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RPM of Group Productivity/Graphics/Viewers

albumshaper-2.1-242.4 Tool for Organizing and Enhancing Photos linux/aarch64
comix-4.0.4-21.1 Comix - GTK Comic Book Viewer linux/noarch
digikam-4.8.0-1.1 A KDE Photo Manager linux/aarch64New
eog-3.14.3-1.1 Image Viewer for GNOME linux/aarch64
eog-plugins-3.14.1-1.1 A collection of plugins for Eye of GNOME linux/aarch64
fbi-2.09-7.4 Image Viewer for the Linux Framebuffer Console linux/aarch64
feh-2.12-1.1 Fast and Lightweight Image Viewer linux/aarch64
geeqie-1.1-9.1 Lightweight Gtk+ based image viewer linux/aarch64
gnome-photos-3.14.2-1.1 Photo viewer for GNOME linux/aarch64
gnome-shell-search-provider-gnome-photos-3.14.2-1.1 GNOME Photos -- Search Provider for GNOME Shell linux/aarch64
gnome-web-photo-0.10.6-8.5 GNOME Web Photographer linux/aarch64
gpicview-0.2.4-6.1 LXDE Photo Viewer linux/aarch64
gthumb-3.3.3-1.1 An Image Viewer and Browser for GNOME linux/aarch64
gthumb-devel-3.3.3-1.1 An Image Viewer and Browser for GNOME - Development Files linux/aarch64
gwenview-4.14.3-1.1 Simple Image Viewer for KDE linux/aarch64
kdegraphics3-3.5.10-22.3 Base Libraries for KDE Graphics Applications linux/aarch64
kdegraphics3-3D-3.5.10-22.3 3D Scene Creator linux/aarch64
kdegraphics3-extra-3.5.10-22.3 Small KDE Graphics Applications linux/aarch64
kdegraphics3-fax-3.5.10-22.3 KDE fax viewer linux/aarch64
kdegraphics3-imaging-3.5.10-22.3 Image-Related KDE Applications linux/aarch64
kdegraphics3-pdf-3.5.10-22.3 KDE PDF File Viewer linux/aarch64
kdegraphics3-postscript-3.5.10-22.3 KDE Postscript File Viewer linux/aarch64
nomacs-2.4.2-1.1 Lightweight image viewer linux/aarch64New
qiv-2.3.1-1.1 Probably the fastest and simplest image viewer on the planet linux/aarch64
ristretto-0.8.0-1.1 Fast and Lightweight Image-viewer for the Xfce Desktop Environment linux/aarch64New
shotwell-0.20.2-1.2 Photo Manager for GNOME linux/aarch64
viewnior-1.4-1.2 Elegant Image Viewer linux/aarch64
xchm-1.23+git568-1.1 A wxWidgets CHM document viewer linux/aarch64
xzgv-0.9.1-25.4 A Fast Picture Viewer for the X Window System linux/aarch64

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