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RPM of Group Productivity/Networking/Web/Servers

alevtd-3.103-7.1 HTTP server for Teletext pages linux/aarch64
apache-rpm-macros-20141111-1.1 Apache RPM Macros linux/noarch
apache2-2.4.12-7.1 The Apache Web Server Version 2.4 linux/aarch64New
apache2-event-2.4.12-7.1 Apache 2 event MPM (Multi-Processing Module) linux/aarch64New
apache2-example-pages-2.4.12-7.1 Example Pages for the Apache 2 Web Server linux/aarch64New
apache2-icons-oxygen-1.0.1-1.1 Oxygen icons for Apache 2 linux/noarch
apache2-mod_auth_kerb-5.4-1.1 Kerberos Module for Apache linux/aarch64New
apache2-mod_auth_ntlm_winbind-0.0.0.lorikeet_svn_785-4.1 Enables Apache to authenticate users against Microsoft like DCs linux/aarch64
apache2-mod_authn_otp-1.1.7-4.1 Apache module for one-time password authentication linux/aarch64
apache2-mod_dnssd-0.6-25.1 Apache2 module for Zeroconf support via DNS-SD linux/aarch64
apache2-mod_evasive-1.10.1-11.1 Denial of Service evasion module for Apache linux/aarch64
apache2-mod_fcgid-2.3.9-4.1 Alternative FastCGI module for Apache2 linux/aarch64
apache2-mod_nss-1.0.8-18.1 SSL/TLS module for the Apache HTTP server linux/aarch64
apache2-mod_perl-2.0.8-10.1 Embedded Perl for Apache linux/aarch64
apache2-mod_perl-devel-2.0.8-10.1 Embedded Perl for Apache - Development package linux/aarch64
apache2-mod_php5-5.6.9-1.1 PHP5 Module for Apache 2.0 linux/aarch64
apache2-mod_security2-2.9.0-3.1 ModSecurity Open Source Web Application Firewall linux/aarch64
apache2-mod_wsgi-4.4.6-1.1 Python WSGI adapter module for Apache linux/aarch64
apache2-prefork-2.4.12-7.1 Apache 2 "prefork" MPM (Multi-Processing Module) linux/aarch64New
apache2-utils-2.4.12-7.1 Apache 2 utilities linux/aarch64New
apache2-worker-2.4.12-7.1 Apache 2 worker MPM (Multi-Processing Module) linux/aarch64New
gnump3d-3.0-103.1 GNU MP3 Streaming Server linux/noarch
hiawatha-9.12-1.1 A secure and advanced webserver linux/aarch64
icecast-2.4.2-1.1 Audio Streaming Server linux/aarch64
libtcnative-1-0-1.1.32-1.1 JNI wrappers for Apache Portable Runtime for Tomcat linux/aarch64
libzmq4-4.0.5-5.1 Shared Library for ZeroMQ linux/aarch64New
lighttpd-1.4.35-4.1 A Secure, Fast, Compliant, and Very Flexible Web Server linux/aarch64
lighttpd-mod_cml-1.4.35-4.1 CML (Cache Meta Language) module for Lighttpd linux/aarch64
lighttpd-mod_geoip-1.4.35-4.1 A Secure, Fast, Compliant, and Very Flexible Web Server linux/aarch64
lighttpd-mod_magnet-1.4.35-4.1 A module to control the request handling in lighttpd linux/aarch64
lighttpd-mod_mysql_vhost-1.4.35-4.1 MySQL based virtual hosts (vhosts) module for Lighttpd linux/aarch64
lighttpd-mod_rrdtool-1.4.35-4.1 Lighttpd module to feed rrdtool databases linux/aarch64
lighttpd-mod_trigger_b4_dl-1.4.35-4.1 Another anti hot-linking module for Lighttpd linux/aarch64
lighttpd-mod_webdav-1.4.35-4.1 WebDAV module for Lighttpd linux/aarch64
php-doc-20150203-1.1 PHP Documentation linux/noarch
php-xapian-1.2.21-1.1 Files needed for developing PHP scripts which use Xapian linux/aarch64
php5-pear-Auth_SASL-1.0.6-8.1 Abstraction of various SASL mechanism responses linux/noarch
php5-pear-DB-1.8.2-1.1 Database Abstraction Layer linux/noarch
php5-pear-DB_DataObject-1.9.5-17.1 An SQL Builder, Object Interface to Database Tables linux/noarch
php5-pear-DB_DataObject_FormBuilder-1.0.1-16.1 Build automatically HTML_QuickForm objects from a DB_DataObject-derived class linux/noarch
php5-pear-Date-1.5.0a4-1.1 Generic date/time handling linux/noarch
php5-pear-Date_Holidays-0.21.8-1.1 Driver based class to calculate holidays linux/noarch
php5-pear-Date_Holidays_Austria-0.1.4-17.1 Driver class to calculate holidays in Austria linux/noarch
php5-pear-Date_Holidays_Brazil-0.1.2-16.1 Driver class to calculate holidays in Brazil linux/noarch
php5-pear-Date_Holidays_Croatia-0.1.1-16.1 Driver class to calculate holidays in Croatia linux/noarch
php5-pear-Date_Holidays_Denmark-0.1.3-16.1 Driver class to calculate holidays in Denmark linux/noarch
php5-pear-Date_Holidays_EnglandWales-0.1.2-16.1 Driver class to calculate holidays in England and Wales linux/noarch
php5-pear-Date_Holidays_Finland-0.1.2-7.1 Driver class to calculate holidays in Finland linux/noarch
php5-pear-Date_Holidays_Germany-0.1.2-17.1 Driver class to calculate holidays in Germany linux/noarch
php5-pear-Date_Holidays_Iceland-0.1.2-16.1 Driver class to calculate holidays in Iceland linux/noarch
php5-pear-Date_Holidays_Ireland-0.1.2-16.1 Driver class to calculate holidays in Ireland linux/noarch
php5-pear-Date_Holidays_Italy-0.1.1-16.1 Driver class to calculate holidays in Italy linux/noarch
php5-pear-Date_Holidays_Japan-0.1.1-16.1 Driver class to calculate holidays in Japan linux/noarch
php5-pear-Date_Holidays_Netherlands-0.1.2-16.1 Driver class to calculate holidays in Netherlands linux/noarch
php5-pear-Date_Holidays_Norway-0.1.2-16.1 Driver class to calculate holidays in Norway linux/noarch
php5-pear-Date_Holidays_Portugal-0.1.0-17.1 Driver class to calculate holidays in Portugal linux/noarch
php5-pear-Date_Holidays_Romania-0.1.2-16.1 Driver class to calculate holidays in Romania linux/noarch
php5-pear-Date_Holidays_Spain-0.1.1-16.1 Driver class to calculate holidays in Spain linux/noarch
php5-pear-Date_Holidays_Sweden-0.1.2-16.1 Driver class to calculate holidays in Sweden linux/noarch
php5-pear-File-1.4.0-9.1 Common file and directory routines linux/noarch
php5-pear-File_IMC-0.4.2-9.1 Create and parse IMC-style files (like vCard and vCalendar) linux/noarch
php5-pear-HTML_Common-1.2.5-13.1 A base class for other HTML classes linux/noarch
php5-pear-HTML_QuickForm-3.2.14-1.1 Methods for creating, validating, processing HTML forms linux/noarch
php5-pear-HTTP_Request-1.4.4-17.1 Provides an easy way to perform HTTP requests linux/noarch
php5-pear-HTTP_WebDAV_Server-1.0.0RC7-7.1 WebDAV Server Base class linux/noarch
php5-pear-Log-1.12.7-9.1 A base class for other HTML classes linux/noarch
php5-pear-MDB2-2.5.0b5-5.1 Database abstraction layer linux/noarch
php5-pear-MDB2_Driver_mysql-1.4.1-17.1 MySQL MDB2 driver linux/noarch
php5-pear-MDB2_Driver_mysqli-1.5.0b4-5.1 MySQLi MDB2 driver linux/noarch
php5-pear-MDB2_Driver_pgsql-1.4.1-17.1 PostgreSQL MDB2 driver linux/noarch
php5-pear-Mail-1.2.0-18.1 Multiple interfaces for sending emails linux/noarch
php5-pear-Mail_Mime-1.8.9-1.1 Mail_Mime provides classes to create mime messages linux/noarch
php5-pear-Mail_mimeDecode-1.5.5-17.1 Decode mime messages linux/noarch
php5-pear-Net_DIME-1.0.2-16.1 DIME encoding and decoding linux/noarch
php5-pear-Net_IMAP-1.1.0-16.1 Provides an implementation of the IMAP protocol linux/noarch
php5-pear-Net_LDAP-1.1.5-17.1 UNmaintained OOP interface for searching and manipulating LDAP-entries linux/noarch
php5-pear-Net_LDAP2-2.1.0-3.1 Object oriented interface for searching and manipulating LDAP-entries linux/noarch
php5-pear-Net_SMTP-1.6.2-4.1 An implementation of the SMTP protocol linux/noarch
php5-pear-Net_Sieve-1.3.2-13.1 Handles talking to a sieve server linux/noarch
php5-pear-Net_Socket-1.0.14-3.1 Network Socket Interface linux/noarch
php5-pear-Net_URL-1.0.15-17.1 Easy parsing of Urls linux/noarch
php5-pear-SOAP-0.12.0-17.1 SOAP Client/Server for PHP linux/noarch
php5-pear-Services_Weather-1.4.7-7.1 An interface to various online weather-services linux/noarch
php5-pear-Text_CAPTCHA-0.4.2-16.1 Generation of CAPTCHAs linux/noarch
php5-pear-Text_Figlet-1.0.2-16.1 Render text using FIGlet fonts linux/noarch
php5-pear-Text_Password-1.1.1-16.1 Creating passwords with PHP linux/noarch
php5-pear-Text_Wiki-1.2.1-9.1 Transforms Wiki and BBCode markup into XHTML, LaTeX or plain text markup linux/noarch
php5-pear-XML_SVG-1.1.0-7.1 XML SVG API (unmaintained) linux/noarch
php5-pear-XML_Serializer-0.20.2-14.1 Swiss-army knife for creating, reading and writing XML files linux/noarch
php5-smarty3-3.1.21-2.1 Template/Presentation Framework for PHP linux/noarch
php5-smarty3-doc-3.1.21-2.1 Docs for Smarty linux/noarch
spawn-fcgi-1.6.4-1.1 Spawn FastCGI applications independent of the webserver linux/aarch64
thttpd-2.26-3.1 Small and very simple webserver linux/aarch64New
tomcat-8.0.23-1.1 Apache Servlet/JSP/EL Engine, RI for Servlet 3.1/JSP 2.3/EL 3.0 API linux/noarchNew
tomcat-admin-webapps-8.0.23-1.1 The host-manager and manager web applications for Apache Tomcat linux/noarchNew
tomcat-docs-webapp-8.0.23-1.1 The docs web application for Apache Tomcat linux/noarchNew
tomcat-embed-8.0.23-1.1 Libraries for Embedding Apache Tomcat linux/noarchNew
tomcat-javadoc-8.0.23-1.1 Javadoc generated documentation for Apache Tomcat linux/noarchNew
tomcat-jsp-2_3-api-8.0.23-1.1 Apache Tomcat JSP API implementation classes linux/noarchNew
tomcat-jsvc-8.0.23-1.1 Apache jsvc wrapper for Apache Tomcat as separate service linux/noarchNew
tomcat-lib-8.0.23-1.1 Libraries needed to run the Tomcat Web container linux/noarchNew
tomcat-servlet-3_1-api-8.0.23-1.1 Apache Tomcat Servlet API implementation classes linux/noarchNew
tomcat-webapps-8.0.23-1.1 ROOT and examples web applications for Apache Tomcat linux/noarchNew
zeromq-tools-4.0.5-5.1 Tools to work with ZeroMQ linux/aarch64New

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