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Packages beginning with letter M

m17n-db-1.7.0-1.1 Database Needed by the m17n Library m17n-lib linux/noarch
m17n-db-lang-1.7.0-1.1 Languages for package m17n-db linux/noarch
m17n-lib-1.7.0-1.1 Multilingual Text Processing Library for the C Language linux/aarch64
m17n-lib-devel-1.7.0-1.1 Multilingual text processing library for the C language linux/aarch64
m4-1.4.17-4.1 GNU m4 linux/aarch64
mISDNuser-2.0.19-1.1 Tools and library for mISDN linux/aarch64
mISDNuser-devel-2.0.19-1.1 C header files for mISDN linux/aarch64
mac-robber-1.02-13.1 Tool to create a timeline of file activity for mounted file systems linux/aarch64
maelstrom-3.0.6-1.1 High Quality Asteroids Clone linux/aarch64
mailman-2.1.20-1.1 The GNU Mailing List Manager linux/aarch64
mailsync-5.2.1-184.1 The Mail Sync Tool linux/aarch64
mailx-12.5-23.1 A MIME-Capable Implementation of the mailx Command linux/aarch64
mairix-0.22-16.1 A maildir indexer and searcher linux/aarch64
make-4.1-2.1 GNU make linux/aarch64
make-lang-4.1-2.1 Languages for package make linux/noarch
makedepend-1.0.5-5.1 Utility to create dependencies in makefiles linux/aarch64
makedev-2.6-563.1 Script for Creating Device Files in /dev linux/noarch
makeinfo-5.2-4.1 Translate Texinfo documents to info format linux/aarch64New
makeself-2.2.0-6.1 Make self-extractable archives on Unix linux/noarch
makewhat-2009.6.17-22.1 Create a whatis Database linux/aarch64
malaga-7.12-61.1 A Grammar Development Environment for Natural Languages linux/aarch64
malaga-suomi-1.18-1.1 Description of Finnish Morphology Written in Malaga linux/noarch
man-2.7.1-2.1 A Program for Displaying man Pages linux/aarch64New
man-pages-4.00-1.1 Linux Manual Pages linux/noarch
man-pages-fr-3.70-1.1 LDP man Pages (French) linux/noarch
man-pages-it-3.64-3.1 LDP Man Pages (Italian) linux/noarch
man-pages-ja-20150415-1.1 LDP Manual Pages (Japanese) linux/noarch
man-pages-ko-20050219-103.1 LDP man Pages (Korean) linux/noarch
man-pages-posix-2013a-3.1 POSIX Manual Pages linux/noarch
man-pages-ru-0.98-103.1 LDP man Pages (Russian) linux/noarch
man-pages-zh_CN- Simplified Chinese Linux man pages linux/noarch
mangler-1.2.5-5.2 Ventrilo Compatible Client for Linux linux/aarch64
manufacturer-PPDs-10.2-272.1 PPD Files from Printer Manufacturers linux/noarch
marble-15.04.2-1.1 Generic map viewer linux/aarch64New
marble-data-15.04.2-1.1 Generic map viewer: data linux/noarchNew
marble-devel-15.04.2-1.1 Generic map viewer: Build Environment linux/aarch64New
marble-doc-15.04.2-1.1 Marble documentation linux/noarchNew
marco-1.8.2-2.2 MATE window manager linux/aarch64
marco-devel-1.8.2-2.2 MATE window manager development files linux/aarch64
marco-lang-1.8.2-2.2 Languages for package marco linux/noarch
marco-themes-1.8.2-2.2 MATE window manager themes linux/noarch
mariadb-10.0.17-1.1 Server part of MariaDB linux/aarch64
mariadb-bench-10.0.17-1.1 Benchmarks for MariaDB linux/aarch64
mariadb-client-10.0.17-1.1 Client for MariaDB linux/aarch64
mariadb-errormessages-10.0.17-1.1 MySQL Community Server development header files and libraries linux/aarch64
mariadb-test-10.0.17-1.1 Testsuite for MariaDB linux/aarch64
mariadb-tools-10.0.17-1.1 MariaDB tools linux/aarch64
marisa-0.2.4-5.1 Matching Algorithm with Recursively Implemented StorAge linux/aarch64
marisa-devel-0.2.4-5.1 Development files for marisa linux/aarch64
mate-applets-1.8.1-1.2 A set of applets for the MATE Desktop linux/aarch64
mate-applets-lang-1.8.1-1.2 Languages for package mate-applets linux/noarch
mate-backgrounds-1.8.0-3.1 A set of backgrounds packaged with the MATE desktop linux/noarch
mate-backgrounds-lang-1.8.0-3.1 Languages for package mate-backgrounds linux/noarch
mate-calc-1.8.0-3.1 MATE Desktop calculator application linux/aarch64
mate-calc-lang-1.8.0-3.1 Languages for package mate-calc linux/noarch
mate-common-1.8.0-3.1 Common scripts and macros to develop with MATE linux/noarch
mate-control-center-1.8.3-1.2 MATE Desktop control center linux/aarch64
mate-control-center-branding-openSUSE-13.2-10.1 openSUSE Branding of mate-control-center linux/noarch
mate-control-center-branding-upstream-1.8.3-1.2 The MATE Control Center -- Upstream Definition of Shell Content linux/noarch
mate-control-center-devel-1.8.3-1.2 Header files for MATE Control Center linux/aarch64
mate-control-center-lang-1.8.3-1.2 Languages for package mate-control-center linux/noarch
mate-desktop-1.8.1-3.1 Library with common API for various MATE modules linux/aarch64
mate-desktop-devel-1.8.1-3.1 MATE module API library development files linux/aarch64
mate-desktop-gsettings-schemas-1.8.1-3.1 Mate Desktop schemas linux/aarch64
mate-desktop-lang-1.8.1-3.1 Languages for package mate-desktop linux/noarch
mate-dialogs-1.8.0-3.1 Display graphical dialog boxes from shell scripts linux/aarch64
mate-dialogs-lang-1.8.0-3.1 Languages for package mate-dialogs linux/noarch
mate-dictionary-1.8.1-1.2 Mate dictionary linux/aarch64
mate-disk-usage-analyzer-1.8.1-1.2 Mate disk usage analyser linux/aarch64
mate-icon-theme-1.8.0-3.1 MATE icon theme linux/noarch
mate-icon-theme-faenza-1.8.0-3.1 MATE Desktop faenza compilation theme linux/noarch
mate-icon-theme-faenza-dark-1.8.0-3.1 MATE Desktop faenza compilation theme, dark variant linux/noarch
mate-icon-theme-faenza-gray-1.8.0-3.1 MATE Desktop faenza compilation theme, grey variant linux/noarch
mate-indicator-applet-1.8.0-3.1 Display information from applications consistently in the panel linux/aarch64
mate-indicator-applet-lang-1.8.0-3.1 Languages for package mate-indicator-applet linux/noarch
mate-media-1.8.0-3.1 MATE Desktop multimedia stack linux/aarch64
mate-media-lang-1.8.0-3.1 Languages for package mate-media linux/noarch
mate-menus-1.8.0-3.1 MATE Desktop Menu linux/aarch64
mate-menus-branding-openSUSE-13.2-10.1 openSUSE Branding of mate-menus linux/noarch
mate-menus-branding-upstream-1.8.0-3.1 The MATE Desktop Menu -- Upstream Menus Definitions linux/noarch
mate-menus-devel-1.8.0-3.1 MATE Desktop Menu linux/aarch64
mate-menus-lang-1.8.0-3.1 Languages for package mate-menus linux/noarch
mate-netbook-1.8.1-1.2 MATE Desktop window management tool linux/aarch64
mate-netbook-lang-1.8.1-1.2 Languages for package mate-netbook linux/noarch
mate-netspeed-1.8.0-3.1 MATE Desktop window management tool linux/aarch64
mate-netspeed-lang-1.8.0-3.1 Languages for package mate-netspeed linux/noarch
mate-notification-daemon-1.8.1-1.2 Notification daemon for MATE linux/aarch64
mate-notification-daemon-lang-1.8.1-1.2 Languages for package mate-notification-daemon linux/noarch
mate-panel-1.8.1-1.2 MATE Desktop Panel linux/aarch64
mate-panel-branding-openSUSE-13.2-10.1 openSUSE Branding of mate-panel linux/noarch
mate-panel-branding-upstream-1.8.1-1.2 The MATE Desktop Panel -- Upstream default layout linux/noarch
mate-panel-devel-1.8.1-1.2 MATE Panel Applet Library -- Development Files linux/aarch64
mate-panel-lang-1.8.1-1.2 Languages for package mate-panel linux/noarch
mate-polkit-1.8.0-3.1 MATE authentification agent for PolicyKit-1 linux/aarch64
mate-polkit-devel-1.8.0-3.1 MATE authentification agent development files linux/aarch64
mate-polkit-lang-1.8.0-3.1 Languages for package mate-polkit linux/noarch
mate-power-manager-1.8.1-1.2 MATE Desktop UPower policy management linux/aarch64
mate-power-manager-lang-1.8.1-1.2 Languages for package mate-power-manager linux/noarch
mate-screensaver-1.8.1-1.2 MATE Desktop screensaver linux/aarch64
mate-screensaver-devel-1.8.1-1.2 Development files for mate-screensaver linux/aarch64
mate-screensaver-lang-1.8.1-1.2 Languages for package mate-screensaver linux/noarch
mate-screenshot-1.8.1-1.2 Mate screenshot maker linux/aarch64
mate-search-tool-1.8.1-1.2 Mate Search Tool linux/aarch64
mate-sensors-applet-1.8.0-3.1 MATE Desktop panel applet to display sensor readings linux/aarch64
mate-sensors-applet-devel-1.8.0-3.1 Development files for mate-sensors-applet linux/aarch64
mate-sensors-applet-lang-1.8.0-3.1 Languages for package mate-sensors-applet linux/noarch
mate-session-manager-1.8.1-4.1 MATE Session Manager linux/aarch64
mate-session-manager-branding-openSUSE-13.2-10.1 openSUSE Branding of mate-session-manager linux/noarch
mate-session-manager-branding-upstream-1.8.1-4.1 Upstream definitions of default settings and applications linux/noarch
mate-session-manager-lang-1.8.1-4.1 Languages for package mate-session-manager linux/noarch
mate-settings-daemon-1.8.2-1.2 MATE session settings daemon linux/aarch64
mate-settings-daemon-devel-1.8.2-1.2 MATE session settings daemon development files linux/aarch64
mate-settings-daemon-lang-1.8.2-1.2 Languages for package mate-settings-daemon linux/noarch
mate-system-log-1.8.1-1.2 Mate system log viewer linux/aarch64
mate-system-monitor-1.8.0-3.1 MATE Desktop system monitor linux/aarch64
mate-system-monitor-lang-1.8.0-3.1 Languages for package mate-system-monitor linux/noarch
mate-terminal-1.8.1-1.2 MATE Desktop system tools linux/aarch64
mate-terminal-lang-1.8.1-1.2 Languages for package mate-terminal linux/noarch
mate-themes-1.8.1-3.1 Themes for the MATE desktop linux/noarch
mate-themes-extras-5-1.7.11-1.2 Extra gtk-2/3 themes for gtk based desktops linux/noarch
mate-themes-lang-1.8.1-3.1 Languages for package mate-themes linux/noarch
mate-user-share-1.8.0-3.1 MATE Desktop file sharing for the masses linux/aarch64
mate-user-share-lang-1.8.0-3.1 Languages for package mate-user-share linux/noarch
mate-utils-common-lang-1.8.1-1.2 Languages for MATE utilities linux/noarch
matekbd-common-1.8.0-3.1 MATE Desktop keyboard configuration common files linux/aarch64
mateweather-common-1.8.0-3.1 MATE Weather common files linux/noarch
mathgl-cgi-2.3.3-2.1 MathGL CGI binary linux/aarch64New
mathgl-devel-2.3.3-2.1 Libraries and header files for MathGL library linux/aarch64New
mathgl-devel-static-2.3.3-2.1 Static libraries for MathGL library linux/aarch64New
mathgl-doc-2.3.3-2.1 Documentation for MathGL linux/noarchNew
mathgl-doc-pdf-2.3.3-2.1 Documentation for MathGL linux/noarchNew
mathgl-doc-ru-2.3.3-2.1 Russian documentation for MathGL linux/noarchNew
mathgl-examples-2.3.3-2.1 Examples for mathgl library linux/aarch64New
mathgl-fonts-2.3.3-2.1 Fonts for MathGL library linux/noarchNew
mathgl-lua-2.3.3-2.1 Lua interface for MathGL library linux/aarch64New
mathgl-tex-2.3.3-2.1 MathGL scripts in LaTeX document linux/noarchNew
mathgl-tex-doc-2.3.3-2.1 Documentation for mglTeX linux/noarchNew
mathgl-tools-2.3.3-2.1 Command line tools for MathGL library linux/aarch64New
mathml-dtd-20031021-225.1 MathML DTD linux/noarch
mathomatic-16.0.4-8.1 Computer algebra system linux/aarch64
mathomatic-devel-16.0.4-8.1 Development Package for Mathomatic linux/aarch64
matio-tools-1.5.2-5.2 Command line tools for matio linux/aarch64New
matthewlib-java-0.8-10.1 A few useful Java libraries linux/aarch64
matthewlib-java-javadoc-0.8-10.1 A few useful Java libraries linux/aarch64
maven-local-4.4.0-1.1 Macros and scripts for Maven packaging support linux/aarch64
mawk-1.3.4-23.1 Implementation of New/POSIX AWK linux/aarch64
maya-fonts-4.11-3.1 Font with Basic Maya Glyphs linux/noarch
mbedtls-devel-1.3.10-2.1 Open Source embedded SSL/TLS cryptographic library linux/aarch64
mbuffer-20141227-1.1 Replacement for "buffer" with many more Features linux/aarch64
mc-4.8.14-1.1 Midnight Commander linux/aarch64
mc-lang-4.8.14-1.1 Languages for package mc linux/noarch
mcpp-2.7.2-23.1 Matsui's C Preprocessor linux/aarch64
mcpp-devel-2.7.2-23.1 Development files for mcpp linux/aarch64
mcrypt-2.6.8-31.1 Replacement for the crypt Command linux/aarch64
mcstrans-0.3.3-9.2 SELinux Translation Daemon linux/aarch64
mdadm-3.3.1-11.1 Utility for Configuring MD Setup linux/aarch64
mdbtools-0.7-6.2 A Suite of Libraries and Programs to Access Microsoft Access Databases linux/aarch64
mdbtools-devel-0.7-6.2 All files necessary for development with the MDB Tools libraries linux/aarch64
mdbtools-gui-0.7-6.2 A Suite of libraries and programs to access Microsoft Access databases linux/aarch64
mdds-devel-0.12.0-2.1 A collection of multi-dimensional data structure and indexing algorithm linux/noarch
mdtest-1.9.3-1.1 An MPI-coordinated test that performs operations on files and directories linux/aarch64
meanwhile-devel-1.0.2-136.1 Lotus Sametime Community Client library linux/aarch64
meanwhile-doc-1.0.2-136.1 Lotus Sametime Community Client library linux/aarch64
media-player-info-22-1.1 Media Player Information linux/noarch
mediastreamer2-2.11.0-3.1 Audio/Video real-time streaming linux/aarch64
mediastreamer2-devel-2.11.0-3.1 Headers, libraries and docs for the mediastreamer2 library linux/aarch64
meep-1.2.1-2.2 FDTD finite-difference time-domain solver linux/aarch64New
meep-devel-1.2.1-2.2 Libraries and header files for meep library linux/aarch64New
meld-3.13.1-1.1 Visual diff and merge tool linux/noarch
meld-lang-3.13.1-1.1 Languages for package meld linux/noarch
melt-0.9.6-1.1 Multimedia framework designed and developed for television broadcasting linux/aarch64
melt6-0.9.6-1.1 Multimedia framework designed and developed for television broadcasting linux/aarch64
memcached-1.4.22-1.1 A high-performance, distributed memory object caching system linux/aarch64
memcached-devel-1.4.22-1.1 Files needed for development using memcached protocol linux/aarch64
memphis-devel-0.2.3-22.1 Map-rendering library for OpenStreetMap -- Development Files linux/aarch64
menu-cache-1.0.0-1.2 A tool speed up menus linux/aarch64
menu-cache-devel-1.0.0-1.2 Menu-cache Headers linux/aarch64
mercurial-3.4-1.1 Scalable Distributed SCM linux/aarch64
mercurial-lang-3.4-1.1 Languages for package mercurial linux/noarch
meslo-lg-fonts-1.2.1-5.1 Meslo LG Font Family linux/noarch
metacity-3.16.1-1.1 A Window Manager for the GNOME Desktop linux/aarch64
metacity-devel-3.16.1-1.1 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/aarch64
metacity-lang-3.16.1-1.1 Languages for package metacity linux/noarch
metacity-themes-0.1-782.1 Themes for the Metacity Window Manager linux/noarch
metacity-tools-3.16.1-1.1 A Window Manager for the GNOME Desktop -- Tools linux/aarch64
metamail-2.7.19-1269.1 MIME Mail Handler linux/aarch64
metatheme-adwaita-common-3.16.2-1.1 Adwaita GNOME Theme -- Common Files linux/noarch
metatheme-bluebird-common-0.7.1-5.1 A Clean Minimalistic Theme for GNOME, XFCE, GTK+ 2 and 3 -- Common Files linux/noarch
metatheme-elementary-common-4.0.2-1.1 The elementary GTK Theme -- Common Files linux/noarch
metatheme-greybird-common-1.2.2-3.1 A Clean Minimalistic Theme for GNOME, XFCE, GTK+ 2 and 3 -- Common Files linux/noarch
metatheme-sonar-common-11.3.0-28.1 GTK+ and Metacity Sonar Theme -- Common Files linux/noarch
meterbridge-0.9.2-496.1 A Meterbridge for the JACK Audio System linux/aarch64
metis-5.1.0-4.1 Serial Graph Partitioning and Fill-reducing Matrix Ordering linux/aarch64
metis-devel-5.1.0-4.1 Metis development files linux/aarch64
metis-doc-5.1.0-4.1 Metis documentation linux/noarch
mfoc-0.10.6-5.1 Mifare Classic Offline Cracker: key recovery tool for MC cards linux/aarch64
mfsm-1.4-480.1 X Window System Based du linux/aarch64
mftrace-1.2.18-1.1 Scalable PostScript Fonts for MetaFont linux/aarch64
mgdiff-1.0.1-7.1 Compare Files Side by Side linux/aarch64
mgetty-1.1.36-58.1 Mgetty Listens for Data, Fax, or Voice Calls on a Serial Line linux/aarch64
mgopen-fonts-0.20050518-205.1 Free High-Quality Greek Fonts linux/noarch
mgp-1.13a-113.1 MagicPoint, an X Window System Presentation Tool linux/aarch64
mhash-devel- Header Files for mhash Library linux/aarch64
mhtml-firefox-0.5-24.1 Provides Firefox with MHTML web archive compatibility linux/noarch
miao-fonts-20131031-3.1 Miao Unicode Fonts linux/noarch
microspdy2http-0.9.41-1.1 Proxy translated SPDY requests to https server linux/aarch64
midori-0.5.10-1.2 Lightweight Webkit-based Web Browser linux/aarch64
midori-branding-openSUSE-4.12.0-2.4 openSUSE Branding of midori linux/noarch
midori-branding-upstream-0.5.10-1.2 Upstream Branding of Midori linux/noarch
midori-devel-0.5.10-1.2 Development Files for Midori linux/aarch64
midori-lang-0.5.10-1.2 Languages for package midori linux/noarch
milou-0.1-3.1 A dedicated search application built on top of Baloo linux/aarch64
milou5-5.3.1-1.1 Dedicated search application built on top of Baloo linux/aarch64New
milou5-lang-5.3.1-1.1 Languages for package milou5 linux/noarchNew
mined-2014.24.2-4.1 Powerful Text Editor with Extensive Unicode and CJK Support linux/aarch64
mingetty-1.0.8s-21.1 Minimal Getty for Virtual Consoles Only linux/aarch64
mingzat-fonts-0.100-3.1 Lepcha Font linux/noarch
minicom-2.7-4.1 A Terminal Program linux/aarch64
minicom-lang-2.7-4.1 Languages for package minicom linux/noarch
mininews-2.5.4-5.1 Inews - Post News from an NNTP Client linux/aarch64
minitube-2.4-1.1 Native Youtube Client linux/aarch64
minitube-lang-2.4-1.1 Languages for package minitube linux/noarch
miniupnpc-1.9-3.1 Universal Plug'n'Play (UPnP) Client linux/aarch64
mipv6d-2.0.2.umip.0.4-22.1 MIPL - Mobile IPv6 for Linux linux/aarch64
mirror-2.9-908.1 Perl Scripts for Mirroring FTP Servers linux/aarch64
mirrormagic-2.0.2-1.1 Puzzle game where you steer a beam of light using mirrors linux/aarch64
misc-console-font- A font for terminal usage linux/aarch64
mjpegtools-2.0.0-17.2 MJPEG Video Capture and Processing Tools linux/aarch64
mk-configure-0.29.0-1.1 Lightweight replacement for GNU autotools linux/noarch
mk-configure-doc-0.29.0-1.1 MK-C' documentation linux/noarch
mkcomposecache-1.2.1-9.1 Utility to create Compose cache files linux/aarch64
mkdud-1.18-1.1 Create driver update from rpms linux/noarch
mkelfImage-2.5-216.1 Utility to Create ELF Boot Images from Linux Kernel Images linux/aarch64
mkfontdir-1.0.7-10.1 Utility to create index of X font files linux/aarch64
mkfontscale-1.1.2-2.1 Utility to create index of scalable font files for X linux/aarch64
mkisofs-3.01~a29-1.1 A program to generate an ISO-9660/JOLIET/HFS/UDF hybrid filesystem linux/aarch64New
mksh-50f-1.1 MirBSD Korn Shell linux/aarch64
mksusecd-1.22-1.1 Create SUSE Linux installation ISOs linux/aarch64New
mkvtoolnix-7.9.0-1.1 Tools to Create, Alter, and Inspect Matroska Files linux/aarch64New
mlmmj- Mail Server Independent Reimplementation of the EZMLM Mailing List linux/aarch64New
mlocate-0.26-17.1 An utility for finding files by name linux/aarch64
mlocate-lang-0.26-17.1 Languages for package mlocate linux/noarch
mlterm-3.4.5-1.1 Multilingual Terminal Emulator for X linux/aarch64
mlterm-m17n-3.4.5-1.1 A m17n plugin for mlterm linux/aarch64
mlterm-scim-3.4.5-1.1 SCIM plugin for mlterm linux/aarch64
mlterm-uim-3.4.5-1.1 An uim plugin for mlterm linux/aarch64
mmv-1.01b-953.1 Move/Copy/Append/Link Multiple Files by Wildcard Patterns linux/aarch64
mobile-broadband-provider-info-20150323-1.1 Mobile Service Provider Database linux/noarch
mobipocket-15.04.2-1.1 E-book plugin and library linux/aarch64New
mobipocket-devel-15.04.2-1.1 E-book plugin and library linux/aarch64New
moc-2.5.0-1.1 Console audio player linux/aarch64
modem-manager-gui- Modem Manager GUI linux/aarch64
modem-manager-gui-lang- Languages for package modem-manager-gui linux/noarch
modglue-devel-1.19-3.1 A C++ library for handling co-processes linux/aarch64
monapo-fonts-20090423-11.1 Monapo Japanese Truetype font linux/noarch
mongolian-fonts-2011.11-3.1 Traditional Mongolian Fonts linux/noarch
monit-5.10-1.1 Service Manager and Monitor System linux/aarch64
monit-doc-5.10-1.1 Service Manager and Monitor System (Documentation and Examples) linux/noarch
monitoring-plugins-2.0-1.1 The Monitoring Plug-Ins linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-all-2.0-1.1 All Monitoring-Plugin checks linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-bind-1.3-103.1 Check whether BIND is running and to get the performance data via rndc stats linux/noarch
monitoring-plugins-bonding-0.002-103.1 Nagios Network Bonding Check linux/noarch
monitoring-plugins-breeze-2.0-1.1 Monitor Breezecom wireless equipment linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-by_ssh-2.0-1.1 Execute checks via SSH linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-clamav-1.2-1.1 Check to see if your ClamAV signatures are current linux/noarch
monitoring-plugins-cluster-2.0-1.1 Host/Service Cluster Plugin linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-common-2.0-1.1 Libraries for Nagios plugins linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-contentage-0.6-4.1 Check age of files in a directory linux/noarch
monitoring-plugins-cups-2.0-1.1 Check cups service linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-dbi-2.0-1.1 Check databases using DBI linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-dbi-mysql-2.0-1.1 Check MySQL/MariaDB database using DBI linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-dbi-pgsql-2.0-1.1 Check PostgreSQL database using DBI linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-dbi-sqlite3-2.0-1.1 Check SQlite3 database using DBI linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-dhcp-2.0-1.1 Check DHCP servers linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-dig-2.0-1.1 Test DNS service via dig linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-disk-2.0-1.1 Check disk space linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-disk_smb-2.0-1.1 Check SMB Disk linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-diskio-3.2.4-3.1 Monitor the amount of disk I/O linux/noarch
monitoring-plugins-dns-2.0-1.1 Obtain the IP address for a given host/domain linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-dummy-2.0-1.1 Dummy check linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-extras-2.0-1.1 Plug-Ins which depend on additional packages linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-file_age-2.0-1.1 Check the age/size of files linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-flexlm-2.0-1.1 Check flexlm license managers linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-fping-2.0-1.1 Fast ping check linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-hpjd-2.0-1.1 Check status of an HP printer linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-http-2.0-1.1 Test the HTTP service on the specified host linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-icmp-2.0-1.1 Send ICMP packets to the specified host linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-ide_smart-2.0-1.1 Check local hard drive linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-ifoperstatus-2.0-1.1 Monitor network interfaces linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-ifstatus-2.0-1.1 Monitor operational status network interfaces linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-ipmi-sensor1-1.3-103.1 IPMI Sensor 1 Monitoring Plugin linux/noarch
monitoring-plugins-ircd-2.0-1.1 Check an IRCd server linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-ldap-2.0-1.1 Test a LDAP server linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-load-2.0-1.1 Test the current system load average linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-log-2.0-1.1 Log file pattern detector linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-mailq-2.0-1.1 Check mail queues linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-mrtg-2.0-1.1 Check average or maximum value in an MRTG logfile linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-mrtgtraf-2.0-1.1 Check incoming/outgoing transfer rates of a router linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-mysql-2.0-1.1 Test a MySQL DBMS linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-nagios-2.0-1.1 Check nagios server linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-nt-2.0-1.1 Collect data from NSClient service linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-ntp_peer-2.0-1.1 Check health of an NTP server linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-ntp_time-2.0-1.1 Check clock offset with the ntp server linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-nwstat-2.0-1.1 Check MRTGEXT NLM running linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-oracle-2.0-1.1 Check Oracle status linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-overcr-2.0-1.1 Check Over-CR collector daemon linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-pgsql-2.0-1.1 Test a PostgreSQL DBMS linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-ping-2.0-1.1 Check connection statistics linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-procs-2.0-1.1 Check processes linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-radius-2.0-1.1 Test RADIUS server linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-real-2.0-1.1 Test REAL service linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-rpc-2.0-1.1 Check RPC service linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-rsync-1.02-3.1 Check rsync servers availability linux/noarch
monitoring-plugins-sensors-2.0-1.1 Check hardware status using lm_sensors linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-smart-5.2-5.1 Check SMART status of a given disk linux/noarch
monitoring-plugins-smtp-2.0-1.1 Check SMTP connections linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-snmp-2.0-1.1 SNMP monitoring linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-ssh-2.0-1.1 Check SSH service linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-swap-2.0-1.1 Check swap space linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-tcp-2.0-1.1 Tests TCP and UDP connections linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-time-2.0-1.1 Check the time on the specified host linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-ups-2.0-1.1 Test UPS service on the specified host linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-users-2.0-1.1 Check number of users currently logged in linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-wave-2.0-1.1 Check wave signal strength linux/aarch64
monitoring-plugins-zypper-1.82-101.1 Check for software updates via zypper linux/noarch
monitoring-tools-1.13.2-1.1 Provides mini_epn for Icinga and Nagios linux/aarch64New
moodbar-0.1.2-21.1 Analysis program for creating a colorful visual representation of an audio file linux/aarch64
moodbar-devel-0.1.2-21.1 Devel files for moodbar linux/aarch64
mopac7-1.15-1.1 Semi-empirical quantum mechanics suite linux/aarch64
mosh-1.2.4-7.2 The mobile shell linux/aarch64
most-5.0.0a-6.1 Browse or page through a text file linux/aarch64
motif-2.3.4-9.1 Motif Runtime Programs linux/aarch64
motif-devel-2.3.4-9.1 Motif Include Files and Libraries Mandatory for Development linux/aarch64
motoya-lcedar-fonts-1.0.0-11.1 Japanese gothic-typeface fonts designed by Motoya linux/noarch
motoya-lmaru-fonts-1.0.0-11.1 Japanese Round-Gothic-Typeface Fonts Designed by Motoya linux/noarch
motv-3.103-7.1 Video4Linux TV application (Motif) linux/aarch64
mousetweaks-3.12.0-3.1 Tweak mouse settings in GNOME linux/aarch64
mousetweaks-lang-3.12.0-3.1 Languages for package mousetweaks linux/noarch
mozaddon-adblock_edge-2.1.6-1.1 Adblock Edge extension for Mozilla linux/noarch
mozaddon-bugmenot-3-1.1 Bugmenot extension for Firefox linux/noarch
mozaddon-devel-0-3.1 RPM macros for building Mozilla extensions under openSUSE linux/noarch
mozaddon-firebug-2.0.4-1.1 Firebug extension for Firefox linux/noarch
mozaddon-gnotifier-1.8.8-1.1 Firefox integration with native Linux notification system linux/noarch
mozc-2.16.2020.102-1.1 Mozc - Japanese Input Method for Chromium OS, Mac and Linux linux/aarch64
mozc-gui-tools-2.16.2020.102-1.1 GUI tools for mozc linux/aarch64
mozilla-jss-4.3.2-9.1 Network Security Services for Java (JSS) linux/aarch64
mozilla-jss-javadoc-4.3.2-9.1 Java Security Services (JSS) Javadocs linux/aarch64
mozilla-kde4-integration-0.6.4-7.1 Mozilla KDE Integration linux/aarch64
mozilla-nspr-4.10.8-2.1 Netscape Portable Runtime linux/aarch64
mozilla-nspr-devel-4.10.8-2.1 Netscape Portable Runtime development files linux/aarch64
mozilla-nss-3.19.1-1.1 Network Security Services linux/aarch64New
mozilla-nss-certs-3.19.1-1.1 CA certificates for NSS linux/aarch64New
mozilla-nss-devel-3.19.1-1.1 Network (Netscape) Security Services development files linux/aarch64New
mozilla-nss-sysinit-3.19.1-1.1 System NSS Initialization linux/aarch64New
mozilla-nss-tools-3.19.1-1.1 Tools for developing, debugging, and managing applications that use NSS linux/aarch64New
mozjs17-17.0-9.1 JavaScript interpreter linux/aarch64
mozjs17-devel-17.0-9.1 Header files, libraries and development documentation for mozjs17 linux/aarch64
mozjs24-24.2.0-4.1 JavaScript interpreter linux/aarch64
mozjs24-devel-24.2.0-4.1 Header files, libraries and development documentation for mozjs24 linux/aarch64
mozldap-devel-6.0.7-2.1 Development libraries and examples for Mozilla LDAP C SDK linux/aarch64
mozldap-libs-6.0.7-2.1 Mozilla LDAP C SDK linux/aarch64
mozldap-tools-6.0.7-2.1 Tools for the Mozilla LDAP C SDK linux/aarch64
mozo-1.8.0-3.1 MATE Desktop menu editor linux/noarch
mozo-lang-1.8.0-3.1 Languages for package mozo linux/noarch
mpc-devel-1.0.3-1.1 MPC multiple-precision complex library development files linux/aarch64
mpfi-devel-1.5.1-7.1 Development files for the MPFI interval arithmetic computation library linux/aarch64
mpfr-devel-3.1.2-8.1 Development files for the GNU multiple-precision floating-point library linux/aarch64
mpi-selector-1.0.3-13.1 Tool to provide defaults for which MPI implementation to use linux/noarch
mplus-fonts-1.0.58-3.1 Free Fonts Set Incorporates All Kanji Until Level 2 and Latin Glyphs linux/noarch
mpt-firmware-1.0-261.1 Configuration files for autoloading mptctl at boot time linux/noarch
mpt-status-1.2.0-193.1 Program Showing the Status of LSI 1030 RAID Controller linux/aarch64
mrtg-2.17.4-11.2 The Multirouter Traffic Grapher linux/aarch64
mrtg-doc-2.17.4-11.2 Documentation and contrib files for mrtg linux/aarch64
msmtp-1.6.2-1.1 Lightweight SMTP Client linux/aarch64
msmtp-doc-1.6.2-1.1 Documentation for msmtp linux/aarch64
msmtp-mta-1.6.2-1.1 MTA based on msmtp linux/aarch64
mstflint-4.0.0-1.1 Mellanox Firmware Burning and Diagnostics Tools linux/aarch64
msynctool-0.22-171.1 CLI for synchronization with OpenSync linux/aarch64
mt_st-1.1-3.1 Utility for Controlling Magnetic Tape Drives linux/aarch64
mtdev-1.1.5-1.1 Multitouch Protocol Translation Library linux/aarch64
mtdev-devel-1.1.5-1.1 Development package for mtdev library linux/aarch64
mtools-4.0.18-7.1 Access Files on an MS-DOS File System linux/aarch64
mtools-doc-4.0.18-7.1 Access Files on an MS-DOS File System linux/aarch64
mtools-floppyd-4.0.18-7.1 Floppy daemon for remote access to floppy drive linux/aarch64
mtp-tools-1.1.9-2.1 Commandline utilities for access to MTP Players linux/aarch64
mtpaint-3.40-9.2 Painting program for creating icons and pixel-based artwork linux/aarch64
mtpaint-handbook-3.40-9.2 Handbook for the mtpaint painting application linux/noarch
mtpaint-lang-3.40-9.2 Languages for package mtpaint linux/noarch
mtr-0.85_p20140126-1.2 Ping and Traceroute Network Diagnostic Tool linux/aarch64
mtr-gtk-0.85_p20140126-1.2 Ping and Traceroute Network Diagnostic Tool linux/aarch64
mtree-1.0.2-3.1 Tool for creating and verifying file hierarchies linux/aarch64
mtx-1.3.12-22.1 A Program for Controlling the Robotic Mechanism in DDS Auto Loaders linux/aarch64
multipath-tools-0.5.0-20.1 Tools to Manage Multipathed Devices with the device-mapper linux/aarch64
multipath-tools-devel-0.5.0-20.1 Development libraries for multipath-tools linux/aarch64
multitail-5.2.12-5.1 Tail Multiple Files linux/aarch64
mumble-1.2.8-5.1 Voice Communication Client for Gamers linux/aarch64
mumble-server-1.2.8-5.1 Voice Communication Server for Gamers linux/aarch64
munin-2.0.25-1.1 Network-wide graphing framework (grapher/gatherer) linux/noarch
munin-node-2.0.25-1.1 Network-wide graphing framework (node) linux/noarch
muparser-devel-2.2.4-1.1 Development files for muparser linux/aarch64
mupdf-1.7-1.1 Lightweight PDF and XPS Viewer and Parser and Rendering Library linux/aarch64
mupdf-devel-static-1.7-1.1 Development Files for mupdf linux/aarch64
mutt-1.5.23-33.1 Mail Program linux/aarch64
mutter-3.16.2-1.1 Window and compositing manager based on Clutter linux/aarch64
mutter-data-3.16.2-1.1 Window and compositing manager based on Clutter -- Data Files linux/aarch64
mutter-devel-3.16.2-1.1 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development linux/aarch64
mutter-devel-doc-3.16.2-1.1 API Documentation of mutter linux/aarch64
mutter-lang-3.16.2-1.1 Languages for package mutter linux/noarch
mwaw2epub-0.9.2-1.2 Converter from Mwaw to EPUB linux/aarch64
mwaw2odf-0.9.2-1.2 Converter from Mwaw to ODF linux/aarch64
mx4j-3.0.2-25.2 Open Source Implementation of JMX Java API linux/noarch
mxml-2.9-1.1 Small XML Parsing Library linux/aarch64
mxml-devel-2.9-1.1 Development files for mxml linux/aarch64
mylvmbackup-0.16-1.1 Utility for creating MySQL backups via LVM snapshots linux/noarch
myspell-af_NA-20150407-2.1 MySpell af_NA Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-af_ZA-20150407-2.1 MySpell af_ZA Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-an-20150407-2.1 MySpell an Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-an_ES-20150407-2.1 MySpell an_ES Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-ar-20150407-2.1 MySpell ar Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-ar_AE-20150407-2.1 MySpell ar_AE Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-ar_BH-20150407-2.1 MySpell ar_BH Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-ar_DZ-20150407-2.1 MySpell ar_DZ Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-ar_EG-20150407-2.1 MySpell ar_EG Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-ar_IQ-20150407-2.1 MySpell ar_IQ Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-ar_JO-20150407-2.1 MySpell ar_JO Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-ar_KW-20150407-2.1 MySpell ar_KW Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-ar_LB-20150407-2.1 MySpell ar_LB Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-ar_LY-20150407-2.1 MySpell ar_LY Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-ar_MA-20150407-2.1 MySpell ar_MA Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-ar_OM-20150407-2.1 MySpell ar_OM Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-ar_QA-20150407-2.1 MySpell ar_QA Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-ar_SA-20150407-2.1 MySpell ar_SA Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-ar_SD-20150407-2.1 MySpell ar_SD Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-ar_SY-20150407-2.1 MySpell ar_SY Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-ar_TN-20150407-2.1 MySpell ar_TN Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-ar_YE-20150407-2.1 MySpell ar_YE Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-be_BY-20150407-2.1 MySpell be_BY Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-bg_BG-20150407-2.1 MySpell bg_BG Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-bn_BD-20150407-2.1 MySpell bn_BD Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-bn_IN-20150407-2.1 MySpell bn_IN Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-br_FR-20150407-2.1 MySpell br_FR Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-bs-20150407-2.1 MySpell bs Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-bs_BA-20150407-2.1 MySpell bs_BA Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-ca-20150407-2.1 MySpell ca Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-ca_AD-20150407-2.1 MySpell ca_AD Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-ca_ES-20150407-2.1 MySpell ca_ES Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-ca_ES_valencia-20150407-2.1 MySpell ca_ES_valencia Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-ca_FR-20150407-2.1 MySpell ca_FR Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-ca_IT-20150407-2.1 MySpell ca_IT Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-cs_CZ-20150407-2.1 MySpell cs_CZ Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-da_DK-20150407-2.1 MySpell da_DK Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-de-20150407-2.1 MySpell de Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-de_AT-20150407-2.1 MySpell de_AT Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-de_CH-20150407-2.1 MySpell de_CH Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-de_DE-20150407-2.1 MySpell de_DE Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-dictionaries-20150407-2.1 A Source Package for Dictionaries Used by MySpell linux/aarch64
myspell-el_GR-20150407-2.1 MySpell el_GR Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-en-20150407-2.1 MySpell en Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-en_AU-20150407-2.1 MySpell en_AU Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-en_BS-20150407-2.1 MySpell en_BS Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-en_BZ-20150407-2.1 MySpell en_BZ Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-en_CA-20150407-2.1 MySpell en_CA Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-en_GB-20150407-2.1 MySpell en_GB Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-en_GH-20150407-2.1 MySpell en_GH Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-en_IE-20150407-2.1 MySpell en_IE Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-en_IN-20150407-2.1 MySpell en_IN Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-en_JM-20150407-2.1 MySpell en_JM Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-en_MW-20150407-2.1 MySpell en_MW Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-en_NA-20150407-2.1 MySpell en_NA Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-en_NZ-20150407-2.1 MySpell en_NZ Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-en_PH-20150407-2.1 MySpell en_PH Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-en_TT-20150407-2.1 MySpell en_TT Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-en_US-20150407-2.1 MySpell en_US Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-en_ZA-20150407-2.1 MySpell en_ZA Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-en_ZW-20150407-2.1 MySpell en_ZW Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-es-20150407-2.1 MySpell es Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-es_AR-20150407-2.1 MySpell es_AR Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-es_BO-20150407-2.1 MySpell es_BO Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-es_CL-20150407-2.1 MySpell es_CL Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-es_CO-20150407-2.1 MySpell es_CO Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-es_CR-20150407-2.1 MySpell es_CR Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-es_CU-20150407-2.1 MySpell es_CU Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-es_DO-20150407-2.1 MySpell es_DO Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-es_EC-20150407-2.1 MySpell es_EC Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-es_ES-20150407-2.1 MySpell es_ES Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-es_GT-20150407-2.1 MySpell es_GT Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-es_HN-20150407-2.1 MySpell es_HN Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-es_MX-20150407-2.1 MySpell es_MX Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-es_NI-20150407-2.1 MySpell es_NI Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-es_PA-20150407-2.1 MySpell es_PA Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-es_PE-20150407-2.1 MySpell es_PE Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-es_PR-20150407-2.1 MySpell es_PR Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-es_PY-20150407-2.1 MySpell es_PY Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-es_SV-20150407-2.1 MySpell es_SV Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-es_UY-20150407-2.1 MySpell es_UY Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-es_VE-20150407-2.1 MySpell es_VE Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-et_EE-20150407-2.1 MySpell et_EE Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-fr_BE-20150407-2.1 MySpell fr_BE Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-fr_CA-20150407-2.1 MySpell fr_CA Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-fr_CH-20150407-2.1 MySpell fr_CH Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-fr_FR-20150407-2.1 MySpell fr_FR Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-fr_LU-20150407-2.1 MySpell fr_LU Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-fr_MC-20150407-2.1 MySpell fr_MC Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-gd_GB-20150407-2.1 MySpell gd_GB Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-german-old-20030428-265.1 Old German Dictionary for MySpell linux/noarch
myspell-gl-20150407-2.1 MySpell gl Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-gl_ES-20150407-2.1 MySpell gl_ES Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-gu_IN-20150407-2.1 MySpell gu_IN Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-he_IL-20150407-2.1 MySpell he_IL Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-hi_IN-20150407-2.1 MySpell hi_IN Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-hr_HR-20150407-2.1 MySpell hr_HR Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-hu_HU-20150407-2.1 MySpell hu_HU Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-is-20150407-2.1 MySpell is Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-is_IS-20150407-2.1 MySpell is_IS Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-it_IT-20150407-2.1 MySpell it_IT Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-kmr_Latn-20150407-2.1 MySpell kmr_Latn Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-kmr_Latn_SY-20150407-2.1 MySpell kmr_Latn_SY Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-kmr_Latn_TR-20150407-2.1 MySpell kmr_Latn_TR Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-lightproof-en-20150407-2.1 Lightproof for en linux/aarch64
myspell-lightproof-hu_HU-20150407-2.1 Lightproof for hu_HU linux/aarch64
myspell-lightproof-pt_BR-20150407-2.1 Lightproof for pt_BR linux/aarch64
myspell-lightproof-ru_RU-20150407-2.1 Lightproof for ru_RU linux/aarch64
myspell-lo_LA-20150407-2.1 MySpell lo_LA Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-lt_LT-20150407-2.1 MySpell lt_LT Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-lv_LV-20150407-2.1 MySpell lv_LV Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-nb_NO-20150407-2.1 MySpell nb_NO Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-ne_NP-20150407-2.1 MySpell ne_NP Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-nl_BE-20150407-2.1 MySpell nl_BE Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-nl_NL-20150407-2.1 MySpell nl_NL Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-nn_NO-20150407-2.1 MySpell nn_NO Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-no-20150407-2.1 MySpell no Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-oc_FR-20150407-2.1 MySpell oc_FR Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-pl_PL-20150407-2.1 MySpell pl_PL Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-pt_AO-20150407-2.1 MySpell pt_AO Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-pt_BR-20150407-2.1 MySpell pt_BR Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-pt_PT-20150407-2.1 MySpell pt_PT Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-ro-20150407-2.1 MySpell ro Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-ro_RO-20150407-2.1 MySpell ro_RO Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-ru_RU-20150407-2.1 MySpell ru_RU Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-si_LK-20150407-2.1 MySpell si_LK Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-sk_SK-20150407-2.1 MySpell sk_SK Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-sl_SI-20150407-2.1 MySpell sl_SI Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-sr-20150407-2.1 MySpell sr Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-sr_CS-20150407-2.1 MySpell sr_CS Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-sr_Latn_CS-20150407-2.1 MySpell sr_Latn_CS Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-sr_Latn_RS-20150407-2.1 MySpell sr_Latn_RS Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-sr_RS-20150407-2.1 MySpell sr_RS Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-sv_FI-20150407-2.1 MySpell sv_FI Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-sv_SE-20150407-2.1 MySpell sv_SE Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-sw_TZ-20150407-2.1 MySpell sw_TZ Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-te-20150407-2.1 MySpell te Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-te_IN-20150407-2.1 MySpell te_IN Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-th_TH-20150407-2.1 MySpell th_TH Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-uk_UA-20150407-2.1 MySpell uk_UA Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-vi-20150407-2.1 MySpell vi Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-vi_VN-20150407-2.1 MySpell vi_VN Dictionary linux/noarch
myspell-zu_ZA-20150407-2.1 MySpell zu_ZA Dictionary linux/noarch
mysql-community-server-5.5.31-1.1 Server part of MySQL Community Server linux/aarch64
mysql-community-server-bench-5.5.31-1.1 Benchmarks for MySQL Community Server linux/aarch64
mysql-community-server-client-5.5.31-1.1 Client for MySQL Community Server linux/aarch64
mysql-community-server-debug-version-5.5.31-1.1 MySQL Community Server with debug options turned on linux/aarch64
mysql-community-server-errormessages-5.5.31-1.1 MySQL Community Server development header files and libraries linux/aarch64
mysql-community-server-test-5.5.31-1.1 Testsuite for MySQL Community Server linux/aarch64
mysql-community-server-tools-5.5.31-1.1 MySQL Community Server tools linux/aarch64
mysql-connector-java-5.1.35-1.1 Official JDBC Driver for MySQL linux/noarch
mysql-workbench-6.1.7-5.2 A MySQL visual database modeling, administration and querying tool linux/aarch64
mythes-devel-1.2.4-1.1 Files for Developing with mythes linux/aarch64
mytop-1.6-104.1 A top Clone for MySQL linux/noarch

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