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Packages beginning with letter N

nagios-plugins-fail2ban-0.8.14-7.1 Check fail2ban server and how many IPs are currently banned linux/noarch
nagios-plugins-mysql_health- Check various parameters of a MySQL database linux/noarch
nagios-rpm-macros-0.12-1.1 RPM Macros for Nagios based packages linux/noarch
nagstamon-1.0.1-1.1 Nagios status monitor for the desktop linux/noarch
namazu-2.0.21-10.1 A Full-Text Search Engine linux/aarch64
namazu-cgi-2.0.21-10.1 A CGI interface for Namazu linux/aarch64
namazu-devel-2.0.21-10.1 Header files and libraries of Namazu linux/aarch64
namdhinggo-fonts-1.004-3.1 SIL Limbu Font linux/noarch
nano-2.4.1-1.1 Pico editor clone with enhancements linux/aarch64
nano-lang-2.4.1-1.1 Languages for package nano linux/noarch
nanum-fonts-20110907-23.1 Nanum Korean TrueType Fonts linux/noarch
nanum-gothic-coding-fonts-2.0-23.1 Nanum Gothic Coding Korean TrueType Fonts linux/noarch
nasm-2.11.08-1.1 Netwide Assembler (An x86 Assembler) linux/aarch64
nasm-doc-2.11.08-1.1 Documentation for Nasm linux/noarch
nast-0.2.0-707.1 Packet sniffer and a LAN analyzer based on Libnet and Libpcap linux/aarch64
nautilus-3.16.2-1.1 File Manager for the GNOME Desktop linux/aarch64
nautilus-actions-3.2.4-3.2 Nautilus extension to launch arbitrary applications on files linux/aarch64
nautilus-actions-devel-3.2.4-3.2 Nautilus extension to launch arbitrary applications on files -- Development Files linux/aarch64
nautilus-actions-lang-3.2.4-3.2 Languages for package nautilus-actions linux/noarch
nautilus-deja-dup-34.0-1.2 Déjà Dup Plugin for Nautilus linux/aarch64
nautilus-devel-3.16.2-1.1 File Manager for the GNOME Desktop -- Development Files linux/aarch64
nautilus-eiciel-0.9.9-3.2 Nautilus ACL viewer and editor extension linux/aarch64
nautilus-evince-3.16.1-1.1 Evince Plugin for Nautilus linux/aarch64New
nautilus-extension-arista-0.9.7-14.1 Arista extension for Nautilus linux/noarch
nautilus-extension-dropbox-2.10.0-1.1 Dropbox client integrated into Nautilus linux/aarch64
nautilus-extension-seahorse-3.11.92-4.2 Extension for nautilus which allows encryption and decryption of files linux/aarch64
nautilus-extension-terminal-3.16.2-1.2 Nautilus Extension to Open Terminal in Folders linux/aarch64
nautilus-file-roller-3.16.2-1.1 An Archive Manager for GNOME - Nautilus extension linux/aarch64
nautilus-image-converter-0.3.0-10.1 Nautilus Image Converter linux/aarch64
nautilus-image-converter-lang-0.3.0-10.1 Languages for package nautilus-image-converter linux/noarch
nautilus-lang-3.16.2-1.1 Languages for package nautilus linux/noarch
nautilus-plugin-easytag-2.3.7-1.1 Nautilus extension for opening in EasyTAG linux/aarch64
nautilus-search-tool-0.3.1-10.1 A Nautilus extension to put "Search for Files" on the context menu of folders linux/aarch64
nautilus-search-tool-lang-0.3.1-10.1 Languages for package nautilus-search-tool linux/noarch
nautilus-sendto-3.8.2-1.2 Integrate Nautilus, Evolution, Empathy and Pidgin linux/aarch64
nautilus-sendto-lang-3.8.2-1.2 Languages for package nautilus-sendto linux/noarch
nautilus-share-0.7.3-13.1 A Quick and Easy Way to Share Folders in Nautilus Via Samba linux/aarch64
nautilus-share-lang-0.7.3-13.1 Languages for package nautilus-share linux/noarch
nautilus-terminal-1.0-11.1 Integrated Terminal for the Nautilus File Browser linux/noarch
nautilus-totem-3.16.1-1.1 Totem Plugin for Nautilus linux/aarch64
nbd-3.11-1.1 Network Block Device Server and Client Utilities linux/aarch64New
nbd-doc-3.11-1.1 Network Block Device Server and Client Utilities linux/aarch64New
ncat-6.47-4.2 Network Tool to concatenate and redirect Sockets linux/aarch64
ncdu-1.10-5.1 NCurses Disk Usage linux/aarch64
ncftp-3.2.5-4.1 A Comfortable FTP Program linux/aarch64New
ncurses-devel-5.9-67.1 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/aarch64New
ncurses-utils-5.9-67.1 Tools using the new curses libraries linux/aarch64New
ndiff-6.47-4.2 Compare Results of Nmap Scans linux/aarch64
neard-0.15-1.1 NFC for Linux linux/aarch64
neard-devel-0.15-1.1 Files needed for NFC development linux/aarch64
neard-test-0.15-1.1 Files needed for NFC development linux/aarch64
nemiver- Nemiver graphical debugger linux/aarch64
nemiver-devel- Nemiver graphical debugger - Development files linux/aarch64
nemiver-lang- Languages for package nemiver linux/noarch
nepomuk-core-4.14.3-1.2 The KDE Nepomuk Core Library linux/aarch64
nepomuk-core-devel-4.14.3-1.2 The Nepomuk Core Library linux/aarch64
nested-1.2.2-10.1 Specialized editor for structured documents linux/noarch
net-snmp-5.7.3-2.1 SNMP Daemon linux/aarch64
net-snmp-devel-5.7.3-2.1 Development files from net-snmp linux/aarch64
net-snmp-python-5.7.3-2.1 The Python 'netsnmp' module for the Net-SNMP linux/aarch64
net-tools-1.60-767.1 Important Programs for Networking linux/aarch64New
net-tools-deprecated-1.60-767.1 Deprecated Networking Utilities linux/aarch64New
net6-1.3.14-12.1 Network access framework for IPv4/IPv6 linux/aarch64
net6-devel-1.3.14-12.1 Network access framework for IPv4/IPv6 linux/aarch64
net6-lang-1.3.14-12.1 Languages for package net6 linux/noarch
netacct-0.71-657.1 Network Accounting linux/aarch64
netatalk-3.1.7-2.1 AFP Fileserver for Macintosh Clients linux/aarch64
netatalk-devel-3.1.7-2.1 Netatalk AFP Fileserver for Macintosh Clients linux/aarch64
netbeans-javaparser-6.8-19.1 NetBeans Java Parser linux/noarch
netbeans-resolver-6.7.1-18.1 Resolver subproject of xml-commons patched for NetBeans linux/noarch
netbeans-svnclientadapter-6.7.1-20.1 Subversion Client Adapter linux/noarch
netcat-openbsd-1.89-94.1 TCP/IP swiss army knife linux/aarch64
netcdf- Libraries for the Unidata network Common Data Form linux/aarch64New
netcdf-devel- Development files for netcdf linux/aarch64New
netcdf-devel-static- Static libs for netcdf linux/aarch64New
netcdf-doc- Documentation for netcdf linux/aarch64New
netcfg-11.5-29.1 Network Configuration Files in /etc linux/noarch
netcomponents-1.3.8-297.1 Internet Protocol Suite Java Library linux/noarch
netcomponents-javadoc-1.3.8-297.1 Javadoc for netcomponents linux/noarch
netconsole-tools-20030909-155.1 Configure netconsole Kernel Module linux/noarch
netdate-1.2-734.1 Set Date and Time by ARPA Internet RFC 868 linux/aarch64
nethogs-0.8.0-4.1 Network Bandwidth Usage Monitor linux/aarch64
netlabel-tools-0.20-5.1 Control utility for explicit labeled networking for Linux linux/aarch64
netpbm-10.70.4-1.1 A Powerful Graphics Conversion Package linux/aarch64
netsurf-buildsystem-1.1-3.1 Makefiles shared by NetSurf projects linux/noarch
nettle-3.1.1-1.1 Cryptographic Tools linux/aarch64
network-autoconfig-1.0-3.1 Find a connected eth interface and create an ifcfg for it linux/noarch
neverball-1.6.0-1.1 Deftly Guide a Rolling Ball through Many Slick 3D Levels linux/aarch64
neverball-doc-1.6.0-1.1 Documentation for the neverball linux/noarch
neverball-mapc-1.6.0-1.1 Mapc is a program designed to compile the levels linux/aarch64
neverball-neverputt-1.6.0-1.1 3D mini golf game linux/aarch64
newsbeuter-2.9-1.1 RSS/Atom Feed Reader for Text Terminals linux/aarch64
newsbeuter-lang-2.9-1.1 Languages for package newsbeuter linux/noarch
newt-0.52.18-1.1 A library for text mode user interfaces linux/aarch64
newt-devel-0.52.18-1.1 Development files for the Newt windowing toolkit linux/aarch64
newt-doc-0.52.18-1.1 Tutorial for Nifty Erik's Windowing Toolkit linux/noarch
newt-static-0.52.18-1.1 Static libraries of Nifty Erik's Windowing Toolkit linux/aarch64
nf3d-0.8-1.1 GANTT-style visualization for Netfilter connections and logged packets linux/aarch64
nfacct-1.0.1-6.2 Netfilter Extended Accounting utility linux/aarch64
nfc-eventd-0.1.7-5.1 NFC event daemon linux/aarch64
nfcutils-0.3.2-5.1 Near Field Communication (NFC) utilities linux/aarch64
nfs-client-1.3.0-6.2 Support Utilities for NFS linux/aarch64
nfs-doc-1.3.0-6.2 Support Utilities for NFS linux/aarch64
nfs-kernel-server-1.3.0-6.2 Support Utilities for Kernel nfsd linux/aarch64
nfs4-acl-tools-0.3.3-19.1 Command line tools for managing ACLs over NFSv4 linux/aarch64
nfsidmap-0.26-1.1 NFSv4 ID Mapping Library linux/aarch64
nfsidmap-devel-0.26-1.1 NFSv4 ID Mapping Library development libraries linux/aarch64
nfswatch-4.99.10-13.1 An NFS traffic monitoring tool linux/aarch64
nftables-0.4-2.1 Userspace utility to access the nf_tables packet filter linux/aarch64
nghttp2-1.0.1-1.1 Implementation of Hypertext Transfer Protocol version 2 in C linux/aarch64
nghttp2-doc-1.0.1-1.1 Documentation for nghttp2 linux/aarch64
ngrep-1.45-6.1 Network grep linux/aarch64
nh2ps-2.3.1-676.1 Hangul Text to Postscript Converter linux/aarch64
nilfs-utils-2.1.6-1.1 Utilities for NILFS linux/aarch64
nimbus-icon-theme-0.1.7-13.1 Nimbus Icon Theme linux/noarch
ninja-1.5.3-1.1 A small build system closest in spirit to Make linux/aarch64
ninja-ide-2.3-7.1 Ninja IDE for Python development linux/noarch
nip2-8.0-1.1 Interactive tool for working with large images linux/aarch64
nitrogen-1.5.2-7.1 A background browser and setter for X windows linux/aarch64
nitroshare-0.3.0-1.1 Network file transfer application linux/aarch64
nkf-2.1.3-1.1 Network Kanji Code Conversion Filter linux/aarch64
nlopt-devel-2.4.2-2.1 Development files for nlopt linux/aarch64New
nmap-6.47-4.2 Portscanner linux/aarch64
nmcli-dmenu-1.0.0-1.1 Control NetworkManager via dmenu linux/noarch
nmh-1.6-1.1 Unix Mail Handler linux/aarch64
nml-0.4.1-3.1 NewGRF Meta Language linux/aarch64New
nmon-15a-1.1 Performance Monitor linux/aarch64
nodejs-0.12.0-3.1 Evented I/O for V8 JavaScript linux/aarch64
nodejs-abbrev-1.0.5-3.1 Calculate Abbreviations linux/noarch
nodejs-amdefine-0.1.0-2.1 Provide AMD's define() API for declaring modules in AMD format linux/noarch
nodejs-ansi-0.3.0-3.1 Advanced ANSI formatting tool for Node.js linux/noarch
nodejs-ansi-regex-1.0.0-3.1 Regular expression for matching ANSI escape codes linux/noarch
nodejs-ansicolors-0.3.2-3.1 Functions for printing strings in color for node.js linux/noarch
nodejs-ansistyles-0.1.3-3.1 ANSI code string functions for node.js linux/noarch
nodejs-archy-1.0.0-3.1 Node.js archy linux/noarch
nodejs-asap-1.0.0-3.1 High-priority task queue for Node.js and browsers linux/noarch
nodejs-asn1-0.1.11-2.1 Contains parsers and serializers for ASN.1 linux/noarch
nodejs-assert-plus-0.1.2-2.1 Extra assertions on top of node's assert module linux/noarch
nodejs-async-0.9.0-3.1 Higher-order functions and common patterns for asynchronous code linux/noarch
nodejs-async-some-1.0.1-3.1 Short-circuited, asynchronous version of Array.protototype.some linux/noarch
nodejs-aws-sign2-0.5.0-3.1 AWS signing linux/noarch
nodejs-bl-0.9.3-3.1 A Node.js Buffer list collector, reader and streamer thingy linux/noarch
nodejs-block-stream-0.0.7-3.1 Output data in blocks for node.js linux/noarch
nodejs-boom-2.5.1-3.1 HTTP-friendly error objects linux/noarch
nodejs-caseless-0.6.0-3.1 Caseless object set/get/has linux/noarch
nodejs-char-spinner-1.0.1-3.1 Node.js char spinner linux/noarch
nodejs-child-process-close-0.1.1-3.1 Make child process objects emit close events for node.js linux/noarch
nodejs-chmodr-0.1.0-3.1 Recursive chmod for node.js linux/noarch
nodejs-chownr-0.0.1-3.1 Recursive chown for node.js linux/noarch
nodejs-clean-css-2.2.16-3.1 A well-tested CSS minifier linux/noarch
nodejs-clone-0.1.18-3.1 Deep cloning of objects and arrays linux/noarch
nodejs-cmd-shim-2.0.1-3.1 Used in npm for command line application support linux/noarch
nodejs-columnify-1.2.1-3.1 Render data in text columns, supports in-column text-wrap linux/noarch
nodejs-combined-stream-0.0.5-3.1 A stream that emits multiple other streams one after another linux/noarch
nodejs-commander-2.3.0-3.1 Complete solution for node.js command-line programs linux/noarch
nodejs-config-chain-1.1.8-3.1 Node.js configuration loader linux/noarch
nodejs-core-util-is-1.0.1-3.1 Node.js* functions linux/noarch
nodejs-cryptiles-2.0.4-3.1 General purpose crypto utilities linux/noarch
nodejs-ctype-0.5.2-2.1 Read and write binary structures and data types linux/noarch
nodejs-debuglog-1.0.1-3.1 Backport of util.debuglog from node v0.11 linux/noarch
nodejs-defaults-1.0.0-3.1 A simple one level options merge utility linux/noarch
nodejs-delayed-stream-0.0.5-3.1 Buffers events from a stream until you are ready to handle them linux/noarch
nodejs-devel-0.12.0-3.1 Files needed for development of NodeJS platforms linux/aarch64
nodejs-dezalgo-1.0.1-3.1 Node.js async helper linux/noarch
nodejs-docs-0.12.0-3.1 Node.js API documentation linux/noarch
nodejs-editor-0.1.0-3.1 Launch $EDITOR in your program linux/noarch
nodejs-forever-agent-0.5.2-3.1 HTTP Agent that keeps socket connections alive linux/noarch
nodejs-form-data-0.1.4-3.1 A module to create readable "multipart/form-data" streams linux/noarch
nodejs-fs-vacuum-1.2.1-3.1 recursively remove empty directories -- to a point linux/noarch
nodejs-fs-write-stream-atomic-1.0.2-2.1 Like fs.createWriteStream(...), but atomic linux/noarch
nodejs-fstream-1.0.2-3.1 Advanced file system stream things linux/noarch
nodejs-fstream-ignore-1.0.1-3.1 A fstream DirReader filtering capabilities linux/noarch
nodejs-fstream-npm-1.0.0-3.1 An fstream DirReader class linux/noarch
nodejs-github-url-from-git-1.4.0-3.1 Node.js github URL from git function linux/noarch
nodejs-github-url-from-username-repo-1.0.2-3.1 Create urls from username/repo linux/noarch
nodejs-glob-4.0.6-3.1 File Globbing linux/noarch
nodejs-graceful-fs-3.0.2-3.1 fs with incremental backoff on EMFILE linux/noarch
nodejs-hawk-2.3.0-3.1 HTTP Hawk Authentication Scheme linux/noarch
nodejs-hoek-2.4.1-3.1 General purpose node utilities linux/noarch
nodejs-http-signature-0.10.0-3.1 Reference implementation of Joyent's HTTP Signature Scheme linux/noarch
nodejs-inflight-1.0.4-2.1 Node.js inflight linux/noarch
nodejs-inherits-2.0.1-3.1 Inheritance in Java Script linux/noarch
nodejs-ini-1.3.0-3.1 An ini encoder/decoder for node linux/noarch
nodejs-init-package-json-1.1.0-3.1 Node.js init package.json linux/noarch
nodejs-isarray-0.0.1-3.1 Node.js Array#isArray for older browsers linux/noarch
nodejs-json-stringify-safe-5.0.0-3.1 Like JSON.stringify, but doesn't throw on circular references linux/noarch
nodejs-less-1.7.5-4.1 Leaner CSS linux/noarch
nodejs-lockfile-1.0.0-3.1 Node.js lock file utility linux/noarch
nodejs-lru-cache-2.5.0-3.1 LRU Cache linux/noarch
nodejs-mime-1.2.11-3.1 MIME Type Mapping linux/noarch
nodejs-mime-db-1.0.1-3.1 Media Type Database linux/noarch
nodejs-mime-types-2.0.1-3.1 The ultimate javascript content-type utility linux/noarch
nodejs-minimatch-1.0.0-3.1 Glob Matcher linux/noarch
nodejs-minimist-1.1.0-3.1 Argument parsing linux/noarch
nodejs-mkdirp-0.5.0-3.1 Create Directory for Node.js linux/noarch
nodejs-mute-stream-0.0.4-3.1 Mute a stream in Node.js linux/noarch
nodejs-node-gyp-1.0.2-3.1 Node.js native addon build tool linux/noarch
nodejs-node-uuid-1.4.1-3.1 Generate RFC-compliant UUIDs in JavaScript linux/noarch
nodejs-nopt-3.0.1-3.1 Option parser linux/noarch
nodejs-normalize-package-data-1.0.3-2.1 Normalizes data that can be found in package.json files linux/noarch
nodejs-npm-cache-filename-1.0.1-3.1 Return NPM cache folder linux/noarch
nodejs-npm-install-checks-1.0.4-3.1 Install checks for NPM linux/noarch
nodejs-npm-package-arg-2.1.3-2.1 Parse things that can be arguments to `npm install` linux/noarch
nodejs-npm-registry-client-3.2.2-3.1 Node.js registry module linux/noarch
nodejs-npm-user-validate-0.1.0-3.1 User validations for npm linux/noarch
nodejs-npmconf-2.1.0-3.1 Config tool used by NPM linux/noarch
nodejs-npmlog-0.1.1-3.1 NPM log utility linux/noarch
nodejs-oauth-sign-0.4.0-3.1 OAuth 1 signing linux/noarch
nodejs-once-1.3.1-3.1 Run a node.js function exactly one time linux/noarch
nodejs-opener-1.4.0-3.1 Cross-platform file opener linux/noarch
nodejs-osenv-0.1.0-3.1 Node.js OS specific env lookup linux/noarch
nodejs-packaging-1-2.1 RPM Macros and Utilities for Node.js Packaging linux/noarch
nodejs-path-is-inside-1.0.1-3.1 Tests whether one path is inside another path linux/noarch
nodejs-promzard-0.2.2-3.1 Node.js prompting wizard linux/noarch
nodejs-proto-list-1.2.3-3.1 A utility for managing a prototype chain linux/noarch
nodejs-punycode-1.3.1-3.1 A robust Punycode converter linux/noarch
nodejs-qs-2.2.4-3.1 A querystring parsing and stringifying library with some added security linux/noarch
nodejs-read-1.0.5-3.1 A read(1) for node programs linux/noarch
nodejs-read-installed-3.1.3-3.1 Read all the installed packages in a folder linux/noarch
nodejs-read-package-json-1.2.7-3.1 Read package.json files linux/noarch
nodejs-readable-stream-1.0.32-3.1 Streams2, a user-land copy of the stream library from Node.js v0.10.x linux/noarch
nodejs-readdir-scoped-modules-1.0.0-3.1 Extended fs.readdir for Node.js linux/noarch
nodejs-realize-package-specifier-1.2.0-2.1 Parse a package specifier, peeking at the disk to differentiate between local linux/noarch
nodejs-request-2.44.0-3.1 Simplified HTTP request client linux/noarch
nodejs-retry-0.6.1-3.1 Node.hs retry for failed operations linux/noarch
nodejs-rimraf-2.2.8-2.1 A rm -rf util for nodejs linux/noarch
nodejs-semver-4.2.0-2.1 Semantic version parser linux/noarch
nodejs-sha-1.3.0-3.1 Check and get file hashes linux/noarch
nodejs-sigmund-1.0.0-3.1 Object SIgnatures linux/noarch
nodejs-slide-1.1.6-3.1 A small flow control library linux/noarch
nodejs-sntp-1.0.9-3.1 SNTP Client linux/noarch
nodejs-sorted-object-1.0.0-3.1 Returns a copy of an object with its keys sorted linux/noarch
nodejs-source-map-0.1.39-2.1 Generates and consumes source maps linux/noarch
nodejs-string_decoder-0.10.31-3.1 Node.js string decoder linux/noarch
nodejs-strip-ansi-2.0.0-3.1 Strip ANSI escape codes linux/noarch
nodejs-tar-1.0.1-3.1 Tar for node.js linux/noarch
nodejs-text-table-0.2.0-3.1 Borderless text tables with alignment linux/noarch
nodejs-tough-cookie-0.12.1-3.1 RFC6265 Cookies and Cookie Jar for node.js linux/noarch
nodejs-tunnel-agent-0.4.0-3.1 HTTP proxy tunneling agent linux/noarch
nodejs-uid-number-0.0.5-3.1 Convert a username/group name to a uid/gid number linux/noarch
nodejs-util-extend-1.0.1-3.1 Node's internal object extension function linux/noarch
nodejs-wcwidth-1.0.0-3.1 Port of C's wcwidth() and wcswidth() linux/noarch
nodejs-which-1.0.5-3.1 A which(1) command for node.js linux/noarch
nodejs-wrappy-1.0.1-3.1 Callback wrapping utility linux/noarch
nodejs-write-file-atomic-1.1.0-2.1 Write files in an atomic fashion w/configurable ownership linux/noarch
nomacs-2.4.4-1.2 Lightweight image viewer linux/aarch64
noping-1.8.0-1.1 Multiple Host Ping that supports ICMPv4 and ICMPv6 linux/aarch64
notification-daemon-3.16.1-1.1 Notification Daemon linux/aarch64
notification-daemon-lang-3.16.1-1.1 Languages for package notification-daemon linux/noarch
notify-osd-0.9.35~bzr20150126-1.2 Streamlined Notification Daemon linux/aarch64
notify-osd-config-0.3~bzr20140426-1.1 Configuration utility for notify-osd linux/aarch64
notmuch-0.19-1.1 The mail indexer linux/aarch64
notmuch-devel-0.19-1.1 Development files for notmuch linux/aarch64
notmuch-emacs-0.19-1.1 Emacs lisp email client based on notmuch linux/aarch64
noto-kufiarabic-20140716-3.1 Noto Font linux/noarchNew
noto-naskharabic-20140716-3.1 Noto Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-20140716-3.1 Noto Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-armenian-20140716-3.1 Noto Armenian Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-avestan-20140716-3.1 Noto Avestan Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-balinese-20140716-3.1 Noto Balinese Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-bamum-20140716-3.1 Noto Bamum Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-batak-20140716-3.1 Noto Batak Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-bengali-20140716-3.1 Noto Bengali Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-brahmi-20140716-3.1 Noto Brahmi Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-buginese-20140716-3.1 Noto Buginese Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-buhid-20140716-3.1 Noto Buhid Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-canadianaboriginal-20140716-3.1 Noto Canadian Aboriginal Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-carian-20140716-3.1 Noto Carian Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-cham-20140716-3.1 Noto Cham Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-cherokee-20140716-3.1 Noto Cherokee Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-coptic-20140716-3.1 Noto Coptic Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-cypriot-20140716-3.1 Noto Cypriot Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-deseret-20140716-3.1 Noto Deseret Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-devanagari-20140716-3.1 Noto Devanagari Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-egyptianhieroglyphs-20140716-3.1 Noto Egyptian Hieroglyphs Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-ethiopic-20140716-3.1 Noto Ethiopic Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-georgian-20140716-3.1 Noto Georgian Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-glagolitic-20140716-3.1 Noto Glagolitic Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-gothic-20140716-3.1 Noto Gothic Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-gujarati-20140716-3.1 Noto Gujarati Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-gurmukhi-20140716-3.1 Noto Gurmukhi Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-hans-20140716-3.1 Noto Hans Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-hant-20140716-3.1 Noto Hant Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-hanunoo-20140716-3.1 Noto Hanunoo Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-hebrew-20140716-3.1 Noto Hebrew Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-imperialaramaic-20140716-3.1 Noto Imperial Aramaic Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-javanese-20140716-3.1 Noto Javanese Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-jp-20140716-3.1 Noto JP Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-kaithi-20140716-3.1 Noto Kaithi Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-kannada-20140716-3.1 Noto Kannada Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-kayahli-20140716-3.1 Noto Kayah Li Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-kharoshthi-20140716-3.1 Noto Kharoshthi Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-khmer-20140716-3.1 Noto Khmer Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-kr-20140716-3.1 Noto KR Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-lao-20140716-3.1 Noto Lao Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-lepcha-20140716-3.1 Noto Lepcha Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-limbu-20140716-3.1 Noto Limbu Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-linearb-20140716-3.1 Noto Linear B Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-lisu-20140716-3.1 Noto Lisu Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-lycian-20140716-3.1 Noto Lycian Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-lydian-20140716-3.1 Noto Lydian Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-malayalam-20140716-3.1 Noto Malayalam Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-mandaic-20140716-3.1 Noto Mandaic Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-meeteimayek-20140716-3.1 Noto Meetei Mayek Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-mongolian-20140716-3.1 Noto Mongolian Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-myanmar-20140716-3.1 Noto Myanmar Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-newtailue-20140716-3.1 Noto New TaiLue Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-nko-20140716-3.1 Noto NKo Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-ogham-20140716-3.1 Noto Ogham Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-olchiki-20140716-3.1 Noto Ol Chiki Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-olditalic-20140716-3.1 Noto Old Italic Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-oldpersian-20140716-3.1 Noto Old Persian Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-oldsoutharabian-20140716-3.1 Noto Old SouthArabian Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-oldturkic-20140716-3.1 Noto Old Turkic Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-osmanya-20140716-3.1 Noto Osmanya Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-pahlavi-20140716-3.1 Noto Pahlavi Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-parthian-20140716-3.1 Noto Parthian Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-phagspa-20140716-3.1 Noto Phags Pa Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-phoenician-20140716-3.1 Noto Phoenician Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-rejang-20140716-3.1 Noto Rejang Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-runic-20140716-3.1 Noto Runic Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-samaritan-20140716-3.1 Noto Samaritan Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-saurashtra-20140716-3.1 Noto Saurashtra Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-shavian-20140716-3.1 Noto Shavian Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-sinhala-20140716-3.1 Noto Sinhala Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-sumeroakkadiancuneiform-20140716-3.1 Noto Sumero AkkadianCuneiform Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-sundanese-20140716-3.1 Noto Sundanese Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-sylotinagri-20140716-3.1 Noto Syloti Nagri Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-symbols-20140716-3.1 Noto Symbols Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-syriaceastern-20140716-3.1 Noto Syriac Eastern Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-syriacestrangela-20140716-3.1 Noto Syriac Estrangela Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-syriacwestern-20140716-3.1 Noto Syriac Western Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-tagalog-20140716-3.1 Noto Tagalog Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-tagbanwa-20140716-3.1 Noto Tagbanwa Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-taile-20140716-3.1 Noto Tai Le Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-taitham-20140716-3.1 Noto Tai Tham Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-taiviet-20140716-3.1 Noto Tai Viet Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-tamil-20140716-3.1 Noto Tamil Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-telugu-20140716-3.1 Noto Telugu Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-thai-20140716-3.1 Noto Thai Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-tifinagh-20140716-3.1 Noto Tifinagh Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-ugaritic-20140716-3.1 Noto Ugaritic Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-vai-20140716-3.1 Noto Vai Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-sans-yi-20140716-3.1 Noto Yi Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-serif-20140716-3.1 Noto Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-serif-armenian-20140716-3.1 Noto Armenian Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-serif-georgian-20140716-3.1 Noto Georgian Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-serif-khmer-20140716-3.1 Noto Khmer Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-serif-lao-20140716-3.1 Noto Lao Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
noto-serif-thai-20140716-3.1 Noto Thai Sans Serif Font linux/noarchNew
novell-ipsec-tools-0.7.3-22.1 IPsec Utilities with turnpike plugin enabled linux/aarch64
novell-ipsec-tools-devel-0.7.3-22.1 IPsec Utilities with turnpike plugin enabled linux/aarch64
novell-nortelplugins-0.1.4-39.1 Plugins for IKE using turnpike enabled IPSec-tools linux/aarch64
novell-sound-theme-11-3.5 Novell Sound Theme linux/noarch
novnc-0.4-3.1 VNC client using HTML5 (Web Sockets, Canvas) with encryption support linux/aarch64
npapi-sdk-0.27-14.1 Netscape Plugin API (NPAPI) linux/noarch
nping-6.47-4.2 Compare Results of Nmap Scans linux/aarch64
npth-devel-1.2-1.1 Development files for the GNU New Portable Threads library linux/aarch64
nsca-2.9.1-6.1 The Nagios Service Check Acceptor linux/aarch64
nsca-client-2.9.1-6.1 The Nagios Service Check Acceptor Client linux/aarch64
nscd-2.21-5.1 Name Service Caching Daemon linux/aarch64
nss-mdns-0.10-65.1 Host Name Resolution Via Multicast DNS (Zeroconf) for glibc linux/aarch64
nss-myhostname-219-5.1 Plugin for local system host name resolution linux/aarch64
nss-mymachines-219-5.1 Plugin for local virtual host name resolution linux/aarch64
nss-shared-helper-devel-1.0.10-9.1 Development libraries for nss-shared-helper linux/aarch64
nss_ldap-265-29.1 NSS LDAP Module linux/aarch64
nss_wrapper-1.0.3-1.1 A wrapper for the user, group and hosts NSS API linux/aarch64New
ntfs-3g-2015.3.14-1.1 NTFS Support in Userspace linux/aarch64New
ntfsprogs-2015.3.14-1.1 NTFS Utilities linux/aarch64New
ntl-devel-9.0.0-1.1 Development files for libntl linux/aarch64
ntp-4.2.8p2-1.1 Network Time Protocol daemon (version 4) linux/aarch64
ntp-doc-4.2.8p2-1.1 Additional Package Documentation for ntp linux/aarch64
numactl-2.0.10-4.1 NUMA Policy Control linux/aarch64
numad-0.5.20130522-5.1 Userspace daemon that automatically binds workloads to NUMA nodes linux/aarch64
numlockx-1.2-180.1 Switch on/off or toggle numlock linux/aarch64
nuntius-0.1.0-1.1 Get notifications from the phone or tablet linux/aarch64
nuosu-fonts-2.1.1-3.1 SIL Yi Font linux/noarch
nuoveXT2-icon-theme-0.5.1-1.2 This package provides the default LXDE icon theme linux/noarch
nut-2.7.3-1.1 Network UPS Tools Core (Uninterruptible Power Supply Monitoring) linux/aarch64New
nut-cgi-2.7.3-1.1 Network UPS Tools Web Server Support (UPS Status Pages) linux/aarch64New
nut-devel-2.7.3-1.1 Network UPS Tools (Uninterruptible Power Supply Monitoring) linux/aarch64New
nut-drivers-net-2.7.3-1.1 Network UPS Tools - Extra Networking Drivers (for Network Monitoring) linux/aarch64New
nvdock-1.02-13.1 Tray icon for launching NVIDIA Settings linux/aarch64
nxtvepg-2.8.1-22.1 Nextview EPG Decoder and Browser linux/aarch64

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