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Packages beginning with letter O

obby-0.4.8-11.1 Synced document buffers linux/aarch64
obby-devel-0.4.8-11.1 Synced document buffers linux/aarch64
obby-lang-0.4.8-11.1 Languages for package obby linux/noarch
obconf-2.0.4-8.2 Openbox Configuration Tool linux/aarch64
obex-data-server-0.4.6-15.1 Obex DBus API linux/aarch64
obexd-0.48-5.1 D-Bus service for Obex Client access linux/aarch64
obexd-client-0.48-5.1 D-Bus service for Obex Server access linux/aarch64
obexd-server-0.48-5.1 D-Bus service for Obex Server service linux/aarch64
obexfs-0.12-1.2 FUSE based filesystem using ObexFTP linux/aarch64
obexftp-0.24-4.3 ObexFTP Implements the Object Exchange (OBEX) Protocol's File Transfer Feature linux/aarch64
obexftp-devel-0.24-4.3 Development package for obexftp linux/aarch64
objectweb-anttask-1.2-262.1 ObjectWeb Ant task linux/noarch
objectweb-asm-3.3.1-12.1 A code manipulation tool to implement adaptable systems linux/noarch
obs-service-download_files-0.5.1.git.1426665567.a5a06e5-1.1 An OBS source service: download files linux/noarch
obs-service-download_url-0.1-3.1 An OBS source service: curl download tool linux/noarch
obs-service-extract_file-0.1-1.2 An OBS source service: Extract a file from an archive linux/noarch
obs-service-format_spec_file-20150121-1.1 An OBS source service: reformats a spec file to SUSE standard linux/noarch
obs-service-recompress-0.3.1-4.1 An OBS source service: Recompress files linux/noarch
obs-service-refresh_patches-0.3.9+git.1394121974.21d4106-3.1 An OBS source service: Refreshs local patches linux/noarch
obs-service-set_version-0.4.2-2.2 An OBS source service: Update spec file version linux/noarch
obs-service-source_validator-0.5+git20150513.7c2f7ae-1.1 An OBS source service: running all the osc source-validator checks linux/noarch
obs-service-tar_scm- An OBS source service: checkout or update a tar ball from svn/git/hg linux/noarchNew
obs-service-verify_file-0.1-13.1 An OBS source service: file verification linux/noarch
ocaml-4.02.1-1.1 The Objective Caml Compiler and Programming Environment linux/aarch64
ocaml-brlapi-5.2-2.2 Library to use BRLTTY from applications -- OCaml Bindings linux/aarch64
ocaml-camlp4-4.02.1-1.1 Pre-Processor-Pretty-Printer for Objective Caml linux/aarch64
ocaml-camlp4-devel-4.02.1-1.1 Pre-Processor-Pretty-Printer for Objective Caml linux/aarch64
ocaml-compiler-libs-4.02.1-1.1 Libraries used internal to the OCaml Compiler linux/aarch64
ocaml-compiler-libs-devel-4.02.1-1.1 Libraries used internal to the OCaml Compiler linux/aarch64
ocaml-docs-4.02.1-1.1 The Objective Caml Compiler and Programming Environment linux/aarch64
ocaml-emacs-4.02.1-1.1 The Objective Caml Compiler and Programming Environment linux/aarch64
ocaml-facile-1.1-193.1 Ocaml Constraint Programming Library linux/aarch64
ocaml-findlib-1.5.5-1.1 Objective CAML package manager and build helper linux/aarch64
ocaml-findlib-devel-1.5.5-1.1 Development files for ocaml-findlib linux/aarch64
ocaml-lablgl-1.05-1.1 LablGL is an OpenGL interface for Objective Caml linux/aarch64
ocaml-lablgl-devel-1.05-1.1 Development files for ocaml-lablgl linux/aarch64
ocaml-lablgtk2-2.18.2-1.2 An Objective Caml Interface to gtk2+ linux/aarch64
ocaml-lablgtk2-devel-2.18.2-1.2 An Objective Caml interface to gtk2+ linux/aarch64
ocaml-labltk-8.06.0-1.1 Tcl/Tk framework for ocaml linux/aarch64
ocaml-labltk-devel-8.06.0-1.1 Development files for labltk linux/aarch64
ocaml-ocamldoc-4.02.1-1.1 The Objective Caml Compiler and Programming Environment linux/aarch64
ocaml-rpm-macros-4.02.1-1.1 RPM macros for building OCaml source packages linux/aarch64
ocaml-runtime-4.02.1-1.1 The Objective Caml Compiler and Programming Environment linux/aarch64
ocaml-source-4.02.1-1.1 Source code for Objective Caml libraries linux/aarch64
ocaml-x11-4.02.1-1.1 X11 support for Objective Caml linux/aarch64
ocfs2-tools-1.8.4-1.1 Oracle Cluster File System 2 Core Tools linux/aarch64
ocfs2-tools-devel-1.8.4-1.1 Oracle Cluster File System 2 Development files linux/aarch64
ocfs2-tools-devel-static-1.8.4-1.1 Oracle Cluster File System 2 static libraries linux/aarch64
ocfs2-tools-o2cb-1.8.4-1.1 Oracle Cluster File System 2 tools for the native o2cb stack linux/aarch64
ocfs2console-1.8.4-1.1 Oracle Cluster Filesystem 2 GUI tools linux/aarch64
oclock-1.0.3-9.1 Simple round analog clock linux/aarch64
ocrad-0.25-1.1 Optical Character Recognition Program linux/aarch64
ocrad-devel-0.25-1.1 Development files for GNU ocrad linux/aarch64
octave-4.0.0-1.2 A High Level Programming Language linux/aarch64New
octave-cli-4.0.0-1.2 Command-line user interface for Octave linux/aarch64New
octave-devel-4.0.0-1.2 Development files for Octave linux/aarch64New
octave-doc-4.0.0-1.2 Documentation for Octave linux/noarchNew
odt2txt-0.5-1.1 Converter from OpenDocument Text to plain text linux/aarch64
offlineimap-6.5.7-1.1 Powerful IMAP/Maildir Synchronization Tool linux/noarch
ofl-20150304-1.1 Open File Lister from hxtools linux/aarch64
ofono-1.16-1.1 Open Source Telephony linux/aarch64
ofono-devel-1.16-1.1 Open Source Telephony Stack -- Development files linux/aarch64
ofono-tests-1.16-1.1 Test Scripts for oFono linux/aarch64
oggz-tools-1.1.1-15.1 A library that provides parsing and seeking of Ogg-files linux/aarch64
ogmtools-1.5-166.1 Tools for OGG Media Streams linux/aarch64
ohcount-3.0.0.g312-8.1 The Ohloh source code line counter linux/aarch64
ohphone-1.4.6-277.1 An H.323 Net Telephone Application linux/aarch64
oidentd-2.0.8-146.1 Configurable IDENT Server That Supports NAT/IP Masquerading linux/aarch64New
okteta-15.04.2-1.1 Hex Editor linux/aarch64New
okteta-devel-15.04.2-1.1 Development files for the Okteta Hex Editor linux/aarch64New
okular-15.04.2-1.1 Document Viewer linux/aarch64New
okular-devel-15.04.2-1.1 Document Viewer - Development Files linux/aarch64New
oneko-1.1b-1240.1 A Cat Catches Your Mouse linux/aarch64
oniguruma-devel-5.9.5-1.2 Regex Library Supporting Different Character Encodings - Development Files linux/aarch64
ooRexx-4.2.0-6.1 Open Object Rexx linux/aarch64
ooRexx-devel-4.2.0-6.1 Open Object Rexx development files linux/aarch64
open-iscsi-2.0.873-23.1 Linux* Open-iSCSI Software Initiator linux/aarch64
open-isns-0.90-23.1 Linux iSNS server linux/aarch64
open-lldp-0.9.46-8.1 Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) Agent linux/aarch64
open-lldp-devel-0.9.46-8.1 Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) Agent linux/aarch64
openCOLLADA-devel-0_69b844d-1.1 Include files for openCOLLADA development linux/aarch64
openCOLLADA-doc-0_69b844d-1.1 Developer documentation for openCOLLADA linux/noarch
openCOLLADA-utils-0_69b844d-1.1 XML validator for COLLADA files linux/aarch64
openCryptoki-3.2-2.1 An Implementation of PKCS#11 (Cryptoki) v2.11 for IBM Cryptographic Hardware linux/aarch64
openCryptoki-64bit-3.2-2.1 An Implementation of PKCS#11 (Cryptoki) v2.11 for IBM Cryptographic Hardware linux/aarch64
openCryptoki-devel-3.2-2.1 An Implementation of PKCS#11 (Cryptoki) v2.01 for IBM Cryptographic Hardware linux/aarch64
openSUSE-EULAs-13.2-4.1 Collection of EULAs for openSUSE linux/noarch
openSUSE-appdata-extra-1.0.1-8.1 Additional Appstream Metadata linux/noarch
openSUSE-appstream-process-0.4.0-1.1 Appstream processor employed by kiwi linux/aarch64New
openSUSE-build-key-1.0-29.1 The public gpg keys for rpm package signature verification linux/noarch
openSUSE-release-20150604-1.1 openSUSE Tumbleweed linux/aarch64New
openSUSE-release-ftp-20150604-1.1 openSUSE Tumbleweed linux/aarch64New
openSUSE-xfce-icon-theme-4.12.0-2.4 openSUSE Xfce Default Icon Theme linux/noarch
openal-soft-1.15.1-3.4 OpenAL Soft linux/aarch64
openal-soft-devel-1.15.1-3.4 OpenAL Soft linux/aarch64
openam-1.1.18-453.1 A Simple Answering Machine Using the H.323 Protocol linux/aarch64
openbabel-2.3.1-17.1 Open Babel - The Open Source Chemistry Toolbox linux/aarch64
openbox-3.5.2-9.2 ICCCM and EWMH Compliant Window Manager with Very Few Dependencies linux/aarch64
openbox-adwaita-ob-theme-0.1-3.1 Adwaita theme for the Openbox Window Manager linux/noarch
openbox-devel-3.5.2-9.2 Includes and static libraries for openbox linux/aarch64
openbox-gnome-3.5.2-9.2 Openbox GNOME integration linux/aarch64
openbox-kde-3.5.2-9.2 Openbox KDE integration linux/aarch64
opencc-1.0.2-1.1 Open Chinese Convert linux/aarch64
opencc-data-1.0.2-1.1 Dictionaries for Open Chinese Convert linux/aarch64
opencc-devel-1.0.2-1.1 Open Chinese Convert linux/aarch64
openclipart-png-0.20-3.1 Open Clip Art Library in the PNG File Format linux/noarch
openclipart-svg-0.20-3.1 Open Clip Art Library in the SVG File Format linux/noarch
openconnect-7.06-1.2 Open client for Cisco AnyConnect VPN linux/aarch64
openconnect-devel-7.06-1.2 Development files and headers for openconnect linux/aarch64
openconnect-doc-7.06-1.2 Documentation for openconnect linux/aarch64
openconnect-lang-7.06-1.2 Languages for package openconnect linux/noarch
openct-0.6.20-23.1 Tools for Smart Card Readers linux/aarch64
openct-devel-0.6.20-23.1 Library for Smart Card Readers linux/aarch64
opencv-2.4.11-1.1 Collection of algorithms for computer vision linux/aarch64
opencv-devel-2.4.11-1.1 Development files for using the OpenCV library linux/aarch64
opencv-doc-2.4.11-1.1 Documentation and examples for OpenCV linux/aarch64
opendchub-0.8.3-1.1 DirectConnect++ Hub Server linux/aarch64
openexr-2.2.0-1.1 Utilities for work with HDR images in OpenEXR format linux/aarch64
openexr-devel-2.2.0-1.1 Library to Handle EXR Pictures (16-bit floating-point format) linux/aarch64
openexr-doc-2.2.0-1.1 Library to Handle EXR Pictures in 16-Bit Floating-Point Format linux/aarch64
opengl-games-utils-0.1-9.1 Utilities to check proper 3d support before launching 3d games linux/noarch
opengost-otf-fonts-0.3-7.1 Open-source Russian GOST Fonts (OpenType Format) linux/noarch
opengost-ttf-fonts-0.3-7.1 Open-source Russian GOST Fonts (TrueType Format) linux/noarch
openh323- An Open Source ITU H.323 Library and Sample Application linux/aarch64
openh323-devel- OpenH323 Library for developers linux/aarch64
openhpi-3.5.0-3.1 Implementation of SA Forum's Hardware Platform Interface (HPI) linux/aarch64
openhpi-clients-3.5.0-3.1 HPI Command-line Applications linux/aarch64
openhpi-daemon-3.5.0-3.1 Implementation of SA Forum's Hardware Platform Interface (HPI) linux/aarch64
openhpi-devel-3.5.0-3.1 Development Files for HPI linux/aarch64
openivr-1.0.6-472.2 H.323 Interactive Voice Response linux/aarch64
openjade-1.3.2-370.1 DSSSL Engine for SGML Documents linux/aarch64
openjade-devel-1.3.2-370.1 DSSSL Engine (development package) linux/aarch64
openjpeg-1.5.2-4.1 An open-source JPEG 2000 codec linux/aarch64
openjpeg-devel-1.5.2-4.1 Development files for the OpenJPEG library linux/aarch64
openjpeg2-2.1.0-3.1 Opensource JPEG 2000 Codec Implementation linux/aarch64
openjpeg2-devel-2.1.0-3.1 Development files for openjpeg2 linux/aarch64
openldap2-2.4.39-14.1 The OpenLDAP Server linux/aarch64
openldap2-back-meta-2.4.39-14.1 OpenLDAP Meta Back-End linux/aarch64
openldap2-back-perl-2.4.39-14.1 OpenLDAP Perl Back-End linux/aarch64
openldap2-back-sql-2.4.39-14.1 OpenLDAP SQL Back-End linux/aarch64
openldap2-client-2.4.39-14.1 The OpenLDAP commandline client tools linux/aarch64
openldap2-devel-2.4.39-14.1 Libraries, Header Files and Documentation for OpenLDAP linux/aarch64
openldap2-devel-static-2.4.39-14.1 Static libraries for the OpenLDAP libraries linux/aarch64
openldap2-doc-2.4.39-14.1 OpenLDAP Documentation linux/noarch
openlmi-1.0.3-9.1 OpenLMI managed system software components linux/noarch
openlmi-account-0.6.0-9.1 CIM provider for managing accounts on system linux/aarch64
openlmi-fan-0.6.0-9.1 CIM provider for controlling fans linux/aarch64
openlmi-hardware-0.6.0-9.1 CIM provider for hardware on system linux/aarch64
openlmi-journald-0.6.0-9.1 CIM provider for Journald linux/aarch64
openlmi-locale-0.6.0-9.1 CIM provider for controlling system locale and keyboard mapping linux/aarch64
openlmi-logicalfile-0.6.0-9.1 CIM provider for reading files and directories linux/aarch64
openlmi-networking-0.3.1-3.1 CIM providers for network management linux/aarch64
openlmi-pcp-0.6.0-9.1 Pywbem providers for accessing PCP metrics linux/noarch
openlmi-pegasus-compat-0.1-2.1 Class definitions to make openlmi providers work with sfcb linux/noarch
openlmi-powermanagement-0.6.0-9.1 Power management CIM provider linux/aarch64
openlmi-providers-0.6.0-9.1 Set of basic CIM providers linux/aarch64
openlmi-providers-devel-0.6.0-9.1 Development files for openlmi-providers linux/aarch64
openlmi-providers-doc-0.6.0-9.1 OpenLMI Providers documentation linux/noarch
openlmi-providers-libs-0.6.0-9.1 Libraries for openlmi-providers linux/aarch64
openlmi-python-base-0.6.0-9.1 Python namespace package for OpenLMI python projects linux/noarch
openlmi-python-providers-0.6.0-9.1 Python namespace package for pywbem providers linux/noarch
openlmi-python-test-0.6.0-9.1 OpenLMI test utilities linux/noarch
openlmi-service-0.6.0-9.1 CIM provider for controlling system services linux/aarch64
openlmi-software-0.6.0-9.1 CIM providers for software management linux/noarch
openlmi-sssd-0.6.0-9.1 CIM provider for SSSD linux/aarch64
openlmi-tools-0.10.5-1.1 Tooling around openLMI linux/noarch
openmarkup-1.1-22.1 Open Markup Interface for object realizers and XML object realization linux/noarch
openmarkup-javadoc-1.1-22.1 Open Markup Interface for object realizers and XML object realization linux/noarch
openmarkup-manual-1.1-22.1 Open Markup Interface for object realizers and XML object realization linux/noarch
openmcu-2.2.1-10.2 H.323 Multipoint Control Unit linux/aarch64
openmpi-1.8.3-6.1 A powerful implementaion of MPI linux/aarch64
openmpi-devel-1.8.3-6.1 SDK for openMPI linux/aarch64
openmpi-libs-1.8.3-6.1 OpenMPI runtime libraries linux/aarch64
openmpi-testsuite-1.8.3-6.1 A powerful implementaion of MPI linux/aarch64
openobex-apps-1.7.1-7.1 Open Source Implementation of the Object Exchange (OBEX) Protocol linux/aarch64
openobex-devel-1.7.1-7.1 Development package for openobex linux/aarch64
openocd-0.9.rc1-1.1 Debugging, in-system programming and boundary-scan testing for embedded devices linux/aarch64
openocd-data-0.9.rc1-1.1 Hardware Scripts for OpenOCD linux/noarch
openparamon-1.0.1-4.1 Just for monitor the node linux/aarch64
opensc-0.14.0-1.1 Smart Card Utilities linux/aarch64
openscap-1.2.3-1.1 A Set of Libraries for Integration with SCAP linux/aarch64
openscap-content-1.2.3-1.1 SCAP content linux/aarch64
openscap-devel-1.2.3-1.1 Development Files for OpenSCAP linux/aarch64
openscap-extra-probes-1.2.3-1.1 SCAP probes linux/aarch64
openscap-utils-1.2.3-1.1 Openscap utilities linux/aarch64
openslide-doc-3.4.1-1.1 Documentation for openslide linux/noarch
openslide-tools-3.4.1-1.1 Command line tools for openslide linux/aarch64
openslp-2.0.0-6.1 An OpenSLP Implementation of Service Location Protocol V2 linux/aarch64
openslp-devel-2.0.0-6.1 OpenSLP Development SDK linux/aarch64
openslp-server-2.0.0-6.1 The OpenSLP Implementation of the Service Location Protocol V2 linux/aarch64
opensm-3.3.19-1.1 Infiniband Subnet Manager linux/aarch64
opensm-devel-3.3.19-1.1 Development files for OpenSM linux/aarch64
opensm-libs3-3.3.19-1.1 Opensm runtime libraries linux/aarch64
opensp-1.5.2-201.1 The OpenJade Group's SGML and XML Parsing Tools linux/aarch64
opensp-devel-1.5.2-201.1 SGML parser tools (development package) linux/aarch64
opensp-doc-1.5.2-201.1 The OpenJade Group's SGML and XML Parsing Tools linux/noarch
openspecfun-devel-0.4-3.1 A collection of special mathematical functions linux/aarch64
openssh-6.6p1-9.1 Secure Shell Client and Server (Remote Login Program) linux/aarch64
openssh-askpass- A passphrase dialog for OpenSSH and the X Window System linux/aarch64
openssh-askpass-gnome-6.6p1-9.2 A GNOME-Based Passphrase Dialog for OpenSSH linux/aarch64
openssh-fips-6.6p1-9.1 OpenSSH FIPS cryptomodule hashes linux/aarch64
openssh-helpers-6.6p1-9.1 OpenSSH AuthorizedKeysCommand helpers linux/aarch64
openssl-1.0.2a-1.1 Secure Sockets and Transport Layer Security linux/aarch64New
openssl-doc-1.0.2a-1.1 Additional Package Documentation linux/noarchNew
openssl_tpm_engine-0.4.2-6.1 OpenSSL TPM interface engine plugin linux/aarch64
openstack-suse-macros-2014.1-3.1 OpenStack SUSE - RPM Macros linux/noarch
openstack-suse-sudo-2014.1-3.1 OpenStack SUSE - Sudo Support linux/noarch
openstack-utils-2013.2.3+git.1396353592.c2b8f6c-3.1 Helper utilities for OpenStack service linux/noarch
openttd-1.5.1-1.1 An open source clone of Chris Sawyer's Transport Tycoon Deluxe linux/aarch64New
openttd-data-1.5.1-1.1 OpenTTD data linux/noarchNew
openttd-dedicated-1.5.1-1.1 OpenTTD Dedicated Server binary (without SDL) linux/aarch64New
openttd-opengfx-0.5.2-1.1 Default baseset graphics for OpenTTD linux/noarchNew
openttd-openmsx-0.3.1-9.1 An OpenTTD Music set linux/noarch
openvpn-2.3.6-3.1 Full-featured SSL VPN solution using a TUN/TAP Interface linux/aarch64
openvpn-auth-pam-plugin-2.3.6-3.1 OpenVPN auth-pam plugin linux/aarch64
openvpn-down-root-plugin-2.3.6-3.1 OpenVPN down-root plugin linux/aarch64
openvswitch-2.3.1-1.1 An open source, production quality, multilayer virtual switch linux/aarch64
openvswitch-devel-2.3.1-1.1 Open vSwitch Devel Libraries linux/aarch64
openvswitch-pki-2.3.1-1.1 Open vSwitch public key infrastructure dependency package linux/aarch64
openvswitch-switch-2.3.1-1.1 Open vSwitch switch implementations linux/aarch64
openvswitch-test-2.3.1-1.1 Open vSwitch test package linux/aarch64
openvswitch-vtep-2.3.1-1.1 Open vSwitch VTEP emulator linux/aarch64
openwsman-java-2.5.2-1.1 Java bindings for openwsman client API linux/aarch64New
openwsman-perl-2.5.2-1.1 Perl bindings for openwsman client API linux/aarch64New
openwsman-python-2.5.2-1.1 Python bindings for openwsman client API linux/aarch64New
openwsman-ruby-2.5.2-1.1 Ruby bindings for openwsman client API linux/aarch64New
openwsman-ruby-docs-2.5.2-1.1 HTML documentation for Opendwsman Ruby bindings linux/aarch64New
openwsman-server-2.5.2-1.1 Openwsman Server and service libraries linux/aarch64New
openwsman-server-plugin-ruby-2.5.2-1.1 Openwsman Server Plugin for Ruby extensions linux/aarch64New
openxcom-1.0.0-3.1 An open source reimplementation of the original X-Com game linux/aarch64
openxcom-doc-1.0.0-3.1 Documentation files for openxcom linux/aarch64
opie-2.4-726.1 Support for One-Time Passwords linux/aarch64
oping-1.8.0-1.1 Multiple Host Ping that supports ICMPv4 and ICMPv6 linux/aarch64
oprofile-1.0.0-1.2 System-Wide Profiler for Linux Systems linux/aarch64
oprofile-devel-1.0.0-1.2 System-Wide Profiler for Linux Systems linux/aarch64
opt_gnome-compat-0.1-153.1 Directory Layout for /opt/gnome Compatibility linux/aarch64
optipng-0.7.5-4.1 A PNG File Compressor linux/aarch64
opus-tools-0.1.9-1.1 A set of tools for the opus audio codec linux/aarch64
opusfile-devel-0.6-1.1 Development package for opusfile linux/aarch64
orage-4.12.1-1.1 Time-managing Application for the Xfce Desktop Environment linux/aarch64
orage-doc-4.12.1-1.1 Documentation for orage linux/noarch
orage-lang-4.12.1-1.1 Languages for package orage linux/noarch
orbit2-2.14.19-19.1 High-Performance CORBA Object Request Broker linux/aarch64
orbit2-devel-2.14.19-19.1 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/aarch64
orbit2-doc-2.14.19-19.1 High-Performance CORBA Object Request Broker linux/noarch
orc-0.4.22-1.1 The Oil Runtime Compiler linux/aarch64
orc-doc-0.4.22-1.1 The Oil Runtime Compiler Library - Documentation linux/aarch64
orca-3.16.2-1.1 Screen reader for GNOME linux/aarch64
orca-lang-3.16.2-1.1 Languages for package orca linux/noarch
orkhon-fonts-20100509-3.1 Font for Old Turkic Script linux/noarch
oro-2.0.8-292.1 Full regular expressions API linux/noarch
oro-javadoc-2.0.8-292.1 Javadoc for oro linux/noarch
ortp-devel-0.24.0-1.1 Headers, libraries and docs for the oRTP library linux/aarch64
os-prober-1.65-4.1 Probes disks on the system for installed operating systems linux/aarch64New
osc-0.151.2-3.1 openSUSE Build Service Commander linux/noarch
osc-plugin-collab-0.98-5.1 Plugin to make collaboration easier with osc linux/noarch
osdlyrics-0.4.3-10.1 A third-party lyrics display program linux/aarch64
osdlyrics-lang-0.4.3-10.1 Languages for package osdlyrics linux/noarch
osslsigncode-1.7.1-1.1 Platform-independent tool for Authenticode signing of EXE/CAB files linux/aarch64
ossp-uuid-1.6.2-19.2 OSSP's Universally Unique Identifier generator linux/aarch64
ostree-2015.5-1.1 Git for operating system binaries linux/aarch64
ostree-devel-2015.5-1.1 Git for operating system binaries -- Development files linux/aarch64
oto-0.4-391.1 Open Type Organizer linux/aarch64
otrs-3.3.11-1.1 The Open Ticket Request System linux/noarch
otrs-doc-3.3.11-1.1 OTRS Documentation linux/noarch
otrs-itsm-3.3.11-1.1 ITIL (R) focused IT service management linux/noarch
owasp-modsecurity-crs-2.2.9-1.1 OWASP ModSecurity Common Rule Set (CRS) linux/noarch
owasp-modsecurity-crs-base_rules-2.2.9-1.1 Base rules for OWASP ModSecurity CRS linux/noarch
owasp-modsecurity-crs-experimental_rules-2.2.9-1.1 Experimental rules for OWASP ModSecurity CRS linux/noarch
owasp-modsecurity-crs-optional_rules-2.2.9-1.1 Optional rules for OWASP ModSecurity CRS linux/noarch
owasp-modsecurity-crs-slr_rules-2.2.9-1.1 SpiderLabs Research (SLR) rules for OWASP ModSecurity CRS linux/noarch
oxygen-cursors4-4.11.20-1.1 The KDE Workspace Cursors linux/aarch64New
oxygen-icon-theme-15.04.2-1.1 Oxygen Icon Theme linux/noarchNew
oxygen-icon-theme-large-15.04.2-1.1 Oxygen Icon Theme linux/noarchNew
oxygen-icon-theme-scalable-15.04.2-1.1 Oxygen Icon Theme linux/noarchNew
oxygen5-5.3.1-1.1 Oxygen style, KWin decoration, cursors and sounds linux/aarch64New
oxygen5-cursors-5.3.1-1.1 The KDE Workspace Cursors linux/aarch64New
oxygen5-decoration-5.3.1-1.1 Oxygen's KWin decoration linux/aarch64New
oxygen5-devel-5.3.1-1.1 KDE Base Libraries linux/aarch64New
oxygen5-lang-5.3.1-1.1 Languages for package oxygen5 linux/noarchNew
oxygen5-sounds-5.3.1-1.1 The KDE Workspace Sounds linux/aarch64New
oxygen5-style-5.3.1-1.1 Oxygen style linux/aarch64New
oyranos-0.9.5-4.1 Color Management System linux/aarch64New
oyranos-monitor-0.9.5-4.1 Oyranos Monitor Tools linux/aarch64New
oyranos-profile-graph-0.9.5-4.1 Profile 2D graph tool linux/aarch64New
oyranos-qcmsevents-0.9.5-4.1 Xorg Color management Event observer applet linux/aarch64New
oyranos-ui-fltk-0.9.5-4.1 Example Configuration Panel linux/aarch64New

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