-6.1 Graphical Frontend for gsch2pcb linux/aarch64
gerbv-2.6.1-7.1 Gerber File Viewer that supports the RS-274X Standard linux/aarch64
gnucap-0.35-16.1 Gnu Circuit Analysis Package linux/aarch64
gtkwave-3.3.65-1.2 Waveform viewer for Ditital Signals linux/aarch64
harminv-1.3.1-2.1 Harminv solves the problem of harmonic inversion linux/aarch64
iverilog-0.9.7-3.1 Simulation and synthesis tool for IEEE-1364 linux/aarch64
kicad-20140120-4.1 EDA software suite for the creation of schematics and PCB linux/aarch64
kicad-gost-20140120-4.1 EDA software suite for the creation of schematics and PCB with GOST support linux/aarch64
kicad-library-20130729-5.1 Library for kicad: footprints, symbols, 3d-packages linux/noarch
ksimus- Simulation, Automation, and Visualization of Electrical Circuits linux/aarch64
ksimus-devel- Simulation, Automation, and Visualization of Electrical Circuits linux/aarch64
libgeda42-data-1.8.2-5.2 Data for basic Library that is used by several gEDA programs linux/noarch
libserialport0-0.1.0-3.1 Handles OS-specific details when using serial ports linux/aarch64
libsigrok-data-0.3.0-3.2 Basic API for talking to logic analyzer hardware linux/noarch
meep-1.2.1-2.2 FDTD finite-difference time-domain solver linux/aarch64New
pcb-20140316-6.2 CAD Program for the Design of Printed Circuit Boards linux/aarch64
pulseview-0.2.0-3.3 Qt-based GUI for sigrok linux/aarch64
qelectrotech-0.4-1.1 Application to design electric diagrams linux/aarch64
qsapecng-2.0.0-1.2 Qt-based program for symbolic analysis of linear analog circuits linux/aarch64
qucs-0.0.18-1.1 Circuit Simulator with Graphical User Interface (Qt) linux/aarch64
sigrok-cli-0.5.0-3.1 Logic Analyzer Command Line Tool linux/aarch64
verilator-3.862-1.2 A fast simulator for synthesizable Verilog linux/aarch64

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