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RPM of Group Productivity/Other

abook-0.6.0pre2-17.1 Text-based addressbook program linux/aarch64
ark-15.04.2-1.1 KDE Archiver Tool linux/aarch64New
calibre-2.30.0-1.1 EBook Management Application linux/aarch64New
emerillon-0.1.90-10.1 Map viewer for GNOME linux/aarch64
enca-1.15-3.1 Detects encoding of text files linux/aarch64
espeak-1.48.04-4.1 Software speech synthesizer (text-to-speech) linux/aarch64
espeakedit-1.46.02-7.1 Software speech synthesizer (text-to-speech) linux/aarch64
fbreader-0.12.10-16.2 E-book reader linux/aarch64
glipper-2.4-8.1 Clipboard Manager for GNOME linux/noarch
gnome-maps-3.16.2-1.1 MAP Application for GNOME 3 linux/aarch64
gnome-shell-search-provider-gnome-weather- GNOME Weather -- Search Provider for GNOME Shell linux/noarch
gnome-weather- Weather App for GNOME linux/noarch
gramps-4.1.3-1.1 Genealogical Research Software linux/noarch
gromacs-bash-5.0.2-1.1 Bash completion for Gromacs linux/noarch
hamster-time-tracker-1.04-3.1 A time tracker for GNOME linux/noarch
hdhomerun_config-20141210-1.2 HDHomeRun Config tool linux/aarch64
hdhomerun_config_gui-20141210-1.2 HDHomeRun GTK GUI linux/aarch64
hxtools-20150304-1.1 Collection of day-to-day tools (binaries) linux/aarch64
hxtools-data-20150304-1.1 Collection of day-to-day tools (data) linux/noarch
hxtools-profile-20150304-1.1 The hxtools shell environment linux/noarch
hxtools-scripts-20150304-1.1 Collection of day-to-day tools (scripts) linux/noarch
istanbul-0.2.2-175.1 Istanbul desktop session recorder linux/aarch64
jbig2dec-0.11-5.1 JBIG2 Decoder Utility linux/aarch64
kalarm-4.14.9-1.1 Personal Alarm Scheduler linux/aarch64New
kcharselect-15.04.2-1.1 KDE Character Selector linux/aarch64New
kdesdk-strigi-analyzers-15.04.2-1.1 Base package for kdesdk apps linux/aarch64New
kdesdk-thumbnailers-15.04.2-1.1 Translation file thumbnail generators linux/aarch64New
kfilereplace-15.04.2-1.1 Search & Replace Tool linux/aarch64New
khelpcenter5-5.3.1-1.1 KDE Documentation Application linux/aarch64New
killswitch-applet-0.2.3-16.1 Manage Killswitches linux/noarch
kjots-4.14.9-1.1 Note Taker linux/aarch64New
knotes-4.14.9-1.1 Popup Notes linux/aarch64New
kontact-4.14.9-1.1 Personal Information Manager linux/aarch64New
kremotecontrol-15.04.2-1.1 KDE Frontend for the Linux Infrared Remote Control system linux/aarch64New
ktimer-15.04.2-1.1 Countdown Launcher linux/aarch64New
ktimetracker-4.14.9-1.1 Personal Time Tracker linux/aarch64New
ldtp-3.5.0-5.1 Linux Desktop Testing Project (LDTP) linux/noarch
libhdhomerun1-20141210-1.2 HDHomeRun library linux/aarch64
liblouis-tools-2.5.4-3.1 Braille Translator and Back-Translator - Tools linux/aarch64
libopensync-0.22-179.1 A Platform and Distribution Independent Synchronization Framework linux/aarch64
libopensync-plugin-file-0.22-170.1 File Synchronization Plug-In for OpenSync linux/aarch64
libopensync-plugin-gnokii-0.22-200.1 Gnokii Synchronization Plug-In for OpenSync linux/aarch64
libopensync-plugin-google-calendar-0.22-173.1 Google Calendar Synchronization Plug-In for OpenSync linux/aarch64
libopensync-plugin-gpe-0.22-171.1 GPE Synchronization Plug-In for OpenSync linux/aarch64
libopensync-plugin-moto-0.22-174.1 Motorola Synchronization Plug-In for OpenSync linux/aarch64
libopensync-plugin-opie-0.22-180.1 Opie Synchronization Plug-In for OpenSync linux/aarch64
libopensync-plugin-palm-0.22-205.1 Palm Synchronization Plug-In for OpenSync linux/aarch64
libopensync-plugin-palm-devel-0.22-205.1 Header files and libraries for libopensync-plugin-palm linux/aarch64
libopensync-plugin-python-module-0.22-171.1 OpenSync module for Python plugins linux/aarch64
libopensync-plugin-sunbird-0.22-175.1 Mozilla Calendar / Sunbird Synchronization Plug-In for OpenSync linux/aarch64
libopensync-tools-0.22-179.1 Tools for libopensync linux/aarch64
libt3highlight-utils-0.3.5-1.1 Utilities for working with libt3highlight linux/aarch64
liferea-1.10.14-1.2 Linux Feed Reader linux/aarch64
msynctool-0.22-171.1 CLI for synchronization with OpenSync linux/aarch64
parcellite-1.1.9-2.2 A lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager linux/aarch64
password-store-1.6.5-2.1 Stores, retrieves, generates, and synchronizes passwords linux/noarch
password-store-dmenu-1.6.5-2.1 A dmenu interface to pass linux/noarch
pinentry-0.9.3-1.1 Collection of Simple PIN or Passphrase Entry Dialogs linux/aarch64New
pinentry-gnome3-0.9.3-1.1 Collection of Simple PIN or Passphrase Entry Dialogs linux/aarch64New
pinentry-gtk2-0.9.3-1.1 Collection of Simple PIN or Passphrase Entry Dialogs linux/aarch64New
pinentry-qt4-0.9.3-1.1 Collection of Simple PIN or Passphrase Entry Dialogs linux/aarch64New
plasmoid-cwp-1.12.0-1.1 Customizable Weather Plasmoid linux/aarch64
python-opensync-0.22-179.1 Python bindings for OpenSync linux/aarch64
python-pass_python_keyring-1.1-1.1 Pass backend for python-keyring lib linux/noarch
python-poppler-0.12.1-19.1 Python bindings for the Poppler PDF rendering library linux/aarch64
rasqal-0.9.33-1.1 RDF Parser Toolkit for Redland linux/aarch64
rlwrap-0.42-1.1 A Readline Wrapper linux/aarch64
rsibreak-0.11-21.1 Assists in the Recovery and Prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury linux/aarch64
rsibreak-doc-0.11-21.1 Documentation for rsibreak linux/aarch64
specto-0.4.1-5.1 Unobtrusive update notifier linux/noarch
strigi-0.7.8-9.1 Lightweight and fast desktop search engine linux/aarch64
superkaramba-15.04.2-1.1 Superkaramba allows you to have (interactive) desktop widgets linux/aarch64New
susepaste-0.5-10.1 Simple script for using openSUSE paste easily linux/noarch
susepaste-screenshot-0.5-10.1 Simple script for pasting screenshots easily linux/noarch
tracker-1.4.0-1.2 Powerful object database, tag/metadata database, search tool and indexer linux/aarch64
votca-csg-bash-1.2.4-2.4 Bash completion for votca linux/noarch
wbxml2-tools-0.10.9-16.1 Tools for libwbxml2 linux/aarch64
wgetpaste-2.25-1.1 Command-line interface to various pastebins linux/noarch
wlterm-7+git52-1.4 Wayland native client terminal emulator linux/aarch64
x-tile-2.5-7.1 Panel applet for tiling windows linux/noarch
xulrunner-31.7.0-1.1 Mozilla Runtime Environment linux/aarch64
zeitgeist-0.9.14-7.2 Zeitgeist Engine linux/aarch64

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